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Maria from Ann Arbor
on 02/18/2024
My mom, future mother-in-law, and I all had a wonderful time at The Brides Project! Diane, our volunteer consultant, was so patient, kind, and helpful throughout the whole process and even explained details that I hadn't thought about before. They have a wonderful selection, amazing prices, and best of all, the profits go to a great cause! Can't recommend The Brides Project enough.
Kasia Trybula from Ann Arbor
on 02/03/2024
I had the best experience during my bridal appointment and I found the dress of my dreams! My stylist, Lisa, was kind and professional; she offered helpful advice and suggestions.
Emily from Grosse Pointe Park
on 01/28/2024
I had a wonderful experience at the Brides Project today! I found my dress fairly quickly and Erin who helped us was fantastic. I was able to try on a lot of different styles and we efficiently narrowed down what I like.We all had such a great time. Thank you so much!
Caitlin from Rochester Hills MI
on 01/27/2024
I had a great time trying on dresses and finding the one for me. Store was super clean and the staff was incredibly nice. I also loved the selection of dresses. If any of my friends are looking for wedding dresses I would definitely recommend Brides Project.
Shannon Patrick from Ann Arbor
on 01/26/2024
It was an amazing experience.
Natasha from Ann Arbor
on 01/22/2024
I loved finding my dress here. Lots of choices and Jan was extremely helpful and kind. What I love most about this salon is the sustainability and giving back part!
Anonymous from Ann Arbor, MI
on 01/15/2024
I was so impressed by the staff and dress selection at The Brides Project! I didn't realize they also have bridal accessories like veils, boleros, tiaras, and even shoes. I have been recommending it to everyone I know since finding my dress there!
Brittany Schwartz from Jackson Michigan
on 01/15/2024
I had the absolute best experience here! The first dress I tried on was the dress I ended up choosing as THE dress! Lisa was absolutely EVERYTHING!! Thanks again Lisa! I can’t express how wonderful this place is and how much I will be telling everyone about it! You guys rock!
Kaitlin Dwyer from Ann Arbor
on 01/14/2024
The BEST experience!!! Found the dress of my dreams! It’s a couture dress, never worn before with a retail tag of $3,000 and I only paid $700! The consultants were so supportive and helpful! 1000000% recommend taking the trip!!
Katrine Weismantle from Ann Arbor
on 01/12/2024
Loved the options and helpful staff! Made a stressful process easy and comfortable.
Megan Clark
on 01/09/2024
Margret was so wonderful to work with and the dresses were beautiful. I found my dream dress and it was only a fraction of its original price!
Grace from Lansing
on 01/07/2024
Margaret was an angel and we had such a good time. All of the ladies had great taste and suggestions, we ended up going with a dress and veil pulled by Margaret and a waist tie pulled by Heidi. The value is simply unbeatable and the cause is so wonderful as well. This project is incredible.
Andrea Fix from Ann Arbor
on 01/07/2024
I cannot express how awesome my experience was today! My volunteer Lisa was amazing, honest and passionate. There was a overwhelming selection in a huge range of styles and sizes. The mission of The Brides Project is one every bride should be so happy to support! I cannot thank you all enough, I will be recommending them to every engaged women I meet!
Clarice from Michigan
on 01/06/2024
I was set on getting a secondhand dress and this was the perfect place! I went in for three separate appointments to try dresses and the helpers there were so knowledgeable about dress styles, alterations that could be made, etc. It was easy to see that they really want the bride to be happy with her dress. Plus I didn’t feel pressure to make a decision when I wasn’t ready. I found a dress I love, and it’s a win-win because it cost me less than if it were new, and the money goes to a meaningful cause!
Gabi Allread from Ann Arbor
on 12/30/2023
Such a joyful experience! Lisa was phenomenal and I will tell everyone about this magical place!
Heather Dinunzio from Ann Arbor
on 12/29/2023
Wonderful experience -- a huge selection of beautiful dresses and super friendly, helpful volunteers. Thank you!
on 12/28/2023
It was a wonderfully laid back experience and for such a great cause. I will be sending everyone I know here!
Jennifer from Ann Arbor
on 12/28/2023
Amazing, amazing, amazing. I think it truly makes a difference that the women that are helping at your location are choosing to donate their time. You can tell they absolute love being there and are encouraging and not pushy at all. Makes all the difference when taking off the pressure of buying at enjoying the process! What a fun time picking out my wedding gown! I’m so happy with what I purchased and the cause it’s supporting and had the best memories to go with it! Thank you Heidi!
