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Anonymous from Scottsdale
on 02/27/2024
I loved my experience today at Schaffer's! I've now gone to a few different bridal shows around the valley and I would hands down recommend every bride to go to Schaffer's.
Meredith from Scottsdale
on 02/18/2024
Compared to other experiences I’ve had dress shopping, this one was by far the best. Madi was phenomenal and so kind. I loved the shopping experience! Absolutely no pressure, which made it a relaxing and fun time. Thank you!!
Kit K from Scottsdale
on 02/05/2024
Emma was so amazing! She was really great at guiding us through the experience and really listening to what was important to me. I loved that the store has a huge range of prices and styles - I ended up going with something totally different than I expected and had previously been trying on style-wise and I couldn't be happier with the style or the price.
Cassity from Scottsdale
on 02/04/2024
Jada was so sweet and helpful! She was able to pull dresses out for me to try on that I loved unexpectedly. She listened to my feedback on each dress, and took her time with me. I loved my experience at Schaffers. ??
Gabrielle from Scottsdale
on 01/25/2024
This store is amazing! It has a really wide variety of dresses of all different types and is easy to navigate. The inside is gorgeous too! Brooke, who helped me find dresses, was WONDERFUL! My mom and I were talking about how sweet and kind she was the whole drive home. She was super knowledgeable and helpful. We had the best experience here and are so happy we went. :)
Evana Quintanilla from Scottsdale
on 01/22/2024
The staff were super friendly and helpful! I personally worked with Emma and she is hands down such a beautiful soul!! She was very personable, thoughtful and caring. Schaffers prices are affordable and can easily work with any price range. I would definitely recommend going here!
Sarah from Scottsdale
on 01/19/2024
First off, such a beautiful store with a great ambience. I felt like a bride just being there. Madi was my stylist and was so kind and helpful. She made me feel so comfortable, listened to my feedback, and picked out some great dresses for me. Great experience from start to finish!!
Lindsay from Scottsdale
on 01/18/2024
My experience from start to finish with Schaffer's was awesome ... the scheduling was easy, the whole team was warm and welcoming upon arrival and my stylist Emma was AMAZING. As someone who was in the bridal dress world in management for several years, it was fun being on the other side and I know what it takes to make this experience special and Emma did just that. It was the only shop I booked and there was no need to book any other appointments as I found "the one" here. My dress came in quicker than I had expected and even the pickup appointment was flawless. Don't think twice about booking your appointment here, just do it!
Chelsey Adams from Scottsdale
on 01/07/2024
Associate Jada was absolutely amazing! She really listened to what I was looking for and even picked a dress I didn’t think I would go for….which ultimately turned out to be the dress I picked as my wedding dress! She was so helpful and I loved my experience!
Tiffany from Scottsdale, AZ
on 12/24/2023
My Mom and I had a great experience with Emma. It was our first time dress shopping, and she was fun and personable while also allowing us to have a special moment together.
Emily from Litchfield Park, AZ
on 12/21/2023
Brooke was the best. She has the best energy and made everything fun and smooth and helped me feel so confident. I love how much variety is offered at Schaffers- this was such a fun experience
Alexis Querubin from Scottsdale, AZ
on 12/18/2023
Absolutely phenomenal experience! I was so worried coming in how I would feel, but Emma was absolutely amazing! I showed her a couple pictures and she picked out everything that I wanted to try on and made the experience so calm, peaceful, relaxing and fun. I ended up finding my dream dress and I couldn’t be happier with my experience. Thank you Schaeffers Bridal!
Lexi from Scottsdale
on 12/17/2023
Madi was so amazing! She knows her brides and what they want. Madi was the sweetest and most helpful bridal stylist I’ve worked with. She helped me pick THE DRESS. Also the store was beautifully organized by price points which was so helpful. Thank you!
Carly Kaiser from Scottsdale
on 12/01/2023
I can’t thank Emma enough for her help and support with my dress search. I went to 5 different bridal shops and Schaffers was my favorite because of Emma! She was so kind and listened to what I wanted and brought great suggestions. She was extremely patient and made my experience amazing. I didn’t end up getting my dress from Schaffers but cannot recommend Schaffers and Emma enough!
