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Emma Terres from Hopkins
on 09/15/2021
Had the most wonderful experience! The owner was helping our group and really understood the process and was so supportive the whole time. It was a day I will remember forever!
Anna-Britt from Hopkins
on 09/07/2021
I could not have worked with better or more educated staff! They answered all my questions I had and I am so in love with my dress
Ashley Davis from Hopkins
on 09/05/2021
I had such an amazing experience from my VIP appointment all the way to picking up my dress. The staff were all so kind and my dress came super quickly! They kept me in the loop every step of the way with a helpful text line just for brides. I would recommend Posh to any future bride. Thank you for helping me find my dream dress!
Emily Olson from Hopkins
on 08/26/2021
Maggie was absolutely fabulous and delightful from start to finish! I cannot recommend Posh more.
Jacqueline George from Hopkins
on 08/24/2021
I could not have had a more lovely experience at Posh! Marie, the owner welcomed us into her beautiful shop and helped me find my dream dress. She selected several styles based on our “get to know you” conversation. She also let us look on our own to pick out any other styles I liked. I never felt rushed or pressured. She was warm and welcoming, assuring me I’d know “the one” when I felt it in my heart. I did find the dress I loved, but had appointments at two other shops that day. Marie offers a discount if you choose and purchase the dress on the same day. Not wanting to commit before I tried a few others, I told her I’d let her know. After we left for our 2nd appointment she texted me thanking us for coming in and said to reach out with any questions. By the time I had finished my 3rd and horrible appointment at the Wedding Shoppe in St. Paul, Posh was closed for the day. I rang the shop on the off chance Marie might still be there. So I could tell her I did indeed want the dress I found there. I got an out of office voicemail message. I was bummed after ending on a bad note at The Wedding Shoppe and sad I wouldn’t be able to get the dress I really wanted until Tuesday. But, amazing Ms. Marie called me several minutes later. I told her I loved the dress and wanted to buy it. She invited me back to the store, even though she was closed, just so I could try it on one more time and officially say “YES!” She had champagne for us to celebrate and gave me a gift bag and a hug before we left. She also let me keep a date on the books for a “reveal” where I can try it on for my bridesmaids to see. Warm, caring, compassionate customer service is really what it’s all about. Thank you Marie for helping me find my dream dress! You’re truly amazing.
Amber from Hopkins
on 08/23/2021
This was my first experience shopping for a bridal gown and had heard from friends and family that posh is the best place to start. I was in awe of the beautiful shop and how pampered the employees make you feel. It was a true princess experience.
Amanda from Minneapolis, MN
on 08/22/2021
I had a great time shopping at Posh Bridal! Wonderful atmosphere and the dresses and prices are great. Definitely recommend!
Stephanie Giese from Hopkins
on 08/21/2021
Great personalized experience working with Evangeline! She listed to my feedback and made me feel totally comfortable!
Annie from Minneapolis, MN
on 08/18/2021
Very flexible and helpful! Last minute, the owner pulled veil samples and was able to provide me with an appointment. She was extremely helpful and kind!
Anita Hanchar from Hopkins
on 08/16/2021
I loved the service here! My wedding was coming up and I needed a dress quick. I really wanted to look like a princess and that’s what I got. I beautiful dress and the most perfect time. They helped show the alterations and how the dress would look after. They went out of their way to even contact a seamstress to make sure the alterations were possible and not too expensive. They even cut the price of the dress in veil for me. I loved the expirence I got here and I love my dress :)
Nicole from Hopkins
on 08/16/2021
Alyssa was awesome to work with!! So kind and patient!
Nicole Snapp from Wayzata
on 08/11/2021
I highly enjoyed my experience at Posh Bridal. Kendra was so sweet and really listened to what I was looking for in a dress. This was my favorite shop out of all the bridal shops I went to!
