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Brooke Ramos from Manchester
on 07/20/2019
I had the best time at heart to heart finding the perfect wedding dress for my special day! Thank you to all the staff for making it perfect!!
Danielle from Webster
on 07/17/2019
We had a great experience at Heart to Heart. Jenn was a sweetie who knew her stuff. Will recommend to future bride's to be!
Sam from Manchester
on 07/16/2019
I was able to look around, take my time, and try on numerous styles of gorgeous dresses.
Jessica Maloney from Webster
on 07/14/2019
I had THE best experience at heart to heart bridal, as soon as we walked in the door the staff made both me and my mom feel so welcomed. Jenn helped me find my dress, after I told her kind of what I was looking for she said she had a dress in mind and had me try it on first, I could not believe how absolutely perfect the dress was/is, and Jenn was like my hype girl!!!! I would recommend heart to heart a million times!
Krissy Boyle from Mobile, AL
on 07/14/2019
Jenn was absolutely wonderful today! She listened to everything so perfectly and truly allowed me and my family to find the dress for me. Having moved from the Finger Lakes to Alabama, coming home for a limited time to find the dress was crucial and Jenn went out of her way to give the appointment the attention we needed to do just that! This was a wonderful experience and I felt so loved and that my excitement was shared with the staff as soon as I walked in the door. The experience and day was truly magical.
Tracy Maschoff from Webster
on 07/11/2019
I am beyond thankful to Sarah and everyone at Heart To Heart!! After a dress I had previously ordered from a different store came in completely wrong and they were unable to fix/replace it in time, I was so nervous I wouldn't find anything since there were only about 100 days left until my wedding. Sarah was great, so knowledgable about her own inventory and also checked the factory inventories/ship dates of dresses I had in mind before I tried anything on to make sure I'd be able to have the new dress in time! I should've come here in the first place!!!
Christine from Webster
on 07/10/2019
Our girl was so sweet and helpful. So many beautiful dresses to choose from. I left loving three and need to go back with more family to help me decide.
Meggie from Webster
on 07/07/2019
Emily and Emily were so helpful! Such a great selection of dresses and they helped me find one that I loved :)
Amy Stefanik from Webster
on 07/06/2019
Heart to Heart Bridal in Webster was my one stop shop!! I was buying my very first wedding dress here and this is the only store I needed to go to because I found the perfect dress! Al the ladies that work here are incredible and Emily truly listened to what I want and listened to my reactions and I made choosing my dress so simple and stress free!!!! It was a wonderful evening and I had a blast and am so satisfied with my perfect dress :)
Mary Schaff from Webster
on 07/02/2019
Emily was amazing helping me in the store ! It was my first time ever trying on a wedding dress and she made me feel comfortable and gave me dresses I loved , she took the time to listen to my requests and made my guests comfortable as well ! I’m pretty sure I found my dream dress thanks to her !!!
Meagan Iuppa from Webster
on 06/29/2019
Jennifer and Amber are absolutely AMAZING, they listened to what I wanted and didn't want, they brought me dresses they knew would fit right with my body type. They made me feel beautiful! This experience was more than I could have asked for! This is truly Jennifer's calling! She is fun, happy, and super upbeat! She knows all the dresses in the store which helped immensely. Best experience!
Rachel Wilson from Webster
on 06/25/2019
I had an INCREDIBLE experience at Heart to Heart! Jen felt like a long time friend helping my shop and listening to what I was looking for. She turned my whole day around after going to a terrible dress appointment earlier in the day. I found my dream dress, got all the feels, and didn't break the bank!
Kourtney from Port Byron
on 06/24/2019
I had an amazing experience. Courtney helped me try on and pick out the perfect dress for my day. I couldn't be happier with the service I received.
on 06/22/2019
Jenn was amazing. She was so helpful and understood exactly what I wanted before I even knew. I enjoyed every minute of my visit.
Jenn from Farmington
on 06/22/2019
Amber and Jenn were both amazing!! I was very nervous that I wasn’t going to find a dress for a long time. I showed Amber what I was looking for and she picked out a bunch of amazing options one of which was THE dress!! They both made me feel so beautiful and I can’t wait to get my dress! Thank you girls for making the experience better than I could ever expect!
on 06/17/2019
I had a great experience with Emily. She listened to what I wanted and calmed any nerves I had! Thank you!!
Amanda Durham from Webster
on 06/16/2019
I had such a great experience with Heart to Heart especially with my consultant Jenn. It was my first time looking/shopping for a dress and I felt super comfortable and relaxed. Jenn really took her time with me and offered great advice. The store was very clean, organized, and the whole staff was great! I had a great time and I would definitely recommend this place to any bride!
Cynthia Sasson from Hilton, NY
on 06/15/2019
Jenn was great and was able to zero in on the perfect dress. We were so pleased.
Juliana Shaw from Webster
on 06/14/2019
Emily and everyone at Heart to Heart was incredibly inviting and outgoing. They made the process of picking a dress less stressful and made it feel so natural. I will literally recommend this place to anyone!
