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Heather O’Connor from Scottsdale
on 11/13/2022
My stylist, Taylor, was amazing! She was so kind and helpful, she listened to everything I said and helped me find my dream dress! Will definitely be sending all my future bride friends and family to Schaffer’s.
Emily Cutcliffe from Scottsdale
on 11/07/2022
Taylor was an absolute gem. This was our 3rd and final stop in our wedding dress search in Phoenix/Scottsdale. I had found some dresses at other shops the day before that I really liked and was planning to purchase (I actually almost cancelled my appt at Schaffer’s because I thought I had found a dress). As soon as we stepped into Schaffer’s, we were greeted by the friendliest ladies who were ready to help. The vibe was instantly different. Taylor was kind, patient, and truly heard me and my requests. She picked out a handful of dresses and we began trying them on. The second dress I tried on was the one. Taylor had told me before that she was a believer in “when you know, you know.” I was skeptical, since I had not gotten that feeling yet with previous dresses or shops. I felt different RIGHT away with this dress. It felt so right. Taylor never pushed me into making any decision and it felt incredibly natural. She was truly the “shaman” of my wedding dress experience. I was steadfast that I wouldn’t be buying a dress during this trip (as I typically need days/weeks to ponder over my decisions). I bought that dress that day and am SO SO happy I did. I can’t say enough great things about Taylor and the ambience at Schaffer’s Bridal. It was private, intimate, and beautiful. It was an amazing experience and I wish I could do it all over again!! Thank you, Taylor!!
Taylor from Scottsdale
on 10/26/2022
The BEST bridal shop! There were so many dresses available for any price point. My stylist, Abby, was absolutely incredible. She listened to everything I wanted and always made sure I was comfortable and heard. She was so knowledgeable about every dress as well. I never expected to become emotional when I found THE dress (or to even find “the” dress), but Abby made the whole appointment so special that I couldn’t help but tear up. I am so thankful we found Schaffer’s Bridal and Abby!! I would recommend to anyone.
Lindsay Menting from Scottsdale
on 09/27/2022
Stunning salon and wonderful experience! Thrilled to have found my dress here.
on 09/06/2022
I had a amazing bridal shopping experience. Brooke was so kind and helpful. I am so happy that I found my dress. I highly recommend Schaffer’s and Brooke as a consultant!!
Maria from Scottsdale
on 08/29/2022
Great experience! Taylor was super friendly and helped me really feel like a bride! She definitely listened to what I was looking for and make the process easy! Beautiful shop and great dressing rooms! Thank you for having us!
Angie P from Scottsdale
on 08/28/2022
Where do I begin?! Everything about today was perfect. The store itself is gorgeous, and I love how each fitting area is sectioned off so that each bride gets privacy. The dress selection was great, and organized in such an easy way to navigate. I am forever grateful to have had Taylor as my stylist. She made me feel so comfortable and beautiful. I’m so happy to have said yes to the dress!
Leah from Scottsdale
on 08/28/2022
I had such a wonderful time shopping at Schaffer's this past week. Abby was absolutely wonderful. She was so patient, kind, and encouraging and also mindful of our budget. She also really helped me envision what I would look like on my wedding day with veils, bouquets, and even talk about ceremony decor. I found the perfect dress and am so thankful! I am so happy and can't wait to wear it.
Beth Cannon from Phoenix
on 08/13/2022
My stylist was helpful and knowledgeable, she provided support and also space to explore and privacy with my family/friends. The store had an INCREDIBLE selection of gowns in variety and price point. This is also the only store I went to that actually helped me in and out of the gowns which I appreciated.
Katie from Los Angeles, CA
on 07/31/2022
The experience was wonderful. It felt intimate and relaxed, but also like you could get down to business. I worked with Abby, who was warm, enthusiastic and wonderful. She totally understood my vibe, and helped things move efficiently. I wound up finding the perfect dress, and I’m so grateful I felt so comfortable along the way!
