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Overall Rating: 5.0/5.0 from 50 reviews
on 08/14/2020
Absolutely LOVED my stylist Erin and how she made my experience everything I imagined it to be. They were all so extremely helpful and understood what I wanted for my big day. Plus, every dress I tried on was truly beautiful which made it extremely hard to pick “the one”. Definitely would recommend Elite Bridal. 10/10!!
Mary Huffman from Champaign, IL
on 08/05/2020
I am SO happy I chose Elite Bridal to find my dream dress! My consultant, Lizz, was amazing and was so helpful. She definitely saw my vision for my dress and brought it to life. She also was awesome with my bridesmaids in helping them find their perfect dress. I cannot recommend Elite Bridal enough!
Lindsay from Champaign
on 07/22/2020
This was an excellent experience! My bridesmaids and I had so much fun, and I found the perfect dress. I highly recommend Elite Bridal.
Bayleigh Townsend from Shelbyville, IL
on 07/22/2020
This was my first and only experience wedding dress shopping and I couldn’t imagine it getting any better than the experience I had at Elite Bridal.
Madyson Reese
on 07/20/2020
I would recommend Elite Bridal to any bride! They were SO helpful in helping me find my dress. They have an amazing selection of not only wedding dresses but bridesmaid dresses as well. They truly care about helping you find the perfect dress.
Tori Babcock from Champaign
on 07/20/2020
Dana was absolutely amazing! She made the process so quick and easy and she knew my style and taste and catered to that perfectly. Everything was perfect. I am absolutely in love with the dress I picked out.
Megan from Champaign
on 07/11/2020
It was a wonderful experience! I found my dress with Liz's amazing help. Especially during the covid it was nice to have to experience of wedding dress shopping you imagine.
Alli Vogt from Teutopolis, IL
on 06/20/2020
I had Erin as my consultant, and she was fabulous!! She listened carefully to all of my ideas and made sure I had a blast and felt comfortable the entire appointment. I would recommend Elite Bridal to any bride looking for a high-quality dress shopping experience!
Kirsten Daugherty from Champaign
on 06/18/2020
I loved my experience with elite bridal. I was nervous at first because I'm not a very girly girl but they made me feel welcome and normal. They answered every question and made me feel more like a friend then a client. I would recommend them to anyone.
Rachel Wolfe from Champaign, IL
on 06/03/2020
I cannot thank you enough for such a fun-loving and yet professional experience. I felt beautiful in the few dresses that I tried on! Cannot believe the second option was the right dress and I said “yes”! Erin deserves wonderful praise. She is very talented at what she does and never hesitated to answer questions nor gather things we wanted to go with the dress of my dream. Thank you, Elite Bridal!
on 05/20/2020
Liz was seriously the best and anything I asked for or said no to she simply said ok and she either went and picked a few more dresses or removed what was no longer wanted! Thank you for a wonderful time!
Haley from Normal, IL
on 05/04/2020
I had the best time at Elite! Lizz listened to what I wanted and helped so much by pulling similar dresses. She helped find the perfect dress for me. I felt so supported in my decisions. They made something that felt stressful, be so fun and easy.
Jessica Heaton from St. Louis
on 05/02/2020
Lizz was so patient and helpful through the process. Thanks for making it a smooth and fun experience!
Deanne Norgaard from Auburn
on 03/14/2020
I am generally very uncomfortable with dresses and doing the "girlie" thing. My mom couldn't make it and so I was there with my 18 month old son and no other family/friend support. Moriah was very attentive to my wants and needs. She listened to what I had to say, my likes, dislikes, and other quirks I had about dresses. She found me very nice dresses and made me feel comfortable each time I tried one on. She helped me with alternative ideas and options to find the dress that I could see myself walking down the isle in. She helped me figure out ways to adjust the dress to what would make me even more comfortable. Moriah and the other staff there made it very pleasant. They were friendly to me and my son. IT was a better experience than I could ever have imagined. I look forward to going back there with my mother this time when my newly made dress comes in. I am actually very excited to wear it once it is made to my size and can't wait to see it with the few details we had changed to it. Moriah was great and I would refer her to anyone I know needing a dress, especially a wedding dress, including my Bridesmaids.
