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Overall Rating: 5.0/5.0 from 50 reviews
on 07/10/2024
Had beautiful dresses and very helpful staff
Alyssa Morse from Provo
on 01/26/2024
LOVED this salon! I loved how I was able to look through the dresses myself and go at my own pace. Thank you! Also Avery was amazing, friendly, helpful, and made the process a breeze!
Izzie from Provo
on 10/26/2023
Leah was so nice and very attentive. She made sure everything went smoothly and knew how to help me find dresses I liked. She knew how to kindly handle the people I brought with me and easily noticed when I got stressed. She knew how to help me calm down and have fun :) The dresses were beautiful and they had a large variety.
on 10/14/2023
Great experience! Leeah was so helpful and kind and did a fantastic job listening to what I had to say and helping me find the right dress!
Wendi Stringfellow from Provo
on 08/12/2023
Wow! We had a wonderful experience at Sweetheart Bridal! Savannah was a gem to work with and really listened to the bride to be to help her find her dream dress! One of the best shopping experiences ever!
Brooke from Provo
on 08/01/2023
AMAZING! They were so helpful! They went out of their way to help me find my dream dress! They helped make the experience stress free and enjoyable! I was able to find something I absolutely love! I couldn’t be happier!
Rosie from Provo
on 07/14/2023
Savanna’s skills and abilities were MAGNIFICENT! She was an absolute delight to work with and help us see what our goal was in finding the wedding dress of our dreams. The dress selections were amazing and even the veil selections were outstanding!!! The space for trying on and gathering with loved ones to choose and find a dress, made for memories that will never be forgotten. To have every dress modest made it even more of a treasured time, because we didn’t have to worry about needing to sift through anything thing that would be less than focusing on the true beauty, was truly a gift! Thank you for choosing to give us this space, choices, opportunities and kindness! You have brought great light, joy and hope for all of us that had the blessing of being in your shop! Thanks again!
Kirra Van Buskirk from Provo, UT
on 06/26/2023
Sweetheart Bridal met my expectations and more! I went in with an idea of which dress I wanted to try on, and when they didn't have my size in stock, my sweet bridal consultants found a solution that allowed me to have the dress of my dreams while still being within my short timeline! I would definitely recommend going here!
Elizabeth from Provo
on 06/03/2023
Savannah was the best! She was so patient and helped me find the dress of my dreams within my budget.
Emily Wilson from Provo, UT
on 05/31/2023
I absolutely LOVED coming here to find my dress!! They had a huge selection, and I’m a pretty indecisive person, so when I found my dress I was so excited and happy!! The employees were all so sweet and I just felt so special!!
Cambry Johnson from Provo, Utah
on 05/09/2023
I absolutely loved Sweetheart Bridal! The environment was so happy and welcoming. I felt cared for and noticed the whole time I was there. Highly recommend!
on 04/17/2023
Savannah was an amazing help in finding my dress. She was friendly and helped us feel comfortable. Overall it was a great experience!
on 04/10/2023
I had such a great experience here! The staff was very helpful and not pushy at all! I felt cared for and my helper, Savannah, was able to figure out my style pretty quickly and help me find a dress I absolutely LOVED!
Riley from Provo
on 03/19/2023
It was an overall great experience. Savanna helped my mother and I and always made us feel comfortable and welcomed. If there was a dress we had concerns or questions about she was there to answer or come up with solutions. I previously was at another bridal shop about an hour before and walked out almost crying. Complete devastated and feeling unwelcome. So as I was going to the sweetheart bridal shop I was nervous of a repeat of the last shop. But instead I was smiling happily and laughing with my mom and savanna. The dresses where amazing and I had a hard time choosing what dress to buy. The dresses there were exactly what I was looking for and LDS temple ready. I couldn’t have been happier walking out of the place. Thank you so much for the help!
Tia Hulse
on 03/18/2023
Harlie was a great consultant. She was so willing to work with me and ended up finding my favorite dress. They had a big selection for both dresses and veils
Jenna from Provo
on 03/17/2023
My experiences at Sweetheart Bridal was amazing! They were very helpful and gave me great feedback. I loved this one dress, and I ended up getting it, but it was going to need some sleeve alterations. They helped me try on different sleeve attachments to find me a style that fit it. They ended up finding lace in the store that matched my dress so that I was able to replace the sleeves and make it look like a part of the dress. I appreciate how patient they were letting me trying on dresses multiple times and working with me to find the best style for me. Not just in my dress but also for a veil! It is a super friendly and fun environment!
