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Brooke from South Portland, ME
on 05/07/2020
Amanda is an angel. She helped me find my dream dress and say yes! She provided guidance and kindness to help me navigate these uncharted virtual bridal times and went out of her way to ensure I had an experience to remember. I will definitely be referring my friends to Blush and telling them to ask for Amanda!!!
Ashley B from Portland
on 03/16/2020
Everyone I communicated with (before my appointment) and encountered while at Blush was wonderful! They listened, were kind, excited for me, and brought me lots of wonderful choices. My consultant, Jillian, was so sweet, patient and reassuring, and it was lovely working with her! They were also one of few stores that carried the Hayley Paige/Blush by Hayley Paige gowns that I was looking for. The store was gorgeous (hello runway!), and I will absolutely be going back for the rest of my wedding needs!
jessica kvasic from Portland
on 03/16/2020
We had to most seamless and happy experience with Jillian today. I was so nervous coming into the appointment and she immediately calmed all of my worries! She was the one to pick the dress I said yes to and I will forever be thankful for her expertise.
Kristen Lindstrom from South Portland, Maine
on 03/06/2020
My experience at Blush was incredible! The dress selection was amazing, the atmosphere was lovely, and Amanda was so helpful and sweet— she really made the experience for me. The space accommodated my five guests and myself very well and the fact that my 5 month old daughter was welcome during the appointment without any hesitation on the stores part really set Blush apart from other bridal stores. Blush was clean, classy, fun, and also had great music. I can’t wait to go back and actually get MY dress!
Mik Gaffney from Portland
on 03/05/2020
It was a very personal experience that exceeded our expectations and helped me find dresses that I truly adore!
Renee Barriault from Auburn
on 03/02/2020
My experience at Blush was wonderful. Everyone was so helpful and encouraging. Seve was so patient, as I tried on "the dress" several times :) The boutique is clean and organized. I loved having a spacious changing area, with a mirror, to get the first look before opening the curtain. Thank you all for making this a very positive experience for me. Thank you Seve!!
Nicole Geisinger from South Portland
on 03/01/2020
Olivia is absolutely amazing and was able to find a dress for me that defines me in every way. I'm indecisive and hate making choices and she gave me 2 beautiful dresses and was able to help me decide which one was meant to be mine. I couldn't have done it without her! The best experience I could have imagined having.
Kyra from Portland
on 02/26/2020
Jillian and Kylene were amazing! They really helped me figure out what I was looking for and ultimately picked out my wedding dress. Thank you, both!!
Stevi L.
on 02/24/2020
I had a great experience at Blush. I found my dress even after they brought a dress I wanted to try on into the store. Angela is so sweet and accommodating. She made my experience so easy and stress free. She went above and beyond for me. Thank you so much for everything!!
Brittany DiPompo from Portland
on 02/23/2020
Blush has a friendly and welcoming environment for finding your dream dress! Everyone was willing to stop by and offer their thoughts and ask the right questions about what I liked and did not like about each dress. Would highly recommend to all brides!
Taylor from Portland
on 02/18/2020
I loved my experience with Olivia. She was very helpful and I loved that she took the time to get to know me by asking about my venue and fiancé at the beginning of the appointment. She really made a difference in my shopping experience!!
Veronica from Portland, ME
on 02/17/2020
I had a great time! The staff were helpful and picked out a dress that was exactly what I wanted, it was a seamless process!
Debbie Serino and Jean Zaremba from South Portland
on 02/16/2020
Angela is a real pro! She listened intently to our style preferences and made what was an intimidating situation to us, fun, rewarding, and productive. She has a good eye and quickly determined what would look best on our completely different figures and with her great knowledge of the inventory, was able to hone in on the dress that looked most flattering while incorporating our "must haves". Angela's experience was the key - I don't think many other stylists could have met our unique needs and brought us both to the finish line with smiles on our faces. Michaela was a good jr stylist and very attentive to our needs. It was good to have a young person's perspective. They made a great team and we are two satisfied customers.
Sara Scott from Portland, ME
on 02/16/2020
Tory was AMAZING! I was so nervous going into this process of trying to find the perfect wedding dress, and she made it so easy and fun for me. She listened to what I liked and didn't like about the dresses and found me the most beautiful dress I could have ever dreamed of!! Thanks so much for making this experience one to remember.
Kim from Portland
on 02/16/2020
I visited both the Bangor and Portland locations, eventually finding the perfect dress in Portland. The sales associates were helpful, knowledgeable and incredibly kind, making for a wondering experience.
Abbie Roy from Portland Maine
on 02/12/2020
I had such a great experience at Blush! We decided to go to Blush on a whim and did not have an appointment. We were greeted by smiling faces and I was able to get me in so that I could try on dresses. I found my dream dress at Blush and the staff there made me feel so special! Amanda at Blush made me feel so comfortable trying on dresses, she listened to me and what I was looking for. I so appreciate this intimate experience and I would highly recommend Blush!
