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on 03/17/2017
Thank you so much for helping me pick my dress. When I came I figured due to my shape that I would have to wear a ball gown or Trumpet style because that what someone my size should wear. But instead you put me in a beautiful A line dress that flattered my figure very well. You also respected my price point and listened to what I look for in a dress. I also thought the setting was very nice because I didn't feel rushed or like your attention was somewhere else. I can't wait to come back when my dress comes in!
Brhi Johnson from Batavia
on 10/17/2016
Being a plus size bride, I was not looking forward to dress shopping or my wedding pictures. After researching several boutiques, I came across Belle and their stunning reviews from other plus size brides. I have to say, they exceeded my expectations. I found THE DRESS on their first pick for me! I felt beautiful and cannot wait to get my pictures taken on my wedding day now! The ladies at Belle really know what they are doing and make you feel like a beautiful bride. I am beyond pleased with my experience with Belle.
Brittany Robinson from Lexington, Ky
on 10/16/2016
Being a plus size woman wedding dress shopping was not something I had looked forward to. I did not go to prom my junior or senior year because I was terrified of not finding a dress that would fit me. When I became engaged I immediately was in panic mode over having to go dress shopping. I had Googled plus size wedding dresses near me and found Belle Bridal. I had my appointment today and found my dress! From the time I entered the store I was treated wonderfully. I did not feel self conscious at all. Every dress that was pulled for me was absolutely beautiful. It made me wish I had found this place sooner. The lady who helped me was amazing. She stuck within my budget and made sure to only pick dresses she knew I would like. The owner Stacy is amazing as well. She took the time to compliment me on my dress and let me know some of the extras that were included with my dress. I cannot thank you all enough for making my day wonderful. ??
Jackie Eyink from Cincinnati
on 10/01/2016
My experience at Belle Bridal was fabulous. There was a great selection of dresses and I loved that they actually fit and that you didn't have to squeeze into them or order without really seeing how they would look on your body. The girls there made me feel beautiful and never pushed me to make a decision or into a dress they liked instead of me. I didn't feel self conscious which is huge for us curvier girls! I highly highly recommend!
Kelly from Cincinnati
on 09/02/2016
I saw Belle months ago randomly driving through Reading and I knew I wanted to check it out. I've been plus sized my whole life and was worried about how the dress search would go. I had been to a few places in Atlanta before Belle and, luckily, had good experiences there. The day of my appointment I had an appointment prior at another shop in Reading. That appointment was disapointing. When I made the appointment they assured me they had a good selection of plus size gowns, which they did, but most were 16's and 18's in bridal, which is 12 and 14 in street size, not exactly plus size to me. I could only get a few of them on me. After that I was less than excited to go to Belle after the first let down and also because my friend had told me she was not impressed by her experience there (no idea why). But she was wrong! From the first moment there I felt very comfortable. I ended up getting Stacy (owner) herself to work with me. It was a hot August day and we had walked from our previous stop. Stacy immediately got a fan for our group. It may sound silly and insignificant but it was neither. This was the first place I went where I felt like I was on "say yes to the dress." She wanted to know about me, my fiance and our wedding before we even got started. She pulled the dresses herself, which no one had done for me before. It really helped because I had tried on a lot and was starting to get confused. However, the dress I chose was one I saw another employee carrying, not one Stacy specifically chose... although she kind of did. When I asked to try it she warned me that if I tried it I would fall in love. She was right! I say she kind of picked it because the dress was actually her design!!! I couldn't believe it. It made the experience all the more special for me, to not only work with the owner of the shop but the designer of the dress!!! It was obvious Stacy was very experienced and knowledgeable in the field. I LOVED my time at Belle, as did everyone in my party!
Erika from Columbus, Ohio
on 08/08/2016
I had a wonderful experience at Belle Bridal Boutique! Kimberly and Stacey were both so helpful and supportive in helping me find the right dress. I ended up buying my dress on my first time out shopping, which was a huge and pleasant surprise. I highly recommend Belle Bridal Boutique!
