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Ashlie from Massachusetts
on 01/03/2018
I went to Chryssie's for my first ever bridal gown shopping trip. I am extremely happy I chose them for my first stop. I had the pleasure of working with Joanna. She was legit my spirit animal. She had soo much personality and this made the experience 10 times better. She was very informative, attentive, patient and really worked with what I envisioned, as well as what would look good on me, due to her years of extensive knowledge and experience. Well, I am happy to say, my first trip was my last trip. And my first dress was the dress I chose. Thank you to Chryssie's for making it such a fun night and experience! Can't wait to wear the dress of my dreams!
Sarah Salama from Canton
on 12/21/2017
Absolutely gracious, warm, kind and friendly! With STUNNING styles, and were given the utmost respect when we came in. I would HIGHLY recommend Chryssie's and I am looking forward to our next visit in January! Thank you :)
Christie from Canton
on 12/13/2017
I came in not expecting to find anything, and within an hour Hillary had found the perfect dress for me! It was a great experience!
Becky Corshia from West Bridgewater, MA
on 12/09/2017
Amazing people! Incredible service! Great prices!
Stephanie Feinberg
on 11/18/2017
Juliette is an outstanding seamstress! She is honest and very personable and her prices are very reasonable!
Thiara Borges from Newton, ma
on 11/17/2017
Chryssie’s Bridal is absolutely spectacular. They made every accommodation to ensure I found my dream dress! Joanna was amazing to work with, she had wonderful fashion sense, listened to me the whole time, was so patient, and went above and beyond to make sure I was happy. I am so Thankful and can’t recommend them enough for such a fun experience! Alex was also great and extremely helpful when I returned to try on my dress a second time.
Danielle Walsh
on 11/13/2017
I had a wonderful experience with Chryssie's. From the welcome, to the dress selection, to the purchase of my dress, I had a blast. Thank you for making my shopping experience great for me and my girls.
Claudia from Brockton
on 11/08/2017
Joann at Chryssie's gave my sister a great experience. It was her first time trying on dresses and I feel like it was a very tailored experience for her. Joann gave her plenty of feedback, suggestions and advice. We were very happy we went here first.
Sophie S
on 11/06/2017
Such a great experience and I was able to find my perfect dress within my one appointment!! I had gone to one other store beforehand and they didn't really have anything that clicked and the consultant that was helping me was not a great match. At Chryssie's I worked with Joanna and as soon as I let her know what I was looking for she knew the exact dress to pull.The first one I tried on was the one I ended up saying yes to! Such a fun environment and She (and everyone else in the store) really made my experience something special. Thank you again!! :)
Sylvana Chan from Quincy, MA
on 10/15/2017
Chryssie's is where I said yes to my wedding dress! They have a large selection of dresses in a wide range of styles. For instance, the dress I selected is more flowy and romantic with touches of lace/appliques, but I was wowed by another bride in the store who was channeling Jackie Kennedy in a beautiful, cowl-neck satin gown. However, the cherry on top of my whole experience was definitely Joanna -- the bridal consultant who assisted me at the store. I was not surprised to learn that she worked for many years at Chanel and at the Tiffany's in Copley Place in downtown Boston. She brought that high-end, luxury-brand shopping experience to me right in Canton: she could sense that I was the kind of indecisive bride that needed more hand-holding through the process, so she provided me with just the right amount of input to help me find my dream dress at the best price. Plus, she was so much fun! (My bridesmaids and I felt like we could grab drinks with her afterwards.) I highly recommend Chryssie's to all brides!!!
Ashley from Canton
on 10/13/2017
Chryssie's Bridal was amazing! I told them exactly what I was looking for and they delivered. I went in with four bridesmaids and we were all able to walk out with dresses purchased. They have a beautiful selection of dresses for everyone to choose from. The staff is so helpful and super friendly. I would definitely recommend Chryssie's Bridal!
Alexa D'Agostino from Canton, MA
on 10/04/2017
My consultant was wonderful!! She was fun, engaging, asked me what I wanted and truly listened to what I told her. She was open to trying different things and to helping me make decisions. She gave great opinions about each of the dresses and helped me see the full picture by having me walk in the dress, wear a veil, etc. It was an absolute pleasure working with her. I had been to a few other bridal salons first, and my other consultants were awful. This was by far my best experience and I know it is not a coincidence that she helped me find my dress. My experience was everything I hopes it would be. Thank you!
Brittany Kane from Stoneham, MA
on 09/26/2017
Thank you for all of your help Alex! I loved my first wedding dress trial experience. The shop felt very homey and helped me to narrow down my decision. I plan to go back next week to hopefully decide on my dress!
Jillian Hardy from Boston, MA
on 09/18/2017
I had a wonderful experience at Chryssie's Bridal. The staff was very knowledgeable and made my time trying on gowns effortless and fun!
