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Samantha Cwik from Ann Arbor
on 01/10/2021
It was a great experience. I appreciated the continuous communication before my appointment, if made me feel cared for. The call the day before my appointment was the best, it eased the anxiety. My consultant was friendly and supportive!
Shana Chapman from Nashville, TN
on 01/03/2021
Diana was amazing to work with and she was helpful with picking out styles to my liking. She truly wants the best for you and your special day!
Shiloh Kozlowski
on 11/25/2020
Nikki exceeded our expectations in helping me find my dress!! She was super welcoming and accommodating and made me feel comfortable and gave me 100% of her attention during my appointment. She listened to what I liked and did not like about dresses and guided me to my perfect dress!! Thanks so much!
Rachel Snyder from Canton, mi
on 11/17/2020
I can't even begin to say enough stuff about this place! Before I even arrived, I knew that I would be treated well at my appointment. Nikki called me the day before my appointment to get more details about what I was looking for in my dress. She was very understanding with how I explained what I liked and didn't like in the dresses I tried on previously. Before we got off the phone, she already had a dress in mind for me to try on. When I arrived at the appointment, Diana was super friendly and explained how everything would go. She was helpful in figuring out my likes and dislikes of each dress that I tried on. She was super professional with everything and very patient at the end when I became distracted after saying yes to the dress! (I was trying to show my sisters the dress before I bought it!) Thank you so much Diana and Nikki for all of your help!! I really appreciate it and I can't wait for my big day!
Athena Smith from Ann Arbor, Michigan
on 11/09/2020
It was an amazing experience. The atmosphere was perfect! Staff really gets to know the bride and all the details for the big day. I truly felt like a bride. Dresses are absolutely gorgeous and unique. I have a lot to think about!
Erika Hennessey from Toledo, Oh
on 11/07/2020
I had the most amazing experience here! The store was beautiful and clean, proper safety measures in place, and absolutely stunning dresses! Nikki was almost too good at her job! She picked out PERFECT dresses and it was so hard to choose! I really felt like she got to know me and my style and she was so professional, yet so personable and knowledgeable. She made a great experience even better. I will definitely recommend you guys to any future bride!
Alison Holland from Saline, MI
on 11/05/2020
What a wonderful experience. So pleased to support a small business with very personalized service, a lovely environment and fantastic selection of dresses!!
Jenny Squire
on 11/02/2020
The staff was so kind and inviting! They knew exactly what I was looking for and were very knowledgeable. They pulled dresses that fit my exact look, and were very respectful with staying on/under budget. I highly recommend this place for any brides looking to book a first time wedding dress appointment! I walked away with my dream dress and a wonderful memory!
Sara Castle from Ann Arbor
on 10/16/2020
I am a plus size bride and have heard some horror stories from other ps brides of horrible treatment at bridal salons. I was a bit nervous to look around at dresses. However, after looking at White Arbor, they truly believe that every body is beautiful. I felt so welcomed and respected. My consultant nailed it out of the park. She asked questions about what I liked and didn't like in dresses and what my vision was (she pulled it out of me even though I wasn't sure myself!). The first dress she pulled was my dress. (I had even looked at it online prior to visiting). She still let me try on a bunch more dresses just to make sure but still couldn't beat the Kimberly dress. Just to mention as well, that they were very safe and took precautions in regards to Covid-19. They were only going by appointments (no walk-ins), required masks (even had some available if needed) and had a huge thing of hand sanitizer as well.
Tayler from Carleton Mi
on 09/27/2020
I went to white arbor bridal on August 2nd to find my dream dress. Rhonda was an absolute delight to work with and listened to everything I wanted in a dress and helped make sure I was. 100% comfortable with myself and my decision. I would recommend them to anyone. They really do make your experience very personable and I can’t wait to go back to pick my dress up in February ??????
on 09/23/2020
Nikki was amazing!
Melanie Croos-Dabrera from Cleveland, OH
on 09/14/2020
I loved that Nikki was so easy to talk to, and she ended up pulling a dress that was completely new but fit all the criteria I had. It ended up being The One! I felt very valued from the beginning of the appointment and I'm glad to be coming back with my mom to look at Mother's dresses.
Lily Duncan from Novi
on 09/14/2020
Felt so comfortable with being the only group in the store at a time! Rhonda was amazing with helping me pick out my dream dress! I can’t wait to get married just so I can wear it all night long!
Sara Galante from West Bloomfield
on 09/01/2020
Excellent experience trying on dresses! So very helpful and attentive! I couldn't have asked for a better wedding dress shopping experience. I am lucky my dress fit so well and won't need a lot of alterations. I'm anxious to go back to try on veils and decorative head bands! Thank you so much!
Nicole Garcia from Saline, MI
on 08/17/2020
Very pleasant experience from start to finish. Even though we had to wear a mask during our time. The covid regulations made it to where we were the only people in the store. So I had her undivided attention.