Samantha Ollendick from Scottsdale
on 11/19/2023
This was absolutely the best appointment I had. Emma was amazing and was able to find the dress I wanted. She truly listened to my thoughts and offered suggestions which lead to my dream dress. Schaffers provides amazing service and a large selection gowns. I will highly recommend this place to any one I know shopping for gowns in the future.
Emily Kaufmann from Scottsdale
on 11/19/2023
I loved working with Emma. She was very patient and let me try on as many as I wanted without any pressure!
Danielle from Scottsdale
on 11/16/2023
BROOKE IS AMAZING. I wish i could give her 1,00000 stars. Today was so special. Brooke was so sweet and made today so special for me. I felt like she truly listened and made my vision come to life. I will recommend Schaffers bridal to everyone because of how special my appointment felt today. Your gowns are stunning and Brooke helped pick out ones that i absolutely loved. She is the sweetest and I am so lucky i got to work with her today ( she deserves employee of the month)
Julie The from Scottsdale
on 11/10/2023
I can't recommend Schaffer's enough for wedding dress shopping, whether it's for the selections, experience, and price point. From the beginning to the end, my shopping with Schaffer's had been incredibly thanks to the most awesome bridal consultant, Brooke. Schaffer's was the first bridal shop I visited and the bar was set so high that any bridal shop I visited afterwards came nowhere close to it. Making an appointment with them was extremely easy and I was able to book it through their website. Then they sent me a questionnaire to complete to determine the style of dress I'm looking at. I have a couple styles in mind and have also listed out couple dresses that I'm interested based on their website. On the day of appointment, l met Brooke who is my bridal consultant, and she welcomed me and my family warmly. The store is beautiful and bright with tons of natural lighting. Brooke walked thru the process of how the dresses are organized by prices which is great for brides who have a strict budget. All of their dresses are incredibly well priced and majority of them are well within my budget. Before my family and I started going through the dresses to see which ones to try on, she informed me that she have already placed several of the dresses I was interested (based on the questionnaire) in the dressing room which showed that she really have reviewed my answers of the questionnaire and prepared everything ahead to make the process as easy as possible. As my family and I looked thru the racks and racks of dresses, she will constantly bring over dresses that fits the style I'm looking for to see if I would like to try it on. During the try on, Brooke helped me very patiently to try on all the dresses we've picked. Throughout the entire process, she was never pushy or try to suggest anything that could potentially sway my decision as she knows that the decision has to be made by me. However, she also listens closely to all my input and observed closely my facial expression and body language after each dress to see how much I truly love the dress or feel comfortable in them. Ultimately, I ended buying the dress that was picked by Brooke and I knew it was the perfect one when I went to pick it up 6 months later and still love every bit of it and can't wait to wear it on my wedding day!
Joanna from Scottsdale
on 11/07/2023
Wonderful experience. It was my 1st time trying on wedding dresses and I'm glad it was at Schaffer's. Everyone was welcoming and friendly. Emma was the one helping me and my party, and she was helpful, patient, accommodating and very personable. It made the entire experience fun and memorable!
lauren berold from Scottsdale
on 11/04/2023
Brooke Williams was amazing! She helped pick out the dress of my dreams. Waiting for my mom to get in town to see it on me. Brooke is kind and makes the experience all about the bride
Zoe from Scottsdale AZ
on 10/27/2023
Amazing, Emma was very personal, calm and caring. She picked great dresses for me and catered to every need I had. Her calmness was appreciated.
Susie Cooke from Scottsdale Arizona
on 10/15/2023
Emma was wonderful and so helpful!!! She made my dress shopping experience memorable! And I said Yes to the dress!!!
Andrea Marquez from Scottsdale
on 10/14/2023
Schaffers was the first place I went to and it did not disappoint. Brooke was super helpful in finding me the PERFECT dress. The store is super organized and made wedding dress shopping a breeze. I would recommend to anyone looking for exceptionally priced and beautiful wedding dresses.
Audra Slemmer from Scottsdale
on 10/13/2023
Emma was awesome and very helpful. I am so grateful I found my dress and paid a reasonable price!
