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Addison Walsh
on 03/15/2023
Keelie was wonderful! Beautiful dresses and very affordable prices!
Brianna SanClemente from Dallas
on 03/06/2023
Val was amazing. She made me feel like a princess and was so so good at her job!
on 02/20/2023
Jocelyn was the best bridal consultant I have ever seen! She made me feel so comfortable and beautiful!
Wyoni Estrada from Dallas
on 02/15/2023
Oh my goodness!! If you are looking for beautiful gowns paired with awesome service, look no further! One of the things I loved about this store is that I was able to browse the store with my guests in addition to my stylist, Alex, pulling a few gowns as well. Shopping here, I was like a kid in a candy store - there were SO MANY choices that fit my style, I was honestly overwhelmed! This was the store that I found THE dress at. Even though it took me til 30 min after the store closing, Alex was so polite and sweet to me and my guests. I highly recommend this store to anyone!!
Wemi Fagbemi from Dallas
on 02/08/2023
Keelie was exceptional and such a tremendous help! She literally brought my vision to life
Peyton Goar from Addison
on 02/07/2023
It was truly amazing! Beautiful dresses and great service! Would definitely recommend your store to friends and family. Thanks!
Elizabeth McCray from Midway
on 02/07/2023
Alex and Bethany were very helpful and had lots of knowledge
on 02/06/2023
Shopping at Baley's Bridal was a great experience overall. Keelie was so nice and super helpful!
Idali Davila from Farmersbranch /Dallas
on 01/28/2023
Jocelyn was so helpful she really made my appointment easy
Ruth from Dallas
on 01/08/2023
It was such a great experience, everyone was friendly and well organized. They made sure my needs were met. Thank you for helping me find my dream dress.
Sharon J from Farmers Branch
on 01/03/2023
Jocelyn was a super helpful person! I felt so comfortable during my appointment and I never felt pressured to pick something I didn’t like. I 100% recommend Jocelyn!
on 12/01/2022
I loved how affordable the selection was and how it was organized in the store. I also enjoyed walking through it all to pick what I think and have my consultant pull some as well. The selection was not as big as the previous boutique I attended, BUT I did find my dream dress and that's all that matters. It is rare finding a black dress and I love that one was available and absolutely perfect for me. I highly recommend advertising that option more!
on 11/30/2022
Everyone was so kind and keelie did such an amazing job of helping me find my wedding dress!
Reagan Osborn
on 11/19/2022
It was an amazing visit. It was my first bridal appointment and I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect. Cindy made me feel so at ease and was so friendly and sweet. Thanks so much for helping me, Cindy! I found my dress (first one I tried on) and felt so welcome. Everything was very reasonably priced and Cindy made sure to tell me how alterations would affect my dress. Thank you for a wonderful bridal visit!
on 10/11/2022
Bailey's Bridal was absolutely amazing. All of the staff members were very kind and helpful! I was also able to find my dream dress in my budget here, whereas other places they told me it was not possible to get what I wanted in my budget. I would recommend Bailey's to every bride!
Bailey from Dallas, TX
on 10/09/2022
Debbie was fantastic! She was incredibly helpful and supportive through my decision process. I never felt pressured or rushed. I appreciate all the lovely touches such as the bottle of rose, infused water and colored tags to pin my favorite dresses to try on. This was such a unique experience and very intimate. Thank you Debbie, and Baley's Bridal for helping me find my dress!
Diana Rodriguez from Longview Tx
on 10/01/2022
Love the attention and effort put in to get the perfect look
Rebecca from Dayton, OH
on 09/30/2022
Lucy was so helpful and professional! She made us all feel special and listened to find the perfect dress! The showroom was immaculate and well set up and the entire process was streamlined and stress-free.
Natalie Masten
on 09/25/2022
We LOVED Baley’s Bridal. Maureen was the biggest help and made the whole appointment a blast! She was so helpful and made sure all our questions were answered. It was just a positive experience! I’ll bring all my friends to Baley’s bridal in the future!
Alex Chow
on 09/21/2022
I loved working Debbie she was great. Great listener and super easygoing. I love that she didn't pressure me into making a purchase and she really helped find perfect accessories to complete the whole look. Can't wait to reschedule when I'm ready to order my dress!!
Jessica lockhart from Dallas tx
on 09/19/2022
Great atmosphere, no pressure and very knowledgeable about styles and what will be best for my daughter.
Lori Holman from Dallas
on 08/14/2022
I said yes to the dress and Brittany was amazing. So glad I went here first. It was an amazing experience.
Tatyana from Dallas
on 08/13/2022
Was the best experience of bridal salons I’ve experience so far. Our person was absolutely amazing. Took into account everything I did and didn’t want and helped me find my perfect dress
Enetta from Dallas
on 07/30/2022
My Bridal experience was absolutely amazing at Baleys. Debbie made I as easy as she possibly could and was very sweet to me and my sisters. Thanks for everything Debbie!!
Roisin from Dallas
on 06/22/2022
The staff were so warm and welcoming and it was overall a very special experience! Maureen was wonderful and helped me try on several gowns before deciding on "the one" dress that made me feel like a princess! Thank you again to all the staff!! I would highly recommend this place to others.
Priscilla Sananikone from North Dallas
on 06/15/2022
Debbie is the BEST! She provided consultation and made the appointment a smooth process. Debbie gave great advice on selecting a dress and veil options.
