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Meagan Kelley from Oklahoma city
on 05/02/2019
The booking process was so easy. The appointment itself was amazing. Chelsea listened to me and helped me organize my thoughts. Her expertise was so helpful, especially when my family and bridesmaids all had different opinions. She ensured that I found a dress that was perfect for MY wedding day.
Anonymous from Oklahoma City, OK.
on 04/23/2019
Best bridal store! Everyone was very helpful and the environment was welcoming! Beautiful dresses! Overall it was amazing.
Briley McCoy from 7503 N. MAY AVE., OKC, OK 73116
on 04/20/2019
Great service, beautiful store, and wonderful dresses! Their focus is to give the bride a one on one experience with the whole store to themselves. They had many different styles to choose from. They had such unique dresses. The dress I bought was vintage with a modern flare. I’m in love with it! Highly recommend this store!
Andi from Monument, CO
on 04/14/2019
Such a wonderful experience with you all on this once in a lifetime day! I got the first dress I tried on, we had a blast the whole time. Thank you!!
Maggie Davis from Oklahoma City
on 03/31/2019
I had the best time shopping for my gown at Chantilly Couture! Their selection is amazing. I was torn between so many beautiful gowns, but found the perfect fit for me. They are so helpful, and walked me through everything.
Kaylin from Yukon
on 03/31/2019
Everyone there was very nice and kind. The girl who helped me although I can’t remember her name was so helpful. This was the first place I went shopping and I couldn’t have picked a better one. There isn’t a dress in there that isn’t beautiful.
Haley Reaves from Oklahoma City
on 03/29/2019
I had followed them for a while on Instagram and that is exactly where I found the most perfect dress. I kept going back to their page and then finally went in. I spotted the dress as soon as I walked in and it was THE ONE! I had the best experience trying on and would HIGHLY recommend to anyone!
Hunter Payne from Newkirk, OK
on 02/11/2019
I had the BEST experience at Chantilly!! Not only did I find the literal dress of my dreams, but the girls were so sweet and so helpful! The one on one help and being the only one trying on in the store at my appointment was so great! They far exceeded my expectations!
Emily from Oklahoma City
on 01/08/2019
We had a wonderful experience at Chantilly Couture! They have an amazing selection and I was so excited to try on their dresses! I tried several other bridal stores in the area and felt that Chantilly Couture had the best designers to choose from and best range in style and price! I was lucky to find my dress at their shop, but even if I hadn’t I would have loved my time with them! The private experience made everything seem that much more special! I didn’t feel any pressure to purchase a dress or make a decision. They made everything seem so easy from trying on to check out! Brides to be in Oklahoma should definitely make an appointment, you’ll be happy you did!
Jamie Christian from Oklahoma City
on 12/09/2018
Thank you for being a more relaxed store! I was so grateful that you allowed both myself and my friends and family to browse the dresses. Had they not gotten to look as well, i would not have found my dress! I loved the relaxed, no pressure environment. I also really appreciated the dress selection. It was classy, upscale, and much more my style than any store I had seen in the OKC metro area. Wonderful experience!
Anonymous from Norman ok
on 11/21/2018
They are very sweet every time I come in. And they have the most beautiful dresses! Definitely recommend stopping in brides!
Kristen Giroux from Oklahoma City
on 11/12/2018
My experience at Chantilly Couture was impeccable. I was really nervous about trying on dresses and Chlesea made my experience so enjoyable. I came in thinking I wouldn't find a thing and I found the perfect gown that was able to be rush delivered.
Kati Smith from Oklahoma City
on 11/11/2018
Soooo helpful with everything and they are making all my customized dreams come true! Can’t wait for my fitting and to see the whole dress come together!!
Brittany from Tulsa
on 11/07/2018
I had the best experience purchasing my dress from Chantilly! Chelsea seriously went above and beyond to make sure the dress I wanted made it in time for my appointment and really took the time to make sure everything was what I wanted.
