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Shawna from Webster,NY
on 05/25/2018
I’ve never felt more comfortable trying on dresses with the woman that helped me. When I tried on each dress I like how she asked me what I did and didn’t like about each one. I think I found the one at this bridal shop and I can’t wait to go to the other location to look at bridesmaid dresses!
Natalia Cagide from Webster
on 05/24/2018
All I can say is I was blown away - Staff were incredibly helpful and encouraging, and they made the shopping experience exciting and fun - efficient, informative, and dresses were stunning! Simply blown away!
Sarah Goldstein from Webster
on 05/21/2018
The people there were so great and made me feel very comfortable. My consultant, Jenn, was amazing! She knew exactly what to put me in and different styles.
Angel from Webster
on 05/17/2018
I had a wonderful experience at the Heart to Heart North. The staff was very friendly. My needs were met and I left loving to beautiful gowns but I will be back with my family and friends as I choose my dream dress ??
Samantha Kauffman from Heart to Heart Manchester
on 05/14/2018
Heart to Heart was everything I hoped my bridal dress shop would be. They were friendly, helpful, and fun. The building smelled like gardenias and we had the entire place to ourselves. They had every beautiful dress you could imagine and the experience was literally PERFECT. I also said "Yes" to the dress! I highly recommend this place to any bride looking for a fun, relaxing, and wonderful dress shopping experience, especially if you get to work with Cassandra!
Emily from Webster
on 05/13/2018
I had the best experience at Heart to Heart! I came in with my Mom, two sisters, and future mother in law, and Callie was consultant- she was so amazing! She let me pick out some dresses to start with and just went from there. She listened to everything I said and never hesitated when I asked to try something. She just wanted me to end up with the best dress for me, and I did! Thank you so much for the great experience picking out my wedding dress!
Rebecca from Rochester
on 04/30/2018
I had a wonderful time at Heart to Heart! Everyone was friendly and extremely helpful. I wasn't quite sure what type of dress I was looking for and the attendant gave great suggestions as well as let me try on what appealed to me. I didn't think I was going to find "the" dress so quickly, but the help and the great selection of dresses made it easy. Thanks!
Michelle from Webster
on 04/29/2018
Absolutely loved working with Emily at Heart to Heart Bridal toady. I may actually be picking the perfect dress I did not expect!
Jillian from Webster
on 04/29/2018
I had such an amazing experience at heart to heart. My stylist was Ashley and I can’t say enough about how awesome she was. She picked up on my style immediately and even helped me to broaden my view without being pushy. I’m so glad i was able to purchase my wedding dress with her help and I couldn’t be happier with my choice.
Breeyn from Manchester
on 04/26/2018
Great! Cassandra is amazing!! So patient and listened to what I wanted. I felt no pressure to make a purchase that night and they understood the process of what I was going through. I loved getting to meet Janice and feel like I’ll be in the best hands with my future purchase and alterations. I have a much better direction for my next appointment which I’m scheduling for next week. Can’t wait to come back.
Leahi from Heart to Heart North
on 04/17/2018
EMILY WAS AMAZING! She was so fun and kept it so light hearted. I was so comfortable with her and she really listened to what I needed. As a bride who was on a serious time crunch, I was so thankful that she was so kind and so willing help me in whatever I wanted. From pulling dresses, crunching numbers for me, calling different vendors for the perfect veil to get here on time, I’m so thankful for Emily and Heart to Heart! They really saved the day.
Cheryl from Webster
on 04/07/2018
Emily was my consultant and she was absolutely excellent. She quickly understood my style, was patient, offfered options, was cognizant of the budget and the relatively short time frame between purchase and the wedding day. I would recommend Heart to Heart bridal. Thank you Emily.
Ashleigh Erskine from Webster
on 03/25/2018
I had such a great time at my dress appointment! Grace was so fun and friendly and I can’t wait to come back to try on dresses and hopefully purchase my dress!
Allison from Webster
on 03/23/2018
From the moment I walked into the store, I knew Heart to Heart would be the place I found my dress. The positive vibe and excitement to help me find my dream gown was evident. And no matter how many dresses I tried on, my consultant, Ashley was super positive and encouraging!
Dominique from Webster
on 03/17/2018
The girls at the shop are fabulous. They are very enthusiastic and attentive. I had a great experience!
Aubrey from Webster
on 03/12/2018
I had a fantastic experience! My consultant made me feel so comfortable. The atmosphere was laid back and fun. The store and dressing rooms are very clean with great lighting. Very happy with my choice of bridal salon and dress!