Marychris Clifford from Canton
on 09/13/2017
Juliette was great to work with!!! very positive experience
Erin from Chryssie's Bridal Canton
on 09/08/2017
I came in looking for bridesmaid dresses for my bridal party and Amy was amazing!! I had a specific look/color in mind and she was so helpful in navigating me through all the options. Especially making sure what I was looking for would look best with the groomsmen's color scheme. I can't wait to have my girls go pick out their dresses! I'd recommend Chryssie's Bridal in a heartbeat!
on 09/07/2017
Had a great experience with Amy! Loved her relaxed feel and no pressure attitude.
Jessica from Stoughton
on 08/30/2017
Amy was amazing! She knew exactly what I was looking for. Because of her I found my perfect dress. Thank you Amy!
Hannah DeLucia from Canton, MA
on 08/28/2017
I went to Chrissy's for my first ever apt to try on Bridal gowns. I was a little nervous but Amy made me feel right at home. It was the best experience I had at a bridal shop. Amy listened to what I liked and disliked, let me try on as many dresses as I wanted to, and was not judgmental at all. I didn't end up buying my dress that day, but it helped me understand exactly what I was looking for in a dress and how the experience should go. Out of the 10 bridal shops I went to, including some in NYC, Chrissy's had the best customer service. I am hoping to go to them for alterations.
on 08/25/2017
Alex and Amy were excellent! Alex was attentive and very helpful!
Kathleen Kenny from Somerville, MA
on 08/16/2017
You guys were amazing! I can't say enough about how satisfied I am with my experience. Alex and George both went to any lengths necessary to find me the right dress at a price I couldn't refuse. Thanks for hooking me up!
Jen from Norton
on 08/02/2017
Amazing service! Jennifer and Juliette were fabulous!
Caitlin from Quincy
on 07/31/2017
I had such a great experience at Chryssie's! Marion was the best!!! She was honest and really helped me narrow it down to the perfect dress! I would most definitely recommend Chryssie's to anyone looking for a wedding dress.
Bailey from Taunton
on 07/31/2017
Juliette, the seamstress is absolutely AMAZING! She is so kind but definitely does not mess around when it comes to her job. She is fast and to the point but she will still be honest and tell you what she thinks. She is honest, to the point but so incredibly sweet and she really knows her job well and is confident in what she does! I would totally recommend her to anyone looking for alternations! I am so happy i went with Chrissy's Bridal! Every experience I have had has been so pleasant. My consultant Jennifer, the owner and the other girls I have met working there were nothing but kind and made this one of my favorite parts of the wedding experience!
Jessica Z from Canton
on 07/30/2017
Loved this place! Amy was extremely helpful and informative. I chose Chryssies Bridal as my first stop as I have not gone to many places for dress shopping just yet, and I do not regret it! There were good selections, the store was not overcrowded, and her customer service was amazing!
Caitlin S from Chryssie's Bridal
on 07/28/2017
I had a great experience at Chryssie's! The only drawback for me was that they didn't really have too much in the style of dress I wanted. But I definitely should have looked more at the designers they carried before booking an appointment - so that's on me. But the woman we worked with was super helpful and friendly. She was super attentive and we were the only people in the store. It was a Thursday afternoon, so I definitely recommend trying to book during the week if you can! They have a great collection of gowns. Most were above my price point, but I think I have a lower than normal budget. Overall, we were really pleased!
Meghann from Mansfiled, MA
on 07/28/2017
My experience at Chryssie's was amazing. I found the most incredible dress, and my consultant Amy was patient, honest and I felt very well taken care of! I would absolutely recommend Chryssie's to any bride looking for a wonderful shopping experience.
Amanda from Kingston
on 07/22/2017
My experience at Chryssie's was amazing! Jennifer was so helpful and found me exactly what I had always dreamed of in a wedding dress. They offer such a large selection of stunning gowns and are very reasonably priced. I can't say enough good things about them!
on 07/15/2017
Amazing experience and I'm so excited to have found my wedding dress!
on 07/11/2017
Good service. My consultant Jennifer was so amazing, and very,very helpful and patient with our group!!
Amy C from Rhode Island
on 06/29/2017
Amy and Jennifer have both been such huge helps! Jennifer helped guide me through purchasing a bridesmaids gown that I had found online, so well that I chose to order it from Chryssie's despite living in Rhode Island. I had the option of ordering the dress (free shipping) to my front door but wanted to give them the business because she was so helpful and wonderful! When I went to pick up the dress, now a bride, Amy helped squeeze me in (as a walk in) and although I only had a few minutes, listened to me thoroughly, understood exactly what I was looking for and helped pull style numbers I had jotted down AND other dresses she thought I would like. She was kind, calm, not pushy and as a perk, even knew my venue! She was ready to "play" and I'm SO excited to round up the girls and go back with an appointment. I'm confident she will help me choose the right one, with little stress! Stay tuned for another comment to follow! I highly recommend this shop to anyone and everyone, as both experiences so far have been positive-hands down the best bridal shop I've experienced!
Rachael from Canton
on 06/13/2017
Small enough to not overwhelm you but large enough to offer a style for every bride!
