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Jessica Villers from Saline
on 05/20/2018
Very professional, listened to everything that I was saying I wanted. Never picked or brought something I didn’t like unless it was to try the silhouette out. Amazing experience, never thought I would of found my dress.
Ellen Lark
on 05/08/2018
I absolutely loved finding my dress here! It was such a great experience and Diana made it fun and easy!
Rachael Maldonado from Saline
on 05/06/2018
Nikki was amazing at helping me find the perfect dress and was so helpful because I didn't know what I wanted really. She suggested a dress out of my comfort zone and I ever up liking that style more than the style that I had gone in thinking I liked. I'm crazy about my new dress and so looking forward to heawear it on the big day.
Amy Johnson from Ypsilanti, MI
on 04/24/2018
The entire staff was very kind and professional. Nikki picked dress options for me that were exactly what I asked for, and she remained very patient with my decisions. I ended up saying yes to the dress within my first visit. The dress was within my budget and style choice, thanks to Nikki. I’m so grateful and excited for my wedding day that has been made better by White Arbor Bridal!
Heidi Schneider
on 04/16/2018
I would recommend White Arbor Bridal to anyone! They had so many styles to choose from and their samples were in many sizes, so many brides could fit in them. Nikki was amazing and listened to everything I wanted in a dress. She was well organized, so friendly, and was very knowledgeable about all the dresses. She had some dresses in mind when I got there and helped me find even more to try on. In the end, she helped me find the dress of my dreams; I couldn’t be happier!
Samantha Bowers from Flint
on 04/16/2018
The best bridal experience I have ever encountered. I have been a maid of honor a few times accompanying brides to other dress shops in Michigan for some shopping. Nikki was by far the most helpful consultant we have ever had! She listened to my budget and what I did/didn’t like about certain dresses. Nikki made me feel comfortable and gave me so many dresses to try on!
Paige Sabin from Saline
on 04/09/2018
Nikki was AMAZING! She was listening to every single like and dislike from each dress and pulled tons for me to try. She made the most of every second of our appoment, and knew not only the right dresses to pull but what ways we could change a dress to make it what I want. The dresses were beautiful, I'm not 100% sure if I've found the one yet or not but even if I don't it was a very informative visit and a great memory.
Christiana Brock from Saline MI
on 04/02/2018
Diane was great at pulling dresses, offering alternatives to change the dress (adding straps, adding a belt, etc) and really kept us moving so that I could try on many dresses. I valued her creativity and the fact that she stayed late in order to not cut our appointment off. She took the feedback that we gave and would use it quite well to find other dresses to try
Nikki from Saline, Mi
on 03/26/2018
Nikki was a big help is finding the style dress I like. She was great at her job and made me feel comfortable!
Melissa Arnwine from Saline Mi
on 03/21/2018
I had such a pleading experience with White Arbor Bridal. I had gone to David’s Bridal and had felt very neglected. When I arrived at White Arbor I immediately felt more taken care of. My stylist Nikki was very upfront and realistic with my budget and dreams of the day. She also paid close attention to my inspiration photos, and was very helpful and polite helping me get dressed. I bought my dress that day and could not have been more pleased. I would recommend this shop to any bride in the area.
Shannon Cohen from Ann Arbor, MI
on 03/18/2018
I had a wonderful experience at White Arbor Bridal. Nikki called me prior to the appointment and it really put me at ease. The store is beautiful and comfortable. Nikki was a great listener and was very personable. When it was down to two dresses I was able to FaceTime my mom in California and it was like she was there with me. After I said yes to the dress I was able to call my sisters and share the news with them. This made me feel really valued and supported.
Samantha Kuenz from Jackson MI
on 03/12/2018
White Arbor Bridal was an absolutely amazing experience!!!! Nikki Collins was wonderful to me and my family! I said yes to my dress at White Arbor Bridal and any bride looking for there perfec dress I would highly recommend them!!!
Jennifer Serrano from Ann Arbor
on 03/11/2018
Nikki was very helpful and gave me one on one attention. All of the dresses here were beautiful. She only picked dresses in my budget.
Andrea Martin from Saline, MI
on 03/05/2018
I worked with Nikki and I absolutely love her! Such an amazing experience!
Catherine Dennis from Ypsilanti, Michigan
on 02/28/2018
Diane was a pleasure to work with! She is supportive, encouraging, and most importantly listens to what you say (& what you don't say!). We had a great experience at White Arbor.
Liane Golightly from Monroe, MI
on 02/26/2018
Loved working with Diana. She listened to me and stayed well-within my budget. And the dresses were gorgeous!
Stephanie Graczyk from Saline
on 02/18/2018
I was treated so special. Nikki was amazing and listened to every idea I had. She was so easy to work with and gave me amazing tips and ideas. She was extremely kind and I could tell she really cared and made my day wonderful. This shop was recommended to me and I will refer everyone. Everyone should be treated like family and that's what White Arbor Bridal makes you feel!
on 02/17/2018
Nikki was extremely pleasant to work with! She genuinely cared to find what I was looking for and help us in any way she could. She made the experience so great!!
