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Alysa Packer from Provo, UT
on 01/19/2021
Out of the three places I went dress shopping, this was by far my favorite. It was where I ended up finding my dress, and they people who were helping me we’re so personable and nice! They made me feel like they were genuinely interested in getting to know me and helping me find the perfect dress for me. I loved my experience here and am so excited about my dress!
Rachel from Provo
on 01/17/2021
It was so fun coming in to Sweetheart Bridal today!! The workers helped me feel comfortable and weren’t too pushy on making me decide what I wanted to get!(which I appreciate) The workers were all super sweet and a special shout-out to Nicole because she helped me find the perfect wedding dress today! Such a great experience:))
Erica from Provo
on 01/13/2021
I had a wonderful time picking out, trying on, and SAYING YES TO THE DRESS! Beautiful collection of dresses to try on. Very helpful staff! I am so excited to show off my beautiful wedding dress on my perfect day!!
Jenny Morris from Saratoga Springs Utah
on 01/12/2021
Wonderful experience! Awesome knowledge and super friendly staff ! Thank you Emily !
Annie from Provo, Utah
on 01/12/2021
I came into Sweetheart bridal alone because my family wasn’t able to come with me. I was super distraught because other dress stores weren’t the best experience and I was honestly hating dress shopping at that point. When I came in, the consultant Kyia (I can’t remember how to spell her name so sorry!) helped me and she was actually the one who recommended the dress that I ended up buying! It was such a fun experience because I felt beautiful in all the dresses because Kyia did her job right. It was also nice knowing that I didn’t have to wait for the dress to be ordered in, and I could just take it that day! I recommend everyone going to Sweetheart Bridal because they were so nice and so easy to work with.
on 12/14/2020
I thought it was a great experience! Kaya was very friendly and well versed! Had a wide selection of dresses in both style and size categories.
Kaytee from Provo
on 11/23/2020
They were so kind and upbeat! Very good service and wide selection of dresses and great prices!
Kaity Babb from Provo Ut
on 11/10/2020
Amazing! Staff was so nice and personable. Helped me find my perfect dress and helped me feel so special!
Bri from Provo, UT
on 11/04/2020
I love Sweetheart Bridal!!! They were so accommodating and kind. Krista was an amazing stylist and made my time there so wonderful!!
Hunter Vernon from Provo, Utah
on 11/03/2020
You guys were so patient with me! Thank you SO much for helping me find the perfect dress.
McKylie Prettyman from University Parkway
on 10/15/2020
Emily was super nice and amazing and she was very helpful! Thank you for all of the help! It was a great environment and I will definitely recommend people to go there!
Jada from Provo
on 10/11/2020
Kaia was amazing!!! The entire experience made it so easy to pick my dress!! Highly recommend!
on 09/27/2020
Loved my visit! I was immediately comfortable around the staff, they made trying on dresses fun with absolutely no pressure.
Jenna Williams
on 09/24/2020
You guys were amazing to help me find my dress and amazing to help with everything else. Super positive and happy I loved being there!!
Emma from Kaysville, Utah
on 09/22/2020
Chloe was cheerful, enthusiastic, and extremely helpful. The salon was clean, bright, spacious, and comfortable. The set up was fantastic - easy to find all of my options and there were many beautiful options that I wanted to try on. The dresses were in great condition and when I found *the* dress I was able to take it home the same day. I was so so happy with Sweetheart Bridal and would definitely recommend it for anyone looking for a beautiful, on trend, reasonably priced wedding dress.
Jennesa Coleman from Provo, UT
on 09/21/2020
I loved how the dresses actually fit me and clips were used at a minimum. The service was great and I felt at ease!
Elizabeth from Provo
on 09/20/2020
I had such a wonderful experience at Sweetheart Bridal! Chloe helped me and she was the best person in the world to help me feel confident and taken care of as I looked for my wedding dress. There were gorgeous dresses and so many styles! I loved it.
Sadie Nemelka from Provo
on 09/20/2020
Emily was very attentive and patient. She was not overly pushy. I could tell she listened to what I wanted and my preferences. I would definitely want to work with her again and would recommend her to friends.
Ainsley from Provo
on 09/17/2020
Sweetheart Bridal was amazing! Krista was incredibly helpful, the store was amazingly organized, the dress options were stunning. I would highly recommend an appointment here for any bride. They're so kind and excited for you. Krista took the time to get to know me and all about my fiance. It was an awesome experience!
Emily Thomas from Utah
on 09/15/2020
I came here to shop for my wedding dress based on my twin sister having had a great experience doing the same here in the past.
Karlie from Provo
on 09/08/2020
I had a really good experience and I almost got my dress here! Chad was really helpful and made sure I was comfortable and was there to help brainstorm awesome ideas too! Choosing a wedding dress was super stressful for me but my experience at sweetheart bridal was very positive!
Mariah from Orem
on 08/23/2020
I absolutely loved shopping here. There was a wide range of dresses, in every budget it seemed like! Everyone was so super friendly, and I’m so happy I chose you guys for my dress. Can’t wait to see the look on my man’s face!!
on 08/22/2020
This was my favorite shop that I visited. I ended up buying my dress elsewhere, but I had the most fun here.
Ginger Bride from Orem Ut
on 07/29/2020
Super nice girls. They helped with whatever I needed.
Audrey Wilhelm from Salt Lake City
on 07/26/2020
The selection was great, the service was great, I felt like a princess, and Krista was so helpful! I was able to walk out of the store with my dream dress. I loved the experience I had here!
