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Kayla Mitchell from Lexington KY
on 11/11/2019
The staff, were very kind and had amazing attitudes. I loved how my appointment went they were very hospitable and I would hope highly recommend the twirl boutique to anyone looking for the dresses for their big day!
The Dream Dress Was A Reality from Lexington
on 11/11/2019
I went to this with only 1 picture of the dress I dreamed of when I was a little girl, and the very first dress Taylor brought out was almost exactly the same dress! I was so incredibly happy, she had me try on some other very lovely dresses just to make sure, but the second I put the dress on I could NOT STOP SMILING! I felt so beautiful and Taylor made me feel beautiful in everything I tried on. She took a real interest in me, not just as a client, but as a person. It was such a wonderful experience and I felt so great after the appointment, we even stuck around a little after and chatted. She was exactly the type of person I needed, especially with the fact I did not have the option of my bridal party being there. Any bride that can afford it, should definitely go to Twirl. It's a wonderful experience.
Sydney Wiard from Frankfort, Kentucky
on 11/03/2019
Taylor was so, extremely helpful during my bridal appointment! She genuinely wanted to know what I liked and disliked and tried her hardest to pull dresses that perfectly fit my style, personality, and feel I wanted at my wedding. The staff at Twirl is so welcoming and friendly and when you’re there you feel like you’re home! With Taylor’s help I found a gorgeous wedding gown that exceeded my wildest dreams. Twirl truly made this process so easy for me. I would recommend them to any and every bride!
Anonymous from Lexington - Clay Ave.
on 11/01/2019
Picking your wedding dress is a huge deal, and I was completely nervous walking into it with no clue what I was really getting into. Taylor and Kasey made the whole process effortless. They really listened to my input on every single dress that I tried on and helped me feel comfortable pushing myself to try new and different styles/details I didn't expect to like! Because of that I found the perfect dress for me and can not wait to try it back on again!!
Laura Isernhagen from Lexington, KY
on 10/29/2019
My experience at Twirl was more amazing then I ever could have imagined! They have a wonderful selection of dresses and really take the time to listen to your ideas. They helped me find the PERFECT dress, veil, and jeweled headband for my wedding day. I look forward to returning to pick out my bridesmaids' dresses!
Haley Long from Lexington, KY
on 10/28/2019
I had the most wonderful time finding my dream dress at Twirl! Taylor was my stylist and she is amazing at what she does!! Kasey was helping her and they both made my experience there so perfect. She helped find the style that I liked and answered any questions that I had. It was the first dress shop I looked in and I ended up with my perfect dress.
Katy from Lexington
on 10/20/2019
I originally went to a bridal appointment with my fiancé for her to “test run” dresses before she tried some on with her family so it’d be less stressful. But we had such a great experience we immediately scheduled an appointment for me the next day. Can’t say enough great things about our consultant, Kasey, she was so wonderful to work with and put us both at ease.
Mason Crayne from Lexington, KY
on 10/19/2019
I loved trying on dresses at Twirl! The girls were so helpful and seemed to know just what questions to ask to narrow down to my type of dress. They don't even compare to other bridal shops!
Summer Farley from Lexington, KY
on 10/19/2019
Taylor worked with me and I absolutely loved her! She was so helpful and offered to assist me when trying on dresses if I needed the extra help and she really listened to what I want I was interested in when it came to wedding dresses and even picked out a couple of extra ones that she thought I would love which was super kind of her. I made a second appointment to try on the dress that I liked with some accessories and I specifically asked her since my family and I loved her so much! So thank you for my making my first time bridal experience so smooth and enjoyable!
Bridget from Lexington
on 10/18/2019
I had a wonderful experience during my appointment with Kasey. She was helpful, friendly and very good at listening to my likes/dislikes and pulling dresses that were good options for me. My finance and I loved Kasey so much she scheduled an appointment for the next day.
Sarah from Campbellsville, Ky
on 10/13/2019
I had a wonderful experience at Twirl! The girls that helped me pick out my wedding dress were phenomenal! They truly did care about me finding the perfect dress for my big day! I would definitely recommend coming to Twirl to find your perfect wedding dress!
Taylor Finkel from Lexington
on 10/06/2019
Everything about my Twirl experience was amazing! Kasey was helping my with my appointment and she made things so fun and comfortable. She picked out amazing dresses and really listened to what I had to say about each one. She didn’t put any pressure on me and genuinely cared about me as a bride rather than just a client she wanted to sell to. Unfortunately, I found my dress at another place, but my experience at Twirl was excellent and Kasey was so incredible, I would recommend Twirl (and Kasey) to any bride.
