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Rachael Ferguson from Kirksville
on 08/01/2019
I enjoyed myself just as much as I ever thought possible! Savannah was great and very relatable as she went through the indecisive journey with me. I’m the end it’s perfect and I can’t wait to get into it again
Rachael Ferguson from Kirksville
on 07/30/2019
Absolutely an amazing experience! I couldn’t imagine my experience any different or better without every Lynn
Kierstin Johnson from Linn MO
on 07/22/2019
It was such a great experience. I loved how it was 1 on 1. The lady helping me was so nice and helpful. She found my dream dress and I cannot wait to wear it on my special day! She took a picture of me in my dress and I would love for her to send it to me because I forgot to take one!
Ashley Hinds from Kirksville
on 07/19/2019
My mom and I had a blast. Savannah was amazingly helpful. She picked the perfect dress. First one I tried on was the one. I couldn't be happier! Thank you guys soooo much for the beautiful dress at an affordable price.
Larissa Sullivan from Kirksville
on 06/17/2019
Savannah was an absolutely amazing consultant. I felt so thoroughly cared for throughout the whole experience! Even before the actual appointment, I felt taken care of because of the questionnaire they have you fill out and how the consultant asked to be included in my Pinterest board for wedding dresses. So before coming, Evey Lynn was going the extra mile to make sure I had a great experience that wasn’t too overwhelming with countless styles, choices and price ranges. The experience continued to be positive even at the beginning of the appointment when we went through a few more questions and Savannah explained her goal was to help me find the dream dress within my budget and not pull things out that were more expensive. That made me feel at ease because I could tell they cared and the goal wasn’t just money. Then Savannah was amazing to spend so long helping me try on so many dresses! Stephanie also came by to pull dreamy dresses out for me to try on and that was a great experience and showed me she cares for her customers too, even when she’s not on the clock! I think what really topped things off, was that Savannah pulled dresses from the lower end of my budget. That right there, really sealed the deal for me. During this season, it seems like a lot of businesses are just trying to get the bride and groom to spend all the money on the big ticket items and because of that, I have felt like I have needed to be guarded. I didn’t feel like that at Evey Lynn. It was a PHENOMENAL experience and I will definitely share it with others. Thank you so much!
on 02/13/2019
I had a great experience, Savannah was so nice and really helpful!
Kamry Volkmer from Jefferson City, MO
on 02/04/2019
Stephanie went above and beyond to provide me with the best service! She helped me get my dream dress and the perfect accessories to go with it. If you are looking for an intimate shopping setting Evey Lynn Bridal is it! I can’t wait to wear my dress during my wedding!
Trinity from Princeton, MO
on 01/28/2019
Beautiful store. Very friendly staff. Lots of gorgeous dresses.
Darcy from Kirksville, Mo
on 01/07/2019
Jessie was absolutely amazing! She picked out dresses that were just my style and opened my eyes to so many options!
Kamry Volkmer from Jefferson City, MO
on 12/04/2018
I loved my experience at Evey Lynn Bridal! Stephanie is wonderful to work with and she makes you feel like the most important person in the room! Her store is beautiful and her service is stellar. If you are in search of a wedding dress be sure to make the trip to Kirksville with your closest family and friends, you wont regret it!
Sierra Reade from Brookfield Missouri
on 11/27/2018
I loved Evey Lynn Bridal! I got the amazing experience every bride deserves and more! Stephanie and her crew were an absolute blast to be around. They helped me find my perfect dress and I cannot wait for my big day! Thank you so much!
Liz from Lamar, MO
on 10/23/2018
The owner is super nice and made my experience the best that I could ask for. She had pulled dresses that very my style and made me feel beautiful no matter what dress I put on. The champagne experience is the way to go. It allows for more personal attention
Kelly Hill from Elmer Mo.
on 10/14/2018
Evey Lynn is aboustly amazing. I told them exactly what i was looking for and she had six dresses for me to try on when i got there . I believe we was into the 3rd dress and it was the one!! She listens to everything u have to say. The staff is very talented in what they do . They know how to make a brides dreams come true. I highly recommend Evey Lynn you won't be disappointed!!!
Autumn Weber from Macon
on 07/14/2018
Love being there. The consultant was very friendly and helpful. Looking forward to coming back with a bridesmaid and ordering my dress.
Hannah Strange from Columbia
on 07/10/2018
I honestly couldn't imagine a better experience than I had at Evey Lynn Bridal. Stephanie was amazing and I cannot thank her enough for making this experience so smooth and fun. Stephanie has a talent for listening to brides and coming through with the perfect dress. I highly recommend Stephanie at Evey Lynn Bridal. If I could do it again, I would chose Evey Lynn Bridal every time!
Jessica Sherman from Rock Island
on 06/18/2018
I had a lovely experience. I felt very comfortable and appreciated all the advise and guidance. You really opened my eyes up to new and dismissed possibilities. Thank so much.
