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Rachel Hart from provo
on 09/18/2022
such helpful staff and a good selection!
Kynna from Morgan
on 07/25/2022
Sadie was AMAZING! I had a great experience with lots of variety to choose from I was able to narrow down what style I actually wanted! I felt heard and helped as Saide pulled a few options and sizes to help me narrow down what I was looking for! 10/10 recommend this shop to everyone!
Megan from American Fork, Utah
on 07/20/2022
I loved visiting Sweetheart Bridal! I went to 3 shops before coming here and finding my dream dress!! I should have started here first! Sadie helped me and she was a dream to work with! She listened to exactly what I wanted and helped me find my dress for my special day! Every bride should come here!
Kara Judd from provo
on 07/15/2022
Sadie was awesome, she was super friendly and very helpful! The store had gorgeous and affordable dresses with an awesome selection. I found my dress there!
Ella from Provo utah
on 05/29/2022
Sweetheart was my favourite bridal shop I’ve been to. The staff are so kind and helpful and there is such a wide variety of gorgeous, modest wedding dresses. Would recommend to anyone!
Madison Bogh from Provo UT
on 05/27/2022
Absolutely loved my visit!! The best atmosphere and I had the best lady to help me find my perfect dress!
on 05/23/2022
The entire staff was very professional and fun to work with. Made the experience fun.
Savannah Perkins from Provo
on 05/21/2022
Julia was great and helped me find exactly what I was looking for!
Madi Dower
on 05/11/2022
I had such a great experience finding my dress!!! It was a dream! I actually picked the first dress I tried on. My consultant (Delaney) was so great and was a fantastic help in finding my dream dress!!!
Melina Myers from University
on 05/07/2022
Loved the whole experience! So nice and organized. Julia was friendly and so helpful!
Anna Taylor from Provo
on 04/26/2022
Amazing and polite and super helpful. Most positive experience I have ever had while trying on dresses! You don’t feel any pressure and it is super calm and low stress.
Amanda LeVitre
on 04/12/2022
It was such an amazing experience! I loved every minute. Both of my sisters got their dresses here, so Sweetheart Bridal was my first choice. All the dresses I tried on were stunning, and I’m absolutely in love with the one that I bought!
Mia from Provo
on 04/09/2022
I LOVED it!! I so did not expect to find my dress today but you guys were awesome. Krista is the gosh darn best. She is a homie and deserves a raise. She is the only reason I found my perfect dress today. All the love to her.
Serena Strauss from Provo, Utah
on 04/06/2022
Our consultant was wonderful! She was very welcoming and helpful in finding me the dresses that I was looking for. She asked a lot of questions about what I needed and I felt special and relaxed about the process. Although I did not buy a dress there, I would recommend your place based on the positive atmosphere and wonderful customer service!
McKenna Godwin from Provo
on 03/24/2022
It was incredible! They are very sweet and helpful. Delaney was so cute and interested in my wedding plans and making me feel beautiful. They are very accommodating and don't make you feel pressured but truly want to help you find what YOU want.
Marci Candland from Provo
on 03/22/2022
Wonderful experience! Thank you so much for all your help, I felt like a princess! Very great customer service, incredibly helpful and considerate!
Mercedes from Provo
on 03/18/2022
I LOVED MY EXPERIENCE AT SWEETHEART BRIDAL! I felt no pressure and I was nervous going in but I felt so comfortable there. It is a very comfortable atmosphere and I would definitely recommend.
on 03/12/2022
Krista was absolutely amazing! She helped us find lots of dresses that were in my size and fit great! She encouraged me to try a variety, which was awesome, and she wasn't pushy about getting me to choose the more expensive one. She was very encouraging and gave great feedback. She was super fun and sweet, so awesome to work with. It was an amazing experience. 100/10 recommend. Thank you so much!!
Anna from Highland, UT
on 03/12/2022
I had a great experience at Sweetheart Bridal! The consultant was professional, knowledgeable, and so fun to work with. The selection was beautiful and varied, and I had a wonderful time.
Morgan Hughes from Provo, Utah
on 02/13/2022
Easily the best store we went to. Everywhere else was focused on trying to the make the sell but at sweetheart bridal I felt like they were more worried about helping me find my dream dress!
Lauryn from Provo
on 02/05/2022
It was such a great experience! Delayne was so helpful and was so very kind. She always made sure she knew what I liked before grabbing another dress for me to try on.
Hannah Mackay from Provo UT
on 02/05/2022
On my quest to find the perfect wedding dress, Sweetheart was the third store I had visited in 2 days. I heard really amazing things about Sweetheart from at least 3 of my friends who got their wedding dresses here. The moment I walked in I knew exactly why they loved the place so much! The staff was so friendly and my bridal consultant Delaney was THE best. She was so kind and sensitive to what I was looking for. She helped me find the perfect dress and a beautiful matching veil. I intended to go for a dress that was more sparkly but I fell in love with a simple but beautiful lace dress. I was amazed at the selection here and how many they let me try on. What was even more wonderful was that after going to a different bridal shop the same evening and not finding what I was looking for, I called that evening right when you had closed but you let us come in after hours to not only purchase the dress but to try it on again! Just like all my other friends who recommended Sweetheart to me, I'll be doing the same for my other friends who will look for their wedding dresses too. Out of the many bridal shops I've visited Sweetheart was the absolute best!
on 02/05/2022
I’ve visited many shops and this was my favorite
Anonymous from Provo
on 02/01/2022
Sweetheart Bridal was perfect!! The ladies who worked there were the absolute cutest and kindest people. They helped me make decisions and figure out what types of dresses I liked. “You can’t like it, you have to love it!”
