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Cassandra niziolek from Jacksonville
on 06/25/2022
I absolutely loved trying on dresses. I said yes to the dress to a beautiful sample dress. It felt like it was made for me. I did not want to take it off. I love it so much.
Yumiko Usui from Jacksonville Florida
on 06/21/2022
I was so nervous to be there alone. However, Elise is very kind and made me smile, helped me to find dress. I feel very comfortable there. I just like all dresses which she picked for me, very difficult choose one now. I am appreciated her so much.
Lakira walker
on 06/20/2022
The best! It was quick and easy and I had so much fun finding the perfect wedding dress.
Jessie Denman
on 06/20/2022
Absolutely loved my time there. My consultant was wonderful! She was upbeat and made sure we all had a great time. We really enjoyed being able to look through the dresses and be able to pull ones we liked on our own. It made the experience more fun for all of us. It was fun to see what my girls would pull for me, and got them involved too. Having the bridesmaid dresses there too helped give my girls a little something extra to do while I changed.
Courtney Adkins from Avenues
on 06/14/2022
Elise was so helpful and enthusiastic about finding me my perfect dress! I left very satisfied and felt no pressure or stress at all the whole hour and a half of the process. I appreciate her and Debra’s Bridal so much! Definitely recommend.
on 06/14/2022
I had a wonderful visit! The staff is great and understand my wants in a wedding dress. I can't wait to return.
Tammy from Jacksonville, FL
on 06/01/2022
I loved my experience at Debra's Bridal Shop! Everyone was extremely nice and attentive. Amy was amazing, very informative, and knowledgable! They had a great selection of dresses in stock. This was the first place I shopped at for my wedding dress, as well as the last! Highly recommend!!
Kelley Collins from Long Island, NY
on 05/31/2022
My first time wedding dress shopping was unforgettable. Elaine was beyond what I ever imagined as a consultant and really helped me feel comfortable. I was a little nervous and overwhelmed before walking in. She was so warm, personable, and genuinely wanted me to figure out what my style was…not just there to sell me a dress. I highly recommend having her consult whether you’re a first time shopper or not! I didn’t pick a dress since it was my first time looking but I fell in love with a few dresses, so I will be coming back!
Tiffany Lawrence from Phillips Highway
on 05/31/2022
Autumn was absolutely wonderful and made this a great shopping experience for my wedding dress! She was very helpful in helping me find my dream wedding gown and so patient with me and my entourage while we tried to learn what I liked and I didn’t like. She ended up finding me the perfect wedding dress (of course it was the first one I tried on) which set the bar high for any dress I tried on afterward. She helped make this a much less stressful experience for me and I’m so glad I chose Debra’s to purchase my wedding gown.
Sara Germansky from Gainesville, FL
on 05/31/2022
I absolutely loved my experience at Debra's bridal shop! Elaine was fabulous, and we were there at the end of the day and got to chat with Amy and Autumn as well and they made us feel like family immediately! I would 10/10 recommend this shop to any bride!!!
Dani Schmidt from Phillips Hwy
on 05/30/2022
Had a wonderful experience finding my dress here! Elaine was so great to work with. They’re so helpful, open and not pushy. Felt so comfortable there! Debra is the sweetest! Their dresses are absolutely stunning and such a wide variety of styles to choose from
Devon F. from Jacksonville, FL
on 05/26/2022
I am THRILLED with my experience at Debra's Bridal! Not only was it the first place I tried on dresses but I left the store purchasing one! The associate (Elise) who helped me did a fantastic job making me feel welcomed and like the star of the show. She never once rushed me and always had amazing suggestions. She was able to help me vocalize what it was I liked and didn't like in a dress. She then took all those things and found me the dress of my dream! I was referred here by a few friends/family and I will refer many of my friends/family. THANK YOU DEBRA'S BRIDAL!
Christie Lesser from Debra’s Bridal Phillips Hywy, Jacksonville, Fl
on 05/23/2022
I called for my daughter and made the appointment on Sunday. Autumn answered the phone and made our appointment for later in the day. Autumn was also the one to wait on us. She was EXCEPTIONAL!!!
Alex from Jacksonville
on 05/22/2022
I had a wonderful shopping experience at Debra's bridal. I had no idea what I wanted but the staff was so helpful and really made it a fun experience. I have a lot to digest after my first appointment, but their selection and prices were amazing. I'll certainly be back!
on 05/19/2022
Elise was so wonderful and helpful! We had a great experience at Debra’s and would highly recommend it!
Sadie Allen
on 05/17/2022
Mrs. Elaine was perfect! She helped in every way she could and helped make a decision on the perfect dress!!! Thank you all!
Miranda Murphy from Phillips Hwy
on 05/15/2022
This is the place to go! I had the most amazing experience working with Elaine and the crew. I tried another shop and had to go back to Debra’s because it was night and day difference! Thank you ladies for helping me find my dream dress. My heart is filled with joy!
