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Plenseh-Tay Sakeuh from Castleton, Indiana
on 05/07/2019
I have told SOOO many people about my experience at Gretchens Bridal Gallery! My consaltent was amazing and so invested in me finding the dress of my dreams. On top of everything the store owner gave me an additional discount because it was my birthday! I felt so loved and the atmosphere was great and professional. I would recomment this store to ANYONE! (I already have)
Naomi Van Sickel from Indianapolis, IN
on 05/05/2019
Gretchen's Bridal was so insanely helpful and they really made me feel beautiful! Katy was absolutely AMAZING and really tried to understand my style and what I wanted and she picked out the most amazing dress for me to try which was THE ONE! I can't thank Gretchen's Bridal enough for all their help and their selection!
Akia Hunter from Indianapolis IN
on 04/05/2019
I had a wonderful experience at Gretchen’s Bridal Gallery
Torrey from Indianapolis
on 04/03/2019
I truly couldn't have been happier with my experience at Gretchen's Bridal. Initially I was nervous coming in since my budget was on the low end and I was concerned they wouldn't have anything I could afford. The stylists didn't blink when I told them how much I could spend and were amazing at showing me their dresses that were off the rack. The dresses were absolutely stunning and the options I had to choose from were more than I could have ever hoped for. It took no time for me to find "the one." I loved how genuinely excited the stylists were for me. Between the kindness of the stylists and the absolutely incredible dresses, I can't recommend them enough.
Carrie Tsakrios from Indianapolis, IN
on 03/31/2019
I said "Yes!" to the dress today! My mom and I walked in without an appointment and everyone was so helpful and found a way to work me in. Beautiful dresses everywhere you look! Very welcoming rockstar team of stylists!! My stylist was Kalena. She was absolutely wonderful ! She helped me find the perfect dress and gave me awesome ideas on accessorizing! I am going to recommend Gretchen' s Bridal to anyone I know for proms and weddings. Loved it !!!
Kyren from Indianapolis
on 03/31/2019
Our experience was great! Staff was very friendly and helpful! We felt less stressed in this environment than at other places we visited.
Nilsen Guzman from Indianapolis , IN
on 03/29/2019
I was a great experience. Lena helped us find the perfect dress ! We are happy with the help we recieved in finding the RIGHT dress.
Holly Johnson
on 03/27/2019
Found my dress and had such a fun time! Katy and Cindy were wonderful helping with my dress and my bridesmaids dress!
Madison Vaught from Bloomington, IN
on 02/11/2019
My time at Gretchen’s was beyond wonderful! Everyone was so nice and professional. They got in contact with me before my appointment to see if there was anything they could prepare for me. It was just an overall wonderful experience! Jensen helped me find my perfect wedding dress and I was so thankful to work with her! Her professionalism and kindness made the experience so great. Thank you to the entire Gretchen’s team for making this experience so unforgettable! So happy I got to say YES to my perfect dress!:)
Ashlyn Wendling from Pendleton in
on 02/02/2019
Absolutely loved all the people that helped me and feel so beautiful trying dresses on! Will definitely send people to your salon!
Breanna Cash from Indianapolis
on 01/30/2019
Very personal and exciting experience. Better than many other stores that I had been to. The associate worked 1 on 1 with me and listened to what I liked. Very kind and not pushy to make a sell! Had a mirror, so that I could see myself before the bridal party saw me and made their comments.
Chelsea Kunkel from Indianapolis
on 12/10/2018
I really appreciate you taking the time to work with me as a walk-in on a Sunday.
Kelsey from Indianapolis
on 11/26/2018
Had a great experience! My consultant Tiara was really helpful & personable and made great recommendations. I love that you can bring your bridal party and they can bring champagne to celebrate.
Tiffany Taylor from Wheatfield
on 11/25/2018
Lovely store!! Beautiful dresses in a variety of prices
Breanna Sebastian from Indianapolis
on 11/24/2018
We had an amazing experience!
Mackenzie from Indianapolis
on 11/18/2018
Heather was absolutely wonderful!!! Had the best experience and walked away saying yes to the most perfect dress. This was a perfect day!
Janelle Snyder from Indianapolis, IN
on 10/13/2018
My consultant was great!!! She worked so hard for us and was so sweet and helpful.
Aimee from Indianapolis
on 09/20/2018
My experience was beyond my expectations. My wedding is in one week and I was able to purchase a dress and get it altered by the time I need it, something I thought I was not going to be able to do. Simply amazing service from the front desk to my consultant to the alterations person. I highly recommend coming here.
