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Cherlise has
on 09/15/2019
I had a great experience today Ashley was very patient with me trying on dresses and I was able to say yes to the dress . My mother and soon to be mother in law enjoyed the experience as well .
Alex Mohrman from Melbourne
on 09/06/2019
We had a great experience at Aurora bridal! Our stylist, Ashley, was fantastic! She had great dresses picked out before I arrived, and helped me try on countless more. I ended up picking one of the dresses she had originally pulled for me! Overall an amazing experience! Thank you Aurora Bridal for helping me find my dream dress!
Angelina from Melbourne
on 08/25/2019
Jamie was fantastic so accommodating and kind! I was worried I wouldn’t find anything I loved and ended up falling for more than one dress! Being able to text questions about my appointment was so extremely helpful, and everyone treated my family with respect and extreme kindness. I would do this all over again with them if I could!
Ashley Sheahan from Orlando, FL
on 08/19/2019
Ashley was wonderful! The try on area was perfect and the whole experience was enjoyable, comfortable and the selection of dresses in my price range was great.
on 08/14/2019
I am so glad i stopped by this bridal shop! They went above and beyond for me and I was able to find my dream dress! Thank you so much for making my fairytale dress a reality! I would recommend them to anyone! You won’t be sorry!
Shannon Cooper
on 08/03/2019
Jaime was absolutely awesome! So patient and picked out exactly what I was looking for. Thanks again!
Keana from Melbourne
on 07/31/2019
Debbie was AWESOME!!! She was extremely helpful and searched the whole store many times to help me find exactly what I was looking for :)
Sophia Colley from Titusville
on 07/28/2019
Friendly Environment, Employees worked in a timely manner.
Anonymous from Melbourne
on 07/24/2019
Great service
Chelsea from Stuart, FL
on 07/15/2019
Jaime had dresses lined up for me to try on as soon as I walked into the door. She was patient and helpful as I narrowed the options down to two and I never felt rushed. Thank you for making my Wedding dress shopping such a positive experience and I am so happy to have found my gown at Aurora! I will definitely be recommending this Bridal Boutique to people in the future!
Taylor Jacobs from port saint lucie
on 07/13/2019
Had a great time, found my perfect wedding dress and loved the experience I had while trying on different dresses, the lady who helped me, Jaime was absolutely wonderful =]
Brianna Peterson from Melbourne, FL
on 07/12/2019
I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to buy for my wedding dress going into this place. I didn’t even have an intention of purchasing just yet. Amanda is the name of the person who helped me. And she was extremely patient in helping me choose what style of dress best suit me. She actually had the idea of going through bridesmaid dresses to help find me something I liked a little more and told me they could order it in ivory for my wedding gown. She was so sweet in helping me decide, and every dress I tried on, the next one got even better. I ended up buying a dress here, and it was the very first bridal store I had even walked into. So easy, such sweet and amazing staff. Highly highly recommend.
Madison Rizek from Wickham road
on 07/10/2019
Ashly was awesome! She really helped me to feel comfortable and to find my perfect dress! Thank you :)
Katie Buchanan from Melbourne
on 07/08/2019
Jaime was AWESOME!!! I absolutely loved working with her. She had already pulled some gorgeous dresses for me before I got there, so we were able to get started right away. She was thoughtful, honest, and fun. And unlike other stores, where everything moves slow and you only get to try on a few dresses (and so you feel like you have to be super selective with what you pick), Jaime moved fast and I was able to try on a lot of dresses! I even had time to branch out a little and try some styles I hadn't initially been interested in - and wound up falling in love with one of those dresses!
Taylor Weschler from Aurora Bridal
on 07/07/2019
Such a pleasant experience. Ashley showed incredible patience and was so helpful. She was my biggest cheerleader and let me spend as much time as I wanted finding the perfect dress. Thank you Ashley for making my day feel so perfect and special!
Sarah from Melbourne
on 06/26/2019
I walked in and was immediately welcomed and asked what I was looking for. I pointed to a dress in the window I liked and she asked me maybe 2 more style questions and came back a minute later with probably 5+ different dresses and I LOVED all of them. I've been to several shops in the area and this was one of the best experiences I've had by far. The dress I ended up picking was at a perfect price point as well and I'm so excited and happy!
Danielle Lacertosa from Melbourne
on 06/24/2019
Everything was amazing! Amanda was amazing and helped with so Much! The dresses where great and I found the one I wanted!!