Tracia Boswell from Oklahoma City
on 11/02/2018
The selection was so different from every bridal shop I visited in the OKC area. Chelsea was wonderful and made sure to guide me away from things that were out of my budget. I’d recommend this shop to anyone!! I went in thinking I had already made my decision but my mind was changed and I’m in love with my dress!!
Ryley Good from OKC
on 10/19/2018
Chantilly Couture is an absolute DREAM! Chelsea and her consultant made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. I did not feel pressured at all. I LOVED that I was able to pull whatever dresses I wanted to try on. I also love that the dresses were in my budget!!! I went to another boutique where I told them my highest point for budget.. when we got to the top two dresses the consultant finally told me the price of both dress. Both dresses were over my budget by at least $1,000 which is insane. I found the wedding dress of my dreams at Chantilly Couture (which Chelsea actually pulled for me) and I could not be happier with my experience!!!!!
Emily Gulick from Oklahoma City
on 10/16/2018
I absolutely loved shopping with you guys! I love how laid back the staff was. There was no pressure put on me, which I really appreciated. You gave me the space to make my decision. I think when people put pressure on you it is very overwhelming and unhelpful, especially with such a big decision as this. I love your dresses, designers and material. Truly a beautiful store and the best experience!
Lauren Decker from OKC
on 10/14/2018
It was so nice to be the only bride in the boutique. It made the whole experience feel very personal and intimate. I felt relaxed and like I had all the time in the world to make my decision. Chantilly Couture allowed me to make a truly unforgettable memory with my mom, sister, and bridesmaids.
on 10/04/2018
Everyone was so helpful and sweet. I loved how customizable my options were and the lengths the girls went to to help me visualize the different options. Thank you all for everything!!
Stephanie from Tulsa, OK
on 09/24/2018
Chantilly Couture was absolute perfection! From the moment I walked in I felt extremely comfortable and Chelsea was kind, understanding, and down to earth. I could tell right away that every dress in her boutique was picked out with a great deal of thought and care (honestly some of the most beautiful dresses ever!). I walked in having an idea of what I wanted, but Chelsea helped make that idea a reality. I ended up getting a custom dress and Chelsea helped with every detail of it. I honestly cannot express how amazing my experience was and how grateful I am. I highly recommend Chantilly Couture!!
Ashley Ross from OKC
on 09/23/2018
Chelsea and Taylor were great! They made me feel so comfortable and beautiful while trying on dresses with them. The gowns are so beautiful and high quality. The store is also super cute and trendy. So happy to say “yes” to the dress at Chantilly!
Shay from Ardmore, OK
on 09/03/2018
Went to Chantilly Couture after seeing the Mae dress by Chantel Lauren on the internet. Chelsea was AWESOME!! I’m eloping in 41 days so she called the designer prior to my appointment to confirm this dress could be made in 4 weeks. After arriving for my appointment she listened to my vision and actually helped me try on several gowns by this designer so I could decide if the Mae was actually “the one”. Chelsea’s knowledge of fabrics, embellishments, and options for a dress is extensive and she was very helpful in explaining things during the appointment. She was sweet with my guest and definitely gave me my “Say yes to the dress” moment! Her store is super cute and I highly recommend checking it out before committing somewhere else!
Jordan H. from Edmond, OK
on 09/03/2018
I had a great time at my appointment! It was very easy to say yes to the dress at Chantilly Couture. Not only did I love the dresses and designers available at the store, but I also appreciated how Chelsea helped us narrow down dresses based on style preference and price point. Chelsea made me feel so comfortable while pinning me up in dresses and she was very helpful in offering her opinion on how each dress fit my body type. I know that I picked the right dress for me and Chelsea for sure helped me do that. I highly recommend this boutique to any bride looking for a unique dress in the Oklahoma City metro.
Kati Lawson
on 08/04/2018
Chantilly was absolutely perfect! Chelsea was so amazing and helped me through the entire process. I truly cannot say enough good things about her and her business. She also carries the best dresses in the metro!! I'm so excited I said yes to the dress at Chantilly!
