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Leah Olsen from Ann Arbor, MI
on 01/17/2022
Had a amazing time finding my perfect dress at the Brides Project. It was just as special as I hoped and they made my experience feel personal with all the details they thought of from a robe to put on in between dresses to having accessories to try at all the stations. The help and advice Lena provided was invaluable and she really curated an incredible day. Knowing that my purchase helps support a good cause made it even more of a positive experience! Thank you for what you do Brides Project!!
Anonymous from Ann Arbor
on 01/16/2022
Thank you for a wonderful visit. We were so thrilled to find “the” dress today!
Korrin Tackett from Ann Arbor
on 01/15/2022
Everyone was so friendly! I found my dream dress and it goes to a great cause!
Kira from Ann Arbor
on 01/11/2022
An absolutely special experience. I was fortunate to be the only bride in the entire studio, which made me feel so special and unique. The feedback, support, suggestions really helped a ton and I couldn’t be more grateful for the two volunteers who helped me! What a wonderful experience. I’m so happy I found my dress here!
Jennifer McLaud
on 01/10/2022
Amazing Experience !!!
Sofia Porter-Castro from Ann Arbor
on 01/10/2022
Our time at The Brides Project was lovely from start to finish. This was the first wedding dress shop I had been to with my mom and siblings, and it was a great way to kick-off the dress shopping journey!. I didn't end up buying a dress during our visit, but I was so impressed with their selection and overall mission! I will be recommending this place to all my engaged friends in the Ann Arbor/Detroit area!
Danielle from Ann Arbor
on 01/09/2022
I had a great experience and I found the dress! It was perfect and so was the veil!
Lauryn Jackson from Ann Arbor
on 01/08/2022
This was my first bridal gown appointment since my engagement. The dress selection was outstanding & the ladies are so kind. I definitely plan on coming back while I continue my search for the perfect dress
Heather Schwarz from Ann Arbor
on 12/30/2021
My time at The Brides Project was amazing for being my first time putting on a dress. Kerreen did a fabulous job finding dresses that looked beautiful on me! She also took the time to explain things to an overwhelmed bride to be. She did everything she could to get the dresses to look the way I wanted them. I would definitely recommend checking out The Brides Project.
Mia Kaartinen
on 12/29/2021
I had a wonderful time finding a dress with Maureen! The selection in my size was fantastic and I don’t think it could’ve gone any better :) thank you so much for helping me find my dream dress!
Janelle Janisse from Ann Arbor
on 12/29/2021
Everyone here was very accommodating and made my experience so much fun! I had a great time picking out my dress and thought the staff was very knowledgeable about any questions I had. I will definitely recommend the Bridal Project to anyone I know looking for a wedding dress in the future!
Jenna Kaynor from Ann Arbor
on 12/27/2021
I had a wonderful experience at The Brides Project! Caroline was so absolutely wonderful and informative. I felt like I had the freedom to go at my own pace and explore my options while still receiving all the help and assistance I needed. I found my wedding dress and I am beyond grateful for my experience here!
Hailey from A2
on 12/27/2021
Amazing staff that was just so excited to assist me in any way possible, they were just as excited as I was!! Found the perfect dress within my budget and had an amazing experience. Will definitely recommend them to all future brides!
Steph from Ann Arbor
on 12/25/2021
Everyone was great at the bridal project. Very nice and interested in finding the types of dresses I liked. Were great at helping me get in and out of the dresses and never forced anything on me.
Katie from Ann Arbor
on 12/25/2021
Was so impressed with the whole shop! Plenty of options and the dresses were in great condition. Found the perfect one!
Amanda from ANN ARBOR
on 12/24/2021
We had a lovely experience with Emma tonight!
on 12/19/2021
Everyone is so helpful and supportive!
Alanah from Ann Arbor
on 12/19/2021
I had an amazing experience at the Brides Project. Kristen helped me find the perfect dress. She was kind, compassionate, and patient. The selection of dresses in my size was excellent, and I felt that the staff really cared about me. The dresses were affordable and beautiful. I will be recommending this place to everyone!
Chandra from Ann Arbor
on 12/18/2021
Kristen was amazing. She listened to what I was looking for and was extremely patient with me trying on a million dresses. I ended up getting the very first one I tried on. They even work with a seamstress who donates her time to the cause.
Erin Duma from Ann Arbor, MI
on 12/13/2021
I had a wonderful first dress shopping experience with The Brides Project! They were helpful and encouraging and I was extremely comfortable the whole time. They made it a fun day without putting any pressure on me to buy something. I will be making another appointment with them before deciding on a dress elsewhere!
