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Overall Rating: 5.0/5.0 from 50 reviews
on 04/24/2018
What a wonderful place! I enjoyed every minute with my matron of honor. The selection was beautiful and I can't say enough about the staff. Will be recommending this place to any future bride!
Mary Tracy from Bangor
on 04/23/2018
Beautiful selection. Professional. Great experience.
Mara from Bangor
on 04/22/2018
I don’t even know where to begin. Jeff (and everyone else) was absolutely phenomenal. Shopping for a wedding dress has given me horrible anxiety and working with Jeff and all of the wonderful people at Blush made all of that go away. Not once did I feel rushed or pressured into something I didn’t want or feel comfortable in. I genuinely look forward to going through the rest of this process with the entire team at Blush.
Katie Durgin from Bangor
on 04/22/2018
The girls at Blush we’re amazing from the second I walked through the door! Emma was the best bridal consultant I could have ever asked for, she understood my style, all the dresses she chose for me I liked something about each and every one which made saying yes to the dress easy and so much fun! The whole experience was so special and I felt like a true princess ! Thanks Blush ! #BlushBride #CrushOnBlush
Ashton white from Bangor, Maine
on 04/22/2018
Such an awesome atmosphere and Courtney was so wonderful and friendly!!!
Emily McPhail from Bangor Maine
on 04/22/2018
Wonderful and friendly service!
Kourtney Greenlaw
on 04/22/2018
It was really amazing and the lady that was helping me was so amazing and I could hang out with her everyday...
Chelsea Tripler & Family
on 04/20/2018
The staff was welcoming and helpful, creating a great experience to find the dress that was perfect...even though it was totally different from what we all thought at first would look the best. Thank you!!
on 04/19/2018
Absolutely wonderful staff who are committed to helping you finding what you’re looking for! Blush is always my first stop when it comes to anything formal. Love it there!
Shannon DeChiara from Bangor, Maine
on 04/18/2018
My family and I loved the atmosphere in the store. We appreciated that my male entourage was able to sit in a room and see me in my gowns. The selection was very nice, having many high end prom dress selections. The staff was very nice and we're not pushy like they are at many other dress shops. It was also really nice that they asked for a picture at the end for there instagram since I bought a dress. Overall my experience was fantastic and I highly recommend coming to this store.
Grace from Millinocket
on 04/17/2018
I expected shopping to be hard but Blush made it painless and easy. The worker was very helpful and offered advice when I had to chose between my two favorites.
Gabrielle from Bangor
on 04/16/2018
Today was absolutely wonderful!! I am so grateful to have had such a great experience narrowing down my choices. I’m already looking forward to returning and choosing the dress of my dreams!
Nikki from Bangor
on 04/16/2018
Jeff was fantastic from the time I arrived until I left! I was lucky enough to be the only appointment so my family and I never felt rushed and never in the way. I would recommend any bride go to Blush to find her perfect wedding dress just like I did! Thanks again Jeff!
Alexia & Sarah
on 04/16/2018
What a wonderful experience my daughter and I had. Nicki was very helpful and accommodating. Thank you!!
Kathryn Higgins from Bangor
on 03/26/2018
Nicky was so incredibly nice and all of the dresses were beautiful. Thank you for such a great experience!!
Corinne Simis from Bangor
on 03/25/2018
I had such a good experience here. I bought a beautiful red jumpsuit for prom; all the staff were so helpful and made me feel so good about myself. Thank you, Blush!
Danielle Nason
on 03/20/2018
I had a wonderful experience at Blush with Jeff! He listened to the style of dress I wanted and helped me pick out the perfect dress! I would recommend Jeff and Blush to all brides to be! This was such a fun experience!
Shari Morris from Bangor Maine
on 03/19/2018
Absolutely amazing. If you are looking for a one of a kind experience I highly recommend blush bridal. Jeff was so sweet, professional and a lot of fun. He allowed me to try on as many dresses as I wanted to. I had my own suite that was private, music was playing and this was the most relaxed and fun dress experience I have ever had. They have so many beautiful dresses, styles and they also have a sample sale rack. Jeff was very patient with all my questions and so helpful especially since I was late in the game with dress shopping. He was looking up dates dresses could be ordered as well as finding out which dresses I could buy off the rack. They even put together a little folder for you and a little something extra at the end, which you will have to find out for yourself. This place is amazing. I bought my dress the first time I was there because there is not another place that compares to the one on one experience that you receive here.
Sarah from Bangor
on 03/18/2018
Excellent help! Wonderful selection!
Sam C. from Bangor
on 03/17/2018
We had a wonderful experience shopping for a prom dress at Blush. Emily was very sweet and extremely helpful! Thank you!
Haley Engstrom from Bangor
on 03/17/2018
Great, supportive, helpful and kind staff. I can't thank Blush Bridal and Formal enough for helping me find my dream dress. Huge shout out some of Blush's staff Jeff, Emma and Rylee! They were all so kind and helpful!