Meredith Gerard
on 01/29/2022
Great staff and beautiful dresses!
Grace Vasher from Provo
on 01/22/2022
Krista was absolutely amazing! And so was the whole salon. The atmosphere was so positive and uplifting and they made me feel so special the whole time. I loved my time there. I found the perfect dress on my first time shopping!
Hannah Hacking from Provo
on 01/22/2022
Absolutely wonderful! I felt like a princess. Everyone listened to me, no one rushed me, they were so helpful and sweet and the dresses were incredible.
Emma C from Provo
on 01/17/2022
Delaney was very personable and funny and made my experience feel no-pressure. She helped me find a dress, in my budget too, that I originally did not look at, and I was the one I took home! Overall a really great experience!
Heather from Provo
on 01/16/2022
This store is amazing! Has everything you need! Wedding dresses, suits for men and boys and ties as well! A ton of selections! Everyone was really helpful and was able to help find the perfect dress and great suit for our needs. I highly recommend.
Erica Roskelley from Provo utah
on 01/15/2022
The people there were so kind and helpful! I found the dress of my dreams and it was such an easy, stress free experience
Elena Borrowman from Provo
on 01/06/2022
Krista was super helpful and made the experience easy and meaningful. I didn't even really expect to buy a dress today, but I found the one!
Megan from Provo
on 12/28/2021
It was a wonderful appointment! Delaney went above and beyond to help me find the perfect silhouette and to help me get a feel for what I like. This was my first appointment and it was such a great experience.
Brittany Terry from Provo, Utah
on 11/16/2021
It was awesome! Everything I hoped my wedding dress shopping experience would be! The energy was upbeat and fun, the helpers were hands-on and polite, there was cute ‘n comfy seating area for my family. Everyone made me feel beautiful on every dress and picking the one was just that much more exciting at Sweetheart Bridal! I would definitely recommend to anyone who’s searching for their dress to pop into Sweetheart for the full wedding dress shopping experience!
Taylor Knorpp from Provo UT
on 11/03/2021
It was a little difficult finding gowns starting out (hard to see what they look like on the rack!), but after that initial round the consultant brought out two gowns that absolutely fit the feedback I'd been giving about the other gowns I had tried on. She was great with mentioning the things that could be altered on a gown and considering the timeframe available to me.
Belle Black
on 10/24/2021
I absolutely loved coming to Sweetheart Bridal! Their employees were so kind and made the experience of trying on wedding dresses even more enjoyable!
Elisapeta Hafoka from Provo, Utah
on 10/19/2021
Great helping hands! My helper gave such great opinions on different dresses which was super helpful. She was very kind. I’m very indecisive and she was patient all the way through our appointment!
Rebekah Ward from Provo
on 10/13/2021
Delaney was super helpful and really fun to work with!!
Emmalee Ferguson from Provo, Utah
on 10/09/2021
I LOVED trying on dresses here! The helper was so sweet and let me try on as many dresses as I wanted to! I was surprised with the wedding dress I chose, it was different than what I had in mind. Definitely recommending this place to everyone I know!!!
Elise Bailey from Provo
on 10/02/2021
I had the best experience! The employees were so helpful and really cared about what I wanted. They were very personal and helped me find my dress!
Sabrina from Provo, Utah
on 09/05/2021
They are awesome, I went during the clearance event. I got a great deal on the best dress. The girl (Delaney) who helped me was amazing!
Amy Soza
on 09/04/2021
Delaney was AMAZING!!!! She was super sweet and funny. She helped my mom and I laugh and have fun. She was very helpful and encouraging. She answered all of our questions and was very upbeat the whole time.
Brynlee from Provo
on 08/06/2021
The assistant was amazing!! She was extremely helpful, patient, gave great advice and was very knowledgeable about what looked good and what complimented what!!
Julie Richardson from Provo
on 07/25/2021
Finding a wedding dress was so easy and painless! I was able to find the perfect fit in just a few tries and it was a killer price! Working with Julia at Sweetheart Bridal is going to make my whole wedding planning experience so much nicer.
Aliza from Cedar City, Ut
on 07/11/2021
They have a great selection! The employees are great and they make you feel special! I would recommended!
Stefanie Sabourin from Provo UG
on 07/03/2021
So many dresses for all sizes. I was considered because I am not the perfect skinny girl and I had gone to another dress store that only had one dress in my size. I found a perfect dress that fits me amazing. I am so in love & everything is pretty reasonable. I recommend!
Lyndi from Provo
on 07/02/2021
I LOVED this place. I felt so comfortable and felt like Chloe really cared about helping me find the perfect dress and find the best size to fit! All the dresses are beautiful and at a good price. I would highly recommend this place!
Kaylee Murray from Provo
on 06/27/2021
Chloe is amazing! After a horrible experience at David's bridal it was so nice to be treated well! She made us all feel so welcome and like we had known eachother for years. It felt like home! I was able to find my dream dress in an amazing environment!
Ellie Johnson from Provo, Utah
on 06/24/2021
Amazing! Brinlee was the best help and the dresses were beautiful!
Ana Langi
on 06/21/2021
Wonderful staff! They made me feel super pretty and comfortable trying on gowns! I would recommend for other brides to visit!
on 06/16/2021
I loved being at Sweetheart Bridal! I went to 5 different bridal places around Provo and Salt Lake but I felt the most comfortable at Sweetheart!! When I went to more popular stores in Provo and Salt Lake, I missed being in Sweetheart Bridal. Please consider shopping here for your dress!!