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Tara Lang from Canton
on 02/11/2019
Nikki was absolutely wonderful! It was my first time trying on gowns and I wasn't sure what to expect. She made me feel very comfortable and wasn't pushy at all. I would highly reccomend White Arbor Bridal.
Melisa Cousino from Lambertville
on 02/11/2019
Had an amazing experience. I was feeling overwhelmed with pressure trying to find the perfect dress and everyone that was there to support me had a different vision. Nikki made me feel very comfortable by asking questions of my vision when we were in the dressing room. After every dress we would talk about what I liked and didn’t like to help find the perfect dress. Things worked out perfectly because I said yes to my dress!!!!
Danielle Jacosalem from Birmingham, MI
on 02/05/2019
I had such an amazing experience with Nikki! From the moment she called me, I knew I was in good hands. She brought me something I would've never tried on, and it ended up being my perfect dress!
Claire Arozarena from Ypsilanti, MI
on 02/03/2019
Awesome experience! Nikki was incredibly helpful, warm and friendly. I can't wait for my dress to come in!
Lani Hennings from South Lyon, MI
on 01/28/2019
I had such a great experience at White Arbor Bridal! I never felt rushed or overwhelmed and the whole time I felt encouraged to find the dress that’s right for me, rather than pushing a sale. My consultant, Nikki, gave extremely helpful feedback, listened to what I had to say about my likes/dislikes, was very genuine in her comments and passionate about her job. I felt like I had another friend helping me choose a dress. I would 10/10 recommend White Arbor Bridal.
Bailey Fogo from Ann Arbor, MI
on 01/28/2019
I had the privilege of working with Jen. She was an absolute dream. She made sure I felt at ease at all times and had me laughing the whole time. She was extremely knowledgeable and really listened to what i liked and didn't like.
Kat Jordan from Saline, MI
on 01/27/2019
Love love loved Nikki! She is by far the best bridal dress consultant I have had thus far. She made my experience so personalized and had a great eye for what I should try based on the questions she asked and what I showed her. She gave space when needed and also was right there to give me answers to every question and concern. SHE IS WONDERFUL & AMAZING AT HER JOB. Also- after going to 2 different bridal shops for a dress, I was impressed by the sample sizing offered at the shop and loved the selection of dresses to try from.
Jessica Kaplan from Tecumseh
on 01/22/2019
Diana was super helpful and I said yes to the dress in just a little under an hour of being there. I would recommend any brides to be to White Arbor!!
Amanda Kiessel from Saline
on 01/21/2019
I had an amazing experience at White Arbor Bridal! Diana was beyond professional and knew exactly what I wanted when I didn’t know what I was wanting. It was my first time bridal gown shopping and I didn’t know I would find my dress the first time I went shopping. They have beautiful dresses and are affordable. They are so many options for dresses, belts, and veils. I loved that she had a belt and veil that matched my dress. I can’t wait to marry my dream man in my dream dress!
Erin Goupill
on 01/18/2019
Had an excellent time!! Jen was so friendly and made sure I really took the time to process and vocalize exactly what I was feeling in each dress so we could narrow it down to the PERFECT dress!
Liz Starke from Ann Arbor
on 01/14/2019
I tried on dresses for the first time at my appt and Nikki was so helpful and nice. She incorporated everything my friends and I asked for in the dresses she selected and gave me awesome advice about tailoring, dress shape, and fabric.
Jenna Santure from Saline
on 01/09/2019
Absolutely LOVED my experience at White Arbor Bridal! The staff was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. They have a big variety of both bridal and bridesmaid dresses. I would highly recommend checking them out.
Naomi Munk
on 01/03/2019
Jennifer was not only interested in the kind of dress I wanted but in getting to know who I was and why the wedding day was so important to me. She was very willing to work within my budget and provide suggestions for how to accessorize or make alterations to the dress to make it my own. There is a great selection of dresses whether you want to check out a sample gown or a custom order. Thank you for your time and patience!
Melody from Saline
on 12/31/2018
I would recommend this bridal salon to others. Diana the owner took care of me and was very helpful.
Allie McAfee from Monroe Michigan
on 12/31/2018
ABSOLUTELY LOVED Diana! She was so helpful and patient with me while I picked out my DREAM dress!!
Malarie Johnson
on 12/23/2018
Jen was absolutely incredible! I didn't have to worry about a single thing the moment I stepped through the door. It felt like she was a part of my wedding party who came to experience the day with me and made me feel comfortable and beautiful in everything I tried on. Thank you Jen!
