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Belinda Hughes from Austin
on 03/06/2023
Janela and Julie were so helpful in helping me get this apartment. My friend and I just love the new pleads and its view. So much quieter. Thank you for all your help. Belinda
Jacqueline from Berkley, MI
on 03/06/2023
Had a great experience at the Brides Project! Everyone was very helpful and friendly. I was pleasantly surprised by the volume and variety of your collection. Will be recommending the Brides Project to anyone I know!
Michelle Pascual from Ann arbor
on 03/05/2023
Thank you for doing what you do! Staff was super helpful, energic and patient!
Amanda from Novi, MI
on 03/03/2023
I thoroughly enjoyed my experience shopping for and finding my wedding dress here! The ladies here are so wonderful and helpful. I was able to purchase both my dress and veil while staying within my budget. I am happy that the money I spent will be donated to the local cancer support community. I highly recommend going here for wedding dress shopping!
Belinda Hughes from Ann Arbor Michigan
on 02/28/2023
If you are looking for a dress this is the place to go. Not only were they super helpful they have a lot of dresses to choose from. They allowed me to try on as many as I wanted and no pressure. The bonus is it’s a non profit and the money goes toward cancer patients. Thank you to the two staff members that helped me.
on 02/27/2023
Staff was very attentive but not forceful.
Abby from Ann Arbor
on 02/27/2023
Great place! I do wish my sales associate had the dresses ready for me to try on. Instead I had to fuss with getting them off the hangers and out of their plastic bags. She was a little stand offish but also newer. Very nice though and overall would highly recommend this place even though I didn’t find my dress.
on 02/27/2023
After a few other appointments elsewhere, this bridal shop was the best experience - and I found the perfect dress! The lovely women helping me were thoughtful, good listeners, supportive, and there were many different styles and sizes of dresses, along with many accessories. I appreciate that the proceeds go to helping others; it made the experience all the more meaningful. I would highly recommend brides to stop by here to find the dress of their dreams; it won't disappoint!
on 02/27/2023
This was a true bridal experience. Much better than my experience at another popular bridal store. My consultant stayed with me the entire time and helped me with each and every dress I tried on. At the other store the consultant would just check in from time to time. The Brides Project made me and my party all feel relaxed.
on 02/26/2023
Beautiful selection. The volunteers made me feel very comfortable the whole appointment.
Amanda from Hazel Park
on 02/25/2023
I had THEE BEST experience at The Brides Project!! Catherine and Cynthia were beyond helpful!! We laughed, they reminded me that I should feel beautiful no matter what, and they genuinely had my best interest at the forefront. Not only is their mission important to me, as my mother is currently undergoing treatment, but they made this experience so wonderful. The seamstress was helpful, and Lena was super helpful with us at checkout. I can go on and on about them, but you should just check it out for yourself!! THANK YOU, LADIES!!!!
Caitlin Hickey from Ann Arbor
on 02/24/2023
I had a wonderful experience at The Brides Project. The team was able to help me find a one of a kind dress that exceeded my expectations!
Maria from Ann Arbor
on 02/23/2023
I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! It was an amazing day. The ladies who volunteer here are gems. They were so helpful and reassuring. They made this a beautiful day. The selection was great. I ended up with my dream dress in my first appointment. They also have a seamstress on-site.
Sherry Myrphy from Ann Arbor
on 02/21/2023
I loved coming in to the salon. Was greeted as soon as I walked in the door. The two girls were amazing ! The helped me find was I was looking for and I found it! They checked on me throughout the time I was there ( 2 hrs) helped me get in/our if the gowns. Took pics on my phone for me and just an amazing place overall. I would definetly recommend to anyone I know is getting married. Thanks again for the most wonderful experience.
Amanda Cameron
on 02/21/2023
Wish I could give 10 stars! Heidi was absolutely incredible to work with. I had been brushed off at a previous shop, and it was so wonderful to be invited so pleasantly the moment we walked into The Bridal Project. Everyone in the shop was so kind, and welcoming to me and my friends who joined me. Thanks to them, I found my dream dress, perfectly in my budget!!
