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Taylor from Temecula
on 09/15/2021
I am so thankful I came to Ferndales! Ana was my bridal consultant and she was AMAZING!! She was so sweet, patient, helpful and gave me all her suggestions!! I love the dress I picked here and highly recommend this bridal boutique for every girl getting married! They have a wonderful selection of all different style dresses as well. The best! Thank you Ferndales!
Taylor from Temecula
on 09/15/2021
I am SO thankful I got to work with Ana in finding my special dress!! She was AMAZING, HELPFUL, PATIENT and so SWEET!! She answered all my questions and gave super helpful suggestions! I can’t wait to pick up my dress for my big day!! Thank you Ana + Ferndales!!! The best! Also, this bridal boutique has wonderful options for all different style dresses!
Lindsay from Long Beach, CA
on 06/18/2021
After going to several bridal shops, I ended up at Ferndales and had an incredible experience. With the help of Connie and her team, I found a dress that I absolutely loved, and they worked tirelessly to order it and alter it on time for my wedding (which was in 3 months). Thank you Connie (and your team) for the dress of my dreams and for pulling off a quick turn-around!
Adrianna M.
on 03/19/2021
I loved working with the amazing women at Ferndales and felt absolutely stunning in my wedding gown. The customer service was wonderful, the speed of alterations perfectly reasonable, and prices fair. Three years later and I still look back on my experience fondly and recommend them to every bride I know in Orange County!
Kelly from Anaheim, CA
on 01/22/2019
I love coming in here. The service is always great and the people are the kind of people you want to be around. My last visit I saw the seamstress she was funny and knowledgeable and made me at ease with how my dress would look. I’m excited to go back and see how everything is coming along.
Akila Martin from Chino
on 01/18/2019
Ferndales has an amazing team of women that provide great customer service and really care about their clients. I must say that they go above and beyond to make their clients happy. They have truly made my dreams come true by making the dress of my dreams for a wedding I am in. I am excited to wear my maid of honor dress with style and class. Thank you Ferndales!
Yazmin from Buena Park
on 01/16/2019
I visited Ferndales hoping to find my bridesmaid dresses. I very much enjoyed the attention from the staff, they were all very nice and cordial. They answered all my questions abd were very patient with my party. The dress selection is beautiful and the quality is great too.
Cierra Brown from Orange
on 01/16/2019
Mattie was amazing. Very personable and easy to talk to. Knew exactly what I was looking for and made the whole experience all around fun.
Kate from Orange
on 01/12/2019
Amazing service and lovely ladies! Their dresses make me feel gorgeous and they know what they're doing! Thanks for your patience and how sweet you all are
Samantha from Anaheim
on 01/07/2019
Ana knew my fit very well and I had so much fun being her ginuea pig with the new dresses! I felt beautiful! The quality of the dresses appeared to be really good.
JESSICA DEMESA from Rancho Santa Marga
on 01/01/2019
This was a great experience and I'm so happy I said yes to the dress here. My soon to be mother in law also got her dress about 25 to 30 years ago there as well. So it's really special. It was an easy going and smooth appointment as well
on 11/29/2018
Ana was very laid back which was perfect for me! I didn't feel rushed (even coming in for the last appointment before Thanksgiving) and I felt as though I could try on anything I wanted for as long as I wanted. It was a great experience to shop where my mom bought her wedding dress. :)
Candie Beringer from Corona
on 11/07/2018
I love Ferndales! They were the second shop I had gone to for my wedding dress and from the moment I walked in I felt welcomed. They truly care about their brides! Every visit, from finding my perfect dress through every fitting, has been wonderful. I'm recommending my son's fiance shop there for her dress!!
Maricarmen Ocampo from Lakewood
on 11/07/2018
The moment I stepped into Ferndales I knew I would find exactly what I was looking for. There were so many designers to choose from, and the customer services was amazing. Ana Paula and Connie catered specifically to what I had envisioned on wearing on my special day. My dress was absolutely perfect and beautiful. I can't wait to share pictures! Thank you Ferndales!!!
