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Kylie jones from Provo
on 04/07/2019
I went to many wedding dress shops and sweetheart bridal definitely had the most options that we’re actually my size! I loved their selection and it made picking out my dress so easy, April was very helpful and wasn’t pushy at all, she made my experience there so fun. I definitely recommend going to sweetheart bridal to find your perfect wedding dress!
Angela Gerlach from Provo
on 04/06/2019
I LOVED going to Sweetheart Bridal! I struggled finding a dress for my wedding that was affordable, modest and that I loved until I visited Sweetheart Bridal!! I absolutely love my dress and recommended stopping there to my friends who are also getting married this year! My Fiancee also found an awesome suit he really likes for an affordable price!
Marina from Provo
on 04/02/2019
This place was great. Friendly and helpful staff that made my experience very smooth and easy. Also a good selection of dresses.
Sophie from Provo
on 03/30/2019
Loved this place so much. They let you go through and pick what you like, they have a good setup for lots of family to be with you and the workers are kind! Bought my dress here and loved every second of it
Logan from Pleasant grove
on 03/22/2019
This was the second wedding dress store I went to and it was truly an amazing experience from start to purchase! The atmosphere was very calm yet professional and efficient. Shelley and Chad Grose and the entire staff were wonderful and very helpful to not only me, but to my wedding party as well and I found my perfect wedding dress (with accessories) all there! I truly felt like a bride from head to toe! I would highly recommend this place to anyone!
Rylee from Provo
on 03/20/2019
This shop was the best experience of the several bridal stores I tried. I loved that there was a staff member available to help, they took the dresses out of bags and hung them up and then helped me figure out what alterations would have to be done to make it fit. They were very knowledgeable and helpful.
Sara Saunders from Provo
on 03/19/2019
I was greeting by Sadie and she made my whole experience so much fun! I found my absolute DREAM dress and it was the most special day. Their customer service is amazing and you CANNOT beat the prices! I will definitely recommend all my friends go there :)
Jocelyn Gelabert from Provo
on 03/17/2019
I can’t remember the name of the girl that helped me, but she was a DOLL. She was incredibly helpful and such a gem! And everyone in the store was so encouraging!! I’m so incredibly grateful I choose this store over anywhere else!
Lydia Lind from Provo store
on 03/16/2019
I had an amazing experience at sweetheart bridal. I picked out my own gowns to try on and Sadie the young woman helping me picked out some. She was very kind and helpful and asking what I wanted and liked while helping me figure it out (I didn’t really know). She even was willing to stay later after closing to help me finish picking and buy my dress! So glad I came here and that Sadie was my helper!
Lexi from Provo, Utah
on 03/15/2019
I seriously love Sweetheart Bridal!! I walked in not having a rock solid idea of what I wanted, a little nervous, and I left with a dress I absolutely love!! I felt so taken care of, so supported, and I received honest feedback and wonderful help!! I highly recommend Sweetheart!
Callie Ogletree from Provo
on 03/13/2019
Everyone was super nice and helpful and they have beautiful dresses!!
Amanda from Salt Lake City, UT
on 03/12/2019
Sweetheart Bridal was great to work with. I didn't have a lot of time to find a dress, but they were more that willing to help me find something that would arrive in-time for alterations AND stay within my budget. It was stress free and affordable compared to some other places I had visited. I'd definitely recommend them to others!
Emilee Mae Witt :) from Provo
on 03/10/2019
Emily was very knowledgable & helpful! She's the sweetest and stayed late with us!! :) We had a magical time at Sweetheart Bridal because of sweet Emily. :)
Makayla Warnick from Provo
on 03/08/2019
Loved this place! Tons of dresses to choose from, i even found the ONE!! Super great and helpful employees.
Kendra Jorgensen from Orem, UT
on 03/03/2019
A lot of great dresses to choose from. very impressed!
on 03/03/2019
The staff was so friendly and helpful, beautiful modest dresses that need very little alterations if any
Bailey Porter from Provo
on 02/08/2019
Sadie was so friendly and nice. I liked that she didn't hover too much or push her own opinions, but instead encouraged me to choose my own dresses and try things out that I liked.
on 01/28/2019
It was definitely a stress free experience
Katie Haddock from Provo
on 01/23/2019
Great experience! Aubrey was very helpful in picking out dresses that matched what I liked.
Kristen Hiatt from Provo
on 01/21/2019
I found my dress! I want to thank Audrey and her very sweet personality. She had me close my eyes and imagine my wedding day and as I opened my eyes I knew that was the dress for the day. She is great!
Erin from Provo
on 01/17/2019
Emily did an amazing job! The facilities were gorgeous and we were able to find so many amazing dresses!
April (consultant) from Provo, Utah
on 01/04/2019
She was really nice and very helpful. She helped me pick out the dresses I wanted and even picked out more for me to try on that I might like. She answered all of my questions and was very helpful. I am glad that she was there for both the times that I visited she really was key to me getting the dress that I loved and the one that fit!
on 01/04/2019
Everyone was so helpful and kind! Loved the selection of dresses! My sister got her dress here. My best friend got her dress here, and so did I! Definitely will refer Sweetheart Bridal to others!
Becca Mickelson from Provo Ut
on 01/04/2019
I had a great time finding my dress! The entire process was so smooth and I was able to take my time making my decision. I loved that the focus was on my and my family picking a dress and we didn’t feel pressured at all.
