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Jessica Maurer from White Arbor Bridal-Ann Arbor
on 01/20/2020
I just got home from picking out my dress and I had a blast! Nikki was so fun and full of energy from the get go. She is very special and I could tell that she was just as passionate about my dress as I was. What a fun, exciting experience that I am SO glad I chose to spend with Nikki and White Arbor Bridal. I can't wait for the big day!
Melissa Mashner from Saline
on 01/15/2020
Fantastic experience! Nikki made me feel so comfortable, gave me a wide variety of dresses to try out that helped me identify my style preferences, and was incredibly professional in the dressing room. I can't tell you how much I appreciated her professionalism in this way - that is incredibly hard to do and her experience truly showed, making me feel comfortable, safe, and understood. Thank you!
Rebecca Loechli
on 01/07/2020
The process was so fun and personal! I felt taken care of the entire time, and it was such a pleasure working with Diana!
Olivia Arnett from Saline
on 01/04/2020
My experience was exceptional! I learned about what I like and began to discover that I like things I thought I didn't. The service was excellent and my entire family had a great time. A+!!!
Lynn Ogilvie from Saline, Michigan
on 12/30/2019
I’m so happy I went to White Arbor, and had Diana help me find my dress! She knew exactly what I was looking for, even before I did. Her attention to detail and listening to what I liked and didn’t like, allowed her to hone in on the perfect dress for me. Thank you Diana!
on 12/30/2019
Loved the store and experience! Loved the size of the dressing rooms! Seems like an odd appreciation but after going to many others this was spacious and incredibly comfortable. Also, loved how they help you into the dress vs handing it to you to try to get in yourself. Beautiful selection of gowns and very person attention as they will pick for you and they NAIL it!
Adrian Hart from Saline, MI
on 11/25/2019
Nikki was phenomenal! She knew all of the dresses and had a great grasp on what I was looking for. My group & I spent a lot of time laughing and having fun which is what we needed! The dress selection is amazing- it was my first time trying dresses on & I found one that I absolutely LOVE. I can not wait to be married and show off my dress to everyone!
Nikki Feinberg from Saline
on 11/18/2019
Nikki was truly amazing to work with! It made me want to find my dress there so badly. Unfortunately, I did not. But I would and will recommend your store to anyone I know looking! Nikki is fabulous!!!
Anonymous from Saline
on 11/17/2019
Absolutely loved my experience here! Jennifer was amazing. She was so kind and accommodating. I 100% recommend this place. They also have a lot of choices and help pick exactly what you are looking for!
Marisa Martin
on 11/16/2019
I found the perfect wedding dress here! Nikki was such a great help and helped me find my dream dress! The one on one appointment was great and she took the time to get to know my style and what I was looking for in the dress I imagined. So glad I went there to get my dress!
Sarah Eklov from Saline
on 11/12/2019
We had a fabulous time at White Arbor. The staff (Nikki and Diana) were kind, knowledgeable, and made me feel so special and comfortable. Our appointment flew by, we were having so much fun! The last dress that Nikki selected ended up being my perfect dress! I said yes to the dress! I know I am in good hands with White Arbor!
Amanda Nault from Dundee, MI
on 11/03/2019
My family and I had a great time. I feel like we may be back for a second look!
on 10/30/2019
They have a good selection of dresses, that is not overwhelming. The staff are very helpful and accommodating!
on 10/28/2019
The owner is amazing!
Chandler Billes from Ann Arbor
on 10/21/2019
I met Nikki at a bridal expo about a month before my appointment. She was friendly and personable, but most importantly she was EXCITED! I left the expo looking forward to my appointment at White Arbor more than any of the others. I was absolutely floored by the level of personalization in the weeks that followed. I was sent a questionnaire to complete with not only dress details, but venue information and family dynamics! I then received a call to follow up on that information just to be sure everything was correct. When I got to the appointment it felt like we were old friends already! Nikki double checked all of my information and then we got to work. She did a great job of listening to what I wanted and building upon my feedback from each dress. Throughout the appointment I felt like I was being heard, by both Nikki and my family! We had been to a few other appointments already, and I couldn't get some of the ladies in my life on the same page as me. They just didn't seem excited. But by Dress #2 everyone was the most excited I had seem them! The dresses that White Arbor carries are just so special. We really hadn't seen anything like them. Nikki never pressured me into making a decision, and even though I think we ran a little over our appointment time I never felt rushed. I am in LOVE with the dress I chose and so so excited to join the White Arbor family! So THANK YOU!!!! To Nikki and the entire staff for really making the day special.