Leanna Forcucci from Orange
on 11/05/2018
I had a great experience at Ferndales to purchase my wedding dress. This shop is more casual, but went right along with my personality. I enjoyed getting to know the ladies there and they helped make the entire process very personable. I had originally booked with them because of a trunk show for a two-piece dress I was considering. I didn't like it at all so they went ahead and did a full fitting appointment for me. I tried on about 6 dresses and didn't like any of them. They asked me for a picture of my dream dress and they just happened to get a sample of it in the day before and no one had even tried it on yet! I was ecstatic because up until that point the closest shop that had my dream dress was in San Francisco. I tried it on, was in love, and ordered it on the was unexpected and so exciting at the same time. I enjoyed all of my fittings and they do all alterations on site. Thank you Ferndales!
Natalie from Seattle, WA
on 09/20/2018
Ferndales was the first stop on our marathon day of dress shopping; and it was by far the best experience. The consultant working with me, Ana, was a true professional. Not only was it our first stop, it was also my first time trying on dresses. Ana really listened to me as I described my ideal dress; then she also pulled a couple dresses outside the style so that I could confirm that the style I wanted was actually what I wanted. Then she honed in on the style I loved - and stayed within my budget, pulling a variety of dresses (10+) that were all beautiful. Ferndales has a large selection of dresses that (after the marathon day ended) I found to be the most reasonably priced and the best quality. In addition, the energy of the shop was just my style - laid back, down to earth, and they get the job done. Thank you, Ferndales (and Ana) for the wonderful experience!
Azita Akhtari
on 09/18/2018
I loved it. Crystal was a absolute help she was kind, caring and passion
on 09/07/2018
Ana was lovely from the beginning to end of my appointment! She brought out dresses that had requested and some that she thought I would like also. She gave me her honest opinion about everything which was very helpful.
Erin Wilcox
on 09/06/2018
Made an appointment to come here for the very first time to find my wedding dress! First stop and i found "the one" ! You guys, this place is THE BEST!! They have the best costumer service and really listen to what you want. I said YES to the dress from Ferndales!
Anonymous from Orange, CA
on 09/06/2018
I was looking for a very custom (dress with bright color) dress, and went in to the appointment with pretty low expectations because at other bridal appointments the consultants told me my color would look bad. However when I pulled out my fabric swatch the consultants enthusiastically helped pin it to the dress and said their seamstress would love to help me with it. I finally got my dress!
on 08/28/2018
Had the best experience at Ferndales! Emily was great and sweet! Her suggestions and the way she just made me view each dress and the details on the way it would fit were just on point. Ana was great too! She actually pulled the last dress which ended up being the ONE! it was fun! Thank you ladies! You guys rock! I said YES to the dress! I found the one at Ferndales!
Kathryn from Orange
on 08/28/2018
What a wonderful experience!! Ana was AMAZING!! She was extremely helpful and picked out a variety of dresses in the style and price range that I was looking for. There was no pressure to buy one that day- which was nice. And I was able to take my time trying on dresses.
Kelly from Anaheim
on 08/16/2018
I love Ferndales! I found my dress within theee dresses. The woman who helped me was Ana and she was great. She knew exactly what I was looking for. She also helped me step out of my comfort zone just enough to try something new that was actually just what I wanted. Going back in was nice. When lever I’ve gone back for bridesmaids or what have you it’s like coming to a friends place. Everyone remembers you. Everyone remember things you mentioned before. I was able to bring my soon to be step son with me multiple times. They even let him help pick out dresses for me to try on so he could feel involved.
Kimberly Cardenas from Orange, Ca
on 08/11/2018
I had a great experience at Ferndales. Ana was very sweet and helpful. I found a dress that I loved but it did not have the bling i wanted. Ana got the seamstress and she went over what she could do to make the dress what I wanted. With that being said "I said yes to the dress". I also brought my veil and tiara!!!! I would totally recommend Ferndales!!!!!
