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Chloe O'Brien from Medford
on 05/17/2022
Paige was wonderful helping me to feel comfortable and find my dress. 10/10 recommend!
Brooke Murphy from Bend
on 05/09/2022
This shop is INCREDIBLE. Brittany is the kindest and most accommodating gal ever and she really wants you to find the dress of your dreams. She really puts in the time to find what’s right for you and knows all of her dresses. As soon as you tell her your vision, she knows what to get! She is not just a business woman wanting a sale, she’s a friend and an advocate for you. I feel so blessed to have found the most amazing gown and I’m so excited to walk down the aisle. I cannot write a good enough review of the bridal suite, this place is simply the best!
Gracie Pacheco from Bend
on 04/10/2022
I loved it! I felt so accommodated and like ya'll were excited with me! I found my dress fairly quickly and you helped me find the perfect dress in my price range! Loved it great customer service would definitely recommend my friends to come here for there wedding!
Rachel from Bend, OR
on 03/14/2022
Wonderful! Brittney was so helpful. She encouraged me to try on a few different styles so that I didn’t have any regret or the ‘what if’ feeling. I went back and forth between two and she helped me try on different veils so I could get the full picture. I ended up crying in ‘the one’. I went back the next day, tried it on again and purchased. I can’t wait to wear it!
Jamie Paisley from Hey 97
on 03/13/2022
Brittany was wonderful to work with. She was genuine, warm, patient. I felt so comfortable (which I didn’t think I would). Beautiful selection of dresses too- I felt like I had so many good options as top contenders.
Kassy from Burns OR
on 03/07/2022
I am so glad that I went to The Bridal Suite they were very sweet caring and helpful with helping me choose my dress. I felt very comfortable and stress free they definitely know how to make you feel beautiful and they take good care of you and listen to what you are looking for! Thank you soo much for helping me find my dress I love it!!
Sarah Tolton from Bend, Oregon
on 02/28/2022
Such an incredible experience! Paige was so amazing to work with, offered the best advice and really made me feel comfortable and relaxed! They had a gorgeous dress selection. I would highly recommend coming to the Bridal Suite!
on 02/22/2022
I couldn't have asked for a better dress buying experience! Brittany was so knowledgeable and full of great wedding day tips, and wasn't pushy at all. I felt so comfortable shopping here - can't recommended enough!
Emily Flynn from Bend, OR
on 02/14/2022
Brittany was amazing! She listened to what I wanted and helped make my vision for my dream dress come true!
Ashley Roberts
on 01/10/2022
Brittany was outstanding! She listened to what I was looking for in a dress and helped me find the perfect one. I liked that she allowed my bridal party to pick out options while she took my mom around the store for them to pick out choices. She talked me through each dress I tried on of what it would look like once it's altered and all the color options it comes with. I felt like I could be myself around her and express my opinions freely. Thank you so much for helping me find the perfect wedding dress!
on 12/28/2021
Paige was amazing, so sweet and makes you feel very confident when trying dresses and styles on.
Laura Linnell from Bend, OR
on 11/13/2021
Excellent service, great prices, knew their stock and what was coming, great lighting, lots of jewelry options, would highly recommend to anyone else looking for a dress!
Kayte Tompkins from Springfield, OR
on 09/27/2021
Both Brittany and Paige were amazing! Britany helped me with the dresses and she was the perfect person to have with you in the dressing room! She always stayed at or below budget and didn't push otherwise! I found the most beautiful dress and I couldn't have done it without her. They were very welcoming to my bridal party as well! I highly recommend The Bridal Suite!
on 09/26/2021
Great selection and Paige was amazing with picking the right dresses to try on and was super friendly.
Loryn from Central Oregon
on 09/22/2021
Best wedding dress shopping experience in comparison to all the other locations I've been to. Comfortable, relaxing, with no extra pressure or hype. Thank You!
Mackenzie from Redmond
on 09/13/2021
I had the most wonderful experience with Brittany. She helped me find my style which was NOT what I had always seen myself wearing for a wedding dress. The experience was very delightful and cannot say enough positive things. Thank you Brittany for being so amazing! Highly recommend the Bridal Suite & Special Occasion for your dress shopping!
Amanda Olson from Bend
on 09/06/2021
Paige was so sweet and helpful! She was patient and knew exactly what dresses to pull with the little information I gave her. I felt really comfortable and welcomed at the Bridal Suite and I found my perfect dress!! Thank you Paige!