MacKenzie Willson from Scottsdale
on 07/22/2022
Everyone was so inviting upon arrival and the shop was stunning! Chelsea was amazing and so helpful at my bridal appointment! She pulled some dresses that went with what I was looking for and also allowed my bride squad to pick out some! It was an amazing experience and something I will cherish forever. I did end up saying yes to the dress!
Tara from AZ
on 07/19/2022
Brooke was AWESOME! So thoughtful, honest, helpful, and patient with me. Thank you SO much! I highly recommend!!!
Jessica Heintz from Scottsdale, AZ
on 07/12/2022
Lovely, wonderful experience. Brooke helped me find the perfect dress and made it a fun, memorable experience. Schaffer's was recommended to me by 2 friends, and I will continue to recommend.
Rachel from Scottsdale, AZ
on 06/15/2022
My consultant Brooke was incredible! She was amazing at assisting with getting me in and out of dresses, clamping them extremely well so I got a good idea of what they look like, and reading the room to allow enough time for each dress and not rushing me through the process. She was very organized in separating the possible dresses from the ones I was no longer considering. Brooke was very personable and made everything comfortable, easy, and smooth! Schaffers Bridal is very organized as a store and each dressing area was very clean and felt private enough, making it an extremely comfortable environment! Highly recommend Schaffers Bridal and Brooke as a consultant!!
Katherine from Scottsdale
on 06/13/2022
I had the most amazing time! With Ali, I felt like my vision was listened to. I had been to a few other stores and found wonderful dresses. But at Schaffers, I found a dress that made me feel “at home.” The giant, naturally lit showroom was also so warm and inviting and gave me to see my dress in the perfect element.
on 06/13/2022
I said yes to the dress! Ali was my consultant and she was absolutely amazing, and extremely knowledgeable as well, which is even more important. I worked with Peyton towards the end when it was time to order THE dress, and the experience just kept getting better. I couldn’t recommend a better family-owned bridal shop!
Leah from Scottsdale
on 06/12/2022
That was such a fun experience. Brooke was fantastic in every way. She gathered my style and preferences right away. She was enthusiastic, very knowledgable, complimentary, encouraging, funny, and enjoyable. My family and I had a great time.
Amanda Pabian from Scottsdale
on 06/12/2022
Absolutely loved our experience at Schaffers! It was so nice to have someone assist us that listened to what I was looking for and made the transition from dress to dress seamless and comfortable. Thank you so much Ali Simonson for everything today!
Naomi from Gilbert
on 06/09/2022
Ally was SO helpful, friendly, and was able to answer all of my questions. She took time getting to know me and my style, and listened closely to what I envisioned for the big day. I highly recommend visiting Schaffer's for your wedding dress!
Alexandra Fleck from Scottsdale
on 05/29/2022
Ali was AMAZING. She was so friendly, knowledgeable, and made me feel so cared for while finding my dream wedding dress. I tried on the dress at a previous bridal shop earlier in the day, but decided on getting the dress here because she was so great and I wanted to get my dress here. I walked away feeling so excited and happy about my choice!
Grace from Phoenix
on 05/12/2022
Brooke was an amazing dress consultant. She picked out all of the dresses that I came in looking for and even pulled a dress I did not come in wanting that I highly considered buying. Schaffer's was the best bridal experience that I have had to this date. I will suggest this place to anyone looking for a wedding dress.
Natalie from Gilbert
on 05/06/2022
I had such a good experience picking out my dress at Schaffer's! Missy knew exactly what dresses to grab for me to try on based on my style and what I was going for. I said yes to the very first dress I tried on, and was in and out of Schaffer's with my dress ordered in under an hour! Thank you for making this so easy!
Meghan Hinckley from Scottsdale
on 04/05/2022
Brooke was an Angel!!! Wow!!! What an amazing experience- I left feeling *over the moon* having tried on so many beautiful dresses that she expertly pulled within my style ideas + price point. We had a fabulous time and left with some hard decisions to make on which one was “my dress” after there were so many favorites- thank you so much, Brooke!
Ashley Gambino from Scottsdale
on 03/15/2022
Brooke was absolutely wonderful! She was so patient with me and was incredibly knowledgable about all the dresses and designers! She was fabulous and made my whole expereince at Schaffer's so lovely! Highly recommend requesting Brooke if you go to the Scottsdale location.