Brittney Ashton Bryant from Chantilly Couture Boutique- OKC
on 07/28/2018
Being in the wedding industry myself, choosing a dress was one of the hardest things. We see a lot of the same dresses and it seems to be a pool of white sometimes. I had the best experience buying a dress from your boutique. I love how honest and personal you and your assistant was when I was trying on each dress. And thank you for even making it possible to have one of the dresses shipped in so I could try it on. And of course that was the one! I love how unique and different each dress is, your boutique really sets a part from the rest. I will recommend you to all my friends and future clients :)
Claire Parker
on 06/18/2018
Chelsea and Ciara were the absolute sweetest and made me feel so comfortable and at ease. They gave me their honest feedback when asked and made me feel beautiful! I could not imagine buying my dream dress from anywhere else-Chantilly is the BEST.
Irma Gudino from Oklahoman City
on 06/11/2018
Thanks for your time and dedication. Both of you were really nice and dedicated! Although not many dresses fit me you still made me feel beautiful in EVERY dress! Happy to say I have found the ONE!
on 06/08/2018
The girls were extremely friendly and knew exactly what I wanted.
Alaina McGuire from OKC
on 05/20/2018
I had the best experience at Chantilly’s! The staff was so kind and I loved the dress I found! It was unique and unlike anything I have seen!
Jennifer Brown
on 05/14/2018
Such personable and caring service! I would highly recommend Chantilly’s service and gown selection!! They helped me find my dream gown and did everything possible to make it happen!
Kylee Engleman from Chantilly Couture Oklahoma City
on 05/09/2018
Loved this shop I told my friends that I knew this was where I would find my dress after seeing some of the dresses at the bridal show. I was right! I feel completely in love with my dress and even cried a little bit. There were so many amazing dresses that are more fashionable, unique and beautiful unlike what any other shops have.
Mallory Shanahan
on 04/30/2018
Amazing experience. Chelsea helped me pick out a bunch of beautiful gowns to try, she made it so fun, it was personable and I fell in love with my dress. We talked details and she made sure I knew everything! Showed me things that could be done to each gown I tried on and really showed a genuine interest in me! It was such a great experience and I can’t wait for my dress to come in! Most definitely recommend Chantilly to any bride!
Rachael Bachhofer from Oklahoma City
on 04/27/2018
LOVE LOVE LOVE! What a great experience. I wouldn't change a thing and I am so happy with the dress. I will definitely recommend Chantilly to all of my friends who are engaged!!
Kaitlyn Garcia from Elk City, OK
on 04/03/2018
Couldn’t have asked for a better experience! Chelsea was the sweetest and was so helpful! She really focused on my vision and helped me find exactly what I was looking for.
Madeline James
on 02/27/2018
I had an amazing experience at Chantilly Couture. From the moment I walked in I felt extremely comfortable and welcomed. When I made the appointment I was a little intimidated because I had never tried on dresses before so I didn't know what to expect. She made the process extremely easy and I found my dream dress. I couldn't be happier with my purchase!
Joelle from Norman, OK
on 02/08/2018
Chantilly Couture has incredible selection for those who want a modern style dress and excellent follow up after purchasing with any needs you have! Chelsey has been so helpful with her alteration recommendations and truly makes you feel so special throughout the entire process!
Michele Estep
on 01/15/2018
Thank you so much for a fun and special experience! Easy to book an appointment and Chelsea made finding my dream dress a breeze!
Caitlin from OKC
on 01/13/2018
Absolutely loved my appointment at Chantilly. The appointment was very laid back and I never felt pressured to make a decision. The dress I ended up with was one I never even thought I would try on. I loved being able to enjoy the experience one on one without feeling like I had to make a choice then and there. I loved how the whole appointment was run, and have suggested the store to many other of my engaged friends. So glad I found such an amazing place to get THE dress!
