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on 08/21/2019
I was very pleased with my recent visit to Debra's Bridal! I was assisted by Joni, who helped me find the dress of my dreams for a reasonable price! I felt much more comfortable at Debra's than I did around the corner at the 'big name store'.
Jess Walsh
on 08/19/2019
This was my first time wedding dress shopping and it was wonderful. I absolutely despise shopping, so I wasn't expecting to have such good experience. However, Rachel did such a great job making me feel comfortable. She was excelled at selecting dresses to fit the vision I have for my wedding and I never felt any sales pressure. I was able to find exactly what I was looking for and am a satisfied customer.
Shelby moody from Jacksonville, FL
on 08/18/2019
Rachel was absolutely amazing and made me feel so welcomed and comfortable on this day! I was nervous as it was my first bridal fitting and even being a curvier bride she made all of worries go away of finding a dress that would fit!
on 08/17/2019
Everyone was amazing and super friendly. Specially thanks to my consultant that went out of her way to find my dress. Can’t wait for the big deal!
Hannah from Jacksonville
on 08/11/2019
Such a great experience! Went in knowing what I wanted and got more than I could have even imagined! Great staff, very welcoming.
Sarah Cumella from Phillips Hwy
on 08/08/2019
Rachel was beyond amazing! After showing her my style, she ended up picking out my dream dress. She went out of her way to make sure my look was complete head to toe. She then helped me pick out my bridesmaid dresses and mother of the bride and groom dresses. I recommend anyone to Debra’s bridal and Rachel to find the dream dress for your big day.
Brianna from Philips hwy
on 08/08/2019
Elaine was such a great help for me today. Her knowledge of the dresses in Debra's inventory was most impressive and useful. We were grateful for her advise and expertise. She helped me in selecting my perfect dress. Many thanks.
Callie Stewart
on 08/06/2019
I had such a great experience at Debra's Bridal Shop. My consultant, Elaine, picked up on my style immediately and was extremely patient with me. This was my first time shopping for wedding dresses and she was wonderful about teaching me the terminology used to describe the dresses. She would not pick any dresses over my budget, which I really appreciated. Amazing experience!
Rebekah from Jacksonville
on 07/29/2019
My consultant was Rachel and she was so great. I’m quite self conscious and was worried about being pressured into gowns but I felt no pressure at all. Rachel was very attentive always standing outside my dressing room and getting me more gowns. Ive gone in 3 times (because I’m crazy) and felt no judgement by her. She was so great and helpful at making me feel confident I picked the perfect dress.
Brittany Ernst from Jacksonville FL
on 07/23/2019
Going dress shopping can be a tedious process(or so I’m told) however this was my first stop and I found THE dress! As a last minute decision my family and I decided to begin our search for my perfect dress! Debra’s bridal was so accommodating arranging a same day appointment for us. Walking into the salon I was greeted with a beautifully high energy welcome by the woman who I was lucky to have as my consultant. Elise was simply AMAZING through our entire process! I felt so beautiful in EVERYTHING I tried on haha even the dresses that were a bit more snug I never once felt self conscious about my body thanks to Elise. We tried on multiple dresses and not once was I made to feel pressured or of an inconvenience to her. I loved how personable she is and how engaged she was with me and my bride tribe. This moment was very special having both mom and especially my grandmother present so it was so nice to enjoy this moment without feeling like we were on a time crunch. She stayed within my price point AND gave me great alteration suggestions along with point of contacts for those alterations. Definitely such an amazing experience!
Jennifer Kerschner from Jacksonville
on 07/20/2019
Absolutely an amazing experience, everyone was so nice and welcoming ! I found my perfect wedding dress !
Maggy Wainright from Jacksonville
on 07/20/2019
Awesome experience at Debra’s bridal! Everyone was so kind and so helpful. They made finding the perfect dress a breeze. Could not recommend them enough!!
Breanna Kilpatrick
on 07/20/2019
I went to my bridal appointment today and met my amazing consultant Elise! She was the best! She wasn’t pushy and listened to everything I wanted in my dress. She helped me to realize that even though my personality is over the top, the dress I needed was just something simple and classic. She was extremely patient, even when I didn’t want to take my dress off! She made sure to take my measurements to guarantee the best size for me and even helped make suggestions on how I should accessorize my look. She was perfect! Thank you so much Elise! It was a pleasure working with you! Thanks for helping my find my dream dress!!!
Ashley Diehl from Jacksonville
on 07/17/2019
Amazing experience! My consultant was wonderful at listening to what I wanted. She picked a dress that I hadn’t even seen on the rack and it ended up being the one!
Taylor Stratton
on 07/16/2019
Amazing experience! Thank you Elaine for helping me find the perfect dress!
Joanna Gurovich from Saint Augustine
on 07/13/2019
My experience was amazing at this salon. I will be going back this week to purchase my dress!!!
LaTisha Chaney from Jacksonville, Florida
on 07/08/2019
I had a wonderful experience at Debra's Bridal Shop!! Everyone was soo nice, courteous and professional. My dress consultant was Awesome!!! Elaine help me out a lot, she was very detailed, and friendly. She made it easy for me to say yes to the dress!! LOL. Thanks to all the staff there. I will be bringing my daughter there for her dress.