Jessica S
on 03/12/2018
I had tried a few other bridal shops Searching FOr My Dream dress And Had no luck. I Made an appointment WIth BLush And my consultant jeff was Super Friendly And Picked Out The Perfect Dress And Accessories for me. I would definetly Recommend Blush for other Brides to Be!
India hammond from Bangor
on 03/11/2018
Absolutely the best experience. Jeff was amazing and so personable and just the sweetest and really made my day perfect. I said yes to my dress all thanks to Blush!
Olivia Duron from Bangor
on 03/10/2018
I had a wonderful experience at Blush! Everyone there was friendly and very helpful, and the atmosphere was cozy and quiet. I couldn’t have imagined a better place to choose my dress!
on 03/01/2018
Alicia (spelling) was wonderful and very patient!! Thank you for a great experience!
on 02/20/2018
Had a great experience! I felt very comfortable trying dresses on and loved the support I had. I have never picked out dresses before and it was a great time.
Patty Nutter from Bangor
on 02/05/2018
I received great service from the time I made the phone call to make the appointment to when I left. Rylee was great and thought outside the box for me which turned out to be what I needed to finally find a dress that I wanted to say yes to. I had shopped quite a bit before coming to Blush as I was afraid the prices were to high for my modest budget but Rylee made it work and included by family and friends well in the day.
Alli from Bangor
on 02/04/2018
AMAZING experience! I found a dress that felt it was made just for me and my consultant was seriously the best! I recommend for every bride of every size to go to Blush to find your dress!
Aimee Nielsen from Brewer, Maine
on 01/29/2018
Blush Bridal in Bangor is the absolute best! After having a not so positive experience yesterday at a bridal store in Southern Maine I was very nervous and apprehensive about what to expect today. I am SO thrilled that I was proven wrong today by Blush Bridal! The moment my family and I stepped foot into the boutique I was immediately impressed. Not only is it beautifully decorated and designed, but the staff went above and beyond to make my family and I feel comfortable. Emma, my consultant was incredible. Her kind and sweet demeanor made it so easy for me to trust her as my consultant! She listened to my indecisiveness and also pulled dresses that I would never have picked for myself but that I ended up really liking! She even pulled "my dress" for was actually the first one I tried on! She was patient with my family and she also knew which accessories would go best with which gown and which ones would flatter me the most. Emma deserves 5 stars for her work too! Aside from Emma, the entire staff at Blush has completely won me over! I think as I was trying dresses on I had some kind of interaction with every staff member working today. Whether it was a "Congratulations" or "That dress is beautiful on you" they all went out of their way to make me truly have that bridal moment! I honestly thought after yesterday that the magical experience of finding your dress just wasn't going to be in the cards for me. Blush Bangor made my experience beyond magical and will forever be a moment that I will treasure! To Emma and the staff at Blush Bridal, THANK YOU for everything today! <3
Wendi from Bangor
on 01/28/2018
Thank you for the special attention!
Anonymous from Bangor
on 01/17/2018
Great experience. I really didn't know what I wanted. The staff was helpful and seemed to know the products very well. I had a 10 am appointment and at 11 I had it narrowed down to 3. I wanted to bring some family back later in the day to see them. That went well and I bought a dress.
Whitney Ranco from Bangor
on 01/16/2018
The moment I stepped through the door I immediately was helped and directed on where to go for my appointment. Being a bigger girl it was kind of awkward changing with anyone seeing me. Alexis was so professional! Not only did she make me feel so comfortable trying on dresses but helped find me find the PERFECT dress to say yes to! Could not have picked a better place to go for dress and I didn’t even go over my budget!
Emily Stinchfield from Bangor
on 01/15/2018
The store was beautiful. Everyone was so professional but made me feel so comfortable. Jeff was fantastic and was so patient with my indecisiveness. He never made me feel rushed. He complemented me in each dress and helped me past my insecurities. We definitely had the "Blush Experience" that you hear such wonderful things about. Thank you so much.
Tori from Bangor
on 01/08/2018
My consultant Gretchen was extremely helpful and made my experience amazing! I wasn't sure what I was looking for when I went in and went home with an amazing bridal dress and bridesmaids dress! Couldn't have asked for a better day!
Lindsay Nodden from Bangor
on 12/23/2017
Gretchen was AMAZING! She was very professional and didn’t pressure me into anything. Fantastic experience! I would recommend them to anyone and everyone!
Jessica from Bangor
on 12/18/2017
Jeff, although new, was friendly and helpful. When he was unsure about answers to a particular question, he immediately brought someone else in, which I appreciated, as sometimes I find consultants try to "figure it out" themselves and leave the customer with wrong information. We had a good time and I am glad I started my wedding dress search at Blush. Thank you!
Makayla from Bangor
on 11/26/2017
I would recommend Blush Bridal to everyone. Right from the second I walked in the place was warm and inviting. The consultant was absolutely amazing. At no point did I feel rushed into picking a dress or feel as if I had to walk out the door with a dress. The consultant actually listened to what I wanted and was very helpful in helping me choose the right dress. It was a very pleasant experience and I plan to go back there when I need to pick my bridesmaid dresses.