HollyBeth from Minnetonka
on 08/06/2021
Posh was so patient with me. Sarah was so sweet and picked out TWO perfect dresses, and I ended up with one that my friend said I was “stunning” in. With COVID/Delta and buying a new house/moving, it has been chaotic, however Sarah was wonderful ??I was huge and pregnant my younger/first wedding 30 yrs ago, and I wasn’t feeling super pretty or confident, and Sarah made me feel pretty. It’s been a long road to get here, and the wonderful man I’m marrying knows my path to get here, and loved that I found my dress there. Thank you Sarah & Posh, you are wonderful ??????
Raiana from Hopkins
on 08/04/2021
Very nice dresses and quality, nice environment and nice employees.
Leah Gross from Hopkins
on 07/30/2021
Great setup - loved having the whole space to ourselves. Snacks, champagne, phone chargers etc were appreciated Stylist was great at communicating. She filled me in on her process and I could tell she was very focused on making sure I had the dress that would make me the happiest.
Trish from Hopkins
on 07/29/2021
Sarah was a very lovely consultant I had the pleasure of spending my time there with her!! She was very conversational, personable, and affable. The bridal shop itself was SO AESTHETIC and very impressive. My bridesmaids completely took advantage of all the free candy around the shop ??. The dress selections was very impressive and they even had my DREAM DRESS in stock and it was so surreal. I greatly enjoyed my experience at Posh and I highly recommend this shop!
Kilee from Minnesota
on 07/28/2021
Had an absolutely amazing time at Posh! Sarah was my consultant and she was the absolute sweetest and helped me find the one! The whole atmosphere of the store was warm and fun and it was by far the best experience I had bridal dress shopping of all the places I went! I cannot recommend Posh enough!
Ki Hudson from Hopkins, MN
on 07/22/2021
Very welcoming! I enjoyed walking in to three smiling faces! Helpful and had lots of options for what I was looking. Beautiful pieces.
Jennifer from Minneapolis
on 07/22/2021
Of the many places I visited, this one was the best experience. It felt like what wedding dress shopping should be with helpful patient staff. Thanks again for your great service.
Naomi Jackson from Saint Paul
on 07/17/2021
I had the most amazing time! I worked with Marie and it felt like I’ve known her my whole life. Marie helped me find the perfect dress for me. She listed to me, my body language and helped me feel the most amazing dress. I’m so thankful I went in and I can’t say enough good things about Posh!!
Steph Wilson from Richfield, MN
on 07/13/2021
Posh Bridal is absolutely wonderful! I booked a VIP appointment for me and 5 of my girls ($250) which included a mimosa bar, pastries, 3 hours to try on and shop, two personal consultants, a comfy and warm environment, and the WHOLE store to ourselves! In comparison to other bridal salons (VIP appointments in the $700 range!) this is VERY affordable! For my first ever experience, I was very happy to do this! My party also enjoyed the experience and said it’s the best dress appointment they’ve ever been a part of! To my surprise, I happily found my dress and the VIP price went towards it! So I was able to afford a beautiful dress in my price range. The consultants were beyond polite and positive throughout the entire appointment. They listened to everything I liked and didn’t like, details I was interested in and looking for, and stayed in my price range without any pressure to go above that. They truly respected every single detail and were uplifting when it came to sizing and fitting into the dresses. When it comes time to renew my vows, I plan to come back :) Thank you, Posh Bridal!
Lauren from Hopkins, MN
on 07/11/2021
I was nervous to find a wedding dress with only three months until my wedding. Our consultant, Maggie, did an excellent job walking me through a process to find my dress and she pulled a wide variety of dresses that fit my “vision”. Posh has an excellent selection of samples for off the rack purchase. It was a great experience.
Laura Nielson from Hopkins
on 06/30/2021
I had such a wonderful experience with Debbie! The first dress I tried on was the one! The whole time Debbie was great and so supportive throughout the process! I loved the space and the ambiance was just so welcoming and cozy.
Brianna Conroy from Hopkins
on 06/27/2021
I had an amazing experience! I was a little nervous about shopping because I’m so indecisive and it was my first time shopping but the ladies were so helpful and helped me find my dress! I said YES!
