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McKenna Skaggs from Scottsdale
on 01/12/2021
My experience here was absolutely AMAZING! I came in not expecting to find my dress and when I did the entire store glowed. It was magical!
Sierra Smith from Scottsdale
on 12/31/2020
The staff was amazing and so kind! I found the perfect dress. The store is so elegant and cute!
Melissa Jurgens from Scottsdale
on 12/18/2020
Had a great experience! Thank you, Melissa for working so diligently to find a dress in my size that could be rush delivered for the wedding. Melissa did a wonderful job listening to what I was looking for and providing options that could be tailored to exactly what I pictured. Having the whole place to myself was also a treat! Great memory start to finish. Thank you!
Megan M. from Scottsdale
on 11/30/2020
Peyton was amazing!!! She was friendly, fun, efficient, knowledgeable and professional. Thank you for helping me find the perfect dress to say I DO in!
Arlene Lanz from Scottsdale
on 11/23/2020
Allie was amazing! So fun and helpful and made my first time trying on wedding dresses incredible!
on 10/11/2020
I loved my experience. With this being my first time trying on dresses, I was able to look into options. Explain what I liked and Missy was able to tailor the appointment to my likes and I found amazing options!!! Can’t wait to come back to try on my top 3 and decide!
Mikella Berryman from Scottsdale, AZ
on 09/16/2020
Peyton is amazing! Super knowledge, an amazing listener, and very helpful. Made an A+ experience!!!
Adeena from Scottsdale
on 08/20/2020
My experience was amazing! Missy did a great job helping me find the dress of my dreams! I can't thank her enough for everything she did for me with.
Scottsdale from Arizona
on 08/10/2020
Catherine was amazing! She truly listened to what I was looking for and pulled the most beautiful dresses. Once I found the one, she picked the perfect veil to complete my wedding day look! I could not have been more happy with my wedding dress shopping experience!
Colleen Foley from Scottsdale
on 08/08/2020
Ellie was amazing! She was very informed on the inventory and worked with my to pull what I was feeling. I had a great experience.
Jenna Mee from Scottsdale, AZ
on 07/26/2020
Literally Missy was a dream and one of the sweetest most helpful consultants who definitely understood my style and made sure I had the best bridal experience. I would definitely recommend her to any bride who wants to feel even more special about their special day!
Emily from Schaffers in Scottsdale
on 07/19/2020
Alli was extremely helpful, she picked excellent dress choices, made changes when I noted things I did and did not like, and was very patient. She was super friendly and made sure that since my budget was my #1 priority, it was hers too. I found a beautiful dress in my budget and I am so glad I got to work with her.
Natasha Raju from Scottsdale
on 07/02/2020
Peyton was an absolute dream to work with. She was sweet, helpful, patient, and very knowledgeable about styles and very accommodating with my price range etc. She also made me feel very comfortable and welcomed even with the intense COVID situation going on. I really appreciate her and all her wonderful help finding the dress of my dreams! :)
Anonymous from Scottsdale
on 06/28/2020
The consultant I had was very nice and attentive. She listened to all my feedback on every dress to help my find my dream dress!
Rachel from Scottsdale
on 06/28/2020
Peyton was so helpful and we had a wonderful experience!
Janessa from Scottsdale
on 06/18/2020
The girls who helped me were great! The selection you guys had was awesome. I'm so glad I found my dress at your establishment!
on 06/16/2020
Really Enjoyed our time with Allie. She noticed what worked for me and what did not and listened to what I liked and did not like. She was actively pulling the dresses as well and removed dresses we declined as we went along! It was great! We will for sure be back!
Nicole Rostowsky from Scottsdale
on 06/15/2020
I had the best experience with Schaffer’s. Missy was amazing and made me feel so comfortable and confident. She worked with my price range, my family and my vision. I truly believe she made my experience! I am so happy I was able to say yes to the dress!!
Ashlynn Phillips from Scottsdale
on 06/13/2020
Allie was incredibly helpful in my quest for the perfect dress! She was professional, kind, great at pulling dresses from the rack, and listened well to my likes/dislikes. I had such an amazing experience trying on my first wedding gowns. I would definitely recommend Schaffer’s to any bride!
Payton Hiscok from Scottsdale, AZ
on 06/10/2020
Schaffer's is a beautiful store with so many amazing dresses. My consultant Missy was so positive and helpful and made my experience so special. Out of the three stores I have visited so far, Schaffer's was by far my favorite in terms of dress selection and the overall environment.