Jessica Willoughby from Webster
on 03/11/2018
Oh. My. Gosh. If you can get to Heart to Heart, go to Heart to Heart. Emily worked with us today and was patient, funny, and actively listened to everything I said. Every fear, worry, or stress I felt melted away. The array of dresses at Heart to Heart is extensive. They absolutely have something for every one. I absolutely found my dress here and am so excited to wear it in October! Thank you again Emily for being so attentive and making me feel no pressure at all. You truly exceed in what you do and we’re an absolute pleasure to work with.
Angela Marcuccilli from Manchester
on 03/11/2018
I had so much fun looking for the perfect wedding dress at Heart to Heart, everyone was very helpful and friendly. I couldn't be happier with my experience, thank you!
Erin Heberle from Webster
on 02/27/2018
I cannot say enough about my experience at Heart to Heart. Sarah was so accommodating and friendly from the minute I walked in. She really paid attention to my style and was so knowledgeable on their inventory and what would be the "Right fit". She was so personable with my family that came in and we left so happy. The prices are very reasonable and you definitely get a well rounded experience. I HIGHLY recommend trying Heart to Heart over a chain bridal store.
Meghan Parker from Webster
on 02/25/2018
The consultant I had, Emily, was amazing! Super funny and helpful. Made me feel comfortable! I might have found my dress today because of her! Can't wait to come back! Would absolutely recommend to friends/family.
Nicole from Webster
on 02/25/2018
Everyone there was so nice. No one pushed me to buy until I was 100% happy. I saw the website and fell in love with the site! I drove almost 2 hours to come here and was beyond amazed with the women who work there, the experience, the variety of dresses, etc. They made my dress shopping experience one of the best days of my life! I loved Ashley, she worked with me and was so positive and so easy to work with! Thank you Heart to Heart Bridal for this amazing experience and making my dress shopping fun and relaxing!
Tamara Cole from Webster
on 02/25/2018
I had the best time. Huge thank you to Ashley who assisted me. I felt comfortable as well as not rushed. She was very patient and understanding. I found my dress and could not be more excited to wear it. Thank you again??????????
Courtney Kerling from Webster
on 02/19/2018
I had such a great experience at Heart to Heart Bridal in Webster! Everyone was so nice and friendly! Special thanks to my bridal consultant who was supportive and answered questions that I had :)
Meghan Russo from Webster
on 02/19/2018
This was my second time trying on wedding dresses, and I could NOT have been more happy about my experience. I absolutely loved my girl who helped me, and I even filled her in on my first experience at another salon that was absolutely horrible. She made it fun and easy, like we had been friends already. I will hands down always recommend Heart to Heart to anyone. I cannot wait to put on my perfect Heart to Heart gown again :)
Sarah Konko from Webster
on 02/19/2018
It was my first time dress shopping and I definitely didn't think I'd find "the one" right away. I showed them styles I liked and the consultant did an excellent job pulling dresses that suited me and could get with my time constraints. I only tried on a few before I knew it! My consultant was wonderful to work with. Thank you!
Megan from Victor, NY
on 02/16/2018
Janice and team were great at Heart to Heart (Manchester location). I felt the store had a large selection and a relaxed atmosphere. I appreciated the honesty from the staff as well as the help in/out of gowns. It was also a plus that Janice does alterations as she was able to lend her expertise directly while I was trying on dresses. I "said yes to the dress"! Thanks to Janice and team.
Alexandra Wiater from Heart to Heart Bridal North
on 02/12/2018
Emily was amazing! The dress selection was amazing also!
Kristen MacEllven from Webster
on 02/11/2018
Everyone was super friendly and so helpful. They made the whole experience very fun and stress free. I had a 2nd apt. Scheduled after mine at a different location. Needless to say I will be making a trip back to Heart to Heart purchase my dream dress!
Erika Platt from Webster, NY
on 02/10/2018
I had the most amazing time at Heart to Heart bridal with Sarah. She was so helpful, friendly and kind. She could tell what I liked before I tried anything on. I was very nervous about finding my perfect wedding dress. I thought I was going to have to go to multiple places before finding my dream dress. I went to Heart to Heart for my first time looking and bought my dress that day! They are all so nice and have your best interest in mind at all times. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect experience!
Krista from Webster
on 02/06/2018
Heart to Heart was amazing!! The ladies there were so helpful.
Larissa Severson from Webster
on 02/05/2018
Grace and Emily were awesome! They gave their opinions honestly on things and never made me feel like they were just "trying to make a sale." Wonderful experience, I walked away with the first dress I tried on!
on 02/04/2018
I had a great experience working with Sophie at Heart to Heart Bridal! This was my first time wedding dress shopping and she was so sweet helping me look at dresses. I would recommend this shop to anyone looking for a personal experience when looking for the perfect dress!
Melissa from Webster
on 02/01/2018
This was an outstanding experience. I had such an awful experience for my first wedding at other vendors in the area that I was really nervous to the point of tears even trying to do this again. Your team made this process so easy. It was so simple and so smooth - I couldn't have thought it could go easier. I am just so thankful!
