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Pam Wells from Jasper, TN
on 06/23/2019
Emily at the Knoxville center Mall was amazing. I absolutely loved the whole experience. Emily was very helpful with picking dresses out for me to try on. She knew exactly what would look great on me. I would recommend for anyone to go there! They dresses in many sizes and prices. Well deserved five stars!!
Emma from Knoxville Center Mall
on 06/20/2019
I absolutely loved my whole experience at the Gilded Gown. Darby was especially helpful when picking out dresses to try on and even picked out my moms favorite dress. We will definitely be back (we have over a year until my wedding) to see her and make a final decision! I left this appointment feeling so good and like we really made progress :)
Brooke Piris from Knoxville Tennessee
on 06/18/2019
The staff is amazing. With a tight budget and a short notice wedding (14 days) they were very understanding. They were knowledgeable, professional, and made my daughter feel like she was the only bride to be in the store. I recommend them to anyone looking for a wedding dress or even a prom dress. Emily was fantastic
Alison Cotey from Kingsport, TN
on 06/12/2019
I had a wonderful experience at the Gilded Gown. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a dress. It has a wide variety of styles, price ranges and sizes. It was so helpful to try on the dresses in the correct size. My consultant, Elizabeth, was attentive, knowledgeable, and patient. She listened well to what I wanted and helped me think through what I liked and disliked about each dress. It took me awhile but she stuck with me and joyfully celebrated with me when I finally found my dress. I had a great time finding my dress at the Gilded Gown!
Trena DaMarree from Knoxville, TN
on 06/02/2019
Tequila was great! She was very patient when I couldn’t make up my mind between 2 dresses. I didn’t decide on anything today and will definitely be making a follow up appt with her.
Brittany Cassady from Maynardville,TN
on 05/29/2019
Wonderful, attentive and patient service. Made me feel special and heard. So excited to have a Gilded Gown!
Alisa Daugherty from Clinton TN
on 05/26/2019
I had Emily as a consultant when I went and tried on dresses. She was absolutely AMAZING!
Sharonne Winston from Knoxville
on 05/20/2019
This was the first place that I went on my wedding dress journey. I was greeted and helped by Kelly, who was absolutely amazing! I have not purchased my dress yet, but The Gilded Gown is in the running! I am very impressed! Thank you all!
Whitney Billing from Pineville, KY
on 05/19/2019
Had a great time and found the perfect dress that I have been in love with for months!
Rachel from Heiskell
on 05/14/2019
I had an amazing experience with Elizabeth! I arrived early for my appointment and was greeted right away. After explaining my wedding details and what I was looking for in my dress, she helped pick out some beautiful dresses that were within my ideals and budget. I was very pleased with the selection and price range of the dresses. I would recommend visiting here prior to purchasing a dress elsewhere!
Debby Gibson
on 04/28/2019
I had a wonderful experience! Everyone was so nice! I count make up my mind and left and came back later that same day. I didnt have an appt the 2nd time and they welcomed me and helped me make my decision! The Gilded Gown is great!
Abby Fink
on 04/24/2019
Everyone was very helpful and knowledgeable even when I wasn't exactly sure what I was looking for. They had a lot to choose from, and I absolutely love my dress!!
Laine Coey from Knoxville
on 04/14/2019
Everyone was so great and nice! I loved my experience there!
Tori Spencer
on 04/13/2019
Everyone was very sweet and helpful. I would definitely recommend!
Krisann Nieto from Knoxville
on 04/13/2019
Courtney was beyond wonderful. I can’t say enough about how great she was and the dress selection was unbeatable. I said “Yes!” to my dress and couldn’t be happier.
Brandi Lamacchia from The Gilded Gown Knoxville
on 04/08/2019
Absolutely unbeatable experience. I made an appointment and felt like a princess the entire time, I unfortunately did not find a dress the first time. I went to a competitor and had a horrid experience, so naturally I went back to gilded gown. I fact I stopped in “just to look” on my lunch break from work. In less than an hour I found the dress of my dreams. The staff is incredible and I would not suggest anywhere else.
