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on 09/29/2019
Taylor and Kasey were so nice! Taylor was extremely patient with me since I had no clue what type of dress I was looking for. She talked me through the fitting and helped find dresses that would compliment my body type. She was very encouraging and made me feel like a beautiful bride to be. I said yes to a dress and left feeling like I was on cloud nine.
Hannah from Lexington, KY
on 09/29/2019
The ladies made me truly feel special and comfortable in my own skin. They made me feel at home, and provided advice that led to me picking out my dress (the second one I tried on). I could not recommend them more.
Elizabeth McEntire from Lexington
on 09/26/2019
Wonderful service and very thoughtful!
on 09/22/2019
I loved my experience at Meant to Be! Taylor was a great consultant and I felt like she really listened to me and understood what I was looking for. While I didn’t find my dress at my appointment, I plan to make an appointment at Twirl to see what I can find there!
Crystal Pridgen from The Grand
on 09/21/2019
I absolutely loved y’all’s customer service. Everyone was very kind, sweet, and considerate and very helpful with everything!
Chelsea Rivers from Meant to Be
on 09/15/2019
Amazing experience, the staff is wonderful and great at what they do! The girls went above and beyond to help me find the dress of my dreams!
Arissa McKee
on 09/12/2019
I loved the experience! I couldn't have asked for better ladies to help me find a dress!
Courtney Roberts from Somerset KY
on 09/07/2019
We had the most wonderful experience at Meant to Be! I truly enjoyed my experience and I love my dress! Thank you so much for making this exciting experience the most amazing day!
Bridget Patterson
on 09/05/2019
I’m so thankful for MTB making my dress shopping experience fun, easy, and stress free. I felt taken care of from the time I walked in until I waked our with my dress. Kasey was so helpful throughout the whole process. I was between a few dresses and she asked just the right questions to help me through the decision making process. Thanks MTB gals for all you do!??
Katlyn McGee
on 08/30/2019
I had the absolute BEST experience at Meant to Be! My consultant listened to all of my concerns, was super patient with me, and helped me to embrace my insecurities and feel beautiful in every dress I tried on. I found the most beautiful dress and I couldn’t be happier!
on 08/29/2019
Thank you for helping me to find the dress of my dreams at an affordable price. The service was excellent and the entire process went so smooth. Very glad to hear that you are continuing MTB at Twirl.
Jessica from Lexington, KY
on 08/23/2019
Very helpful girls and made my experience a really great one! I didn’t find my dress but I’m so happy I went to this shop to try them on!
Ann-Marie from Meant to Be Boutique
on 08/23/2019
A great experience all around!!
Mallory Osborne from Lexington
on 08/18/2019
I love Meant to Be! They were so kind and not pushy or overwhelming. I loved that I was able to look at the dresses and pick out the ones I wanted instead of somebody picking them out for me. I was able to find the exact dress I wanted because of this! The owners are wonderful and work with you to find what you love.
Eden Bennett from Lexington
on 08/16/2019
I love the simplicity and privacy of Meant To Be Boutique and the shopping experience that they provide. Kasey was so helpful during our quick consultation, asking all the right questions about what I was looking for in a dress. I picked out 5 dresses to try on, but I knew right away (and so did my mother, Kasey, and Taylor) when I put on THE dress. I thought it might be hard to "say yes" but Kasey and Taylor made it so easy. Thanks MTB!!
on 08/16/2019
I had a great experience!! My consultant was so helpful and patient with my indecisiveness.
Amber Filiatreau
on 08/15/2019
Kasey was absolutely amazing! She made me feel so comfortable, almost like I had known her before my dress fitting. They saw my bridal vision before I did and picked out my dream dress! You all are lovely/ amazing and I highly recommend anybody whom chooses them!