Kayla Gagnon from Ann Arbor
on 12/10/2018
Wonderful experience shopping with my mom and saying yes to the dress! Staff was helpful, knowledgeable, and cheerful throughout the entire process!
Sydney Cherry from Ida, MI
on 12/10/2018
Nikki is seriously the best. She made everything so fun and exciting. I really appreciate her taking me outside of my comfort zone because I ended up falling in love with a dress I never would have seen myself in. Such a great experience and I’m so looking forward to coming back with my bridesmaids.
Heather McManaman from Westland, Michigan
on 12/10/2018
Nikki is amazing! Diana is amazing! Store has wonderful selection! Truly a great experience!
on 11/27/2018
My experience was amazing!
Summer Eipper from Troy, MI
on 11/20/2018
I found the dress of my dreams and Diana and Nikki were the best!
Ashlyn Harden from Saline
on 11/19/2018
Nikki was amazing in helping de-stress me with my first time dress shopping. She is so creative and helped me piece together what I'm thinking will be my dress! Thank you!
Kate Hill from Ann Arbor, MI
on 11/19/2018
Nikki was great and so very helpful and knowledgeable. It was a great experience.
Cara Chapin from Saline
on 11/18/2018
Loved everything about the experience here!! They were very welcoming as soon as we walked in the door. Then the owner sat down to hear my ideas and opinions on what I wanted. We went in a room and she pulled dress after dress after dress and she was super attentive. I would HIGHLY recommend this place to any bride!!
Alexandria Montes from Saline
on 11/12/2018
Great place. I didnt find my dress but it was one of the best experiences I had bridal shopping. Very kind and truly tried to get to know their customers.
Christina Wright from Ann Arbor, MI
on 11/08/2018
My mom, best friend, and I had a great appointment with Nikki, concluding with me saying yes to my dress! Nikki helped me feel relaxed during a process that can be very stressful for lots of reasons. She clearly heard my vision and helped me find the perfect dress. It was such a confidence building, enlightening experience where I felt like I could be myself. Although I was thrilled to find my dress, I couldn't be happier about the entire process.
Katie Martin from Saline, MI
on 11/05/2018
Jen was fantastic to work with! She also provided me with the ability to create the dress of my dreams!
Brittany Boone from Saline
on 11/05/2018
My experience at White Arbor was great. You could definitely tell Nikki knew what she was doing. She was very relaxed and allowed me and my guests to have fun and help pick out dress options. If i didn't like a dress we didn't spend too much time on it and if there were dresses our group was considering more, she knew to give us a bit more time. All in all, great experience and will definitely recommend!
Jen Oakes from Ann Arbor
on 10/31/2018
The store is clean and welcoming. Nikki was absolutely fabulous and so helpful and encouraging - I had no idea what kind of dress I wanted when I walked in the store but she pinpointed my style very quickly and had me debating between a few dresses at the end of my appointment. I loved my overall experience here!
on 10/31/2018
Diana did a great job making a personal connection with me and both of my parents who were with me. Thank you for being a great listener and being receptive to all of our comments!
Kayla Alemino
on 10/29/2018
Everything was great! I found my dress for my special day!
Allyson Hrit from Saline
on 10/16/2018
I had an excellent experience at White Arbor Bridal! Diana was very polite and so easy to work with! She was able to answer all our questions about bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses. She made sure I understood the different styles and silhouettes available to make sure I was comfortable in the dress. There was absolutely no pressure to buy a bridal gown that day either. It was an excellent experience and I would highly recommend White Arbor Bridal!
Marianne Mousigian
on 10/14/2018
White Arbor Bridal does an excellent job with their brides. Prior to my appointment, Nikki called me to discuss my dress preferences and also provided a great deal of very helpful information. This gave us a great foundation from which to start for my actual appointment. This place also does a wonderful job making their brides feel special and truly celebrates with them when they find dresses that could be THE one. I was amazed that these wonderful ladies are so helpful that they even assist you in the dressing room as you're donning the dresses. Top notch experience.
Corey Brewer
on 10/12/2018
The girls here were so helpful and knew exactly what I would like just by taking the time to talk to me! I traveled over an hour to come here and I'm doing it again to make my final decision on my dress!
Tamara Roumayah from Livonia
on 10/10/2018
I had a great first timer shopping experience with White Arbor! Everyone was so friendly and helpful and they were extremely knowledgeable about their dresses. They pointed me in the right direction over and over!
on 10/08/2018
It was my first time trying on wedding dresses and Diana made it a great experience I will definitely be recommending White Arbor to any friends that I know are getting married!
