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Brittany from Manchester
on 04/22/2017
AMAZING experience!! So friendly and helpful. Cassandra was great!! Highly recommend!!
Daniela from Webster
on 04/20/2017
Jen and Emily were so fun and helpful! They made me feel so special as soon as I walked in and Jen helped me for the evening. She was knowledgeable about all the different shapes/styles/designers and chose dresses that fit me well! I enjoyed every minute of my time there this evening and would suggest heart to heart bridal to everyone!!!
Lauren from Webster
on 04/18/2017
I had an amazing time at Heart to Heart Bridal! My consultant Sarah was the best! She honed in on my style immediately and made sure to only show us dresses within my budget. They have a huge selection of dresses and I drove from out of town to come and look at them. It was well worth the drive and I'm so glad I came!
Elisa from Webster
on 04/18/2017
They are the best! We walked in and saw a sign with my name welcoming us in! They had us kick off our shoes and put on some slippers to walk around it. Our consultant knew the dresses incredibly well! I told her what I wanted and she picked out my perfect dress in under 3 minutes! I tried on a bunch of other dresses first, but that dress she pulled was the one for me! :)
Lauren from Webster
on 04/18/2017
Daria was absolutely amazing! She helped me every step of the way! The dresses are stunning and I will be back Saturday hopefully to say yes to the dress!
Tori from Rochester
on 04/17/2017
The staff at heart to heart was so friendly outgoing and helpful. The gowns they have are beautiful and well-made. Wonderful staff wonderful product I found my dress at heart to heart. And I would recommend heart to heart to anyone looking for a dress.
Megan McNiven from Chicago
on 04/09/2017
I loved my experience at Heart to Heart and am so happy to have found my dress!! Everyone made the experience so wonderful for myself and my mom and sister!
Logan from Manchester
on 04/09/2017
Heart to Heart Bridal in Manchester was AMAZING. Beautiful gowns, great selection, and everyone was so helpful!! While I didn't say yes to the dress yesterday, I'll be back to try them on again for the one.
Jennifer from Webster
on 04/03/2017
Wonderful experience!!! Very professional and excellent staff- attentive, helpful with great suggestions. There was also a great selection of dresses and the area for trying on and viewing dresses was personal and special!!
Erika Dennis from Manchester
on 04/03/2017
I had a great experience! Everyone in the store was nice and helpful. The lady assisting me was wondering and very patient since I had no idea what I wanted and changed my mind a few times. I bought my dress here and so happy that I did!
Caitlin from Manchester
on 03/28/2017
My appointment with Emily was nothing short of amazing! She really listened to what I wanted for style, picked out some great choices and helped me find my perfect dress. The appointment was very laid back and gave us plenty of time to laugh and enjoy the experience. I have already recommended the store (and Emily) to some friends who are getting married soon! Thank you for a great experience!
Claire from Webster
on 03/25/2017
I had an amazing time today, each dress I tried on was more beautiful than the last and well within my budget! It was a really fun and special day, our consultant Jen was also super helpful and helped make it a great overall experience.
Amanda S. from Rochester, NY
on 03/20/2017
My experience at Heart to Heart's Webster location was fantastic. I was able to try on several dresses in a wide variety of styles that met my budget needs. Ashley was delightful to work with and made my appt. flow smoothly. I'll definitely recommend Heart to Heart to other brides :)
Chelsea from Webster
on 03/19/2017
I absolutely loved Sarah!!! She was so great with everything! She made me feel comfortable and I felt like she got to know my style and personality so quickly!!! I just loved the whole experience!!!!
Shannon from Webster
on 03/18/2017
I had a great experience. It was only my second time looking I wasn't expecting to get my dress that day. Part of me says I should have waitied since my wedding is over a year but it was the one and I felt so comfortable that I knew everything was meant to be!
Mackensie from Webster
on 03/11/2017
I was very happy with my experience at Heart to Heart. Jen did a wonderful job helping me try on a variety of styles. I came in not knowing what I wanted. I left with a style and dress I loved!
Valerie from Webster
on 03/08/2017
great experience, loved the helpful staff. great selection
Alyssa Smith from Webster location
on 03/05/2017
I had an amazing experience! Daria made me feel so important and comfortable!! Everyone was so friendly and the prices couldn't be beat! I would highly recommend Heart to Heart Bridal to any bride looking for a great experience and great quality of dresses!
