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Elizabeth from Plymouth Road
on 06/28/2022
Jan was so wonderful from the moment I walked into the shop! She was the perfect balance of helping me out and letting me take my time looking through the gowns. I am so so happy I came to The Brides Project!! I feel twice as good knowing that I feel beautiful in my dress and it is helping someone else.
on 06/27/2022
Staff and experience was great! My dad wanted to go to one shopping experience so due to the location and the availability we booked a time to come and try on dresses. There are a lot of options to look at and the consultant that worked with me was very helpful. The only downfall of the experience was not knowing what dresses were altered before they arrived at the shop. My dad picked out a lot of beautiful dresses but due to not knowing they were altered before they arrived, I was not able to try any on. Example: I'm a size 12 in dresses but some of these dresses were altered and now too small. My suggestion to The Brides Project would be obtaining that information when getting the donated dress and marking it some how, even a little tag or sticker for the tag, showing that it has been altered.
Taylor Beemer from Ann Arbor, MI
on 06/27/2022
I had a great time picking my dress! Bridgette was super helpful, and all of the volunteers were awesome! I will definitely recommend The Brides Project to anyone else I know looking for their perfect dress.
Jennifer from Plymouth
on 06/26/2022
The dress purchasing experience was something I was dreading and procrastinating but The Brides Project made the whole experience so much fun!! The volunteers were great and made me feel comfortable and special, the selection of dresses and separate pieces was more than I hoped for, and I felt good knowing I wasn't paying astronomical costs while still putting my money toward such an important charity! 10/10 would recommend buying from here, for dresses, and accessories!
on 06/22/2022
I loved finding my dress at The Brides Project Ann Arbor. The concept of giving back and supporting those impacted by cancer made the event of finding my dress more special and rewarding. In addition, the prices at The Brides Project are affordable in comparison to other dress shops, the staff were incredibly helpful, and I did not feel as though they were rushing me to make a decision when I sat there debating between two dresses. Also, the variety of dresses, styles, sizing, etc. was AMAZING. In-house seamstresses are also a plus! I left with a dress I entirely did not expect but deeply love. I highly recommend this nonprofit to any and all dress-seeking brides.
Heather Cornett from Ann Arbor
on 06/21/2022
My family and I had the most wonderful experience at The Brides Project. This was the first bridal shop I had gone to and my first time trying on wedding dresses - I was truly not expecting to find my wedding dress on the first try! The staff at The Brides Project was incredibly kind, warm, and professional. The receptionist, I believe her name was Emma, actually found my wedding dress as she was searching for things she thought fit my vision! Everyone was so incredibly helpful and seemed invested in my experience. I cannot wait to wear my gown for my July 2023 wedding. I'm so grateful that I was able to find my gown at The Brides Project where the proceeds go to such a special cause.
Jennifer Trombley from Ann Arbor
on 06/20/2022
My consultant could not have been more accommodating & knowledgeable. She helped guide me through the process, without being pushy, and truly helped me to find the answer of how to choose between multiple dresses that I loved. The experience was so much better than the anxiety I was expecting and it was all thanks to the staff at the Brides Project. Great quality dresses, great prices, great care, amazing time management and mental guidance. I can't thank these people enough for what they did for me. My mom had breast cancer this past year so this meant even more that I could give back to the volunteers helping to heal our local love ones. Thank you!! <3
Mary Haapala from Ann Arbor, MI
on 06/17/2022
I am so happy I made the drive out to Ann Arbor and the Brides Project! I found a perfect dress, for a fraction of the cost of what I was looking at previously. The staff and volunteers were so helpful! No one rushed me or pushed me to buy at all. I had a great time and could not be happier to support a great cause!
Lauren from Pleasant Ridge, MI
on 06/17/2022
Such a great experience! I have purchased 3 dresses for my wedding celebrations from here and each time is so enjoyable and the selection is always great! Couldn't recommend more and it goes towards such a great cause!
Jasmine from Ann arbor
on 06/14/2022
I loved my experience at the salon! The two women helping me absolutely lovely - they catered the whole experience to my needs and made me feel amazing and beautiful. They were always helpful and very positive and welcoming. I would recommend this salon to everyone!
Karelyn Munro from Ypsilanti
on 06/12/2022
I had a great time and the volunteer was helpful, I am more of an independent bride but she brought me things that I truly loved and I ended up buying two of the accessories she showed me. Everything and everyone was awesome, I had a special time with my friend. Thank you for existing!!
Haley from Ann Arbor
on 06/07/2022
I had the best experience at The Brides Project in Ann Arbor! If you are a bride like me, where you want to save some money while helping a good cause this is the place for you! Not only did I find a beautiful dress that was never worn but we donated that day to a great cause!! 10/10 recommend
Vesa Pallaska from Ann Arbor
on 06/05/2022
Loved the experience! Would recommend to everyone looking for a dress.
Darien Dyer from Ann Arbor, MI
on 06/02/2022
Loved the store, the women working, the concept and the experience!