Abbey Combs from Anaheim
on 07/26/2018
Absolutely LOVE Ferndales! Everyone has been the nicest, since day 1. Just picked up my wedding dress after all alternations & it is just PERFECT!!! I couldn't have dreamed of a better experience. I highly recommend Ferndales!!!
on 07/15/2018
Ferndales was the best bridal shopping experience I have had so far. The selection of dresses is so unique, and the staff was able to figure out from my vague descriptions which dresses I should try on. The staff was great and down to Earth, it made the shopping easy and stress free.
Rachel McAfee from Rancho Santa Margarita
on 07/13/2018
Loved everything about my experience with Ferndales! The owner was so sweet, and Mattie was so amazing with making the process so easy, being patient with me, and helping me find the perfect dress for my big day!
Leslie B from OC
on 06/27/2018
Anna is so accomodating. She makes me feel special. She is not pushy to let you buy the dress and she gives her honest opinion which I lapperciate it!
Alexa Natale from Orange
on 06/26/2018
It was amazing, I had no intention of finding my dress that day and after the patience of your staff and their great help 13 dresses later I found the one it’s perfect I am so excited
H from Orange
on 06/16/2018
I was thrilled today to find my mother of the bride dress. Connie is my hero at Ferndales Bridal. You see, I had visited another brand bridal shop where I previously tried on several dresses. Though they were attractive, I was unhappy for I felt the styles did not help me feel attractive or make my body shape look my best for this upcoming wedding day. Connie, at Ferndales, perfectly understood my anxiety putting it to rest. She calmly suggested styles that were more flattering to my mother figure. I tried on 6 dresses, 3 of which were possibilities. I purchased one today, and I am thrilled with my choice with Connie's help. I am excited and look forward to being the belle of the ball, next to my daughter, the bride, of course! Thank you Ferndales Bridal.
Hilsy Torres from Orange
on 06/14/2018
Amazing experience, Ana was very a understanding person on what I was looking for. Was able to find the perfect dress with her expert opinions.
Ivania Perez from Diamond Bar
on 06/10/2018
The staff at Ferndale's are AMAZING. The whole process from picking my dream dress to my first fitting this last week was so much fun!! Ferndale's Bridal is definitely the place to go.
A. Vo from Orange, CA
on 05/31/2018
Very knowledgable and kind staff. Very easy to work with!
Jennie from tustin
on 05/30/2018
Loved my wedding dress experience at Ferndales so much, it was the only place I took my bridesmaids to get their dresses! Ana is so helpful and made the process so seamless. Thankful I found this gem of a place.
Serena Moses from Tustin
on 05/24/2018
I had a great experience! Ana was fantastic and the dresses were beautiful. She knew exactly what to do.
ANNA MEAD from Orange
on 05/15/2018
I had an incredible experience picking out my wedding dress today! Ana made me feel very comfortable and helped me pick my dream dress!
Jamie Keller from Yorba Linda, CA
on 05/01/2018
Ferndales surpassed my expectations with their outstanding service and kind and thoughtful hearts. I went to numerous salons, and found a dress here and there, though became frustrated and self conscious when they would try and fit my plus size curves into an itty bitty dress. And the stores that I visited (or tried to visit) that specialized in plus sizes were either far out of budget, or weeks from an available appointment. I eventually found a dress on Pinterest, and they were the only location to have the dress, though it wasn’t in my size. Despite the fact, Connie brought numerous dresses for me to try on that resembled the dress I wanted, as well as the dress, so that I would have an idea of the fit and overall look of the dress. I ended up choosing the original dress I wanted, and with Connie’s help, tailored it to fit me like a glove, and added details to make it all the more flattering. I absolutely loved my dress, and could not have been more pleased. The thing that stood out about Ferndales more than anything else was their ability to overcome any obstacle I had, (scheduling for fittings, concerns about details in the dress, etc). They were accommodating to every detail, and did it with genuine concern. The husband and wife team are such a great pair, and compliment each other so well, and their daughter was so much fun to work with too! It was truly an honor to work with such a beautiful family. It’s no wonder they’ve been in business for so many years! I share with people all the time how outstanding their customer service is. I honestly can’t say enough good things. THANK YOU to the Ferndales family for such a wonderful experience, and making me feel like a bride should on her wedding day, absolutely gorgeous!
barbara greenfield from anaheim hills
on 04/25/2018
Very happy, Kristin was excellent and love my dress
Jennie Godoy from Orange
on 04/24/2018
Amazing! Ana was such a great help. She made me feel so comfortable. I can't imagine getting my wedding dress from anywhere else! Thank you Ferndales for your hospitality!