Marissa Potter from Bangor, ME
on 11/17/2017
Had a great experience. Beautiful place. Atmosphere felt nice. I had undivided attention. I had options for dresses. My helper was great and easy going. Thank you Riley.
Amy Curtis from Bangor
on 11/12/2017
What an amazing experience at Blush with our fabulous Blush employee Emma. It was so fun and relaxing and was a true bridal experience. Thank you!
Sarah Lehman from Bangor
on 11/05/2017
I had the absolute best experience selecting a wedding dress. From the moment we walked in the door at Blush Bangor we felt welcomed and the atmosphere was so laid back and upbeat! Kylie was amazing and went above and beyond to ensure that I found the dress of my dreams! She listened to everything I wanted and guided me in the right direction when I was getting confused. I ultimately found the dress of my dreams and it is everything I envisioned and more! I never once felt rushed or that something was being pushed on me! What a great experience! I recommend Blush to every bride to be!
Erica Burakowski from Bangor
on 11/01/2017
I couldn’t ask for a better place to buy my dress. Especially after having a meltdown and changing my dress order the next day. You’ve been very caring and accommodating and I sincerely appreciate it.
Jessica McPherson from Blush Bangor
on 10/23/2017
Had a wonderful experience at Blush Bangor! The staff was very accommodating and easy to work with. They were professional but also very friendly and made the whole experience very fun and comfortable !
Darlene from Bangor
on 10/15/2017
From start to finish my experience with Blush was amazing! I called to inquire about a specific dress I tried on out of state and the owner went out of her way to order it for the store so I could try it on in a size closer to mine. She was so accommodating. When I got to my appointment I was greeted by my name and my dress was waiting for me by a dressing room. My consultant Emma was wonderful!! She was sweet, spunky, and fun and helped me choose other dresses to try on just Incase. Emma made me feel so comfortable and because of my overall experience I had to buy my dress here! Customer service is huge and they were great. Emma gave me champagne to celebrate and took a Polaroid picture when I said yes to the dress! Highly recommend Blush!
Samantha Shorette from Bangor
on 10/09/2017
Very nice experience and wonderfully unique atmosphere.
Olivia Armstrong from Saint John, NB, Canada
on 09/12/2017
We drove to Bangor from New Brunswick and decided to stop in at Blush before heading to the airport. We did not have an appointment but Alexis was very kind in letting us try on some gowns! She was very helpful throughout the appointment and went above and beyond to work with us. The selection is BEAUTIFUL as is the store itself. It is seriously the most beautiful bridal boutique I have ever been in - and I use to work at one in NC! We had searched all weekend in New Brunswick with no luck because I was fixated on trying on a specific dress. But the third dress I tried on at Blush ended up being THE ONE! ? It was the perfect combination of all the elements in a dress I was looking for and was even better than I imagined it could be. Every bride needs to go to Blush for the perfect bridal experience! Plus, they have a large selection of bridesmaids dresses as well as a boutique downstairs where you could find your formal rehearsal dress. I HIGHLY recommend Blush!
Vanessa from Old Town
on 09/10/2017
Blush was an amazing experience. Not only was I surrounded by kindness from all the employers the atmosphere was beautiful. I truly felt like a bride to be as I tried on some of the most gorgeous dresses I've ever seen. I was not rushed, felt beautiful, and was successful in finding the dress of my dreams! I could not thank everyone at Blush enough for this fantastic experience.
Anonymous from Bangor
on 09/10/2017
I had such a great time today! Great atmosphere, the bridal sweet made me feel like staffs attention was right with me the whole time. The woman who helped me was very nice and and fulfilled my needs 100%! Definitely reccomend people to come here for dresses :)
Lynnette from Bangor
on 09/10/2017
I had the most amazing expirence at Blush! It felt like I was the only one there and there was so much room, the atmosphere was welcoming and exciting! I had a mishap with my appointment (my fault), but Gretchen and the staff got it figured it out for me and it was the best appointment Ive had! I found my dream dress and even though I felt it took forever for me to decide, not once did I feel pressured or rushed from the staff! The champaigne toast was a bonus! Highly recommend Blush!!
Miranda McLellan from Bangor
on 08/28/2017
Had an appointment with Danielle on a Sunday morning. I was kind of worried about my shopping experience after being disappointed with a consultant at another local shop. I could not have pictured a more magical experience than the one I had at Blush. The bridal suite area was so pretty and intimate, the selection was more than I was expecting. Danielle really listened to what I wanted, pulled beautiful options for me to try on and ended up putting together two separates that were literally my perfect dream dress. They also worked with me to ensure I got my dream dress and stayed within my budget. I cried, they cried, everyone cried and it was just pure magic. If you are shopping for your wedding dress and are in the bangor area, I wouldn't recommend you even bother with anyone other than Blush. I promise you won't regret this perfect experience.
Angela Hobson from Bangor, ME
on 08/23/2017
I want to thank the amazing staff at Blush Bridal for making me feel like a princess while I was searching for my wedding gown. It was my first and last stop, because I found the PERFECT dress!! I would highly recommend Blush Bridal!! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.