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Emily from Syracuse, NY
on 09/23/2018
I had such a great experience at Heart to Heart North! They have a large variety of dresses to choose from, and I was able to try on many dresses that fit the specific style I was looking for. My consultant, Emily, was really down-to-earth and helpful, and she really helped put the bridal gown shopping experience in perspective!!
Amie from Webster, NY
on 09/22/2018
I had the most wonderful experience picking my wedding dress. My consultants very knowledgeable about the inventory and helped me pick the most beautiful dress.
Vicki Coleman from Heart to Heart Bridal North
on 09/18/2018
Ariane and the team at Heart to Heart Bridal North were absolutely wonderful to work with!! The entire experience was flawless. Ariane was so kind and patient, and had tissues ready for our (happy) tears! The other team members came back periodically too to check on us and join in on the fun. I couldn't be happier to have purchased my dress here!
DP from Rochester
on 09/17/2018
I believe her name was Emily. She was fantastic...professional, attentive and listened to what I was looking for. She was quite creative.
Erica from Webster, NY
on 09/14/2018
My experience with Heart To Heart was wonderful. Emily was amazing and made me feel so comfortable. She made switching into numerous dresses easy and fun. Plus I found my perfect wedding dress. Thank you!
Chelsea Anderson from Webster
on 09/09/2018
I had an amazing experience. I went in there with an exact picture of what I wanted and when I tried them on and didnt like them I felt so lost. My consultant Ariane stepped right in and started picking dresses that she thought would fit my body type, wedding setting, and budget. A few dresses later I was crying because she had picked the perfect dress for me. Almost opposite of what I wanted so I never would have picked it off the rack but when I put it on it felt so right. Without my consultant I never would have found that dress let alone my very first time ever dress shopping! I am so thankful for this bridal shop and would definitely recommend it to anyone!
Andrea from Webster
on 09/09/2018
Emily was amazing to work with! She was so down to earth and completely understood what I was looking for in a dress. I felt no pressure, and she was able to answer all of my questions. I can’t wait to wear my heart to heart gown in June!!
Jenny from Webster
on 09/08/2018
Amazing experience! Staff was so helpful, friendly, and patient! The dresses were gorgeous, and had a great selection!
Emily Burritt from Webster
on 09/08/2018
My experience was wonderful even though I did not find my dress. The consultants helped personalize the experience and steer me towards dresses that were not only within my design taste, but also within my price range.
Kelsey from Webster
on 09/08/2018
Emily was so amazing and so nice! She really made trying on wedding dresses much less overwhelming and more fun. She took my feedback to every dress and ended up finding me an amazing dress that had everything I wanted. Jen also offered some great advice and helped us pick a great belt to go with the dress!
Julie from Webster
on 09/08/2018
Wow! What a fun experience. We loved the person who helped us. She was real with us and also kept the process moving and let us be honest. The dresses here are TO DIE for!!
Yvonne from 3 West Avenue
on 09/06/2018
Excellent service and very courteous and friendly
Stefanie Cornnell from Heart to Heart Webster
on 08/31/2018
Finding my dress at Heart to Heart was the best experience! The employee helped me figure out my style of dress and when we initially couldn’t find the right one, she let me take another look through the dresses to find the perfect one! Once we had the dress picked out, she helped me find a veil that would match. Everything about the experience at Heart to Heart was amazing!
Amanda Scheutzow from Webster
on 08/30/2018
This was the BEST experience I could have ever asked for! Everyone at the store was personable, friendly, and engaged throughout the entire bridal appointment. Thank you for making me feel beautiful and special! Can't wait to go back :)
Hannah Micca from Webster
on 08/30/2018
I honestly can’t say enough good things about Emily and Jenn at Heart to Heart Webster! I had so much fun, they really listened to everything I was saying and were able to pull my style from that. They found me so many beautiful dresses and we all knew when we found “the one.” I was surprised by how many affordable options there were as well! I highly recommend giving Heart to Heart a visit.
Erica from Webster
on 08/30/2018
What a fabulous experience we had at Heart to Heart Bridal! Sarah was absolutely fantastic, and knew my style almost instantly. The process was extremely easy and enjoyable as a bride. I could feel her excitement when I said yes to the dress too! She accessorized everything perfectly! I so look forward to wearing my dress on the big day, and I’d highly recommend your bridal shop!
Kristy Smith from Canandaigua
on 08/29/2018
Very pleased with my dress and customer service. I went in knowing nothing of what I wanted and Valerie picked out dresses for me to narrow down what i wanted then she came back with the perfect dress! I was so shocked and surprised and love my dress. Thanks Heart to Heart Bridal!