Katie from Phoenix
on 03/14/2022
Ali was my stylist and she was AMAZING! She was so professional, kind, and helpful. She took her time to make sure all my questions were answered and that we found exactly what I wanted. I went to four bridal shops in the valley and Schaffer’s had the best selection of dresses by far. I found so many gorgeous gowns here that I loved! And I had the best experience from trying them on to making the purchase. I can’t wait to wear my dress for my elopement in October!
Kenzie Reynolds
on 03/13/2022
Our stylist made the experience so great. Beautiful, clean, and organized shop. Definitely worth the trip from WA State.
Karla Valencia from Scottsdale
on 03/06/2022
It was my second wedding dress shopping experience. But my stylist at Schaffers was amazing and let me try different styles. She found my dress the moment we started to find my style. The store is beautiful. I wish I could recreate that day.
Katie Oakes from Scottsdale
on 02/15/2022
What a phenomenal experience at Schaffer's! The store layout is helpful when keeping budget in mind. They had a trunk show, an "off the rack" section and a beautiful selection of gowns! Brooke was SO amazing to work with. She was calm, excited and a great hype-woman. She pulled my dream dress!!
Sarena from Scottsdale
on 02/03/2022
Missy was incredible!!! So helpful and listened to what I was looking for!! She gave me options and helped me through the whole process. She was wonderful!!!
Logan Myers from Scottsdale
on 02/03/2022
I had the most wonderful experience at Schaffer’s. I never felt rushed, was treated with such kindness, and most of had so much fun! I found my dress here and can’t stop thinking about it. Best day ever!
Caitlin Woerner from Scottsdale
on 01/24/2022
Our experience was amazing. Brooke was phenomenal, pulled the dress just based off what I had described. The first dress was the one. She made me feel so comfortable and made it the best experience I could have hoped for.
Shelby from Phoenix, AZ
on 01/21/2022
I absolutely LOVED my bridal appointment at Schaffer’s! My stylist - Ali - was so kind and helpful. She helped describe the full showroom to me before having my explore and pick out dresses to try on. To my surprise, we quickly found the one and explored other dresses by the same designer to make sure it was the perfect fit ?? Ali even reached out to the designer to see if we could order additional beaded lace and tulle to customize the dress a bit. Thank you Ali! I had a wonderful experience at Schaffer’s thanks to you!!
Nicole Kaminski from Scottsdale
on 01/15/2022
This was my first experience trying on wedding dresses and I had the most amazing time. Brooke took in everything I was saying and helped guide me through narrowing down what styles I truly loved, and helped lead me to the most beautiful dress that I never thought I would have loved so much! I would recommend Schaffer’s in Scottsdale to ANY bride.
Cheyenne Encinas from Scottsdale
on 01/11/2022
Ali was so great. Love the selections and was able to find a dress that seemed it was made especially for me. Thank you so much for a special experience.
Ashley from Scottsdale
on 12/23/2021
Missy was so fun to work with!!! I couldn’t believe how easy it was to find a dress that I absolutely loved. My sister & SIL said they’re glad we found Schaffer’s, sounds like we will all be back for future weddings!
Lizzie Mangone from Scottsdale
on 12/21/2021
Missy was the absolute best!!! She did an amazing job of listening to the dress elements I liked and perfectly selected dresses. She really brought it all together at the end when she found THE dress that had all the elements I loved about earlier dresses. She was patient, extremely upbeat and kind, and really helped me through the process. Cannot recommend her enough!
Kelly Reager from Scottsdale, AZ
on 12/13/2021
I can’t say enough about how amazing this experience was! I had been to two different bridal appointments before this and they were no comparison Schaffer’s. The store is beautiful and had a bigger selection of dresses than I expected. Most importantly, my consultant Brooke was incredible! She was so sweet and made the process easy for me and my family. I even ended up going back a couple hours later to officially say yes to the dress!