Jennifer Beemer from Champaign, IL
on 03/03/2020
I had a wonderful experience at Elite Bridal! Moriah was wonderful and really listened to what I was looking for and helped me find the perfect dress for me. She was extremely knowledgeable about all of the different designers and gave me the advice, but space I needed to decide which dress was best for me. The space had a ton of room and could accommodate an intimate group or a larger group while shopping. I would highly recommend shopping for your bridal gown at Elite Bridal!
Mindy Wendt from Sigel, IL
on 02/26/2020
Beautiful, beautiful dresses! You cannot go wrong going to Elite for different style collections. Elite staff was AMAZING. I felt so comfortable trying on different styles of dresses. They gave honest feedback and comforting feedback about various styles of dresses for my body type. Rheanna’s fun and outgoing personality made for an even better experience; she helped choose dresses she knew I’d love. The owner was super sweet and helpful in decisions for THE dress I chose as well; great communication with my mother and sister as well. 110% recommend Elite Bridal!
Anonymous from Champaign, IL
on 02/17/2020
Amazing Experience! Found the dress of my dreams!
Lacey from Champaign, IL
on 02/16/2020
The experience was phenomenal. While I had an idea of what I liked, I kept an open mind. With that, I found the most perfect dress! My consultant listened, was understanding, and took my feedback into consideration. If I could, I would go back one hundred times over!
Cheryl from Morton, IL
on 02/10/2020
What a fantastic experience I had shopping for my wedding dress at Elite Bridal! My bridal consultant (Erin) was able to help me find the dress of my dreams!! She went above and beyond in helping me, I felt like I had a friend with me to help pick out the perfect dress. Thank you so much Erin!! I highly recommend Elite Bridal!
Erin Babb from CHAMPAIGN, IL
on 02/09/2020
Absolutely amazing experience, LOVED working with Moriah.
Jessica from Tolono
on 02/07/2020
I had the best experience at Elite Bridal. The consultant I worked with was very helpful and I would recommend this bridal store to anyone who is getting married.
Mari Brown from Champaign
on 02/02/2020
Shopping at Elite Bridal was such an awesome experience. I went in feeling anxious as I had not found what I wanted at other bridal shops. I didn’t think the dress I imagined existed. Dana quickly eased my mind and made me feel so comfortable. She explained each designer thoroughly and made sure to keep me in my budget. After trying on a few different dresses, I finally found the one and knew instantly the dress was meant for me. It was such a great day. I would recommend Elite in a heartbeat!
on 01/30/2020
Moriah helped me and she was AMAZING!!!!!! Truly. Made me feel so comfortable and just loved her. The store was so relaxing compared to other places we went and all the employees were so amazing. I will recommend Elite Bridal to all future brides I know looking. And Moriah! She was the best.
Elizabeth from Urbana
on 01/20/2020
Lizz was wonderful at helping me find my dream dress! She helped me identify what I liked and disliked about each dress I tried on and suggested other dresses that matched my style. I had a tough time deciding between several gorgeous dresses, and Lizz was so helpful and supportive. She answered all my questions and never made me feel like I was being rushed or pressured to choose. I couldn't be happier with my experience, and I can't wait to wear my dress this summer!
Ashley Linkey from Champaign
on 01/20/2020
My experience at Elite was amazing!! Rose and Rheanna were great. They listened to what I liked, were patient, and made my dress shopping experience fun and exciting. I'm proud to be an Elite bride!
Jen Cox from Champaign IL
on 01/15/2020
It was a great experience. Came in last minute as a shot in the dark and they did the best to accommodate. Staff was super friendly and extremely helpful. Would differently recommend to anyone.
Erin Goeckner from Effingham
on 01/13/2020
I had the best experience at Elite bridal! My consultant (Moriah) understood what I was looking for and was able to find the dress of my dreams. I had two other appointments at other stores that same day and their services were a disappointment compared to Elite. Elite handles everything with class and grace. I left this store with tears of joy while I left the other stores with tears of frustration. This was by far the best store experience I have ever had. I cannot express how thankful I am to be blessed with such a wonderful experience and consultant. Thank you!
