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Overall Rating: 5.0/5.0 from 25 reviews
on 10/19/2018
I want to thank you for a great time at your bridal shop! You were so helpful and a fun energetic person. You made our dress shopping delightful! We will definitely be back when you get some of the new dresses in!
on 08/29/2018
We had a wonderful experience with Dream Day Bridals! It was a fun and relaxed appointment!
Anonymous from Owatonna
on 07/16/2018
You have an amazing store and did a perfect job helping me find the one dress for my special day! It was nice to work with you because you have such creative ideas! I felt free to imagine what the dress will look like when it is complete. I love that you can personalize your dresses to make them even more special. I would highly recommend you in the future!
on 06/18/2018
I had a wonderful time trying on dresses here!! There is an amazing selection. I will definitely suggest this place to friends! Thank you!
on 04/14/2018
Marcia was wonderful and so helpful! She wasn’t pushy and very honest. I appreciated her help so much! I was in a bind with my wedding only being a month away and my dress being too big for me. She let me try on some of her dresses even though I should of listened to her in the first place and gotten my dress tailored! But so grateful would recommend her to any bride.
on 01/22/2018
Marcia has a way of making you feel comfortable and special. Had a great experience working with her and was blown away by the service that I was more then happy to drive an hour to find the dress for my day. Thanks for everything!
Chelsea from Faribault
on 01/26/2016
It was such a fun expierence. You ladies were really so much help and lots of fun. Definitely will recommend.
Hannah Spitzack from Hayfield, MN
on 01/18/2016
Marcia did a wonderful job making me feel special and comfortable on my first day of trying on dresses. She listened to my opinions, but gave me new options and opened my eyes to different possibilities. It is very evident she loves what she does and is great at it!
Ashley Jensen from Owatonna
on 12/28/2015
I liked how you allowed me to show you pictures of dresses that I liked. It was nice to be able to go in the back room and pick from the dresses by myself. The process of getting dresses on and off went fast and smooth. You were very complimentary and asked for my feedback on the dresses. You were sociable and friendly to me and my guests which I appreciated. Thank you for your patience in helping me find 'her.'
Samantha from Owatonna mn
on 12/10/2015
I absolutely loved this shop. Marcia was very easy to work with and she was great with helping out. You can tell she loves what she does and I would recommend this shop to anyone.
Amy Brandt from Owatonna
on 11/20/2015
Very helpful, willing to help stay in budgets, worked to get my bridesmaid dresses ordered to fit my tight schedule.
Casey from Montgomery
on 09/21/2015
I really enjoyed dress shopping here! Marcia was very helpful and so much fun to work with!
Katie from Janesville, MN
on 08/19/2015
This was the first Bridal Shop I went to and I am so grateful for that. The shop has many selections to chose from and the owner was absolutely amazing. Not only was she knowledgeable about the dresses but she was also very kind and funny. She made an experience that could've easily been awkward into a memory I won't forget! Thank you so much, I highly recommend your shop!
Deja Battenfeld from St. Paul, MN
on 04/22/2015
This was the best experience! I found SO many dresses I wanted to try on, Marcia has plenty of options. I also felt very welcomed and at ease when she was helping me. She gave us enough space to discuss the purchase yet was extremely helpful. I ended up finding the perfect dress and didn't want to take it off (and it was $200 under budget!). All around it was a great experience and I would recommend her to any bride to be!
Kay from Owatonna, MN
on 03/25/2015
Love the shop and the different styles of dresses available. Great attention from the staff. Love the whole experience.
Laura Haglund from Owatonna, MN
on 10/14/2014
I had such a great time! You were so much fun to work with and you helped make the process enjoyable instead of frustrating. You genuinely cared about me finding my dress and I greatly appreciated that! It was just an incredible experience that I will fondly remember for the rest of my life. Thanks for making my special day all the more special!
Lindsey from Owatonna
on 08/14/2014
I had a wonderful time! It was relaxing and fun. Marcia was very helpful and didn't push dresses to try on. She also left me be when I wanted to think about different dresses. I would highly recommend visiting Dream Day Bridals!!
Amanda from Kenyon, MN
on 05/28/2014
Love how personalized each visit is!!! I got to try my dress on for the first time! I love how it feels like home each time I visit!
Ann SChroeder from owatonna
on 02/22/2014
OMG--- the dresses where beautiful… of the 3 that I like the 2 mermaids…. the one with the beading and the simple dress… and the other bonny.. could you tell me the name and numbers of the dresses so that I can look them up online better in there big catalog..Thanks
Christine from Ellendale
on 02/09/2014
The dresses were very pretty and the service was excellent! I really felt like they spent their time and catered to me. Unfortunately for me, the prices were beyond my budget but I had a really low budget. Overall I would recommend this shop.
Amanda from Kenyon, MN
on 01/26/2014
Had a wonderful experience! I loved that I was listened to about what I wanted even though I did go with what I originally said I didn't want. I am so in love with my dress and experience that I will recommend to other friends!
melissa bell
on 01/19/2014
I had a great experience! Marcia was very friendly and helpful! Thank you!
Trish from Jordan, MN
on 11/24/2013
I loved the fact that we were the only ones at the boutique. Made the whole experience very enjoyable. I also loved the walkway, which felt like you were walking down the aisle. Made it feel more real :) I was a little surprised by the selection in the price range I was hoping for. Thought I would have more choices but also understand that my budget was on the low end. Overall, a fun and enjoyable time altogether!
Julie from Owatonna, MN
on 10/24/2013
I liked the one on one attention, it made the whole experience enjoyable. I was happy with the selection and happy that I found my dress :)
on 10/21/2013
I had an amazing experience! Everyone was so nice and supportive! I cannot wait to come back in the next couple of weeks!