Jenna from South Lyon
on 02/20/2023
They listened to what I wanted and made it very fun and easy! Would 100% recommend this place to any bride to be!
on 02/20/2023
I had no idea where to start with finding a dress and then was referred to the Bride Project by a friend. The minute I heard that “all the money raised from the sale of gowns supports families touched by cancer by providing services at the Cancer Support Community of Greater Ann Arbor” I knew this was where I wanted to go… a bridal shop with a mission! It was over an hour drive but worth every minute! My appointment with Heera was 2 hours. She was awesome and extremely patient because I was torn between a few dresses…., all under budget! I cried not only because I felt beautiful in the dresses but also because of how affordable they were! I walked out with 2 dresses, did not exceed my budget (1,000 which is still under what is typical for a bridal gown), felt absolutely stunning, and fulfilled because I gave back to the community! Anyone who is recently engaged should make this their first stop!
marilee from Ann Arbor
on 02/08/2023
Wonderful experience. Far more dresses than I expected, and all beautiful. The experience was as lovely as any salon, and the assistants were helpful and friendly, with great ideas to accentuate the gown with accessories.
Emily from Ann Arbor
on 02/07/2023
I had a wonderful experience and was fortunate enough to find my wedding dress that day. The staff was helpful, attentive, and never pushy. I highly recommend The Brides Project to everyone on the market for a wedding dress
Angela Marie Grantham from Ann Arbor
on 02/07/2023
Excellent customer service! We had our own dressing room and personal assistant who was very fun and helpful.
Sara Beddow from Ann Arbor
on 02/06/2023
Great experience! Everyone is so nice and knowledgeable. Staff and alterations staff are quick and work with you on what you need. Highly recommend for a positive experience trying on dresses.
Sabrina Braunlich from Ann Arbor, MI
on 02/05/2023
A fantastic shop! We went there initially because I loved their mission and then after looking, they had so many dresses that it was hard to pick just one! The volunteers were wonderful to work with and the prices were so much more reasonable than other bridal shops. Planning on referring everyone I know to them!
Lola Wagner from Ann Arbor
on 02/04/2023
What a great experience! You have so many lovely gowns. Kristen helped me find the perfect gown & was so knowledgeable & helpful.The cost was very reasonable even with alterations. Every bride should start their shopping journey at your salon & it’s all for a great cause too. Win Win! I will be telling all my friends about your wonderful store.
Cleo from Portland, Oregon
on 02/02/2023
I had a great time at this store! I was so impressed by the variety of dresses. Amazing prices and it is incredible that almost all proceeds go to a good cause! Ive been to lots of bridal shops but I knew I wanted to buy it here because it would make my wedding feel more meaningful. Thank you for offering this!!
brienna from Ann arbor
on 02/02/2023
Loved our experience, very Friendly and helpful people. Had a great time looking through the racks of dresses. Very pleased over all with the experience and love what they do and stand for
Ajleeta from Ann Arbor
on 02/01/2023
I couldn't have been happier with my experience here. From having the best stylist (Julie) who made me feel special to the shop allowing me to come in on a Sunday without an appointment to try on the dress I thought I might want (and did buy), I felt more like a bride here than anywhere else. The best part is that I don't feel bad about buying a wedding dress since the money goes to charity anyways!
Melissa from Ann Arbor
on 01/30/2023
I had a lovely experience at the Ann Arbor Brides Project. Linda helped me and did a fabulous job of helping me get in and out of dresses and providing helpful insights to ensuring a dress fit comfortably.
Morgan Rogers from Ann Arbor
on 01/29/2023
Such a wonderful experience! Even better than I could have hoped for. The two ladies who helped us were beyond kind, fun, and helpful. They worked to make an overwhelming experience be absolutely amazing. So happy with all of their suggestions and what they helped me decide on! Also such a beautiful little shop filled with so many gorgeous styles! Love love love! Thank you so much Bridal Project for everything you do!
William m from Ann Arbor
on 01/29/2023
I’m so glad that I found a dress here This is a great place to go for wedding dresses I highly recommend it for anyone
Anonymous from Ann Arbor
on 01/27/2023
A great visit, Haley and Margaret and Julie all were very helpful. A great balance of assistance and space to process and think about the dresses. A wonderful experience and would highly recommend to anyone shopping for a wedding dress.
E from Ann Arbor
on 01/24/2023
Julie was amazing!!! So helpful, thorough, and fun--and she went above and beyond to make sure we were taken care of. Thank you so much!!!