Jessyka White
on 08/07/2016
This was my 3rd and final stop at looking to find The Dress. As so n as we walked in we was greeted and welcomed. Myself as the bride had a few down moments looking for dresses for my size and shape. When I walked in I knew I was dnot going to be looking down on my dress size but welcomed. I saw a dress on display and it was my first dress and my last to try on. I had the best experience at your salon. Stacy was amazing and very welcoming, loving and understanding. I felt at home and was treated like the most important person there. Can't wait to go back for my fitting.
on 07/09/2016
As a plus sized bride it was so nice to walk into a bridal shop and have dresses actually fit. All my worries and doubts literally disappeared when the first dress zipped right up with no issues. I could finally let it all hang out, if you will. The entire staff was attentive and listened to everything my party and myself had to say. I had actually made two dress appointments for the same day but after putting on a dress (a style I never saw myself even considering) from their own line, I put my foot down. Although it was overwhelming it was so worth it. I cancelled my second appointment and ordered my dress right there! I have so many good things to say about Belle Bridal, I could go on for days. Bottom line, what I thought would be an extremely stressful day full of me second guessing every dress I tried on turned out to be an incredible experience. Thank you so much!
Sam from Cincinnati
on 06/13/2016
I had such a great shopping experience at Belle Bridal. They had a wide variety of dresses to try on and it was so amazing to not worry about the samples being too small. Stacy was so great to work with- friendly, patient and she really listened to me. The best part was knowing that all the dresses in the store were in my size range but a close second was the great staff. I never felt pressured in any way. So glad Belle was my first stop because I found my dress so quickly there!
Samantha Knight from Charlestown, IN
on 06/11/2016
I absolutely loved this bridal shop! Nitearia was awesome and knew, just by looking at me, exactly what I needed. I had picked out several dresses, but she said "Girl, I've got your dress pulled for you. But we're going to save it for last. I'm telling you, it will be THE dress." I was unsure, but figured she knew her stuff, so I had to trust her. I'm glad I did, because she was absolutely right! It fit my body and personality like a glove. She was patient and attentive and never made me feel pressured. The dress is BEAUTIFUL! I wanted to cry happy tears so bad, but didn't since my family was present. I cannot wait to see the look on my future husband's face when he sees me in it for the first time. It truly is a dream dress I never saw coming. Props to Nitearia and Stacy (I think was the owner's name that was there to assist ) for knowing their stuff. Great job ladies. :-)
Emily from Clarksburg, OH
on 05/10/2016
I would highly recommend Belle to any of my friends. The ladies at Belle are amazing! I started out with no real view of what I wanted my dress to be, and after multiple dresses, I found the perfect dress!
Meghan Innes from Reading
on 05/09/2016
I had a wonderful experience shopping for dresses. Dorothy was a huge help, was more than patient, answered all my questions, and at no time did I feel pressured to make a decision. I could tell her true goal was for me to find the perfect dress for my wedding.
Michelle M
on 05/08/2016
I came looking for a dress with a nearing wedding date. I understood the selections would be limited by that but even still I walked away with my dream dress. The ladies who helped were wonderful and understanding. They gave me their full attention and even a hug on the way out the door. I would definitely suggest Belle Bridal Boutique for any other ladies looking for a dress whether wedding or prom.
A. Shannon from Cincinnati, Ohio
on 04/26/2016
Very friendly staff, beautiful selection of larger size sample dresses.
Krista Willis from Bridal District
on 04/10/2016
Amber was amazing she took my vision and brought it to life. I was very happy with my wedding dress shopping experience
Megan Pena from Phoenix, AZ
on 09/12/2015
The dress selection was great. I only tried on a few dresses and with the help of the staff I was able to find the perfect dress that day. I didn't have to go anywhere else. I took my dress home off the rack and couldn't love it more!
Jenni Johnson from Reading, Ohio
on 08/17/2015
I had the best experience here. Renee was fantastic. She was knowledgable about her products and put me at ease. She was willing to accommodate me since I was going to have to buy off the rack and has a gift with matching accessories to the dress. Very pleased with my experience.