Madison Moritz from Indianapolis
on 09/15/2018
AMAZING. Tiara did such a great job and was so flexible and knowledgeable. She did a great job putting together looks with different belts and veils. Couldn’t appreciate her more. She was super accomodating and had ideas for what I was thinking.
on 09/12/2018
Tiara was very kind, patient, and helpful.
Khrista Beliles
on 09/10/2018
Great experience and wonderful selection of dresses. I didn't feel pressured to buy anything and felt completely comfortable.
Mallory Evans from Castleton, IN
on 09/09/2018
This was only the 2nd place I tried on dresses and it was magical. I can’t exactly remember how to spell the name of the woman that helped, but she was wonderful. My first time trying dresses was long, exhausting, and not very fun with a different company, but I came to you all specifically from researching reviews and am so happy I did. I was able to find the perfect and completely affordable dress of my dreams. Thank you ALL for helping!!!
Cory ward
on 09/09/2018
I’m so glad I decided to make an appt at the bridal superstar. Jensen was so helpful! I had an amazing experience. The store was very clean and everyone was extremely welcoming. I love my dress so much!
Cat from Castleton
on 09/08/2018
I worked with Cindy and she was great! I was very nervous about the dress buying process, and she calmed my nerves in a matter of minutes!
Nicole Mattox from Indianapolis
on 09/04/2018
Loved the experience! It was my first time shopping for my wedding dress and the atmosphere was very welcoming. Katie was amazing and made sure my group and I were comfortable and enjoyed our time! Found my dress too!
Leah Bobbitt from Castleton
on 09/02/2018
Absolutely loved my experience here with Michelle! It was my first time trying on dresses and the very first one I picked out, I walked out of the store with! Their “take home today” rack is full of beautiful gowns for amazing prices! Thank you for making my experience so memorable!
Haley Lopez
on 09/01/2018
Today I went into Bridal Superstore with all the intentions of just getting sized and getting an idea of what dress I’d like. Instead, with the help of the amazing staff, I walked out with my dream wedding dress! Five stars is not enough for what this buisness deserves. Never felt rushed or exposed. They were very supportive and attentive in taking all my suggestions and finding the dream dress!
Leslie K from 82nd
on 08/08/2018
The Bridal Superstore is absolutely amazing!! I had a previous experience at another bridal store that wasn't the best, so walking in I was definitely nervous to see how my appointment would go. Brianna, my consultant, was beyond my expectation She listened to what I wanted and had to say. I came into the store with a picture of a dress I like; she pulled it, I tried it on (& a few others), I fell in love with the picture dress and I bought it ? I highly recommend. Thank you to all the staff and management for making this experience fantastic!!
Ivy Bott from Whiteland
on 08/08/2018
My experience here was so amazing. My consultant Brianna was so helpful and sincere. She made the appointment so much fun, and was an energetic yet calming energy throughout the appointment. The selection is huge, and the dresses are gorgeous. I’m so happy with my dress.
Emily Darwish from Indianapolis
on 08/06/2018
Jacey was awesome. She was friendly, honest and was extremely helpful when it came to others in my bridal party who weren't as big of a fan as I was with the dress I chose. All in all, I am extremely happy with my beautiful dress and the staff & managers there were amazing. Thanks so much!
Amy Knopf from Brownsburg
on 08/05/2018
Amazing experience! Everyone is so nice and professional. Paige helped me find my perfect dress and she was fantastic.
Holly Tracy
on 08/03/2018
I loved my dress consultant. She was patient and very good. I tried on A LOT of dresses and fell in love with a Maggie Sottero gown that was on sale. I would recommend this store to my friends and family! A very good experience.
Nina Mayes from 5447 E 82nd Street Indianapolis, IN
on 07/30/2018
Making an appointment at Bridal Superstore,was the best thing I could of done. Everyone was so nice and welcoming. Jacey worked hard to find me the perfect dress. My dress is Beautiful!. Thank you!
Jamie Caldwell from Indianapolis 82nd st
on 07/25/2018
Loved my first experience! My consultant was perfect! I even said yes to the dress!
Samantha Heidrich from 86th street
on 07/25/2018
We had a great time! We didn't feel rushed and we felt no pressure to make a purchase. We loved the wide selection in designers and style of dresses
Sarah Fisher from Bloomington, IN
on 07/11/2018
Cindy was so wonderful to work with. I actually came in for an appointment in the afternoon then came back in just before closing to try on my favorite dress again. She was so patient with me as I tried on different veils until I found the perfect look! I would definitely recommend shopping here. They have wonderful team members and a fantastic selection!
