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Jodi Roninson from Bangor
on 11/11/2019
My stylist was extremely helpful and very accommodating of all 7 of my bridesmaids and both sets of parents. I know it can be overwhelming when there are that many people in a small room. But she did awesome! She listened to my thoughts and made sure I left happy.
Sarah Mullen from Blush in Bangor
on 11/11/2019
My consultant Emma, was great. She gave me free range and after a couple of dresses that I didn’t like a few things about. She managed to find the perfect dress that checked all my boxes. She was great! She was patient and supportive! Overall a great experience! We also did bridesmaids that same day. We had two consultants that were both great. One had to leave for a dress appointment. I cannot remember her name, but she had gorgeous red hair. Allie, took over and she was equally as great! Thank you so much!!
Anne Ajayi from Bangor
on 11/10/2019
We had a great shopping experience. Our consultant listened to our feedback, suggested out of the box opportunities and ultimately found just the right dress. The shop is set up in a way that allows for privacy but also the opportunity to see dresses on other clients, which can be helpful. The champagne toast was the cherry on top! Thanks Jess!
Sabrina from Lamoine
on 11/09/2019
Had such a great time at your vip event! It was truly amazing!!! Each and every person I interacted with was so helpful and super nice! Shout out to Meridith for helping me find the perfect dress, Jenny for my beautiful hair and taylor for my flawless makeup! Highly recommend blush!
Lauren Raymond from Bangor
on 11/08/2019
Everything was absolutely wonderful. Great experience overall! Highly recommend to all brides.
Taylor Stewart from Bangor
on 11/05/2019
The most wonderful experience I’ve had dress shopping. My hair and makeup was done by a couple lovely ladies, and it was gorgeous. My dress consultant Meredith was very sweet and make me feel super comfortable.
Allyssa Torrey from Bangor
on 11/04/2019
This was by far the best experience I've ever had when it came to dress shopping. I've always had issues with my body type finding a dress that worked for me, prom and homecoming dress shopping was always miserable. That was not the case today. I participated in the VIP experience and was pampered with hair and makeup while drinking a mimosa. I truly felt like a bride. I brought my mother and maid of honor to help me on this special day to keep it small and intimate. The staff at Blush are so sweet, helpful and really listen to your wants and needs. I went in with one thing on my mind and came out with something I'd never picture, but cried when I had it on. Would highly recommend them for your next bridal shopping experience!
Amy S. from Bangor
on 11/03/2019
I had an amazing experience! My consultant, Emma, was incredible! I would highly recommend Blush to all brides! Thank you so much for a wonderful experience!
Kirstie Urquhart from Bangor
on 11/03/2019
I had a wonderful experience today at the VIP Bridal event. My first time shopping for my dress and I said yes to the dress, the staff was wonderful. Special thanks to Kylie for being so great while helping me in and out of dresses!
Laura from Bangor
on 10/28/2019
I found my dream dress at Blush in Bangor! The atmosphere is so calm and inviting. My consultant, Kylie, was an absolute sweetheart and was extremely kind and helpful throughout my appointment. Highly recommend Blush!!
Kaia Groneng from Bangor
on 10/27/2019
Kylie was amazing, she helped me so much and made it such a great time even though I didn’t say yes at the store. She was just happy I found my dress :)
Miranda from Bangor
on 10/22/2019
Loved the experience from start to finish. Jess was a rockstar and made me feel so comfortable. Wish everything was like my blush experience!
Nicole from Brewer,ME
on 10/11/2019
What a wonderful experience! Allie was so patient and helpful. She was able to help me articulate exactly what I wanted in a dress, even when I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted. I was more anxious going into this appointment since I had already been to other bridal shops. But Allie clearly has plenty of knowledge, leading me to the perfect dress!
Emily from Blush Bangor
on 10/06/2019
Jess was AMAZING! I had such a great, positive experience at Blush. She was so kind and listened to everything I had to say. She brought out the most perfect dresses, and I did fall in love with a wildcard one that I wasn't even sure I would have picked off the shelf! She's amazing and I would highly recommend Blush!
Kelsey Johnson from Bangor
on 10/01/2019
Could not have asked for a better experience! I was hesitant and nervous about this process and Allie instantly put me at ease and made the experience better than I could have imagined. I found a dress I didn’t even know I wanted and they made me feel incredible throughout.
Dorine Kramer from Bangor
on 09/17/2019
Emma was amazing!! It was a great experience and I had so much fun. Thank you!
Stephanie Davis from Bangor
on 09/17/2019
Everyone was very kind and accommodating. Jessica with fantastic at helping, making you feel great, and providing us with a great experience. She answered all of our questions. We were not rushed and given plenty of time to try on and retry on anything we wanted.
