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Lorelei Fogg from Provo
on 04/22/2017
I had the best experience! The people were helpful, and there was no pressure. I was really worried about trying on dresses alone, but Sarah was so nice and genuine that I forgot all of that as soon as we started talking. She also listened very well and found me tons of dresses that I had missed in styles I adore. Now the only problem is choosing which of the three she found I will buy!
Kristen Young
on 04/22/2017
Demi was great! Very helpful and knowledgable.
Kaylee from Ephraim
on 04/18/2017
Thank you for a great experience! I really felt like I was included in the process and that the girls were very helpful. I loved every moment of looking for the dress! The suggestions were great!
Kelsey Jacobs from Logan, UT
on 04/16/2017
This was my second visit to decide on a bridal dress, and it was even better than the first. The employee, Rachel, went above and beyond in helping me weigh all my options and feel confident in my choice. She was so kind and I felt she genuinely cared that I found a dress that I loved. And when another family stumbled in without warning, she handled both of us extremely well. I would highly recommend this store to anyone searching for their wedding dress.
Aubrey Hall from Provo
on 04/15/2017
Polly was the most amazing and most accommodating! I felt no pressure and getting my dress was easy. Found one that fit perfectly!
Katelynn Axford from provo
on 04/11/2017
Such an amazing store with amazing staff!
Sydney Green from Provo
on 04/09/2017
Responsive consultants. Great selection.
Elliotte Thurtle from Provo
on 04/09/2017
I felt so important when I came in, the woman who helped me (I feel so bad I forgot her name!!!!) was so helpful and welcoming, she was great about having me feel comfortable and beautiful and it didn't seem to matter to her how many I tried on (10-12 dresses in total). She was quick to accomidate and found things that looked amazing on me that I would never have thought of. Heck she even helped me put my shoes on and take them off when I couldn't do it because of a dresses size. Truly a wonderful experience, and the dress, my goodness, was amazing, everyone who saw it loved it and I felt amazing!
on 04/09/2017
Found the perfect dress! Everyone there was super helpful!
Sarah Mix from Provo
on 04/08/2017
It was a great experience! I found several dresses I really liked, and our worker, Demi, was super helpful! Very pleased!
Missy from Provo
on 04/08/2017
I really loved Sweetheart Bridal, they were all so nice and easy to work with. I didn't feel pressured to get anything which was SO nice! I would absolutely suggest this bridal shop for anyone looking for a good experience with beautiful, affordable dresses.
Megan Wagstaff from Provo, UT
on 04/04/2017
I had the best experience at Sweetheart bridal! The associates assist you enough that you never feel neglected, but they don't loom over your shoulder the entire time either. Everyone who works there is so sweet and they are willing to help you find exactly what you're looking for. They have an amazing selection of dresses and it was so easy to find the styles that I liked. I am so glad that I was able to find the perfect dress at Sweetheart bridal.
Jami from Provo
on 04/04/2017
I loved it. Good selection of gorgeous modest dresses. Demi helped me and she was super helpful and friendly and nice. There was no pressure to buy but I just had to because I found my dream dress there!! I highly recommend it.
Aimee LaDow from provo
on 04/04/2017
i felt very welcomed when i came in, and really liked the selection of dresses. and found one that i absolutely loved, the ladies working there were very helpful and sweet when it came to finding dress sizes and finding accessories, and help give idea's:)
Kori Halbeisen from Provo
on 04/04/2017
loved my experience getting my dress here! The sales staff were so friendly and I didn't feel pressured or stressed out at all. Found the perfect dress, everything in there was GORGEOUS and there's tons to chose from. I LOVE MY DRESS! The prices are great too and they are very reasonable and the staff is personable. Would recommend Sweetheart to anyone!
Cassandra from Provo
on 04/04/2017
My experience both times have been wonderful! They are just relaxed you get to pick what you want to try on and so helpful with everything! Loved it here !
on 04/04/2017
I would recommend this store to anyone! I bought the first dress I tried on. Every worker there was extremely accommodating and helpful.