Teresa Hoving from Ann Arbor
on 12/27/2023
I thoroughly enjoyed my time here and would highly recommend! They have a great variety of dresses and are super helpful!
on 12/25/2023
Every person that helped me at the brides project was amazing. I couldn’t have asked for better people to help me find my dream dress.
Gabi from Denver
on 12/24/2023
Unbelievably awesome experience. Lisa was fabulous. Never felt rushed or pressured. So many beautiful gowns to choose from! I will send all the brides in my life here!!
Paige Greenwell from Ann Arbor
on 12/22/2023
We had such a great time here looking at gowns and being made to feel so special! I was lucky enough to find a dress for my big day and the staff were so helpful and seemed genuinely happy to be working there!
Megan Hissong from Ann Arbor
on 12/21/2023
We had a great time and were very impressed with the huge assortment of affordable dresses that were available. Heidi was very helpful and made the experience fun. Lots of laughs! My daughter found a couple dresses she loved but wasn't ready to commit because this was the first store we visited. I hope we will return to purchase one of the beautiful dresses she tried on.
Claire McKenna from Ypsilanti
on 12/17/2023
I had a lovely shopping experience and ended up buying a dress. I wasn’t sure I was ready to buy walking in but I found a special gown at a great price. I loved how many different styles to choose from, there were even some couture labels. The staff made the process very clear and I followed up the next day to purchase my dress over the phone. I am very happy.
Racheal Dempsey
on 12/16/2023
Excellent place! Everyone was very helpful and lots of affordable and beautiful options.
Allison from Indiana
on 12/15/2023
I’m so pleased with my experience dress shopping here. Ann Arbor is 3+ hours from where I live, but when I found out about this place and their mission with supporting families affected by cancer, I knew I had to go. This was the only shop I visited, so I wasn't sure what to expect, but the store was lovely, and the stylist I worked with was so helpful! There were several beautiful dresses in stock in my size, and I’m so happy with the dress I chose. It took me the full 90 minutes to try on dresses and make a decision, but no one tried rushing me. Also, on a personal level, I was happy with the level of help. I have body image issues and appreciated that the stylist made it clear that she would help as much/little as I wanted getting dresses on and off. She was attentive to what styles interested me and didn’t push anything that didn’t interest me.
Jeanne St. Onge from Ann Arbor, MI
on 12/15/2023
Margaret was absolutely wonderful! Coincidentally we are getting married within a month of each other and spent the entire time chatting about our upcoming wedding plans. It was so fun and she truly made me feel like girlfriend than a "customer". I was completely comfortable with her and totally at ease. The store, fitting rooms, and dresses are all very clean and easy to access. I appreciated the wide variety of styles/colors and was even able to find the perfect dress! I SAID YES TO THE DRESS!! Oh, and I found the perfect pair of shoes too! Thank you, again, for making this such a fun experience! Above all, I loved being able to support such an incredible organization! I highly recommend stopping in.
Kathryn from Ann Arbor
on 12/12/2023
I had a great time! The selection was much bigger than I expected. The associates who helped me were obviously very experienced, and they gave useful advice without being pushy or over-involved. I also appreciated the veils, tiaras, etc available to try on. I found my dream dress at a very reasonable price, and am glad that the money goes to a worthy cause! Would 100% recommend to other future brides.
Sarah from Ann Arbor
on 12/08/2023
Heidi was amazing! My team and I looked at dresses and picked out what we thought I would like. Heidi used my feedback to help me find the perfect dress! I am plus size and was worried about not finding anything. Heidi made me feel comfortable and stayed positive the whole time!
Franzjesca Krabill
on 12/07/2023
Linda was absolutely wonderful in her help for finding my wedding gown, all staff was beyond sweet and kind! Highly recommend, what a beautiful experience I had while shopping at your establishment.
Hannah Walker from Ann Arbor Michigan
on 12/06/2023
All of the dresses were so beautiful, and organized by size so I could find what would work for me. The volunteers were so knowledgeable and helpful, and they kept everything running smoothly. I can't state enough how beautiful the dresses were, and they are unbelievably affordable too. The changing room was spacious and they provided a robe for me to use between dresses. I had a really great time and I think its a great cause to support, I highly recommend the brides project for anyone who is shopping for a wedding dress.
Robin C from Brownstown
on 12/04/2023
I love what you're doing and it's truly heartwarming that every worker's hours, the dresses, and even the building are donated! Also, the dresses are amazing and such a great price!