Anná-Elizabeth Noddin from Bangor
on 09/15/2019
Kaitlyn took care of me and my family for the preview and was very nice and accommodating. For the appointment my stylist was Jessica. She was very sweet, patient, and honest with the whole experience. Absolutely wonderful!! I cant wait to come back for the rest of the wedding patty's attire!
Kayla Worster from Bangor
on 09/08/2019
Jess was amazing and so helpful! I have had such a wonderful experience with everyone at Blush and everyone is so knowledgeable. I would recommend Blush to all brides!
Cassie from Brewer Maine
on 09/03/2019
I just had my bridal appointment on Sunday. I walked in with my girls not knowing what to expect. We were met by Jeff a blush stylist. Immediately I felt comfortable talking with him. I told him my dream dress, and he nailed it. I picked my dress knowing I didnt need to try on any more. We were then joined by two more stylists. I felt absolutely stunning in my dress, walked out of the shop. Knowing I purchased the it dress, with a belt and veil to match. This was the best expierence I have ever had. Being in one of their bridal suites made it all surreal to me. I am marrying the man of my dreams, in the dress of my dreams! Thank you Blush Bridal. Thank you Jeff!
Gillian from Bangor
on 09/01/2019
Such a special day made perfect by the kindness and professionalism of the wonderful staff at Blush in Bangor.
Elissa Ervay from Bangor
on 08/29/2019
I had an amazing experience, I left with the biggest smile on my face! Kylie literally was outstanding, helping me with everything and talking with me through the whole process and helped me find my dream dress! Thank you all so much!
Taylor Ronan from Bangor
on 08/18/2019
My experience couldn't have been better. My stylist, Kylie Richards, went above and beyond to make this experience better than I could have dreamed. She put her heart into it, and I will remember this day for the rest of my life. My dress is everything I could have asked for! Thank you Kylie! #ISaidYes!!!
Terri from Bangor
on 08/18/2019
Very friendly staff. Great prices
Alexis from Bangor
on 08/09/2019
Store is always clean and welcoming. The music is a perfect level. The staff is available but over attentive. Prices are always reasonable. The quality is great- will last more than one season unlike many boutiques.
Anonymous from Bangor
on 07/26/2019
I found a beautiful dress here that I cannot wait to wear on my wedding day. The staff was helpful and attentive.
Katelin Davis from Bangor
on 07/24/2019
My experience with Blush was not only enjoyable but fun and comfortable! Going on weekday was really nice because me and my family were the only ones there. I really loved the experience. My stylist was Meredith. And I found my dress there!!!
Jessie from Bangor
on 07/21/2019
We had a great time at Blush today. Jess was incredibly helpful. She didn't make us feel rushed and gave us enough help and privacy at the same time. Thanks!!
Anonymous from Bangor
on 07/08/2019
I had the most amazing experience at Blush. Everyone was kind, constantly smiling, and there to make your experience the best it could be. It was an absolutely encompassing experience, my consultant spent so much time with me, she also pulled accessories, bridesmaid dresses, and was willing to pull a thousand gowns to make me find the right fit. All staff was amazing I cannot thank them enough for their support.
Kristin from bangor
on 07/02/2019
I loved my experience at Blush. My stylist listened to everything I said and was so patient with me! In the end I found my dream dress at an amazing price and the staff made me feel like a beautiful bride.
Tina Rice from Bangor
on 07/02/2019
Thank you for making my day so special! The extra care you all took to help me find the perfect dress was above and beyond the ordinary, and so appreciated.
Morgan Thompson from Bangor
on 06/23/2019
I had such an amazing experience today!! I am so glad I chose Blush and wouldn’t change a thing about my day!! Jessica was awesome and made it so easy and fun. She was helpful and helped me feel so comfortable in whatever I tried on. I am so confident that I chose the right dress and have her to thank for that! I’m so happy!
Tiffany Benner from Blush Bridal Bangor
on 06/18/2019
Meredith and the team on with her were amazing! This was my first stop for wedding dress shopping, I was excited and quite anxious because I really had no idea what I wanted or would look good in. Meredith was patient and enthusiastic … very respectful of my budget which my mom and I genuinely appreciated. I brought quite a large group to my appointment and everyone was welcomed and included. Overall a wonderful memory for me and my family! The staff even helped to make sure my grandmother could watch the whole thing on Skype! We found my dress!! I would recommend everyone make this a must stop for bridal shopping!
on 06/18/2019
Wonderful staff!!! Especially Jeff who spent a ton of time helping me find my dress for my step daughter’s wedding. He even made calls to Portland to try to find me what I needed.
