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Grace Vasher from Provo
on 01/22/2022
Krista was absolutely amazing! And so was the whole salon. The atmosphere was so positive and uplifting and they made me feel so special the whole time. I loved my time there. I found the perfect dress on my first time shopping!
Hannah Hacking from Provo
on 01/22/2022
Absolutely wonderful! I felt like a princess. Everyone listened to me, no one rushed me, they were so helpful and sweet and the dresses were incredible.
Emma C from Provo
on 01/17/2022
Delaney was very personable and funny and made my experience feel no-pressure. She helped me find a dress, in my budget too, that I originally did not look at, and I was the one I took home! Overall a really great experience!
Heather from Provo
on 01/16/2022
This store is amazing! Has everything you need! Wedding dresses, suits for men and boys and ties as well! A ton of selections! Everyone was really helpful and was able to help find the perfect dress and great suit for our needs. I highly recommend.
Erica Roskelley from Provo utah
on 01/15/2022
The people there were so kind and helpful! I found the dress of my dreams and it was such an easy, stress free experience
Elena Borrowman from Provo
on 01/06/2022
Krista was super helpful and made the experience easy and meaningful. I didn't even really expect to buy a dress today, but I found the one!
Megan from Provo
on 12/28/2021
It was a wonderful appointment! Delaney went above and beyond to help me find the perfect silhouette and to help me get a feel for what I like. This was my first appointment and it was such a great experience.
Brittany Terry from Provo, Utah
on 11/16/2021
It was awesome! Everything I hoped my wedding dress shopping experience would be! The energy was upbeat and fun, the helpers were hands-on and polite, there was cute ‘n comfy seating area for my family. Everyone made me feel beautiful on every dress and picking the one was just that much more exciting at Sweetheart Bridal! I would definitely recommend to anyone who’s searching for their dress to pop into Sweetheart for the full wedding dress shopping experience!
Taylor Knorpp from Provo UT
on 11/03/2021
It was a little difficult finding gowns starting out (hard to see what they look like on the rack!), but after that initial round the consultant brought out two gowns that absolutely fit the feedback I'd been giving about the other gowns I had tried on. She was great with mentioning the things that could be altered on a gown and considering the timeframe available to me.
Belle Black
on 10/24/2021
I absolutely loved coming to Sweetheart Bridal! Their employees were so kind and made the experience of trying on wedding dresses even more enjoyable!
Elisapeta Hafoka from Provo, Utah
on 10/19/2021
Great helping hands! My helper gave such great opinions on different dresses which was super helpful. She was very kind. I’m very indecisive and she was patient all the way through our appointment!
Rebekah Ward from Provo
on 10/13/2021
Delaney was super helpful and really fun to work with!!
Emmalee Ferguson from Provo, Utah
on 10/09/2021
I LOVED trying on dresses here! The helper was so sweet and let me try on as many dresses as I wanted to! I was surprised with the wedding dress I chose, it was different than what I had in mind. Definitely recommending this place to everyone I know!!!
Elise Bailey from Provo
on 10/02/2021
I had the best experience! The employees were so helpful and really cared about what I wanted. They were very personal and helped me find my dress!
Sabrina from Provo, Utah
on 09/05/2021
They are awesome, I went during the clearance event. I got a great deal on the best dress. The girl (Delaney) who helped me was amazing!
Amy Soza
on 09/04/2021
Delaney was AMAZING!!!! She was super sweet and funny. She helped my mom and I laugh and have fun. She was very helpful and encouraging. She answered all of our questions and was very upbeat the whole time.
Brynlee from Provo
on 08/06/2021
The assistant was amazing!! She was extremely helpful, patient, gave great advice and was very knowledgeable about what looked good and what complimented what!!
Julie Richardson from Provo
on 07/25/2021
Finding a wedding dress was so easy and painless! I was able to find the perfect fit in just a few tries and it was a killer price! Working with Julia at Sweetheart Bridal is going to make my whole wedding planning experience so much nicer.
Aliza from Cedar City, Ut
on 07/11/2021
They have a great selection! The employees are great and they make you feel special! I would recommended!
Stefanie Sabourin from Provo UG
on 07/03/2021
So many dresses for all sizes. I was considered because I am not the perfect skinny girl and I had gone to another dress store that only had one dress in my size. I found a perfect dress that fits me amazing. I am so in love & everything is pretty reasonable. I recommend!
Lyndi from Provo
on 07/02/2021
I LOVED this place. I felt so comfortable and felt like Chloe really cared about helping me find the perfect dress and find the best size to fit! All the dresses are beautiful and at a good price. I would highly recommend this place!
Kaylee Murray from Provo
on 06/27/2021
Chloe is amazing! After a horrible experience at David's bridal it was so nice to be treated well! She made us all feel so welcome and like we had known eachother for years. It felt like home! I was able to find my dream dress in an amazing environment!
Ellie Johnson from Provo, Utah
on 06/24/2021
Amazing! Brinlee was the best help and the dresses were beautiful!
Ana Langi
on 06/21/2021
Wonderful staff! They made me feel super pretty and comfortable trying on gowns! I would recommend for other brides to visit!
on 06/16/2021
I loved being at Sweetheart Bridal! I went to 5 different bridal places around Provo and Salt Lake but I felt the most comfortable at Sweetheart!! When I went to more popular stores in Provo and Salt Lake, I missed being in Sweetheart Bridal. Please consider shopping here for your dress!!
