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Anna from Boise
on 07/23/2023
Lauren was a great stylist and was completely understanding when I kept bouncing back and forth between ideas. She knew exactly when I needed that final hurrah to say yes. She made me feel comfortable and confident and helped me find a dress when I wasn't even expecting to.
Stephanie from Boise
on 04/24/2023
Wonderful experience with Lauren. The shop was very nice and elegant. Had plenty of beautiful dresses for us to pick through. Lauren did a great job catering to our needs and helped my sister find an incredible dress that we all loved! Would highly recommend.
Addie Goebel from Boise Idaho
on 03/29/2023
Lauren was amazing, she made me and my party feel right at home!!
Malinda Tienhaara from LaNeige Boise ID
on 03/26/2023
I would highly recommend this shop. Ayden was amazing! She listened to what I wanted in a dress, and what I felt as I was trying dresses on. She picked an absolutely gorgeous dress for my day, and I am beyond happy with it!! I only went to this shop to dress shop, and the entire experience was positive, and enjoyable. Took a lot of the stress of dress shopping away. Would absolutely recommend her and this shop to anyone I know getting married. Thank you so much Ayden for all your help! I’m again love with my dress!
Abby Westendorf from Boise, ID
on 03/25/2023
Once again, Lauren was absolutely amazing. She helped me find MY dress, got it ordered for me to try on, and now my dream wedding dress is on the way! Lauren is an excellent and I couldn’t have asked for better help!
Lady from Hailey
on 03/06/2023
Love the ladies helping us. They made me feel beautiful and comfortable. Lauren was amazing and knowledgeable.
Abby Westendorf from Boise
on 02/24/2023
Lauren was SO nice and so helpful! She did an amazing job explaining things and letting us know what changes/alterations would be possible. She is getting me the dress I have been dreaming of and I cannot wait! Lauren is an absolute super star and she made this experience so fun and easy!
Anonymous from Boise
on 02/06/2023
My stylist Ayden made me feel SO comfortable from the moment I walked in the doors. She picked out dresses in my price range and helped me find my own style.
Lila from Boise
on 02/05/2023
I absolutely loved Ayden and all the help she gave me. I completely fell in love with my dress and she helped explain sizing, color, and options while keeping me and my family relaxed and so happy. I went to another appointment elsewhere in town afterwards and was completely blown away at how much better LaNeige had been. They set the bar high and then raised it even further when I went back to finish buying my dress. I was comfortable but excited to talk to Ayden about my dream dress and she found exactly what I couldn't fully put into words. I will be recommending LaNeige to anyone that has wedding dress shopping to do!
on 01/24/2023
had an amazing time working with lauren! She was super sweet and helpful! She was really good at realizing what kind of look I liked and finding the right dress to fit me perfectly! i also loved that they offered champagne and asked about your engagement!
Mikinzie from Boise ID
on 05/17/2022
This was my last appointment of the day, and I came in with the attitude I had already found the one but had to come because the moms made me. My stylist was optimistic about helping me find THE ONE at this store, and she was very helpful in finding a selection for my short timeline. She successfully helped me find the perfect dress and I left as one extremely happy bride!!
Amela from Boise
on 05/16/2022
Mary was a rockstar! CAN'T RECOMMEND HER ENOUGH! She brought the energy, the love and all the best dresses. We had such a great time and she truly made my first dress shopping experience a dream! You could tell she really cared about you and your day and everything in this experience reflected that.
Kenna from Boise
on 05/11/2022
Lauren & Brooklyn were both wonderful to work with! Of the 3 different bridal stores I went to in Boise, Laneige was by far the best. No one was pushy or rude, but so understanding, patient and just super friendly. Overall the whole shop was very comfortable and cute to be in. Thanks so much, I love my dress and can’t wait to show it off!!
on 05/09/2022
My experience was FANTASTIC! Brooklyn was SO MUCH fun. Her goal was not just to sell me a dress, but to help me find THE dress. Even though I found a dress that I was in LOVE with (and ended up going back for a couple days later), she didn't pressure me to buy it that day. She was very accommodating for my large group that I brought. From start to finish, our whole group had such a great time. There was a great selection of GORGEOUS gowns in many, many different styles, so there's something for everyone. It was a FANTASTIC experience.
Erika from La Grande, Oregon
on 05/01/2022
What an amazing experience I had picking out my wedding dress! I was looking for a classy yet touch of sexy and my Maggie Sorreto dress did just that! Brooklyn was very knowledgeable, supportive and truly was invested in assisting me with selecting my forever dress. So excited for the love of my life to see me walk down the aisle??
