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Kimberly from Jacksonville
on 07/05/2017
I walked in from another salon and didn't anticipate on finding anything because we were heading to another salon. The sales consultants were soooo courteous and pleasant, they fitted us right in! The selection of dresses were better. After a short time, I ended up finding my beautiful dress!!! Yaaay!!!
Amanda Moody from San Marco
on 06/28/2017
Had a great experience!! Olivia was extremelly sweet and helpful. She knew just what I was looking for and gave me great bridal gown advice. Thank you so much for having us!
Nicole from Orlando
on 05/09/2017
Jenny and Olivia were AMAZING. The whole experience shopping for a wedding dress for my sister was relaxed and fun. There was no pressure, and Jenny really listened to what Meg wanted and provided helpful input. I can't say enough great things about our experience. There is such a great selection at this salon -- a perfect mix of traditional and more bohemian. My sister found her perfect dress thanks to these ladies!! We highly recommend One Fine Day!!
Ashley Hunt
on 05/06/2017
So wonderful and so helpful!
Kim from San Marco, Jacksonville FL
on 04/24/2017
The experience was great - even in the temporary space. The team was very professional and made appointment setting easy. Olivia was great to work with and made the process a little less intimidating.
Amanda from Jacksonville
on 03/15/2017
Olivia was great at narrowing down the perfect dress for me based on my feedback from other dresses. This boutique bridal salon was so cute and perfect! I felt like a princess ;)
Cassie from Jacksonville
on 03/05/2017
Olivia was amazing! Definitely eased my first time dress shopping jitters! I can't wait to go back and find my dream dress!
MacKenzie Taylor from Jacksonville FL
on 02/26/2017
One Fine Day is an amazing Bridal salon! Me and my family were very well taken care of and Olivia did an amazing job of picking out dresses for me :)
Cassidy from Jacksonville FL
on 02/13/2017
I had a wonderful experience at One Fine Day! There was a great selection of dresses as compared to some other bridal salons I have been too (for example, there were multiple dresses with long sleeves or illusion necklines, but at other salons they just had one dress with those elements). They also had a wide variety of designers. The salon is very well organized with more fitted styles on one side and fuller skirt styles on the other side. They also had many off the rack and consignment options available for those looking for some savings. However, the prices on their designer gowns were great and very affordable! I had a wonderful experience from beginning to happy ending, in which I said yes to my dress! A lovely experience with friendly, knowledgable, and patient stylists. I absolutely will be recommending One Fine Day to all my friends and to any bride-to-be!
Cheyenne Bell from San Jose blvd
on 02/05/2017
This salon was everything I could have dreamed about and so much more! I had no idea what type of dress I wanted and my consultant was very helpful in narrowing down what I wanted! I was able to say "yes to the dress"! Thank you for a wonderful experience!
Jamie Catlett from Mandarin area of Jacksonville Fl
on 01/30/2017
It was an amazing experience with Olivia. I found the most beautiful dress and I truly hope to be able to come back and purchase it! Olivia was very knowledgeable and helpful. The store itself was very clean and organized. Thank you so much for everything. I look forward to my return.
Destiny from Jacksonville
on 01/29/2017
Such an awesome experience! Olivia was wonderful! I found not one but two incredible dresses! Thank you all for being so helpful! I look forward to returning and purchasing one of those dresses!
Britton Ross from Jacksonville, FL
on 01/24/2017
Olivia was wonderful!!! My first experience looking for dresses at another shop was what I expected. This was my second and I was completely blown away. The shop was adorable and tidy and every dress was beautiful. Olivia had a great eye and had the best ideas on how I might be able to tweak a dress to fit what I was looking for. THAT is what I expected! Everyone has their own idea of the perfect dress and I have been finding peices of dresses that I love but not an entire dress and she was able to help me visualize what the seamstress can do with just a little bit of tulle. Overall the experience was wonderful! Now I just need to come back with my sister (MOH) to show her my top 3 beautiful dresses!
Lorri from Jacksonville, FL
on 01/10/2017
I left a message during the holidays to set up an appointment and Olivia got back to me first thing on the next day that they were opened. She was able to fit me in that day. I explained exactly what I wanted in a dress and she picked everything I described. I ended up getting the first dress I tried on and could not be happier. When I call about any dress questions she gets back to me in a timely manor. I never expected to get a thank you card in the mail but I did and it meant a lot. Thank you Olivia and One Fine Day Bridal Salon!
on 01/09/2017
Amazing staff. I didn't feel rushed or pressured. It was an ideal shopping experience!