Michelle Voss from RIchmond
on 02/12/2018
My time at White Arbor was fantastic! This was my first time trying on wedding dresses and from scheduling (and unfortunately rescheduling) my appointment to the visit itself, the staff was very helpful and accommodating. During my actual appointment, Diana made me feel completely at ease and we had a lot of fun. I finished trying on early and she was flexible in allowing my matron of honor to try on a few dresses as well to get a head start on that. I have a follow up appointment in a week to see a dress they didn't have on hand yet and I already know that the 90 minute drive will be completely worth it! Thank you!
Colette Johnson from Livonia
on 02/11/2018
White Arbor Bridal was so wonderful! Nikki was a gem to work with, and we bonded quickly throughout this process. I was so nervous and anxious, but she made this experience fun and happy!
Holly Schalk from Saline, MI
on 02/10/2018
The experience was great! Nikki and Diana went above and beyond to make sure I not only found the dress of my dreams, but that my experience was also one of a kind and memorable!
Alena Smith
on 02/08/2018
I loved it here! The owner made me feel so comfortable and was great with finding me dresses that fit my style. The service here is the greatest! I also like that she was honest with me and didn’t just try to sell me a dress. If I didn’t fall in love with a dress at another shop I would’ve come back for one I found here not just because the dress was gorgeous but also because she made me feel like she really cares about the brides and our big day! I will be checking to see if they have dresses for mother’s of the bride, and bridesmaids!
Tiffany Costa
on 02/06/2018
My consultant was Nicki and she was amazing. She listened to what i wanted and didn't want and i said yes to the dress. Store was clean and neat. Would recommend brides to be to go there.
Phoebe from Ann Arbor, MI
on 02/04/2018
My family and I had a lot of fun working with Diana to try on dresses, and actually pick one on my first day of shopping! I also spoke with Nikki on the phone prior to the appointment which was helpful in thinking about my style preferences. The level of personal attention, variety of style options at the store, and attention to sticking within budget made this a really special experience.
Amanda Withrow from Saline
on 01/19/2018
Diana was wonderful. My experience was great. She listened to what I wanted, made a few suggestions and helped me narrow down my favorite dresses! Then she gave me pointers on how to choose the best dress for me. She listened to my budget and did not force anything. She was terrific even when my daughter had a little breakdown, she’s 9 and this is a big deal for her too and Diana understood that. I’m grateful for her and had a wonderful one time saying YES to my dress. Thank you Diana
Grace Stadler from Saline
on 01/16/2018
I had so much fun trying dresses on. Diana was so sweet, and so helpful through the whole appointment. She made me feel so beautiful.
Kristen Lewis from Ferndale, MI
on 01/14/2018
It was a great experience! Nikki was wonderful - kind, funny and so personable. She made me feel super comfortable and really understood what I was looking for.
Elise Buggs from Ann Arbor
on 01/12/2018
The level the professional courtesy and attention received during my first bridal shop for a wedding dress experience! I enjoyed the preparation done in advance and thoughtfulness exhibited to make my appointment efficient. I found my dream dress on my initial visit. No regrets!!
Emily Hassett from White Arbor Bridal, Saline, MI
on 01/02/2018
Over the weekend, I had a Bridal Appointment with Nikki. She gave us the best experience! I had an idea in my mind about what I pictured myself in for the big day, but Nikki gave me confidence to step out of my comfort zone and try on dresses I didn't think I would like. And I loved them! She knew just the embellishments to add to make every dress I tried on feel like it was made for me. I had so many options to choose from that we ended up going over our appointment time, but it was totally worth it. She helped me narrow my choices and ultimately picked the perfect dress. We laughed, we cried, and I said "yes to the dress". I would recommend White Arbor Bridal for all brides-to-be. The selection is amazing, and our consultant made us feel like she had been one of my friends from the start. Thank you, Nikki! I can't wait for the dress to come in! :)
Megan Grohnke from Ypsilanti, MI
on 12/30/2017
Nikki was very helpful and conscious of my budget when helping me look at dresses. She is a wonderful consultant and is very knowledgeable.
Olivia from Lansing
on 12/18/2017
Diana was amazing. I was greeted with a smile and the shop was very clean. We discussed my styles and what I like and she picked every dress in the store with those details or others close. They only carry affordable dresses and don't make you feel bad about your budget. She also helped with showing me recommendations on how it could be altered. Not once did I feel pressured or rushed. Great store a definite must for every bride
Sara Duda from Toledo OH
on 12/13/2017
White Arbor and Nikki were amazing. She really took into account our conversations regarding my style and wants when she was pulling dresses. She ended up pulling something I never would have picked and ending up loving. She was super helpful while I tried to figure out what I liked and didn’t like and didn’t pressure me at all. I had a great experience here and would recommend anyone who wants a great selection with fun consultants give White Arbor a try!