Grace from Plymouth, MI
on 06/02/2022
Salon was awesome! Kind consultants and large selection of dresses. Wonderful experience!
on 05/31/2022
Had a great time, thoroughly enjoyed going through the dresses. Enjoy that the team has not only dresses but also accessories. Great opportunity not only for upcoming brides but also the help they provide for the community.
Madison Terry from Southgate, MI
on 05/29/2022
Fantastic staff! Very helpful and genuine. Pricing is great and the selection of dresses was really nice too! I also love that it’s all donation! I will definitely be recommending anyone and everyone to go there!
Darien Dyer from Ann Arbor
on 05/27/2022
Loved the staff, and experience! Can’t wait to tell other brides about this place!!
Natalie from Ann Arbor
on 05/27/2022
Kristen was super helpful and kind. I found my dress and I am so happy! thank you!
Katrina from Ann Arbor
on 05/27/2022
Absolutely the best place to be if you want to feel comfortable and feel like yourself! The ladies that helped me were phenomenal and so sweet and caring to my needs and wants in regard to what I was looking for! 10/10 recommend
Renee Prieur from Ann Arbor
on 05/27/2022
What a great group of gals you are ! So helpful , friendly, honest and just fun ! You went out of your way to make my dress just perfect for me with adding a belt and swapping out the straps to match the belt. Thank you !!! You have a huge selection of gorgeous gowns as well and they couldn’t be more reasonably priced !
Jenny Newland from Marlette, MI
on 05/22/2022
This was such a great experience! I was nervous about going dress shopping as I had NO clue what I wanted and was on the fence about a potential "used" dress. But, the volunteers here were AMAZING and I found the absolute dress of my dreams! I have told literally everyone I know that they need to shop here.
on 05/21/2022
I had such a wonderful experience at The Bride Project! All of the staff was supportive, honest, friendly, kind, and thoughtful! I could tell they truly care and want you to have the best experience! What I really valued too was that they do not pressure you!!! If you need time with a dress, want to try it on a few times, feel unsure, whatever it is they do not try to sway you one way or the other. Rather, they just offer feedback for you to take or leave! I recommend The Bride Project for any and all future brides! Thank you so much to the staff! You were all so wonderful!
Natalie W from Ann Arbor MI
on 05/20/2022
I had a great experience dress shopping. Kristen was amazing and helped so much during the process. I left with my dream dress and veil. Thank you Brides Project!!!
Sarah from Livonia, MI
on 05/19/2022
Linda was the best consultant I could have asked for. This was my first time trying on dresses so I wasn't quite sure what I wanted but Linda was so knowledgeable and encouraging. She made me feel like a princess in every dress I tried on. I am so excited that I found the perfect dress for my big day and I love that the proceeds go towards such an important cause.
on 05/16/2022
I loved my experience shopping with The Brides Project! The staff were very kind and responsive to my needs, and the donated gowns were gorgeous!
Val Adams from ANN ARBOR
on 05/16/2022
The volunteers at The Brides Project made this a fun and easy experience. As an older bride, I thought it would be hard to find something appropriate for a second marriage but with the help of my daughters, my sister and our consultant, I found a great one!
on 05/15/2022
All three of the volunteers who helped me were patient, helpful, and kind, and went above and beyond to help me find a dress I loved. I didn't end up buying a dress when I went, probably because I had a pretty specific requirement that the dress cover up chest scars and my unique size. But it wasn't the fault of anyone. I feel like it would be easy for most people to find a fantastic dress here, and I would highly recommend them!
on 05/14/2022
Regina and the whole staff were very helpful and so kind. It was my first time trying on wedding dresses and it was a wonderful experience.
Krista Yanos from Ann Arbor
on 05/10/2022
The staff at Bridal Project were so helpful, encouraging, and responsive! They gave me genuine attention right from the beginning when booking my appointment, at the appointment, and the follow up with scheduling alterations and making sure I got it home safely! Loved working with everyone at the shop :)
Amanda from Ann Arbor
on 05/09/2022
The women who helped us were AMAZING! They really took their time with us and helped me find the perfect dress. I am so, so grateful.
Kaitlyn from Ann Arbor
on 05/08/2022
My entire experience was fantastic. We had the only appointment at the time, so we had the whole store to ourselves. There were tons of beautiful dresses to chose from, and Emma, the volunteer helping us, was amazing! She even found the perfect dress right at the end.
Emma from Ann Arbor
on 05/02/2022
Such a lovely experience with Kristin! She was super flexible and helped guide me to styles I’d like while still allowing space to experiment and try all sorts of looks. She was well-informed and possessed some much needed knowledge on styles, alterations, and the realities involved with a wedding dress. I highly recommend the Brides Project!
Kelli from Michigan
on 05/01/2022
Loved the dresses at the shop. Friendly and patient staff. Emma was great to work with and the cause behind it all is beautiful.