Jenevieve Chavira from Orange, CA
on 04/17/2018
I had the absolute best experience during my bridal appointment at Ferndales. Ana was my consultant and I couldn't be happier with her service, knowledge and help! Her years of experience really shined. I selected a dress and a veil. I was thrilled to hear about their seamstress capabilities as I found many stores are limited as far as the customization process to dresses. I felt like I could really trust and depend on the Ferndales team as a whole. Great experience and definitely recommend!
Jenni Smith from Orange
on 04/08/2018
I had a wonderful experience! Ana did an awesome job making me feel comfortable and pulling dresses that looked great and were in my price range. Thank you!
Stacey from Orange, CA
on 04/05/2018
Good customer service
Brennan from Orange, CA
on 03/22/2018
An absolutely wonderful experience yet again! I really appreciated being able to see my dress before starting the fitting process; I really wanted my family to be able to see it before the big day. I also appreciated getting guidance on which veils would look best with my gown. (I am totally blanking on her name but the lady with lovely red hair was such a kind and enthusiastic woman who really knows her stuff) thank you so much for the amazing work you all do and for making getting my dress a breeze as well as a special experience!!!
Abbey from OC
on 03/10/2018
Ana was great!! So helpful, friendly & funny! Absolutely loved Ferndales & will definitely recommend them to others!!
Samedi from Orange
on 03/04/2018
Excellent customer service! I would highly recommend Kristen condia as a bridal consultant, she was very attentive and helpful. She knew exactly what I wanted. I said yes to the dress.
Sydney Brunansky from North Tustin, CA
on 02/28/2018
We had a wonderful experience at Ferndale's. Our Tues. Jan. 29 appointment was an easy, relaxed experience. Kristen was very enjoyable to work with, she zeroed in on what style and budge we were working with. Her youthful enthusiasm was contagious! We never felt pressured to try or buy any dress. We found the perfect dress and very pleased with suggestions Kristen made regarding accessories that could enhance the overall look. VERY pleased with the staff and selection of dresses. My daughter said yes to the dress!
Candie Beringer from Orange
on 02/25/2018
Krista was wonderful! She was spot on with the dress selections and I found my dream dress!! I highly recommend Ferndales for a truly bridal experience! Thank Krista and Ferndales!
Lisa Quinene from Torrance, CA
on 02/15/2018
My bridal consultant, Ana, was extremely helpful in understanding what I like and want, pulling dresses, and helping me into the dresses. She offered great opinions when she saw that our group was split, helped accessorize to help us get the full picture
Amanda Salas from Ferndale's Bridal in Orange, CA
on 01/23/2018
Ana was amazing! I let her take full reign on my dresses, I showed her a few photos and told her what I had in mind, that's all she needed. She took everything I said and truly well that I chose ended up saying Yes to the FIRST Dress I tried on. Of course I had to try the others on but I fell in love! She did not feel like she was trying to sell sell sell like I felt at the other shops I've been to. I felt truly listened to. She asked me the ultimate question..."If you said no and came back 5 minutes later having changed your mind, and I were to tell you this dress is no longer available, would you be sad?" I knew right then that my choice was solid. I haven't thought that about any other dresses, it was meant to be. Thank you Ana! I am grateful!
Chelsea Vesely from Orange
on 01/13/2018
Crystal was so patient and she really listened to my needs and wants. I’ve been to other stores to try on dresses and didn’t find anything I liked. Every dress I tried on here, was the style and fit I wanted. I ended up finding and getting my wedding dress thanks to the help of Crystal.