Michaela from Webster
on 08/26/2018
Courtney was an awesome consultant who was patient, understanding, and made me laugh during the whole process. She really took the time to listen to what I wanted and was also respectful of the crowd I brought with me and their opinions.
Ashton from Webster
on 08/26/2018
I had a wonderful time getting my dress at Heart to Heart! My bridal consultant was very patient, thorough, listened well to what I wanted, and was even able to translate when I wasn’t sure what I wanted! She was great at working with me and members of my family who, as one might say, don’t have the same taste as I do.
stephanie H from webster
on 08/25/2018
I loved every minute of my appointment today. From the minute I walked in she made me feel welcomed and at ease. Coming alone could have been difficult but she made sure it wasn't! Thank you so much!
Sara K. from Webster
on 08/25/2018
I had gone to other places to look for a dress but as soon as I walked into the store I felt comfortable and at home. Sara was so amazing and was so helpful and knowledgeable. I honestly couldn’t have had a better experience! And the gowns they have are absolutely stunning! I highly recommend making this your top spot to shop for a wedding gown! Thank you Sara!
Christine from Webster
on 08/24/2018
This was my first bridal experience... I started at David's but that was nothing like heart to heart. Jen I believe was her name helped me find dresses that I was actually asking for and she stayed right in my price range. I loved my experience there. She didn't make anything awkward feeling like David's... she explained every dress and gave me honest feed back! I did find a dress that I loved I just want to make sure it's the one but I will be back again to show my family what I found!
Katie from Webster, NY
on 08/22/2018
Heart to Heart had so many dresses to choose from. My consultant, Emily, was absolutely fantastic. She was patient with me while I fussed over each dress, listened to my feedback, shared her knowledge on the dresses when I wanted an opinion and made sure I had the best experience. She is the sweetest person and really made my shopping experience so amazing! I would definitely recommend Heart to Heart for any bride looking for their special dress!
Natasha Ramos from Rochester Ny
on 08/22/2018
Today was my first time at this particular bridal store and the attention I received was amazing . There was excellent attention to details I wanted incorporated with my dress , attention to areas that I wanted to focus Im (hide those imperfections) the experience overall was easy, fun and not stressful ! I recommend this bridal boutique!!
Rachel Wickman from Webster
on 08/18/2018
I had the best experience with Emily for my first time trying on dresses! I ended up finding the one! She was beyond helpful and was very personable! She pulled every dress that I wanted to try and gave good feedback on the dresses! Thank you for a memorable time!
Sarah Frazer from Heart to Heart, Webster
on 08/18/2018
I can’t say enough good things about Emily. I was so nervous, and she put me right at ease. She was so easy going and funny. My family and friends loved her as well! Can’t wait to see her again when my dress comes in!
Melinda from Sodus
on 08/16/2018
This was the best experience I could have ever possibly imagined!!! Sarah was absolutely wonderful at helping me find the perfect dress. I had no idea what to expect, I've never tried on a dress other than a simple sun dress, didn't even know what size I was! I felt so incredibly comfortable and I was smiling and laughing the whole time and found my dream dress! The first dress I tried on was the one I ended up choosing. I will most definitely be recommending this place to anyone and everyone whether I know them or not!
Lindsay M Roth from Fairport, NY
on 08/15/2018
Everyone at Heart to Heart was wonderful! Ashley was so nice and had great ideas. She offered her thoughts without being pushy. I would recommend them to anyone and already have started!
Jessica from Webster
on 08/12/2018
The woman that fit me found me my absolute dream dress in less than an hour. She was so patient, helpful, and made me feel like an absolute queen even though I had no direction of what I wanted. I can’t say enough about her and wouldn’t have found a dress so stunning without her help. Jen is out of this world!
Kimberly Dembrow from manchester/webster
on 08/10/2018
I ams so pleased with heart to heart! I absolutely loved my wedding dress it fit perfect! Thank you heart to heart for making me look and feel my best!
on 08/09/2018
What a wonderful! You are so organized. Love your pintrest. I had thought/hoped mon cheri dresses would be available at both locations. I fell in love with an allure dress though and it was the perfect dress for me!!! I couldn't be happier with my experience. I loved all your staff and the dresses were gorgeous with a great price!
Anonymous from Webster
on 08/08/2018
I had a great experience at heart to heart! Although I didn't find the "one" I still had a wonderful time trying on dresses. My consultant was so sweet, patient, knowledgeable and professional. I instantly felt comfortable with her. She made for a great first time dress shopping experience. I cannot thank her enough :)
JIllian Moranda from Shortsville
on 08/07/2018
Cassandra was awesome. She listened to what I was looking for and went above and beyond to help find the dress for me. The service elsewhere did not compare. Thank you.