Naomi from East Lansing
on 12/13/2021
I loved coming to the Brides Project! Even on a Saturday it was very low key with only a few other people there. Huge selection of all sizes! I was impressed to find more in the 2-6 size range than I'd seen at any other wedding dress shop. I found my dress here, and I love that the money is donated to help those with cancer as my grandpa passed away from leukemia.
on 12/11/2021
Everyone was so friendly and helpful.
on 12/05/2021
I didn’t find “the dress” but had a great overall experience trying on dresses. Staff were very friendly and helpful and there was a decent selection of dresses to pick from.
Myriah Martin from Ann Arbor, MI
on 12/02/2021
I was referred to The Bride's Project by a friend and it was great! There is a great selection of dresses and the staff work hard to get donations and take care of the dresses. Mary Ann helped me with my dress appointment. I really appreciated that there was freedom to try on as many dresses as I wanted and no pressure to like them once they were on. I did find my dress here and I'm so excited about it! I would definitely recommend to others as a budget friendly option that supports a great cause!
on 12/02/2021
Patty was very sweet and great to work with, I felt like I wasn't being rushed, she was extremely kind and made the experience comfortable!
Jamileh Atallah from LIvonia, MI
on 11/30/2021
I couldn't rave about The Brides Project enough. From just walking in the shop is set up beautifully and organized very well. I was encouraged to explore and tried on a multitude of dresses (even the dress I ended up choosing multiple times) with Patty patiently helping me. I was even able to set a special appointment to look at veils which was easily rescheduled after not feeling well. I look forward to working with your seamstress as well and am very excited that I not only found my dream wedding dress but that my money is going to a great cause.
Samantha from Ann Arbor
on 11/29/2021
I had such a wonderful time here! My number one priority in dress shopping was sustainability, so I loved being able to purchase a gown that could get a second life as well as have the proceeds help others. I was not anticipating how lovely both the shop and the people working here would be! Lesley was my helper and she was so much fun. She really made my family and friends feel involved in the shopping process and quickly tuned in on what I might like. There was a remarkable selection of lovely gowns. I will recommend the Brides Project to everyone!
Mackenzie Davis from Mount Clemens MI
on 11/29/2021
I loved everything about The Brides Project! The workers were so kind and helpful, the inside of the building was so welcoming and they made you feel so special while trying on dresses. They have a great selection of dresses and a lot of new options! I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a bridal gown!
Victoria from Canton
on 11/28/2021
Large selection of dresses at budget friendly prices. The associates in store were very helpful in finding dresses that fit my vision and budget as is, and gave insight as to how dresses could be altered to better suit what I was looking for. All staff were very encouraging and patient, especially since I shopped without an entourage. I never felt rushed, judged, or pressured into making a decision. Nothing about the dresses were hidden--all damages were pointed out by the associates before purchase. I would highly recommend asking for assistance from senior/experienced staff if they are available.
Kaitlyn from Ann Arbor, MI
on 11/26/2021
What a great experience! The staff are friendly and helpful, but efficient realizing they have hundreds of dresses and you’re there to find 1! My group was allowed to pull styles from the racks, and we had a dedicated assistant to help me into/out of gowns. I think I tried on 20 different options, and my top contenders twice, or 3 times. The shop assistant also suggested headpieces or grabbed accessories or other things to help complete the look, and gave me alterations ideas Such a great shop with a great mission that I’m more than happy to support.
Quaila Pant from Ann Arbor
on 11/24/2021
The amount of wedding dresses here is simply amazing and it felt so good to give back towards a wonderful organization while finding my perfect wedding dress. Jan who helped me during my appointment was so attentive and helpful picking out dresses for me, she was so nice. Thank you for an amazing experience.
Courtney & John Beatty from Ann Arbor, Michigan
on 11/23/2021
Patty, of The Brides Project, created a spectacular experience for our wedding dress shopping morning. She was incredibly knowledgable, supportive, and had great vision for what would look just stunning. She was easy to work with, very encouraging, and super fun. We were so impressed with the wide selection of sizes and styles of dresses and accessories. We created a look that made me feel comfortable, lovely, and just me. Jan fitted the dress and did nimble and quick work to turn around the alterations in just weeks before our winter wedding. The mission of The Brides Project is close to our hearts and we couldn't be more thrilled to have purchased a dress from them. Way to make a bride feel special, Patty and Jan. Thank you to all those who made this possible.
Michelle from Ann Arbor
on 11/23/2021
The staff was wonderful and so helpful in finding my perfect dress - thank you!
on 11/23/2021
Very attentive, no pressure, great prices, wide size variety.
Mary from Ann Arbor
on 11/22/2021
Kristen and Kristi were incredible!! It was a very fun experience, and the staff are very knowledgeable. It was great to have their skilled input and help to try on a lot of beautiful dresses. Thank you!!