Ashley McKillen from Farmington Hills
on 10/20/2019
Had the most amazing time! Nikki was the best, she knew what dresses would work for me. Her knowledge made everything so easy! Nikki is one of the reasons I picked my dress
Alyssa Boote from Ann Arbor
on 10/16/2019
I enjoyed my time at White Arbor Bridal in Saline, they made me feel so comfortable while searching for my wedding dress. I am so excited they where able to make my dream dress become real and I couldn't be more excited that it was with such an amazing bridal salon. The staff is extremely helpful and they go the extra mile. They have a very large selection of dresses and the staff is very knowledgeable.
Alyssa Gray from Saline
on 10/14/2019
Nikki was amazing throughout the whole process! She asked my opinions about each dress and took any of my thoughts to heart when picking out the next dress for me to try on. She made the process so much fun and so much less stressful! She was very welcoming to me and my family members who came with me. I would highly recommend her to any of my friends looking for their dresses!
Heidi Hawkinson from Canton
on 10/08/2019
I went in for my very first gl at trying on dresses. I went in alone and was still treated fairly and warmly. Definitely glad I chose this to be the first place I went to try try on dresses, definitely going back.
Sarah Martin from Orlando, Fl
on 10/07/2019
Jen was fantastic. The shop is beautiful, great prices, clean, comfy chairs. I felt like family. Jen took great care with me. I will certainly recommend to friends!
Katelyn Lalinsky
on 10/07/2019
I couldn't have asked for a better experience or people to work with. I thought I would be overwhelmed and nervous to pick a dress, but there was no stress at all. We had a blast picking out my dress, my bridal party dresses and both dressed for my mom and my mother in law!
Marisa Kelly from Ann Arbor, MI
on 10/07/2019
I went to White Arbor Bridal for my first ever bridal appointment and I was blown away with how fun and stress-free the experience was! I was fortunate to work with the lovely Diana who made me feel so comfortable. Turns out, she knew *exactly* what I needed; she found the perfect dress for me! It was the very first one I tried on, and after trying some other beautiful options, I tried the first one on again and didn't want to take it off! I am so excited to join the White Arbor Bridal family and would recommend this bridal shop to every bride-to-be in the area! I can't wait to marry my best friend in the most beautiful dress I found at White Arbor Bridal.
Katherine Maggard from Wixom, MI
on 10/07/2019
I definitely didn't expect to walk in and find the dress of my dreams. I'm usually the kind of person who needs time to think things over. Jen made my appointment a blast. Jen was very attentive and helped narrow down the kinds of things I was looking for in my dress. Ultimately, we were able to find THE dress. We even had time to test out different accessories like belts, veils, and tiaras. My whole group cried when we had the Ah Ha moment. Thank you for giving us such a memorable experience!
Lauren Hephner from JACKSON, MI
on 10/06/2019
Had such an amazing and fun time! They were so professional yet personable. I said yes to the dress!
on 10/01/2019
I had an absolutely amazing experience at White Arbor. Diana was SO helpful! She was responsive and pro-active--texting me a day ahead of my appointment to get an idea of my style to have dresses ready. She helped me get in to the dresses, get them all clipped up, and she was great at listening to what I liked/disliked about each dress. She helped me narrow down the dresses and had a great ranking/comparison process. I couldn't have done it without her! The store had a great selection as well! I basically felt like a princess my whole appointment and I really enjoyed my time there! I'm looking forward to the moment my dress comes in--because I am OBSESSED with it! Thank you White Arbor!!
Amelia Nash from Westland, Mi
on 09/30/2019
Diana was amazing! She made my bridal appointment everything I dreamed of and more. I initially went in to try on different styles, and had no intention of getting a dress. Diana was so personable and made the process so easy. Thanks to her I found the absolute PERFECT dress for me, and there was no way I could leave without saying YES TO THE DRESS! I know I wouldn’t find another dress better than the one I had just found. I’m so excited to be a part if the White Arbor Bridal family, and I’m looking forward to working with them throughout this process and exciting time.
Kathryn Hogan from Ypsilanti
on 09/28/2019
I had such an awesome time at White Arbor! I felt so comfortable and I was so happy to find my dream dress!
Geneva Koenig from Saline, Michigan
on 09/22/2019
Nikki was absolutely wonderful!! She listened to what I said and found me my Wedding Dress within my price range. I have two daughters that will be paying her a visit at White Arbor in the not to distant future. Thank for making my day very special!
Ashley Crooks from Allen Park
on 09/16/2019
I really enjoyed working with Jennifer. She was very nice and gave great advice.
Paige Brown from Saline
on 09/16/2019
I had a fantastic time at my appointment on 9/14. The staff, over all, was fantastic, I really felt like I was hanging out with my best girlfriends! Nikki was amazing, we laughed, we hugged, it was great. I will definitely recommend this salon to any one I know looking to find their gown.
Lindsey Plohg
on 09/08/2019
They are wonderful to work with and very friendly. They listen to what you want and try to help you find the dress of your dreams!