Jacqueline Gudmundson from Lindon, Utah
on 01/03/2019
Sorry I'm just now seeing this email 6 months after our wedding as I'm cleaning out unread emails. I didn't want to miss a chance to tell you how grateful I am for Sweetheart Bridal and Shelby. Shelby was absolutely wonderful and so patient in helping me find the perfect dress. We bought several things for bridesmaids and groomsmen at Sweetheart Bridal too. Every time we went in we were hoping for Shelby to be there because she was always friendly and willing to help. Everyone at Sweetheart Bridal helped make our wedding just perfect. Thanks you, Shelby & Sweetheart Bridal!
Jamie from Provo
on 12/31/2018
I went to several bridal shops and this was the best one. They let you go through and pick what dresses you want to try on and they have a huge selection. They were very helpful and listened to what I wanted.
Cassie from Provo
on 12/10/2018
April was super helpful and friendly. Shopping here was a good idea. I found my dress here after looking at many other places.
Amanda from Provo
on 12/01/2018
We had a great experience at Sweetheart Bridal. Emily helped us and was so accommodating and encouraging. We found several dresses we loved. Great place!
Ema from Provo
on 11/26/2018
I love the staff!! They were so helpful and I was able to leave with my dream dress!!!
Ashlyn from Provo
on 11/24/2018
Aubrey was very polite and helpful in finding me a dress I would love. This was the first dress store we visited, and it was a great first experience. Even though I didn’t end up purchasing my gown from Sweetheart Bridal, the selection was great and I would recommend them to future brides.
Jessica luke from Provo
on 11/21/2018
I found my dress! She was so helpful and kind.
on 11/18/2018
April was so awesome! Very helpful and gave actually genuine advice and thoughts!
Marianne Parsons from Provo
on 11/18/2018
The assistant was super helpful and informed about the styles and details of dresses (like adjusting/tailoring, and fabric types). She was very kind and patient. I felt like I was in good hands, which was something I was looking for.
on 11/17/2018
Aubrey was great, I didn’t find the exact style I was looking for but she gave me great suggestions!
Laura Lyons from Proco
on 11/10/2018
My experience was great!! I found my dream dress and am so excited about it. Thank you for helping me decide to get the dress. I’m so excited
Audrey from Provo
on 11/02/2018
April was super helpful in helping me find dresses I like and was patient with me as I was trying them on. She helped me FaceTime my mom in when I was there so she could see my dress and gave some good pointers for my wedding day. I didn’t feel rushed or pressured at all.
Loryn Hollis from Provo, UT
on 10/28/2018
Sweetheart is the BEST! I flew in from Mississippi with really not much of an idea of what i was looking for. I lucked up and had the most awesome helper, April. She helped me FaceTime my mom and future mother in law during the process. There was so much to choose from. I am in love with my dress! I was even able to easily find my fiancé a suit that he loves for a very reasonable price.
Candace from Provo
on 10/27/2018
It was so amazing to work with April! She was such a great consultant! She was really good at giving attention, but then also giving me some space with just my mom and sister. She took notice of what I like and what I didn’t care for and she ended up pulling the dress that I fell in love with and bought! It was such a fun experience!
JayCee from Provo
on 10/27/2018
April was so helpful and sweet! I can’t imagine how she could have possibly been better! She gave the perfect amount of pressure, reminding me that gowns go quickly.
Megan from Provo
on 10/27/2018
Sweetheart Bridal is amazing! Not only did they help me find my wedding dress, but they were super friendly. They remembered me on a second visit and they worked with me to find something that felt good to me. Definitely would recommend!
Eliza Houghton from Provo
on 10/25/2018
Aubrey was an excellent salesperson. Supportive, very patient, and she didn't try to pressure me at all. The dress selection was lovely, and choosing just one was very difficult :)
on 10/25/2018
My visit to sweetheart bridal was amazing! My consultant, April, was so helpful! Thanks to her, I found my dream dress!
Emma Temple from Provo
on 10/21/2018
I was helped as soon as I came in. I was given time to decide on what I wanted and then Challis gave some more options. She gave me the exact dress that I liked, even though I didn't know that I liked it. Then She even stayed right up until the shop closed just to be sure that I was helped to the fullest extent. Plus I absolutely loved the dress selection that you had in the Store!! And compared to other shops the dresses are super reasonable!
Mallory Bigelow from Provo
on 10/13/2018
I was very impressed with the variety of dresses, and the service I received. I didn’t feel any pressure to make a decision, and I appreciated that a lot too!
on 10/13/2018
It was amazing I don’t remember her name but the girl with the red hair was imensly helpful! She didn’t waste any time finding the perfect dress and I couldn’t be happier!
Elizabeth Wallis from Provo
on 10/01/2018
I loved coming and looking at dresses! Aubrey was so helpful!! I am grateful for their help and insight!
Robyn McDanel from Provo
on 09/30/2018
I honestly had the most fun experience picking out my dress. My consultant was helpful and informative, and the selection of dresses was great. I loved shopping here!
Tosha Kohler from Provo, UT
on 09/26/2018
Our experience at Sweetheart Bridal was wonderful! Emily was very helpful and took lots of time to focus on me and answer all of my questions, even though we caught her at the end of the day. I really appreciated that she was attentive and always available to help out but also gave us space to talk about and think about the dresses. I found a dress I love for a fantastic price!
Natalie from Provo
on 09/23/2018
The dresses were great and so was the help! It was definitely hard to choose favorites!
Tamra Lybbert (McKenzie) from Payson
on 09/19/2018
Our cute little assistant was so patient with my daughter and gave her different scenarios to help her decide on her dress. We appreciated her feedback and ideas in the process. She made us feel like it was an important decision and didn't need to stress or be pressured on our decision that very day. We got the information and took tonight to decide between the two dresses that my daughter loved. You had a beautiful selection and we wish we would have started at your store!