Emily Davis
on 08/16/2020
We had a great experience at White Arbor. I went into the appointment extremely apprehensive about the process and fear of not finding a dress, but they made finding the perfect dress a breeze! I would definitely recommend this experience to anyone.
Abby from Saline, MI
on 08/01/2020
I had an excellent experience at White Arbor Bridal! Diana was fantastic to work with and was very personable. She listened to styles I liked in each dress I tried on and had me step outside of my “window.” I tried on several dresses that I never would have picked out for myself but looked beautiful on! She made me feel comfortable in all my dresses and made the process fun and exciting! I’m heading back for my return bridal appointment and will hopefully say yes to the dress that I loved at my first appointment! I would definitely recommend this store to any bride looking for their perfect dress.
Erica Frye from Ypsilanti
on 07/27/2020
Nikki was absolutely wonderful when finding my wedding dress!!! It was my first wedding dress shopping appointment ever so I knew I probably wouldn't find the one at the very first place. When we met Nikki when we walked in, I knew that this was the place I was going to find my dress and I was right! She did such an in depth interview with me to make sure she understood what I exactly wanted and nailed it! All the dresses she picked were dresses I felt beautiful in and there was not one that I didn't like! I found my dress after trying on only 5 dresses! I wouldn't have been able to do that anywhere else. Nikki really cares and takes the time to know you so she can help you find your dress!
Kayla Nestell from White Arbor Bridal Saline
on 07/27/2020
For my first time trying on dresses, it was literally the best experience. I felt so comfortable, and I was floored seeing how far everyone goes to get to know you. I felt so special, and completely catered to, which is something that you don’t get to experience all of the time. The best I can describe my visit is unreal. I said yes to the dress, and that was something I 100% was not expecting to have done at the first visit. I feel so confident in my decision and the more I look at my pictures, the more I fall in love! Thank you!
Lauren Van Hoose from White Arbor Bridal in Saline
on 07/19/2020
Honestly, my entire experience from start to finish with White Arbor Bridal has been spectacular. From meeting them at the bridal expo, to the survey used to get to know me and my style, the phone calls leading up to the appointment, to the appointment itself, it really felt like they cared about me. During the appointment, Nikki really took the time to understand what I was looking for and got to know me and my family. You can tell that she is not just knowledgeable, but also thoroughly enjoys her job. She help me find a great dress and helped me envision all the alterations we could make to create the perfect, personalized dress! I would highly recommend White Arbor Bridal to anyone needing a dress!
Kari Smith from Saline, Mi
on 07/19/2020
Very professional and welcoming. Beautiful selections. Thank you so much for helping me find “the yes dress” only on the fifth dress on first visit.
on 07/19/2020
Nikki is amazing! She knew exactly what type of bridal dress I was looking for, from just talking to me for a couple minutes. I felt like a part of the family as soon as I walked in the doors. This was the BEST experience and many tears were shed when I said YES to the dress! Thank you Nikki and White Arbor Bridal!
Kira Schmoke from Ann Arbor
on 07/18/2020
Nikki was so amazing! She didn’t just put me in dresses, she talked to me and got to know me. She was very helpful in finding me the perfect dress! She picked dresses that matched my specific designs I wanted. I can’t say enough about her! She was super nice, outgoing, and fun!
Caitlin Leipold from Saline, MI
on 07/06/2020
Nikki was fabulous! No only did she make me feel so comfortable but she made me laugh the entire time, knew what she was talking about, educated me on dresses and I ended up saying "Yes to the dress" with her. Great experience!
Kellie McIntosh
on 06/29/2020
I had the most amazing experience at White Arbor Bridal! I tried on 5 beautiful dresses and found the ‘one’! Nikki was amazing, the store was clean and very organized. Thank you for everything!! ??
Samantha Hogue from Saline
on 06/12/2020
Nikki was a dream. She was so accommodating and honest and soooo amazing. I said yes to my dream dress the first session ??
Kristen Damron from Saline
on 03/24/2020
My consultant really understood my vision & took the time to listen and figure out my dream wedding dress. She pulled about 5 dresses for me, and the second one I tried on, I said YES! Overall, it was a great experience.
Alexis Kelley from Saline.
on 03/13/2020
The lady was so nice and helpful. She brought out dresses that were the perfect description of what I was looking for and in my budget.
Kolette Wingfield from Adrian, Michigan
on 03/09/2020
Diana was so helpful and felt like she was inside my brain she knew what i wanted! The appointment was awesome and i loved the set up.
Stephanie Moss from Saline
on 03/07/2020
I had a great time trying on dresses. Nikki was extremely helpful. I loved a dress that she brought in and it fit wonderfully. She gave me all the needed information for my decision.
Jill Johnson from Livonia
on 02/28/2020
Rhonda was incredible! Helped me feel confident and happy!
Cire Nemeth from Saint Clair Shores
on 02/26/2020
Diana was very knowledgable and kind.