Stacey Libby from South Portland
on 02/10/2020
Angela was absolutely amazing in helping me find my perfect dress. She was patient, knowledgeable, and knew just what to say! My family, friends, and I had the best time!! And I found the dress of my dreams, win-win!! Thanks again to everyone at blush!
Michelle Cyr from Portland
on 02/09/2020
Angela was wonderful. I had a great experience! Such gorgeous dresses and made me feel beautiful.
Jessie L'Heureux from South Portland
on 02/09/2020
The whole experience was wonderful and I couldn't have asked for a better bridal assistant. Everyone was very helpful and kind. The space was beautiful.
Rachael from South Portland
on 02/04/2020
This was a great experience! Angela not only found great gowns for me to try, but she also really helped me realize the one I wanted without ever being pushy. It was also a lot of fun!
Kat from South Portland
on 02/02/2020
Olivia was the perfect match for me. She was so calm and patient and was a great listener. The whole experience was just what I needed it to be.
Hayley Brannan from Portland
on 02/02/2020
Oh my gosh! What a great day we had at Blush. Olivia was amazing!! She was attentive, not pushy at all, and sooo accommodating. I wasn’t sure which silhouette I wanted and she helped me try on a barrier of dresses and find the PERFECT dress for my wedding day. It was literally what I envisioned.
Grace from Portland
on 01/27/2020
Olivia was such a pleasure to work with..she seemed to know exactly what I wanted (actually before I did!) I can't say enough about my experience at Blush.. it was the way wedding dress shopping should be..Thank you for all of your help!
Amanda from Scarborough
on 01/27/2020
Olivia was amazing to work with :) she listened to what I was interested in and pulled styles to match that.
Renee from South Portland
on 01/27/2020
Very accommodating, super helpful staff. Best experience out of all of the places I've been. I went to places where I felt rushed and like I was inconveniencing staff by not liking any of the options, and at Blush I felt listened to and that they genuinely wanted to help me.
Sonia from Portland
on 01/26/2020
The ladies at Blush were all absolute gems. They did an amazing job of listening to me and guiding the appointment in a positive way. When I found aspects of a dress I did or didn't like she made appropriate recommendations to help me find my dream stress.
Olivia from Portland
on 01/26/2020
Fabulous experience. Seve was very easy going and fun to work with.
Elissa from Portland
on 01/22/2020
I had a great experience w Amanda! I was super nervous looking for a wedding dress and she made me feel really comfortable and turned my stress into a really fun experience. Everyone in the store was super friendly, supportive and genuinely was so excited when I had the, “omgggg this is the one!!! I sayyy yesss to the dresssss,” moment!!!
Sierra Warner from Portland
on 01/19/2020
I had a great experience trying on wedding gowns here everyone was helpful and very nice it was a great experience.
Haley Grondin from Portland
on 01/19/2020
Kaitlyn and Kylie were incredible! So helpful and they really do care, when I found THE dress, Kaitlyn got emotional with me and that just goes to show how much heart they put into helping brides find the perfect dress. I’m so unbelievably happy with my experience and will recommend Blush to all my future bride friends! Thank you for a beautiful day!
Megan Farrington from South portland
on 01/17/2020
My consultant was wonderful and made me feel at ease. Thanks for making my first wedding dress experience perfect!
Jillian Bougie from 160 Western Ave, South Portland, ME 04106
on 01/17/2020
The people at Blush are some of the kindest people I've ever met. They made the already amazing experience of shopping for my wedding dress even better. I've always been a super shy person, but they made me feel comfortable and so special! I'm almost sad the experience is over! But it's impossible to be sad when you've found your dream wedding dress ;) I can't imagine my wedding planning experience without Blush and all the ladies who have helped me thus far, thank you so much! :)
Bria Van Schaack from Sanford, ME
on 01/16/2020
I had the best experience at Blush!! I had been to two other bridal shops (one boutique, one chain) and I just happened to find Blush when I saw a picture that I loved in Maine Weddings Magazine and saw it was carried at Blush. Kylene was my consultant and she was absolutely incredible. She was sweet, helpful, knowledgeable, and was able to kind of steer me in the right direction without being too pushy or opinionated. The dressing area we had was huge and private while still having access to all the dresses on display. I felt like I was being pampered during my whole appointment and was at no point stresses.I found my perfect dress (even though it wasn’t the one I went there for in the first place!) I am so glad I went there and will be able to continue working with these wonderful people during this process. I highly recommend Blush to any bride looking for their dress and wanting a personalized and memorable experience!