Ellen from Ann Arbor, MI
on 11/28/2017
I had a wonderful experience at white arbor bridal. The consultant was extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. She was the only consultant I worked with during my dress shopping experience who actually listened to me. If I told her I didn't like a particular part of a dress, she wouldn't bring me another dress with that element. I did not feel rushed during my appointment at all. The experience was just amazing.
Leena Sethi from Ann Arbor, MI
on 11/20/2017
Nikki was very professional and helpful and made my experience very easy. They have a great selection and try to work within your budget and really listen to what you have to say.
Rosa Argiero from Saline
on 11/19/2017
Great service! They helped me find dresses that were exactly what I was looking for!
Jaclyn Spalding
on 11/14/2017
Loved my dress shopping experience with Nikki! She was so kind, thoughtful, and helpful. We went to another appointment at David's bridal after this one and it was sad to see how bad they were in general, but especially in comparison to you. I am thrilled with the dress I ended up with and can't wait until it comes in! Thanks for making my day wonderful!
Lisa Wiley from Saline
on 11/07/2017
Nikki was wonderful. I highly recommend White Arbor. Nikki, thank you for your patience with my very excited friend :)
Kate from Sylvania, Ohio
on 10/30/2017
Fantastic experience! I had so much fun and the staff was warm and helpful. Exactly what I want from bridal shopping.
Jessica Cooper from Jackson, Michigan
on 10/22/2017
Felt very comfortable and had a lot of fun! The staff was more than accommodating! Beautiful selection of dresses for any brides budget!
Tahra Luther from Ann Arbor
on 10/10/2017
Very cute and cozy place, very well-maintained. Diana was amazing, and knew exactly what to pick out for me, so we did not waste any time and I got to try on several beautiful dresses! I think I found the one because of her expertise! She made me feel very special and she was not pushy at all. I would definitely recommend this place!
Trisha Hansen from Saline
on 10/06/2017
Very responsive to helping me find what I was looking for in my price range with no pressure.
Samantha Koeberlein from Ann Arbor
on 10/02/2017
Nikki was fantastic! Professional, thorough, and all around awesome. I will never forget my expierience at white arbor bridal. I said yes to the dress and I couldn’t be more pleased with my purchase!
on 09/26/2017
I had a great time trying on dresses! Nikki was great and was able to peg down what I was looking for even without me fully being able to explain what that was. She also gave some really valuable opinions on how a few of the dresses looked and what I could do to alter them if I wanted. I really liked her 'no pressure lets see what we can do' attitude.
Ashley Raymond from Saline, Mi
on 09/25/2017
I loved that I was able to try on whatever I wanted and was not rushed or given a limit on how many I could try on.
Michelle Stewart
on 09/19/2017
Nikki was great! I was very much not looking forward to dress shopping because I'm not into sparkles and poofy dresses but she made it not only painless but also fun, she was not pushy and you could tell she really cared more about the customer than pushing the product and I am grateful for that. Although I didn't end up buying my dress with you guys, I HAVE already recommended you to multiple friends who are all recently engaged.
Devan Wetzel from Saline
on 09/16/2017
Nikki was such a big help! She welcomed us as soon as we walked through the door, and she gave us extensive information on all of the dresses I tried on. She never pressured me into buying a dress over my budget. I can't wait to come back to try on more dresses!
on 09/10/2017
Nikki was great! There were many dresses to try on in my budget, and I was glad that she didn't push me to go over budget at all. (Unlike other shops, where they only pick dresses that barely fit in your budget.) They have a lot of beautiful dresses! I might have found my dream dress there!
Abi from Saline
on 08/28/2017
Nikki was extremely helpful and we found my perfect dress before the appointment was half over!
Leah Claiborne from Saline, MI
on 08/22/2017
Diane was amazing!!! I came to White Arbor Bridal feeling discouraged that I still hadn't found the right dress. The big name stores had been putting me in the same type of dress and I thought I just had to settle on a dress. I hadn't thought of going to a boutique because I did not have a big budget but I came here with one last hope. I explained to Diane what I was looking for and after a maybe two dresses she completely understood what I was going for though I wasn't able to articulate it well. When I put on "my" dress I knew it was the one! I went home to think about it and I couldn't wait to return the next morning to get my dress! I had never felt like that before so I knew I was making the right decision. I highly recommend this bridal store to anyone who may think they can't afford a beautiful dress or their vision is not coming to light. I can't wait to marry my fiancé looking as beautiful as ever thanks to Diane!
Emmarie from AnnArbor, MI
on 08/14/2017
I really enjoyed my experience at White Arbor Bridal. My consultant was very knowledgeable and very nice. She gave me a lot of information about the dresses and designers.