Mahlia from Scottsdale
on 11/14/2021
Brooke was so sweet and helpful! There were so many beautiful dresses to choose from. I like how they were organized from price points too. Had a great experience today!
Molly Smith from West Des Moines, IA
on 10/25/2021
The absolute best bridal shopping experience! I had visited 3 other boutiques prior to coming to Schaffers. I had a wonderful stylist and had such a great time. I cannot recommend enough! And I said YES to the dress!
Shelby Ameling from West Des Moines, IA
on 10/25/2021
Kimberly was amazing to work with. She made the entire experience stress free and enjoyable. I felt like she got to know me personally and helped me find the dress that matches me perfectly.
Julie Pierce from Scottsdale
on 10/23/2021
This was by far the best experience I could have asked for! Brooke was incredibly patient and eager to help me find my perfect dress. I highly recommend a trip to Schaffer’s for all future brides.
PM. from Scottsdale
on 10/20/2021
I was worried that I wasn't going to be able to find a dress that fits me. (I am curvy and have a bigger bust) Chelsea my stylist surprised me with the most elegant, beautiful gown! I am beyond sooo grateful and appreciative for her help!! It really was an amazing experience. I can't wait to see the final results sometime in February!! Chelsea, I can't thank you enough for all your help!
Kaitlyn Hostetler from Scottsdale
on 10/05/2021
Brooke was absolutely amazing. I went in having no clue what I wanted only a few ideas of what I liked. After trying on a few dresses, she was able to take what I liked and pulled me an amazing dress. She never pressed or pushed me to buy and was so patient. I will always recommend this shop and Brooke specifically.
Lila S. from Scottsdale, Arizona
on 09/21/2021
Schaffer's was the first place I went to try on wedding dresses and they set the bar very high! I worked with Ali S. and she was extremely helpful and professional. She really listened to things I liked and didn't like in the dresses and truly made me feel like a bride.
Nicole Parise from Shaffers bridal
on 09/17/2021
Ali was absolutely amazing! Today was our first day dress shopping and this was stop #1 and I found my perfect dress in under 15 dresses(extremely rare for me I was shocked). She couldn’t be more helpful and understanding to everything I wanted. If you are looking for a dress Ali will make all of your dreams come true and more! She completed my wedding look with a veil and bouquet to help me and my family visualize my special day and I couldn’t be more thankful for all of the help. The entire shop was spotless and the dresses all looked beautiful and perfectly organized. I highly recommend you go here before wasting your time anywhere else.
Sia L from Scottsdale, AZ
on 09/13/2021
Ali was very professional, friendly and helpful during my visit. She asked and suggested dresses based on my requirements. I tried on several dresses and she was there to help me. The store has nice affordable dresses and I highly recommend this place.
Hannah from Phoenix
on 09/08/2021
I had the best experience at Schaffer's. I felt so welcomed and the women who helped me were kind and helpful. I had been to 3 other places before I came here and this was hands down the most at ease I felt throughout the entire dress shopping process. Ali called me a few weeks later as well to remind me to make appointments for alterations and has since called me with updates on my dress and my veil regarding progress updates and ship dates. I rarely write reviews but I knew needed to about this place because I was truly blown away by the service! I have already told a few friends to go here.
Katie Roberts from Scottsdale
on 08/29/2021
Ali was so amazing and communicative and attentive with me and my family. Eloping is stressful but they got me in super quickly and I found the dress of my dreams! I could not believe the selection for off the rack!! Literally never imagined I would find my dream dress on a first visit!! And just in time :)
Aubriana from Scottsdale, AZ
on 07/26/2021
I was so lucky to be able to work with Brooke. She made me and my family feel so comfortable. She was so helpful, knowledgeable, and so fun!! We went to multiple boutiques and this experience was by far the best. The selection of dresses was amazing and the prices were even better!! Thank you so much for making me and my family feel so special. I'm so glad I found my dream dress!
Krysten Wallace from West Des Moines, IA
on 07/24/2021
Taylor was soooooooo so so so helpful! She listened to what I wanted and helped me try on so many GORGEOUS dresses! Thank you Taylor for helping me prepare for the most important day of my life!