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on 09/20/2020
The experience was fantastic! Allia was a terrific bridal consultant and made the whole experience so fun and easy. She picked out dresses for me based on what I liked and the gowns were stunning. I would recommend One Bridal to anyone needing a beautiful dress for their wedding!
on 09/20/2020
I had the absolute best experience at one bridal! Danielle and her team are amazing and they truly listen to every detail you want to find your dream wedding dress. Trying to find your perfect dress can be overwhelming but they made the process so easy and I could not recommend them enough!
Samantha Cross from Deland, FL
on 09/13/2020
Shopping at One Bridal was an amazing experience! Olivia helped us and she was so encouraging and set all my worries at ease. Provided us with great ideas to customize my dress to transform it to “MY” dress not just “A” dress. I highly recommend One Bridal to all future brides.
Joy from Hendricks Avenue
on 09/10/2020
The experience was great! Allia was my consultant for my appointment. She was wonderful! She is super sweet, very knowledgeable about the dresses and designers, extremely helpful in picking out which styles would look best on me. The selection of dresses are beautiful. Would definitely recommend brides checking out the boutique!
Kayla Jones from Jacksonville, FL
on 09/05/2020
One Bridal was my first appointment trying on wedding dresses and Allia made it exciting and not too overwhelming! She actually picked the dress that I ended up with! She even called Robin our to describe everything I wanted done in alterations to make my perfect dress a reality. I appreciate every one there so much for helping greater my experience!
Meredith Hope from Jacksonville FL
on 09/04/2020
I had a great experience at One Bridal. Very professional and personable staff that were so welcoming and fun. I didn’t feel any pressure with my decisions and ending up finding my dress! I would definitely recommend this place to a friend.
Tara Ernst from San Marco, Florida
on 09/01/2020
My daughter, Tara, was very pleased as the rest of the party there to support her. Our consultant, Alia, was very knowledgeable and helpful with the selection of gowns. We did not feel rushed with our appointment and were treated very well.
on 09/01/2020
I had a great experience and really liked the consultant that helped me find the perfect wedding dress for me.
Victoria from Jacksonville, FL
on 08/31/2020
To put it simply, I had an AMAZING time at One Bridal. Evelyn, was and is the perfect person I could have ever asked for to find my dress. She was patient and thoughtful, gave her opinion when I asked, and made me feel so special and beautiful. She took me around the room and asked what I liked, what I didn’t like, pulled the ones I said I did and then some she thought I would love. Turns out the dress I chose was her pick!! I will forever be thankful for the time I had with Evelyn and One Bridal! Yes, yes, yes 100 times over!!!
Alina Vinci from San Marco location
on 08/30/2020
I had an absolutely amazing experience!!! Allia was incredibly professional and helpful. I didn’t feel pressured or rushed and Allia helped me accessorize appropriately for each dress I tried on - this really helped get an idea of what the dress might look like on my wedding day! We had such a great experience and would recommend One Bridal, and Allia, to anyone and everyone!
Laine from Jacksonville, FL
on 08/26/2020
Loved my experience in this store! I went here for my very first wedding gown try-ons and it was a very relaxed atmosphere. No pressure, no stress, just fun! Allia was an amazing help with pinpointing my style and narrowing down the search. I would recommend this store to any brides looking for a nice dress shopping experience.
Ciele from Tallahassee
on 08/17/2020
I can not speak highly enough about my experience at One Bridal. Evelyn was so kind, helpful, and supportive throughout the process and made me feel beyond confident in my decision for THE dress. Dress quality and comfort is also phenomenal. Would highly recommend One Bridal to anyone looking for their perfect dress!