Julie Bonner from Scottsdale
on 06/07/2020
Catherine was very helpful while we were looking for my wedding dress. She gave guidance and was very friendly and ultimately helped my find my dress! I'm thankful for her and my nice experience at Schaffer's this weekend.
Dena walsh from Scottsdale
on 06/07/2020
Great service! Super helpful and very friendly girls! Would highly recommend your store.
Aubrie from Scottsdale
on 06/07/2020
My experience at Schaffer’s was amazing! Peyton was beyond wonderful! She was so knowledgeable, patient, and kind. Thank you so much for making a special day extra special!
Sarah Blanchard from 3944 North Marshall Way, Scottsdale, AZ 85251
on 05/13/2020
I had a wonderful time! Missy was so sweet, understanding, and extremely helpful in trying to help me find what style I liked best. She was also very informative and a great resource for all questions wedding dress-related! I would definitely recommend her to anyone shopping for a wedding dress. I also liked how the store was set up in terms of price range, making it easy to stick to your budget and feel less overwhelmed.
Kaylee Wells from Scottsdale
on 03/16/2020
I had an absolutely amazing experience at Schaffer’s! As soon as we walked in it felt so clean, bright and inviting! My consultant, Katherine was amazing! I feel like she understood what I was wanting and made my experience so memorable! I couldn’t be happier
Chandler from scottsdale
on 02/27/2020
This experience was amazing & I think I found the dress!! Catherine was so sweet & I'm so happy she was able to help me out. could not be happier!
Alexis Fernandez from Goodyear
on 02/23/2020
Very friendly people ! Made me n my family feel comfortable. Brooke was so awesome, she listened to what I wanted and was looking for. Thank you so much for making this a great experience!!
Amanda Mata from Scottsdale
on 02/18/2020
Ellie was AMAZING!! We visited 3 different shops and Schaffer’s was BY FAR THE BEST!! The variety of dresses, the experience, the service, I could go on and on! Me and my party all agreed we would HIGHLY recommend Schaffer’s to every new bride
Tia Blackwell from Schaffer’s AZ
on 01/27/2020
Amazing experience. Catherine was so helpful, always running around grabbing whatever we needed, and she picked out my dream dress! We went to a few other bridal stores before this but Schaffer’s was by far the best !
Lauren from Scottsdale
on 01/26/2020
Missy was amazing! So accommodating, sweet, knowledgeable and picked amazing dresses for me to try on with the photo I gave her. Loved the whole experience, would recommend to anyone!
Jilda Yancey from Scottsdale
on 11/10/2019
Ellie was awesome and made this experience so easy! I felt that she truly cared and understood me. I think I found THE dress thanks to her!!!
Nicole Valcic from Scottsdale
on 10/01/2019
I had a great experience at Schaffer’s! Not only did I find the most beautiful dress that I’ll be getting married in, every dress that I tried on was absolutely stunning! Just walking in the door you could tell all the dresses were beautiful. The staff was also extremely helpful, kind, and made it the most fun trip I’ve had trying on dresses. They gave me feedback and assistance when making my decision and helped make the experience even more memorable. I would definitely recommend Schaffer’s to my friends and family.
Vipasa from Scottsdale
on 07/19/2019
Ellie was amazing and helped me pick out beautiful dresses. A+ service and selection!
Makenzie Stevens from Scottsdale
on 07/12/2019
Amazing experience! Ellie was so sweet and helpful, she made the process flow so smoothly and made me feel so special. We have been to four different places for dress shopping and this was by far my favorite stop! Thank you all so much! PLUS, I found my dress!
Jessica Phillips from Des Moines, IA
on 06/10/2019
Had an amazing experience at Schaffer’s this past Saturday, and I said YES to the dress! Mariah was great to work with and was so helpful!
Rachel from Scottsdale
on 06/03/2019
Schaffer’s is such a beautiful bright spot in old town! They had every dress available that I wanted to try on plus so many more! Missy was so sweet and accommodating! She was also patient when our group wanted to try almost every dress in the store (lol)! So glad I said yes to the dress at schaffers!!
Anonymous from Scottsdale
on 04/08/2019
I loved this store and the help of the entire staff! They truly want to help and not in away that feels pressured to buy! Missy was amazing and I would highly recommend this store when shopping!
Amy from Scottsdale
on 04/05/2019
Ellie was so sweet and knowledgable and made me feel so comfortable throughout the process. She knew exactly which dresses to pull and eliminate and kept us on time without being pushy. Great experience!