Emily Hollins from Williamsburg, KY
on 04/06/2019
I had a great visit and really loved all the gowns I tried on. The selection and prices were wonderful and Summer was a big help!
on 04/06/2019
Amazing service people. They were absolutely wonderful!!
Allie from Knoxville Tn
on 03/31/2019
I thoroughly enjoyed my time I spent here shopping for my gown and I got one I love!
Marsha Stidham from Oak ridge
on 03/31/2019
Everyone was very helpful and attentive. Summer was a great help in finding all aspects of what would work for me and trying to help me better understand what goes into fitting for a dress. I now have more of an idea what I’m looking for. Thank you
Samantha Nail from Crossville, Tn.
on 03/24/2019
Excellent atmosphere, friendly people, and just a great overall experience!
Penny Love from Maryville, TN
on 03/23/2019
Your worker, Darby, really helped to make this day truly special. We all had a blast and felt comfortable and best of all found my dress. I felt like a real princess!!!
on 03/23/2019
It was a wonderful experience. Courtney made sure I felt comfortable in my gown and finding the perfect one the first time I tried on dresses was amazing! Would definitely do it all over again.
Kimberly Summers from Dayton, Tennessee
on 03/21/2019
Thank you to all the ladies for making me feel like I made the right decision! Cassie was great! Vickie was also very helpful! I even tried on a couple for some laughs!! I was really reluctant to even go because of my age and size! All brides are not a size 2! There were sizes for every bride to be! I would recommend the gilded gown to anyone looking for that perfect dress!
Heather Long from Knoxville, TN
on 03/20/2019
I loved my first experience at the Gilded Gown. The woman helped me pick out dresses and listened to my feedback. She was really kind and helped me pick out a dress that was my style and within my budget.
Amanda McMahan from Knoxville, TN
on 03/10/2019
My shopping experience was such a joy! My consultant, Kelli, nerded out with my bridal party and I about Sailor Moon. (Always a plus!). There were plenty of dresses to choose from in my size, which is not a typical sample size! I loved that the tags gave the “feel like a size” number for you to see. My consultant was so patient with me while I was deciding between my top to choices. In the end, I found a dress that made me feel like a Moon Princess. It was perfect. It could not have been a better appointment. I’m so glad I got my dress from the Gilded Gown!
on 03/10/2019
I went yesterday to find a wedding dress. They have so many options for every shape and size!! I had Emily help me and she was absolutely AMAZING!!
Beth from Knoxville
on 03/02/2019
This was the second trip to The Gilded Gown for wedding dress shopping and it was even better than the last. I had a good idea of what I was looking for and my stylist was an awesome help with helping me find good choices! All of the staff was welcoming and helpful. The store was clean and organized. I could have spent the whole day there!
Sherry Barbee from Jefferson City, TN
on 02/26/2019
Everyone was exceptionally helpful and friendly. Wonderful atmosphere even tho it was very busy I felt very attended to. Loved the selections and loved that I found THE DRESS!!!! Thanks Gilded Gown!!!
Kayla Snodgrass from Ewing, VA
on 02/23/2019
Thank you so much for helping me find my perfect gown! I was extremely nervous coming that I wouldn't find anything that I liked and Kelly helped make the experience perfect!
Ashley Dezarn from London ky
on 02/21/2019
I loved the experience that I had. The staff was so nice and helpful. Can't wait for the big day.
Megan Williams from Knoxville
on 02/18/2019
I’m leaving another review! I just loved this place so so much!! Miranda is amazing! She made me feel beautiful and special! I HIGHLY recommend this boutique they have the best service and the most gorgeous dresses.
Anonymous from Knoxville
on 02/17/2019
They’re the friendliest, sweetest, most patient group! And genuinely happy to help you find your dream dress!!
Victoria Namvongsa from Athens, TN
on 02/17/2019
Friendly staff and great service! My fitting went well and my stylist Elizabeth was a great help!!
Chelsey Walls from Oak ridge
on 02/17/2019
Had the best day picking out my dress loved the staff sooo friendly and sweet!! Had such a great variety of dresses/prices. Highly recommend
Jaime Mingie from Knoxville, TN
on 02/13/2019
I loved my fitting! The staff was so great and helpful. I'm so happy with my dress!