Anna Jabbour from Tulsa, OK
on 01/04/2018
I would be very surprised if someone walked into this place and did not find their dream dress. Every dress in Chantilly is so beautiful. I was so surprised when I started trying on dresses and I loved every single one. I did not have that at any of the other places I went to. Chelsea is the sweetest and makes you feel so comfortable. I highly recommend!!!
Lauren Dickinson from OKC, OK
on 12/31/2017
I had the most amazing experience at Chantilly Couture. It was the first place I went to look for a dress and I found the perfect dress for me. I felt like I have all the attention during my appointment and I was able to try on as many dresses as I wanted. They have a great modern style with a large selection. Even after I bought my dress, the owner Chelsea helped me find my custom shoes I was looking for! Amazing boutique! I highly recommended them!!!!
Devin stokes from Tulsa
on 12/10/2017
Chelsea at chantilly couture is so sweet & her shop is absolutely amazing! Such unique pieces with outstanding customer service. I got my dream dress & couldnt imagine going anywhere else! I felt like Pretty Woman & would recommend this place to anyone!!
Paige Green from Edmond
on 10/26/2017
I almost didn't come to chantilly couture because I was so tired of trying on dresses. We had been to nine stores before coming and I could tell something was different about this store the moment I walked in. Everyone talks about this moment when you put on your dress and "you just know" and I found that with Chelsea's help. I have nothing but positive things to say. Thank you for turning my bridal gown shopping experience into a dream.
Madison Taylor from Oklahoma
on 10/20/2017
I couldn't imagine finding my gown anywhere else! You can tell the owner, Chelsea, is invested in your appointment, style, and price point! And on top of that she's so sweet! I cannot wait until my big day. I'm so happy I stumbled upon this bridal salon.
Chelsea Tucker from Oklahoma City
on 10/19/2017
Chelsea is awesome and so helpful!!! I love how she spends one on one time with her brides and only has one appointment at a time! It was the best experience!
Justy Clement
on 10/01/2017
Thankful for the experience Chantilly Cotoure provided while shopping for my dress! Amazing gowns & service!
Honey Tawagon from Chicago IL
on 09/29/2017
I flew from Chicago to Oklahoma City to check out the Mae gown by Chantel Lauren at Chantilly Couture Bridal Store and It's soooo worth it!!! I have been in contact with Chelsea and have been dreaming of the Mae dress for the past 6 months! She has been very helpful with proving information about the dress- that made it easier for me to decide. What else can I say? The dress is most beautiful in person. I did not shop anywhere else, Chelsea is very accommodating, knowledgeable (with a lot of tips) and sweet. Chantilly Couture has the most beautiful collection of wedding dress! If you're a bride near or far, Chantilly Couture is worth a visit for a stress free wedding dress experience!
Brandie Clemons from Oklahoma City
on 09/25/2017
I loved my experience at Chantilly Couture! I just knew I was going to find the dress of my dreams there which is why it's the first place I looked! I found a dress even better than the one I imagined in my head. Chelsea was an angel and incredibly sweet and helpful when it came to picking a dress that was right for me and right for the season my wedding falls in. I have already recommended friends to her.
Chelsea Robinson
on 09/20/2017
Super happy with the shopping experience and store owner, Chelsea! :)
Julie Dawkins from Oklahoma City
on 09/03/2017
I can't say enough about my experience at Chantilly Couture. Chelsea was so helpful, and so relaxed. I didn't even know she was the owner until the end of the appointment, because she didn't seem to be trying to sell me on the dresses. She just wanted to make sure I was comfortable and not pressured. I found my wedding dress here after thinking I was never going to find exactly what I was looking for, so I am overjoyed with my whole experience here!
Kelsey Morris from Pauls Valley
on 08/28/2017
Everything was wonderful from the beginning. It was even more perfect that the last dress I tried on was the ONE. Thank you for making my experience relaxing and not rushed.