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Allison from Melbourne
on 09/29/2020
Ashley was amazing! She knew exactly what I was looking for and was so incredible to work with. The dress selection was incredible. Will recommend you all to anybody I know.
Clarissa DiCarlo from Melbourne
on 09/28/2020
A phenomenal appointment. My consultant was great. I went dress shopping alone because my family and friends are far away and covid is still around. I felt heard, tried on as many dresses as I wanted, and ended up choosing one my consultant brought for me that I never even dreamed of! It's like it was made for me. I couldn't be happier or more satisfied with my visit.
Catherine from Melbourne
on 09/26/2020
Was such a great experience!!! The dresses were in line with what I wanted. The first dress was definitely the winner!!!
on 09/22/2020
I had a great experience with Cami, she was extremely helpful and I didn't feel pressured at all! She asked for my input ahead of time which made the process that much easier!
Danyelle Lewis from Melbourne FL
on 09/21/2020
Heather was wonderful. She really knows what she is doing and had great patience as I tried on dress after dress. Wonderful experience.
Kristen Candarini from Vero Beach, FL
on 09/19/2020
Jamie is amazing! She picked the PERFECT dress for me. I am so happy with my experience at Aurora Bridal!!!!!
Brittany Ziegler from Melbourne, Wickham road.
on 09/18/2020
Jamie Greer was so great to work with. I feel like I have a bit of a complicated bridal history and she made me feel so comfortable and truly listened to me and helped me find the perfect dress.
Tiffany Gaskins
on 09/15/2020
Heather was amazing and super awesome. She nailed the dress I fell in love within super fast. She was friendly, accommodating, and professional. She made me and my bridal party feel welcome and relaxed.
on 09/15/2020
I had a wonderful time. My stylist was so professional and put in extra time to make sure I found the perfect dress.
Chanin from Melbourne FL
on 09/14/2020
My experience at Aurora was absolutely amazing. The staff were all so friendly & my consultant did whatever she could to make sure I found my perfect dress. I was able to get my wedding dress, maid of honors dress and bridesmaid dresses all picked out the same day :) thank you aurora for my dream dress
Danielle from West palm beach
on 09/05/2020
Aggie was AMAZING! Very sweet and helpful. She helped me find the perfect dress!
Trisha from Melbourne
on 08/30/2020
Very Pleasant Experience, easy peasy.... Thank you
Michelle McCarty from Melbourne FL
on 08/25/2020
I loved my experience with Ashely. She was so sweet and joyful and made everything so easy breezy.
Jen from Melbourne
on 08/23/2020
What an amazing experience! My consultant, Heather, had gone through the Pinterest page that I had shared with her prior to the appointment, had dresses pulled, and was so attentive & spot on when it came to my "likes" and "dislikes"! Loved my appointment at Aurora Bridal!
Mary Rivas from Sebastian, Florida
on 08/15/2020
Ashley was AMAZING! Made me feel comfortable and excited from the start. I had no idea what I was even looking for, nor did I have intentions on buying today. She made it impossible not to purchase a dress and I never felt stressed or indecisive. Ashley made it so much fun and easy... we dressed it up and I was absolutely sold. Thanks Ladies !!
Hannah J from Melbourne, FL
on 08/13/2020
I absolutely loved my experience at Aurora Bridal. They were so welcoming, and I was confident that regardless of my budget they were going to help me find the dress of my dreams. 12/10 would recommend
Candice from Melbourne
on 08/13/2020
Everyone was so accommodating and helpful. I had a great experience and found my dress! Ashley listened to what I wanted and helped me find my dress!
Leah Nelson from Vero Beach
on 08/11/2020
My time in your shop was lovely. Heather was a fantastic sales associate....knowledgeable, patient, and capable. She listened to my preferences and really understood what I was looking for. I can’t wait to come back in a few weeks with my bridal crew and purchase “the one!!”
Diana Alvarez from Melbourne, Fl.
on 08/09/2020
This was my first time at Aurora Bridal. Ashley Saliba assisted me. It felt very welcoming, comfortable and of exciting. Ashley took all my information as far as my look I was looking for and the pictures I sent her and had everything ready upon my arrival. All dresses she had for me were all on point and she was very informative. This is definitely my GO TO place for my dress. I have been doing my dress search alone and Ashley just made my day a bright and beautiful one.