Krista Chesworth from Provo, Utah
on 03/06/2023
My experience shopping for wedding dresses was fabulous. The staff was friendly and very helpful. I ended up with a dress suggested by my consultant as my number one pick.
Adeyemi from Provo
on 02/26/2023
For those looking for exquisite and affordable bridal dresses, this is definitely the store for you! They have several beautiful, affordable, and modest selections. The ambiance is great and the staff are super nice. I enjoyed my visit to the store and I look forward to wearing my dreamy elegant wedding dress this spring!????????? PS: If you ever need a dark-skinned model, please do not hesitate to contact me. I’d gladly volunteer!??
Gretchen from Provo
on 02/22/2023
They were so wonderful and helpful and patient!
Asia Young from Provo
on 02/18/2023
Amazing service! Very helpful and kind.
Kenna Fegter from Provo, UT
on 02/05/2023
Super great dress shop!! Everyone was so friendly and helpful. Had a great experience and found the perfect dress at a great price!
on 01/31/2023
Sweetheart bridal employees were very kind and helpful. They had a good selection of wedding gowns which I loved. I happily took home my dream wedding gown and am so happy that I came across this bridal shop. I would definitely recommend to all brides!
Kristine from Provo
on 01/31/2023
I was really impressed with the service I received. Very professional and helpful. I didn’t feel rushed in the slightest.
Marissa McCrary from Provo Utah
on 01/29/2023
Literally the best place ever. They had so many different styles and options! They even had different sleeves you could hold up to your dress to experiment with. They were so accommodating and helpful as well. They even brought me a water bottle when I said I was thirsty hahah. 1000/10 recommend this amazing place. Savannah was the one who helped me and she was just amazing.
Bailey Leavitt from Provo
on 01/28/2023
I loved the shop and the experience! But I will say for the dress I choose the girl that helped me wasn’t asking other attendants to help zip the dress so I didn’t know what things looked like. Once the owner came and helped and was able to zip it up that’s what sold me on the dress because I didn’t know it would give the kind of shape I got just from clipping. I honestly wouldn’t have chose it if the owner didn’t come help. I had another dress in mind at another store that helped my figure. So just having an attendant that wasn’t afraid to ask for help getting a dress zipped up as much as possible. But everyone was so sweet and I’m so happy with my dress!!
Emma from Sweetheart Bridal Provo
on 12/15/2022
Harlie was there to help me and she was so amazing. I really appreciated the one on one care, she paid attention to my opinions to find dresses for me. It was so enjoyable!
Rachel Hart from provo
on 09/18/2022
such helpful staff and a good selection!
Kynna from Morgan
on 07/25/2022
Sadie was AMAZING! I had a great experience with lots of variety to choose from I was able to narrow down what style I actually wanted! I felt heard and helped as Saide pulled a few options and sizes to help me narrow down what I was looking for! 10/10 recommend this shop to everyone!
Megan from American Fork, Utah
on 07/20/2022
I loved visiting Sweetheart Bridal! I went to 3 shops before coming here and finding my dream dress!! I should have started here first! Sadie helped me and she was a dream to work with! She listened to exactly what I wanted and helped me find my dress for my special day! Every bride should come here!
Kara Judd from provo
on 07/15/2022
Sadie was awesome, she was super friendly and very helpful! The store had gorgeous and affordable dresses with an awesome selection. I found my dress there!
Ella from Provo utah
on 05/29/2022
Sweetheart was my favourite bridal shop I’ve been to. The staff are so kind and helpful and there is such a wide variety of gorgeous, modest wedding dresses. Would recommend to anyone!
Madison Bogh from Provo UT
on 05/27/2022
Absolutely loved my visit!! The best atmosphere and I had the best lady to help me find my perfect dress!
on 05/23/2022
The entire staff was very professional and fun to work with. Made the experience fun.
Savannah Perkins from Provo
on 05/21/2022
Julia was great and helped me find exactly what I was looking for!