Zafiro from Bend
on 07/26/2021
I had such a great time at The Bridal Suite. My budget was respected and my vision completed! I found a dress that I'm absolutely in love with!
Caitlyn from Bend
on 07/26/2021
Loved my experience! Both gals in the shop on the day I was there were very welcoming and personable. I worked with Brittany who was super kind and chill, she asked questions and guides my appointment based off my answer. Didn’t feel rushed at any point.
Amy Clemens from Prineville
on 07/22/2021
This was a wonderful and relaxing place to look and get a bridal gown! They have a wonderful selection, and beautifully displayed! The ladies there were super helpful. I gave them my budget, and they stuck to it which was really nice. They didn't try and up-sell and bring in dresses that were over my budget. That had a super awesome sale going on, so that was even better! I was very happy with my experience!
Jessica from Bend
on 06/21/2021
My experience was AMAZING! Paige did such a wonderful job of making me feel like it was all about me. She knew exactly what would fit my body style and made sure that the dresses she picked out would fit my personal preferences as well. I can't thank her enough for finding the dress of my dreams!
Hailea from Bend, OR
on 06/17/2021
I had such an amazing experience buying my dress at The Bridal Suite. Paige really made sure I felt comfortable in her shop and really tailored the experience to me. I never felt pressured to buy a dress or like our conversation was centered on the sale. Paige really helped me find the best dress for me compared to other shops that I felt like they were trying to just sell me any dress. I had such an amazing experience buying my bridal dress here!
Kelsey Dizney from Bend, OR
on 03/24/2021
I had a great time! I got to try on a wide variety of dresses, with no pressure to choose a certain dress or style.
Hannah Hamlin from Bend, OR
on 02/10/2021
Paige was so wonderful during my appointment! She cared for every need and went at a great pace, not too fast or slow, just perfect for me(bride). My family loved her and our time there!
Sabrina from Bend Oregon
on 02/08/2021
I loved the experience that I had. It was fun and the owner and employee was so helpful and gave great advise. Extremely grateful that I was able to find my dress there.
Deidre Moore from Bend
on 01/17/2021
Paige was super helpful and made the experience. She was patient and had an eye for what dresses were working and others to try.
Shannon Zimmerman from Bend
on 12/28/2020
I can't say enough great things about my experience here. At no time did I ever feel rushed or any pressure to buy a dress that day. (Spoiler, I did end up finding THE dress) I came in with a budget in mind and they such an amazing job helping me to stick to that budget without me feeling like I was limiting myself. Their selection is absolutely amazing, the only tough part of my day was not falling in love with 2 or 3 dresses. I can't thank them enough for making the experience perfect. I can't wait to pick up my dress in April.
Rachel from Bend Oregon
on 11/15/2020
Such a wonderful experience, I was very pleased with EVERYTHING. Customer service was exquisite and the dresses were beautiful and not only that but I left with the perfect dress and it was half of the price that I was expecting to pay. I got everything I needed down to the garter, accessories and vail for under $500.
Maddie from Bend
on 10/13/2020
Paige was not only incredibly kind and uplifting but she got me to a T! She has done everything to help me find the dress of my dreams and I can’t wait to go back for another fitting!
Anonymous from Bend, Oregon.
on 10/12/2020
We had an amazing experience at The Bridal Suite. I can’t think of one negative thing to say. Thank you for all the help and kindness. It’s nice to leave a bridal shop knowing we were told the honest truth about everything. Thank you again for the amazing experience.
on 10/01/2020
We had a wonderful experience at The Bridal Suite! Paige immediately saw my vision, and only brought out dresses that matched that vision and were within my price range. Every single dress I tried on looked absolutely beautiful, but we were able to narrow it down to THE perfect dress! The seamstress from alterations even came out to discuss the fit and some small changes I wanted (adding straps). I am so excited to put my dress back on.. I didn’t even want to take it off! Thank you for making such a special day, even greater!
Andrea from Bend
on 09/15/2020
Great customer service and extremely professional. Found the most beautiful dress!!!!
Sabrina from Bend
on 08/27/2020
Very professional and helpful staff. They made my experience a positive one for sure.
Nicole from Bend
on 08/12/2020
My stylist was amazing at helping pick dresses and made the experience super relaxing. I never once felt pressured to purchase anything. I got an AWESOME price on my brand new dress and veil!! Super happy with my choices and I can't wait to go back for my dress fitting!