Natalie from Melbourne
on 08/08/2020
What a great experience!! CAMI!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I had no clue what I wanted and she showed me so many ideas and gave me a dress to compare all others to. It was sooo hard to not buy it on the spot! We plan to come back! 10/10 recommend!
Rhianne Glagola
on 08/03/2020
Amazing service! All the girls there were very nice! I believe Heather helped me, and she was outstanding! Very patient and caring, brought me a water when i got emotional n started feeling faint in my first dress. She even stripped a mannequin for me so i could try the dress on! Thank you!!!!
Elizabeth Tillmann
on 08/03/2020
I had the BEST experience at Aurora Bridal! Aggie was seriously so kind and really listened to my ideas on the type of dress I wanted, every dress she pulled for me I absolutely loved but the second one absolutely stole my heart and I easily said YES TO THE DRESS !! I highly recommend Aurora Bridal to every bride to be, you will not be disappointed!
Adriana Rodriguez from 1697 N Wickham Rd, Melbourne Fl
on 07/28/2020
Aggie was amazing!! i’m so happy i was able to find and love the dress of my dreams!
on 07/27/2020
Jamie was an absolutely doll and didn't rush me at all. I tried on every dress I was interested in, and said yes to my dress. The selection was amazing, and there were so many choices for add ons and accessories. I found my dress, my flower girl's dress, my bridesmaids dress, and all of the accessories. And it was affordable. I definitely recommend this boutique to every bride.
Lacey Flanagan from Cocoa, FL
on 07/26/2020
Got my wedding dress yesterday and I'm so excited for my upcoming wedding. Heather was my consultant and was extremely helpful. I didn't know exactly what I wanted when I came in for my appointment but I had a rough idea. As I tried on dresses and told her what I liked and disliked about each one, she pulled additional dresses for me and we ultimately found my dream dress. I'm beyond ecstatic! I can't thank Heather and the rest of the staff at Aurora enough, for helping we find my dream dress!
Hannah J from Aurora Bridal
on 07/25/2020
I have nothing but glowing things to say about my experience today. I was unsure about what I wanted in a dress, and my bridal consultant Aggie helped me narrow down want I liked. She listened to my feedback, and was pulling dresses I may not have thought for myself. Not only was she super fun to work with, but I walked out with the dress & veil of my dreams. The truly have something for everyone, no matter the budget.
Chelsea Grzech from Vero Beach, FL
on 07/24/2020
Aggie was amazing and very helpful. She found me my dream dress and I couldn’t be happier with my experience! I will definitely be recommending aurora bridal to others!!
Leah Rollins from Melbourne
on 07/23/2020
I had the best experience at Aurora bridal, everyone was very welcoming and friendly. The woman that was helping me found dresses that were exactly what I was looking for and I ended up buying the dress that I wanted! At no point did I feel pressured into buying anything and she made sure that the dresses she was pulling where in the price range I gave her.
Caitlin Walker from Melbourne
on 07/20/2020
Absolutely amazing experience! Ashley was so kind and listened to every detail. I wasn’t even planning on finding my perfect dress as this was my first outing and Ashley made it happen! The whole experience was better than I could have ever expected. Thank you Ashley!
Kim Dixson from Melbourne
on 07/20/2020
Ashley did a great job of picking out dresses based on my profile. She was kind and patient and helped make it a great experience.
Madison Mccown from Melbourne
on 07/18/2020
Ashley was outstandnig! She took the time to prepare dresses before my appointment. She listened to everything I wanted and found me the perfect dress. Thank you so much Ashley for making this day so special.
Robyn Levy from Winter Park
on 07/18/2020
Jamie was EXCELLENT!!! She had gorgeous gowns pulled for me to try on, upon my arrival. I purchased the second gown tried on, though I tried others, just to be double sure. I put my dress back on, and I absolutely loved it!! Perfect fit, gorgeous lace, elegant detailing! Today's appointment couldn't have gone better. I was in and out in less than an hour, and never once felt rushed, or pushed to buy.