Alexis Goyette from Jacksonville, FL
on 07/17/2020
I had a GREAT experience at One Bridal! I worked one on one with Olivia and loved her! She was very personable with my family and I! When we first got there she went over what styles I had already tried and wanted to see the other dresses I was liking so far. She allowed me to look through the dresses and pick ones I wanted to try but also recommended others and had me try on some I wasn’t sure I would like. We had her full attention the entire appointment and was extremely helpful. I ended up finding two dresses I really loved but wasn’t really to pull the trigger mainly because I had a second bridal appointment after ours. She encouraged me to go to the other shop and try on a bunch of dresses and then think about it over lunch and if I wanted to come back later to retry on the dresses I could. I ended up calling her and going back that afternoon. She let me retry on the dress and worked with me to figure out which underlay color I wanted to order. I left the shop saying YES TO THE DRESS!! I am so thankful for Olivia and the other One Bridal staff for making my experience so wonderful. I will DEFINITELY be recommending this shop to any and every bride I know! Thank you so so much and I am so excited to be a One Bridal bride! <3
Amber Boney from Jacksonville
on 07/13/2020
I had the most memorable experience that I will cherish forever at One Bridal. I felt so special and was provided with impeccable service. The owner, Danielle, is so knowledgeable, kind, patient, and helpful. She really listened to my thoughts on each dress and knew all the right questions to ask to help me narrow down my decision. The bridal shop is so beautiful and has such a variety of dress options/styles. I cannot say enough amazing things about One Bridal and would highly recommend it to future brides. Thank you so much for the best experience.
Aubri R from Columbia, SC
on 07/06/2020
One was absolutely fantastic!! I live in South Carolina and was in Jacksonville visiting family friends. I had visited other boutiques closer to home but could not find a dress I liked. The friends we were staying with told me about One, but I was only in town for one more day. Somehow Danielle managed to open last minute on her day off so I could come try on dresses while I was still in town (talk about amazing customer service!!!). I really thought I was going to have to settle on a gown, but she was so so amazing!! She was so attentive listening to my vision, and was able to help me create a custom gown with one of the designers they carried that exceeded my wildest dreams! Such nice and professional staff, beautiful dresses, and a great ambiance. Truly cannot say enough good things about One Bridal!
on 07/04/2020
I called, and they gave me an immediate appointment, making time for me! The owner was my stylist, and One Bridal was the first place that made me feel excited to be a bride. Instead of being stressed out and pressured, I was given INCREDIBLE, PERFECT options that I loved. The entire process was by far the best dress shopping experience I’ve ever had.
Samantha Brown from One Bridal
on 07/04/2020
I LOVED shopping here! This was my first and only stop for my wedding dress and they made it a wonderful experience. Being someone who is not super "girly", I wasn't sure what to expect with this part of the wedding process. I was helped by Alia who was very sweet and attentive the whole time. She listened to exactly what I liked (and didn't like) and made suggestions accordingly. If something had a feature I wasn't thrilled with, she made suggestions about possible alterations that are done in-house. I ended up finding the perfect dress which I probably never would have tried on if she hadn't been so helpful. I would highly recommend this place to any bride looking to do some shopping.
Taylor from Jacksonville
on 06/27/2020
I had the best experience at One Bridal! I brought my mom, sister, and best friend and we had a blast! The consultant helped me so much and she honed in on my style right away. She helped me pick dresses that I wouldn’t have normally picked and ended up loving (including the one I ended up choosing!!)
alexis from Jacksonville
on 06/22/2020
Very nice and knowledgeable! Asked a lot of questions about the bride, really made her feel special.
Kayla Chaffin from Jacksonville
on 06/15/2020
I absolutely loved my visit at One Bridal! I walked in feeling like my mind was EVERYWHERE! But Olivia was so helpful on helping me find THE PERFECT DRESS for my wedding day! There was a moment I was getting overwhelmed, but she was so helpful to calm my nerves. I am VERY pleased with One Bridal!
Devon Stubbs from Jacksonville
on 06/15/2020
I had a wonderful experience here and found my perfect dress. When it looked like we couldn't get my dress in time, they made it happen. Couldn't be happier.
