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Maddie from Farmington
on 06/09/2019
Had the best experience at Blush today with Angela! She made me feel so comfortable and I’m just so happy with my choice today. I felt very listened to and respected. I’m so happy I chose Blush!
Daphne from South Portland
on 06/09/2019
I found my dress!! The staff here is lovely and made me feel so comfortable. Thank you for such a great experience! I can’t wait to wear this dress and feel the most beautiful I’ve ever felt.
Sarah from Gray
on 06/03/2019
I am so happy I went to Blush. Madison was the absolute best! I was afraid I'd be overwhelmed but it did not end up that way. I loved that I could see all the dresses and I loved the dressing rooms. I never felt too much pressure. I will recommend Blush to all my bridal friends for sure.
Peggy from South Portland
on 05/26/2019
Honestly, such a lovely experience! The store is so chic and beautiful. There are so many different styles of dresses. The fitting rooms are really cute and fun. I felt really comfortable during this process!
Logan McNulty from Portland
on 05/19/2019
I had an amazing experience. Every single employee was friendly. Torey was lovely. She was very helpful and a joy to work with. I felt 100% welcome from the moment I stepped in the door. I really loved all of the little touches you add to the experience. From the champagne, to the Polaroid. All of you made my experience personal and exactly how I imagined it would be. Thank you so much for helping me find my dream dress.
Shelby Bryant from South Portland
on 05/15/2019
Blush was our third bridal store we tried. Amanda was dedicated and determined to find my dress! We went through nearly every dress in the store. Then she picked one final dress after listening to me all morning and it was the one! She listened carefully to every comment, my likes and dislikes about details of every dress. She picked up on any hesitations I had. She would help me get all situated then asked my first thoughts before we opened the curtains for my guests, I believe this was crucially important because I could give her my feedback before being influenced by others. I am so incredibly happy, excited and blissful about my dress it is my complete dream dress! She is truly a classy professional who deeply cares about her work, and she made it so enjoyable! Very sociable and easy to take to! I will certainly recommend others to come here but I will certainly be back in the future for paegents!
Emily from Portland ME
on 05/14/2019
Katherine was absolutely amazing at helping me find the wedding dress that best fit me! She created a welcoming, comfortable environment that was fun for all! Thank you so much!
P. from Portland
on 05/12/2019
My bridal consultant was warm, encouraging, and kind. I was dreading this appointment and she made it as painless as possible. I was pleasantly surprised.
Tammi Norris from Portland Maine
on 05/12/2019
I went into Blush Bridal with very low expectations as I had a very bad experience a week before at another bridal salon where I hated every dress I tried on and the woman there made me feel bad about my insecurities, they annoyed her when I brought them up. Madison immediately made me feel comfortable, asked me about my wedding, listened to what I wanted in a dress. She Picked dress styles for me that I asked for but turns out I didn’t love. She then went and picked dresses that she thought would look good on me and wow what a difference, even though not every dress was THE dress but I felt beautiful in every one of them. When I tried on one of the last dresses I was immediately in love, I cried and my soon to be sister in law cried, but there was one more to try on as this wasn’t what I originally envisioned for my wedding dress. Madison knew and we went back and tried on THE dress, she styled my hair with braids and Bobby pins had me close my eyes then put on a veil and told me about my day and walking down the aisle to my soon to be husband with friends and family watching then had me open my eyes to see myself I was crying again and so was my sister in law ... no denying it that was my dress. We celebrated with champagne. I highly recommend Blush Bridal and Madison!! You will not find better service or more beautiful dresses anywhere else!
Michelle McEwan from Portland
on 05/10/2019
Courtney, Katherine, and the entire team at Blush are super stars. They made me feel comfortable and made the experience of trying on various gowns fun! Katherine listened to my thoughts and feedback to provide the proper suggestions until we narrowed down my selection to the perfect wedding dress. I can't thank Blush enough for a seamless experience!
