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Courtney Rich from Champaign
on 09/03/2023
I went to another bridal shop 1 month ago and my experience was HORRIBLE. I was nervous to go to Elite because of how horrible my previous experience was, but as soon as I walked in and was greeted, I knew I was in the right place and in good hands. They asked my opinion on every detail before letting me pick out some dresses to try on. When I found one I liked that wasn’t in my budget they found another option that was very similar but still in my price range. They were open to removing dresses from the mannequin if needed and never made me feel like I was asking for too much. They never made me feel uncomfortable in the dressing room like the first place did and they gave me their own opinions on each dress I walked out in. They said more than just “this train, the heading, the sparkle, etc is beautiful with this dress” they gave me more comments towards me and my happiness in each dress which I really appreciated. My overall experience was AMAZING. I will be recommending them to anyone who asks. Thank you girls so much for all the help!
Kate McPherson from Springfield
on 09/02/2023
I was a nervous, not excited bride...I am larger, and not in my 20s, so, I was worried I would have nothing to try on and I would look silly, but honestly, Shelby made the entired afternoon so much fun. I felt like a BRIDE! Her enthusiasm and spirit was infectious and I couldn't help but get into the entire "vibe" of things. I had plenty to try on and I definitely found my dress! Thank you Elite, from this non-traditional bride, who got a totally traditional dress!
Taylor Carey
on 08/25/2023
Rheanna was AMAZING and really made the entire experience so special. She was so attentive to my preferences and really just felt like one of my friends was helping me.
Anonymous from Champaign, IL
on 08/05/2023
Everyone there was so friendly and patient with me. They have so many beautiful dresses! They made me feel comfortable and communicated with me when my veil and dress arrived.
on 07/23/2023
Received wonderful assistance & attention from my stylists the whole time. Had a great experience for my first time wedding dress shopping. Relaxing, low pressure environment with lots of options.
Samantha from Champaign
on 02/23/2023
Elite Bridal is the best place to find the perfect dress! Everyone is extremely welcoming and makes you feel comfortable (Jena helped me with my appointment and she made the whole experience fun and stress free). I would, and will, recommend Elite Bridal to everyone!
on 01/22/2023
I had an amazing experience at Elite Bridal. My consultant, Brooke, was so helpful & so much fun!
on 01/18/2023
They have spectacular dresses, the attention from the employees was incredible. The truth is that I couldn't have had a better experience. Thank you
Stephanie Buzick from Champign
on 01/15/2023
I recently went to Elite bridal to look for the perfect dress. I will filled with nerves and had no idea what I was looking for, Rachel took me and gave me the best confidence!! She reminded me the whole day how great I looked and how good I was doing! She helped walk me through the emotions of family opinions and remembering its my day! I can't say enough good things about this place 10/10 reccomend!!
Nicole Ricks from Champaign Illinois
on 01/01/2023
Thank you. Elite Bridal and Brooke for making my experience a phenomenal one. Elite Bridal has an awesome selection of gowns and great bridal consultants to match.
Kayla Hasselbring from Champaign, Illinois
on 12/21/2022
I felt welcome and comfortable from the moment I got there! Brooke was so helpful and knowledgeable about each of the designers! I’m so happy I was able to say YES to my dress at Elite!
Isabella from Champaign
on 12/02/2022
I absolutely loved this place! I just went to try dresses on and had no idea I would be saying yes to the dress! And the staff is absolutely amazing and Brooke was an amazing help!
Allison Pickett from Champagne IL
on 11/13/2022
My Experience with Brooke and Elite Bridal was amazing, one of a kind, perfect, there aren’t enough good things I can say. She was kind, compassionate, supportive, helped me try on all the dresses I picked out in my time frame- there were a lot of dresses- and even a few I just liked that I saw when I got there that I wasn’t expecting- the selection here is HUGE! Anyone can go in and walk out with a dress you love! I can not wait to wear my dress and feel like a princess! Thank you so much Brooke and Elite Bridal!
Lyndsey Leitz from Milford, IL
on 11/11/2022
What an amazing experience at Elite Bridal! Brooke and Jena are wonderful and the store looks beautiful!
Stephanie from Champaign
on 11/10/2022
Brooke was my consultant and she was AMAZING! She helped me feel comfortable and made my experience so awesome! The space was so beautiful and it definitely felt like a dream come true!
Tori from Champaign
on 11/02/2022
I had an amazing experience, they were very patient with me and worked with my vision to customize the best dress! Couldn’t be happier!
Allyson from Champaign, Il
on 10/25/2022
I had a wonderful experience at Elite Bridal when I went to look at wedding gowns! It was a new experience for me, and I didn’t know what to expect. Carolina was so kind, helpful, and personable. She showed me around the store and suggested dresses of the style I was looking for. I felt like a princess walking out in the dress I fell in love with. All the staff were kind and professional. They really made my experience there fun and memorable.
