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Overall Rating: 4.9/5.0 from 50 reviews
on 05/30/2018
They were very helpful and nice
Gina larsen from West Jordan Utah
on 05/30/2018
Love love love!!! So many dresses to choose from—-prices are CLEARLY displayed and the sweet girl helping us let us browse, try on and ooh and aaah by ourselves. 100% recommended!!!
Savannah Hair from Provo
on 05/28/2018
The help and selection was great! I loved how I could look at the dresses myself and that it was hands on. They have great prices and deals on accessories.
on 05/17/2018
It was great! Amazing selection, great service, no pressure to buy the same day!
Emily Klecker from Provo
on 05/17/2018
I had a wonderful experience at Sweetheart Brodal! Shelby was so helpful and knew my taste right away. She found my perfect dress and showed me how I would look in it on my big day. She also had great tips on alterations and possible photos. Almost wish I had to get married twice so I could go back and have the same fitting experience!
Mandi Hope from Orem
on 05/16/2018
Shelby know exactly what style I liked after seeing only a few of my dresses I picked out. She found the perfect lace dress for me and was very helpful helping me in and out of dresses. I also liked how she kept the options coming! Prices are very good here and awesome selection. First place I tried on dresses and it was the only place I needed.
Brooke from American Fork
on 05/14/2018
Challis was absolutely amazing! I had come in with a few ideas of what I wanted, and she was able to find what I thought I wanted, and was willing to give opinions on what looked good, or which dresses looked best. Challis was so sweet, helpful, and helped me make the best decision to find the perfect dress!
Natalie from Utah
on 05/09/2018
Great service and beautiful dresses!
Marissa Farmer from Provo
on 05/09/2018
I really enjoyed this place and the dress selection that they have is wonderful. Those who work there are very kind and helpful. It was overall a great dress shopping experience.
Michelle Wu from Provo
on 05/09/2018
I had a really great experience! Shelby was super helpful and made me feel really comfortable as well
Sara Stinnett from Provo, UT
on 04/28/2018
Sweetheart Bridal had the most beautiful dresses! They were helpful, encouraging, and delightful! I am so happy I found my dress at Sweetheart Bridal!
Serenity Lopez from Las Vegas
on 04/19/2018
Beautiful dresses!! The girl who helped me was so sweet. You worked well with my out of state situation. I love my dress!!!
Rylee Moreno
on 04/19/2018
Super cute environment and sweet staff! I knew I was getting honest and helpful answers to my questions.
Amanda from Provo
on 04/18/2018
A lot of dresses with different styles and colors to choose from. People there are friendly and know what they're selling really well.
Emily Isham from Provo, UT
on 04/17/2018
I have had nothing but positive experiences here. Everyone there is so kind and helpful. Chad is amazing and will not only help you find your dream dress, but will give you golden nuggets of life and wedding planning wisdom. They let you pick out what you'd like to try on, without hovering over you or pressuring you to try on something you can't afford. There was a great selection for my decently tight budget. I was really impressed with the whole experience. I will certainly be recommending Sweetheart Bridal to all my soon-to-be-wed friends.
Joy Laudie from Sweetheart Bridal - Provo UT
on 04/06/2018
Never having been to Sweetheart Bridal before, we came into the shop not sure what to expect at first. Not even for a moment was I left unsure of what to do next. Shelby was there to greet and assist us and was the perfect host. She took such care to make us feel as though we were the most important customers in the store that day. As I found dress after dress I wanted to try, she whisked them away and had them ready and waiting in a dressing room for me so I didn't have to hold them while browsing. She was also close at hand when I needed help with zippers or adjustments to the dresses. Her recommendations for belts, sashes, slips and veils were wonderful. I loved my experience at Sweetheart Bridal and am so grateful for Shelby's expertise and advice!
Jenn Curtis from Provo
on 04/06/2018
I was very impressed with the selection at sweetheart bridal. There were so many dresses I loved and had a hard time picking between two favorites. I loved that I could look at the racks and choose which dresses to try but also get insight from the store workers.