Over Emotional Bride to Be from PORTLAND
on 05/07/2019
When I arrived at your store in South Portland on Sunday for my 11:00 appointment, I pretty much had little idea of what I wanted for a wedding dress. I was not sure what to expect when I got there, but I was pleasantly greeted at the door by Katherine, who is in my opinion, such a sweet and amazing wedding dress stylist. She started out by showing me around the shop and asking me a few questions about what kind of dress I was intersted in. She soon realized that I had very little information to share as to what my " Dream Wedding Dress" would look like, except for a few details. After a few more questions, she immediately went to work searching through their wide array of inventory, and picked out a handful of dresses that she thought would interest me and also meet the price point goal that I had to work with. She was very VERY patient with me as I tried on dress after dress, and not really sure if "this was my dream dress" She assured me that we could stop at any time if I was feeling at all overwhelmed. Thank goodness she had picked out a dress that I had not considered to be one of my "top picks" When I tried it on and she did a few quick " fitting alterations" I absolutley fell in love with the dress, and became very emotional.......FINALLY !! I had found my dream dress and was pleasantly suprised to find that it was within my budget. She was very understanding and supportive and so sweet by giving me a big hug and told me that I was not the first person to have this kind of reaction. She was very professional and knew just the right thing to say to ease my mind of any concerns I had. All of the staff was very nice and helpful. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for their wedding dress to go to Blush. It was truly a wonderful experience and I'm so grateful for Katherine for being the expert wedding dress consultant that I so desperately needed.
Megan Moore from South Portland
on 05/05/2019
I worked with Monique today and she was fantastic! She listened to what I was looking for and was more than willing to add belts, sleeves, and veils upon request. I also loved the environment of the store! The individual rooms and spaces make the whole experience much more intimate and personal!
Elena from Portland
on 04/28/2019
I had a really wonderful experience with blush bridal. Everyone was very kind and patient. I felt like I had enough time to try on multiple dresses and really explain what I was looking for. I am super happy with the final dress. I wouldn’t have initially picked it for myself, but the bridal consultant really knew her stuff and was able to pick the perfect dress.
Elyse Newman from Portland
on 04/23/2019
My whole experience at Blush was wonderful. And Torey was amazing! She put me at ease right away (I was nervous because this was a big decision!) and really listened to what I was looking for and picked the perfect array of dresses for me to try on. I found just what I was looking for and couldn’t have done it without her expert help!
Emily DeWan from South Portland
on 04/22/2019
What a phenomenal experience I had with Katherine; very luxurious. She was extremely attentive, fun, and helpful. The questions she asked on each dress helped me to narrow down what I was looking for. Her ideas and knowledge on alterations were so valuable, allowing me to see certain dresses in entirely different lights.
Mother of the groom from South Portland
on 04/18/2019
Monique was lovely and attentive,,but not pushy. She seemed intuitively to know what would be flattering on my figure and what was age appropriate but not frumpy.
Mary Conroy from South Portland
on 04/18/2019
Always very professional and sweet. Made us feel special.
Delaney Hartley from Bangor, ME
on 04/09/2019
Katherine at Blush Portland was amazing as always! She picked TWO dresses and a jumpsuit for me that I would never have picked for myself and I loved all three of them! It is a privilege to get to have someone style me that so knowledged in fashion and in pageantry and knows what judges are looking for. Amazing job!!
Laurel from Portland
on 04/07/2019
I HIGHLY recommend blush to anyone in the area. Katherine is such a pleasure to work with and does SUCH an amazing job allowing the process to happen naturally and encouraging a step outside your comfort zone (thanks, Katherine ;))
Hue Nguyen from South Portland ME
on 04/05/2019
All the ladies at Blush Bridal and Formal was so professional, welcoming, and friendly from first time I walked into the door to the time we exit with me Happy bride to be who found my perfect fairytale dress I've been dreaming of ??. Angela my bridal dress assistant was amazing! She listened to what I wanted and after only trying on 5 dresses, I said Yes to the dress! I can't wait to pick up my dress when it comes in! Patiently waiting! Thank you again Angela and Blush Bridal for help making my wedding day extra special!!
Kelsey McSweeney from Portland
on 04/03/2019
I had an amazing experience with Madison shopping for my dress at Blush! I felt so comfortable and beautiful trying on dresses. She really listed to what I had to say and took time to get to know me. In addition to such a great experience I found the perfect dress for my wedding.
Elena Brondolo from Portland
on 03/24/2019
Everyone was very kind and respectful. Monique brought in great dresses and really made the whole experience very relaxing. As did Lindsey the first time we came in. We really appreciated that no one was pushing us to make a decision.