Shelby Wacker from Lexington
on 08/12/2019
Taylor and Kasey were PHENOMENAL. They are experts at their job, were so helpful, and SO SWEET! Taylor was so great giving me advice and asking about my fiance while also buttoning and zipping me up :) Kasey was great too with advice and helping me with my veil. They accommodated my entourage I had with me, gave us mimosas, and put up with how extra I was trying to get video footage and photos. I just could not have had a better experience!!! And could not recommend Meant To Be more. I am sad they are closing, but BTBs run don't walk to go get your dress from there! The price of the dresses and quality is unmatched. <3 <3 <3
Michelle Lyon from Lexington
on 08/09/2019
Had a wonderful time trying on wedding dresses, Taylor took her time and made me and my sister feel welcome. She honestly made every dress look beautiful on me and made a stressful experience fun and exciting. I found my wedding dress and couldn’t be happier!
Whitney R. Sampson from Lexington
on 07/29/2019
The ladies at Meant To Be were knowledgeable, helpful, and kind. They listened to what I wanted and found it! I tried on dresses elsewhere prior to this and had a "blah" experience. This was completely different. They made me feel very worthwhile! Thank you!! from Georgetown KY
on 07/28/2019
I had a wonderful experience. Taylor and Kasey made me feel very comfortable. To be honest I had been dreading dress shopping and I was extremely pleasantly surprised! I loved the private atmosphere. I had no idea what I was looking for but the third dress they selected turned out to be the one! Pretty impressive considering this was my first time trying on dresses and the only description of what I would like was "Um *maybe* something without sleeves and not too shiny." I was in and out with my dress in hand in under 45 minutes with great recommendations for local alterations.
Susanne Hoctor from Lexington, KY
on 07/26/2019
We had a great appointment! The consultants were helpful and efficient. They answered all of our questions and helped me pick a beautiful wedding dress. Can’t wait for the big day!! Thanks Meant To Be Boutique!
Emily Johnson from Walton Ave
on 07/16/2019
I had such an amazing experience at Meant To Be!! Taylor and Kasey were so amazing!! I felt like I had two more people there to confide in. I will be recommending Meant To Be to anyone who is looking for a wedding dress. Thank you all so much for giving me the opportunity to find my dream dress!
Andrea from Meant to be boutique
on 07/07/2019
Taylor is an absolute doll. She was so patient, sweet, and professional. I would recommend this place to friends!
Tristan Burchett from Morehead, KY
on 07/06/2019
It was wonderful! I was offered a mimosa when I walked in and it was delicious. The girls were so nice and helped me find my perfect dress! They even helped with my 3 year old daughter. Would highly recommend.
Betsy Blair
on 07/06/2019
AMAZING experience! Although, it was the first place I went to, I cannot imagine that there would have been a better bridal experience! Liz is so personable, sweet, and fun! We had the best time with her!
Olivia Lee from Meant to Be Walton Ave
on 07/03/2019
This was an amazing experience. I was so nervous, but the girls quickly put me at ease. They could not have been sweeter or more accommodating. Plus, I found the perfect dress! Definitely recommending this place to all my friends.
Lauren Thomas from Meant To Be
on 07/02/2019
I had the most amazing experience! I wouldn’t want to buy my wedding dress anywhere else!
Sarah Spurling from Bardstown KY
on 06/30/2019
This was my first time wedding dress shopping & it couldn’t have been a better experience for me. No one was pushy. They listened. Everyone was kind & hyped me up. They were honest. The prices are out of this world, & I walked out carrying the dress of my dreams. HOLY MOLY THIS IS AWESOME. Thank you so much!
Emilie Davis from Louisville, KY
on 06/28/2019
I found the dress of all my dreams! The team was so comforting and easy to talk to! I had the best time here with my family! I will remember this experience forever.
Tori Townsend from Lexington, KY
on 06/26/2019
This place is perfect! The consultant is focused solely on you and your experience. They get to know you and know exactly what to pull for your body type. The prices are unmatched here for amazing designer dresses. I recommend going more than once because stock changes frequently and the quality is great! Highly recommend!
Emma Heid from Richmond, Ky
on 06/15/2019
Taylor and Kasey made me feel at ease during, what can be, a stressful time! They were friendly and really listened to what I had to say about each gown. Loved the experience!
Nicole Langevin from Lexington, KY
on 06/09/2019
Love Meant to Be! Walked out with my perfect dress in the same day because the service was great and so was the price. This was my first shopping experience and I'm so glad I found my dress so quickly!
