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Cherisse LaChance from South Portland Maine
on 11/11/2019
First off Amanda was amazing and made me feel so comfortable while trying on dresses and made sure I felt comfortable and didn’t seem pushy about saying yes! It was a great experience all around
Abbi Theriault from Portland, ME
on 11/11/2019
My experience today was absolutely amazing!! The atmosphere was so welcoming and stress free, and was ALL about the bride!!!!
Molly-Joy Grant from Biddeford, ME
on 11/11/2019
Our time at Blush Bridal was simply exceptional. From the moment I walked in I knew that I was going to have an unforgettable experience, and I truly did. I want to thank Angela for being an amazing consultant, and for helping me find my dream dress. Her kind words, positive attitude, and warm energy made for a comfortable atmosphere. It was truly a pleasure to meet her. Thank you so much to the blush team, and for making this a day filled with light, love, and celebration! I said yes to my dress, at blush!
Jordan from Portland
on 11/11/2019
A huge thank you to Olivia for finding my amazing dress and being so kind about me being sick during the apt. She was an all-star. I truly love my dress and can't wait to get back in it! The entire staff was so kind and genuine. Highly recommend!
Amanda from Portland
on 11/07/2019
Amanda and Oliva were amazing! They even helped my mother and future mother in law find their dresses. I would recommend blush to anyone wanting a full bridal experience!
Mary Power from South Portland
on 10/30/2019
Kylene was amazing! I am 61 years old - this is my second marriage. I went in not really wanting a wedding dress and very unsure of style, fit ext. Kylene asked all the right questions and actually listened to what I liked and didn't like. The shop is beautiful and I felt special. I also had apt with Andreas and David's bridal comparison! Blush wins hands down!!! Kylene, get ready for me to call you and come try on again!
Chantal Rioux from Portland
on 10/28/2019
Great experience! The girls were wonderful to work with! Truly a wonderful memory.
Caitlin Levesque from Portland
on 10/28/2019
I had already purchased my ceremony dress about a year ago and now needed bridesmaid dresses and a reception dress! I had heard great things about blush and wanted to check it out. Myself, along with my mom and 4 bridesmaids were so impressed with Blush in Portland! We were welcomed with smiles and enthusiasm when we walked in at 9AM, I was introduced to Madison, who was going to be taking care of us that day, she was so pleasant, and energetic it really brightened up the morning and made our entire appointment so enjoyable! We went to lunch to think things over and ended up coming back because we knew the quality and experience at Blush was unlike any shop we had been to and that we knew it was the right decision purchasing form them. We ordered all of our bridesmaid dresses and my reception dress! It was such a wonderful experience and I would absolutely recommend anyone to go there. Madison and Amanda were so wonderful! Thank you so Blush!
Courtney White from South Portland
on 10/27/2019
I had an amazing experience at my bridal appointment at Blush! The atmosphere was magical and beautiful. My consultant, Kylene, was attentive and was an expert about accessories and dresses. We found my perfect dress on the very first try! Thank you Blush!
Chelsea Freeman from Blush Bridal- South Portland
on 10/25/2019
I had an amazing experience with Blush! Torey was the stylist that assisted me. She is absolutely amazing! She made me feel so confident and really cared about how I FELT in the dress, rather than what anyone else thought/said. She reminded me that this is my day with my future husband and I should choose the dress that makes me feel beautiful, confident and most importantly, a bride. Again, I can’t say enough about how truly wonderful Torey was! And the entire staff is so nice and helpful! I would definitely recommend Blush to anyone looking for an exceptional experience. Thank you all!
Alicia from South Portland
on 10/22/2019
My entire experience from start to finish was so much more than I could have ever hoped for. My bridal consultant (Angela) was so helpful and encouraging. She made me feel comfortable from the second I met her. I would recommend Blush Bridal to anyone! I found the dress of my dreams and truly couldn’t be happier!
Alyssa DiPietro from Portland
on 10/21/2019
Madison was amazing! She really listened to me and looked at the pictures of dresses I’ve already tried on. She made me feel so beautiful and important!
Jamye Martin from South Portland
on 10/20/2019
This was an amazing experience! Everyone was helpful and supportive!
Anna from Portland
on 10/20/2019
I had an awesome experience and Angela was great!
on 10/20/2019
Thank you so much. Everyone was so polite and helpful. I am absolutely in love with my dream dress.
Laura Allen from Portland
on 10/14/2019
It was a very personalized experience and I LOVE my dress!