Alemena from Toledo
on 12/04/2023
I loved the selection of dresses and the atmosphere was great!! Everyone was so helpful! I found my dress at a great cost and it helps to support a great cause! I highly recommend!!!
Cristen Matteocci from Ann Arbor
on 12/03/2023
I had a great experience! The person helping me was very friendly, helpful, and made me feel important
Valerie from Adrian, MI
on 12/03/2023
The staff was absolutely incredible, made the entire overwhelming experience so enjoyable. So many beautiful options to try on and buy, with such an amazing message and purpose.
Teressa Savastano from Laurium, Michigan
on 12/02/2023
I loved my experience with The Brides Project! Being able to look around and pick out dresses ourselves was exciting and added to the fun. The sales associate helping us also started picking out dresses they thought I would like once we got started so it helped me see all the options. The staff had so much knowledge with the dresses and especially with some possibilities to change and alter the dress to exactly what I would want. The staff was so friendly and encouraging, they made finding my dress everything I thought it would be!
Lynsey from Metro Detroit
on 12/02/2023
I had an amazing experience finding my dress! It was my first time shopping for my dress but I wasn’t looking forward to it. In the past I had negative experiences at bridal salons, and that was as a bridesmaid. That wasn’t an issue during my shopping experience. It started off on a very positive note with my consultant. I immediately liked her. I got to look through the dresses myself with my guests. My consultant was very nice and very helpful. And after trying on a bunch of dresses, I found the one. I had prepared myself for the possibility of not finding a dress that day. But it only took half a hour. Once I found my dress, everyone answered all my questions. I left feeling happy, unstressed, and excited! I highly recommend the Bride’s Project. I firmly believe that even if I didn’t find my dress that day, I would have come back another time.
Elizabeth Fenner from Ann Arbor
on 12/01/2023
My experience at The Brides Project could not have been better! The volunteers were so sweet and welcoming and Laurie was so helpful and offered a lot of great suggestions for my dress and possible accessories. The shop was beautiful and inviting and I’m so happy to have found my perfect dress there. I will definitely recommend this shop to other brides and continue to support this amazing organization.
gerald bliznik from Howell
on 12/01/2023
My daughter had a wonderful time picking out her dress with her sister and mom. The price was amazing. She was gushing with complements for the staff. Thank you so much for taking care my child!
Evelyn from Ann Arbor
on 12/01/2023
My experience was so good! Found the dress right away, but I tried on many other beautiful gowns. The staff was super friendly! I enjoyed my experience!!
J. Smith from Detroit
on 11/30/2023
Jan was incredibly helpful and we found a dress in record time for me to wear to the Emmy's!
Mazie Smith from Ann Arbor
on 11/29/2023
I had a great experience! They have a beautiful selection, great prices and cause. The staff are super kind and helpful.
Adora from Chicago
on 11/27/2023
Loved it! Beautiful selection and experience!
Emily from Ann Arbor
on 11/26/2023
Super helpful, incredibly nice. Great experience.
Elizabeth Parker from Ann Arbor
on 11/26/2023
Lisa was our attendant/salesperson and she was fabulous. We spent about two hours there and I went home with a dress! This was the fourth dress store I had been to in the area and by far the best. I also love that all the proceeds go to cancer charities; it's nice to be able to give back.
Katelyn from Ann Arbor
on 11/26/2023
I had a great experience at TBP, it was the first place I went to try on bridal gowns and they made it an enjoyable! I would recommend going here.
Carlie from Ann Arbor
on 11/21/2023
I loved shopping at The Brides Project. Heidi was amazing to work with and they had a good variety of dresses. I ended up getting my wedding dress and love it as well as the price. I would recommend wedding dress shopping here to anyone.
Jenna Owens from Ann Arbor
on 11/20/2023
This place is so intimate and all of the ladies working there were so kind and helpful. I honestly could not have picked a better place! They even put my name on a sign outside my dressing room and they gave me 100% of their attention. I would recommend them to anyone!
Adora from Ann Arbor
on 11/19/2023
Quick and beautiful selection!
Elizabeth Parker from Ann Arbor, MI
on 11/19/2023
My mom, one bridesmaid, and I came here today. This was the fourth store I stopped by to look at wedding dresses and definitely the most personal experience. Lisa was fabulous and I left with a dress of my choosing about 1/4 the price of others I had looked at, which was great.