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Overall Rating: 4.9/5.0 from 50 reviews
Anna from Provo
on 09/13/2017
Great service! I found my dream dress really quickly, and I had fun doing it :)
Chevin from University Parkway
on 09/07/2017
Caroline is the best! She was so helpful in helping me find the perfect dress(she picked it out). It fit my budget and was my favorite dress!
Shalece from Utah
on 09/06/2017
My experience was amazing! My consultant wasn't pushy or overbearing, but an absolute doll! She made sure I got what I wanted. I LOVED her and the store!
Makell Rindlisbacher from Orem
on 09/05/2017
Clarissa was fantastic from the second I stepped in the door! She was so friendly and helpful, and made me feel beautiful in every dress. She helped me to accessorize every dress until I loved them all. I am absolutely in love with the dress I choose, and I cannot wait for my wedding! I was so stressed about dress shopping, but Clarissa made the whole experience fun and exciting!!!
Emma Stevens
on 09/05/2017
Courtney was really awesome! She knew exactly what dress I needed/wanted when I walked into the store and the size that I would need for my body type. I was really happy to find the dress of my dreams!
on 09/05/2017
I had a low budget and was worried I wouldn't find a dress I loved in that budget, but I found exactly what I was looking for in under an hour! I didn't shop anywhere else!
Sadie W. from Provo UT
on 08/31/2017
Very relaxed and friendly employees. Felt very helped out and not rushed which was a big thing for me! Everyone was very helpful in me finding a dress! I would go back and do it all again if I could!
Shelisa Frampton from Orem
on 08/27/2017
Beautiful dresses that are made very well and the workers were amazing!
Susan from Provo
on 08/27/2017
I love sweetheart bridal! All the dresses are stunning and they have a huge variety for sizes, style, sparkle, modern or traditional. The attendants are also very helpful and will be with you through the entire process and help you see the best outcome for your dress with all the possibilities of accessories. I couldn't be more pleased with the results.
Lisa from Provo
on 08/25/2017
We had a great experience. I kept looking for the perfect dress, and the girl helping us listened to out explanations and commentary and then pulled out the perfect dress. She wasn't pushy or anything and didn't intrude on our experience - she was just overall so helpful.
McCall Rawlins from Heber City, UT
on 08/24/2017
I LOVED my experience at Sweetheart Bridal. I worked with Courtney and she did everything possible to help me find my perfect dress. Everyone in the shop was very kind while we were there. I felt so comfortable while looking for and trying on dresses. Courtney was the best and I really enjoyed my time there looking for a dress! :) I would recommend Sweetheart Bridal to anyone looking for wedding dress because even the prices were great! It was such a great experience for me!
Kayla from Provo, Utah
on 08/23/2017
Had a really wonderful experience here. The atmosphere was professional and inviting. Caroline did a great job helping me gather dresses, prepared the dressing room and helped me talk about pros/cons of each dress. When it came down to picking "THE dress", trying on accessories and veils helped make my vision a reality and I felt supported in my decision. I left the store feeling happy, beautiful and excited :)
Molly from Provo, UT
on 08/19/2017
This shop has tons of different styles and take little to no alterations if you are looking for something temple ready. The girls there were really helpful and showed no signs of annoyance even though I tried on about 50 dresses. They have tons of accessories so you can see the possibilities with your dress. I felt no pressure to buy anything which I was relieved by. I found my dress here and I'm in love with it. It was completely temple ready which means no extra cost for alterations! They also have clearance dresses for cheaper options. I was able to put 20% down on the dress and they are holding it in the back for me until it's closer to my wedding date. Overall it was a really good experience and the girls were extremely sweet and helpful. I would recommend going in and taking your time as there are so many different styles to choose from.
Kara from Orem
on 08/17/2017
Our consultant was very helpful and knowledgeable!! We had a great time!