Reiley Drake from Champaign, IL
on 12/29/2019
I felt so special and at home at Elite! They made my experience so fun, honest, and personal. I am extremely grateful for Moriah’s help and expertise. I found my dream dress here and am so excited for it to come in! The selection, variety, and quality of the dresses was stunning and they helped me find exactly what I was looking for. I visited a few other bridal shops but they did not compare to Elite. Highly recommended!
Amelia Glueck from Champaign
on 12/28/2019
My experience at Elite was awesome! The staff was so friendly and they did a great job picking out dresses that fit my style and budget. I am so happy with my dress!
Amanda Newton from Decatur, IL
on 12/12/2019
Dana was exceptional. She knows exactly what she was doing and she was a perfect pair for me.
Chloe Spitz from Champaign
on 12/12/2019
I had the best experience there! My bridal consultant Erin was amazing and made me feel so special!
on 12/01/2019
Very helpful and friendly staff. Helped me find the perfect dress!
Staci Rudd from Champaign, IL
on 11/25/2019
Lizz was phenomenal to work with! She was patient, kind, respectful, and positive. I was so happy to say, “Yes to the dress,” after my experience with her.
Michelle Olson from Champaign
on 11/16/2019
It was a lovely experience. I felt like my stylist was interested in how I felt and helping me to find the perfect dress. Getting to stand on the big stage and see the gown in full is so important! Prices are what I expected for such quality gowns.
Erika from Champaign
on 11/06/2019
My experience at Elite Bridal was wonderful! The ladies there were so kind and attentive! They were very knowledgable about the dresses they had in the store, including other colors, alteration options, and fabrics! I never felt as though they were trying to force me to love a dress I didn't like. Their selection was very wide! I am so happy I chose my dress from Elite Bridal and I would definitely recommend them to anyone!
Stacey Thomas from Normal IL
on 11/04/2019
Dana was amazing to work with! She grabbed the 3 dresses I had my heart set on and we were all able to look around for others that fit my style also. It was quick and easy and she stuck to my budget! So happy I came to Elite and said yes to the dress!!
Cheyenne from Champaign, IL.
on 10/27/2019
Moriah was such a great help and made my experience so exciting. She was very thoughtful when directing me to different dresses that would be my style and in my budget. She made me feel great in the dresses I tried on and made sure I was confident in all areas. So glad I was able to leave with the perfect dress!
Hilary Morris from Sprinffield
on 10/21/2019
My Experience at Elite Bridal was amazing! Lizz was great and listened to what I liked and didn’t like about each dress I tried on and was able to use that information to get me into the perfect dress! She also included my 6 year old daughter by letting her help pick accessories out and it made the experience exciting for her. All the staff were helpful and so kind through every step. I highly recommend going to Elite Bridal!
Blayne Therien from Champaign IL
on 10/21/2019
I could not have asked for a better experience. Rose was incredible, and she always made me and the ladies I brought with me, feel heard. She was not pushy at all and just wanted me to be happy with whichever dress I chose! All of the other ladies were incredible, too. They celebrated along with us when I finally made my decision!
Betsy Wagoner from Hoopeston, IL
on 10/17/2019
I had a great experience wedding dress shopping at Elite Bridal! Moriah provided clear information regarding styles, designers, and prices and was overall super informative. She did not rush me in any way, and I never felt pressured to purchase the same day. However, due to her assistance, I found the perfect dress and couldn't resist leaving the store without purchasing! She made me feel special the whole time and helped match me with "the" dress based on the pictures and styles I showed her beforehand. She helped calm my nerves and I felt relaxed the entire time. I would highly recommend Elite Bridal!
Jade Becker
on 10/14/2019
Rose was such an amazing consultant, she definitely listened to what I was looking for and then found a dress that I wouldn’t have even thought of trying on! Which ended up being my final pick! I highly recommend Elite Bridal!
on 10/13/2019
Rose was easy to work with and made my wedding dress buying experience easy. Great job Elite Bridal!
