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Kate Delfera from DE
on 07/30/2021
Samantha was so helpful and super sweet! This was only my 2nd time trying on bridal gowns and she made the experience so much easier! I went online before hand and picked some dresses I liked and they had almost all of them in stock!
Kelsy Swearer from Millsboro, DE
on 07/30/2021
I’m so sorry in advance for failing to remember the girls name (maybe Samantha?)- but she was blonde, small, and so sweet! She helped me find my DREAM dress and she was nothing but honest and gracious!!!! Thank you so much!!
Peggy Bottorff from Philadelphia Pike
on 07/28/2021
Morgan was super helpful and delightful. I found a dress I love!
Jen from Downingtown, PA
on 07/26/2021
I had the most amazing experience this past weekend trying on wedding dresses at Claire's. I worked with Elaine and she made me feel so special and beautiful the entire time. I am a plus size bride so I was nervous about finding a dress in my size, but Elaine never once made me feel anything less than gorgeous. She had picked some dresses for me to try based on my wish list online, and then picked some others based on how the appointment was going. She helped me find my perfect dress for my special day. I have nothing but good things to say about Elaine and Claire's. I would highly recommend shopping here to find your special dress!
on 07/25/2021
Marnita was amazing! She made the experience so enjoyable and easy. The salon was very accommodating and communicated in a timely manner when I had questions. I would recommend Claire’s to anyone.
Libby Mattus from Wilmington
on 07/25/2021
I had a pleasant experience, Shana was professional, very helpful and patient. I tried on a lot of beautiful dresses, then I finally found the perfect dress!
on 07/24/2021
The girl who helped us was Nicole and she was great! She was so nice and so helpful when I was trying on the dresses! Grabbed the perfect vail to match the dress. So great highly recommend
Abigail Rush from Nottingham, PA
on 07/20/2021
We had a fabulous time at Claire's Fashions wedding dress shopping. Our consultant Elaine could not have provided a more positive experience. She listened to everything I was feeling and never missed a beat. I would recommend Claire's Fashions to anyone shopping for their special day.
Quinterra from Wilmington, De
on 07/19/2021
This was my first bridal experience and it was amazing. My mother and sister were unable to attend but they allowed me to use their WiFi and call them in FaceTime. My bridal consultant Elaine was amazing and very knowledgeable of all the gowns and designers. Her personality was engaging, bubbly, and she was just amazing. I could just go on about her. The environment at the boutique was amazing as well, very clean, everyone was so nice and eager to help. I would most definitely recommend buying any gown from there.
Tracey Tokarski from Forest Hill, MD
on 07/18/2021
Marnita is THE BEST! She is so kind and patient. She is knowledgeable about the dresses in the store and knows how to suggest dresses that fit your style and body. We had the best time with her!!
Karen Lynn from Wilmington, DE
on 07/18/2021
My experience was great; especially since "I said yes to the dress". I bought it off then rack and received a discount that sealed the deal. The consultant, Elaine, was very helpful and a pleasure to work with.
on 07/17/2021
Morgan was absolutely fantastic!! I did not end up picking my dress today, but I will be back for sure. Morgan made me feel so at ease and beautiful no matter what. She took note of my feelings and what I wanted. She was very attentive, friendly, and bubbly. It truly was a wonderful experience because of her.
on 07/16/2021
I had the best experience at Claire’s . Nicole was absolutely fantastic ! She picked out all beautiful dresses , was so friendly and helpful! This was my first place that I came look for my dress and I found the one ! I can’t thank her enough
Madeline A. Remetz from New Jersey
on 07/14/2021
Elaine was an absolute gem. From the moment she called out to me at the front door to the time she waved goodbye after my second visit I felt truly cared for. She listened to me and worked with my comfort level while also encouraging me to go out of that zone to try new styles. I was shocked but so excited when I picked my dress- it was not what I had planned for myself on paper, but Elaine showed me that I can become a bride rather than play one!!
Carmella from Pennsylvania Ave. Wellington, Delaware
on 07/13/2021
I loved the service I had received. It was amazing how just by looking at my daughters previous wedding dress purchase, Carmella picked the perfect dress for me. I still tried on others but loved the one she picked. She was fun to work with too.
Kaitlyn T from Wilmington
on 07/12/2021
I had an amazing experience and would definitely recommend Claire's to anyone looking for their wedding dress! My bridal consultant was Samantha and she was the BEST!! I was a little nervous since this was my first time trying on dresses but she made me feel completely at ease as soon as I arrived. She took the time to read through all of my comments on the dresses before my appointment and even put my favorite dresses first. She was super friendly and really listened to everything I liked and didn't like. When I decided to try an entirely different style of dress she brought two options that were exactly what I was looking for! She helped me find my dream wedding dress and I'm so excited to wear it!