Tamara from Ocala, FL
on 01/05/2017
There are no words to accurately describe my amazing experience with One Fine Day. I found this boutique on The Knot's LookBook as having the dress I thought I wanted in stock. After calling to confirm its availability, I decided to swing by on my way through town. I travel for a living so my schedule is incredibly hectic. Once I arrived, I realized the door was locked and noticed the "By Appoinment Only" sign. I could have cried! The prior week I was shooed out of a boutique in Orlando without getting a peek at the dress so this was my last hope! Thankfully, one of the wonderful ladies let me in, showed me the dress, AND even squeezed me in between appointments on the spot to try it on. The dress I have been eyeing for weeks had officially become THE dress of my dreams. We ordered it on the spot and I could not be more excited to try it on when it comes in. I recommend always setting up and appointment when you can but most importantly I recommend this boutique as they understand the significance of your wedding day and making your dreams come true!
Erika and Mom
on 01/01/2017
We had the best experience I could have ever imagined!!! Olivia knew her stock, was very attentive, she was patient and helpful, and an overall pleasure to work with. The atmosphere was beautifully done and in good taste. The dress I chose was absolutely perfect! The options are numerous and all very high quality. Definitely the best bridal salon in Northeast Florida!
Antoinette Regnier from Jacksonville, FL
on 11/28/2016
Olivia was great! She really understood what I was looking for and pulled the right dresses.
Monica from San Jose
on 11/26/2016
I absolutely loved my experience with you guys! I was very scared of finding something beautiful that wouldn't fit, specially with the little time I have. But you guys made it work! In my budget and perfect! Thank you!!
Grace from Jacksonville, FL
on 11/26/2016
I was treated very well and loved my experience! I found the pefect dress for my day.
Madison from San Jose
on 11/21/2016
Wonderful! So many beautiful dresses!
Rachel Siclare from Jacksonville, FL
on 11/20/2016
I really enjoyed my experience at One Fine Day. I felt no pressure, and Ginny was very helpful. I would definitely recommend this store to other women looking for a wedding dress.
Audury Hollingsworth from Brunswick, GA
on 10/23/2016
After going to two different salons I was beginning to feel defeated. Thankfully you guys penciled me in last minute and helped me find the dress of my dreams! Loved the feel and overall atmosphere of the store! Thanks again!
Alyssa P. from San Jose
on 09/26/2016
The customer service was amazing, everyone was extremely kind and listened to what you liked!
KB from St. Augustine
on 09/18/2016
Absolutely loved my time trying on dresses! We called for a last minute appointment and Jenny got us a little before noon. Since it was my first time trying on dresses, we picked SO MANY-but in the end, my absolute favorite was the dress Jenny found hiding on the rack, these girls know what they're doing!
Sydnee from Florida
on 09/11/2016
This is my first wedding and first time shopping for a wedding dress. I don't think that I could have asked for a better experience. I did not feel pressured to buy anything, and I did not feel rushed. They were so nice and caring and really made everyone happy. I would definitely recommend anyone who's going to buy a wedding dress to check them out. I found my dream dress and I couldn't be happier!
Savannah Karnes
on 09/09/2016
I found the dress that I'm in love with. Ginny was amazing! She was very helpful and listened to my opinions
Autumn Landon from San jose
on 09/05/2016
I really enjoyed my visit and the associate, Lindsay, was super nice and helpful. They listened to what I wanted and also gave me some recommendations for my body type.
Ally Duce from Jacksonville, FL
on 09/05/2016
My experience at One Fine Day was absolutely wonderful! Lindsey was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. She made our visit extra special and a day I'll always remember. Every dress I tried on was absolutely stunning, and she was able to help us find gorgeous dresses within our budget. Thank you so much!
Autumn Landon from San jose
on 09/05/2016
I really enjoyed my visit and the associate, Lindsay, was super nice and helpful. They listened to what I wanted and also gave me some recommendations for my body type.
Miranda Cooper from Jacksonville, FL
on 09/01/2016
Olivia was wonderful!! She made me feel so special and had great ideas for how to accent my dress with different veils and flower crowns. Girl knows what she's doing!
Grace Karel from Jacksonville, FL
on 08/28/2016
My mom and I had a wonderful experience at One Fine Day. We were greeted warmly, and attended to graciously. The best part was...I left with the look I wanted!
Emily from Jacksonville
on 08/25/2016
I had a wonderful experience at One Fine Day! This was the first (and only) place I visited to try on wedding dresses and Lindsay made the experience very easy and stress-free! I thought the email questionnaire upon booking an appointment was a very nice touch. Because it included questions about my wedding and personal style, I felt it showed the level of personalization that is put into each client and appointment. It also helped a first-time wedding dress shopper like myself not feel overwhelmed with the amount of choices available upon entering the salon. Lindsay did a great job in gauging the style and silhouette I was looking for. Without her help, I'm not sure I would have found my perfect dress!