Gina Soberano-Danek from Ann Arbor
on 09/02/2019
We had a great time.... and I said yes to the dress! Nikki was able to help guide me to the perfect dress with the perfect add-on’s as well!
on 08/30/2019
Your sales associate was amazing and we had a wonderful time. I didn't purchase yet but you all were so helpful and personable I will be coming there when it's time.
Alexus Riggs from Westland mi
on 08/22/2019
Seriously they made me feel welcome. I suffer from severe anxiety and social anxiety and after the first 10 minutes if that it when by so smoothly. They are very welcoming and in such a good mood. They make the day amazing. I wasnt excpecting to find my dress but i did and in a very happy affordable place. Id recommend them to anyone.
Christina DeKoekkoek from Ann Arbor
on 08/22/2019
You could tell the goal was to help find the perfect dress and not to upsell you on something. After each dress she asked what you liked about it and disliked in order to find your match. Was a lovely experience.
Renee Conway from Ann Arbor
on 08/18/2019
White Arbor Bridal was amazing in helping me find my dream dress. They really listened to what my vision was and did everything they could to help me. They put so much thought and effort into the whole experience. They offered the perfect balance of help and ability to let me decide things on my own. They were efficient and organized, and I truly enjoyed my experience. I highly recommend.
Kathryn Titus from Saline
on 08/06/2019
I had a lot of fun. Jen was so helpful and nice she made me feel beautiful in every dress.
on 07/30/2019
Jen made dress shopping easy and fun. She was able to provide suggestions that we would not have considered. Great experience!
Sara Bonomo from Flat Rock
on 07/29/2019
All the dresses I tried on were beautiful! Such a great selection. Staff was amazing and super friendly and helpful. It was such an easy choice saying yes to the dress!
Megan Palmer from White Arbor Bridal
on 07/29/2019
I loved my appointment with Nikki! She was extremely knowledgeable and personable. Not only did she demystify the process, but helped me find THE dress.
Marlee Blaker from Saline
on 07/29/2019
Jen was amazing and made the experience so relaxing and fun! I loved every second.
Corrine Wolf from Ann Arbor
on 07/23/2019
White Arbor Bridal gave me the full bridal experience! Diana was phenomenal, she used her knowledge, experience and listened to me as a bride! She pulled every silhouette available, showing me all of my options, and by doing so... Allowing me to feel confident within my decision, no “what-ifs” and more importantly saying “yes to the dress!” I never felt pressured, if anything Diana actively listened to me, my likes/dislikes and making the appointment flow with ease and comfort! I couldn’t be more appreciative to White Arbor Bridal. Thank you for helping me find my dress, making me feel beautiful, confident and most importantly feel like A BRIDE! :) I cannot wait to walk down the aisle next year!
Carolin Janitz from Commerce Township
on 07/23/2019
Very friendly, patient and great people. I was with the owner. She is awesome. She listened and also gave me a little bit different styles but similar to what I wanted so i could compare. She gave me also time to decide because i had 4 dresses as my favorites. But at the end i found it and said yes to my dress :)
Jenny Fracassa from Ann Arbor
on 07/22/2019
I had an amazing experience with Nikki! She was so down to earth and knowledgeable which made me feel so comfortable! She truly gave me an amazing dress shopping experience. The owner was amazing as well, as she offered me tickets to an upcoming bridal show and informed me of all the trunk shows they are hosting. Would 10/10 recommend shopping at White Arbor!
Kate Chang from Saline, MI
on 07/18/2019
Nikki was very professional and she was spot on for the style that flatters my petite frame. The first dress I tried on that my mom approved which it doesn’t happen very often ;) Nikki also has so many good ideas for alterations and you can tell she is passionate about her work! Thank you for a wonderful experience!
Amanda Marteney
on 07/13/2019
Thank you Jen for making wedding dress shopping enjoyable and something to remember. Before coming to White Arbor I had looked at dresses at a handful of places with no luck and left those places feeling unsure and like I was just another customer. As soon as I walked in the door to meet Jen I felt welcome and valued. She ensured me that it was MY time and didn’t blink an eye to how long I took or how many dresses I wanted to try on. Thank you!!!!
on 06/26/2019
I had a wonderful experience at White Arbor. My consultant was friendly, knowledgable, and really listened to what I had to say and made the experience very enjoyable! I would definitely recommend White Arbor to other soon-to-be Brides!
Mirranda Marcum
on 06/25/2019
Nikki helped me to find the perfect dress! I came in with a lot of hesitations because of previous shopping experiences. She treated all of us with such respect and class. She truly made dress shopping an amazing experience. Oh and I said yes to the dress!!
Kristen Denson from Commerce Twp, MI
on 06/24/2019
Nikki was FANTASTIC, knowledgeable, patient and such a pleasure to work with
Larissa Lertola from Ann Arbor
on 06/16/2019
My consultant Nikki was absolutely amazing! She heard my every want and need for my dress and my bridesmaids dresses. She pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me find the dress of my dreams!