Anonymous from University Parkway, Provo, UT
on 04/04/2017
Rachel helped me to find a dress with my mom, grandmas, and friends. She was very helpful and never pushy! She was awesome. She was the best helper we met out of all of the other stores we went to in Provo, Orem, and Salt Lake! The store has a lot of different styles and i loved that there were white dresses!
Rebecca W from Provo
on 04/04/2017
Rachel was fantastic helping me out! I'm so glad I found my perfect dress!
on 04/04/2017
I had a great experience. I had a lot of fun with the people I went with and with Chalis. She was excellent! I found the perfect dress!
Caitlin Dudley from Provo
on 04/03/2017
Challis was absolutely amazing. I felt like my experience went very smoothly, and I didn't feel stressed out at all. She helped wonderfully with zipping, and helped me feel so gorgeous by putting on my veil with every dress. She helped me see different options but also let me know that I was in charge and it would be ultimately up to me with what I would decide. At one point she said "yes, I thought you might like the first dress the best after trying on all of these." Or something along those lines. She really made the experience very personalized and special. I would recommend Sweetheart bridal to ANYONE. In fact, I already have. My experience was so positive and truly made me feel like a bride!
Kelsey Jacobs from Provo, UT
on 04/03/2017
I cannot complain about my visit. Our attendant, Rachel, was extremely nice and accomodating. The dress selections were outstanding, it was hard not to fall in love with everything I tried on. Thank you so much for the experience!
Cassidy from Provo, Utah
on 04/03/2017
I really enjoyed coming here! There was a wide variety of styles of wedding dresses and all of them were beautiful. I loved how kind and involved Demi was in helping me. She was easy to talk with and she listened and asked questions that helped me decide on a dress. The day I was there I couldn't decide and actually went elsewhere the next day: but, the experience I had at Sweetheart Bridal made me it easy to come back and buy the perfect gorgeous dress for me!
Heather Slater from Provo
on 04/02/2017
They were very helpful and took my ideas and worked with me. I appreciated that they weren't pushy or sales-pitchy. My size wasn't overly populated with the style of dress I liked but the customer service was top notch!
Emily Brough from Provo
on 03/30/2017
I loved going here because I found a dress that was affordable for me! I have a pretty different body build and was worried I wouldn't find a dress in my size, but I did! And i am so happy with my decision!
Jaqulyn Timoteo from Provo
on 03/30/2017
Both Demi and the other employees were so helpful with everything, we came in last minute without an appointment but they were completely welcoming and helped us find what we were looking for. I would definitely recommend to any friends or family celebrating special events in the future. There was a good variety of dresses with unique details that made them stand out a little more which made finding a dress super fun and easy!
on 03/30/2017
The dresses there were gorgeous, modest, and very reasonably priced. The staff was very helpful and supportive and really helped me find what I wanted. It was a great experience and there was a great atmosphere there. I loved it
Morgan Epperson from Provo utah
on 03/29/2017
Demi was ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!! She helped me find the most perfect dress that doesn't need any alterations at all! The store is super adorable and I love it! I can't wait to get married in the most perfect dress!
Lysette from Provo
on 03/29/2017
I am about the pickiest person when it comes to dresses and I found the perfect dress here. And I didn't have to alter it one bit! It was absolutely 100% what I was looking for.
Mariah from Provo Utah
on 03/25/2017
I loved my experience finding my wedding dress here. They had a wide selection of modest wedding dresses. The staff was very helpful but wasn't overbearing and annoying while I was trying on dresses. And I am the type of person that knows what I'm looking for and don't like getting suckered into anything. I loved the experience of finding my dress there. I would recommend this place to anyone looking to find a deal on a wedding dress that's modest.
Kyrsten Bennion from Provo, UT
on 03/24/2017
I loved Sweetheart! Great service, Demi was so helpful and was around just the right amount. I didn't feel any pressure from her which was awesome! There were so many beautiful dresses, too, I loved the huge selection of modest gowns. It was hard to pick one out! But I am thrilled with the one I took home :) I found the perfect dress, but while I was trying others on I would have liked to have tried on some dresses in different sizes--that would have been helpful.