Katie Davisson from 5447 E 82nd St. Indianapolis, IN
on 07/11/2018
I had a WONDERFUL experience at the Bridal Superstore! My assistant made me feel so comfortable and truly helped me fall in love with the dresses. She was so kind and encouraging. Unfortunately, I did fall a little bit more in love with a different dress at another bridal store today. But, I am so glad I came to the bridal superstore and will absolutely be recommending it to other future brides! Thank you again!
Priscilla Santiago from Castleton
on 07/07/2018
Everyone was so nice. Briana helped me find the dress I looked amazing in. She agreed with me one a lot of things and gave me her input and was on my side on pretty much everything. I definitely will be getting a dress from here just because of her. She is amazing.
Jessica Hurst from 5447 E 82nd Street, Indianapolis, IN
on 07/07/2018
Although I ultimately did not purchase my dress through Bridal Superstore, I had the best experience of all the bridal stores I tried! I was assisted by staff Tiara, who was very accommodating, and helped me to find exactly the kinds of dresses I was looking for. All the staff were very friendly, and it was the most comfortable shopping experience. Up until coming to Bridal Superstore, I had felt at a loss, overwhelmed by all the choices, and they helped me to find what I was looking for. It came down to a choice between two dresses, and I wish I could have found "the one" at Bridal Superstore, because I certainly feel they deserved my business. I loved how the store was organized, how open and inviting and comfortable it was.
Cassandra Jordan from Indianapolis
on 07/07/2018
Brianna made my first experience fun. She tended to my needs and made me feel special. I loved the one on one attention. The dresses she and I selected were gorgeous.
Bethany from East 82nd St
on 07/07/2018
Briana was friendly and so helpful! She made us feel comfortable and answered all our questions. I love how much she knew about each dress and the suggestions she gave. I will definitely return to this location.
Bre Mahan from Castleton
on 07/02/2018
I came in for the sole purpose of just trying on dresses to see what styles and silhouettes I liked. I was beyond thrilled with the experience here. Brianna went above and beyond my expectations to bring me what I asked for and recommend her professional opinion. The layout of the store is fantastic, there is plenty of room and it never felt crowded or crammed. The whole flow of the appointment felt very natural and comfortable. And I ended up finding my dress! Overall amazing experience and would highly recommend Bridal Superstore to any bride looking for a dress!
Tonica Jackson from Indianapolis
on 07/02/2018
I love Brianna and Heather!! They made my experience super easy and convenient. I didn't feel forced into buying anything or like I was being sold into just buying anything.
Katie Morgan from Indianapolis
on 07/02/2018
I really enjoyed my experience. Large selection of dresses all within my budget. I ended up leaving with a dress that was $600 less than my budget including the veil!
MyChael Alexander from Castleton
on 07/02/2018
Amazing! Experience and I said yes to the dress!!! Cindy was so supportive and patient as I looked through tons of dresses until I found the perfect one. Thank you
Alex Hnatusko from 82nd
on 06/28/2018
Breanna was my consultant for the day. Very friendly, quick, and accommodating to my needs. Bent over backwards to find an extra dress that wasn't even really available - She knows her stuff! I would happily recommend Breanna and Bridal Superstore. Thank you all!
Aurelia from Indianapolis
on 06/27/2018
Great dress selection, my consultant let us go through the dresses and watched what we commented positively on and what we seemed not to like. She was efficient but didn't make us feel we were in a rush. In the end she helped me decide on a gorgeous dress that was in budget and made me feel gorgeous . Really a positive experience.
Ilona Burress from Castleton
on 06/26/2018
I came in to buy a Reception Gown and I found the one that I wanted right away. But we did try on about ten other dresses which I was helped very graciously and patiently with by Paige. I my Ceremony Dress I purchased at another store but I definitely recommend this one for ANY occasion! Definitely go in and ask for Paige, she was wonderful! And the experience was wonderful and she and the staff were all very patient and kind to my one year old daughter who wanted to be a part of the experience as well! Beautiful gowns and wonderful folks there! God bless!
on 06/26/2018
Thank you for making my experience so relaxed! I felt absolutely no pressure to make a purchase, even though I did end up finding my dream dress and purchasing it.
Kara C. from Castleton, In
on 06/26/2018
Fantastic experience! Tons of personal attention. She got to know me and what i liked and wanted. Prices are great. Absolutely pleased with my experience.