Kasey from Orem Ut.
on 08/12/2017
I loved sweetheart bridal! I found my dress within 15 minutes of walking through the door. I had amazing help the entire time and they were outstanding! I had been to previous shops before here and didn't get half the experience! Thanks for being so amazing!
Karen from Mapleton, Utah
on 08/10/2017
LOVED my experience, easy, quick, purchased the first dress I tried on, believe it or not! I tried on others as well though. :o) Courtney was amazing as well! SO FUN!
Tiffany from Provo
on 08/09/2017
My experience at Sweetheart Bridal went well. I was able to browse the dresses in my size so I could see what choices they had. I found one that looked pretty and when I tried it on, I loved it even more. The girls that work there are friendly and nice to work with.
Emily Crow from Provo
on 08/06/2017
I felt that my attendant was just focusing on me and helping me find more dresses that I liked. She had a good eye for style in adding accessories and made me feel comfortable. I could tell she was knowledgeable about the dresses because she could tell me little facts about them and could also describe how an alternation would work for a specific detail in the dresses.
Katie from Bluebell
on 08/01/2017
Service was friendly and helpful. Great dress selection and reasonable prices.
on 07/30/2017
Courtney is the best!! Dresses were all beautiful too
Mikayla from University ave
on 07/24/2017
I had an excellent experience here! I found the perfect dress for my wedding at an affordable price. They also recommended a great place for alterations!
Laura from Provo
on 07/15/2017
It was overall a wonderful experience. The consultant was very helpful and genuinely wanted to help me find a dress I loved. I went home having had a memorable time leaving with the dress of my dreams!
Kallie from Orem
on 07/08/2017
I was super stressed about finding a dress and Sweethearts Bridal made it not only easy, but very pleasant! I had gone to a few other places and was unimpressed with the selection and customer service. But sweethearts had lots for me to choose from, that was within my budget, and the service was excellent. I ended up buying a dress off the rack and was so glad that I walked out of the store with a dress! I've been telling everyone about my experience and highly recommend Sweethearts Bridal to anyone!
Amanda from Provo
on 07/08/2017
I had a wonderful experience! Courtney, who helped me, was extremely patient and kind and helped me find the perfect dress! I loved my visit!
Kirsten Marquis from Provo
on 06/29/2017
I had a really enjoyable time trying on dresses for my wedding. I didn't feel rushed or pressured at all. It was all about finding the perfect dress for me!
Sarah Klopp from Provo, UT
on 06/27/2017
Chad was the coolest! He was incredibly helpful.
Samantha from Provo
on 06/27/2017
The staff were all very helpful and and happy the whole time we were there!
Anonymous from Provo, UT
on 06/23/2017
Awesome service and had a great time :)
Haley Freeman from Provo
on 06/21/2017
It was a wonderful experience! The staff was friendly and helpful without being overbearing in anyway. I got my wedding dress here, and it is perfect!
Cori from Provo
on 06/20/2017
Had a great experience here and really enjoyed working with my consultant. Loved the fun atmosphere of the store and the huge selection of dresses. Definitely would recommend this place to all the ladies I know.
Oli Rollins from Provo Utah
on 06/20/2017
It was absolutely wonderful courtney made my Experience even more enjoyable! Thank you for making me feel like a queen in the wedding dress I found in your salon
Janae Tenney from Provo
on 06/15/2017
Lots of selections and great prices! I had been looking for a wedding dress for months in a ton of different locations. Many just didn't have what I was looking for and were way overpriced. I have had two other friends already find their wedding dresses here as well and I'm so happy to have found mine! The consultant was so helpful and felt very personal instead of pushy like other locations. Definitely would recommend this place!
Taylie Turner from Provo, UT
on 06/14/2017
This was an amazing experience. I didn't feel rushed, I felt listened to, and everyone in the store was on board with helping me find the perfect dress. I'm definitely recommending it to all my friends!