Keely from Jacksonville
on 05/13/2022
My friend got her dress at Debra’s Bridal two years ago (and she had such a wonderful experience) so this is the first appointment I made now that I’m looking for a dress. Elaine was absolutely amazing and I had such a great time trying on dresses with her and my party. She helped me navigate what I actually wanted and was comfortable in. Turns out I’m more of a sparkle bride than I thought! Whether you’ve been to a bunch of bridal shops or none to date definitely make yourself an appointment with Debra’s team you won’t regret it!
Nichole Parks from Jacksonville
on 05/10/2022
Elaine is awesome!!! By far the best experience I’ve had so far. She was knowledgeable and efficient and fun!
Ashley S from Jacksonville, FL
on 05/09/2022
I had such a positive experience at Debra's Bridal Shop. I worked with Elaine, and I'm so glad I had that opportunity. I came in with a relatively specific idea of what kind of wedding dress I wanted, and Elaine worked within that idea but also pulled dresses for me that helped me change and refine my choice. I appreciate that Elaine prompted me to notice what I liked and disliked specifically about each dress so that she could decide what else to pull for me to try. I ended up loving a dress that was very dissimilar from what I thought I wanted. I ultimately bought a dress from a different store but have no regrets about visiting Debra's first and having that experience.
Kalyn from Jacksonville, FL
on 05/09/2022
My overall experience was phenomenal! It was my first fitting and my nerves were very high prior to the appointment. However, once I walked in I was warmly greeted and begin the process to find my dream dress. Autumn was very helpful and knowledgeable, and pulled dresses I enjoyed trying on. I’m really looking forward to when my dress comes in!
on 05/08/2022
My trip to Debras was incredible! I was immediately greeted by the friendly staff, the store is very clean, adorably decorated and full of amazing dresses. I worked with Joni and she was amazing! So helpful and patient with me as I didnt have a great idea of what style of dress I wanted and tried on SO many. The individual attention Joni had for me was very much appreciated. I left this experience with my dream dress and extremely happy. I will reccommend Debras Bridal to any future bride!
Briana from Hilliard FL
on 05/06/2022
Had a great and very personal feeling experience! There were two very kind ladies (sorry I’m horrible at remembering names) and I didn’t feel rushed at all. Super helpful and willing to work with whatever budget you have. I’m glad I was recommended to them. I went in thinking I would be browsing and ended up leaving with my beautiful wedding dress! Thank you again ??
Caroline Parson from Jacksonville
on 05/03/2022
Debra's Bridal and our consultant, Elaine, were absolutely perfect in what we needed to complete our wedding dress search. Elaine helped us and was so personable, making sure she got to know me as the bride first and exactly what I was on the search for. She was quick and so professional at helping me try on 15+ dresses and when we finally decided on THE ONE, she made it such a celebration. Highly recommend Debra's.
Alley Bennett from Phillips Highway
on 05/02/2022
Our consultant Amy was wonderful. She helped me try dresses outside of my comfort zone and stay under my budget. The shop had a sales rack, 10% off rack and a $100 dress rack. I tried on some beautiful dresses and it turned out that one of the dresses Amy picked for me was the one! And it was from the $100 rack!!! I wouldn’t have found this dress without her help and I am so grateful.
Maci from 32082
on 05/02/2022
Amazing boutique. They had such beautiful but affordable dresses and the staff were just as helpful and great. Amy truly made the whole dress shopping experience. Highly recommend!
Barbara Leaders from Saint Augustine
on 04/25/2022
I had a wonderful time trying on dresses! Had an idea of what I wanted/didnt want but that was about it. Autumn was extremely helpful and patient and really made this day pleasant, as I was quickly overwhelmed with choices. And, I said Yes to the dress!!
Amanda from Jacksonville
on 04/21/2022
Elaine was so wonderful! She listened and executed my vision perfectly and made me feel beautiful in every dress! What a great experience!
Tara. Bee from Jacksonville
on 04/20/2022
First off I want to say thank you thank you thank you what a great experience found a dress in 45 minutes Elise was absolutely wonderful.
Chelsea from Jacksonville, FL
on 04/11/2022
Elaine was amazing. I came into the shop and had an idea of what I wanted, but she steered me into another direction that turned out to be better than I could have imagined. I fell in love with my dress immediately. Tears were even shed. I feel so lucky to have worked with Elaine. I don’t think there was anyone else that could have gotten me in the perfect dress.
on 04/11/2022
Amazing experience, can't wait to go back to get my dream dress.
Ariana from Philips highway
on 04/08/2022
The lady who help me with my dress was amazing. She was so caring and made me feel so comfortable. She was super knowledgeable as well. Honestly the best place I’ve been to yet. I will definitely will be buying my dress from here and mainly because of the amazing service of the staff.