Beth Tully from Webster
on 03/04/2017
Wonderful experience! The staff were so sweet and helpful, especially Emily who worked with me. The shop is beautiful, we had a great time and I found the perfect dress!
Nicole Smith from Webster
on 03/04/2017
The set up of the shop is amazing. You never feel like the attention isn't on you. You get such individualized attention and amazing girls helying you find your dress! Not to mention their dress selection is amazing!
Corinne Goodrich from Webster
on 03/02/2017
I absolutely loved my experience at Heart to Heart! Jen made me feel very comfortable and knew exactly what kinds of dresses to pull for me. I am so happy to say that I found my dress on the first day; but I almost wish I hadn't so that I could go back and hang out some more!
on 03/01/2017
I had a lovely time trying on dresses, and really appreciated the personal service you offered, as well as a non-pushy approach to sales. Excellent!
Daria from Webster
on 02/28/2017
Daria was great! Very helpful and informative. Had an awesome time trying on dresses with her!
Nicole Trieste from Webster
on 02/27/2017
I had a Saturday appointment and was greeted by the entire store -- it immediately felt welcoming and like I was among girlfriends, not sales consultants! Daria was my consultant, and she was absolutely wonderful. She had a great intuition for what would be flattering and offered me a great variety of dresses to try on. The other girls would also pop in and shower me with compliments, which was lovely! I felt so at home and am so excited for my dress. Thank you, Heart to Heart!
Kayla from Webster
on 02/27/2017
Loved my experience here! They were so helpful, answering my questions and helping me find exactly what I was looking for! :)
Susan Bersani from Webster, NY
on 02/27/2017
What a wonderful experience!! Can't say enough about the treatment, knowledge and care we were given!
Jenn Popp from Manchester
on 02/23/2017
Helpful and kind staff and great prices!
Colleen Clary from Webster
on 02/19/2017
We had the best experience at Heart to Heart. The girls were fun and helpful and we laughed and truly enjoyed what I expected to be a stressful time. The woman who helped us, Ashley, was phenomenal and was well informed, focused on my requests, not pushy, but overall made me feel very comfortable. I will be recommending Heart to heart to bridal friends!
Alisha Catalino from Webster
on 02/17/2017
Amazing! I could 100% tell the difference in service and quality. Sarah was PERFECT! She listened and selected just the right dresses for me. I was amazed how quickly we found "the one"! She was so honest in her feedback and even in the dresses I wasn't sure on, I still felt beautiful. I am so thankful for the time she spent with me and her patience in helping me find just the right dress for me. She has a unique and special gift and her joy in helping me select my dress brought so much ease and peace to the selection process.
Jena Belles from Webster, NY
on 02/16/2017
Amazing experience!!!!!! I was so overwhelmed with the whole process of dress shopping from making the wrong decision on which dress to buy to spending a good amount of money on a dress I'll only wear once! Our dress consultant Emily was sooo helpful and so encouraging. Emily knew my style after just a few minutes of talking to me! I was instantly welcomed and felt at home when I walked into the store. My once anxious experience turned into an amazing experience, so much so that I finally found my dream dress!!!!! I would highly recommend heart to heart Bridal to friends and family!!! Thank you so much for all your help!!!!!
on 02/14/2017
Great experience! Beautiful dresses and very kind staff! Thank you
Francesca Capotorto from Manchester
on 02/11/2017
Cassandra was an absolute delight to work with and made me so comfortable. A very enjoyable experience. Thank you so much!
Kelly from Rochester
on 02/10/2017
Definitely had a wide variety of dresses, all shapes, prices and designs. Daria was incredibly helpful and made me feel like a true bride! Everyone seemed happy to be there and focused on making the brides feel beautiful and accommodated!
Char Taylor from Webster
on 02/08/2017
The dresses were beautiful and the consultant was amazing, just enough advice without being pushy. Loved it!
on 02/04/2017
Daria was Very attentive to my style
Kimberly O'Connor from Webster
on 01/30/2017
I had an amazing time trying on wedding dresses and it was all thanks for Ashley! She was so easy to work with and honest with how things looked. I felt like I knew her my whole life. Thanks Ashley!!