Carmen Benzine from Phillips highway
on 06/29/2019
Elise was amazing with helping me find my dress! She sat and talked with us and felt like she was part of the group. Thank you for making this such a happy memory!
Karla Meeks from Hazlehurst, GA
on 06/29/2019
Joni is the most patient and sweatest consultant I’ve encounter by far! The whole experience was lovely and very calm, specially when you’re stressed out looking for a dress. She made everyone so comfortable and always gave her honest opinion. She was never pushy! I would definately recommend Debra’s Bridal Shop and make sure you talk to Mrs. Joni Mocas!
Brittany Palmer from Jacksonville
on 06/26/2019
What a wonderful experience! Elise was fabulous and added so much to our dress buying adventure. There was no pressure in any way to rush or buy any particular dress in any particular price range. Thanks you!
Alyssa from Saint Augustine
on 06/23/2019
I absolutely loved my experience at Debra’s bridal! It was my first time trying on dresses and I couldn’t have pictured a better day! I never felt rushed or pressured to purchase anything. Elise was the best consultant! She had such a positive attitude and she knew exactly what other dresses to pick out for me based on what I liked and disliked about the ones I had picked out. She found the perfect dress for me and I can’t wait to wear it on my wedding day!
Megan Plouffe
on 06/10/2019
Had such a wonderful experience! Elise is the most energetic and helpful consultant! She made this whole experience enjoyable and easy! She took her time to make sure I got the dress that I wanted and helped pick out exactly what would look good on me! I cannot day enough good things about Elise and Debra’s Bridal!
Megan Plouffe
on 06/10/2019
Had such a wonderful experience! Elise is the most energetic and helpful consultant! She made this whole experience enjoyable and easy! She took her time to make sure I got the dress that I wanted and helped pick out exactly what would look good on me! I cannot day enough good things about Elise and Debra’s Bridal!
Marissa Loon from Jacksonville, FL
on 06/10/2019
Elaine was wonderful and made my first-time dress shopping experience so fun and enjoyable. She really listened to what I was thinking about or my vision, but also brought her experience and knowledge to the appointment. Her pick--which was a bit outside what I "thought" I wanted--might end up being THE dress! I've got to wait for my mom to be able to fly down to decide for sure :) We'll be back when she does!
Katie U. from Jacksonville, FL
on 06/09/2019
I was hesitant coming in, but Rachel made everything so easy and put me right at ease. She answered any and all my ridiculous new bride-to-be questions and helped me find THE dress. There were several groups in the shop but the consultants kept us all moving right along. Perfect experience.
Lindsey Miller from St. Augustine
on 06/03/2019
I absolutely loved my experience at Debra’s Bridal and would recommend it to anyone! Elaine was such an angel and felt like family by the end of the day! Such a great experience and loved their selection of dresses!
Sydne from Jacksonville
on 06/02/2019
I would highly recommend Debras Bridal! Their staff is wondering and really helps you find the dress of your dreams! They are very supportive of you as a bride and want the best for you! 10/10 recommend!
Artillia from Avenues
on 06/01/2019
Elise was amazing. She made this experience comfortable and enjoyable. I am so grateful I was able to say yes to my fiancé and now my dress!
Kristin Walker from Jacksonville
on 05/25/2019
Elaine was absolutely AMAZING!!!!!! I could not have had more fun or wish for a better consultant.
Ashley Brown from Avenues
on 05/18/2019
Eileen was absolutely amazing. She related to me and made my experience amazing.
Stacey R. from Jacksonville, FL
on 05/12/2019
I had a wonderful experience and found the dress! Debbie was so sweet, knowledgeable and helpful. I will be recommending this bridal shop to anyone looking for a wedding dress.
on 05/06/2019
I loved the people there and such a great variety to chose from. I tried on like 15 dresses and left with a beautiful dress. Elise was such a great help. I loved her so much. I’m going to recommend this place to everyone!
Sara Durham from The Bridal Shops of the Avenues.
on 04/30/2019
My bridal experience was amazing. The lady who helped me was amazing! She made the whole experience so relaxing and fun. I felt so comfortable and once I put on the dress I knew that was the one. It was a combination of everything I was looking for. One top of finding my own dress we also found my bridesmaids dresses. It’s such a relief to be done with the part of the wedding planning. Thank you for everything you all did for me yesterday.
Brittany Higginbotham
on 04/12/2019
Rachel was AMAZING. She made it so comfortable and fun. I had already had a horrible experience dress shopping somewhere else and was nervous about this appointment. So happy to come back in May and buy my dress!
Jordan Lauramore from Phillip's Highway
on 04/12/2019
Elise Hilgeman was amazing! She gave me options to ensure I would get the dress of my dreams! She was always available and anticipated my needs, but still gave me the space to think on my own.
Allison from Jacksonville
on 04/06/2019
These ladies are on the ball and truly love helping brides find their perfect dress. The shop has beautiful designers at great price points.