Erin Buck from Bangor
on 06/10/2019
We had a great time with Jessica at Blush! She was beyond helpful, patient and really helped me pick the perfect dress. I was in town from Seattle and the set up here was great! Staff was helpful and communicative during the process and we had an extremely laid back and fun experience saying “Yes to the Dress”. Thank you!!
Sara Ham from Bangor Maine
on 06/02/2019
Today I found the perfect dress at Blush Bridal in Bangor. I loved this dress so much, that I cancelled my next dress appointment and scooped it up. The person who helped me was Kylie Richards. She was amazing!! I don’t think I would have found the dress of my dreams without her! She pushed me to go with my gut and trust my instincts. She was always checking on me to ensure that I felt comfortable with the dresses and process. She made the day perfect for myself and my family and friends. Thanks Blush Bridal!
Maryann Heal
on 06/02/2019
I simply adored Jessica she was fantastic to work with and helped me find my gown
on 05/24/2019
We had a wonderful experience!!!!!
Sarah Dionne from Bangor
on 05/18/2019
Before coming into blush I was feeling very nervous about my fast approaching wedding. On a whim my mom and I happened to stop into your shop and the staff being the Angel's they were fit me right in and helped me to find my perfect dress. Emma was amazing. She never once made me feel rushed or pressured. She allowed me to try each dress on 3 or 4 times before I was able to choose one. I just want to thank your staff for being so wonderful. Because of you guys I am actually excited for the first moment my husband to be will lay eyes on me on our big day. That first moment of us meeting at opposite ends of the isle is so special and also nerve racking when you dont feel beautiful but now with my dream dress I'm anxiously anticipating our big day.
Morgan Mitchell from Frankfort, ME 04438
on 05/05/2019
The best wedding dress shopping I could have asked for. I will definitely be referring people to you whenever i get the chance! Thank you!
Ashley McFarland from Bangor, ME
on 04/23/2019
My first visit to Blush was an awesome one! I said "yes" to my wedding gown and the staff was so helpful here! They listened to my opinions, informed me the different things I could do to customize my dress, and even provided me with their own feedback. I can't thank them enough!
Chelsey Baker from Bangor
on 04/20/2019
My experience at Blush Bridal and Formal was fantastic! The young lady that was helping me was very sweet and patient. I'm a very picky, indecisive person who is hard to read at times. Based on my responses, after trying on a few dresses, she was able to read what I was looking for! She picked out a couple dresses for me to try. She choose an accessory belt to brighten up a simple, elegant dress. That extra touch made me fall in love with the dress I was trying on! My dress is simple, yet classy and elegant, which is just what I wanted!
Colleen from Bangor
on 04/19/2019
This was my very first wedding dress shopping experience, and I really thought I was just going to try on some different styles and not buy yet. My budget was not big but that did not matter because they had so many options in my price range! Kaitlin was so wonderful and made me feel like the most beautiful bride! I would recommend them to anyone who asked. We will be going back for the bridal party dresses!
Meg Branson from Bangor
on 04/18/2019
I had a fabulous experience at Blush. Everyone I spoke with on staff was extremely friendly and helpful, even taking time to consult a preferred seamstress about potential alterations on a sample sale dress. My consultant, Alyssa, listened to my input on dresses, picked winning styles and stayed within my budget. Alyssa was delightful to spend my appointment with and did not pressure me in to buying a dress the day of my appointment. The space is also comfortable and beautiful.
Cayla Wyman from Bangor
on 04/16/2019
Blush provided me with a wonderful experience while searching for the perfect wedding dress. Everyone was so professional and helpful.
Delaney Shields from Bangor
on 03/31/2019
Very helpful, attentive, knowledgeable and super nice.
Anonymous from Bangor
on 03/26/2019
Absolutely in love with my gown and all of the staff who helped me!
Jessika Kovach from Bangor
on 03/24/2019
The staff was top-notch and very informative. Blush was also very accommodating by being able to get me in for a bridal appointment on the same day! The overall experience and atmosphere was fantastic. They really do go the "extra mile" and make you, as a bride, feel special beginning the moment that you walk in the door all the way to providing a champagne toast and Polaroid picture of you and the special people you brought along.
Taylor from Bangor
on 03/24/2019
I went today for my dress and omg u guys are amazing and went beyond what i expected and even when i went to another place had a horrible experience you guys made it 100 percent better. Thank you guys so much
Christina from Bangor
on 03/24/2019
Thank you so much for helping me today!!! I found a beautiful dress!!!