Erin Connelly from Claire’s Fashions
on 07/12/2021
Such a great experience! Jackie was very knowledgeable and not pushy at all. This was my second time trying on dresses and I didn’t really know what I wanted but I knew what I didn’t want. Jackie took the time to talk to me about each dress and made sure I tried on a variety of dresses. I purchased my dress and love it!
Ashlee Barthel from Wilmington, DE
on 07/11/2021
Deb is amazing! The whole experience was a dream, from start to finish.
Sophia from Wilmington
on 07/10/2021
Amazing experience! Ariel was SO helpful and knowledgeable! She really helped me figure out what I wanted and what looked best! :) would highly recommend Claire’s to anyone!
Ally from Wilmington
on 07/10/2021
Elaine was amazing! She had so many beautiful dresses pulled as I got there; but as we tried things on she pulled more and more dresses based off of my feedback, and we found the one!! Overall, an amazing appointment!
Camilla Hansen
on 07/10/2021
Loved my consultant! Thank you!
Bonnie Beck from Philadelphia pike
on 07/10/2021
I don't know the girls name that helped us but, she was wonderful.
Lauren Bentley from Wilmington
on 07/07/2021
Elaine is AMAZING! After the awesome experience I had wedding dress shopping, I knew I wanted her to help with bridesmaid dresses. She knew exactly what I was looking for and helped me through the overwhelming process of choosing a dress that would work for a variety of shapes and sizes. It felt like I was just shopping with a girlfriend!
Melissa from Delaware
on 07/01/2021
Morgan made our experience picking out bridesmaids dresses absolutely incredible! She gave helpful advice, positive feedback, and important details about ordering. We truly felt like queens thanks to her!
Michele Barry from Philadelphia Pike
on 06/27/2021
The experience was amazing! I found the dress for my son's wedding. So very helpful in finding me a dress that would compliment the bridesmaids and the mother of the bride!
Aerin Lawrence from Wilmington DE
on 06/27/2021
I had the most amazing experience at Claire’s today. My consultant Marnita was the absolute best, she listened to everything I said and helped me say yes to the dress!
Lauren Vispi
on 06/25/2021
Elaine was phenomenal! She helped me find my dream dress, when I didn't know exactly what I was looking for!
on 06/24/2021
So happy at Claire’s! The experience was great, my consultant, Samantha, was so sweet and patient. I recommend 100% to anyone to use this store for their bridal needs!
Christine De sanctis from Clifton Heights Pennsylvania
on 06/24/2021
My experience was wonderful. Shannon was fantastic helping me out. She was quick, efficient and knew exactly what I had in mind. Thank you
Courtney from Wilmington, De
on 06/21/2021
I had the most wonderful experience at Claire’s Fashion! Morgan made me feel so confident and beautiful in every dress I tried on. I was so impressed with the large choices of dresses. I came in without an idea of what I would want to wear. The selection was so large I was able to find what style works for me! HUGE shoutout to my consultant Morgan who was very helpful, cheerful and understanding! I definitely recommend this place for anyone looking for wedding dresses.
Kim W.
on 06/20/2021
I went to claire’s because i’ve heard nothing but great things! Nicole was AMAZING! she makes you feel amazing in everything you put on & is just the sweetest!!! I said yes to the Dress at Claire’s fashions !
on 06/19/2021
Absolutely amazing service! Courtney was so helpful and honest! It was over all a great experience!
Heather from Pennsville, NJ
on 06/18/2021
I was in today for my first time ever trying on wedding gowns! I was super nervous but Samantha made me feel really comfortable and had my dress selections from my online portal ready for me to try! After going through those, she asked if I wanted her to pull anything else and I said yes, since she saw what I liked/didn't like about the first set, could she look for things similar to what I did like. She grabbed two more and I FELL IN LOVE with one of them! She knew exactly what I was looking for and made it happen. I am so happy with my experience and can't wait to bring my mom and future mother in law back!
Dana Devore from Millsboro, DE
on 06/14/2021
Terrific staff and experience
Alyssa Tillett from Claymont DE
on 06/12/2021
Samantha was great! I had such an amazing time!!! She was honest with me and I loved it!