Skyler from Wendell
on 04/18/2022
My stylists were two amazing, wonderful, professional, kind and smart people that I got to work with! Brooklyn had a personality that made it so nice! These girls helped make me feel special, supported all the decisions and cha gong of minds that occurred! I would highly recommend this bridal place!
Trea Mitchell from Boise
on 04/16/2022
Brooklyn was upbeat, kind, and helpful! Overall a great experience!
Miranda from Oregon
on 04/15/2022
I love the team at LaNeige Bridal, I did my first ever appointment with Brooklynne. She helped me narrow down my style and find a style I loved. I came back for a return visit with Lauren and she was fantastic as well, I ended up trying on a dress from my first appointment that I hadn’t been sure of and fell in love with it. She was so supportive and helpful. She made my appointment feel so special and they were so happy to celebrate with me and enjoy their time. They really make you feel like a person, and that you and your wants and needs are valued. Overall, I would highly recommend LaNeige Bridal, the stylists are extremely kind and supportive throughout the process and I never get pressured to buy a dress from them but I am so ecstatic that I found the one at LaNeige!! Thank you!
Sarah Jeffreys from Boise
on 04/05/2022
I can’t speak highly enough of my experience at LaNeige! Lauren was so kind, accommodating, and made me feel so comfortable & cared for! She never rushed me or made me feel pressure to purchase, which made me feel more inclined to purchase here! Once I decided on a dress, she explained the process clearly & has communicated so well. I will be recommending this bridal shop to all my friends!
Helyn from Boise
on 03/21/2022
I had an absolutely wonderful time. I could not have asked for a better experience!
Taylor D. from Boise
on 03/13/2022
My experience at LaNeige was incredible!! From my stylist, to the cookies, & the shop allowing my bridal party to bring their own wine / champagne to celebrate. The environment of the store was open & spacious for my bigger group & everybody was comfortable. Lauren was absolutely amazing & so so helpful with the whole process from beginning to end. 10/10 recommend LaNeige!
Ashley Bliss from Boise
on 03/11/2022
This was my first time trying on dresses, and it exceeded my expectations. My stylist Lauren was so amazing and helpful and made me feel like the most important person in the world. My appointment even went a little past the time you guys close and she wanted to stay as long as it took to make me happy with my choices and everything! She even gave her personal number for any questions I may have... she was AMAZING!!
on 03/08/2022
Lauren was fantastic! Very genuine in helping me find my dress. Loved her suggestions and knowledge of the dresses and designers. Thank you for all the help!
Taylor Lukehart from Boise
on 03/07/2022
Brooklynn was so nice and helpful! I had so much fun and she answered all of my questions. I will recommend your store and Brooklynn to my friends/family in the future.
Danielle Stanzak from 1020 W Main St Suite 104, Boise, ID 83702
on 02/27/2022
This place is the best!!! They have an amazing collection of dresses, and the atmosphere is so fun!! Lauren was incredibly helpful, kind, knowledgeable, and she really knew how to make it exciting for everyone; she's so lively. The atmosphere is very laid back, and it is the only place I went to in West Ada County where we actually got champagne, which to me seems like a must when looking for a dress! Honestly, I loved this place so much, that I not only bought my dress there, but I went back to get the bridesmaids' dresses.
Ana and Kiki from Downtown Boise
on 02/21/2022
Great Staff, Brooklyn was awesome she is great at what she dose. Helped pick the perfect dress for a special day:)
Jessica Cummings from Boise, Idaho
on 02/20/2022
Truly had the best appointment with my stylist Lauren. She was so sweet and personable and just made us feel right at home. Listened to what I wanted and made sure I was comfortable every step of the way.
Rachael Gerlach from Boise
on 02/14/2022
Brooklyn was amazing! She made the experience so special and fun. I’m amazed that your team was able to find me my perfect dress based off the questionnaire. Everyone I brought with me is still raving about the experience. Thank you!
on 02/13/2022
Our bride found her dress here and everyone working there was amazing in helping her do so! An amazing place hand downs!
on 02/07/2022
Amazing! That’s it, just amazing. I was so impressed by Brooklyn, by the selection, the set up!
Marcela from Boise
on 02/05/2022
Beautiful dresses and outstanding service
Allie Brown from Boise
on 01/24/2022
Lauren was amazing and made our experience so fun and exciting! Loved saying yes to the dress at LaNeige ??
Alexis Handerson
on 01/24/2022
I had an amazing time! It was super clean and such a positive environment!!!
Megan from Boise, ID
on 01/12/2022
Brooklyn was amazing! She made me feel so comfortable and helped pull some awesome dresses that really fit my style :)
Melinda Quick from Boise, ID
on 01/08/2022
My family and I had an amazing experience with Brooklyn for my wedding dress appointment. I was set on walking out of there with a few dresses in mind but not having bought anything so I could really think about it, but Brooklyn pulled "The One" and the decision was easy from there!