Alyssa Saraceno from Berkley, MI
on 10/07/2018
Jennifer was amazing! She was so fun to work with and made the process a little less stressful! She took my feedback of what I liked/disliked on certain dresses and came back with more options! She never once complained about my indecisiveness/pickiness! I loved working with her and will suggest her to anyone who is looking find a dress! She made us feel like family and very special from the moment that we entered the store!
Liz Sergison from Plymouth
on 10/01/2018
White Arbor took the time to actually get to know me and made me feel like I was part of their family. The dresses that were pulled were so beautiful and I loved something about each of them. Other dress shops made me feel rushed and pulled dresses that I wanted to take off immediately. White Arbor is just an all-around amazing store with great staff that actually care about the work they do and their clients. Choosing a dress takes time obviously. White Arbor was more than willing to give me that time and work with me as I figured out my exact style. They called to discuss my style before I even met with them and we’re ready to go when I walked in the door. I appreciate all of their time and effort to making that big day perfect!
Jenn Lampen from New Boston, MI
on 09/14/2018
My visit to White Arbor bridal was my first experience shopping for bridal gowns and I'm so glad I went there first. It definitely showed me what great customer service and a great gown shopping experience was like. Nikki was wonderful. She was very understanding about me running a bit late from work, was very welcoming, and really made me feel great during the appointment. She helped me figure out what I was looking for and helped me visualize all of the possible adjustments that could be made for each dress to make them perfect for my needs. Overall it was an amazing experience and I will definitely be back as I try to make a final decision on my wedding gown.
Taylor Koepfler from Toledo
on 09/11/2018
My experience at White Arbor Bridal was unlike any other. The moment I looked at their website, I just knew that they had something very special. They really take the time to listen to what you are looking for and help you every step of the way. Turns out I could not decided between three perfect dresses, but they helped me narrow it down to the "one." When they say nobody leaves their store without saying "Yes to the Dress" they are not lying!
Camille Butler from Ann arbor
on 08/24/2018
Nikki was perfect ! She greeted me by name soon as I walked in , which let me know she was prepared. She asked all the right questions and made me feel like somebody she cared about. I've never been in a boutique, or ever tried on a dress or even knew what type of dress I wanted. That did not shake her one bit , she was spot on in guiding me through the process by the time I left I felt confident and secure. I will return to purchase my dress..??????????
on 08/21/2018
My consultant was amazing! She was so helpful! We had a later appointment and she stated that she could stay later if needed. It was not needed but it was very nice of her to be so accommodating!
Laura Wendlandt from 6877 State Rd
on 08/13/2018
Diana was so helpful! She had me try a wide range of styles, and she helped me narrow down what I liked and didn't like about each dress. She didn't have me try on any dresses out of my price range without asking me first. At the end of the appointment, I bought a beautiful wedding dress that I love! Better yet, it's made by a local designer!
Katie Fleming from Saline, MI
on 08/08/2018
Diana was wonderful, she helped me find the style of dress I was envisioning myself in, and was so friendly and warm throughout the whole experience. White Arbor is a true gem of a bridal shop, so lucky to have found my “Say Yes to the Dress!” Moment at this salon.
Karleigh Woelmer from Monroe mi
on 08/07/2018
Nikki was awesome to me. With how picky and indesiseve I am she had the patients and helped me out tremediously. Thank you so much for helping me pick out my wedding dress!
Brittnee Fairchild from Wyandotte MI
on 08/06/2018
My family and I had a blast looking for my dress at White Arbor. Nikki was amazing she was so helpful and thoughtful. She listened when I told her what I liked and helped adjust things I didn't like. When I found my dream dress she went above and beyond to see if it was still available to order (the specific dress was from the sample sale) she wasn't pushy and even encouraged me to go to my second appointment at a different store and keep looking. Nikki called roughly 30 minutes before the store closed and asked how the other appointment went. Her excitement was downright contagious. Nikki went above and beyond even reading the order back to me two times to make sure everything was clear and as we had discussed in store .
Allison Radtke from Saline
on 08/05/2018
Nikki was awesome! I was not looking forward to wedding dress shopping and she made is painless and successful!
Karissa Sieler from Saline, Mi
on 07/30/2018
I had the absolute best experience yesterday. Nikki was so incredibly knowledgeable and sweet.
on 07/24/2018
I had such a great time looking for wedding dresses. I really felt that Diana showed me dresses that reflected me perfectly. I’m so happy I was able to stop in!
Allison Lemke from Saline
on 07/22/2018
AMAZING SERVICE! Thank you so much. Very friendly and personable. I loved every minute!