Sara Kramer from Champaign, IL
on 10/07/2019
Dana was wonderful!!! She made me feel comfortable, respected, listened too, special, and beautiful. I am so grateful to her for making my experience so perfect. All the other employees were so kind and supportive as well. I’m so excited to wear my dress on my wedding day, and everyone I’ve shown pictures of it to have said it’s so perfectly ‘me’. I can’t thank elite bridal enough!
Amber Davis from Louisville, IL
on 09/25/2019
From the very beginning my consultant Erin was amazing! She let my party and I go around and pick out our favorites at the start of the appointment! We tried those on and found a few I liked, and then she went and picked a few based off of our reactions to the first round of dresses! She had pulled a dress that was different than the other ones I had tried on(I really liked the beaded shiny dresses), and it instantly caught my attention in the dressing room because it wasn’t like the others. As soon as I got in the dress I fought to hold back tears! Erin picked the perfect dress for me and was so helpful during the entire process! She never once forced a dress on me or made me feel like she was just trying to “get the sale”. It was a great experience and I’m so glad I chose to shop for my wedding dress at Elite Bridal!
Maria from Arcola
on 08/30/2019
I cannot say enough great things about Elite Bridal! Jill was amazing to work with and made my experience unforgettable. She made my entourage and I feel so comfortable. She understood my style and vision. She was open to listen to all of my opinions and I did not feel pressured at all. She was definitely working in my best interest. They have been in constant communication with me for updates on my dress. Thank you Elite Bridal for helping my find the gown of my dreams!
Kalia from Springfield
on 08/28/2019
Elite Bridal was the 5th shop I had been to on my journey for the perfect dress, and although I didn't end up having "that moment" in any of their dresses, I would be insane not to give them 5 stars! For the record this store is most definitely a store meant for brides! (they even provide tampons, pads, bobby pins, hairspray, and hairbrushes in the bathrooms!) Made my appointment online (which every store should have!) and ended up being late, and they were more than willing to work with me on my time delay. Entered the shop and was greeted by a bubbly human by the name of Erin. She sat me down and asked what I was looking for and then took me on a tour of the available dresses and what each designer focused on. Clipped my try on selections and away we went! Erin was absolutely phenomenal. She made me feel so comfortable (we all are self conscious about something, and I never felt that way with Erin) At no point was she ever unprofessional, but she was never stiff either. She was honest with what flattered me and what didn't. She was so smiley and made me feel like it was all about me. I could go on and on, anything you've ever wanted at a bridal shop personality and professionally you will find at Elite!
Lydia from Champaign, IL
on 08/26/2019
Dana was absolutely amazing. I got to work with her both times that I came to the store. The first time she walked me through the store to give me an idea of the different stylists and to let me know which ones would fit best with my envisioned style and budget. After trying several on, I was able to narrow it down to 3 dresses, but couldn't decide right then. I decided to come back another time to try them all on again and just to see if there were any other dresses that might fit what I wanted. There happened to be two new dresses (that Dana picked out for me - she's a miracle worker) and upon trying on the first one I actually had the feeling of "this is the one!". I tried the rest on, but eventually came back to that first one and said yes to the dress! Dana was patient and helpful through the whole thing. I was so comfortable working with her and loved the whole experience!
Marissa from Bloomington
on 08/19/2019
Good experience, good prices - were able to work with me on my budget. Clean facility, bright inside, not pushy. Enjoyable experience and found the dress!
Jayme D from Champaign
on 08/18/2019
Had a great experience at Elite Bridal. Not only were they able to squeeze me into their already full schedule but they helped me find the perfect dress for me within by budget. Highly recommend and Stacy was awesome to work with!!
Alyson Kinstner from Champaign
on 07/21/2019
Dana was phenomenal. She made sure that I was comfortable throughout the process in order to find my dream dress. Also, I had quite the group with me and she knew just how to handle each and every person. Because of her, we were able to leave with my dress and 8 bridesmaids’ dresses.