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Amy Hanebrink from St. Louis
on 01/27/2019
Great experience at Andrew Jackson. My stylist was very helpful, patient, and knowledgeable. There was a good selection of bridal gowns in many different price ranges. I would definitely recommend to any bride!
Madi Eckley from Cape Girardeau
on 04/22/2018
Madeline was absolutely incredible. She was very helpful with finding my dress even when I wanted to try on so many dresses. She didn’t push me into buying anything or pressure me at all. She was very professional but super friendly too. I had an amazing experience today and I’m so glad I decided to buy from you all. I will be recommending you all anytime I can!
Monica from Saint Louis
on 04/02/2018
My experience was one of the best! Sydney was very helpful and attentive during my appointment. She went out of her way to find more dresses for me to try on and also took the time to look up more options! She did a fantastic job!
Tonya Riley from Cape Girardeau, MO store- We traveled from Arlington, KY
on 03/17/2018
We couldn't of picked a better place to find our daughter's dream dress. We traveled from KY to your shop in Cape Girardeau. There was a great selection to choose from in a variety of sizes and prices ranges. Tiffany was the best! She was so patient and friendly. Rita was also awesome, she is making sure the alterations will be perfect. We are so glad we found your store. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE ANDREW JACKSON BRIDAL COMPANY
Shelley Frank from Cape Girardeau
on 01/29/2018
The Andrew Jackson was my first choice in searching for my dream gown! Athena was beyond amazing helping with the whole experience. Some brides had told me that looking for a dress was stressful, but at the Andrew Jackson that was so not the case! We were able to pull dresses that I wanted to try on and then Athena was there giving suggestions along the way! I found my dress and I was even able to take it home that day! No need to order because it was from the new outlet that is in the store, so not only did I get my dream dress, but I got at an amazing price! I can not wait to go back for my alterations and to pick my dress back on because I did not want to take it off!
Lyndsay Herzog from Cape Girardeau
on 06/30/2017
I really enjoyed my appointment in your store. My consultant, Lauren was very helpful. She was there through the whole appointment but I never felt like she was hovering or overbearing. She knew the right questions to ask to help me make my decision on my wedding dress. When I had questions about ways to customize my dress, the owner and Lauren both did everything they could to find out answers. I really enjoyed my bridal experience!!
Amanda from Cape Giradeau, MO
on 06/26/2017
Great staff and great selections of dresses. I had been everywhere before the Andrew Jackson Bridal Co. and I was getting very discouraged and thought I was going to find a wedding dress. I finally did within the hour of begin there! I would highly recommend this bridal store to anyone getting married! We even found our bridesmaids dresses while looking for me a wedding dress! Great service and get selections!
Ciera from Cape Girardeau
on 04/27/2017
We had such an amazing time! Very attentive to our needs and wants. My entire Bridal party was blown away by the service!
Riley Holst from Cape Girardeau
on 04/17/2017
Wonderful service! Our bridal consultant was more than helpful and I never felt pressured to try something on that I did not want to. The experience definitely made me feel like a princess!! :)
Shelbie Darlin from Poplar Bluff
on 04/04/2017
Awesome visit! This was the first time I tried on wedding dresses, and I was not expecting to find the dress on the first time. But after 6 dresses, I found the dress! It was stress free thanks to Stacy. I really appreciate her and all of her help! She did awesome!
Beth Heise from Cape Girardeau, MO
on 03/13/2017
I had an AMAZING experience at Andrew Jackson! The staff was so helpful in finding dresses for me, especially since I didn't know what style I wanted. The staff looked at a few of the dresses I had chosen and then went to find more that were the same style and fit. They also helped with finding a matching veil and accessories. My mother and future mother in law were also assisted in finding their dresses! It was an all-around amazing experience, and I am so glad I said yes to the dress!
Abby Landewee from Leopold, MO
on 02/07/2017
My experience was great! The owner actually stayed after hours to work with me which was awesome since I live out of town. She was so responsive to what I liked or didn't and provided really great feedback and options to truly make the dress my own. She was so friendly and offered a lot of accessories that were so beautiful and completely changed the look! It was by far the best experience I've had trying on dresses so far!
Tonya Brown from Bloomfield, MO
on 12/12/2016
I had an absolutely amazing experience!! Thank you so much to Jennifer and Athena. Thanks for helping me find the PERFECT dress.
on 10/30/2016
Great customer service!!
Andrea from Cape girardeau
on 08/28/2016
My experience was amazing. My consultant was very helpful. I will definitely be going back to get my bridesmaids dresses and anything else. I'm so glad I chose Andrew Jackson first.
Chris Hoffmeister
on 08/09/2016
We had a great day! Kate was very patient and Athena was very helpful and knowledgeable! Thank you for a great experience! I love my dress and so do my bridesmaids! Woop! Woop!
