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Elizabeth Xiques from Freeport
on 09/07/2020
Tammy is wonderful, energetic fun good energy individual. The store has a great selection, dresses are beautiful and greatly priced. I am so happy I was able to find my perfect dress??
Vanessa Thompson from Freeport
on 08/10/2020
Tami was AMAZING. I was super stressed about finding a dress for my small ceremony on 8/27 and Tami took all my stress away. She was so patient, calmed me down and helped me to find the PERFECT DRESS! Thank you so much!!!!
Jacqueline S. from The Bridal World (Freeport, NY)
on 08/10/2020
Being a bride has been nothing but constant stress and to be honest, I don't enjoy the process, whatsoever. I absolutely dreaded wedding dress shopping. I hate shopping. For myself, especially for dresses! That all changed when I went to Bridal World! Tami was actually the kindest person that I have met in the entire bridal industry. She was knowledgable, patient and incredibly kind. Not only did I find a dress that literally took my breath away but I actually enjoyed the entire experience.
Majorie Mellon from Freeport LI
on 07/29/2020
I came to The Bridal World on the advice of my best friend, my matron of honor. She lives in Baldwin and I live in NJ. She drove past the shop and saw a dress in the window and thought I should come out to LI to try it on. I came in not thinking that I was going to say Yes and found my dress. Tammi listened to my vision and brought out a few dresses including the dress from the window. When I tried the first dress I like it but I wasn't it. Then Tammi put me in a dress that was not something that I would think. This allure bridal dress was perfect. I saw myself crying a bit and I had the chills. Tammi was very in tune with my feelings, she immediately change the music in the store to something I would start dancing to. This bridal store appears small but the customer service is big, trust me. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a wedding dress.
Lisamarie Altamura from Massapequea
on 07/17/2020
What a wonderful experience. The store was very neat and clean and all sanitary guidelines were followed. We never felt rushed. They only take 1 appointment at a time which insure that they only focus on you. The selection was great and the prices were more than reasonable. Forget the fancy places, Bridal World is just as good if not better and you get the individualized attention you need. Thank you Bridal World!
Kristen from Freeport
on 06/29/2020
Absolutely incredible. So nice, accommodating , patient, clean, I can’t say enough amazing things!