Rosanne from Webster
on 06/13/2019
Emily was AMAZING. She did a great job at narrowing down what I wanted before I even knew myself! From the beginning she was bubbly and invested in making me feel wonderful. I think in total I tried on 7 dresses today, and I said yes to the very first dress Emily chose for me. Her support and guidance was incredible, and made this huge decision so smooth.
Jessie from Rochester
on 06/09/2019
My experience here was wonderful! When I first walked in I was concerned with a very large party that had just arrived before me that I would be lost in the shuffle, ignored or it would get crowded; but the ladies working the shop warmly greeted us all and then whisked the other party away quickly to a separate area so that I still had a private experience with my girls. The dressing rooms are large and spacious and have a mirror inside; which is VERY important. The girls were so helpful and truly listened to what I wanted my dress to have.
Carly Jardine from Rochester
on 06/09/2019
Oh my gosh, I cannot say enough about Heart to Heart and the girls there. They are so patient, so sweet, so encouraging and kind. I felt zero pressure the whole time. They helped me understand how I was feeling and what I was looking for, and their guidance was superlative. I definitely had a five star experience on such an important day!
Becky from Manchester
on 06/07/2019
It was absolutely amazing. I had a wonderful time and narrowed my search down to 2 dresses. I was so happy, and felt very comfortable.
Christina from Rochester, NY
on 06/05/2019
I had the most incredible experience! Jen and Emily are awesome! They made this experience so much fun and I had the best time with them. I highly recommend Heart to Heart to anyone!
Kristin from Webster
on 06/04/2019
Had a great experience! The ladies helping me were wonderful and very knowledgable :)
Stephanie Schutt from Webster
on 05/30/2019
I had such a special experience at Heart to Heart. Service is absolutely superb and my consultant was so fun to work with. Jenn made me feel confident and beautiful and knew exactly what dresses would suit me. Thank you so much for helping me find my dream dress!
Lucille McNamara from Webster
on 05/26/2019
Wow, I am just speechless... I wish there were more stars than just 5!!! My mom and I went in to the shop “just to look” and without any expectations. We worked with Jenn, and she made the whole process feel like a dream, and most importantly, stress free. We are so happy to have had this experience, and to have bought a dress from Heart to Heart. Without hesitation, I will always recommend this shop to brides-to-be.
EMILY BABB from Webster
on 05/21/2019
Emily was the best consultant a bride to be could ask for. We already knew that sharing a name, we'd get along so well. It was like we were long lost best friends hanging out going shopping. She was so attentive and knew before I did what I was looking for. Not surprising to me that I found my dream dress with her! Highly, highly, highly recommend her as a consultant and Heart to Heart to any future bride to bes!
Samantha Sims from Manchester
on 05/20/2019
Val was amazing and was able to take all of my feedback from each dress to get me to the PERFECT dress! Very patient, and kind. Thank you soo much for such a wonderful experience!
Heather from Webster, NY
on 05/20/2019
We had an excellent experience! Our bridal consultant was very kind and knowledgeable. We would highly recommend heart to heart.
Felicia from Webster
on 05/18/2019
I had a great experience at Heart to Heart in Webster!!! Courtney was very helpful and knowledgeable! My problem is I like too many dresses. I was able to narrow it down to a couple of fabulous dresses. Now I just have to sleep on it, and make a decision!
on 05/13/2019
Emily was very helpful in picking and choosing what dresses would go with the style I liked. She helped me through the process of finding the perfect style and getting me to step outside my comfort zone.
Kylie from Webster
on 05/12/2019
Emily was so sweet and helpful in finding the perfect wedding dress! It was a wonderful experience and I am so happy with my dress!
Heather from Webster
on 05/10/2019
I had a great experience at Heart to Heart. They did everything they could to make sure that I could find my perfect dress and get it in on time! They listened very well to what I wanted and saw my same vision! It was a relaxed environment in a cute, organized store. Loved it!!
Jenna Howland from Webster
on 05/09/2019
I had an awesome appointment with Jenn today! She made me and my guests feel welcome and at ease. I'm a plus size girl so dress shopping has been interesting and sometimes challenging. Today at Heart to Heart there was no challenge. I ended up picking the first gown that Jenn put on me! I tried on others, but nothing compared. It was beautiful and it was a great pick. I can't wait to put it back on again and get married to the best guy in the world. Jenn was so friendly, nice, and above and beyond helpful. I will recommend Heart to Heart to anyone and everyone getting married. Thank you so much!
on 05/08/2019
Sarah is amazing!! Very knowledgeable, personable and helpful.
Kayla from Webster
on 05/08/2019
I had an amazing time picking out my perfect dress that every bride should experience! Great service and Emily was so helpful and personable.
Val from Webster
on 05/05/2019
I had such an amazing time here! Everyone was so friendly, upbeat and excited about what everyone wanted and being at work! I had no idea of what I wanted and they did an amazing job of finding a dress! Definitely recommend!