Shelby Moore from South Portland, Maine
on 10/13/2019
Kylene was awesome. She was very kind and attentive. I did not feel rushed and she stayed right around my budget. Thank you!
Sara Burdick from Portland, Maine
on 10/11/2019
Such a wonderful experience! Everyone was so pleasant and beyond helpful! They took exactly what I imagined and brought it to life with the dresses that were presented. My first stop shopping and I had no issues saying yes to the dress! Such great options and a wonderful atmosphere!
Ashley Clark from Portland
on 10/09/2019
My experience at Blush Bridal was amazing! As soon as I walked in all of the consultants were so friendly and it was a warm and welcoming environment. My consultant Angela was very knowledgeable and made the whole experience so fun and easy. I couldn’t have asked for a better time wedding dress shopping!!
Sara Costello from Portland
on 10/08/2019
Angela was the best! She has amazing taste in finding the perfect dress. My family and I got to relax and enjoy without a worry.
Erika from Casco, ME
on 10/07/2019
I had a great experience saying yes to my dress! I worked with Angela and she just instantly made me feel comfortable and really listened to what I wanted in a dress. She was even there for me when I needed a second look at my dress a few weeks later to ease my mind that I indeed picked the one! I would definitely recommend Blush to other bride-to-bes!
Bryn Gallagher from South Portland location
on 10/06/2019
Angela was a DREAM to work with - she had such a good eye for the styles I loved and ultimately helped me find my dream wedding dress!!! She put myself, my family, and my friends at ease and made what could be a very stressful day nothing but light-hearted fun. So happy to be a Blush Bride!!
Jessica from Portland
on 10/06/2019
Tory was wonderful. She took the time to listen and talk through each option and helped make me feel beautiful. I’m so happy to have found my perfect dress! And it was a wonderful experience at Blush! Thank you!
Georgia from Portland
on 10/04/2019
I loved using Blush to find my perfect wedding dress! Amanda was amazing and super helpful. So happy with my purchase and can’t wait for the big day in my dress!
Cathy Boulanger from Portland Maine
on 09/30/2019
The best experience from the moment I walked in until the moment I left! The environment is loving, staff is top notched, entire experience was position and female empowering, made me feel special and well cared for. Madison was my stylist and she was amazing. I would highly recommend to anyone!
Abigail from Portland
on 09/29/2019
Absolutely enjoyable experience! Love Angela - everything about her assistance and personality added so much fun to the process!!
Alaina Christy from South Portland
on 09/29/2019
We have purchased two dresses from Blush so far and love both of them! Amazing quality and the manager is absolutely wonderful!
Anonymous from Portland maine
on 09/27/2019
Consultants are very personable and accommodating! The environment is welcoming and comfortable! I went in to try on wedding gowns for fun with friends and fell in love with a dress that I now purchased for my big day! It was so smooth and I would not do it any other way! Such good memories I will cherish! Thank you Blush!
on 09/25/2019
My stylist was lovely, helpful and a lot of fun. We all had a wonderful time.
Pam Doyle from Naples Maine
on 09/24/2019
What a wonderful experience. They really listened to what I was looking for and spent the time to find the right accessories that complement the dress. Highly recommend Blush Bridal & Formal
on 09/23/2019
Everything was great. Loved two dresses so much I couldn’t make a decision right way!
on 09/22/2019
Great selection. My assistant said all the right things to make me feel beautiful and reassured me that my dress was the one.
Megan Conway from Portland
on 09/14/2019
Kylene was absolutely AMAZING! I had bought a dress previously and was having nightmares that I didn’t pick the right one. She listened to my concerns and made me feel comfortable and confident! She did so good with my niece who was all over the place while I was trying on dresses. She is an absolute sweetheart and so good with the client and their family. She always had a smile when I came in and answered any questions I had about anything! She is so knowledgeable and helpful. You all are incredibly lucky to have someone like Kylene on your team!
Jade Landry from Portland
on 09/10/2019
Kylene was my person for both of my trips to Blush and she was amazing. There were other people who helped but unfortunately, I did not catch their names. Overall, it is an amazing experience (much better than other options in the area) and they helped me find the dress of my dreams!! They make the experience all about you and make you feel so special like you should feel when trying on wedding dresses!!
Amber Rollins from Lyman, Maine
on 09/08/2019
I would absolutely recommend Blush Bridal! Our consultant Amanda was incredible. She was very attentive to my requests, needs, and questions! She helped me find my dream dress, was there for my fitting when the dress arrived (and picked out the perfect veil), and will be helping next with bridesmaid dresses. Amanda made me feel pampered from start to finish and had an amazing eye to help me find exactly what I wanted!