Emily Back
on 11/22/2021
Low pressure and tons of options. Environment was friendly and relaxing.
Tory from Ann Arbor
on 11/22/2021
I had so much fun. Bethany was great, and even though I didn't find THE dress, I got a way clearer picture of what I want. Awesome experience. I hope to come back and check out what's there again as I keep looking for a dress!
Natasha Nichols
on 11/21/2021
What an amazing experience this was!! The people that work there are awesome, so sweet and so helpful!! Thank you so much for helping me find me dream dress!!
Amy from Hazel Park
on 11/21/2021
Monica was my consultant and she was excellent. The whole experience was stress-free and fun. They had a large selection of both new and used dresses. There were no fees, no weird rules, and no pressure. I would highly recommend The Brides Project to anyone searching for a wedding dress!
Anonymous from Ann Arbor
on 11/21/2021
The Bridal Project volunteers were amazing and took the time to listen to what I wanted while also helping me try new things. Every dress was gorgeous but they helped me find the perfect dress for me.
Gabriela Lopez from Ann Arbor, MI
on 11/17/2021
Jan and all the volunteers were so welcoming. She was on top of it, offering great suggestion without being pushing. Made me feel relaxed and comfortable. Would recommend The Brides Project to everyone it was such a lovely experience and I was able to help a good cause. Plus COVID safety guidelines were followed so definitely a win. I will hopefully be going back for the alterations as we get closer to the big day.
Amy Bielat from Flat Rock
on 11/07/2021
The wonderful staff treated my daughter and our group with the utmost attention. They made us feel welcomed and did not rush us. I would recommend that every bride comes here!
Jessica Osborne from Ann Arbor MI
on 11/06/2021
The woman that was helping us (I can’t remember her name) was SO helpful! She was amazing. I had a clear vision for what I thought I wanted and when I tried a similar dress on (which she helped find and pick out!) I realized that I needed something slightly different. Our associate listened to what I wanted and what I liked and disliked and found us so many dresses. The dress I got ended up being her suggestion! I didn’t ever feel any pressure to buy if I wasn’t ready or to get something that I didn’t love. She was there to help make the dresses fit better and eventually grab a veil to get the full look experience. I would recommend our associate and The Brides Project to everyone, I had such an amazing experience!!
Maggie Rubens from Ann Arbor, MI
on 11/04/2021
After searching for bridal salons online and finding The Brides Project, I knew that purchasing my dress was going to be much more of a wholesome and rewarding experience than I would've ever expected. The ladies helping me pick out my dress were spectacular and I ended up selecting a beautiful 2018 Hayley Paige gown that I absolutely love! The dress fits me, my personality, and my wedding venue so well. The added bonus of having the proceeds from the sale go towards supporting families that are impacted by cancer is the best wedding gift. Thank you to the amazing staff at The Brides Project!
Kelsey Grell from Ann Arbor
on 11/01/2021
Such a great experience - thank you so much!
Tricia Bekker from Ann Arbor, Micghian
on 10/30/2021
Dress shopping at The Brides Project Ann Arbor was nothing short of an amazing experience! Our consultant, Carey, was so helpful and provided us with the guidance we needed. The entire experience was very relaxing and comfortable. With Carey's help, my daughter was able to pick the dress for her wedding on her first visit!
Meghan Petiprin from Garden City, MI
on 10/29/2021
I had such a wonderful experience at The Brides Project -- very grateful to the volunteer staff for helping me find the perfect wedding dress. Having seen family members and good friends battle cancer, it is incredibly meaningful to me that the purchase of my dress will support families impacted by cancer.
Alexa from Ann Arbor
on 10/27/2021
I love the mission and purpose of the Brides Project, and the selection that they had was amazing. All sizes and styles which made it so much fun. Everyone was so kind and helpful - one of the ladies even picked out my final dress! Love this place, wish I could have multiple weddings to get more dresses!
Elizabeth Berghoff from Ann Arbor
on 10/25/2021
This was my first time dress shopping, and it was a great experience! I love that my Pinterest board was taken into account at the start, but as I started trying on different dresses and saying what I liked and disliked about each one, the volunteers started grabbing different types of dresses based on what I said. It resulted in me finding the (almost) perfect dress outside of my size range that I wouldn't have found on my own. It's great how the volunteers have an extensive knowledge & great memory of what gowns they have in the store.
Tristin from Ann Arbor
on 10/25/2021
The Brides Project of Ann Arbor exceeded my expectations. There was a huge selection, I think I tried on 20 dresses. They were a lot of fun, made us feel very comfortable. The prices were very reasonable. And I walked out with my perfect dress!