Jormarie Rivera from Phillips hwy
on 04/03/2022
You guys made my first time trying dresses on so amazing the treatment was wonderful
Krissty A. from Jacksonville, FL
on 03/28/2022
Hands down would do it all over again at Debra's Bridal if I could. I was SO hesitant to dress shop and I also knew if I did, I wanted to support local. Debra's was my first and ONLY experience dress shopping and it was perfection. They were so accommodating. A major shoutout to Elaine - thank you for being so personable and making the experience unforgettable. You were kind, thoughtful, and ran the show effectively and efficiently. Highly recommend Debra's Bridal!
Heather Connell
on 03/27/2022
I had such a wonderful experience! The entire staff were so kind and helpful! There are so many dresses to choose from! I would highly recommend Debra’s Bridal to anyone that is looking for a wedding dress! Thank you for helping me find the perfect dress!
Jenna S from Phillips Hwy, Jax FL
on 03/26/2022
Elaine was amazing!!! Had a wonderful experience & bought my dream dress stress free.
on 03/22/2022
I fell in love with this bridal shop. Elaine took care of me on my appointment, she really got into my head and knew exactly what I was looking for. She made this experience fun and easy. Not at all how I had imagined it. This was the first shop I went to and I said Yes to the dress! I still can't believe it! I thought I would still be looking for the one. Elaine did an amazing job.
Sarah from 9365 Philips Hwy Unit 101 Jacksonville, Fl 32256
on 03/21/2022
This was the best experience I had at a bridal shop while shopping for my dress! My wedding dress consultant, Autumn was absolutely fabulous! She made me feel so confident while trying all the dresses . She made me feel comfortable and wasn't pushy with time and she was so friendly and welcoming when I came in for my appointment. I was referred to Debra’s by many people who all got their dress there so I knew I was going to find mine! Could not have picked a better place to say yes to the dress at. 10/10 will be referring everyone here and will be recommending Autumn to help them.
Tori Reiman from Debra’s at the Avenues
on 03/21/2022
Wow!! What an experience!! I came in with a lot of nerves, but Amy was absolutely amazing with me. She pulled some great items and was so fun to work with. Even though I was emotional, the store was so welcoming and fun to be in. I was ecstatic to say yes to the dress - on my first ever time looking!! It was a great experience.
Kaycia from Jacksonville
on 03/20/2022
Our consultant Amy was the best!!! She listened to what I was looking for in my wedding dress and I ended up saying yes to the dress!!! Thank you!!!
Rachel Brubaker from Phillip’s Highway
on 03/20/2022
Elaine was so knowledgeable! This was my first wedding dress shopping experience, and Elaine took extra time to teach me all about different aspects/styles of dresses and patiently help me find my style.
Noelle Brooks
on 03/16/2022
Joni was amazing and understood my vision I wanted in my dress. She was so helpful, I could not have asked for a better consultant...Thank you so much for helping me pick out my dream dress!! I could not be more thrilled!
Ashley Langdale from Ormond Beach Florida
on 03/15/2022
The girl that helped me was amazing! She made my experience so enjoyable. I was able to find the dress of my dream with the help of her. Everyone was very nice and the store was very cute.
Jennifer Gardner from Jacksonville Florida
on 03/07/2022
I had the best consultant, Elaine! She listened to what I wanted and picked out dresses that made me comfortable not uncomfortable. She was very attentive and had the best personality! She picked the most beautiful dress for me that I instantly fell in love when I tried it on! She made the day extra special with my family and friends as well. Five stars to Elaine and Debra”s Bridal.
Lizzy Evans
on 03/06/2022
Amy was amazing! This was my first time looking for dresses and she made the experience so easy and comfortable for me. She knew exactly what I was looking for and found me the perfect dress. Thank you, Amy, for helping make me feel beautiful on my special day!
Jenny Robertson
on 03/04/2022
The ladies at Debra's could of not made me feel more special while picking out my dream dress. 10/10 recommend this Bridal Shop!
Tamera Gurley from Jacksonville
on 03/02/2022
I had the most incredible experience. They knew exactly what would look good on me. And I said to the dress.
on 02/28/2022
Autumn was amazing! She helped pick out the dress I said yes too. Listened to what I liked and didn’t like. It was a great experience!
on 02/28/2022
Autumn was so helpful! After being to another appointment I realized how wonderful she truly was. I had no idea what I was looking for and she was so patient with me. She spent 2 hours with me pulling out dresses based on my feedback and I never felt rushed. I will definitely be coming back to see her with my friends next time to get their opinion on the ones we narrowed it down to!
Brooke Akright
on 02/26/2022
From the moment I walked into the store, I knew I was in great hands. Elaine was amazing and helped me find the perfect dress! I wasn't really sure what to expect or what I was looking for, but the entire experience was so fun and comfortable. Elaine guided me through different dresses and carefully took note of my likes and dislikes adjusting her next picks until she found the perfect dress. I would highly recommend Debra's bridal shop to anyone who is looking for a great experience.