Jacqueline from Webster Location
on 08/05/2018
This was my first time trying on bridal dresses, and I was a little overwhelmed, but everyone at Heart to Heart Bridal made me feel very comfortable and very helpful and responsive to my preferences. Great experience!
Anonymous from Webster
on 08/05/2018
Ashley did an amazing job helping me find the dress of my dreams!
Erikka Miller from Webster
on 07/30/2018
My experience was great! I was really nervous going into it because my family can be overwhelming and I had to have all of them come for my first time. The woman(my memory is terrible so I forgot her name) who helped me was so nice and easy going and supportive without being pushy. She picked out dresses that fit me and make me feel good.
Jen Parrotte from Webster
on 07/30/2018
I am so impressed with the staff at Heart to Heart. I called on a Wednesday and was able to get an appointment for that Saturday during one of their busy sale days. There was a specific dress I saw on sale that I really wanted to try on. When we arrived, we were taken in the back, I was asked question about my wedding and what I was looking for. I showed them the dress I was dying to try on and she assured me she would get it. She also picked out some others for me to try on as well. The dress I wanted is the one I tried on first and IMMEDIATELY fell in love. She showed me options to dress it up and my mind was set. Not only did I get the dress of my dreams, I was able to get it on sale and I couldn’t happier with my choice. I even got a veil on sale also as we are trying to stay on a tight budget. Thank you again Heart to Heart for helping me find my dream gown!
on 07/28/2018
They have amazing dresses and employees to help make your experience one to remember. I would recommend to everyone to go here who is looking for a wedding dress. I truly felt special, and felt like my every concern and comment was heard and listened to completely.
Jessica Zanghi from Shortsville
on 07/28/2018
I had a great appointment. Not just this time but the first time I went, both locations! The associate was great. I asked her to pull a couple dresses that I never thought in a million years I would like and ended up buying one of them!!!
Brielynn Twitchell from Webster
on 07/28/2018
Beautiful dresses, efficient service and very friendly. Though the store was small they had a great selection and the changing area was roomy and perfect. Everything was to make you as comfortable as possible.
Tara Craddock from San diego
on 07/25/2018
I had such an amazing time at heart to heart!!! Everyone was soooo helpful and very kind! I have found my perfect dress!
Wanda S Perez from Webster
on 07/23/2018
My appointment was great! The reviews from others were right on target. My sales person was warm, welcoming, and just super effective. They had great dress options at all price points and I found a great dress.
Shanna from Rochester NY
on 07/23/2018
Courtney was fantastic! She was always checking in with me to make sure I was having a good experience. For my first experience bridal shopping, I felt at ease and comfortable when trying dresses on.
Tiffany Petranek from Webster
on 07/20/2018
I had a really great experience at Heart to Heart with Jenn. I brought my ideas with me and she kept bringing me beautiful dresses that fit my curves and matched what I had in my head. I don't know how she did it but I'm very thankful for her and the knowledge she brought to my experience. Had a great time even though I was a little scared at first. I highly recommend a trip to Heart to Heart for all brides!
Vanessa Seyna from Webster
on 07/17/2018
Such a great experience! So many beautiful dresses to choose from. Emily was so personable and patient. I love my dress!! Thank you!
julia stan from Webster
on 07/16/2018
Courtney was wonderful! She made me feel so comfortable and she was a pleasure to work with. The rest of the staff were nice as well! Great experience and they made me feel like a princess.
Kaleigh Neuberger from Rochester
on 07/16/2018
I loved my visit to Heart to Heart! I had an amazing experience with Ashley. She made me feel so comfortable and she caught on to my style very quickly. She was helpful and honest and she helped me find the perfect dress! I will definitely recommend this shop to future brides!
Cheyenne from Webster
on 07/15/2018
As soon as you walk in the door you feel so welcomed! Jen was amazing to work with & made me feel so comfortable in each & every dress I tried on. She took my opinion into matter & pulled beautiful dresses for me. Thank you for helping me choose my wedding dress! ????
Haley from Webster
on 07/14/2018
I was greeted with personal service and a pace that matched my intentions for the day. I felt like my opinions were being understood and that is how I was able to find my dream dress.
Andrea from Webster, NY
on 07/12/2018
I had the pleasure of working with Sarah during my appointment. She was AMAZING! Upon showing her dresses I had saved on Pinterest, she pulled a few favorites. Your dresses are all stunning and it is evident that employees really know what the inventory is. Sarah made me feel comfortable, listened to my likes and dislikes and encouraged me to try things I wouldn't typically select.