Katie from Aurora Bridal
on 06/23/2019
My consultant was fantastic! She worked with me to find exactly what style I was looking for. I came into the store with a vision in my head and ended up going a different direction. She listened to what I liked about each dress and slowly we found what I was looking for.
Abigail Eley from Aurora
on 06/23/2019
I had such a good time trying on gowns. My consultant was so helpful and knowledgeable.
Jennifer Fernandez from melbourne
on 06/20/2019
The boutique was beautiful, spacious, and well stocked. I had fun & wasn't pressured into anything that I knew wasn't my style.
Tanilya Martin from Melbourne
on 06/19/2019
Service was great! Our lady definitely went above and beyond for me with customizing the perfect dress! She definitely heard and took in my likes and don’t likes and brought on a beautiful dress!
Ave Taylor from Jacksonville
on 06/19/2019
Had probably the best customer experience I’ve ever had at any store ever at Aurora. Would recommend to anyone!
Ginina Vitucci from Melbourne
on 05/23/2019
I had a great experience at Aurora bridal. It was an efficient and comfortable appointment. My consultant was extremely helpful and kind. I'm still impressed by how many dresses I found within my budget of $1000, and of great variety!
Kala Ballance from Aurora Bridal Melbourne FL
on 05/22/2019
Had an amazing first experience trying on a couple of beautiful dresses on a family trip with my mother in law and aunt in law. We didn't have an appointment and being as it was a Saturday they were very busy and all booked for the day but Michele was very nice and let me browse anyway. I was able to pick out 3 dresses before her next apt came in and she very quickly helped me try them on. She was very knowledgeable about each dress and how it should fit properly. She was caring and made the short and sweet experience an amazing one! Thank you Michele @ Aurora Bridal
Ashley Gronley from Melbourne fl
on 05/20/2019
They were very helpful and nice! Every time I tried on a dress with specific things I liked she would go and get a few different dresses with what I liked about the last. And they have a very wide selection of dress which I loved!
Sidney Drawdy from Melbourne, FL
on 05/14/2019
Amanda was great. She had dresses pulled when I arrived that were all so perfect! On my first visit we found THE ONE and she assured me we could add a lining to the see through portion of the dress and it was perfect. The selection here is fantastic. Overall a wonderful experience. Can't wait to continue on the journey with Aurora!
Karli Lutman from Titusville
on 05/14/2019
Excellent experience. Staff was beyond helpful and helped me find the dress of my dreams!
Magnolia Roberts from Wickham Rd
on 05/07/2019
Ashley was fantastic, such a good experience!
Shelby Maynard from Melbourne
on 05/05/2019
It was just such a great time! Ashley was amazing in helping me find my dress! Coming back for all my wedding necessities!
Lindsey Bliven from Melbourne, FL
on 05/01/2019
Amanda was so sweet, accommodating and understanding. We tried on a good amount of dresses, 10 ish. She was able to help me verbal my feelings towards certain styles and dresses. I really appreciated the time she took with me while I was finding my dream dress. She also showed me a lot of really wonderful veil options. I can't recommend this place enough!
Megan Carrothers from Palm Bay
on 04/28/2019
Michelle was amazing! She was super patient. I knew what I wanted and she kept pulling dresses and recommending things I normally wouldn’t wear. In the end we left with the PERFECT dress ordered and myself feeling 1000% confident knowing it will be amazing on my wedding day.
Sarah Miller from Melbourne
on 04/28/2019
Incredibly happy with my dress and the service provided at Aurora Bridal. Amanda was outstanding. She made me feel comfortable and was able to take the few details I gave her and find me the dress of my dreams. It was a fun and easy experience. I am so happy we got to work with her!
Savanna Robinson from Melbourne
on 04/27/2019
Had a wonderful experience at Aurora! So glad that I got my dress here and would highly recommend to other brides looking to find their perfect dress.
Aimee from Melbourne
on 04/24/2019
Debbie was awesome! I came in without an appt and no idea what I was looking for in my wedding dress. Debbie was so helpful and patient with me, and helped me to figure out what I really want and narrow down to just a few dresses to bring my mom back in to look at with me. Debbie did show and offer me the package deals but was not at all pushy about trying to make me feel like I had to commit today. Thank you so much for all of your help, Debbie!
Lindsey Buckley from Melbourne
on 04/21/2019
I had an absolutely amazing experience at Aurora bridal! They were so accommodating to not only myself but my bridal party making us all feel at home. Jamie went above and beyond to provide such a great variety of dresses to fit my style and was so sweet, kind and patient. I would definitely recommend Aurora to anybody!!