Taylor Weeks from Palm Beach, Florida
on 06/15/2020
I LOVED my experience at ONE BRIDAL. I felt focused on in the best way. Olivia took her time and put me in anything I wanted to try within my budget! She was amazing. I highly recommend One Bridal. The experience was truly impeccable and almost indescribable. Thankyou Olivia for your work, you are truly SO GOOD at what you do!!!
Allison Moredock from Jacksonville, FL
on 06/08/2020
The boutique was so cute and intimate. The staff was exceptionally helpful and kind. Dresses were beautiful.
Brianna Fulginiti from One Bridal San Marco
on 06/01/2020
I had a wonderful experience at One Bridal! Olivia was so friendly, patient, and accommodating. She made my bridal experience so memorable. The dress selection was incredible. I tried on so many different styles and just knew when I found the one!! I highly recommend One Bridal!
Nikki Weiss from Jacksonville
on 05/26/2020
Olivia was great and the entire appointment was a great experience. I was anxious about the day and not knowing how I would look in a wedding dress. Olivia did a great job listening to what I was looking for and picked out amazing dresses that I would never have grabbed, but ended up loving
Lauren Tucker from Jacksonville, FL
on 05/19/2020
We had the BEST time on Saturday spent at One Bridal. It was my first time trying on dresses, and Kaylie was beyond helpful and so sweet. She made the entire process smooth and knew exactly what I was looking for, and kept me open to trying other styles too. We found a handful we loved, so we will definitely be back. Thank you again for a great experience!
Julia Pearce from Jacksonville
on 05/09/2020
Kalie was fabulous and SO helpful. She helped me find my dream dress. She made the process easy, fun and enjoyable. She knew what I wanted and pulled the perfect dresses. I loved my experience and would recommend One Bridal to any bride.
on 03/30/2020
Excellent attention, feedback and overall service. No weird vibes or pressure to buy a dress and I wasn’t pushed into higher prices or styles I didn’t like. Thank you so much for helping me find the perfect dress!!!
on 03/25/2020
One Bridal had everything I was looking for while searching for my wedding look! Danielle was wonderful - she made sure to listen to what I wanted but was there to offer suggestions and guidance whenever I needed them. Would absolutely recommend One Bridal to anyone searching for the wedding dress of her dreams!
Carolyn Perez
on 03/22/2020
Wonderful selection of beautiful wedding dresses. Great service Olivia was exceptional!
Nicole Johnson from Jacksonville
on 03/15/2020
I couldn't have been happier with my dress-buying experience at One Bridal. My consultant, Danielle, was very sweet, knowledgeable, and professional. I would recommend this bridal boutique to anyone.
Miya Arceneaux from Jacksonville, FL
on 03/08/2020
Danielle made me feel so comfortable to the point that she felt like a close friend! It was my first time visiting a boutique and it was so nice. She helped pull dresses for me, helped me into the dresses, and gave her input on the dresses which helped a lot. I’m so happy that I had her to help me look during this process. I suggest that anyone looking to try on wedding dresses and wanting to have an amazing experience check out One Bridal and have Danielle help if she is there (:
Molly from St. Augustine
on 03/04/2020
I loved One Bridal! Danielle was the best. She offered me and my guests Champagne when we arrived, and took me around the store after she understood the style I was looking for. The are so many gorgeous options here, I would highly recommend One Bridal!
Emily Cunard from Jacksonville, FL
on 02/21/2020
My experience at One Bridal was amazing. I cannot say enough positive things about my experience. The store is beautiful and clean and the staff is friendly and welcoming. Danielle was so accommodating to my group of 5 and we had our own private seating area which was very spacious and so it felt like we had the whole store to ourselves. Danielle made me feel so comfortable, she listened to my vision and was not pushy at all. I had been to other dress shops prior and that was not the case. I went into the appointment not expecting to find the dress, but I ended up finding my dream dress and I could not be happier!!!! I would recommend One Bridal to anyone!
on 02/18/2020
I had a wonderful experience! My consultant, Mekenzie, was incredible and really listened to my dress preferences and body concerns. The appointment felt stress-free and fun. I would recommend One Bridal to any bride!