Sara Knolls from Magnolia, DE
on 06/12/2021
Nicole was so nice and helpful at my appointment. Had the best experience!!!
Rachel Haigh from Wilmington, DE
on 06/11/2021
Claire's was my third bridal shop and wow what a different and wonderful experience. My consultant was extremely knowledgeable and asked all of the right questions. Needless to say, I walked out with saying "Yes to the dress" after my first visit here!
Chloe griffiths from Claire’s Philadelphia pike
on 06/09/2021
Wonderful experience consultant was so helpful and supportive.
Jenna from Millsboro
on 06/07/2021
Samantha was AMAZING! She was thoughtful, kind and honest! I had a vision in mind and she helped me find the perfect dress for my fairy garden vibe vision!
Barbara Dixon from Delaware
on 05/29/2021
Great experience from beginning to the end. I loved the personal care I was given. Carmella was wonderful.
Vicky Farley
on 05/28/2021
Amazing! Being on the other side as a customer everything was great and Nicole was amazing! I’m so so so happy to have found my dream dress here at Claire’s!! Thank you guys so much! And I hope you all are doing well too!!
Kim L from Downingtown, PA
on 05/27/2021
Shana was extremely helpful finding me a mother-of-the-bride dress. I’m short, heavy, don’t like bling, was looking for something that would flatter my figure, and be comfortable. I never expected to find the dress. The selection was great.
Alvenne Goh from Gaithersburg, MD
on 05/26/2021
Morgan was an absolute charmer and fun to work with! She made my whole experience easy-going and stress-free. Besides her bubbly personality, I appreciate that she studied my dress preferences ahead of time and made sure that I got to try everything that I wanted (including the ones which I doubted would look good on me). Additionally, Morgan paid attention to my needs and highlighted many important considerations for each dress that I tried out. I think it’s essential to have someone professional like her to advise on one of the most important things for your wedding! By the way, I love my dress (I picked it out on my first bridal session ever, that’s how good Morgan was to me), and I can’t wait to wear it!
Christie Rosenzweig from Conshohocken, PA
on 05/24/2021
This Saturday I bought my wedding dress at Claire’s Fashions and could not be happier with the overall experience! I was very nervous about dress shopping, I don’t like being the center of attention, I was worried about feeling self conscious, I was nervous to stand in front of everyone. Shana, the wonderful woman working with me, had dresses ready for me to try on, made me feel comfortable and at ease, and put no pressure on me! I felt beautiful in every dress and when I had narrowed it down to my top three I tried them all on again and then I knew. She really helped me listen to my own voice to choose the dress that I loved. The dress I ended up buying was one that Shana had pulled for me based on my taste, listening and talking to me, and getting to know my mom and sister who were there with me because she knew I valued their opinions too. I have been nervous about dress shopping for months and never thought I would have had such a fun time trying on the gorgeous selection at Claire’s and working with someone so gracious, patient, kind, and intuitive. I would recommend Claire’s Fashions to anyone and everyone!! I’m so grateful for this dress shopping experience- thank you!
Farren Quigley from wilmington, de
on 05/23/2021
I had such a great experience shopping here for a prom dress. Margaret was wonderful and her opinions were spot on!
Melissa Wright from Wilmington
on 05/22/2021
Morgan was wonderful to work with!
Donna Simmermon from Claire’s Fashions, Philadelphia Pike DE
on 05/21/2021
My experience at Claire’s was very special. I had a 10 star experience. I had shopped for a Mother dress prior to Claire’s and felt so bad about my shape. My consultant, Elaine was truly wonderful. She listened to my concerns and read my face when I found “the ONE!” I highly recommend Claire’s- you won’t be disappointed!
Karen Weaver from Newark DE
on 05/20/2021
I tried to sign up online for an appointment but for some reason it f didn’t go thru so when I arrived they couldn’t find my reservation and they were already booked. Elaine was very kind and helped me find the perfect dress for my daughters wedding. She was VERY helpful and juggled both of us looking for dresses flawlessly! She was amazing! Thank you so much Elaine!
J. Wilson from Bear
on 05/19/2021
We loved our bridal shopping experience with the lovely Ms. Morgan. Not only is she a "seasoned" bridal professional, she also got it right on the very first dress selection! Trust & believe I did try on other bridal gowns to be certain however, I said yes to the dress chosen by my extremely talented and friendly bridal professional. My daughter and Queen Mother unanimously approved.
Devon Williams
on 05/17/2021
I had a wonderful experience!! Marnita was so nice and helpful. She made my day absolutely perfect.