Sabrina Marciante from Houston, TX
on 03/18/2019
I had such a wonderful time at Schaffer’s! My consultant pulled EXACTLY what I asked for, which I loved more than anything I had chosen to try on myself. Then, she picked the perfect dress that was unlike my original requested style. It ended up being the first dress I tried on and THE dress! I highly recommend Schaffer’s to any woman looking for the dress of her dreams.
Catherine from Scottsdale
on 02/10/2019
We had a fantastic experience, amazing choices, well organized, and very open and welcoming atmosphere! Highly recommend and was a fantastic experience.
Samantha Palmershein from Des Moines, IA
on 01/07/2019
Had a lovely experience this morning! I was running a few minutes late and arrived a couple minutes after my allotted appointment time, but it only took a few minutes to get checked in and in a room to start shopping! I came with a party of 4 and we were given great customer service for the duration of my appointment. Our bridal consultant was so sweet and very helpful in finding a dress within my budget that I could fall in love with. Everyone had an amazing time and the staff was very welcoming and kind. My mother purchased her bridal dress here 7 years ago and I am SO excited that I found my dream dress here today too! :)
Meghan from Las Vegas, NV
on 01/03/2019
My experience at Schaffer's was AMAZING. To be honest, I walked in with the understanding that I wouldn't find a dress because I really didn't know what I wanted. I gave a brief overview of what I was thinking and I was amazed at how well she nailed it. I was able to try on so many styles, figure out what I was comfortable in and couldn't believe that I left with a dress. It took one appointment for me to find that clarity and I'll be forever grateful to the staff. Everyone was so kind, supportive, honest and helpful. I will recommend this store to ANYONE looking for a wedding dress no matter where they're from. Can't wait to put it on again when it comes in! Love you all and thank you for making my dress dreams come true!
Katie Leppa from Scottsdale
on 12/03/2018
Missy was the BEST consultant! She was so sweet and patient, and really helped me feel comfortable and confident! I would recommend this store to any of my friends!
Maura from Scottsdale
on 12/02/2018
Amazing. I had no idea what I was looking for but Catherine was amazing and helpful and now I don’t need to look at another shop! Just have to narrow down my top 2.
Shelby Tuttle from Phoenix
on 10/09/2018
Riley was one of the best consultants I worked with in searching for my gown and she was actually my favorite person to work with. She helped me to be efficient in my search and I must have tried on nearly 20 dresses with her. She picked up on something I really liked and started showing me more in a style I hadn't considered until the day I worked with her. I finished my final appointments and came back to make a purchase from her later that day. Additionally, I felt relaxed and didn't feel intimidated and Riley did a great job keeping me in my price point. I enjoyed working with her immensely - she was awesome! Finally, I enjoyed my time at your store - the open format and natural light are very key.
Aspen Lewis from Phoenix, AZ
on 09/23/2018
Catherine was so helpful and friendly. I really appreciated the organization of dresses by price and the ability of the staff to accessorize with the wide variety of options between veils, belts, headpieces, etc. The bridesmaids dresses were also wonderful quality. Thank you for an amazing bridal experience Catherine and the rest of the Schaffer’s staff!
Jacqueline from Scottsdale
on 07/19/2018
My first visit to Schaffer's was wonderful! My consultant, Missy, was so sweet and made me feel comfortable right away. I love how the store is organized and how bright and welcoming it is. I can't wait to come back and try on the beautiful Pronovias dress again! Thank you Schaffer's!
Blaire Wilson from Scottsdale, AZ
on 07/17/2018
I had a wonderful experience! It was my first time trying on dresses and I found my dress in about an hour lol. I never felt like I was being rushed, which was very comforting! Riley was so sweet, helpful, and really took note of styles I was gravitating towards. I would recommend Schaffer's 10/10! ?
Tayler Inafuku from Scottsdale
on 07/15/2018
This shop was beautiful, so bright and modern and I felt so comfortable shopping here! I had the greatest bridal consultant Riley, she was so friendly and knew exactly what they had in store that would match my style. I was really happy shopping here and I feel like every bride to be needs to check this place out!
Tressa Dorman-Downing from West Des Moines, IA
on 06/07/2018
I moved my wedding up and only had 5 months until "I DO's". Needless, to say I was a little stressed about my options since I needed to shop off the rack. Schaffer's provided a wonderful experience and the most perfect dress. I enjoyed working with my consultant, Kristina. She was kind, quick, and made me feel comfortable while I tried on MANY styles. My mom and sister were also able to find their dresses! What shocked me was that the dresses were better priced than a local consignment shop. I thought that since my timeline and budget were limited that the pre-owned was my only hope. I was so, delightfully, wrong. Definitely go to Schaffer's! <3