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Abbie Bullard from Knoxville, TN
on 06/13/2021
We were super happy with out lady that helped us today! She was so helpful and so patient! We were buying a Teen Board dress and she help make it so less stressful!! I would definitely recommend this store and we will be going back!
Breana from Knoxville
on 06/12/2021
Megan and the girls at the gilded gown were awesome! Everyone was super friendly during my visit and Megan worked with me to make sure I got the dress I loved! Great experience all around!
Tahlia from Knoxville
on 06/12/2021
I’m a return customer and loved the experience as much as the first time. I love being able to support a small, local business and also having so many dresses to try on as a plus size bride. Affordable prices and friendly customer service.
Nicia Fincannon from Sylva NC
on 06/07/2021
Our consultant Elizabeth was amazing. Super sweet and patient. I would give you ten stars!!! Love my dress and the experience put me at ease!
Katie Knight from Knoxville
on 06/06/2021
The first dress I tried on was the one that I ended up getting. Diane helped me try on a bunch of different styles. It was a perfect experience.
Abbey Hinton from Nashville
on 06/06/2021
"T" chose just the right gowns to fit Abbey's wish list, and she narrowed her favorites down to 3! Amazing experience. I will recommend your store to everyone.
Alyssa Whitesell from Knoxville, TN
on 06/06/2021
My stylist was McKenzie (sorry if it’s not spelled correctly) she was so sweet and easy going. My biggest fear of going out to find THE ONE was being pushed into buying a dress by the sellers and I was pleasantly surprised with how chill and genuine EVERYONE was. McKenzie was super helpful and always ready to get something if I wanted to try it. If I could give it 10 stars I would. Thank you Gilded Gown!
Caitlen Hoy from Kingston Pike
on 06/01/2021
Diane was AMAZING!!! Unfortunately, I didn’t find my dress, but I had a wonderful experience with Diane!! She made me feel comfortable and at ease. I literally wish I could take her to any other bridal dress store I go to, ha! She listened to what I wanted and was so helpful and complimentary. I hope I get a Diane at another store. She set the bar high! Thank you for the great experience!
Abby from Gilded gown on Kingston
on 05/30/2021
The experience here was amazing! I found my dream dress and the staff really was helpful!
Nicole Lockhart from Morristown
on 05/30/2021
The staff was amazing. My stylist Elizabeth was wonderful at taking the details of loved about individual dress and pin pointing the perfect style/shape/details. All staff was kind, supportive, and completely hyped every moment of your appointment up. I felt as though it was hard to describe what I wanted exactly, but my stylist was able to quickly figured out after a couple dresses what look I wanted and I quickly had a few dresses that I loved, but one that ended up being the one! It totally went above and beyond my expectations
Veronica Ramus from Knoxville tn
on 05/30/2021
I love it, very friendly people!!!
Katherine Parker from Cookeville, TN
on 05/27/2021
I loved my stylist, she was very kind and helpful. I felt comfortable and welcomed in the store too which is an absolute must.
Leah Chafin from Knoxville
on 05/24/2021
Finding my wedding dress was a great adventure! As a plus sized women, I was really nervous to go into try on dresses, but the ladies here made me feel confident and beautiful! My stylist was Katie and she was wonderful! I would recommend this shop to anyone, especially plus sized women!
Amberlie from Knoxville
on 05/23/2021
I’m so happy with the store and ladies who work there !!! I had the best experience ever going in! The picked out dresses I loved. I recommend every bride to be go go and go check them out!
on 05/22/2021
They were great and so nice and helped me find my dress.
Jewel Jolly from Starkville, MS
on 05/17/2021
Great service and great selection! I would highly recommend coming here for wedding dress shopping!
Savannah Neas from Knoxville, Tennessee
on 05/17/2021
You guys are amazing!! I love my dress and you made me feel so comfortable and I enjoyed every minute of it. I will be recommending you guys to a lot of people! Thank you!
Jordan Patterson from Kingston Pike
on 05/17/2021
Great experience, helpful ladies! Many options, very clean store.
J Pratt from Morristown Tn,
on 05/16/2021
Absolutely WONDERFUL!! I am the future mother in law of the bride, i must say that this was a most pleasant experience. Our sales person was super friendly, knew her product well and a joy to work with. Highly recommend to anyone needing a wedding dress or prom style dress. They have LOTS of inventory too!