Alyssa from Ann Arbor
on 01/23/2023
I loved the feel of this shop. There were so many options, and such different styles to choose from. he staff were very helpful and friendly, but the whole atmosphere was more laid-back than a traditional bridal salon. I would definitely recommend this place to others!
Mikayla B. from Troy, MI
on 01/23/2023
I had such a great experience! Everyone was so kind and helpful and I felt fully at ease as I tried on dresses; there was no pressure at all. There are so many dresses in a wide variety of styles and sizes. I ended up buying a dress and veil the same day as my appointment and I couldn't be happier! It felt great knowing my money was going to a good cause as well. Much love!
Victoria from Ann Arbor
on 01/22/2023
Shopping at TBP was the best experience! All of the dressers were absolutely beautiful. The volunteers really made me feel heard and seen. I would highly recommend shopping here for your next project
Emily Kearns
on 01/22/2023
I had such a wonderful time at The Bridal Project. Not only were the selection of dresses incredible, the staff were so amazingly kind and helpful. Thank you for helping to create such a memorable experience while being able to support the local cancer fund. Thank you so much!
Taylor Schroeder
on 01/22/2023
I had such a great experience and was able to find the perfect dress! There was an amazing selection of different styles and sizes. Everyone was helpful and made the day so special. To top it off, all of the proceeds go to an amazing cause!
n/a from Ann Arbor
on 01/18/2023
It was wonderful. The two women I had, Julie and someone else, we’re so kind to me and made me feel beautiful and didn’t pressure me to purchase if I didn’t truly love it. They made this midsize girl feel like any other girl.
Kate Balzer from Ann Arbor, MI
on 01/17/2023
I can't say enough good things about my experience at The Brides Project. I'm a former volunteer, so I understood the process, but of course it was different when I was the one looking for a dress! While I didn't find my dress on my first visit, I knew that I wanted to get my dress there (and that new things come in all the time!) My second visit, I spotted a dress right away and it was exactly what I was looking for! On both visits, the consultants were patient, helpful, and supportive - there was no pressure to buy something I didn't love, and they offered lots of creative suggestions for alterations. So glad this place exists in our community!
Stepheni Voss from Ann Arbor
on 01/14/2023
I’m so happy I found out about this place! They have gorgeous dresses and accessories. They are reasonably priced and they have a huge variety of sizes and styles. The volunteers are very helpful and thoughtful. It’s a great feeling knowing that our donations go to a wonderful cause!
Nina from Ann Arbor
on 01/13/2023
I was extremely nervous about sizing and styles and they surprised me I was able to look at rows and rows of sizes that would fit me and I ended up walking away with not one but two BEAUTIFUL dresses!!!
Lillian Calcaterra from Algonac, MI
on 01/13/2023
It was an amazing experience coming here! The intimate setting made it so I didn’t try and invite too many people and I really appreciated that. I love the support this store brings cancer patience and their families and I am proud to have contributed :)
Felicia from Ann Arbor
on 01/12/2023
I had a wonderful experience. I was able to find a dress that made me feel beautiful and confident, and it was similar to a style that was 3x the cost at another boutique.
William from Ann Arbor
on 01/12/2023
Definitely worth a appointment they have a lot of dresses to choose from so gorgeous I felt so good about my time there being my authentic self
E and C Grace from Ann Arbor
on 01/11/2023
Professional, classy, fun and welcoming salon with a super selection. Our associate was a joy to work with.
Jennifer Panek from Southgate
on 01/10/2023
The volunteer staff is incredibly knowledgeable and patient. I was truly impressed at the number of dresses in my size. Great selection, wonderful customer service.
Sierra from Clio
on 01/09/2023
Absolutely amazing experience! Everyone was so compassionate and patient with me and helped to the best of their ability to make sure I had a positive and enjoyable dress shopping experience. I would recommend The Brides Project to every bride I know!
on 01/08/2023
The girls were so nice and helpful and made this such a fun experience! Such a cute place with a very large selection of dresses.
Lauren Schraeder from Ann Arbor
on 01/08/2023
Lisa was amazing! She picked THE one. Referring my friends. Highly recommend!!
Anna Coval from Ann Arbor
on 01/08/2023
Lisa was wonderful and so helpful! We had a really great time, even though I did not find THE dress.
Roseann from Ann Arbor
on 01/05/2023
The dresses were all beautiful and the service was excellent. We had a wonderful experience.