Marisa from South Portland
on 03/18/2019
Katherine gave awesome service to me while I was looking for my wedding dress. The first appointment that I had - I ended up leaving with a dress that I was not 100% about. I called the next day and Katherine understood and was extremely caring and helpful to make sure I felt comfortable. After the second appointment I found the dress of my dreams and felt no hesitations. She did a great job listening and making me feel that I was taken care of! Thank you!
Cassandra Simmons from Portland
on 03/18/2019
I had an amazing experience at Blush Bridal & Formal, filled with tears of joy and many hugs! Torrey was our consultant for the day and she was extremely helpful. She listened to all of my concerns and paid close attention to what I liked, and did not like, about the wedding dresses I had tried on. Not once did I feel rushed or pressured into purchasing a dress. Torrey said that you should choose a dress that’s comfortable, makes you feel like a bride, and makes you feel beautiful! This comment stayed with me through the entire process and eventually helped my choose my dream wedding dress. I highly recommend this store to any new bride!
Caitlin Rodgers from South Portland
on 03/18/2019
We had such a great time! Monique was awesome. She picked out so many dresses that were exactly what I was picturing. So happy to say yes to the dress in with such lovely store and with such helpfull staff.
Rebecca Morris from South Portland, ME
on 03/17/2019
Amanda was incredibly helpful and picked out very beautiful dresses for me! I fell in love with a dress I didn’t think I would like. It was a great first experience trying on wedding dresses and I can’t wait to go back with my family to hopefully get my dream dress!
Maggie Soule from Blush Bridal in Portland
on 03/17/2019
I LOVED my experience with Blush Bridal! Sam was patient, knowledgeable, helpful, and even brought me to tears in the best way! I also liked how well everyone worked together to help make me feel comfortable and confident. The private bridal suites are comfortable and intimate. Sam made sure that the dresses I wanted to try on were within my price range and I never once felt pressured to purchase outside of my budget. All of the dresses were of high quality and gorgeous! Something for everyone!
Mikel Tupper from South Portland
on 03/13/2019
Literally had the best time shopping! The girls really know how to make a bride feel special and beautiful. I really enjoyed the questions they asked throughout the process because they truly put things into perspective for me. Over all very pleasant experience! Xo
Katherine from Portland
on 03/08/2019
Katherine was amazing at helping me find my prom dress and I absolutely love it! Can’t wait for prom to come around.
Mary Kearns from South portland
on 03/08/2019
Great experience thank you for fitting me in the day of and I enjoyed staff and how flexible they were. My stylist help me find the style of dress that fit my body that I had not considered and I loved it !
Christen Stewart from Topsham
on 03/08/2019
Emily was amazing! My experience was very good. Unfortunately what I have experienced is that there is not a large variety of plus size dresses to help with the true fit and experience for someone plus size. Emily is a true treasure for your company. She was kind, helpful, insightful and did everything to further my experience to find the perfect dress. It was the lack of very plus size dresses that made me apprehensive to make such an expensive purchase without knowing what it really looked like. You have a treasure in Emily. She made the shopping experience that was painful, pleasant. She is a true jem!
Kayla Thompson from Portland, ME
on 02/28/2019
Everyone was super helpful throughout my entire experience with Blush. I live decently far away and it’s not always an easy trip to Portland, but the girls made the whole experience incredible! I got a dress for a friends wedding (tried on so many and of course went with the first one I tried on) and I had to order it in my size. It came in so fast and the girls were able to hold onto it for me until I was passing through to get it. I was able to quickly get a list of seamstresses in the area and even got in the day I picked up my dress. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience while shopping for this dress from start to finish. So thank you and I will be back! =)
Michelle from South portland
on 02/11/2019
I had the best time from the moment I walked in i felt so comforable. Emily helped me through everything and made it so fun and relaxing! Such a beautiful place and a great experience. I will be sure to always reccomend blush to all the future brides I know.
Emily Jandro from Portland
on 02/10/2019
I had the best experience at Blush! Torey was amazing, she made me feel comfortable from the second we started and was so supportive! I’m so happy that I said yes to the dress at Blush!
Amanda Higgins from South Portland
on 02/07/2019
I had a great experience, Emily was super friendly and helpful. She listened to all my needs and wants and was very accommodating in helping me find my perfect dress!