Emma from Scottsdale
on 10/12/2023
Emma was great to work with. Very helpful and friendly. My group and I had a great time trying on dresses. Thank you for helping me find what I was looking for!
Beth Wurtzberger from Scottsdale
on 10/06/2023
Jada was absolutely delightful to work with. She totally listened to my feedback and found me the dress of my dreams!
Abigail Bakerink from Des Moines
on 10/06/2023
We had a great day shopping at Schaffers for my wedding dress. My bridal consultant Mikaila was very helpful and knowledgeable throughout the whole process. She was super nice and we enjoyed every minute!!
Courtney Karns from West Des Moines
on 10/06/2023
Jeneka was so great to us! She was fun and so so helpful! She listened to what I was looking for and brought me a dress that I had walked past but ended up being in my top picks. I was the last appointment of the day but she never rushed me and still allowed me the full experience. I had been shopping at other stores and Schaffers by far had the best selection and most enjoyable shopping experience.
Brooke Skaggs from Cedar Rapids
on 10/06/2023
I had the ultimate best experience at Schaffers. Taylor was amazing and was phenomenal at picking out dresses that matched my vision. The dress selection there is top notch! All the dresses will look amazing on you - there really isn't a single bad dress in the store. I am so reluctant to have said "YES to the DRESS!" and I am so happy Taylor was there to help. Her patience, helpfulness, and knowledge was second to none! Highly, highly recommend anyone looking for a wedding dress, bridesmaid, or prom dress to shop at Schaffers. You're guaranteed to find THE ONE!
Erin Edmonds from Omaha
on 10/06/2023
Jeneka was wonderful; so helpful, patient & also fun! I was missing my mom during my appointment and Jeneka went out of her way to show my mom my gown via FaceTime and also took plenty of photos of everything I tried on. We were both so appreciative! Grateful for this experience.
Emily Robinson from West Des Moines
on 10/06/2023
Loved working with Micheala! She was so sweet and asked great questions! Very knowledgeable about all the inventory and was very honest. Definitely would recommend her and Schaffers to my friends and future brides.
Mary Thomas from Scottsdale, AZ
on 10/03/2023
Brooke was absolutely wonderful - I wasn't quite sure what style I was looking for when I came in, but she helped me narrow down silhouettes and fabrics quickly then offered some great suggestions to try on. I was a bit self-conscious going into the process, but she quickly helped alleviate my concerns with her approachability and kindness. Thank you Schaffers!
Kathleen Jordan from Scottsdale
on 10/03/2023
Emma was amazing! So sweet and kind she knew all the right questions to ask. I loved how she also gave me space to take in what I was thinking and let me process it all. After four bridal appointments I found the one!
Molly Buckler from Scottsdale, AZ
on 10/02/2023
Brooke was AMAZING!! This was the first place I tried on wedding dresses and it was by far the best experience of all the places I went. She was so attentive, listened to what I wanted, took graceful feedback from my guests and made that experience just a joyful, fun and unforgettable day! While I didn’t end up saying yes at Schaffers, Brooke’s presence made it a moment I will never forget!!
Lauren from Prescott Valley
on 09/30/2023
Emma was fantastic and most helpful for this special day. I was not really sure what I wanted for my style of dress and she did a great job at finding all the options to help me say yes to the dress!
Michelle from Scottsdale
on 08/31/2023
I had the most amazing experience working with Brooke. She is absolutely the best and helped me find my dream wedding dress! She was very kind, professional, and patient with the millions of questions I asked her. I will be recommending everyone I know to your bridal shop and to work with Brooke!! Thank you!!!
Aubrey Downey from Scottsdale
on 08/27/2023
Brooke was amazing! We had a great time and loved our experience. Very professional but still fun and super helpful. I had no idea what I wanted and she helped me narrow it down and also hand picked dresses that I absolutely loved. She had a great eye for my style right away!