Camry Hintze from Provo
on 03/23/2017
I loved it. The staff were so sweet, and I loved it so much. The first dress I found I bought! I loved it. Thank you for be so amazing.
on 03/22/2017
Great experience overall! People were so helpful in helping find and try on dresses. Great selection with good prices!
Tori Bennett from Mapleton
on 03/19/2017
We had a great experience. We had no plan to purchase today and thought this would be more of a look and see. We were surprised at the large selection and even more surprised we found THE dress on our first shopping trip. Demi was amazing and helped with all the details. She was not pushy or impatient and made us feel like her top priority. Definitely recommend!
Katy Seely from Provo, UT
on 03/17/2017
You guys are great!
on 03/15/2017
The selection was pretty versatile and I felt like a received all the help I needed. All of my questions were answered and it was a great experience! I went to three other bridal shops and ended up coming back to Sweetheart bridal to get my dress.
Kaylie Peterson from Provo
on 03/15/2017
Rachel was amazing! Right as we walked in she gave us her full attention. She was so easy to work with, and she helped me pick out everything that I needed.
Ashley Lucero from Anaheim
on 03/15/2017
Rachel was super nice and very helpful! The dresses were super stunning and great for the price! Can't wait to wear it on my wedding day (:
Brittany Bleak from Provo
on 03/14/2017
Sweetheart Bridals staff is quick and very saavy in the ways of wedding dresses. The second dress I tried on was the one for me!
Amy from Provo
on 03/07/2017
I scheduled an appointment here kind of just expecting to get an idea of styles, didn't have my full party there. I tried on about 4 dresses and loved them all! I was quite surprised and impressed with the selection. My consultant was super cute and helpful. Pleasantly surprised.
on 03/05/2017
Everyone was so nice and helpful! I found the perfect dress! The experience was just amazing.
Eva VanCott from Provo
on 03/01/2017
I will definitely be sending my friends to Sweetheart Bridal. I was so grateful to find a selection of beautiful and modest dresses, especially after feeling frustrated at a couple of other stores. Demi helped me find my dress and was wonderful. She was genuine and helped me find a dress that was my style without pressuring me in any direction. She also showed me beautiful veils and accessories.
Kenzie from Provo
on 03/01/2017
Demi was so great to us! My mom and I came to find a dress and she let us look at the dresses on our own, pulled ones that she thought I might like, and was very helpful. There was no pressure to hurry or to buy a dress that day from her and that is exactly what a bride needs. I appreciate the great service and Demi was awesome!
Hannah Whipple from Provo
on 02/28/2017
This was a great place to come to look for a wedding dress! Demi helped me three times on three different visits and was just a gem. She showed me the dresses that were on sale, and I probably would not have purchased one if she hadn't have done that. Thank you so much!
Lauren G from Provo, UT
on 02/25/2017
I liked that I was able to personally pick out the dresses I wanted to try on. Loved the amount and style of the dresses.
Kailey Hawkins from Provo, University Parkway
on 02/24/2017
We had a lovely time in your store. Demi was so attentive, even though the store was very busy. She showed us around, let us choose dresses, and then set us up in a dressing room. She frequently checked with us to see how Kailey was doing, she gave valuable insight about dresses, alterations, etc. She also selected a veil that ended up being my daughter's favorite. My daughter tried on 10-12 dresses and narrowed it to her favorite, which we purchased. This was our first stop and our last. It was a great experience. Lots of beautiful dresses and good prices. We had done a lot of research online before coming into Sweetheart Bridal.
on 02/24/2017
I loved my visit here! The girls were aweosme and helped me with everything I needed. There were about three other brides there at the same time but didn't seam to affect how they helped me. I'm very pleased with my visit and I LOVE my dress.
Hailey Bush from Provo
on 02/21/2017
The person who helped me was SUPER helpful and also had a great balance between letting me think and giving me advice about the dresses. :)
Kayla Christensen from Provo, UT
on 02/21/2017
Awesome! It was quick and easy.
kenzi Kofoed from Wyoming
on 02/21/2017
They have AMAZING DRESSES! Everyone is super friendly and very helpful. Found the perfect dress.