Elena Steele from Provo
on 07/09/2020
My experience was amazing! Chloe and the other women there to guide and help me and my bridesmaids and family were so kind and thoughtful. She really made me feel special as a bride and her knowledge about the dresses really helped me in making a decision.
Grace Fisher from Raleigh, North Carolina
on 07/08/2020
From the moment we entered the store we were treated kindly and like we were queens! We loved working with Chloe, she was able to pinpoint my style from a few dresses that I had chosen and actually brought out another one that ended up being my dress! Wonderful service and staff, makes me kind of wish that I’ll be married again so I can come in to work with them again lol.
Monica Tillman from Provo
on 07/03/2020
This was the best place to go dress shopping. I'd been to a few different dress stores, but this one had a wide variety in my size, and Shelly was great to work with. I truly felt valued as a bride.
Emily Barrett from Provo
on 06/24/2020
I absolutely loved shopping here! The staff was so kind and helpful, they made the whole experience so special. Amazing selection of dresses !!
Jade from Provo
on 06/18/2020
They were super sweet and accommodating when I came in. The experience was very personal, and I was able to come back to the store to purchase my dress there without feeling pressured or overwhelmed.
Sadie from Provo
on 06/16/2020
It was my first time trying on wedding dresses and it was such good experience. The workers made us so comfortable and they had beautiful dresses at really reasonable prices.
Katelyn Johansen from 1774 North Univeristy Parkway #22 Provo, UT 84604
on 06/15/2020
Truly wonderful. The staff was very helpful and attentive. It was efficient, fun, and inviting. I was very well taken care of.
Saren from Provo
on 06/11/2020
I felt so welcomed and accommodated. I had come from another appointment at a different bridal store and the experience hadn’t been very good, but the consultants at Sweethearts made my day of shopping worth it. They provided excellent feedback, made me feel good, were genuinely happy, and very accommodating. They listened to my ideas and found things I liked. Even though I didn’t purchase a dress today, they were very helpful and made shopping easier.
Nicolle Watters from Provo, Utah
on 06/09/2020
Nicole was an amazing bridal consultant! She made the experience so fun and made the whole experience seamless and truly effortless. Thanks to her and her wonderful nudges I found my dream dress that I can’t wait to wear on my wedding day!
D'Laina Creger from Provo
on 06/05/2020
Nicole was very sweet and professional! She made my experience very memorable!
Hannah Matthews from Provo
on 05/30/2020
Chloe was so helpful! She helped me know what looked good and was super helpful in helping me determine what style I was going for. She also was great at recommending accessories!
Makayla from Idaho Falls
on 05/10/2020
It was such a good experience! Everyone was so helpful and willing to help make accommodations. I found my wedding dress here and I absolutely love it! Nicole was so helpful and encouraging. She knew the dresses really well and seemed really genuine about wanting to get to know me and my family. 10/10 would recommend! I thought it was really cool that they let us pick out a bridesmaids dress for free because we bought my dress there. It was totally worth making the trip down to Utah.
on 05/09/2020
Such an amazing experience! It was great and we sure did enjoy our time trying on dresses. Thank you!
Kim from provo
on 05/03/2020
I loved the wide variety of dresses that were available
Rachel from Provo Utah
on 05/01/2020
Our girl we had was so professional and helpful!
Hannah Sybrowsky from Provo
on 04/29/2020
My experience was great! I never felt rushed and I loved the dress options. Krista was super friendly and that made the experience even better.
Angel Tuisavura from Orem
on 04/29/2020
My experience was so awesome!! The help I received was so great and they gave me so many helpful tips for the dresses I tried on! They helped me find dresses that fit my style! I found some really great dresses!!
Anonymous from University Parkway location
on 04/22/2020
Amazing service. Attentive employees. Everyone was so kind, friendly, and supportive. I was so nervous to try on dresses and was afraid that I wouldn’t look beautiful in any of them. The employees there were so good to me and made me feel beautiful in everything I put on. AND the prices here are amazing. I got my dream dress and I got it on sale! Best bridal shop.
Aspen from Provo
on 04/15/2020
It was amazing! I was super nervous before but he helped me through the process and was very kind as well as made me feel comfortable. 10/10. Highly recommend
on 04/11/2020
They are wonderful! Not pushy, but super considerate! They know everything there is to know about wedding gowns!
Jacie Mustard from Utah
on 04/09/2020
Chloe helped us out, SHE WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!! And so incredibly helpful! She gave us suggestions and feedback and helped me feel like I was important, I would definitely recommend coming here for your dress experience. My first day ever trying on dresses, second store and first dress I tried on was the one I ended up buying!
Preslie from Provo
on 03/27/2020
The staff was amazing and so helpful!!! They made my experience PERFECT
Abby Joyce from Provo
on 03/24/2020
I absolutely loved my experience here, my consultant was amazing, she really knew the right questions to ask to make sure I loved the dress I was picking and I really felt like she really wanted me to find the dress of my dreams. She let me walk up to the front of the store by the windows so we could see how the dress would look in the sunlight. I ended up buying my dress and veil there and being at sweetheart bridal and finding my dress made my day!
Kaylee Torgesen from Provo
on 03/07/2020
I had such a good experience here! I was amazed by all of the modest options and the incredible variety available. Such a great atmosphere!
Ren Martin from Provo
on 02/26/2020
I had an amazing time at my bridal appointment. She was very helpful and did a great job picking out dresses and keeping me informed about all of my options. I will definitely recommend this salon to others!