Amanda Atwell from Bloomfield, Iowa
on 05/21/2018
Hands down the best experience I could have imagined. I was super nervous as this was my first appointment trying dresses on. Stephanie you made it a breeze! You made me feel like we had been friends forever. Thank you for making this an enjoyable experience! - One on one experience - Great selection of dresses - Very welcoming Hands down recommend Evey Lynn Bridal!
Anonymous from Kirksville, Missouri
on 05/06/2018
Thank you so much for providing a unique, personalized, and special experience! From the moment we stepped through the doorway it was a magical time. The whole weekend, we reflected on how beautiful the dresses were and how wonderful we felt at your store. From carefully and tactfully providing assistance in getting in and out of beautiful gowns, to knowing when to make helpful suggestions, to the clean, beautiful store with large mirrors, to pulling out perfect samples to try on... the entire time spent at your store was perfection. The appointment reminders and style interview before the shopping experience were also extremely helpful.
Whitney Sayre from Kirksville
on 04/22/2018
I had such a wonderful time finding my dress today! Thank you so much for your guidance and all your help! You’re such a sweet soul, you truly do a wonderful job. Thank you so very much!
Lisa Leach from Ottumwa
on 04/22/2018
I am so glad I picked your store to shop at for my first dress experience! You were absolutely amazing and I will point every bride in your direction in the future to go to you for the best experience possible! I personally want to thank you for everything today and cant wait to come back to visit your store when i pick up my veil!
Amy Burbee from Kirksville, MO
on 04/06/2018
I absolutely loved my experience at Evey Lynn! It was so special to have a personalized appointment where my family and I were the only ones in the store. She did a great job of picking options for me, and giving me time not to feel pressured to make a decision. Throughout the appointment I felt honored and valued as a bride, and never felt like "the sale" came before my positive experience. I would wholeheartedly recommend Evey Lynn as the first place to go for any bride looking to buy a dress!
Amanda Miller from Unionville, Missouri
on 03/17/2018
I highly recommend Evey Lynn’s. Stephanie will work with you until you find the dress of your dreams. I am a very picky person and she made sure I walked out with the right one! It was a great experience.
Kayla from Cameron, MO
on 03/14/2018
I had an amazing experience during my champagne appointment at Evey Lynn! Stephanie was so sweet and professional in answering all my questions before the appointment and worked to make sure my large group would be well taken care of while we were there. I loved the variety of dresses in the store that accommodate a variety of budgets. She had many beautiful dresses picked for me when I got there that aligned with what I wanted, and was very mindful of my budget. Throughout my whole appointment, Stephanie made the appointment so comfortable and was great at picking up what I was loving. It was overall such a great experience and my group and I felt welcome and comfortable. The personal attention was amazing! I definitely recommend Evey Lynn Bridal!
Haylee Coffin
on 03/05/2018
Honestly the best experience ever! Sweetest lady helped me as well!
Brianne from Kirksville
on 03/02/2018
This was my first experience shopping for a dress, and I loved this shop! We had the full attention of the staff and she really made it a comfortable and low-stress experience.
Britt Kastelic from KC
on 01/29/2018
Hey Stephanie, I loved my experience at your store! I'm sorry I missed you, but your staff was AMAZING. They were so kind and helpful. The dresses were beautiful and the dress I ended up with is so ME! I love it, and I really hadn't seen anything like it, and I truly searched the internet for gowns! Thank you so much! It was a great experience :)
Samantha A. from Kirksville
on 01/26/2018
We had a great time. It was very professional and you listened to the types of dresses we wanted to see. All the dresses were very pretty.
Shelby Bummer from Humphreys mo
on 01/08/2018
I loved it! The dresses were beautiful l, Mckenna was a lot of help, and I got the full experience! I would definitely recommend!
Kelby Martens from Kirksville
on 12/31/2017
Amazing experience and Stephanie listened and really did great on getting me exactly what I wanted!!
Jamie Garrett from Kirksville
on 12/21/2017
You read my responses to your questionnaire, and picked dresses that were perfection. Which shows without knowing me at all, you really listened to my thoughts. In the end, I picked a dress that I never would have guessed that I’d love, only after you asked me to give it a chance! You were right and I’m thrilled. Your shop is nicely set up, and you provided a comfortable environment. Thank you!!!!
on 10/15/2017
Extremely nice owner and I found my dress within the hour I was there. She picked them all perfectly and it was a delightful experience. And it was within my price range.
Stephanie Magruder
on 10/02/2017
10 out of 5 stars! I had a perfect experience dress shopping at Evey Lynn. Mckenna was so wonderful. She had dresses ready for me to try on the minute I got there. She helped me find the right dress at an amazing price. I can’t thank Evey Lynn Bridal enough for the great service!
Kathryn Farmer from Kirksville
on 07/16/2017
I had an absolute blast at Evey Lynn. I really appreciated the personal care and that I didn't have to share the store with anyone else. Stephanie made trying on wedding dresses the experience it should be, not just a shopping trip. I LOVE my dress! It was the first one that Stephanie picked out for me based on the questionnaire she sent me ahead of time. Thank you so much for making this day special!