Michele Van Beek from Hopkins, MN
on 06/26/2021
Absolutely loved our experience there. Your shop and customer service was incredible and it’s the exact experience I dreamed of as a bride!!! Thank you so much for helping me find the dress of my dreams and for helping my friends and I have such a fun time!!!
Stephanie from Hopkins
on 06/18/2021
I had the best experience ever! So professional, very informative and accommodating in all aspects! It was truly a great experience and would strongly recommend checking them out. Genuine, amazing women helping other women to feel amazing and look perfect in a dress that is right for them. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience! Thank you again POSH ! You were all amazing ??
Nicole from Hopkins, MN
on 06/09/2021
Excellent, unique selection and Debbie was so talented at finding multiple beautiful options. I was so excited to find the dress without feeling rushed or pressured! Beautiful set up and wonderful service.
Afton Wolter from Hopkins
on 06/07/2021
I had an amazing time at Posh! From the moment we walked in, Maggie was amazing and made all of us feel excited to look at dresses. The atmosphere is so comfortable and fun to be in. The process of trying on dresses also made it less overwhelming and very easy to find the one! I would highly recommend brides to go to Posh for their dress!
Carli Arnoldi
on 05/29/2021
The ladies at Posh Bridal were so easy to work with! They did all the hard work and made it a breeze to find the right dress! It was my first time trying on dresses and found the one that day!
Lauren from St. Louis Park
on 01/14/2021
Debbie was great and pulled dresses that fit my price and my style!
shawna from Golden Valley Country club
on 01/04/2021
This place is amazing and so is the staff. The place was very relaxing, beautiful and comfortable to be in, along with beautiful decor and a great selection of dresses that were very reasonable priced. The staff was very friendly and helpful. i told them the style of dress i was look for and a price point and they selected some they thought match my liking and also brought me a few that were similar but had a few difference which help insure exactly what i wanted. They then had me narrowed it down to 3 dresses which lead me to my wedding dress. i am so glad i decided to come here, I found my dream dress thank you guys !!
Rachel from Wayzata
on 12/26/2020
What a fantastic experience and wedding dress selection!
Jennifer from Wayzata
on 12/16/2020
Super easy to come in a pickup my dress. Exactly as I remember it. Can’t wait for our big day
Alexis from Wayzata, MN
on 11/23/2020
The experience was amazing! Tatum was kind and helpful and the boutique felt very welcoming and comfortable. Highly recommend.
Caitlin from Wayzata
on 11/23/2020
They go above and beyond. Highly recommend!
Alicia B
on 11/08/2020
I had a wonderful time finding my dress yesterday! The boutique was adorable and the refreshments were a nice touch. Maggie made the whole experience super smooth and was just overall really awesome to work with. I absolutely love the dress I found and would recommend others to visit your shop!
Jennifer from Wayzata
on 11/08/2020
Wonderful experience at Posh Bridal. Maggie was my consultant and she was delightful, not to mention knowledgeable. Loved that my crew was able to sit back, relax and sip on bubbles while I modeled the dresses. The whole experience was truly enjoyable.
Alyssa from Wayzata
on 11/01/2020
I was in today, October 31,2020, and loved my experience! This was the first shop I went to and loved everything about it, the atmosphere, the service, the dresses, everything! It was so nice to have it so intimate and all about me for a change. I’m not one to be the center of attention but today they made it feel like I was and I found my perfect dress for way under my budget which was great! They didn’t pressure me into anything and didn’t worry about time, I was able to try on the same dress more than twice to compare and decide. This is definitely the place to go to and I will be recommending Posh Bridal to my friends and family.
Karissa Herrman
on 10/28/2020
I had an amazing experience at Posh Bridal from the moment I picked out my dress to the day I picked it up. Everything went perfectly!
on 10/25/2020
Wonderful place!! Maggie was so helpful and understanding of what I wanted and needed. The first dress she picked out for me to try was the one I said yes to!