Erica M. from Jackson, TN
on 03/21/2016
I live out of state, but visited my mom in the Cape Girardeau area. We made an appointment, and it went very well! My bridal consultant (I think her name was Patty) was very helpful and patient with me as I tried on several dresses and couldn't decide between 2-3 of them. She took the time to make sure I was happy and gave me ideas for how it would look next to the color of my groom's suit. I did not feel rushed, like I have at other places, and I had her undivided attention. Thank you for bearing with me!
Laura Finger from Cape Girardeau
on 02/27/2016
I had a great experience. My consultant was patient and very helpful. I wouldn't change anything about my experience. It was my very first time trying on wedding dresses so I am off to a great start!
Darcy Murphy from Carbondale, IL
on 02/11/2016
Loved it! The clerk that helped me was so knowledgeable and helpful. Explained all the possible options for colors and materials. Made the experience quite enjoyable! It was wonderful and I'm so looking forward to getting my dress!
Alicia from St. Louis, MO
on 01/31/2016
Thank you for helping me find the perfect dress! and for not pressuring me at all. You all are such a delight to work with!
on 01/24/2016
My experience at The Andrew Jackson Bridal Co. was absolutely wonderful! I came in with several characteristics I was looking for in a dress and the first dress I tried on was exactly what I was looking for! The staff were very pleasant to interact with and I look forward to shopping for accessories there in the future.
Taylor from Cape Girardeau, MO
on 12/21/2015
The Andrew Jackson was my first stop in my search for a dress. I am so pleased to say that they helped me find THE dress! My attendant Patty was so helpful and kind. She patiently went through everything with me and it was actually her that found my dress (and veil.) I would recommend this company to anyone and will likely shop with them again.
Hunter Monje from Carbondale IL
on 10/03/2015
I really loved my experience! I felt like I was treated wonderful and that Jordan was just focused on me and what I wanted to look at! She listened to everything that I said and picked the best dresses for me!
Kara Crawford from Cape girardeau
on 08/08/2015
The employee that helped me was great! I really had no idea what I wanted or where to start and she picked some dresses out to start with that she thought might be the style I was looking for and the first dress she chose for me was the one I decided on!
Sarah Eichhorn
on 06/03/2015
Everyone I have met with at The Andrew Jackson has not only been professional and helpful, but very fun and outgoing and has made my shopping experience exciting and stress-free. I would recommend that anyone looking for anything for their special day go and give these ladies a visit.
Sarah S from Ellington, MO
on 05/04/2015
I loved my experience a The Andrew Jackson Bridal Co. Whitney was the consultant that helped us and she was fantastic. She made me feel very at ease with the process of trying on wedding dresses. They have so many beautiful dresses and I'm happy to say I found THE perfect dress here. I will be coming back for my Bridesmaids dresses and recommending The Andrew Jackson Bridal Co for any future Brides.
Jamie McLeod from Cape Girardeau
on 03/30/2015
Carol Ann helped me and she was the best. Great customer service. She made us feel very welcomed and she was very knowledgable about the dresses and how they would look when they would be altered. Loved the experience!
Raegan H. from Cape Girardeau, MO
on 03/24/2015
The care and detail of the customer service was exceptional. We had been to previous shops that were more concerned with " making the sale" than tailoring sections based on what I liked or did not like. Until I came to The Andrew Jackson...I hadn't had that moment that everyone talks about having. There was a particular style that looked amazing on but the fabric just wasn't exactly what I wanted when I asked if they had a similar style in lace, she knew exactly what I wanted. Before I stepped out if the dressing room, I broke down and knew instantly. I couldn't have imagined finding a more beautiful dress. Thank you to the staff at The Andrew Jackson for all of their help and professionalism. It was greatly appreciated.
Sarah Hoffmeister from The Andrew Jackson
on 03/17/2015
Thank you so much for such a lovely and accommodating experience. Your staff was incredibly helpful and professional! The atmosphere of the shop is relaxing and lovely. It was a great day visiting your shop, and we didn't even have a formal appointment ahead of time! The small gift bag was a lovely touch and my flower girl really loved the ChapStick :) Thanks again very much!
Anonymous from Jonesboro, AR
on 03/16/2015
Absolutely fabulous!!!!!! Not only do they have a great selection of gorgeous dresses, prom, pageant and bridal, but they REALLY went out of their way to help us out when we were in a bind. We are from JONESBORO, AR and my step daughter needed a pageant dress and after this snow storm NOBODY was open. They called us back (we called memphis, St. Louis, Little Rock..everywhere) we made a 3 hour trip. They normally close at 6....not only did we find the absolute perfect dress, but these ladies stayed open until 11:15 to finish alterations on the dress so we didn't have to make another trip! I'm so impressed! Thank you very much!!!!!!!! :)
Maegan Ferguson from Cape Girardeau, MO
on 02/07/2015
I had such a fabulous time at the appointment! It was pressure free and every single employee helped give opinions and advice!! Jordan was so sweet and fun :) Thank You
Kristen Capps from St. Louis, MO
on 02/06/2015
The staff was very accommodating to my rather large entourage by bringing us extra chairs and bottled water. They were also very helpful in finding a solution to adding some bling to the back of my dress. I couldn't be happier with their professionalism and friendliness!