Ariana Toth from Saline
on 02/24/2020
Jen was great! I'm not sure I found the right dress yet but the service was outstanding.
Chelsea Rossman
on 02/17/2020
White Arbor Bridal is an amazing store with wonderful staff! I had the most amazing day with Nikki finding my dream dress! They have beautiful dresses at great prices! Highly recommend!
Chelsea Ouellette from Saline
on 02/11/2020
You made finding a dress extremely easy. I was very nervous before my appointment but right when I met with you I felt at ease. You picked out a dress I would never think of trying on and it ended up being the one! You constantly made me feel confident and comfortable. Thank you so much for all the help. I can’t wait to wear my dress.
Courtney Jones from White Arbor Bridal, Saline MI
on 01/30/2020
My experience here was wonderful! Nikki was so kind and knowledgeable and made the experience very stress free and fun for me and my guests. She took into account everything I ask for, style and budget wise, and showed me my dream dress! And afterwards I was so touched to receive both a personal thank you email and card in the mail! I also love all the offers and deals you guys have for the bridal party as well.
Jane Kokmeyer from Canton, MI
on 01/28/2020
Absolutely the best experience I could have asked for! My dress is stunning. Nothing bad to say. Will definitely recommend to other brides.
Allison LaPointe
on 01/26/2020
I had a great time at White Arbor Bridal! Fitting rooms were very spacious. Nikki was awesome to work with! She made me feel very comfortable throughout the whole process. We exchanged so many stories about my upcoming wedding and she picked out a great selection of dresses for me to try on.
Ashley Robinette from Taylor, Mi
on 01/22/2020
I had a great experience at the bridal salon. All the dresses were beautiful. I felt very at home and relaxed. No pressure at all. I will highly recommend White arbor bridal to anyone.
Jessica Maurer from White Arbor Bridal-Ann Arbor
on 01/20/2020
I just got home from picking out my dress and I had a blast! Nikki was so fun and full of energy from the get go. She is very special and I could tell that she was just as passionate about my dress as I was. What a fun, exciting experience that I am SO glad I chose to spend with Nikki and White Arbor Bridal. I can't wait for the big day!
Melissa Mashner from Saline
on 01/15/2020
Fantastic experience! Nikki made me feel so comfortable, gave me a wide variety of dresses to try out that helped me identify my style preferences, and was incredibly professional in the dressing room. I can't tell you how much I appreciated her professionalism in this way - that is incredibly hard to do and her experience truly showed, making me feel comfortable, safe, and understood. Thank you!
Rebecca Loechli
on 01/07/2020
The process was so fun and personal! I felt taken care of the entire time, and it was such a pleasure working with Diana!
Olivia Arnett from Saline
on 01/04/2020
My experience was exceptional! I learned about what I like and began to discover that I like things I thought I didn't. The service was excellent and my entire family had a great time. A+!!!
Lynn Ogilvie from Saline, Michigan
on 12/30/2019
I’m so happy I went to White Arbor, and had Diana help me find my dress! She knew exactly what I was looking for, even before I did. Her attention to detail and listening to what I liked and didn’t like, allowed her to hone in on the perfect dress for me. Thank you Diana!
on 12/30/2019
Loved the store and experience! Loved the size of the dressing rooms! Seems like an odd appreciation but after going to many others this was spacious and incredibly comfortable. Also, loved how they help you into the dress vs handing it to you to try to get in yourself. Beautiful selection of gowns and very person attention as they will pick for you and they NAIL it!
Adrian Hart from Saline, MI
on 11/25/2019
Nikki was phenomenal! She knew all of the dresses and had a great grasp on what I was looking for. My group & I spent a lot of time laughing and having fun which is what we needed! The dress selection is amazing- it was my first time trying dresses on & I found one that I absolutely LOVE. I can not wait to be married and show off my dress to everyone!
Nikki Feinberg from Saline
on 11/18/2019
Nikki was truly amazing to work with! It made me want to find my dress there so badly. Unfortunately, I did not. But I would and will recommend your store to anyone I know looking! Nikki is fabulous!!!
Anonymous from Saline
on 11/17/2019
Absolutely loved my experience here! Jennifer was amazing. She was so kind and accommodating. I 100% recommend this place. They also have a lot of choices and help pick exactly what you are looking for!
Marisa Martin
on 11/16/2019
I found the perfect wedding dress here! Nikki was such a great help and helped me find my dream dress! The one on one appointment was great and she took the time to get to know my style and what I was looking for in the dress I imagined. So glad I went there to get my dress!
Sarah Eklov from Saline
on 11/12/2019
We had a fabulous time at White Arbor. The staff (Nikki and Diana) were kind, knowledgeable, and made me feel so special and comfortable. Our appointment flew by, we were having so much fun! The last dress that Nikki selected ended up being my perfect dress! I said yes to the dress! I know I am in good hands with White Arbor!