Kaysie Burnett from Manchester
on 05/04/2019
My experience at Heart to Heart Bridal was amazing and it was all thanks to Cassandra!!!! She already had the dresses pulled to try on that I had sent in an email earlier in the week. From those dresses, she was able to figure out which ones I was liking the best and pulled some more dresses she thought I would like. Cassandra was also super patient with my family who kept pulling dresses they wanted me to try on. She knew what to do to please them and also helped steer their opinions based on how I was feeling and liking. Cassandra could definitely tell when I was starting to feel overwhelmed by all the suggestions and helped me narrow down my top 3! During those final moments, she accessorized me perfectly, which ultimately helped me pick the right dress! Overall, Cassandra was patient, kind, and so knowledgeable about the inventory at Heart to Heart Bridal. I would definitely recommend this shop to anyone who is getting married in the future!
Lauren Capotorto from Manchester
on 04/30/2019
I had a great experience at Heart to Heart. Cassie was wonderful to work with and really helpful. She did a great job picking out styles and understanding what I truly wanted in my dress. All the staff really helped me see my vision for my wedding day. I am so happy I said "yes to the dress" at heart to heart.
on 04/24/2019
I had a truly perfect experience at Heart to Heart Bridal. Everyone was very accommodating of my large group of 6 guests and made us all feel comfortable and welcome. Our sales associate was very enthusiastic, supportive, and fun, and immediately helped me choose some dresses to try on based on my Pinterest board. She was VERY willing to work within my budget, even though it was a bit low, and had great suggestions for my style. I wasn't sure I would walk away with a dress, as it was my first time shopping and I didn't know what to expect, but I actually loved every single dress I tried on and absolutely fell in love with one that I got for an amazing sale price!! Everything was spectacular, from the service, to the setting, to the variety of dress offerings, and I highly recommend Heart to Heart to any bride!! (My tip: if you have a lower budget and wouldn't otherwise be able to shop here, they have incredible sales on occasion that it is worth looking out for.)
Jen from Heart to heart bridal Webster
on 04/23/2019
All the women at heart to heart were so receptive to what kind of dress I was looking for. It was a rainy day so I had stopped in for 20 minutes just to see if they had time available for me to look around. They had appointments but allowed me to look through the dresses and still try on one dress! And wouldn’t you have guessed the next time I came in for my appointment, that was the dress I bought! It was meant to be! Thank you all very much for being so supportive and helpful in my search! I appreciate everything you did for me and thank you so much for helping me find the dress of my dreams!
Danielle Nielsen from Manchester
on 04/22/2019
I had such a great experience at Heart to Heart Bridal in Manchester with Cassandra! She was very knowledgeable and had great suggestions. I didn't think I would be going in and finding my dress at my first boutique. Heart to Heart Bridal has such a large selection with a variety of styles and all very reasonably priced! I can't say enough good things about Heart to Heart Bridal in Manchester and how attentive Cassandra was. Thank you so much!!
Joelle Navarra from Webster
on 04/21/2019
I had an amazing experience at Heart to Heart Webster. Callie was wonderful. She truly took time to get to know me and what I was looking for. Everyone there made me feel special. I loved the selections and sizes they offer; it's so important to be able to try on dresses that aren't too small or extremely big so you really can see yourself in it. I will definitely be recommending Heart to Heart!!
Amanda Jack from Webster
on 04/17/2019
I’m not a dress person and I was actually pretty nervous about going shopping. I walked into Heart and Heart and found my dress thanks to the amazing help! My host was so much fun and made me feel amazing in every dress she picked. Such a great experience and I will recommend to anyone this shop!
Chelsea from Webster
on 04/16/2019
Jen was so friendly and so easy to work with! I had the best experience working with her and a few other of the ladies at heart to heart! So happy with what I found there!!
Taylor from Webster
on 04/16/2019
I had a wonderful shopping experience at Heart to Heart Bridal in Webster. Emily B. was very accommodating, friendly, informative, and not pushy. They have so many beautiful dresses.
Anastasia Beck from Webster
on 04/14/2019
Yesterday afternoon I walked in knowing exactly what I wanted but also kept an open mind which lead to trying on about 6 or 7 dresses. I didn't want to say no to trying on dresses because lets face it...we are all princesses at heart! The very last dress I tried on I almost didn't bother with. But once I tried it on, stood in front of the mirror, and looked at my mother that's when I knew I found the one. We cried and cried and envisioned the day of. It was perfect! The dress, Emily's patience and positivity, the variety in dresses, the cute little cake pops, my name on the front board as you walked in, the sale pricess, and everything else were simply perfect! I loved my time spent at Heart to Heart, and the dress I left with.
Jill Noelle Idziak from Buffalo
on 04/13/2019
What an amazing experience! I am SO happy I drove from Buffalo to get my dress! I will definitely be recommending your shop to everyone!!!! 10/10!!!
Gabrielle Harrison
on 04/12/2019
Jenn was a wonderful consultant and so helpful during my appointment. I had the best experience coming to Heart to Heart and found the best dress thanks to all of her help! I would recommend anyone looking for a dress to come to you guys! Thank you.