Molly Driscoll from WINTER PARK
on 04/20/2019
I had the best time at Aurora! Ashley was excellent and such a huge help! Everything about Aurora made me feel relaxed and special. I wish I could give more than 5 stars!
Alexandria Sanford from Melbourne, Fl
on 04/17/2019
I had the best experience at authors bridal, my consultant was very sweet and extremely knowledgeable. I just had a baby 3 months ago so I was feeling a little self conscious, and she still was able to find me something I loved. I’m so excited to work with this company for not just my dress but my bridesmaids dresses too!
Samantha from Orlando
on 04/14/2019
Michelle was so wonderful in helping me search for my perfect dress. She had a great vision and really helped me to see which styles I like best. Thank you so much for the great experience and stunning dress I chose!
Brianna Lacentra
on 04/07/2019
Debbie was absolutely amazing she called me an hour before my appointment to see what type of dresses I was interested in and had about 10 dresses picked out as soon as I got there!
Beth-Anne Frysinger from Satellite Beach
on 04/07/2019
Amanda was my bridal consultant and she was fantastic. She reached out to me the day before to ask about what I liked and she had several gowns already waiting for me when I got there. I tried one the first gown and I was in love. I knew it was the one. But I still tried on the others. She even went and searched for more just to make sure cause a couple of the ones she knew I wouldn't like. But in the end I got the first dress I tried one. And I am so happy with my choice.
Alysha Rutland from Melbourne
on 03/30/2019
Aurora was amazing. I had no idea what i wanted dress style or color. Jamie did great helping me try on dresses until we started to see what i liked. She even did great when i had a mini little melt down and started to cry!! This is the best dress shopping i could have asked for!
Cameron from Melbourne
on 03/27/2019
The environment was super comfortable and I absolutely loved the staff here. My stylist was so helpful and so sweet. Of all the bridal stores I’ve been to, I felt the best here!
Rachel Ross from Melbourne
on 03/18/2019
This was my first dress shopping experience and Cami made it the absolute BEST! Cami was so helpful and accommodating. I enjoyed my experience and highly recommend Aurora bridal! Thank you Cami for all of your help and making sure I was taken care of during my shopping experience!
Colleen Engel from Palm Bay
on 03/17/2019
So glad I came to Aurora Bridal! Jamie was fantastic! I had no idea what kind of dress I wanted, so I ended up picking out over a dozen dresses to try. And then retry until I found the one! I was not rushed or hurried. Jamie was there with me every step of the way, answering questions and helping me. I had a very fun day! Thank you Jamie for being just awesome!
Shannon from Jacksonville Beach
on 03/16/2019
My mother, two grandmothers, and I came in to look for a wedding dress. Ashley was wonderful!! Super helpful and patient. We all had a wonderful time and I found my dress!! Thank you for a lovely day.
Connie Chyle from Fort Pierce, FL
on 03/10/2019
What a lovely experience. Not only did I get a phone call 2 seconds after I requested my appointment online but they fit me in last minute due to my travel schedule. I am so happy with Amanda and her help finding my perfect wedding gown. She was so nice and patient with me and listened to everything my mom and I said. Everyone there was very kind and happy. The gowns were clean and the prices were great. I highly recommend Aurora Bridal. They were a joy to work with and well worth the drive (I live an hour from Aurora Bridal).
Lauren Leasure from Merritt Island, Florida
on 03/09/2019
Michele was absolutely AMAZING. I had no idea what I wanted going in, and she was so patient and really took the time to help find the styles that looked best on me and made me feel so comfortable. I was so overwhelmed at first and she really helped narrow down my styles and help find dresses I fell in love with. She was so great and we really appreciated all her help and honesty! Highly recommend!
Krystal Howard from Melbourne
on 03/08/2019
Michelle was very nice and helpful. I presented her with a challenge of budget and simplicity and she nailed it. The first dress I tried on was the one I purchased. Thanks again for all your help.
Samantha Johnson
on 02/28/2019
I had such a great time at my appointment to try on some dresses. I had my own personal space with my ladies. I didn't feel rushed or anything. I got to try on at least 10 dresses. They have such a big selection of dresses.
NIKKI CAMERON from Rockledge
on 02/26/2019
What a wonderful experience! Debbie was helpful, fun and knowledgeable on helping me figure out my style of dress!!! My dress is perfect! Many designs to choose from a s well! Highly recommend Aurora Bridal to every Bride looking for that special Dress!!