Savana Gerrells from Tifton, GA
on 04/01/2019
I had the best experience possible when I came with my maid of honor, mother, and future mother-in-law. I found my dream wedding dress and had fun the entire time! The lady who helped me was extremely helpful and positive the entire appointment. There was nothing bad about my experience! So thankful to have found my dress there.
Beverly from Jacksonville, FL
on 03/31/2019
Rachel was AMAZING! I was super nervous coming into the appointment this morning but she quickly put me at ease. She helped me select styles I liked and even a few I hadn’t seen. I found the “one” and it was actually one she had picked for me to try!! I would highly recommend Debra’s Bridal Shoppe! Lots of styles and lots of affordable options too. Thank you for an amazing experience!!
Diana Roberts from Jacksonville, FL
on 03/26/2019
What a wonderful experience. Both my sister and I are getting married and we had back to back appointments. Our consultant Elaine was great at making each one of us feeling special and focusing on just one bride at a time. She was great at listening to what we wanted and sticking to our designated budget! We both ended up saying yes to a dress! Will definitely be going back to look for bridesmaids dresses!
Desiree from Jacksonville, FL
on 03/26/2019
Debra's Bridal Shop was very friendly and welcoming! They allowed me to select a large number of dresses to try on and definitely helped by giving advice but also having the "you do you" mentality to choose the perfect dress. I would not have wanted to shop anywhere else!
Teresa from Avenues
on 03/25/2019
I had a great experience shopping at Debra’s Bridal shop! Our consultant Elise was very sweet and helpful in my dress search. Debra’s had a dress I had saved a picture of, which ended up to be the dress I said “yes” to! The prices, atomosphere, and dress selection were wonderful. My mom and I did not feel rushed or pressured into making any decision. Elise pulled some beautiful veils so I could better invision the dress in all its glory. I wouldn’t have changed the experience at all. Thank you!!
Brittany Jones from Jacksonville Southside
on 03/22/2019
What an amazing shop and loving bridal staff! You all made us feel like family in this boutique from start to finish! Rachael was absolutely wonderful and had us talking about her charm ever since we’ve walked out of the door! The collection was amazing, gorgeous, and included dresses I loved! I have not chosen my dress yet but I certainly got the feels in my top 2 dresses! I believe we will be back :). We were allowed to take our time, laugh, smile, and have a blast. Thank you all for everything and I believe any bride should stop by this boutique and fall in love!
Jessica Smith
on 03/20/2019
Elise was the best bridal consultant I’ve met on my journey of finding my dress. I said from the get-go that I wanted a dress covered in sparkles and no lace. Debras Bridal had just the dress for me!!!! The selection of Debras Bridal was amazing after experiencing two other dress stores that lacked in the diversity of different styles of dresses. My bridal consultant, Elise knew exactly what dresses to pull for me that fit exactly what I was looking for. Her high energy and bubbly personality was just what I needed after feeling like I was never going the dress for me and dress shopping was no longer exciting, but felt like a chore. Elise turned that around for me. She was reassuring, extremely patient, and extremely in tune with my wishes. I can’t say enough good things about this store, the selection and Elise. She genuinely cared about me being happy overall and wasn’t pushy or aggressive about helping me decide to purchase my gown.
Amanda from Avenues
on 03/19/2019
Debra’s had the best selection of long sleeve dresses compared to anywhere else. My sales rep that helped me find “the dress” was fantastic and they worked with me to make sure I could afford the dress I fell in love with. They are awesome!
Valerie from Jacksonville
on 03/16/2019
I could not have had a better experience. Elaine was great.
Aquiel Miller from Jacksonville
on 03/16/2019
I was SUPER nervous about going dress shopping. I’m not at my ideal wedding body just yet and I thought that would affect my dress shopping experience. I came to Ms. Elaine with a specific concept I wanted and by the end of the appointment I’d chosen something I absolutely love and can’t wait to walk down the aisle in! She was sooo comforting and understood my personality, catered to my family, and made sure my experience was unforgettable in the best way! This has been my favorite part of wedding planning thus far! I’d even visited other places BUT the hospitality of Debra’s is second to none!
Caitlin Harkins from Avenues
on 03/12/2019
Elaine was so kind and helpful. I found a great dress, in my budget, and walked out with it! Thank you for the help.
Sam from Philips hwy
on 03/03/2019
I had such an amazing experience getting to say “yes to the dress” I couldn’t have been happier with any of it! They truly help make that day memorable.
Danielle Ruppel
on 03/03/2019
Today I purchased the wedding dress of my dreams! My consultant Elyse, was absolutely phenomenal. She was absolutely incredible and made my experience exceed all my expectations. I could not thank her enough for making the experience fun and stress free. An addition, I would love to thank her for her kindness, direction, and knowledge. 100% will recommend Debra’s bridal to all my bride friends... and hands down Elyse for consultant!
Kim Rice from Jacksonville
on 02/28/2019
Elise helped me find the perfect dress for my beach wedding. She was patient, kind, and able to accommodate my low budget needs.