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Lindsey from Chesterfield
on 08/12/2018
Debbie was so helpful! She listened to what I wanted and helped me to find my dream dress! Debbie was great at pulling dresses that fit my body type. She made me feel extremely comfortable and confident in each dress.
Laurel Jacobson from Chesterfield
on 07/30/2018
My daughter and I had an appointment at Signature Bridal on a Saturday afternoon and we were welcomed warmly when we arrived. Debbie helped us for the next 1.5 hours and was a delight to work with. I am the bride this time and Debbie asked me several questions about what style dress I thought I wanted and listened to me as I explained. I had also sent an email with photo to her a few weeks before of a tulle-type wrap that I loved and she was ready to help fashion one for me out of what she had on hand. She really worked to make it drape as it should and I could see what the finished product would look like. I loved it! She said her seamstress would be able to make one easily. I tried on several dresses and found a couple I liked and one of those I loved. Debbie took her time explaining what alterations would need to be done to achieve the look I wanted so I have an appointment to meet with the seamstress for further advice. She was right there alongside me the entire time, helping to fit the dresses, take them away when I was finished and fluffing the trains out so the dresses looked their best. She brought belts out to try with some of the gowns and when she brought the veil out is when I nearly lost it. It transformed the whole look and finished it perfectly. Her experience in fitting wedding gowns showed and I was thrilled with my time at Signature. I left feeling like a princess! Debbie's daughter wrote down the three favorite dresses and their numbers, veil info and shoe info. The salon is very pretty, clean and roomy. Even though I haven't yet chosen my dress, I am very happy with my experience at Signature and thank you Debbie for all your help!
Meghan Watkins from St. Louis, MO
on 07/30/2018
Signature Bridal was wonderful to work with. Their expertise helped me find the dress of my dreams and they were so fun to celebrate with after!
katarina etling from st charles
on 06/28/2018
amazing service, beyond beautiful gowns.
Morgan Rice
on 06/18/2018
Thank you!
Amanda Mizell from O’Fallon, MO
on 06/13/2018
Y’all are we’re so kind and patient with myself (and crazy family)! The champagne and confetti was SUCH a fun touch. My family couldn’t stop raving about y’all either. Thank you again!!
Brandi Melvin from Saint Charles
on 06/12/2018
LOVE this place. It was so nice and very beautifully decorated. I believe the owner helped me find my dress and she was super awesome. Very sweet and patient. All the dresses they have are gorgeous with lots of selection! Would recommend for everyone!
on 06/07/2018
Had a great experience and loved the variety of dresses I was able to try on! So grateful that you had exactly what I was looking for! :)
on 06/07/2018
This was the first dress location I went to, and I loved my experience. The woman at the counter was very friendly, she even knew my name and was expecting me for my appointment. They were also very helpful with dress selection. They gave me a variety of style recommendations to make the process less overwhelming. It's a family run business and they really do a wonderful job making you feel like you are part of the family.
Leigh from Chesterfield
on 05/17/2018
Debbie has been AMAZING to work with. Picked up my dress on Tuesday and its GORGEOUS! I'm now that much more excited about my wedding! December cant get her fast enough!!
Verna Murphy from Chesterfield, Mo
on 05/09/2018
Signature Bridal is one of the most professional boutique personal wedding shops in St.Louis! The personal attention given is top notch and I appreciate every time I walk in their doors. I’m always greeted with a smile and the shop itself provides a beautiful appearance along with the beautiful dresses they have to offer. Once I stepped in, it didn’t cross my mind to look any further for my dream day. I couldn’t be more excited to trust these two women with one of the most important days of my life!
Melanie from St. Louis
on 05/09/2018
This was such a wonderful experience! Debbie was so kind and friendly, and she really made me feel comfortable to express my opinion while still giving me advice. She gave me confidence to try a huge variety of styles, and she had so much insight and expertise in this field. I loved the whole experience!
on 05/07/2018
Loved my experience at Signature Bridal! The girls were so attentive to me and made it such a fun and enjoyable experience! They took their time and were nothing but helpful with all of my questions! So happy I chose to go to Signature Bridal for my wedding dress :)
Donna from Pacific
on 04/27/2018
It was awesome! Samantha was super helpful and attentive. All of the dresses were gorgeous. And really sparkly, which is by far the most important! The boutique was also easy to find and was really pretty.