Caroline Rosack from Baley’s Bridal Dallas
on 06/13/2022
Hannah was amazing! She was so patient with me as I tried on my dresses and was so helpful in picking some beauties out! She made me & my guests feel so comfortable and welcomed! Loved my experience!
Shannon Murray from Dallas
on 05/30/2022
My time at baileys bridal was amazing. I was looking for a low pressure and fun experience and it was exactly that! Maureen was wonderful and was able to help me pick out the exact dress I had been looking for! A bonus was that it was “off the rack” dress that was in perfect condition and so well taken care of! Cannot recommend this place enough!
Ayomide from Dallas Tx
on 05/26/2022
I really appreciate been there.
Qui from Dallas
on 05/21/2022
I had the most amazing experience, Maureen was great! I definitely said yes to the dress??
Brooke Tomlin from Baley's Bridal Addison
on 04/26/2022
I had a great experience at Baley's Bridal! The staff was prompt & made me feel very comfortable when i was trying dresses on. I received appointment reminders before every dress fitting which I loved. My alterations appointments were painless & I was able to make requests that were fixed right away. Loved every minute!
Matea Tirado from Farmers Branch
on 03/21/2022
I'm a very anxious person and wedding dress shopping had me extra stressed and worried. I didn't feel any of those anxieties here. I can't recommend Baley's Bridal enough. I was taken care of and made to feel special and individual. No pressure was ever put on me to make a decision (mind you I came for multiple visits!!). I really felt the love and care from this place. Kaleah has my highest recommendation. She got to know me, what I liked, was so patient, listened to all my concerns and she actually ended up picking out the dress I said yes to!! I went to multiple bridal shops and Baley's was by far the place I felt the most comfortable and truly listened to and cared for!!
Gabriela Galvez from Farmers Branch
on 03/20/2022
I thought Debbie was amazing, she has so much patience and we truly appreciate that. I’m thankful she was honest with me, I’m thankful I was able to find the dress of my dreams and SAY YES TO THE DRESS!!!!
Rachel Williams from Farmers Branch
on 03/16/2022
Debbie was amazing and we loved her so much! This experience was fun and so stress-free!
Deborah Parish from Dallas TX
on 03/10/2022
Very Friendly, Caring and professional.
Kennethrah jones
on 02/08/2022
Kristina Dove from Duncanville, TX
on 02/02/2022
Ms. Stephanie was a gem. She was so patient and really listened to me and made me feel so comfortable. She really helped me make a final decision on my look for my wedding day. I am so close to saying YES to the dress we picked.
Makenzie Beamon from Addison
on 02/01/2022
I loved the individual attention given to me during my appointment. I think my girl’s name was Kaleah She was absolutely wonderful and made me feel overly special and hear on my shopping day. Thank you for a great experience!
Shannon from Dallas
on 01/25/2022
I had a wonderful experience at BALEY’S Bridal, everyone was so welcoming and helpful. Kaleah was my stylist and she was fantastic-so sweet and helpful! Great selection of dresses, all very beautiful!
Maritza Almazan
on 01/20/2022
Very friendly. I went in super nervous about the process but the lady guided me through it with so much positivity. She made me feel comfortable every step of the way.
Taylor Gibson
on 01/20/2022
Cindy was amazing! We loved the shop & the whole experience. It’s likely I’ll be coming back for another appointment just to get another look at your fabulous selections. Thank you so much!
Sydney smith from Addison
on 01/16/2022
Cindy was amazing! Super helpful and willing to adjust to all my super specific critiques
Hilary Trimble from Addison, TX
on 12/30/2021
The stylist picked up on my reactions and adjusted each dress to get closer and closer to what I loved! I walked in with an open mind, not really knowing what I wanted, and I left feeling so beautiful with a dress of my dreams!
Kathy from Farmers branch
on 11/27/2021
Debbie was my consultant today. She was great. I never felt pressured or feel like I was annoying. They just moved to the new location and it’s huge!
Haley from Dallas
on 11/24/2021
Stephanie made this day very special and made sure we got all the answers to everything we needed.
Kaily Santos from Preston
on 11/15/2021
Great location with a lot of variety in dresses. Staff was very friendly and helpful! Would recommend for a great experience finding your dream dress in the DFW area!
Corinthia Morgan from Farmers Branch
on 11/07/2021
The lady who helped me was so patient and sweet. I’m sorry to forget her name but she was really cool. They had really nice choices for bigger ladies. I felt like a princess.
Hailey Roberts from Farmers Branch
on 11/06/2021
Angie was so amazing and helpful in helping me find my dress.
Kelly MacMillan from Dallas
on 10/12/2021
We LOVED having Ruby help us find a dress. She was knowledgeable about the designers, the costs, and how to help us find what we were looking for. We had been to 2 shops prior to finding Baley's and didn't have great experiences at either so were hopeful but the bar was low. Ruby exceeded all of our hopes of what wedding dress shopping should be. The bride said YES to the first dress she tired on, but Ruby was so patient with us as we asked to try on several more just to be sure. Would highly recommend this shop and Ruby as a consultant!
Danay from McKinney
on 09/28/2021
Baley's was my first dress shopping experience so I didn’t know what to expect. After I told my consultant what I was looking for, she had a dress in mind and just needed to find it in the store. That was the first one I tried on and the one I ended up buying. I thought finding THE dress would be difficult, but not at Baley’s!