Leah from 320 W Benson
on 06/15/2015
Everyone at Belle Boutique was very friendly and made me feel really comfortable.
Katie from Columbus, OH
on 06/13/2015
this was my first time looking at dresses and Dorothy was great to work with! She had great suggestions and made me feel welcome and comfortable with the whole process!
on 06/01/2015
I had an AMAZING experience! My consultant was SO helpful, patient and encouraging! If you're a curvy bride looking for the full wedding dress shopping experience you must go visit Belle Bridal Boutique!!
Wendy C. from Georgetown, IN
on 02/02/2015
This was the most wonderful experience I have had thusfar while looking for my gown. Jonathan was so amazing, warm, friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. He made me feel 100% perfect in my gown.
Jenna Susi from Reading oh
on 01/18/2015
This was my first time trying on dresses and every review online told me to start here! I am so happy I did because not only did I find my dream dress, I had the most amazing experience doing so!! Im a size 26 and every dress we put on zipped up or needed to be clipped down to my size, I never once felt stuffed into a dress. This is the place to go for any plus size bride, for us every shopping experience should be this good. Thank you Stacey for making this a wonderful experience for me and my family, could not have done it without you!
Jessica Shortridge from Indianapolis, IN
on 10/01/2014
I had a fantastic time dress shipping at Belle's bridal boutique. Christine was FANTASTIC and really listened to what I liked. This was my first time dress shopping and I had no idea where to even begin and she made the process so stress free and really fun!!! With the help of Christine, I was able to find my dream dress just after trying about 10 dresses!!! I would recommend anyone to Belle bridal boutique!! I will never forget my experience and finding my dream dress!
Hannah Davis from Belle Bridal Boutique
on 09/21/2014
Belle Bridal Boutique was the first store I had ever tried dresses on, and I wasn't disappointed! I had set out to try on Stella York dresses, and called ahead of time to see if I could get an appointment and if Belle had the three dresses I was looking for. Montana was very helpful on the phone to find what I'm looking for, and even made some good suggestions based on my taste. They had 2 out of 3, and had the two ready for me to try on. I didn't feel rushed or forced to buy anything, which I liked. Christine was very helpful and didn't make me feel uncomfortable at all. I ended up choosing a dress elsewhere that day, because my dress ended up being that third out of the three I was looking for. One thing I really liked about Belle was that if I chose a dress I had tried on at a different store that they had, they would try to beat the price. One suggestion: I felt more comfortable at another store because they had a wedding undergarment for me to wear for all my dresses, so I felt more comfortable not being completely bare every time.
Bcox from Louisville
on 08/27/2014
It was a very plus-size friendly store. My consultant was very skilled and we found the perfect dress in no time, which happened to be dress number 4. I would recommend them. Prices are Reasonable and selection vast compared to other stores. I was able to try on all dresses and get a view of what it would look like in my size.
Jillian Tipping from Louisville Ky
on 08/03/2014
Thank you Stacey for such a wonderful experience last week! I can not wait to return for my final decision :)
Jenn from Cincinnati
on 08/01/2014
This place is amazing! If you are a curvy bride I cannot stress enough how wonderful Belle is. Their selection of gorgeous dresses is ten times bigger than that of a "straight-sized" bridal shop, their attention to detail and customer service is outstanding, and they even worked with me to make sure I stayed within my budget. Go there. You won't regret it.
Katie from Cincinnati
on 07/14/2014
Montana was fantastic! She really listened to the style of dress I wanted, and helped me find my perfect dress. She was friendly and helpful. There were so many dresses that I could try on, and even though there were some that I knew I wouldn't like, I was able to try them on anyways to see how different styles looked. The boutique itself was small and cozy, and I felt like I had a very personalized visit. Thanks so much!