Kaylee Overbey from Corbin, KY
on 09/29/2019
Everyone was so kind and helpful!! The experience was just absolutely wonderful!
Jamie Bratcher from Louisville, KY
on 09/28/2019
I had the absolute best time shopping for my wedding dress at Twirl! I knew the style I liked but they let me try on any dress I wanted just to make sure! I felt like I became best friends with the Twirl girls! Liz is the sweetest person ever! Even after my appointment I sent her emails and she responded to me quickly and sent some very sweet advice! I would recommend anyone who is close to Lexington and looking for a wedding dress to make an appointment!!
Kylie from Lexington, KY
on 09/23/2019
Extremely helpful, very kind, asked really good questions, and were really intentional with keeping the bride the priority! Awesome dresses, too!
Felicia Evans from Lexington, KY
on 09/13/2019
I loved Twirl and working with Ty! The twirl girls were so personable and easy to work with and so very helpful. I highly reccomend making an appointment at Twirl!!
Sara Cleveland from Louisville, KY
on 09/08/2019
Ty was a dream to work with while shopping for my dress! She was encouraging and had great advice but was never pushy. She was patient while I tried different dresses and went back to ones I had tried before. I am so glad I found Twirl!!
Amanda Paschal from Louisville, KY
on 09/03/2019
The staff at Twirl was absolutely AMAZING! They were so sweet, accommodating, & patient in helping me say yes to the dress! Thank you for making this such a great experience. I'd recommend Twirl to anyone looking for a dress for their big day!!
Erin Prosser from Lexington
on 08/19/2019
What an amazing experience! The girls were so tentative, patient, and helpful. It made it a very smooth and easy experience during a time of so much stress! Thank you girls so much!
on 08/14/2019
Ty was wonderful to work with - she was professional and was attentive to my feedback on the dresses I tried. I absolutely would recommend Twirl to anyone in search of their dream dress!
Tori Owens from Lexington
on 08/11/2019
I had the best experience!! I loved every bit of my day with your twirl girl Tori. She was so sweet and helpful. If it wasn’t for her I would have missed out on the dress of my dreams! She knew exactly what I was looking for and made me feel so special!!
Allison Olmsted from Lexington, KY
on 07/25/2019
I had such a wonderful experience here! Everyone was so sweet and helpful and the entire appointment was fun and stress-free. I had pictures of what I had in mind and every dress that I tried on was in line with my style and my vision! I would definitely recommend Twirl to any bride looking for her dream dress!
Ashley Harris from Chicago
on 07/22/2019
Tori was fabulous and listened so well to what I was looking for in a dress! Tori helped pull the perfect one. She was so lovely to work with and all the Twirl ladies were thoughtful in giving their opinions on the dresses I tried on. Loved my experience at Twirl.
Taylor Woosley
on 07/21/2019
My visit was wonderful! Tess was very sweet and extremely helpful. I would highly recommend Twirl to other brides.
Erica Wright
on 07/14/2019
I had the best experience at Twirl! They were very welcoming and so helpful. I found my dream dress there!
Andi Saragas from Lexington
on 07/12/2019
The service was nothing short of amazing! I would go back to Twirl 100 times over again!
Briana Foley from Lexington, KY
on 06/24/2019
The Twirl Girls are some of the sweetest people I have ever met!! Tess was an amazing consultant and helped me find the dress of my dreams! I can’t say enough good things about Twirl and their staff. They are simply amazing!
Amber Miller
on 06/23/2019
I had the most amazing time! Tori was such an amazing help getting me into and out of dresses and gave me some awesome feedback about my own responses to dresses that I didn't even notice. I would highly recommend to any bride!
Brittany Janes from Columbia, KY
on 06/17/2019
My experience was nothing short of perfect! Emily was so patient and kind. She really helped me find the dress of my dreams!
Steeley Jo Anderson from Lexington
on 06/17/2019
Tess did an amazing job. She saved my appointment after I thought I hated the style of dress I came after. She made me feel completely comfortable and incredibly beautiful. I cannot thank her enough.
Emilee Wireman from Lexington, KY
on 06/16/2019
Loved my appointment and the ladies that helped me find the most perfect dress! Tess and Liz thank you and I will always remember the amazing day!