Lauren from St. Louis
on 04/26/2018
Debbie was so welcoming for my appointment and made my first dress shopping experience fun and enjoyable!
Latrice Washington from Chesterfield
on 04/18/2018
I absolutely loved everything from the moment I stepped in the door. The dress display in the window was gorgeous. Samantha was very very helpful, she made my bad day turn out perfect. I found several beautiful gowns that like an A-line dress and a ball gown dress which were not even dresses I wanted to try on but Samantha got those to be my top 2 choices. She's a beautiful person inside and out, really. I would definitely recommend her shop to everybody!!
Julia Manewith from Signature Bridial
on 04/09/2018
We had the BEST experience at Signature Bridal. It was my first time trying on wedding dresses, and I worked with the owner Debbie. Debbie listened to every detail i shared about my preferences and took control of the appointment. She was confident and thorough and knew the answer to every question we asked. In one single appointment I found the dress of my dreams and I am so excited to wear it on my wedding day! Signature bridal has an amazing selection of designers, a professional staff and environment, and a beautiful store. I recommend them highly!
Jamie VanDerBeck from St. Charles
on 04/01/2018
I cannot say enough about my wonderful experience at Signature Bridal. The store is adorable and the staff was amazing. They definitely make sure your experience is easy and fun. The dress selection is also great. I would recommend this bridal shop to anyone!
Denise Hewett from St. Charles
on 03/27/2018
I loved everything about the store. The owner and her daughter did everything to make this decision so easy for me. They were friendly and so helpful. I would recommend Signature Bridal to anyone.
Mollie Baumann from Signature Bridal
on 03/27/2018
Debbie and Samantha were so helpful in meeting my dream for a dress. They worked efficiently and never made me feel rushed.
on 03/26/2018
Wonderful experience!!!!!! I would highly recommend Signature Bridal!
Annie Di Bisceglie from St. Louis
on 03/23/2018
Both when I went to find my dress, and then again when I went for my first fitting I was very impressed with the level of attention to detail they gave me.
Grace Mackowiak from Chesterfield
on 02/24/2018
Wonderful service! Didn't feel pressured to shop outside budget range and Debbie was very helpful, patient, and straightforward. Would recommend an experience here!
Hannah Benoist from Chesterfield, MO
on 02/23/2018
My experience at Signature Bridal was nothing less than amazing! It was a personal and intimate experience and I would highly recommend Signature Bridal to any bride-to-be!
Nicole Scott
on 02/23/2018
Samantha was fantastic to work with! I was in Chesterfield from out of town and had emailed her prior to pull a few styles I liked, which was super helpful. The ladies at Signature Bridal were very accommodating and fun to work with. I highly recommend this boutique!
Chelsea B. from Belleville, IL
on 02/18/2018
I loved everything about this salon. Very welcoming from the moment we walked in. All the ladies including the seamstress, were very helpful!! We left and had lunch and went to another appointment, and it wasn’t the same. We called and asked if we could come back and try on the dress again. They stayed open for us and I fell in love again! Bought my dress when I went back! Can’t wait to pick up my dress and work on making it mine!
Emily Evert from Chesterfield
on 02/09/2018
Everyone was super nice and attentive and willing to help me with everything I needed. They were even nice enough to let me slip in to try on a wedding dress I had found online without having a scheduled appointment and they quickly picked up on my style!
Shelby Linneman from St. Louis
on 02/05/2018
I loved working with Signature Bridal! They were so helpful and patient with me. They helped me find a dress I loved and helped me explore new options that I never even knew I liked! Thanks so much for helping me find my dress!
on 01/28/2018
I had a great experience shopping here!
on 01/22/2018
I had a great experience tab signature bridal! I am at a time constraint to find a wedding dress, but Samatha was patient with me and found me great options! Her customer service level was impeccable. She also wrote down styles of dresses I can view at home that she will receive in store at later date. I will recommend this shop to my friends and family!
Lindsey Vogel
on 01/21/2018
Great experience at Signature Bridal! The staff was so helpful and really listened to my wishes. They also encouraged me to try on a few dresses out of my comfort zone. They were very knowledgeable and I never felt pressured in any way. Would strongly recommend this bridal shop!
on 01/18/2018
Everyone was very helpful and friendly! I spent over an hour trying on dresses. Nobody was pushy to make a sale and genuinely just wanted to assist in making the day easier. I highly recommend them!