Cheryl Rhoden from San Jose, Jax
on 08/01/2016
I was elated to find the perfect dress at your boutique! Due to time constraints, I had to purchase off the rack, and, after much disappointment at other stores, I found the perfect style and the perfect fit in the first dress I tried on at One Fine Day. Ginny was super sweet and helpful!!
Colleen Speicher from Jacksonville, FL
on 07/17/2016
I am so happy I found this place! From the moment I walked in, the ladies at One Fine Day wanted to learn about me and seemed so happy to be a part of MY bridal experience. They were patient and really listened to me, and they helped me find my perfect dress! I still can't believe how easy and fun they made it. I am so grateful. Thank you!
Danielle Plank from Jacksonville, FL-San Jose Blvd.
on 07/13/2016
The ladies at One Fine Day were fantastic. Lindsey really made me feel special and was so understanding of my concerns. Thank you for the wonderful service. I look forward to working with you.
Maya from Mandarin
on 07/10/2016
Olivia was amazing and so helpful! this was my first dress shopping experience and left having bought a dress that day! She pulled a lot of styles and was patient with me while I explored different looks. I would definitely recommend the store and Olivia without a doubt! Could not have had a better experience!
Anonymous from One Fine Day Bridal on San Jose Blvd.
on 06/06/2016
I had a wonderful experience at One Fine Day Bridal Salon. The women there are so kind, patient, and helpful. I did not feel rushed or pressured at all. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience there.
Brittney M from St. Marys GA
on 04/29/2016
Olivia was so great! She really understood me and the wedding style I was going for...she suggested a dress that I overlooked and it was beyond perfect. The only reason I didn't buy then and there (at that second) was because I had an appointment at another store. When I was finished there, I went back and it reiterated my decision to buy the dress. I am so happy and would recommend it to everyone to check the place out. Very professional!
Renee spadaro from Saint Augustine
on 04/25/2016
This was the best experience I have had so far! I loved everything I tried on. The staff was very helpful and friendly. They made me feel comfortable. I don't remember the girls name who helped me but she was awesome! She said she was getting married this November. I also loved how you chose to decorate. It was very pretty and the dresses were set up well. It made it easy to look at them. I will definitely be back!
Emily Smitherman from Jacksonville
on 04/17/2016
Found my dress, had a great time, felt very comfortable and well taken care of.
Sophia from San Jose
on 04/05/2016
One Fine Day was fantastic! They have an amazing selection, which really helped me since I had no idea what style I was looking for! Olivia was very knowledgable and really helped guide me through the selection process! She was very patient with my group and even allowed my sister to FaceTime from Cali through the entire process! I highly recommend going to OFD!!
Samantha Trance
on 03/29/2016
My bridal appointment was everything I wanted it to be. The sign in the front of the store with the bride's name on it and the mimosas really kicks off the entire experience. The selection of dresses was amazing and the staff was even better. My consultant was Lindsay and she was fantastic. She really helped me find the perfect dress, beaded belt & veil. My overall experience at One Find Day was a ten.
Renee Lipko from Jacksonville, FL
on 03/28/2016
We had the most wonderful experience at your shop!! Everyone told me once we got there we would find the dress, and they were SO right! The selection was incredible, and Lindsay was beyond helpful. I will definitely be sending everyone to y'all in the future!!
Cherish Coleman
on 03/27/2016
I had a wonderful experience at One Fine Day! Olivia was amazing, she was very sweet and a great consultant. Unfortunately I didn't find my dream dress here, but I would recommend this Bridal shop to anyone!
Maribel Villegas
on 03/21/2016
Lindsay was so sweet and helpful! She picked out wedding dresses for me that she thought I would like based off of one of my selections and because of her, I was able to find my perfect dream dress! Thank you so much! We were also very pleased with how beautiful the store is!! You guys are awesome and I would recommend to all future brides
Christie Bateh from Jacksonville, FL
on 03/21/2016
This was my first place I tried on dresses and we had such a great time! Ginny was amazing and was so helpful! Almost every dress I tried on I LOVED and I think I found the one...just taking a couple days to decide for sure :)
Elika from Ranola
on 03/18/2016
I had an awesome experience. I came in initially scared to try on dresses but the ladies put me right at ease. This was the first store I tried and I am glad I found what I was looking for. I would recommend this salon to anyone. I am so happy I found my dress here.
Elika from Ranola
on 03/18/2016
I had an awesome experience. I came in initially scared to try on dresses but the ladies put me right at ease. This was the first store I tried and I am glad I found what I was looking for. I would recommend this salon to anyone. I am so happy I found my dress here.
Jessie from San Jose
on 03/17/2016
Had a wonderful time with Olivia! She was very knowledgable about the dresses and made the process so enjoyable!