Asha Nanda from Lex
on 05/29/2019
Thank you! It was a lovely experience.
Mackenzie from Lexington, KY
on 05/04/2019
Wonderful boutique. The girls were knowledgeable, kind and gracious.
on 05/04/2019
We had a great experience - the staff was amazing!
Amber Maxie
on 04/27/2019
Everything and everyone was super sweet and nice
Caitlyn Ann from Meant to Be
on 04/21/2019
Ashton was absolutely incredible! I felt like she listened to everything I wanted, took the time to get to know me/my taste, made sure to include the ladies I brought to shop with me, and made sure I felt so beautiful...all within my one hour time slot. I’m almost sad I won’t be able to come back again as a bride to shop for a dress but I will definitely be telling everyone I know to make sure to get their dress from Meant to Be!
Dana Carwile from Lexington, Ky
on 04/13/2019
My experience was actually really great! I loved that it was one on one attention and even though the dresses are bought off the rack they were still in really good condition. I actually bought my dress there and am very happy with it. I have been to a few bridal shops at this point and I was actually most impressed with them. Definitely a great experience and would recommend.
Jessica West
on 03/25/2019
I was sooo pleased with my experience at Meant to Be! I honestly didn't know what to expect, being a "sister" store or a off the rack store. And Taylor did an amazing job picking dresses, every dress was a style I had mentioned I liked, or had elements I had mentioned. She was very personable, sweet, and very knowledgeable. I couldn't have asked for a better experience, and so happy I made this appointment.
Jenna from Lexington
on 03/19/2019
Great service. Great experience. Selection was smaller than I had hoped, but would recommend to others!
Danielle Wilkerson from Lexington Kentucky
on 03/16/2019
I absolutely loved my experience!! The best
Kelly Thomas from Meant to Be
on 03/15/2019
The girls at Meant to Be were so accommodating and helpful. Ashton was very knowledgeable and helpful with the trying on process and made me feel pretty in each gown. The store has a great variety of dresses. The experience was so special and one I will remember forever. They went out of their way to make my day the best it could have possible been.
Megan Cordle from Lexington
on 03/03/2019
Meant To Be was the best experience I could have asked for. All of the gowns were top notch! Ashton helped me out and could not have been more kind or more helpful! I can't say enough good things about the boutique and I will be sure to recommend it to anyone who asks!
Lauren Farthing from Kentucky
on 02/07/2019
I absolutely loved the Meant to Be experience! Shopping with y'all was easy, simple, and personal. I loved having the store to myself, and having a single consultant dedicated to helping me find my dream dress. I felt so pampered and important during my appointment. Y'all are so kind and helpful! I will recommend Meant to Be to all of my friends and family! Thank you, again! :)
Chelsea Gibbs from London Ky.
on 02/05/2019
I absolutely had a wonderful experience! So happy that I WENT HERE TO GET MY DRESS! Perfect place for shopping on a budget! I feel like a Bride thanks to you all! Thank you!
Alli Sandefur from Lexington, KY
on 02/02/2019
Loved how intimate MTB was compared to other wedding dress shopping experiences. The service was great and having the entire store to ourselves was definitely appreciated!
Kelley Dean from Meant to Be
on 01/27/2019
Taylor did an amazing job helping me find the perfect dress for me! She was so sweet and made the whole process easier than I could have imagined!
Amanda Flores from Lexington, KY
on 01/26/2019
This was the first bridal shop I visited and I am beyond impressed of how my bridal experience went. Ashton Cude went out of her way to make sure my experience was enjoyable and magical. I did not feel forced to buy since this was my first bridal shop. I knew once I put this dress on that it was the one! I highly recommend this place!! Thank you so much for making this experience the best!!!
Cintia Cedillo from Lexington, KY
on 01/17/2019
This was my second wedding dress shopping experience and after 3 dresses I cant believe I found my dream wedding dress, I love this place I will definitely be recommending it to all my friends, thanks so much for your help Taylor you are so sweet and deff know what a girl wants!