Brianna Blossfeld from Ann Arbor, MI
on 05/01/2022
We had so much fun trying on dresses with Emma at the Brides Project! I was so impressed with the beauty and quality of the dresses there. Even after visiting 3 other wedding dress boutiques, I ended up buying my all-time favorite dress at The Brides Project! They were kind enough to let me come back in to try the dress on a second time in 1 day once my maid of honor arrived. Thanks for a great experience!
Rosibell Adolfo from Ann Arbor
on 05/01/2022
Everything was great. I love that the profits go to provide mental and emotional support for individuals battling cancer. That is so important. I just didn’t find my dress but I will be checking back regularly in case something new comes on.
Molly Stansik from Ann Arbor
on 04/30/2022
I had such a great experience at your store! The volunteers (especially Emma!) were so helpful. I was pleasantly surprised by the wide selection of dresses and found one that is totally me. The best part, is that finding my dress allowed to positively impact my community and I couldn't be happier with all of it. Your mission is amazing and very close to my heart-what a fun way to give back!
Erin Curtis
on 04/30/2022
I was so impressed with the experience of shopping at the Brides Project! There were so many different dresses, sizes and styles to choose from. The individual attention during our appointment made me feel so special, it was a great experience and I'm so glad I came here to find my dress.
Sarah from Ann arbor
on 04/29/2022
Excellent customer service and dress selection. Very attentive and personalble staff. Such a wonderful experience being my first bridal shop experience, within a couple hours I found my dream dress! Yayy. Also love what this shop represents and was able to fit my budget.
Gisele from Ann Arbor, MI
on 04/28/2022
I had the best time trying in different styles of dresses for my upcoming wedding! I'm still in the early "try on everything and figure out what I like" stage and they really helped me start narrowing it down with no pressure to buy anything that day. I will be back to hopefully find the dress of my dreams at a place with the most worthy cause.
Kristen key from Ann Arbor
on 04/26/2022
Really sweet and intimate experience- very thankful to Bridgette and crew to help me find the perfect dress exactly in my budget…CHEERS
Taylor Wujek from Ann Arbor
on 04/25/2022
I absolutely loved my experience with the Brides Project! Everyone was so helpful and kind, truly making me feel at ease when it could have been a stressful time. And to top it off, I found the dress of my dreams! Thank you a million times over!!!!!
Kelli from Livonia
on 04/24/2022
Emma was great to work with! I went in not having a clue what I was looking for and came out with not one, but three dresses.
Madison C from Ann Arbor
on 04/24/2022
Great business, fun experience, wish the appointment was 2 hours long but all in all a great time. Could shop all day!! I drove 4 hours to find a great dress! Thank you for all your help!
Angela White from Ann Arbor
on 04/21/2022
Had an amazing experience at The Brides Project in Ann Arbor. Kristin was amazing and made the experience feel like I was with another family member. Everyone there today was so helpful and shared the excitement of dress shopping.
Stella Payer from Ann Arbor, MI
on 04/20/2022
So grateful for the kind and encouraging words from our stylist Jane. Never felt rushed, she was so patient and ultimately helped me determine between the final two. One hour, 20+ dresses later, very please with my choice! Best part, I feel better giving to charity, and plan on re donating my dress after our ceremony.
Cecelia Gasior from Livonia, MI
on 04/18/2022
I had an amazing experience! Ashley was THE BEST and helped me find my dream dress. I love the cause, many dress options and the patience of everyone involved. I can't say enough nice things and will recommend this place to everyone.
Lydia from Ann Arbon
on 04/18/2022
We had such a wonderful experience at The Bride's Project! My family lives in Michigan and I live in Utah, I was so excited to try on dresses during our visit, and I was able to find the perfect dress! It is great being able to contribute to such an amazing cause, and everyone was so kind and supportive.
Elaine from Ann Arbor
on 04/17/2022
Lisa and all the other girls were amazing! There were so many beautiful dresses in my size. Thank you Lisa!
Elizabeth Turner from Ann Arbor, MI
on 04/16/2022
This is the perfect place to pick out a dress! The volunteers are incredibly friendly and will assist you in finding the dress of your dreams. I so appreciated that these dresses are second hand, knowing that my dress has a positive effect on the environment. Additionally, the profits go towards helping kids with cancer, bringing added assurance knowing that the money goes towards a good cause. Further, they sell accessories, an added bonus of making it an all-in-one dress shopping trip. For me, I was able to buy my dress, shoes and veil for $408, and I could not be happier! Some things to note would be the following: -They are located in a smaller building, so they do have a limit on the bridal party size on three people. However, I was able to bring one more person and they were very accommodating. - The dresses are second hand, so some dresses are not in a protective bag, but this can be added for an additional $10 fee. -When I was there in 2022, they did not offer mother-of-the-bride dresses or bridesmaids dresses, however, they did have different colored wedding dresses, including black and pink. - They have dress sizes up to around size 24, however after size 18 their collection is significantly smaller. -They have a seamstress on-staff for alterations, or you can get them done elsewhere. Overall whether you are looking for a dress for your big day, or looking for a good cause to donate your wedding dress to, The Brides Project is an excellent choice!