Natascha from Wayzata
on 10/20/2020
This was such an amazing experience. Not only did Posh open on Sunday due to schedule conflicts and my having some of my bridal party flying in, they had my style picked out to a T. The woman I worked with was the manager. I am very bad with names, but she was very pretty with long brown hair and a lovely encouraging smile. She also talked kindly when I mentioned how stressed I was and how much I absolutely loath shopping. She made me enjoy the entire experience and included my bridal party in that experience. She found my perfect dress and it fit almost perfect, right off the rack, minus the fact that wedding dresses are so long they seem to be made for 7' people and I am 5'4". Other than that I couldn't be happier, and that manager definitely deserves a raise!
on 10/17/2020
I had such an amazing experience! My consultant was great! This was my first time dress shopping and it was so easy and laid back, it was not difficult to find the one.
Kiana Jarnot from Elk River, MN
on 10/15/2020
The experience here was amazing. The girl I worked with was so nice and make me feel so comfortable. I would 10/10 recommend this page to anyone searching for the perfect wedding dress.
Ellen Stein from COTTAGE GROVE
on 10/14/2020
The best! Everyone has amazing personalities. Makes me feel happy and welcome. The best bridal shopping experience. Everywhere else I've been has been mediocre or poor in comparison. Thank you so much.
on 10/09/2020
Oh my gosh, it was the best day ever! I had an excellent experience at Posh. Maggie was my stylist and she was just the best! I didn’t feel rushed at all and I felt like she really cared about me and what type of dress I was looking for. The salon itself is so nice and clean and the dresses were gorgeous! I ended up saying YES to the dress and it makes me even more excited to wear it on my wedding day. Thank you Posh for everything!!
Sharon Kahat from Minneapolis
on 09/26/2020
My experience was amazing! The person who I was working with asked me about my special day, what I liked, didn't like, and she was spot on! I purchased the dress that same day but was not pressured into anything. I had gone to 5 other places but felt the least amount of stress at Posh. Thanks so much!
Savannah from St. Paul
on 09/25/2020
This review is long overdue after so many wedding changes due to COVID. My experience with Posh was wonderful. The in-store service was second to none. I found my dress the very first day I dress shopped and Sam was so great at helping me find exactly what a envisioned, making sure everyone was having a wonderful time in my group and keeping pricing information discreet as I requested. A week after purchasing my dress I saw some reviews and a news story that really concerned me about reviewing my dress. I stayed in contact with Posh and my designer’s customer service to ensure that everything went smoothly. Let me just say, Marie was wonderful. She was so kind and transparent with me. When the designer sent the dress I couldn’t do an in-store try on join pickup as it was during spring when COVID first really hit the US. I tried the gown on at home and noticed an issue with the neckline, sent Marie photos and she was quickly responsive to me and the situation. She helped get things sorted with the designer and even offered to bring the new dress to my home for me (40 minutes from the shop). She was so sweet and helpful as well as all the Posh staff I communicated and worked with. Posh far exceeded what I had thought would be a very stressful situation after seeing some other reviews. I can whole-heartedly say that I was so happy to have purchased my gown at Posh and worked with their team and Marie. They were wonderful and helped me find the most incredible gown for my special day. Thank you so much to Marie and her team. :)
on 09/25/2020
They were an absolute dream to work with.
Kimberly Reed from Wayzata
on 09/23/2020
I had the best bridal shopping experience. From the moment we arrived, we were greeted warmly by Maggie who gave us her full attention. We were the only group in the store, which made it feel even more special! My guests sipped champagne while Maggie did her thing - honestly, she was so sweet, so attentive, so fun. I found my dress and couldn't have felt more celebrated (are the stylists also supposed to cry?!?) Thank you for the wonderful experience!
on 09/21/2020
I had a fantastic experience at Posh. I had been to 7 bridal shops before and this was certainly the most fun experience for myself and my guests. The consultants were helpful and patient, and the dresses were absolutely beautiful.