Mary Tuskan from Knoxville TN
on 05/16/2021
Diane was very thoughtful and helpful. I appreciated that she was was relatable and understanding. I love my dress and I’m very happy I found what I was looking for!
Kaylee Neal from Kentucky
on 05/16/2021
My experience was OVER THE TOP. I am a plus size bride and was super worried about finding a dress that I loved— well I did at it complemented me so well! There was so many options to choose from. I 100% recommend getting the VIP room, it is so worth it. It’s such a fun experience for you and your guest that you celebrate with! Also, KATIE was AMAZING. She made me feel beautiful the whole time and was WONDERFUL! Have a 100% fantastic experience— no complaints.
Kynzi Johnson from Knoxville TN
on 05/15/2021
Diane was an amazing stylist! She was so fun and made the experience a blast. She helped me find my YES! Ask for Diane and use the Gilded Gown as your place to find THE dress. They had an amazing selection and lots of different styles to choose from.
Anna Holloway from Knoxville
on 05/12/2021
Katie was ABSOLUTELY amazing at helping me find the perfect dress for my big day. I am not a very picky person at all, but I told her the details that were important to me, and we found so many dresses that fit what I wanted and it was SO HARD to choose just one! Katie also gave me invaluable feedback on the dresses I tried on and made me feel like a QUEEN! Without Katie's enthusiasm and honesty, I may not have found the wedding dress that flatters my figure so well and makes me look straight out of a fairytale. This store was also the only store that I saw online that had the most variety and dresses that I liked. Katie went over my time allowed but it was because we struggled to pick between SO MANY gorgeous gowns! I was grateful that I was never rushed! Thank you Katie and The Gilded Gown for helping me find THE DRESS!
Ashleigh Reed from Knoxville, TN
on 05/11/2021
Diane was so helpful and so sweet! The store is absolutely adorable! I couldn’t have had a better experience! Thank you so much for helping me find the perfect dress for my senior prom!
Tessa Thorpe from Kingston
on 05/11/2021
When I walked into the gilded gown I couldn't believe I was actually about to look & try on wedding dresses. I felt out of place but that quickly faded, miss Diane was amazing, sweet & kind. I didn't think I'd find "the" dress but I did & I'm absolutely excited!
Katilyn Lewter from Knoxville, TN
on 05/09/2021
Loved the service we were given by Diane! Made the experience well worth it and my crew and I loved every minute!
Krista from Waynesville NC
on 05/08/2021
Trying on dresses at the Gilded Gown was an amazing experience! My consultant Katie was amazing and very sweet, the other staff were very friendly and I felt comfortable as soon as I walked in the door! I HIGHLY recommend coming here to get your gown!
Christy Combs from Knoxville, Tennessee
on 05/03/2021
When I walked into the Gilded Gown I was terrified. It was my first time trying on wedding dresses and I had no idea what I was looking for! Diane talked to me and took me right over to the dresses. Within seconds they had me laughing and all my stress was gone. They had beautiful dresses for wonderful prices! My heart was happy when I saw price tags with only 3 digit numbers!! Diane and the other girls hyped me up and cheered along with my family when I said YES to my dress. They even cried along with me! I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else! I will always recommend The Gilded Gown to every upcoming bride!
Brenda Palacios from Knoxville
on 05/02/2021
lots of dresses to choose from. Very exciting to hear someone say "Yes" to the dress. many options, many price points, different varieties. Great choice for EVERY bride to check out for wedding dress shopping
Chasity White from Knoxville, TN
on 05/02/2021
My experience here was nothing short of perfect!!! All the staff are so friendly and helpful and really made me so incredible and special! There were so many great choices at affordable prices. I would highly recommend Gilded Gown to anyone hunting for a dress! Thank you all so, so much for my wonderful experience!
Ramsey Thomson from Knoxville
on 05/01/2021
I believe Ms. T was my stylist and she was amazing! found my perfect dress and she was the reason!! so sweet and helpful!! love her and my dress!
Aimee Gonzalez from Kingston Pike
on 05/01/2021
Katie was amazing! She made me feel truly like a bride. I didn’t find the one that time unfortunately, but I couldn’t be more grateful!