Jessica Steele from Luray, MO
on 07/16/2017
Steohanie was great! She had lots of dresses picked out that fit my style preferences and budget, so we could dive right in and get started as soon as we arrived. She was so patient with me in my indecisive moments. She wasn't pushy at all and I never felt pressured, which is great when making such a big decision. My guests and I all had a great time at my appointment!
Sarah from Kansas City
on 07/15/2017
I had the most wonderful, magical experience wedding dress shopping at your salon. I could not have asked for a better consultant than Mackenna. It felt like we were best friends by the time my appointment was over. I found the dress of my dreams at your store. There were so many dresses and so many different styles to choose from. Thank you for providing the best experience.
Lauren Marcusson from Unionville, MO
on 06/21/2017
You were great to work with, Stephanie. I really appreciated you not pressuring me to buy the first day when I was stuck between the 2 dresses, and for letting me come back again to try it on. Your shop is beautiful and I wish you much success! :-)
Hannah Morrow from Kirksville
on 06/19/2017
It was amazing. My consultant was so kind and uplifting. She really made it feel special and I just loved the atmosphere!
Kristen Ciesemier from Kirksville, Mo
on 04/12/2017
I loved my experience at Evey Lynn. This was my first dress appointment and ended up buying my dream dress that day! The service is amazing. My consultant made me feel more than special and helped me find exactly what I was looking for. I would recommend Evey Lynn Bridal to anyone for a first or twentieth dress appointment!
Samantha Fair from Coffey, MO
on 02/07/2017
Everyone was so incredibly helpful! The dresses they had picked out for me were almost exactly what I wanted!! Mckenna was honest on whether she thought something looked good in me or not!! I'm so glad they were my first stop!!
Dawn Wyant from Kirsville
on 01/20/2017
It was a one in a lifetime experience, she made the experience one I never would forget, I found my dress my first time shopping for my wedding dress. She listened, made sure I tried different styles and was sure of my decision.
Paige from Bucklin, MO
on 01/03/2017
The staff went above and beyond to help me find my dream dress! They all pitched in to help and listened to everything I said to help me find exactly what I wanted. I'm so thankful I chose Teresa's Bridal as my first and only stop on my search for the perfect dress! Thank you so much ladies!!!
Chandra Bain from Kirksville Missouri
on 08/20/2016
I had a wonderful experience here! My bridal consultant did an amazing job of picking out what I liked and was very informative of different options or alterations we could make to the dress. She made me feel comfortable and welcomed! Although I didn't find the dress i chose at this store, I will definitely tell my friends and family about dress shopping here! Very professional and clean store!
Rebecca from Jefferson City
on 07/25/2016
The service was incredible! They listened carefully to what I wanted and helped me try on several options! They had a great selection and were very friendly! I ended up saying yes to my dress in my very first bridal appointment because they helped me find my dream dress!
Anonymous from Evey Lynn Kirksville, Mo
on 03/01/2016
Great service! Very impressed with the dress selection! I was able to say yes to the dress!
Adrienne from Chillicothe MO
on 02/14/2016
Wonderful experience! I felt very well cared for! The girls were awesome and answered all of my many questions! Awesome selection of gowns! I said yes to the dress in no time! Happy bride!!
Clarissa Childress from Edina mo
on 02/13/2016
Thank you so much your great hospitality and warm welcoming hands. I love the dress I getting it fits my personality so well and move freely in it. I feel very beautiful and confident in the dress. I know for sure my dress will have that wow factor that I want. Thank you much so much for everything.
on 01/29/2016
I had such a fun and exciting time at the boutique! My consultant was perfect as she worked with me and achieved my every goal! What a great first experience!
Tara Quintos from Kirksville, MO
on 01/19/2016
I received WONDERFUL customer service as soon as I walked through the door. Leah did not leave my side. She truly helped me feel valued. She made my search process run as smoothly as possible and eased any stress I had about finding the perfect dress!
Hilary Wilson from Kirksville, MO
on 01/17/2016
Teresa's bridal was very helpful and wonderful to work with. They were patient and understanding during fittings and made me feel very important. I highly recommend them for any special occasion!
Amanda Mills from Kirksville
on 12/14/2015
My experience at Evey Lynn Bridal was nothing short of amazing. I was floored by how fun and simple the entire process was. Prior to my bridal appointment I was sent a brief survey so that my consultant could get to know me, the type of gown I envisioned for myself, as well as details about my upcoming wedding. This simple process allowed the staff to already have a few dresses prepared for me as I arrived. Walking into a bridal store can be a bit overwhelming when you see so many beautiful dresses but Teresa's Bridal Boutique staff went out of their way to make my appointment as stress-free as possible. Each dress they hand selected for me was amazing and not only fit my wedding theme, but my budget as well. I was lucky enough to get to enjoy my appointment with the owner, Stephanie, who made the day for my mother and I so unbelievably special. I highly recommend Evey Lynn Bridal!