Lacy Maulding from Champaign
on 10/19/2022
Brooke was so great! She had an answer to every question of mine. Loved my experience at Elite!! Thank you so much ladies!
Julia Zmucki from Champaign, IL
on 10/02/2022
Had a great experience when I went to Elite Bridal. Brooke was my consultant and she did an amazing job helping me say yes to the dress!
Becca Peralta from Champaign
on 08/21/2022
I had a wonderful experience at Elite Bridal. Very helpful and professional.
Tara Starling from Champaign, Il
on 08/19/2022
I appreciate the amount of options in extended sizes. It made me feel much more comfortable, and the staff was wonderfully supportive and kind! Would recommend Elite Bridal to anyone!!
Elise Howe from Champaign
on 08/04/2022
Carolina was amazing! She was so friendly and made me feel way more comfortable and relaxed. I was a little nervous, but she made it so fun. I love my dress, and I’m really happy that I was able to get a good discount for buying it off the rack. I had an awesome experience, and I’m so grateful that I went to Elite!
Heather from Champaign, Illinois
on 06/11/2022
I highly recommend that all brides shop at Elite Bridal. I felt so lucky to be paired with Tanya. She made me feel heard, comfortable, and so special. She was patient with me through the selection process - if I thought I need a veil or a bouquet, she had it. I enjoyed my time with her and the whole shopping experience so much. It is a wonderful memory I will always have to look back on!
Courtney from Champaign IL
on 05/31/2022
I had an amazing experience at Elite Bridal. Everyone was very welcoming and made the day a really fun experience, especially Carolina who helped me. I honestly was very nervous going into it just since I’m not one who likes being the center of attention, but she made it so fun and helped me really relax and make the most of it. The first dress I tried on ended up being the one that I said yes to so I’m so thankful that I was able to find the perfect dress for me!
Dana from Champaign IL
on 04/24/2022
I had the BEST time at Elite choosing my wedding dress. Machelle was so attentive to what I was wanting and really clicked with me so I found the dress of my dreams! The other girls made me feel so beautiful and confident in my choice as well.
Sherlynn Estes from Champaign
on 04/22/2022
Tia was absolutely amazing! She made the process so easy, and quick. I was expecting it to take hours upon hours, and we were out of there with the perfect dress in less than an hour. She made me feel comfortable and at ease the whole time. I was so prepared to hate every dress because of the weight I gained during my pregnancy, and every dress she brought out I felt beautiful in.
Sabrina from Champaign, IL
on 03/30/2022
I had such a great experience! Everyone was so friendly and helpful assisting me!
Abigail Andjelic from Champaign
on 03/20/2022
Tia was a wonderful consultant. Her energy made my time so fun and easy. The experience to pick dresses and have some chosen for you was perfect and ideal. All the ladies in the store were welcoming and kind.
Ashley Foster
on 03/16/2022
I absolutely LOVED working with Machelle!! She is fantastic at her job and made me feel so comfortable! I tried on quite a few and she was so understanding. She wasn't pushy in the slightest, and let me take as much time as I needed. I was able to narrow my selections down easily with her assistance and then once she offered to let me try on a veil with my final two, I found my YES dress!! Absolutely 100% recommend Elite and Machelle!
Ashley Foster from Champaign, IL
on 03/16/2022
I absolutely LOVED working with Machelle!! She is fantastic at her job and made me feel so comfortable! I tried on quite a few and she was so understanding. She wasn't pushy in the slightest, and let me take as much time as I needed. I was able to narrow my selections down easily with her assistance and then once she offered to let me try on a veil with my final two, I found my YES dress!! Absolutely 100% recommend Elite and Machelle!
Morgan from Champaign
on 02/20/2022
Machelle was AMAZING! The process was so smooth, the women were so helpful, and they calmed all of my concerns as I was buying off the rack! Could not have had a more positive dress buying experience!
GRACE Earp from Champaign
on 02/14/2022
Tanya was very personable and helpful in finding the the dress of my dreams. You had a wide selection of beautiful dresses which made it hard to choose.
Kenzie Krei from Champaign, IL
on 02/06/2022
I had the best experience at Elite Bridal!! Tia was amazing, and everyone gave 110% to find me my dream dress. Even with the short window until my wedding, I was able to get the dress of my dreams. I highly recommend Elite Bridal.
Lexus Baggott from Peoria, IL
on 01/30/2022
I enjoyed everyone that helped me find my dress. Tanya did an excellent job providing me with dress options when we were trying to narrow down what styles I might like. She was very polite and professional when helping me change. I appreciated how nice everyone was to me and family!
Angela Matos from 106 S. Country Fair Drive, Champaign, IL
on 01/24/2022
Kati was such a pleasure to work with; my roommates and I had so much fun with her. I had gone to 2 other shops before coming here, and Elite was by far the best experience we had. We got to browse the whole shop and pick what I wanted to try on which was pretty amazing. Thank you Kati for making this process so much smoother and easier. You worked so hard and made me feel amazing!! My roommates and zoom family loved you too!