Stacia from Boise
on 01/03/2022
Thank you for an amazing experience! Maria was so helpful and helped make the experience fun and stress-free. Very happy with my dress and the overall service and experience. Thank you!
Joshalyn Smith from Boise
on 01/01/2022
I loved my stylist, Brooklyn! She was very helpful and easy to talk to. This was the first bridal shop I had been to and I had a pleasant experience. They set my expectations high for other bridal shops. I appreciated the kind comments about the dress and suggestions for alterations, personalizations, and accessories that complimented the dress and my desired style. Very easy to work with.
Allison Garcia from Boise
on 12/30/2021
Lauren’s knowledge of the dresses, designers, alterations, and customizable options was incredible. She clearly knows a lot about dresses and was able to use her expertise to make me feel gorgeous, comfortable, and confident. I couldn’t have been more impressed with her and my La Neige experience.
Jessi from Boise
on 12/29/2021
Thank you for all your help in picking out my wedding dress. Everyone went above and beyond to make sure I made the right choice for me from thinking of different alteration options and giving me an idea of what that would look like. You read what I was liking without me having to say much at all which made the experience tailored to me and it felt special.
Brooklyn Williams from Boise, Idaho
on 12/22/2021
LaNeige was amazing! I felt listened to, and encouraged, and my experience took all the stress out of dress shopping and kept all of the fun. Everyone is so nice there and genuinely care about what you want and what you think. I would definitely recommend!!
Mandy Barnes from LeNeige Boise
on 12/12/2021
This experience was amazing!! I felt so heard and it was so easy and low stress. There were so many beautiful dresses here. I love how honest my consultant was and the questions she asked to get me to choose the right dress!!
Jessie Eaton from Boise, Idaho
on 11/30/2021
I had the best experience with this boutique! It was my first time shopping for a dress and I ended up picking my dress that day! The process was seamless and I only had a try on a few dresses to find the one! I was able to try on about every style of dress to narrow down the one I loved and after I said yes they let me take so manny photos and were so supportive! I’m so excited to see my custom dress all done and go back to this amazing place! 100% recommend
on 11/29/2021
Brooklyn was wonderful! She was so helpful and fun to be with! You are all amazing, and really made me feel special.
Rylie from Boise Laneige Bridal
on 11/28/2021
Seriously best service ever! I felt the most comfortable here hands down. Although I didn’t find my dress here I had a really close second & was so hesitant to buy just because of how nice everyone was and how comfortable I felt here! They won’t leave you hanging to figure out what’s going on & never once did I feel bad about saying no or like I was on a time crunch or pushing numbers. So so amazing & hands down the best shop!!
Cami Murray from Boise
on 11/15/2021
From start to finish my experience was wonderful. Maria, my stylist, did a great job pulling gowns I really liked, and guiding my choice by asking how each look made me feel. I felt so confident in my decision when I said yes! And when I called back the next day, panicked that there was an issue with my paperwork, the staff did any amazing job reassuring me everything was ok. Thank you for an amazing shopping experience!
Shyla from Boise
on 11/15/2021
The consultant did anything and everything to make me and my guest feel comfortable and free! She let us pick as many dresses and we wanted and she was honest when I asked for her feedback. It was a beautiful experience and I’m so glad I went with LaNeige!
Kimber Medellin from Boise
on 11/01/2021
Honestly this was our second shop and it was a night and day difference! She made us feel so welcomed and me as the bride so comfortable. I appreciated her really checking in to see what I liked about dress and helping find options to cater towards my style and vision. I can’t even explain how great our stylist was and experience. Thank you guys so much for making this moment so memorable.
Jessica wohlschlegel from BOISE
on 10/30/2021
Justine, our stylist was outstanding. We loved the vibe and atmosphere of your boutique. The perfect experience.
Emma Skelton from Boise, ID
on 10/13/2021
Maria was absolutely wonderful. So personable, kind, and made the experience perfect. There was such a great selection of dresses with a good range of prices. Was very impressed overall and will continue to recommend.
Alexandra Colton from Boise, ID
on 08/15/2021
LaNeige was a beautiful bridal shop and the location where I chose my dress. My stylist was wonderful. She had looked at my Pinterest board ahead of time, and already had a couple dresses picked out that she thought I might like when I got there - I SO appreciated it. If I can remember correctly, I think one of the dresses she chose for me was the one I ended up buying. There were many dresses to chose from, both of which were the style I liked and in my price range. They also had many beautiful veils. My group and I got our own corridor of the building to try on in, but it wasn't as private as our own room would have been. We were offered champagne and the staff was so friendly and helpful. I recommend chosing LaNeige when you are making bridal appointments!
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