Ashley from Chryssie's Canton, MA
on 06/09/2017
Jennifer was my consultant and man was she AMAZING!! Although I had in my mind and pictures for exactly what I wanted she pulled some of the best dresses. She was never pushy and let me make up my own mind about each and every dress that I tried on, which was a lot!! I was torn between 2 dresses and was never pressured once. She let me have my time to think but also perfectly adding accessories to match! Thank you so very much for how kind and helpful you were Jennifer, I'm so excited I said yes to the dress of my dreams!!!
Teri Poliseno from Marshfield MA
on 05/31/2017
Juliet was amazing to work with, my dress fit like a glove and I couldn't be happier!
Colleen McDonnell from Boston, MA
on 05/28/2017
I am so thrilled with the service and attention I received during my two Bridal Appointments with Jennifer. I chose my Wedding Gown, and all the accessories, and I am so thankful for her expertise and input. My Bridesmaid"s also purchased their gowns! No easy feat, but we did it! I am very happy with my experience. Thank you Jennifer and Chryssie's Bridal!
stacey earwaker from canton
on 05/27/2017
Today i went to chryssie's bridal in canton and was friendly greeted by a consultant amy, she asked me my style and then guided me to where the big ball gowns are as my preference is big ball gowns. I picked out around 5 dresses that i wanted to try on, amy was very very helpful throughout the whole process, providing me with different vail's to try on, clipping the dresses in, and giving me tissues when i found the one! I can not express how helpful amy was she went above and beyond to try and help me the best she could. She also had great knowledge of all the dresses. I would recommend Chryssie's bridal to anyone and definitely would recommend Amy!
Melanie Smith from Canton
on 05/24/2017
Amy was amazing. Thus was my first bridal appointment and it was perfect.
Star from Quincy
on 05/22/2017
Although the selection of the gown style I am looking for was limited, Becky was extremely helpful and listened to my wants rather than trying to push me towards another style. Should more long sleeve selections come in stock, I would love to give Chryssies my business.
Jennifer from New Bedford,Ma
on 05/20/2017
Amy was amazing she listen to what I was looking for and potentially help me find my dream dress.
Ann from Milton, MA
on 05/19/2017
I had an incredible experience at Chryssie's! As woman who is not skinny has a skinny budget, a previous bridal shop was very disrespectful. Chryssie's catered to my every need - No sparkle? Check! Simple? Check! On a limited budget? Check! Rush Delivery? Check, Custom alternations? Check! I can't say enough as to how accommodating and kind the people at Chryssie's are - I would HIGHLY recommend giving them a visit! It feels good to make an investment towards a wedding dress at a place where the people truly appreciate your business.
Kelly Cramer from Cumberland, RI
on 05/19/2017
I have had nothing but the best service while getting my dress and the alterations. Juliette has been wonderful with the alterations and has made me feel so comfortable. I would highly recommend Chryssie's Bridal for any brides looking for the perfect dress.
Angie from Canton
on 05/13/2017
It was a great experience. It was my first shop and I walked out with my dream dress. Amy was the best and a great help. And the environment was just great.
Ashley Evers from Wareham
on 04/14/2017
Jennifer was great - picked the perfect dresses. The selection was excellent, the prices were perfect and the staff was very attentive. Thank you!!
Cassandra Hildonen
on 04/10/2017
I had a great experience at Chryssie's Bridal when I found my wedding gown AND shopping for my bridesmaids dresses. We were treated wonderfully and the staff was so nice and helpful. Matching another salon's price for my dress was a huge plus and discounting my bridesmaids dresses was amazing! Thanks so much! I can't wait to come back for my fittings
Mandy Hung
on 04/10/2017
Amy was extremely helpful and patient. She gave me many good suggestions and feedback. The shop itself has a wide variety of dresses from different designers within different price range. I had a great experience at Chryssie's and I would recommend any bride that's looking for a dress!
Vanessa from Canton, MA
on 04/02/2017
My bridal consultant was Amy from the Canton location and she was absolutely amazing! She was patient and allowed my family to see my favorite dresses more than once until I found the one! She worked so hard and went above and beyond to help me say to the dress! Thank you so much!
Terese from Canton
on 03/29/2017
I had an amazing experience with Alex and Jennifer. They were attentive and really catered to the needs of what I wanted while letting me take the time to bask in the moment. Thanks!
Katie Brewer from chryssies
on 03/19/2017
this was an absolutely wonderful experience! having come from a less than thrilling experience at Vows it was so nice to be treated with such kindness and excitement at your establishment! I couldn't have found a better place to purchase me wedding dress!
Leah from Quincy
on 03/12/2017
I worked with Amy and she was AMAZING! Since I wasn't quite sure what I was looking for she made sure I tried on every style unless I knew for sure I didn't want it. This way when I landed on a style I loved I knew for sure that it was the right one. She was extremely patient and helpful and made what started as a slightly overwhelming experience pleasant and fun. The owner, George, was also fantastic and so helpful! Going back next weekend to decide between a few favorites and can't wait to work with Amy again.
Theresa Gaffney from East Weymouth
on 03/02/2017
From the kind lady who returned my call and had the dress of my desire pulled and ready for me to try on, to Alex who kindly & knowledgably assisted me upon my hour early arrival to the efficiency and professionalism of George, it was an amazingredient experience.