Savanah from Melbourne, Fl
on 07/18/2020
It was a fantastic experience! Aggie was super helpful and I found my dream dress ?
Karlee from Melbourne, FL
on 07/17/2020
Aggie was great! Super patient and helpful. Beautiful gowns, beautiful atmosphere! Definitely 5 stars!
Angela Jordan from Melbourne,FL
on 07/17/2020
Had such a wonderful experience and loved how helpful the staff were in finding a dress that was me!! Was able to find a dress I was in LOVE with & say Yes to it!! Thank you so much!!
Rebecca Rupolo from 1697 N Wickham Road Melbourne FL
on 07/14/2020
My consultant was wonderful and very helpful. She took my feedback to find a closer dress to the idea in my head.
Alyssa from Melbourne FL
on 07/11/2020
Amazing experience! I felt comfortable from the moment I walked in the door. I would recommend Aurora to everyone!
Sammi from Merritt Island FL
on 07/08/2020
I had the pleasure of working with Aggie and she was the sweetest thing! All the ladies in Aurora were so helpful and friendly. The shop is beautiful and they have a great selection of not only wedding gowns but bridesmaid dresses and suits too! I would recommend going to see them to anyone!
Mariah Kroen
on 07/04/2020
Such a good experience here. Shopping for my wedding dress at Aurora Bridal was so nice and easy! Before coming in, I was able to send pictures of different dresses that I liked and when I came in for my appointment, multiple dresses were picked out for me to try on. Ashley was so nice and helpful. I’m so glad I was able to find my dress there!
Alyshia Martin from Palm Bay
on 07/03/2020
Staff is absolutely pleasant. It was nice to not only get to try on so many beautiful different options, but the bridesmaid dress options as well. Would not have wanted to buy my dress anywhere else!
Lee-Ann L from Melbourne FL
on 06/28/2020
Thank you, so very much for your time and professionalism! What a pleasure working with you. Thank you!! My highest recommendations!
Lindsey from Merritt Island
on 06/27/2020
Jaime was amazing! She pulled dresses that fit my survey and crazy enough I walked in the boutique, saw a dress on the mannequin, and said I want to try that on.. Jamie already had it pulled for me! It also ended up being the dress I said yes too. My whole experience was stress free!
Alison Johnson from Melbourne
on 06/27/2020
I had a great time dress shopping. Jaime was tremendous help. She texted me before my appointment to ask for my vision of my perfect dress. When I arrived she had several dresses that fit my criteria. She made the experience hassle free and I said, “yes to the dress” thanks to her. I highly recommend Aurora Bridal.
krysti from Melbourne fl
on 06/26/2020
Found my dress on the first day after a few try ons. I cried when I found the dress. It was just the right feeling. And the service was unbelievable they were so sweet and helpful with what I was looking for.
Jillian from Melbourne, FL
on 06/22/2020
Cami, the owner, assisted me with my dress shopping experience. First, she texted me the day before my appointment and asked about my favorite dresses, fits, and styles I wanted. A dress I was interested in was not available in store, so she ordered it on the spot from the designer! She made me feel so comfortable during my appointment and picked out numerous dresses for me, one of which was nothing I had ever tried on. It was love at first sight! Such an easy purchasing process and fantastic experience all around. I can't wait to return for my alterations!
Kady Berrier from Palm Bay, FL
on 06/20/2020
Ashley was a wonderful stylist and helped me pick the perfect dress!
on 06/20/2020
Ashley was amazing! She was so kind and patient with all of us. I would recommend Aurora Bridal to anyone!
Channon from Melbourne
on 06/17/2020
It was a great experience! Aggie was very sweet, listened to what I was looking for and not pushy. It was what I was hoping for :) and I think I may have found my dress!!
Nissa from Melbourne
on 06/13/2020
Everyone was very friendly and welcoming. Amanda was AMAZING! We talked the day before hand about possible style ideas. With that she pulled several dresses identical to what i asked for. She really listened to the feedback about each dress and after trying several more found the perfect dress for me. ?
Shana from Melbourne
on 06/13/2020
Amanda was amazing!!! She had everything picked out to the T! It was so hard to choose but I said yes to the dress :)