Aurora from Bend
on 06/22/2020
Brittany got the vibe I wanted and needed through a couple of exchanges via email. She absolutely nailed! She made it so easy and relaxing. The dress is beautiful and I am so excited for my big day.
Kristen Boatner from Bend Oregon
on 06/17/2020
It was a wonderful experience. The lady was very nice and educational. And the dresses she picked out were very beautiful. And I said yes to the most beautiful dress!
Miranda McRae from Powell Butte, OR
on 03/24/2020
My girls and I had such a great time shopping at The Bridal Suite. Paige was very prepared and helpful throughout the entire appointment. She really got a grasp on the style I was looking for to help me find my dream dress and make the necessary changes to make it perfect for me!
Noelle from Redmond
on 03/23/2020
Paige was amazing! I had the most amazing experience! Will recommend to everyone
Jessica Hubel from Forest Grove, OR
on 03/09/2020
Paige was an absolute rockstar! She gave me incredible advice and helped me pick out me dream dress. Plus the price was affordable. Great shop!
on 12/30/2019
I had an incredible experience here! Even though I had a large entourage, Paige made sure that my opinions were heard and my feelings were validated. I wasn't sure about the dress on the first day, but when I came back for a second appointment, she helped me try it on with a veil, and I knew it was the dress! Truly an incredible experience.
Camille from Bend
on 10/28/2019
I enjoyed my appointment and loved that atmosphere. I found the perfect dress here.
Sarah Shapiro from Bend
on 10/10/2019
I loved my experience at The Bridal Suite. Paige was really attentive and put me at ease during what could have been an absolutely overwhelming and anxiety-inducing experience. Choosing a wedding dress is a big deal, so having help is absolutely crucial. The staff are so professional and helpful, understanding of the stresses involved with such an experience, and genuinely caring.
Ashley Schwartz from Bend, OR
on 10/09/2019
I had such a wonderful experience shopping for my wedding dress at The Bridal Suite. Brittney was incredibly sweet and so attentive to my desires and likes. She listened to exactly what I was looking for and gave me her honest opinion without being overbearing or trying to convince me to get something different than what I was going for. I had been to one other bridal shop already and felt as though I was not welcome or liked by the lady helping me. That was definitely not the case at The Bridal Suite. They were so warm and welcoming and made me feel comfortable, confident and not pressured or rushed to find a dress. After trying multiple dresses Brittney still gave me her full attention and patience. The shop had so many amazing dresses I could have picked all of them but luckily I found my absolute dream dress!! I highly recommend The Bridal Suite for your wedding dress needs!
Isabel from Bend
on 09/23/2019
I had an amazing experience! The gals were very friendly, and I found my dress!!
Chelsea from Bend
on 09/23/2019
Paige was AMAZING in helping me find my perfect dress! She was thoughtful and organized and gave me the time and space needed to figure out the dress that was going to be perfect for my wedding! I never felt rushed, always felt heard, and she did an amazing job picking styles that suited me and my wedding. Could not recommend Paige or the Bridal Suite more!
Samantha Sterrett from Bend, Oregon
on 07/26/2019
Brittany made it a fun and enjoyable experience. I liked that I was allowed to look through all of the gowns. I was also happy that the gowns were beautiful and affordable. Brittany seemed like the type of person to do anything in her power to make dreams come true. I had a great appointment.
Mary Ellen Wright from Bend, oregon
on 07/26/2019
I had an amazing experience, loved every minute of it!! Thank you for helping me find my dream dress!
Maia from Jackson
on 05/10/2019
I had the most wonderful time at the bridal suite. Brittany was amazing. I left It mostly to her to select the dresses that I tried on. She did an amazing job picking dresses that were exactly what I was looking and looked good on me at the same time. It was tough to pick just one! I ended up with my dream dress and I am so excited to wear it at my wedding. I went to 5 different shops and this was, without a doubt, the best experience hands down. Thank you so much ladies!!
Mariah Hakimian from Bend
on 04/04/2019
Paige was so much fun to work with, all of us girls had a great time. I appreciated everything she did to make it a special day. I would recommend The Bridal Suite to anyone looking for THE dress!
Tia from Bend
on 02/26/2019
This is by far the best place to purchase a wedding dress or any other formal wear you may need. I loved the personal attention I received while I was trying on dresses. Brittany was fantastic at picking dresses that fit the look that I wanted. The store is clean, comfortable and full of beutiful dresses. I can't wait to go back and pick flower girl and brides maid dresses.