Jessica G from Manchester
on 01/30/2018
The store and the employees made me feel very comfortable. They really listened to what I was looking for and made great suggestions. They truly cared about making this experience special.
Mary Kathryn from Rochester
on 01/30/2018
I’ve had a wonderful experience here to far! I got a great first impressions from Sarah when I called to ask questions before coming to shop. Jenn who helped me was so energetic and fun! The shop was very busy the day I was there (which means it’s a popular place!) and at first I was afraid of being rushed through the appt., but Jen and I were a great fit because I make yes/no decisions quickly and she was ever ready with other options and let me take time when I needed it. She pulled the dress and veil to which I ultimately said yes. I went back the next day to place the order and the ladies were both wonderful through the process, especially in helping me know what size to order. The location is convenient, the staff of wonderful, and there are plenty of options for all shapes, sizes, and budgets. I highly recommend!
Roxanne from Webster, NY
on 01/29/2018
I was really nervous to try on dresses. I do not like trying on clothes in general; I didn't really know what I wanted as far as a wedding gown and felt very anxious about the entire process. Jenn was great to work with and made me feel at ease. I found a dress that was more than I had wanted to spend and she ran back and forth trying to find similar gowns that were in my price range. I would highly recommend Heart to Heart Bridal. It was a pleasantly surprising wonderful experience!
Audrey Lipari from Webster
on 01/29/2018
I was hesitant to visit your salon since I am a fan of Stella York gowns and you don't carry them. I made an appt, a representative promptly called me back. I decided to come anyway. Emily was awesome. Friendly, attentive, helpful, but never overbearing or pushy. She helped me find my perfect dress. I plan on purchasing it in the near future. Awesome your place.
Alissa Ferraro from Webster, NY
on 01/29/2018
Great to work and very helpful! I had an amazing experience at Heart to Heart.
Ashley Schmitt from Webster
on 01/28/2018
I had an amazing time with heart to heart bridal. Ashley was our consultant and she my day a day to remember! I wouldn't have found the most perfect dress without her help!! Everyone made you feel like you were important.
Julie Lafferty from Rochester NY
on 01/25/2018
I came in dreading trying on dresses, convinced I was going to look fat and want to cry. Instead I was made to feel like a beautiful princess and how the right dress is everything. 5 stars is not enough for the experience I had ??
Amy from Webster
on 01/24/2018
Emily was fantastic, she listened to what I wanted/needed. Gave suggestions on ideas I never thought about. She was patient and very kind. Professional and very friendly.
Heidi from Cayuga NY
on 01/22/2018
I absolutely loved everything about my experience from the minute I walked in the door! I never felt pressured and there were so many choices!
Myria from Manchester
on 01/22/2018
Best experience! They were all so helpful throughout our time there. Thank you guys so much!
Lindsay Dressel from Heart to Heart North
on 01/21/2018
I had Grace as a consultant. She made me feel so comfortable and was not pushy at all. I left without a dress but only because I loved two so much that I needed to take some time to think between the two. I would definitely recommend heart to heart to other brides.
Katelyn Sanders from Webster
on 01/21/2018
Emily was amazing! Be in to put my deposit on the dress this week....Emily went above and beyond to help me find the perfect fit. She was patient and attentive. I went to some other nearby stores nothing compares! So happy and thankful.
Caitlin Kier from Webster
on 01/21/2018
Everything about my experience at Heart to Heart Bridal North was perfect! Callie and Grace instantly made me feel comfortable and helped me find the perfect dress! I would highly recommend visiting Heart to Heart Bridal! ??
Sarabeth Born from Webster
on 01/17/2018
It was my first time trying on wedding gowns and Emily was outstanding! She made me feel so comfortable and she was extremely helpful! She made the experience fun and easy. And she helped me find my perfect wedding dress! Both my mom and mother-in-law were with me and said that Emily was such a sweetheart to work with. Thank you so much for your undivided attention, Emily! And thank you Heart to Heart for an amazing experience!
Angela Vaudo from Webster
on 01/14/2018
Absolutely amazing!!!! Couldn’t be more happy.
Kelly Bodine from Webster
on 01/13/2018
Heart to Heart Bridal in Webster was the only bridal shop I went to and I have no regrets. They work within your budget, suggest ideas that you may not have thought of, and TRULY were the most fun ladies to work with. Loved every minute there!!!
Nicole Kingston from Webster
on 01/07/2018
I had never been to a Heart to Heart store but my maid of honor booked the appointment and we had heard great things from friends. I bought the very first dress I tried on, Emily was very attentive and listened to what I wanted, she helped me find the perfect dress on the first try!