Tasia Lord from South Portland
on 02/03/2019
Madison was absolutely wonderful. She connected with my family and myself instantly, and somehow knew what dresses to pull for me. She really took the time to make me feel comfortable and very special. Towards the end of the appointment I was torn between a couple of dresses. Madison planted the perfect image of me on my wedding day with my fiancé at the end of the isle. She made a very difficult decision practically effortless. I’m so happy I was able to find the dress of my dreams with the help of Blush Bridal!
on 02/03/2019
Sam was AMAZING! I was so impressed with how my experience was. I felt comfortable and everyone was so willing to take time with you and make sure you were happy. Thank you so much for all of your help in picking out a wedding dress!
Jill Patterson from Portland
on 01/31/2019
Your sales associated greeted me at the door with a very welcoming smile. I told her I was going on a cruise and I needed to look really good for formal night becsuse my son is the cruise director, she instantly said "Andy Knox", I said yes and then she said I'm Katherine. She is friends with my son. We had met before but had forgotten. She was wonderful to work with. She has an excellent eye for what looks good on people. Every dress looked great but the dress I ended up buying is gorgeous. I will recommend your store to anyone looking for wedding or other occasions where one might need a formal gown.
Rhonda Dow from So. Portland
on 01/30/2019
Great service from associate in store. She was wonderful and made sure everything fit well. Excellent service! Definitely recommend Blush for Prom dresses. Beautiful and quality dresses.
Emily Lodge from South Portland, Maine
on 01/27/2019
Blush was an amazing experience for me and my family. We worked with Sam, and she was the best! Everyone there was so welcoming and patient, happy to help, and definitely made myself and my family feel like they were there for us! I can't thank everyone enough for their kindness and support on this day! I am happy to say I said yes to the dress at Blush!!!
Kelsey from Portland
on 01/27/2019
I’m a little unconventional and didn’t want a true white wedding dress and Blush had SO many options for me! My stylist Ashley was very supportive and helped find the perfect style for me. Thank you!!!
Allie McCormick from South Portland
on 01/27/2019
Ashley was amazing! She made me feel very comfortable and we were able to find my wedding dress and all accessories.
Kathryn Chell from PORTLAND
on 01/26/2019
Skyler was really great to work with! I loved my experience at blush and it made dress shopping really enjoyable. I was so happy leaving there after finding my dream dress and I would recommend Blush to anyone looking for a wedding dress.
Meghan from Portland
on 01/26/2019
Katherine is THE BEST. I arrived feeling overwhelmed from a weekend of dress shopping and also feeling a bit like I hadn't been listened to yet. Katherine heard every word and then walked around with me to look at dresses while my sister, best friend, and Mom were allowed to look and pull dresses as well. Katherine listened to my wants and dislikes, she paid attention to fabric that was good for my sensitive skin, she walked through a guided visualization of my wedding day, and she made me laugh. Katherine truly made this experience wonderful for me!
Sarah O'Meara from Portland
on 01/21/2019
I had such a positive experience at blush bridal! The consultant made me feel beatific in every gown and really helped me to find the perfect dress for me. The atmosphere was inviting and so nice!
Shantel from Portland
on 01/21/2019
Best experience of my life! So glad I chose to go to Blush for my dress!
Jenni Schmitt from Portland
on 01/17/2019
AMAZING! Skylar was wonderful to work with. She was so helpful and super kind. My mom and I had the best time ever! 10 out of 10 would recommend!!
Nikki Hachey
on 01/17/2019
Both Skylar and Katherine were so lovely to work with. I had tried on many dresses before entering Blush and, although typically a very laid back person, had become very ovehelmed by the process. I felt no pressure and they appeased me while I spent about 30-45 minutes in the same dress walking around and thinking it through! AMAZING :)
Emily P from South Portland
on 01/16/2019
I had an wonderful experience at blush, buying my wedding dress. Skylar was an absolute joy to work with. She made things comfortable, fun and offered the right amount of guidance. I like that they don’t give you a time limit and let you look through all the dresses. I would highly recommend!
Sarah Allain from Portland ME
on 01/14/2019
I had such an amazing experience with the Blush Bridal team at their Portland ME location. The staff was absolutely wonderful and supportive, and created a zero pressure atmosphere that helped me to feel calm and comfortable throughout the entire process. I am so thrilled to have been able to purchase my wedding gown with Blush!