Ember DiSpirito from Provo
on 04/03/2018
Very nice service and no pressure - helpful without being overbearing.
on 04/02/2018
I had great, enthusiastic help. They attended to everything we could have needed and were patient and so sweet. A great experience and I loved what I found!!
Taylor Zaelit from Provo
on 03/31/2018
Chalice was amazing. I wasn't very good at describing what I wanted but she just got me anyway and I ended up with the most amazing dress within my budget. I was absolutely blown away with how well she listened and just got my vision.
on 03/31/2018
I loved the selection of dresses and the staff was super helpful! Treesa was so helpful and attentive. She was a huge help in finding the right style of dress I was looking for. I didn't feel rushed in trying to make a decision and love the dress I bought!
Lynsie Udall from Sweetheart Bridal
on 03/28/2018
I loved my experience at sweetheart bridal! Everyone was very friendly and so willing to help. Threesa was there for me the whole time. Pulling dresses she thought I might like, answering questions about possible alterations. It was super fun.
Mariah Corbett from Provo
on 03/25/2018
I had Challis helping me and it was a lot of fun. She was helpful. Gave me good advice and listened to my preferences and picked up on styles that would work for me. It was nice to have it to my self a little more instead of super busy. It honestly was just fun to go in and take the time with my friends to figure out a style I liked for me.
Megan Story from Lubbock, Texas
on 03/21/2018
I had a great experience at sweetheart bridal. I had previously had an expeirence at another store that was very discouraging. The selection of dresses with sleeves was amazing. There were different styles that would suite many different weddings and venues. I was also impressed with everyone that I worked with there. The consultant, Courtney that we worked with was so pleasant and helpful without being pushy. Overall it was a great experience.
Sydney from Provo
on 03/18/2018
Very attentive and professional.
Makayla Anderson from Provo Utah
on 03/17/2018
The employees were extremely helpful and kind! They were very friendly and made our dress shopping experience wonderful. I had many questions, and they were able to answer them all. There is a great selection of dresses for every bride!
Jessica Jorgensen
on 03/12/2018
It was a great experience. I went there 2 different times and both were amazing memories. The workers were very attentive and created an experience. I loved the wide variety and the modesty of the dresses.
Alexandra Brown from University Parkway, Provo
on 03/07/2018
I loved the way I was treated at Sweetheart Bridal. I didn't feel pushed any specific way, so I was able to choose exactly what I wanted (and that's something I was worried about). Emily really helped me to find what I like in a dress, and was there to support me the whole way!! I felt really good about going there. It was my first dress shop, and then I left and went to 2 others- but came back for a dress at Sweetheart Bridal! I felt valued as a customer, and Emily made me feel really special and beautiful. I would definitely recommend it to a friend! I loved the huge selection (better, more beautiful, and cheaper than the other places I went), and that they were all modest!
on 03/05/2018
Courtney was very sweet and helpful. She was patient as I went back and forth between two of the same dresses, with a number of dresses in addition to that.
Mackenzie from Provo
on 02/26/2018
Loved my experience here! Everyone was so nice and helpful and the dress I got is beautiful. I would recommend this shop to anyone- in fact, I've already recommended it to two of my friends!
Alicia Kunz from Provo
on 02/22/2018
The store is very comfortable. There is no pressure from the consultants, they really just want to help find the best gown for you. The prices are great! I was able to find my dream dress just under my budget. I think if i were to go to any other salon i would pay $400-$800 more for my dress. I love the walk in option and how easy that was! And i love getting advice from multipule consultants. I only wish there was an option for my consultant to help me jump in and out of dresses and pick a gown or two, that can be very exhausting. Thank you for helping me find my dress! I can't wait to be married in it!
Melina from Provo
on 02/21/2018
The people were really nice, and helped me out a ton! They knew exactly how to help me. I had a great experience finding my perfect dress! Thank you!
Lisa Hoggan from Provo Utah
on 02/20/2018
Thank you so much for the time and patience you gave to us this past weekend. It is such an overwhelming experience when you don't know where to even begin, but you all were so comforting, patient and helped us to imagine the WHOLE day..not just the dress!!!