Hannah Conley from Lexington, KY
on 06/10/2019
I was honestly so nervous about shopping for a wedding dress because I am a plus size bride. I had tried on dresses at one other place which had a very limited plus size selection and I wasn’t even offered a chance to look at the regular sample size dresses. My experience at Twirl was completely different and exceeded all my expectations! Liz was so sweet and I could tell she understood my vision right from the start. We were able to make a smaller sample size dress work so I could try on my dream dress. I never once felt self-conscious or uncomfortable and had the best time trying on their selection of gorgeous dresses! They are definitely the best!
Noell Conley from Lexington
on 05/19/2019
Tory did a wonderful job showing me options and helping me with my search. She very quickly picked up on what I was looking for and helped me find my perfect dress. I had an amazing experience.
Sydney New
on 05/19/2019
I found my dress and the Twirl girls were very professional and suggested accessories that I loved!
Courtney Duchesne
on 05/13/2019
I LOVED my experience at Twirl! Emily helped me pick the perfect dress. She had multiple dresses in many styles within my budget waiting for me in a private room. I really liked that Twirl stuck to my budget! It was all very easy and fun to try on dresses. I highly recommend this shop to anyone for a wonderful experience!
Monica Murphy from Louisville, KY
on 04/15/2019
Extremely friendly staff, very sincere and accommodating. Allowed me to change into and out of dresses on my own which was appreciated. They allowed for pictures and second try-ons. They were patient, not pushy. Hands down the best bridal dress shopping experience!!
Katelyn Ackerman
on 04/14/2019
I loved working with the ladies at Twirl. They were all phenomenal and helpful! They made it so easy for me to find a dress!!
Ella Martin from Lexington
on 04/08/2019
I found the dress of my dreams at Twirl!I couldn't be happier with the friendly service, and above and beyond bridal experience.
Harley Caldararo from Lexington
on 03/31/2019
I cannot thank Emily enough on such an amazing experience! Everything from start to finish was not only welcoming but more than I ever expected. She took the time to get to know me and about our big day. Emily genuinely cared how I felt in my dress and helped capture the vision of my dream dress for my big day. I can’t wait to go back with my bridesmaids! I highly recommend Twirl !! You will not be disappointed.
Brooklyn Pennington
on 03/21/2019
I had a fantastic experience at Twirl! Liz was such a pleasure to work with, and helped me find the perfect dress! My girls and I had a wonderful time! I loved the unique, warm and welcoming environment. The mimosas were an added plus! Thank you for making this a day I will never forget!
Bailee Pennington from Morehead
on 03/11/2019
Twirl gave me such an amazing experience this past weekend. It was my first time trying on dresses and the entire time they were gracious and didn't pressure me at all. My experience far exceeded my expectations and I can't wait to return and buy the dress of my dreams!
Meg Edwards from Lexington
on 03/10/2019
Amelia was great to work with. Very positive and accommodating. I enjoyed my time at Twirl and would suggest it to anyone is dress shopping for their wedding!
Angela Oladi
on 03/10/2019
My experience at twirl was so refreshing. I never felt pressured to choose right away. The woman that helped me asked questions about what I liked. She was very patient. I was worried because we only had an hour, but I found a dress very quickly. Love the dress selection, the atmosphere, and the kind people.
Emily Fletcher from Lexington
on 02/11/2019
Liz was so sweet and patient as I tried on dresses. I had such an amazing experience finding the dress of my dreams!!
Jennifer Kane from Lexington, KY
on 02/10/2019
I had a very positive experience at Twirl, very personal, and easy going. Emily was really knowledgeable, helpful, and so sweet; she was really a pleasure to work with.
Haley Denton from Lexington
on 02/07/2019
I was so anxious going into wedding dress shopping. However, I was so comfortable and welcomed at Twirl that it was so much fun and easy. I really felt like I belonged and am so grateful to be a part of the Twirl family.
Haley Denton from Clay Avenue Lexington, Ky
on 02/07/2019
I had been looking for about a month in a few stores, but I never felt more welcomed and as special as I did at Twirl. It felt so genuinely about me and making my dreams come true, I honestly didn’t think that was possible. I am so thankful I am a part of the Twirl family!!
Katie Walker
on 02/03/2019
Highly recommend this boutique! Great selection of dresses and knowledgeable employees.
Rachel Vela from Twirl
on 02/03/2019
I had the best experience shopping for my wedding dress at Twirl! It was my first bridal appointment, I was not expecting to find my dress so quickly! Everyone was so nice and patient. I have heard nothing but wonderful things about Twirl!
on 01/13/2019
All the ladies were so sweet and helpful. They made me feel great about myself and I had a wonderful experience.