Anna from Monroe, OH
on 07/13/2014
I made an appointment at Belle for my first dress shopping experience. I had dreaded dress shopping because I wear size 16 jeans and in most stores the dress samples are size 6-10! I tried on about ten different dresses in all different styles at Belle and ended up finding my perfect dress that first day. The staff were all wonderful, very warm, supportive, and knowledgable. I would recommend shopping at Belle to any bride!
Lexi Whittamore from Miamisburg, Ohio
on 06/23/2014
This past weekend I decided to go look at wedding dresses for my wedding that is still a year and 4 months away. I had a group of 7 family members and friends going with me and I had my eye on a dress I had found online. I found out that Belle carried the dress so I called only 2 short days before our shopping trip was planned for and they made me an appointment on the exact day at the exact time I wanted. I tried on the dress I found online, with much friendly, personable help from the associate, Montana. I fell in love with it. I spent all day looking at other dresses and had really back luck, not just with dresses, but with customer service. No dress or customer service compared to Belle! So back I went and after putting on my dress again, I decided on it. It was perfect and they helped me so much with sizing, a payment plan, and they made me feel special and beautiful! They were so friendly and I feel like I formed a personal relationship with the girls working there within just a few hours. They even asked me if I was saying yes to the dress! They also called when I was homeward bound to double check on everything with me. It was a wonderful experience and I recommend Belle Bridal Boutique to anyone and everyone!
Diana Sparks from Reading township
on 06/22/2014
My experience was simply wonderful. They wear helping me find something that caters to my body. They are willing to work into budget & everyone so friendly. So glad I picked Belle Bridal.
on 06/21/2014
Stacey was absolutely amazing to work with. I felt comfortable the entire time and she knew immediately what looked good on me. It only took three tries to find the perfect dress for me! Thank you again for such a memorable experience!
Sarah from Benson St
on 05/17/2014
Very professional & nice!! Such a great experience! Glad it was my 1st place to start looking for a dress!
Micha Hughes from Lexington, KY
on 04/28/2014
My entire experience was wonderful, from start to finish! My consultant, Montana, was so sweet and patient! She brought me gown after gown, and every single one was a perfect fit - she was so great at working with a plus-size bride and making me feel beautiful. We tried on veils and hair pieces, she gave me extra mirrors to see the back, let my sisters take as many pictures as they wanted - it was all great! I felt like a princess! The prices were affordable, they were fantastic about bringing me things within my budget, and even more great about offering payment options. When I found "the one" I cried, my mom cried, my sisters cried, and my consultant even teared up! When I left, after having found my perfect dress, I felt so beautiful and confident and excited about my big day. I cannot express enough how meaningful it is to have a place to go where plus-size girls are celebrated, loved, and treated like queens. I am telling every single girl I know about this place!!
on 04/21/2014
I had such an amazing time during my wedding dress buying. Coming in I felt like the most important person in the entire world. When I found my perfect dress the wonderful women tried to help in any way they could from ordering it that day to letting me buy the one they had. I went to several other salons that day but ended right back at belle in my dream dress. I recommend them to everyone.
on 04/12/2014
I loved my experience at Belle Bridal. The selection they had for curvy brides was amazing! I found that I liked so many my decision was difficult. I highly recommend making the trip no matter where you're from.
Samantha from Columbus
on 03/24/2014
Stacey and her staff were wonderful! We had an appointment on Saturday at different bridal store to try on a specific dress. After them telling me they had it, we got there and they did not carry it. My mom called and spoke to Stacey Saturday afternoon to see if they had this dress. They did and also were able to make an appointment for me the next day at noon. The shop was clean and very nice. They had a great selection of dresses. I am so thankful for Stacey and her boutique!
Nikki R
on 03/23/2014
Absolutely LOVED my experience ! It was my 1st time, 1st stop and I found my dream dress ! Stacey really listened to what I wanted and nailed it with both dresses I tried on . It was really hard to pick between the 2 . But I did and can not wait to wear it on my wedding day ! Thank you so much !!
felicia brown from reading oh
on 03/22/2014
I loved the dress and the customers service was very great I would send any bride to be there thanks for being friendly and I will see yall soon
on 02/23/2014
The staff were excellent and very accommodating. They had an expansive selection of gowns all of which I could try on. It was a great experience and I left with my dream dress! I would recommend to any bride
Rebecca Mayne from West Chester, OH
on 02/17/2014
I had a great time trying on dresses at your shop. I love that everything I tried on actually fit or was too big, it was so much easier to tell what it would actually look like than dresses that are too small. My sales assistant was very kind and helpful.