Jennifer Howell from St. Louis
on 02/03/2015
Carolann and the rest of the employees at The Andrew Jackson Bridal Co. made my experience the BEST experience I've had since I began shopping for a bridal gown. I felt like some of the salons I went to prior to this one provided "rushed" service and some were just plain pushy. The service here is nothing but the best. Carolann patiently worked with me and really took the time to help me with my dress and accessories. Because I currently reside in St. Louis, the fact that I was able to find a dress from a salon close to my hometown meant so much to me. Southeast Missouri will always be my home and I'm excited for my dress to be a reflection of that on such a special day! Thank you so much!!
Shea Friedrich from Cape Girardeau
on 01/31/2015
Your staff was very personable and helpful. They made me feel welcome. You have a great varieties of wedding gowns and honestly all so beautiful a little hard to choose:-)!!! Great experience!!!!
Emily Heiple from Cape Girardeau, MO
on 01/18/2015
I had the BEST experience at The Andrew Jackson Bridal Co! Carol Ann was such a sweetheart and incredibly helpful. I explained to her what I was looking for and she literally pulled a mannequin out of the display window to see if I liked it. I tried on at least 8 dresses, but the dress she took the time to find for me ended up being THE ONE! It was almost exactly what I had budgeted for and they even took $50 off for buying there. I cannot say enough great things about this establishment. I had several friends and family members that came with and even with such a large party they were very accommodating. We also found the bridesmaid's dresses and each girl received 10% off because I bought my gown there! They truly made me feel like my special day was all that mattered. I would highly recommend that all brides check out The Andrew Jackson Bridal Co.!!!
Ally from Cape Girardeau
on 12/31/2014
I loved my experience here. The service was great. The lady who assisted me was very generous and extremely helpful, which is just what I needed. I am only getting started wedding dress shopping and I had an amazing first experience at your store. Thank you.
Hannah Watkins from Cape Girardeau
on 12/01/2014
After going to several bridal salons I was getting a little frustrated with the whole trying on dresses experience. Something that was supposed to be fun and memorable was becoming tedious. Then I went into my appointment at Andrew Jackson. Not only was everyone very friendly and helpful, they were also extremely knowledgeable and willing to stay late to help me feel the "bridal experience"! My family and I had such a fun time and I really felt like Athena cared about what made me look good and felt comfortable. She listened to what I had to say and because of her and her staff I found MY dress. Going to Andrew Jackson was an experience and I am so very glad I went.
Larra Davis
on 11/29/2014
They were absolutely fabulous!! Very helpful and curteous people! They pulled dresses until I was satisfied and helped the most they could!
Gerriann Henry
on 11/13/2014
Everyone was very quick to help me find my exact wedding dress! I told them what I liked and they were able to match me with the perfect gown for me. I couldn't be any happier. I would totally recommend anyone looking for a gown to go see the Andrew Jackson Bridal Co. Great experience and great people! Laid back and fun environment! Thanks to everyone who helped me!
Amy from Cape Girardeau
on 10/27/2014
My consultant was very accommodating! I had a very pleasant experience!
Kristin Bey from St. Louis, MO
on 10/19/2014
I am so pleased with my experience at the Andrew Jackson Bridal. Everyone was so helpful and accommodating. I felt comfortable the entire time and was lucky enough to find my dream dress! I am proud to be an AJ Bride! :)
Amanda from Sikeston, MO
on 08/20/2014
Thank you for all your help in making our special day even more special. Everyone there is so nice and helpful. It is obvious that this is more than just a job to all of you. Your talent mixed with an AMAZING selection and everyone's stelar personality made the planning of my wedding so much smoother. Thank you again.
Katlyn from Jackson, MO
on 08/03/2014
Great service!! Very knowledgable and helpful staff! After searching for months, I found my dress! Thank you!
Katie from Fredericktown, MO
on 03/17/2014
Great service, friendly people, amazing experience. I was there for 2 hours and it was busy and never felt pushed to leave or speed things up at all. I didn't have a clue what I wanted so I tried a little bit of everything on.
Marcia from Chaffee, MO
on 09/21/2013
The ladies are great at this shop. They are very willing to step in and help when needed and very good at standing back and letting you browse without feeling pressured. I bought a bridal gown from them recently for a formal wedding ceremony and plan to go back again soon for a less formal gown for an out of town elopement. The Andrew Jackson has the laid back and wonderful feel of all the small town friendly faces with all the choices of a big city boutique. There is no chance that a trip to this store would be a waste.