Emily from Provo
on 06/09/2021
Tayzlie is the BEST!!!!
Hannah A. from Provo
on 06/01/2021
Kia was so amazing! She was patient and gave honest feedback. She was there to help me out the whole time and made my visit very special. Bought my dress when we visited, it was so exciting!
Hailey Cox from Moab
on 05/22/2021
I loved the service and the variety of dresses! Such a great place to look and buy for a wedding dress :)
Anonymous from Provo
on 05/19/2021
I loved Sweetheart Bridal! My experience from start to finish was fantastic, the girl helping me was very friendly and seemed genuinely excited and happy to be there. The selection was not huge but had enough variety and enough choices in my style that I was very pleased.
Emilie Farrer from 1774 North University Parkway #22 Provo, UT 84604
on 05/17/2021
I would relive the day I bought my dress over and over again. Chloe made all my wedding dress shopping dreams come true. We loved her!!
Abbie Craghead from Provo
on 05/14/2021
Sweetheart Bridal was AMAZING! Chloe found my dress at the very beginning. In fact I tried her pick first and now that is my wedding dress! She was so great to work with and so enthusiastic!
Ava A from Provo, UT
on 05/02/2021
Seriously loved it! My experience was great and I felt satisfied with the purchase as well as the overall experience. Would have liked to see a little more variety of types of dressed but other than that I am so happy to have purchased my special dress from Sweetheart Bridal!
on 05/02/2021
Really a wonderful experience. Emily was nothing but kind and helpful.
Heather Evelyn from Provo
on 04/30/2021
Kate was so sweet and helpful! I like the variety of styles and dresses that I was able to try on
Kenna Berkley from Heber City
on 04/25/2021
I felt so comfortable trying on dresses here! Cait did a great job of listening to what I loved and didn't like about each dress and helped me find one that I absolutely loved! Great selection here for great prices and the customer service is top notch!
Marnie from Orem UT
on 04/18/2021
I said YES to the dress! I loved the service and was so happy with the outcome! My experience here was out of this world compared to others I visited. So Impressed with sweetheart bridal! Huge shoutout to Shelley I think that was her name. She was awesome! I’m so excited about my dress I wish I could wear it all the time! I definitely recommend sweetheart bridal!
on 04/18/2021
Super helpful staff. Made me feel comfortable in what I was trying on. I like that we had our own space and that my mom could help me try on dresses.
Rachel Foster from Provo
on 04/18/2021
I loved the staff! They are so sweet and hyped me up. They made me feel like a beautiful bride.
Candide from Provo
on 04/17/2021
My experience was wonderful. The girl who helped me made me feel like a princess and I found the perfect dress. Definitely recommend!
Taylor Hunzeker from Provo
on 04/12/2021
Absolutely wonderful and Kate was a sweetheart ?
Rebecca Spears from North University Ave. Provo Utah
on 04/06/2021
I had an amazing experience here! I would absolutely recommend this bridal shop to anyone! Great service and excellent ownership here! :)
Meg Nelson from Provo
on 03/30/2021
Shopping with you was so much fun! Kaia helped me try on several dresses— and then re-try on the same ones several times as I was weighing them all out in my mind! She was very patient, enthusiastic, helpful, and fun to work with. My group especially enjoyed the “mini-groom” mannequin she brought out so I could visualize what my dress would look like next to my groom’s blue suit. I am SO EXCITED to wear this dress. It’s gorgeous and it makes me feel like a princess. Thank you for such a magical experience!
Cameron Tingey from Provo
on 03/26/2021
Cait was so great, friendly, and helpful! I loved working with her and she listened to my every need and preference. Great service!
Darcie from Provo
on 03/22/2021
I LOVED being at Sweetheart Bridal. It was really encouraging to buy a dress because the atmosphere was so wonderful and I just felt happy while I was there!! I felt like a princess and the dresses are all beautiful.
ShaLora Marotz from Provo
on 03/18/2021
Great selection, cheerful staff, connections to other necessary wedding related vendors, made me feel like I had new friends I was shopping with. Had a phenomenal time!
Ashley Scorse from Thatcher, AZ
on 03/15/2021
Wedding dress shopping was a great experience here. We went to another shop as well, but they didn't have the same level of choices. The only reason I am giving four stars is because I think in-house alterations would have been preferred.
Bailee Stones from Provo
on 03/14/2021
The employees are sooooo nice!!! I found the most beautiful dress
Anonymous from Provo
on 03/07/2021
I had an incredible experience here. My consultant was amazing! She helped me have a personal experience and very much listened to what I wanted and what I liked. She helped me visualize dresses more when I was liking something. I did not feel rushed even though my appointment was only for a certain amount of time. I would recommend anyone to go here to find their wedding dress! Best experience I could have asked for!
Madelyn from Provo, Utah
on 03/03/2021
Kaia was amazing! Loved working with her! So sweet and kind and helpful!
Sophia J. from Provo, Ut
on 03/02/2021
I loved it! I went to another bridal place before hand and it didn't even compare to how awesome my appointment here was! I was greeted immediately by a super kind lady and immediately felt at ease! It was a ton of fun and I felt like I got a complete bridal experience from the awesome staff to the cute set up they have! The dresses are so beautiful and I was able to find the dress of my dreams:). I definitely would recommend to anyone and everyone!