Natalie Avery from San Marco
on 02/18/2020
Olivia was extremely attentive and friendly through the appointment. She took all my feedback, applied it, and came back with some amazing dresses specifically for me. I definitely recommend this welcoming boutique to find your perfect dress.
Rachel from Jacksonville
on 02/17/2020
Olivia was amazing! I'm so glad I came into the boutique yesterday and luckily I found my dream dress! Wonderful experience!
Anonymous from Jacksonville
on 02/16/2020
Great experience! Olivia was very helpful and patient!
Brittaney Fisher from Hendricks ave.
on 02/10/2020
Everything from start to finish was perfect! I think the girl that worked with us was Danielle. She listened to exactly what I was looking for and was super sweet and understanding through the whole process while I was a hot mess. I had a large group with me but I’m the end I found my perfect dress and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you all again so much!
Amanda Hohne from San Marco
on 02/09/2020
I had a great experience! I was a bit unsure about doing a big second wedding but I had so much fun and the staff was so knowledgeable and quick to adjust to what I was saying about each gown. I ended up with something I never would have considered but I’m so excited about our wedding day.
Kellie from Jacksonville,FL
on 02/08/2020
I heard about One Bridal from a friend. I looked on their site and discovered a Madi Lane dress that was love at first site. It was part of their 2020 collection and they didn’t have a sample yet. Olivia did a great job following up to let me know when it arrived and squeezed me in for a weekend appointment days after it arrived. Everyone was very welcoming to myself and our group when we arrived. I tried on the one I had been waiting for first and loved it. They let me try on a few others just to be sure...I said yes to the dress and can’t wait for the big day.
Danielle Muren from San Marco
on 02/04/2020
Kaylee was great!! She was able to figure out exactly what I was looking for and helped me find mt dream dress. I was not overwhelmed at all through the process and didnt feel any pressure to choose one, even though I did!
Katie Scott from San Marco- One Bridal
on 01/30/2020
My consultant, Mekenzi, made my experience so easy and enjoyable. She made sure that I felt confident and beautiful in everything that I tried on and I felt like her opinion was always honest and sincere, which made it easy for me to trust her judgment.
Markesia Herring from Hendricks ave
on 01/27/2020
I absolutely loved the boutique. Makenzie made me feel like a queen, providing her undelivered attention and was not pushy at all. She let me take my time trying on dresses and made sure I was comfortable the entire way. The boutique itself was beautiful and turned out the first dress I tried on, I feel in love with. Thank you for being so awesome, I can't wait to strut my gown .
Bayliegh from Jacksonville, FL
on 01/20/2020
I had a great experience at One Bridal. My consultant listened to my ideas and made some beautiful and affordable suggestions. I thought I wanted one style of dress, but the consultant helped me find one that I didn’t think I would like but I fell in love with it as soon as I tried it on.
Xiomara Rojas from San Marco, Jacksonville FL
on 01/20/2020
What a wonderful experience. I will be celebrating my 25th wedding anniversary and I am truly happy the ladies didn't put me in an over "40"dress like I looked online. My consultant was patient ,fun and took the time to look for dresses that fit my curves. I felt all sorts of sexy, beautiful and "diva" like all in one. The bridal consultants are exceptional!! Thank you for your professionalism and patience ??
Kelsey from Jacksonville
on 01/19/2020
The shop is gorgeous and the process was so easy. They were very upfront on dresses that met my budget and I was so surprised how many options I was able to try on that fit into my budget. I’m so happy I chose One Bridal
Erin Bendick from St. Augustine
on 01/08/2020
We enjoyed our time at your bridal salon. I am a larger size and you still had a lot of options for my time frame. The staff were very knowledgeable and helpful.
Lisa Siebke
on 12/16/2019
Olivia was fantastic. Very informative and extremely helpful. My mother, grandmother, and I thoroughly enjoyed this appointment, I just wasn't ready to make a decision that day. Olivia, I cannot thank you enough for all of your help!
on 12/16/2019
Everyone was so helpful and kind.