Carey Leep from Scottsdale, AZ
on 08/21/2023
I cannot express what a wonderful experience we had at Schaffer's trying on and then buying my daughter's wedding dress. Jada was Anna's consultant and she went above and beyond to help Anna find her perfect gown. She was joyful and supportive, and ultimately, it was a dress that Jada chose for Anna (and made her try on... just because) that my daughter ended up loving the most! Thank you Jada, for making my daughter feel like a bride! She hadn't felt that yet and you made her day and dress shopping experience exceptional! The dress selections at Schaffer's were far and above more diverse than other boutiques we visited, it is beautifully organized, and the prices also were very reasonable considering the gorgeous gowns they have. There is a wonderful mix of both classic and more trendy styles which was also nice. The studio is stunning with beautiful natural light and private viewing areas making every bride feel special. We could not have had a better experience. In fact after leaving Schaffer's, we went to another boutique and then asked Jada if we could come back and try THE DRESS on again which she fortunately had time for. It sealed the deal! My daughter is still glowing as am I. Yes. We Mamas dream of this moment for our daughter's whole lives also. :) The whole lovely time at Schaffer's was one we will all never forget. Thank you.
Ali Chalberg from Scottsdale
on 08/14/2023
Abby was an amazing help for trying on dresses and giving me all the information I needed to make my decision. She really made my whole experience and helped me find my dream dress! Schaffer’s had the best selection of dresses and it was a hard choice! Thank you!
Lily Tomas from Scottsdale
on 07/17/2023
Absolutely loved Schaffer's! Amazing dress selection and great budget flexibility. Taylor was very kind, helpful, and knowledgeable. I'm very happy to have found my dress here, and I'd definitely come back to look for more bridal rehearsal/reception dresses.
Amber Allen from Scottsdale
on 07/09/2023
Taylor was absolutely wonderful! She asked all the right questions and provided dresses that matched my style perfectly! I'm so happy that I said 'yes to the dress' here!
Morgan McLoud from Scottsdale
on 07/02/2023
Brooke was absolutely amazing!! She made me feel so comfortable and helped me every step of the way. Dress shopping can be an overwhelming experience, but Brooke’s professionalism and kindness ultimately helped me find the dress of my dreams! I can not wait to wear my dress and can not thank Brooke enough for her help!
Christine from Scottsdale
on 06/26/2023
Amazing experience! Such a great selection and the staff was SO helpful! Thank you Brooke for helping me find my dream dress!
Hatti Ternes from Schaffer's Scottsdale
on 06/16/2023
Emma was amazing and kind!!! She gave me great advice on choosing the right dress and vail. Everything was perfect, she was so helpful and made my first fitting so enjoyable and fun! I will highly recommend that any of my friends looking for a dress, come to this incredible bridal store as they will find what they're looking for with a smile.
Victoria Simons from Scottsdale, Arizona
on 06/11/2023
Amazing job by Abby!!! She was so helpful and kind and picked some amazing dresses. She was a great listener and guided me in the right direction.
Megan Rinke from Schaffers West Glen
on 06/05/2023
Kimberly was everything in my dress searching process! She made me feel so comfortable, kept a smile on my face the whole time, and took me through as many options as we needed to find *the one*. I absolutely recommend!!
Alaina Rostenbach from Des Moines
on 06/05/2023
Kimberly was very kind and extremely helpful during my appointment. The off-the-rack section of the store was a life saver for my coming wedding. There were plenty of high quality options within my budget. I left with my dream dress that day!
Bella Trane from Des Moines
on 06/05/2023
Taylor helped me pick my wedding dress and I can’t say enough positive things about her! She made the experience easy, fun, and made sure I was 100% about my dress. She helped me navigate a variety of styles and shapes and was always very encouraging and patient. She truly made all the difference for me and my experience!!
Robin Koskovich from West Des Moines
on 06/05/2023
I had an amazing experience at Schaffer’s! My wedding dress consultant was knowledgeable about the dresses. She kept me in dresses in my price range. She was professional in helping me get in and out of dresses. I did not expect to find my dress at my first store, but I did. I could not be more pleased with the support and service! Thank You!
Macy Halverson from Des Moines, IA
on 06/05/2023
Michaela is the best ever. Right from the beginning she made me feel confident and comfortable. Plus she made it so so fun. She made my day so wonderful!