Ariel Rawley from Champaign, IL
on 01/23/2022
I had an amazing experience with Elite Bridal! I visited 2 different times and I loved working with Kati and Machelle. They were both extremely helpful and mindful of my style and price which I loved! They went above and beyond with their customer service and making me feel like a special bride. I will for sure recommend them for future brides, bridesmaids and moms!
Layne Kruger from Champaign IL
on 01/17/2022
In 2022, I'm so thrilled to be searching for a wedding dress. I am even more thrilled that I found a dress at Elite Bridal. They took such great care of me. Tanya was fabulous and picked some perfect pieces. I ultimately said Yes to the dress. They had a great selection and a bridal team that was extremely knowledgeable.
Layne from Champaign IL
on 01/17/2022
In 2022, I'm so thrilled to be searching for a wedding dress. I am even more thrilled that I found a dress at Elite Bridal. They took such great care of me. I ultimately said Yes to the dress. They had a great selection and a bridal team that was extremely knowledgeable.
Sarah Young from Springfield, il
on 01/16/2022
Finding my dress was so easy and fun at Elite! I felt so comfortable and they were all amazing! Thank you for making my wedding dress dreams come true!
Gabrielle LeBaube from Champaign Illinois
on 01/10/2022
After not having the best experience at another bridal shop in the morning, I was hesitant walking into my afternoon appointment at Elite Bridal. Within 3 minutes of talking with Carly all of my worries dissipated. She was so wonderful to work with and was truly invested in making sure I walked out with my dream dress. The selection and variety of dresses were incredible, not to mention that they were so understanding of my budget. I can only say wonderful things about my experience with Elite Bridal!
Emily Mech from Champaign
on 01/10/2022
I had a great time shopping for my wedding dress at Elite Bridal! Tanya was super helpful and fun to work with, and the whole team was friendly during my visit. Tanya helped me find my dream dress!
Katie Ripsch from Champaign
on 01/09/2022
Everybody was absolutely amazing to work with! My consultant was Tanya and she completely understood my vision when I was describing my likes and dislikes for dresses. I ended up finding my dream dress that day and couldn’t have asked for a better experience!
Millie Arp from Champaign, IL
on 01/01/2022
Carly was wonderful! She was very polite and accommodating. She helped me feel comfortable with my decisions and did a great job fitting the dress to my small figure when the dresses were size 22 and so on. She made my experience even better than what it already was. The itself shop was clean and inviting. Thank you for having me/us!
Claire from Bloomington, IL
on 12/31/2021
Absolutely incredible experience!! It was the best day for me and for my ladies who were with me. Machelle was so kind and really helped me tailor my appointment to what I was needing, as this was my first appointment. My dress ended up being the very first one I tried on! I felt so incredibly special during my appointment and would highly recommend Elite to anyone looking for a place to shop.
Jessica Hutchison from Champaign, IL
on 12/28/2021
I had an amazing time at Elite Bridal. I loved the boutique set up and the freedom brides plus their family are given to look around and pick dresses off the rack. I was treated incredibly well and felt at ease for the entirety of my visit. I am going to recommend Elite Bridal to anyone who asks!
Gabrielle Sia from Champaign, IL
on 12/01/2021
My experience at Elite Bridal was amazing! Everyone was so friendly and hands-on, and they made me feel so comfortable and confident. I walked in with a rough idea of what I wanted, but my consultant Carly was an actual fairy godmother! She pulled a dress that I would have not chosen for myself, and it ended up being the ONE! These girls know what they're doing and have a talented eye and great taste to be able to pull a dress from the rack and make some magic happen!
on 11/29/2021
My experience at Elite Bridal was better than I could have dreamed. Carolina was so helpful throughout the process of me picking out my dream wedding dress. I said yes to the dress at Elite Bridal and I would recommend them to any and all of my friends and family. Thank you so much for everything!
Autumn West from Champaign
on 11/27/2021
Just the idea of shopping for a wedding dress was overwhelming for me. I really cannot overstate how the Elite team put my mind at ease. Machelle was a joy to work with. She was sooooo patient, calm, and reassuring. I was also amazed that the Store Manager, Jena, sensed how timid I was and took charge picking beautiful dresses that fit my body type. I was in utter shock that I actually found THE dress thanks to the Elite team.
So Young Park from Champaign
on 11/27/2021
Carly and the owner were very helpful. I am very pleased with my experience!
Mollie Samet from Cissna Park
on 11/17/2021
I had the most wonderful experience at Elite. I couldn't have asked for a better consultant than Machelle. She made me feel comfortable and beautiful all at the same time. Elite exceeded my expectations by working with me and making me feel special. I cannot wait for my dress!
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