Cheyenne Lowery from Knoxville
on 02/10/2019
I’ve been to multiple shops, and then one day decided to stop in your store with an appointment, my very first appt. was with heather, she changed the game she is the whole reason I got my dress here, she was so helpful and sweet and took care of everything I was trying on, for my second visit in the store it was the day I bought my dress and heather was on the prom side, but I got vikki and she was awesome too! She helped me find my dress and I’ll forever be thankful for them both. I highly recommend you to any friends needing wedding dresses! You all are amazing. Thank you for helping me find my dress for the most important day of my life.
Hope Smith from Mascot
on 02/10/2019
I absolutely love you guys! I had such a wonderful experience at my bridal appointment. I'm a bigger bride and was worrying I would be so judgemental of myself while trying on dresses. My stylist Miranda was so great and made me feel so comfortable. I showed her some pictures of what I had in mind and she immediately had a dress in mind. And that dress is actually the one I said yes to because she got it so spot on!
Katie Turner from Knoxville Tennessee
on 02/09/2019
Wonderful experience! Everyone was so friendly and they helped me find the perfect dress!
Dana Morong from Greeneville
on 02/08/2019
I was really nervous that I wouldn’t find something I felt beautiful in but the Gilded Gown had so many dresses in my size. First time looking for dresses and I found my dream one! And for an AMAZING PRICE! Thank you so much Miranda!
Savanna Evans from Knoxville
on 02/08/2019
Elizabeth was helpful and great to work with!
Kristin Bailey from Knoxville
on 02/07/2019
Very wonderful experience that I had at the Gilded Gown! Miranda was great to work with! And I said YES to a beautiful princess style dress!!! Looking forward to my wedding day!!! Thank you Gilded Gown!!
Lindsay Bacon from Knoxville, TN
on 02/04/2019
Loved every minute of choosing my wedding dress - excited to wear it and let everyone know where I bought it!
Jessica Goodson from Knoxville
on 02/03/2019
I did not find my dress at The Gilded Gown, however we had a great experience shopping there and trying on dresses at my appointment! The staff is so caring and attentive. They did their best to help me try to find the right fit. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone!
Haley Braddock from Knoxville
on 01/27/2019
Wonderful selection of dresses and every girl in the store was so friendly and helpful! They let us take our time and look and helped us the whole time! They made for a relaxing and easy time
Brittany Kitts from Knoxville, TN
on 01/22/2019
Summer and Elizabeth provided excellent customer service and went the extra mile to make sure I was happy. This was actually my second time going to Gilded Gown. They did not push any certain dress on me and didn’t mind me trying on the dress I ended up choosing 3 times. I received one on one attention and felt special! Thank you Summer and Elizabeth along with the owner, Jacqui, for being so kind and helpful and making this a wonderful, easy experience. I am very grateful!
Heather Seigler from Blue Ridge, GA
on 01/21/2019
It was worth the drive for the selection of plus size dresses. I was so nervous about this process, but my constant felt like an old friend & helped me so much. I said YES to a beautiful, old Hollywood, classic dress.
Alexis Ferguson
on 01/19/2019
Summer was my constultant and she was absolutely amazing! She was so so helpful and the sweetest ever!
Kimberly Rhea from The Gilded Gown
on 01/13/2019
Miranda was my consultant. It was my first time trying on wedding dresses and we were running late to my appointment. She never made me feel rushed. I tried on a TON of dresses. Some of them more than once. The entire staff was so friendly and welcoming. Miranda was phenomenal. She was so sweet and she really knows what she’s doing. The dress I picked was one she pulled and I would have never picked! Thank you so much for an incredible experience!!
Megan Chitwood from Oneida TN
on 01/12/2019
I visited the Guilded Gown twice. The first time was my first stop in trying to find a dress. Elizabeth greeted me and was SO super friendly, helpful and patient with me. I left without a dress to visit 5 other shops to return to the Guilded Gown and bought the first dress I tried on. Miranda was my consultant the 2nd time and was also friendly, helpful, and in no way rushed me to decide. I will recommend anyone to go find their gown there! Thank you for my special experience! It will not be forgotten!