Faith from Webster
on 01/29/2017
My experience was amazing! Emily was great to work with. She was attentive, funny and sweet, and had an excellent sense of what style I was looking for. She was great with picking out headpieces and accessories as well. The shop is cute and organized, and the dresses are well laid out and easy to look through. The whole staff is very helpful and attentive, and everyone is very nice. It's not easy to find shops where everyone has a sense of camaraderie, but this place definitely has it! Thank you so much for making this a pleasant and fun experience. I can't wait for my dress to come in!
Jennifer from Webster
on 01/29/2017
I had a wonderful time! Ashley was knowledgeable, friendly, and made me feel like I was the only one there! The dresses were beautiful, and I had a hard time picking just one :) thank you for a wonderful experience!
on 01/28/2017
I had such a great experience at Heart to Heart in Webster and felt right at home the minute I stepped through the door. My consultant listened to all of my likes and dislikes and picked out dresses that matched what I was looking for --leading me to find the perfect dress for my wedding! Would highly recommend.
Ashley from Webster
on 01/26/2017
Jen in Webster was a pleasure to work with. She asked all the right questions at the beginning of the appointment and helped me find the perfect dress!
Denise Anderson from shop- Webster
on 01/23/2017
I couldn't have asked for a better experience at Heart to Heart Bridal! My sister found her amazing dress here a couple of years ago and I knew that I wanted to have the same experience. The staff were incredibly nice and helpful, and my consultant put me immediately at ease. We were laughing and joking, which was the complete opposite of what I was expecting. I had true anxiety that shopping for my wedding dress was going to feel like bathing suit shopping since I'm plus sized. I had so much fun trying on their gorgeous dresses. I highly recommend visiting this fantastic bridal shop and their stellar staff!
Christa N. from Webster, NY
on 01/22/2017
I could not have asked for a better experience!!! I was so anxious about the appointment but everyone was super friendly. The young lady helping us was hilarious, upbeat, zero-pressure and just AMAZING with her knowledge and recommendations. There wasn't a moment I felt awkward or uncomfortable. I can't think of one thing this place could do better. It was everything I could have hoped for. Thank you for making my first wedding dress shopping experience memorable and fun!
Jen from Webster
on 01/22/2017
Emily was very personable and super helpful! Great dresses, great variety, and great pricing!
Joelle Allen from Manchester
on 01/20/2017
I had an amazing experience, I was greeted by a very friendly staff named Val. She helped me tremendously finding many dresses that suited my ideas. When it came to trying them on she gave us a lot of privacy while still being extremely attentive and helping with fitting. I liked that she would come in and clasp the dress and show me how it would actually fit me. Overall I had a very great experience and I cannot wait to purchase my dress!
on 01/19/2017
Staff was wonderful and dress selection was perfect. Found the one!
samantha mosher-rosello from Webster
on 01/17/2017
I had gone to 3 other bridal boutiques to try on dresses before I came to Heart to Heart. I worked with Emily and from the start, she made me feel like i was working with a friend. She was amazing and so helpful. I did end up trying on the dress that i will get married in. It was perfect with my 5 family members to sit comfortably and still felt like we had our own private area.
Jessica Hutchison from Webster
on 01/16/2017
Wonderful experience! Everyone was so nice, and made it such a fun & enjoyable experience for us all.
Shelby Sutton from Webster
on 01/15/2017
All of the girls at the shop were SUPER nice and helpful. I've been to a lot of bridal shops looking for my wedding dress and by far Heart to Heart had the best staff!
Meghan from North
on 01/15/2017
I loved working with Ashley. She was so helpful and supportive and it was obvious that she was sincerely listening to me, valuing my opinions, and bringing me great suggestions as she learned more about me all while gracefully dealing with the opinions of my family. She struck a great balance between our opposing ideas, making sure everyone was heard and happy. Though I didn't find my dress, I am going to the Manchester location tomorrow to see the Rebecca Ingram line because I had a very positive experience at this location.
Carly chirdo from Webster ny
on 01/12/2017
Daria helped me with my dress and she was so great. I felt very comfortable with her and she chose the perfect headpiece to go with my dress and accessories. Loved her.