Kaeleigh Harrison from South Portland
on 09/08/2019
Amanda was amazing today. She was very patient and great at what she does. Highly recommend.
Destinee from South Portland, ME
on 09/03/2019
The staff at Blush was super attentive, knowledgeable, and excellent at making style suggestions. They quickly helped me narrow my search, finding the perfect style, color, and details, with ease. Their attentiveness and customization to my appointment was greater than I could’ve imagined for my first dress shopping experience.
Danika Lockhart from Belfast, Maine
on 09/02/2019
Blush Bridal & Formal - Portland was the first place that I made an appointment to try on wedding dresses. Blush blew my expectations out of the water of what I thought my day would be like. Angela made me feel super comfortable and made my day so special. She made the appointment personal and helped me find my dream dress with ease. After I said yes to the dress, me and my ladies got complimentary champagne and got to celebrate. Such a cute, trendy store. I would 10/10 recommend Blush Bridal & Formal -Portland!
Abigail from S. Portland
on 08/31/2019
Angela made my visit to Blush Bridal like a dream! It was my first time trying on dresses and had no idea what style I wanted but she did an amazing job getting to know me and then picking dresses that matched my personality and style. My dress was the second one I tried on and was one that Angela picked for me even though I wasn’t sure about it - once it was on I knew it was the one though! Thank you, Angela & Blush Bridal
Jade Landry from Portland
on 08/26/2019
Kylene was amazing and very accommodating!! I had an awesome time there!!
Megan Moore from South Portland, ME
on 08/19/2019
I’ve had such wondering experience every time I’ve gone into Blush! All the girls are so helpful and patient and make it their mission to help you find exactly what you want!
Krystal from Blush Portland
on 08/18/2019
Taylor was great in helping me find the dress of my dreams!! Blush gave me just the experience I was looking to have. Thank you so much!
Heidi from Portland, ME
on 08/16/2019
Blush Bridal & Formal made my wedding dress shopping experience extra special! My consultant, Madison, was wonderful. She's so sweet and friendly, and really made an effort to get to know me and my history with my fiance. She was so thoughtful in her dress selections based on what I had told her I was looking for in a wedding dress, and really helped me stay focused on finding THE dress that truly made me feel like a bride. After celebrating finding my dress with champagne for me and my family, Blush made the dress ordering process quick and easy. They provide you with a cute little folder containing of the paperwork and additional resources you might need in the future, and they do a great job explaining what happens next. I'm so excited to pick up my dress from Blush in a few months! Thank you all for everything!
Emily from Portland
on 08/15/2019
I had an amazing experience at Blush Bridal and Formal in Portland! Amanda was so helpful, friendly, and easy to work with. It is clear that she is passionate and knowledgeable about her work. She knew exactly how to choose dresses for me to try on that fit my style and body type as well as my budget. It was exciting to celebrate with champagne after saying yes to my dress!!!
Zoe from South Portland
on 08/12/2019
I had such a great experience at Blush in South Portland! The staff were amazing and worked so hard to find dresses that fit my ever-changing vision! I would recommend this salon to all brides without hesitation!
Gina Caputo
on 08/06/2019
Hello, Thank you for such a wonderful experience and memory with my mother and sister. I highly recommend Blush to anyone looking for their wedding dress! I didn't really expect to find "the dress" on first day of shopping and ended up having an incredible experience with both Madison and Kylene. Madison was patient and also took the initiative to find dresses that were aligned with our discussions during the process. They were very knowledgeable, attentive, and pleasant to work with. They provided quality service from beginning to end and I highly recommend Blush bridal to anyone looking for an enjoyable dress shopping experience. Thank you very much!
Samantha from Portland
on 08/05/2019
Great experience with knowledgeable and kind staff. I felt that they were dedicated to helping me find what would make me feel the most beautiful and ensure that I would have something for a short turn around time. I would recommend this location to any brides!
Cassandra Sibley from South Portland me
on 07/22/2019
Amanda was amazing. Really made my appointment that much more perfect.
Audrey Davis from Portland
on 07/14/2019
I had such an amazing experience and found the dress of my dreams! Everyone was so helpful and supportive. I loved my day at Blush Bridal and Boutique in Portland!
Katherine Lanagan from Blush Portland
on 07/14/2019
Amanda’s was my consultant and she was 100% personable and helped me find my wedding dress! It’s was the best experience I have ever had and she listened to everything I had to say and help me find the perfect gown! Absolutely amazing!