McKenna Christopherson from Provo, UT
on 02/19/2018
I had a great experience! There were lots of options and the prices were reasonable. Rachel helped me, and she made the whole experience that much better because she was so willing to help. Overall it was a great experience.
Samantha from Provo
on 02/19/2018
It was wonderful! I found the perfect dress for a good price, and I didn’t feel pressured to buy anything! Customer service was honest and great! :)
Shawen Christensen from Provo
on 02/17/2018
Everyone there was so kind, and they helped me to find the prefect dress I was looking for. I couldn't have done it without them.
Courtney from Provo
on 02/15/2018
I LOVED my experience here! I didn’t know exactly what I was looking for coming in to my appointment, but as I tried things on my consultant was able to help me figure out what I loved until I finally found “the one!” Over all, great service and beautiful dresses :)
Kiani from Provo
on 02/12/2018
Treesa was so awesome in helping me feel beautiful and finding me dresses she knew I would love based off of the first few dresses I picked. There was a ton of beautiful dresses and it was hard to decide on which one I loved the most! Honestly, such a fun experience trying on dresses here!
Devin Dalton from Cedar City
on 02/10/2018
I really liked how we were treated. The staff was very helpful getting us started. Emily was really helpful getting the dresses into my room and taking the ones out that I didn't want. She was super sweet and just let me do what I wanted but was there to offer opinions if I needed it.
Emily from University Parkway, Provo
on 02/08/2018
The service was excellent! I really felt like the employees cared that I found the right dress. The environment was so happy and positive.
Kelsey from Provo
on 02/08/2018
I really enjoyed the experience here! The girl who helped me was really sweet and did everything she could to help. I would definitely recommend!
Talitha Daily from Provo
on 02/05/2018
There was a large selection, and the staff was very friendly. I didn't end up finding my dress, but I did figure out what I liked because of their help.
Sidney Stevens from Provo
on 02/04/2018
I had a great excperience at Sweethearts Bridal! The staff were so helpful and very willing to work with me and my needs for my dress. I had a specific kind of dress that I wanted that I could only find one other place, I found that dress at your location and for half the price! Found my dream dress!
Catie from Austin, TX
on 01/29/2018
My sisters and three roommates all found their dresses at Sweetheart, and I knew I would, too. After just a few dresses I found the most beautiful one! Thanks for always making it a wonderful experience!
Jacee Fitzgerald from Roosevelt, UT
on 01/22/2018
Sweetheart Bridal had more dresses to offer that I liked than any of the places I went to in Salt Lake. I like that it was a lot more of a laid back environment as well. I wasn’t the only one there but I felt like it! Everyone was kind and helpful.The gal that helped me gave me space but was always there to help and I Iiked that. My family was with me and they liked this salon the best too!
Anna from Provo
on 01/17/2018
So good! They are amaizng, so patient, kind, and helpful! Best most beautiful dresses from other places I looked
Camille from Provo, UT
on 01/12/2018
I found my dress here, but I always knew I would after I saw the website. The place is small and personal, but unfortunately is not as busy as it deserves. I tried on some dresses from the website in addition to some that were not. The consultants were very personable and helpful, and not at all awkward or pushy. Would definitely recommend.
Jannie Nelson
on 01/09/2018
I’m not one for shopping but this was as painless and special as I was hoping it would be. Thanks.
Audrey Edholm from Los Angeles, California
on 12/30/2017
Great experience, patient employees who pulled great suggestions.
Stefanie Roemer from Provo
on 12/25/2017
I was a bit anxious coming in to my appointment with my wedding only 9 days away...*gasp! But both ladies in the shop were so nice and helpful. This was only my second bridal shop, but it was far and away more pleasant than the first. And all of the dresses were lovely. The first one I tried on was beautiful, only needing minor alterations, so it set the time for the whole appointment. My stylist was helpful and made great suggestions on fit and style, and was even able to explain how alterations would change the whole fit. But by the fourth dress I tried, I found the one! It fits me perfectly, and my mom loves it as much as I do. Now I don’t have to stress even with the last-minute planning. I know I will feel comfortable and look great on my big day. ??