Jennifer Anderson from New location on Benson
on 02/06/2014
The shopping experience was perfect. As soon as we walked in, we were greeted and shown to our area which is a great place for everyone to hang out and get comfortable. The lady (cannot remember her name) that was helping us was amazing. She really took the time to understand what I wanted and to find the vision. She was patient and very helpful! This was the first and only place that we went!
Kelsey from Minford
on 01/30/2014
Out of all the shops I visited, Belle Bridal Boutique was the very best experience! They made me feel like a bride should feel. When I found the dress of my dreams but ran into bad news, they put in the extra effort to get me my dress. I couldn't ask for better service!
Christine H. from Benson Rd
on 01/18/2014
Love the new shop! Has tons more space :) Everyone was a pleasure to meet . And everyone was helpful in suggesting dresses. Everyone was nice and accommodating. my experience couldn't have been better!
Sara Koogler from Lima, Ohio
on 01/12/2014
I feel so blessed to have had this experience! I felt like a beautiful princess & you treated me just the way I felt. I loved that you gave me a space large enough to bring my entire family & bridal party! I can't say enough how thankful I am for such a positive plus sized shopping experience. My dress, in one word, PERFECT!
Marina Tecktiel from Fort Mitchell, KY
on 12/31/2013
Stacey and her mother are absolutely incredible. They made me feel like a princess every second. They were incredible with one-on-one treatment. They wanted me to be happy so much and worked with every request I gave them. Stacey even gave me her cell phone number so I could keep her updated with my dress buying experience! Being a plus size bride caused anxiety for me, especially after going to other shops where I was sausaged into dresses and then told "Oh, it will look great when it's the right size!" I was uncomfortable and embarrassed. At Belle, I never had to worry about that at all. Never once did I have trouble putting a gown on or feel like I was "plus size" in any way. As their store front window says, I am "curvy" and this place and the people in it allowed me to own my curves, be proud of them, and see my beauty. To Stacey, I wish so much that I would have found my dress with you guys. I meant everything I said above and even where I bought my dress, I didn't have as great of service or found it to be such a clean environment. Thank you so much for everything you did for me and my family, but for me especially. You did help me see that curves are incredible and I should be proud of them. Thank you.
Emily from Belleville, IL
on 12/30/2013
Thank you, thank you, thank you! Walking in, I knew I was going to be able to try on any dress in the store that struck my fancy and not just have to hold it up to me like I have had to do at other bridal salons. Thank you for seeing this need! Even though I'm fluffy, I still have style - and you all had the perfect dress for me. You knew how to work with my body and accentuate the parts I love, and disguise the parts I don't. I absolutely cannot wait until my dress comes in! The five hour drive will be worth it!
Heather from Cincinnati, Ohio
on 12/11/2013
I was nervous about dress shopping. I hate trying on clothes, so I wasn't prepared to enjoy myself. Stacey picked out amazing dresses for me, every single one fit beautifully! I found the perfect dress for my wedding, and had such a great time doing it! Thanks so much Stacey for your help today!
Alicia from Cincinnati, OH
on 11/24/2013
I was so excited to have a wonderful place like this to shop for my wedding dress! Stacey knew exactly what I was looking for and we found the dress by the 3rd one! They are very honest and make you feel very comfortable at Belle Bridal! It is wonderful that Cincinnati has a place like Belle Bridal for the curvy bride!
Rachelle from Amelia, Oh
on 11/11/2013
I am so happy I discovered Belle Bridal. Stacey made me feel at ease and didn't rush me into making a decision. They had a great selection of dresses. I can't wait to get my dress in February.