Sara Larkin from Portland
on 01/16/2020
Amanda was wonderful!! She made me feel so comfortable and at ease, she made my experience so fun and special. I was not expecting to feel that at ease to be honest. So it was surprising how much fun I had! Please pass along my sincere thanks for making my experience perfect ??
Jae from Portland
on 01/15/2020
Angela was wonderful to work with. The shop was quiet and personal, It felt like I was the only person there. I loved the selection and found something very unique and totally me. Excellent experience!
Cecilia Cumming from Portland, Maine
on 01/14/2020
My shopping experience was terrific! I needed to get a mother of the bride dress and chose a beautiful, black, classic gown that happened to be a bridesmaid dress. Kylene and Amanda were very knowledgeable, helpful and patient. I never felt rushed. It was a pleasure working with them. Highly recommend!
Crystal from Portland
on 01/12/2020
Thank you so much to Blush for such a wonderful wedding dress shopping experience! I greatly appreciated how personal the experience was, especially the bridal suite, which was cozy and really made it so myself and my party were the only ones in on this big decision! All of the staff were so nice and helpful and they made me feel like my voice was heard about exactly what I wanted! My dress is perfect, thanks to all of these things coming together!
Shelly Needle from South Portland
on 01/12/2020
This experience was everything I expected it to be! From the level of professionalism displayed to how special I felt. Both my first visit when I chose my dress, and my second visit to pick it up were amazing! Thank you for helping to make this occasion so special!
Erica Gold from Blush Bridal Portland
on 01/12/2020
I felt like I was on Say Yes To The Dress!!! The ladies were amazing and found my dream dress in my budget!!! The experience was beyond fabulous and I highly recommend!
Naima Abdirhmon from South Portland
on 01/06/2020
Angela was phenomenal to work with! Very friendly and accommodating, There was plenty of dress options and the space was beautiful.
Whitney Ladd from South Portland
on 01/06/2020
My Mom and I went to Blush yesterday in hopes of looking at dresses. Blush was kind enough to let us in and let us look around. Seve was our specialist that helped us and she was amazing. We felt very accommodated and really appreciated her professionalism and help. We were able to find a dress with her assistance and it was most helpful. I highly recommend Blush and certainly recommend Seve for assistance!!
Abbi Allen from Portland, ME
on 01/06/2020
I could not be happier with my experience at Blush finding my wedding dress. My stylist was so kind and patient and helped me find my dream dress at a completely reasonable price. The entire experience from start to finish was perfect and I left so relieved and happy!! I could not recommend Blush enough.
Katrina from West Bath, Maine
on 01/05/2020
I am so pleased with my experience at Blush. The woman who worked with me was amazing. I explained to her what my dream dress looked like and she brought out so many dresses that matched exactly what I was looking for. I told her how I would like to wear my hair in the dress and she put it up for me while I was wearing the dress. Sure enough, I found my dream dress and bought it! Thank you all so much for making me feel amazing and I am so happy to become part of the Blush family! ??
Barret Campbell from Portland
on 01/05/2020
I love love loved my experience with Blush. They make it so fun from my try on session to my appointment where I picked up my dress. They made me so comfortable and confident in every way, while also allowing me to try on whatever I wanted. There was no pressure and my first thought was “no one is sad here, everyone is happy”.
Alyssa Williams from Portland
on 01/05/2020
Blush was the best! Amanda listened to everything I had to say and delivered! I came in thinking I wanted one thing and through her guidance I was able to find the dress of my dreams and well within budget. I will be recommending this place to all my BFFs and to any bride out there looking for their dress!
Lindsay Nadeau from Portland
on 01/04/2020
My experience at Blush Bridal- Portland was truly amazing! The moment I walked in everyone was so inviting. Olivia helped me find my wedding dress. She was so personable and made the appointment so much fun and stress free! I loved the champagne celebration at the end too! I would highly recommend Blush Bridal-Portland!
Emily Paione from South Portland
on 12/30/2019
I had an amazing experience. Olivia really listened and was so patient. I went in with one thing in mind and left with something I wouldn't have ever picked. Olivia really helped me and found the perfect dress.
Kaitlyn York from Portland, ME
on 12/29/2019
Absolutely amazing service, I felt beautiful and special every moment of my visit! My entourage was kept comfortable and entertained and I may have found the perfect dress!
Julia H from Portland
on 12/23/2019
I loved working with Angela to find my dream dress! It was nothing what I had in mind coming but I love it so much! Angela helped me explore more options and silhouettes until she found me the one! She made me feel so comfortable, confident, and beautiful- how every bride should feel during their appointment. An amazing experience all around!
Kara from Blush Bridal, Portland
on 12/23/2019
Every time I go in, I have the most positive, helpful experience. Amanda is so kind, knowledgeable and overall wonderful. I will forever recommend Blush to family and friends because of your professionalism, helpfulness, and positive attitude. Thank you for the best experience!