Madi Dower
on 05/11/2022
I had such a great experience finding my dress!!! It was a dream! I actually picked the first dress I tried on. My consultant (Delaney) was so great and was a fantastic help in finding my dream dress!!!
Melina Myers from University
on 05/07/2022
Loved the whole experience! So nice and organized. Julia was friendly and so helpful!
Anna Taylor from Provo
on 04/26/2022
Amazing and polite and super helpful. Most positive experience I have ever had while trying on dresses! You don’t feel any pressure and it is super calm and low stress.
Amanda LeVitre
on 04/12/2022
It was such an amazing experience! I loved every minute. Both of my sisters got their dresses here, so Sweetheart Bridal was my first choice. All the dresses I tried on were stunning, and I’m absolutely in love with the one that I bought!
Mia from Provo
on 04/09/2022
I LOVED it!! I so did not expect to find my dress today but you guys were awesome. Krista is the gosh darn best. She is a homie and deserves a raise. She is the only reason I found my perfect dress today. All the love to her.
Serena Strauss from Provo, Utah
on 04/06/2022
Our consultant was wonderful! She was very welcoming and helpful in finding me the dresses that I was looking for. She asked a lot of questions about what I needed and I felt special and relaxed about the process. Although I did not buy a dress there, I would recommend your place based on the positive atmosphere and wonderful customer service!
McKenna Godwin from Provo
on 03/24/2022
It was incredible! They are very sweet and helpful. Delaney was so cute and interested in my wedding plans and making me feel beautiful. They are very accommodating and don't make you feel pressured but truly want to help you find what YOU want.
Marci Candland from Provo
on 03/22/2022
Wonderful experience! Thank you so much for all your help, I felt like a princess! Very great customer service, incredibly helpful and considerate!
Mercedes from Provo
on 03/18/2022
I LOVED MY EXPERIENCE AT SWEETHEART BRIDAL! I felt no pressure and I was nervous going in but I felt so comfortable there. It is a very comfortable atmosphere and I would definitely recommend.
on 03/12/2022
Krista was absolutely amazing! She helped us find lots of dresses that were in my size and fit great! She encouraged me to try a variety, which was awesome, and she wasn't pushy about getting me to choose the more expensive one. She was very encouraging and gave great feedback. She was super fun and sweet, so awesome to work with. It was an amazing experience. 100/10 recommend. Thank you so much!!
Anna from Highland, UT
on 03/12/2022
I had a great experience at Sweetheart Bridal! The consultant was professional, knowledgeable, and so fun to work with. The selection was beautiful and varied, and I had a wonderful time.
Morgan Hughes from Provo, Utah
on 02/13/2022
Easily the best store we went to. Everywhere else was focused on trying to the make the sell but at sweetheart bridal I felt like they were more worried about helping me find my dream dress!
Lauryn from Provo
on 02/05/2022
It was such a great experience! Delayne was so helpful and was so very kind. She always made sure she knew what I liked before grabbing another dress for me to try on.
Hannah Mackay from Provo UT
on 02/05/2022
On my quest to find the perfect wedding dress, Sweetheart was the third store I had visited in 2 days. I heard really amazing things about Sweetheart from at least 3 of my friends who got their wedding dresses here. The moment I walked in I knew exactly why they loved the place so much! The staff was so friendly and my bridal consultant Delaney was THE best. She was so kind and sensitive to what I was looking for. She helped me find the perfect dress and a beautiful matching veil. I intended to go for a dress that was more sparkly but I fell in love with a simple but beautiful lace dress. I was amazed at the selection here and how many they let me try on. What was even more wonderful was that after going to a different bridal shop the same evening and not finding what I was looking for, I called that evening right when you had closed but you let us come in after hours to not only purchase the dress but to try it on again! Just like all my other friends who recommended Sweetheart to me, I'll be doing the same for my other friends who will look for their wedding dresses too. Out of the many bridal shops I've visited Sweetheart was the absolute best!
on 02/05/2022
I’ve visited many shops and this was my favorite
Anonymous from Provo
on 02/01/2022
Sweetheart Bridal was perfect!! The ladies who worked there were the absolute cutest and kindest people. They helped me make decisions and figure out what types of dresses I liked. “You can’t like it, you have to love it!”