Emily Quebbeman from Orem Utah
on 06/09/2017
Awesome place, service was great and they helped you out. They had a great selection. Found my wedding dress the second dress I tried on! They have beautiful and cheaper dresses with great quality! Definitely go here!
Ryan Hunsaker from Provo
on 06/05/2017
The staff was amazingly helpful and very friendly
Christine from Provo
on 06/04/2017
I was engaged two years ago and came to Sweetheart Bridal to get my dress. I had a wonderful experience then and loved my dress, even though I didn't end up getting married at the time. I just got engaged and immediately knew, if I would get a new dress, it would be at Sweetheart Bridal and I wasn't disappointed. Emily assisted me and was very accommodating and helpful as I tried on several dresses. I did end up finding one that I actually loved more than my other one and I made the decision to buy it to give my wedding a different feel and give myself and my fiancé something new and special for our day. I couldn't be happier with my experience or my purchase!
on 06/03/2017
Staff were amazing. Just didn't have a selection that matched my style. I like simple, soft gowns and everything here was pretty elaborate—just didn't have anything for me.
Kristie Monk from Provo, Utah
on 05/24/2017
My overall experience at sweetheart bridal was excellent! I loved how the dresses were organized by size for an easy shopping experience. The staff was very helpful and friendly as well.
Erin from Provo
on 05/03/2017
Great experience, good selection of dresses. Most dresses are above $800 which is slightly higher than my price range, but I still found some things I like.
Raelynn Sorensen
on 04/24/2017
My dress shopping experience could not have gotten any better. I was so scared to go try on wedding dresses being a bigger woman and not sure what to expect. I can not believe how at ease I felt after getting started looking at dresses every one there made me feel pretty and was so helpful and I could not have found a better dress anywere. Thank you so much Demi
Lorelei Fogg from Provo
on 04/22/2017
I had the best experience! The people were helpful, and there was no pressure. I was really worried about trying on dresses alone, but Sarah was so nice and genuine that I forgot all of that as soon as we started talking. She also listened very well and found me tons of dresses that I had missed in styles I adore. Now the only problem is choosing which of the three she found I will buy!
Kristen Young
on 04/22/2017
Demi was great! Very helpful and knowledgable.
Kaylee from Ephraim
on 04/18/2017
Thank you for a great experience! I really felt like I was included in the process and that the girls were very helpful. I loved every moment of looking for the dress! The suggestions were great!
Kelsey Jacobs from Logan, UT
on 04/16/2017
This was my second visit to decide on a bridal dress, and it was even better than the first. The employee, Rachel, went above and beyond in helping me weigh all my options and feel confident in my choice. She was so kind and I felt she genuinely cared that I found a dress that I loved. And when another family stumbled in without warning, she handled both of us extremely well. I would highly recommend this store to anyone searching for their wedding dress.
Aubrey Hall from Provo
on 04/15/2017
Polly was the most amazing and most accommodating! I felt no pressure and getting my dress was easy. Found one that fit perfectly!
Katelynn Axford from provo
on 04/11/2017
Such an amazing store with amazing staff!
Sydney Green from Provo
on 04/09/2017
Responsive consultants. Great selection.
Elliotte Thurtle from Provo
on 04/09/2017
I felt so important when I came in, the woman who helped me (I feel so bad I forgot her name!!!!) was so helpful and welcoming, she was great about having me feel comfortable and beautiful and it didn't seem to matter to her how many I tried on (10-12 dresses in total). She was quick to accomidate and found things that looked amazing on me that I would never have thought of. Heck she even helped me put my shoes on and take them off when I couldn't do it because of a dresses size. Truly a wonderful experience, and the dress, my goodness, was amazing, everyone who saw it loved it and I felt amazing!
on 04/09/2017
Found the perfect dress! Everyone there was super helpful!
Sarah Mix from Provo
on 04/08/2017
It was a great experience! I found several dresses I really liked, and our worker, Demi, was super helpful! Very pleased!