Heather Jones from Knoxville TN
on 04/25/2021
My experience today was outstanding! From the moment I walked in til the moment I exited the building, it was perfect! I couldn’t have asked for better service or a more personal experience! Thank you for being apart of such a huge part of my special day!
Sophia Gallegos from Knoxville TN
on 04/24/2021
This experience was everything that I thought wedding dress shopping was going to be. The personalized appointment, kind and professional staff, and my stylist Maggie was so encouraging and helpful. She listened to me and what I wanted. She was never pushy and I truly felt that she just wanted my to feel good in what I was wearing. She just got it and was actually the one that pulled the dress that I ended up falling in love with. I left feeling good about myself, happy, and confident that I made the right choice. Thank you so much for this amazing experience!
Brianna Villanueva from Johnson City,TN
on 04/20/2021
Absolutely incredible experience! I went prom dress shopping here and it was such an easy,quick process. They had a massive selection for any taste, and the one I picked out was something I had never seen before and it truly is so beautiful. The people here are so nice and are so helpful. I would highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a prom dress.
Nikki Blair from Knoxville
on 04/20/2021
Had a lovely experience with our consultant. Appreciated her candor and kindness very much.
Isabella Steele from Knoxville
on 04/20/2021
It was amazing!!! I found the perfect dress and Katie had all the answers to my questions!
Summer Dobbs Robinson from Maryville TN
on 04/19/2021
We loved loved Megan!!! She is amazing and helped us find the perfect dress in no time. She’s the best! We will be back!
Beyunca Tallon from Knoxville
on 04/19/2021
T (Tiandra) was amazing!! So friendly and so helpful. She really cared about what I wanted and was willing to give me what I wanted. T really made this experience special and her attitude was everything even down to her level of excitement when I said yes to the dress. Highly recommend. Thanks T for being a part of my dress experience and being like part of the girls!
Brianne Miller from Knoxville
on 04/17/2021
Megan was fantastic! We loved her so much. She was patient, listened and really helped us find the perfect wedding dress! She was super fun and tolerated us so well:) Thank you so much for helping us!
Sharikaei Berkeley from Kingston Pike, TN
on 04/14/2021
Megan (or however you spell her name) was extremely helpful and sociable, and she made sure I could try all of the options available to me. I really appreciated the experience!
Amie Jessie
on 04/13/2021
From the moment we walked in, it was such a more pleasant experience than the other 3 stores we had already visited. Katie was so great to work with today!
Christy Brock
on 04/13/2021
This is best experience I have ever had shopping!! I found gorgeous dresses and had so much fun!! This is the best Bridal experience anyone can ask for!!
Kacy Silvers
on 04/11/2021
Absolutely blown away by the atmosphere and all the amazing dresses to choose from! From the moment I walked in I felt so welcomed and Taylor was AMAZING!! I felt so confident and was shocked I found my DREAM wedding dress in less than an hour! Thank you guys for making all my dreams come true!!
Tristyn from Kentucky
on 04/05/2021
It was not just buying a dress it was an experience. The women were all super nice and helpful it made my time buying a dress a lot better than any other place, Katie was a big help and super fun to be around.
Katie MCKINNEY from Jonesborough, TN
on 04/03/2021
We loved Katie. She was a huge help and really sweet.
Cheyenne McAbee from Kingston,Tennessee
on 03/30/2021
I have never been happier. I had visited several shops online and in store and was always disappointed that they never fit just right. But we took a gamble and decided to shop here. They were so amazing and kind. They helped me find the perfect fit for my plus size body. The really unique thing about their shop is the sizing. They do not base sizes off the manufacture’s chart but instead on your pants size and it is true to size. I have never felt more confident and appreciated.
Danielle Bowman from Knoxville
on 03/29/2021
Diane was absolutely wonderful. I really appreciated her attentiveness and kindness.
Leah Frost from knoxville
on 03/29/2021
10/10 the best place to go for dresses and customer service! Very enjoyable to shop and stress free, and the employees were so kind and outgoing.
Kourtney Clevenger
on 03/27/2021
I had such an amazing experience! Katie was my stylist and she was amazing! She was so kind, attentive, and helped me with everything I needed! Definitely will be coming back!