Jeanette Gehrig from St. Louis
on 01/14/2018
Samantha was so helpful in helping me find the right dress. She listened to my feedback and pulled gowns that I loved, even pulling one off the mannequin. I ended up coming for a second look the next day and decided the gown I loved was the one!
Samantha Bonney from Labadie, MO
on 01/11/2018
Absolutely loved this bridal store! Very easy to get along with Debbie and Samantha and the dresses were gorgeous! I found a couple beautiful dresses and one I absolutely loved that Debbie grabbed as the last dress we tried on.
Courtney Cooney from Chesterfield
on 01/07/2018
Best experience ever! Made my wedding dress shopping exciting and fun. SB took what I wanted and nailed it! they were so helpful! I couldn't have asked for a better dress and more help !
Leigh from Chesterfield
on 12/21/2017
This place is wonderful! The owner, Debbie was a pleasure to work with. She quickly looked up the dresses I had found online and got right down to business. Didn't rush me or any of my friends that came while trying to decide on a dress. I still haven't decided but I will definitely be back!
Amanda Ferguson from Signature brida
on 12/16/2017
Samantha was very patient and professional from the moment we got there. I was in a very tricky situation with a gown that I did not love. Samantha was able to help me find an AMAZING gown that I fell in love with!
Sarah McVey from Chesterfield
on 12/02/2017
Thank you for helping me find my dress! You were so helpful and patient with not only me but my family as well. You got to know me and what I wanted which made it a fun experience. I could not have imagined anything better. Plus the December gifts were such a cute idea! I will absolutely be coming back for bridesmaids, flower girl, and tux help!
Kristen Maynard from St Peters
on 11/10/2017
Samantha created a wonderful experience for me. She was very helpful during the dress selection process and attentive to any questions or concerns. I can’t recommend this place enough. If you’re looking for a charming, well-stocked boutique with excellent customer service and affordable prices-you need to go to Signature Bridal!
on 10/07/2017
Samantha was very helpful! I told her a few things I was looking for and she found my perfect dress. She did not have to tell me about the trunk sale coming up and she did. I loved the store and the mother daughter duo! The store was so cute!
Courtney Paquette from Chesterfield
on 11/22/2015
I had such an amazing experience at Signature Bridal!! Debbie and Samantha were both a delight to work with. Debbie gave me her complete attention and spectacular service. I truly felt like a princess :) Debbie really attended to my style and knew exactly which dresses to pull. I could not be more pleased with my visit to Signature Bridal and I will most definitely recommend it to others!
Stacey from St. Louis
on 11/22/2015
Great service and advice. This was the first time I had ever tried on wedding dresses, and was very nervous. Signature Bridal made my first experience very comfortable. Not only did the owner help me pull several dresses, she also let me know about the next trunk sale and further discounts I could get on the dresses.
Britney M. from St. Louis, MO
on 11/20/2015
Signature Bridal goes above and beyond to help their customers find their perfect dress. The owners are professional, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful throughout the entire process. From the hand written thank you notes to the "Say yes to the dress" champagne toast, Signature Bridal differentiates itself through exceptional customer service and an amazing selection of dresses!
Adrienne Heutel from St. Louis, MO
on 10/26/2015
I had the best time at Signature Bridal. The other bridal shops that I visited in St. Louis do not compare to Signature. The gowns are beautiful, prices are reasonable and the experience was unforgettable. Debbie and Samantha were great.
Megan Brennan from St. Louis
on 10/26/2015
I visited a few bridal shops for bridal gowns and bridesmaid gowns, but Signature Bridal had the best selections and the best customer service. I read so many reviews online for many different bridal stores and Signature Bridal had the best reviews. Samantha and Debbie are so knowledgeable and attentive. I had a picture in my mind of the type of bridal gown I wanted, and quickly realized the style that best suited my body was completely different. They showed me so many amazing dresses for me to try on, and were honest about how the dresses fit my body and whether or not I looked comfortable. I have visited the store many times and they are always so welcoming and professional. I cannot wait to wear my gown and see my bridesmaids in their beautiful dresses! I highly recommend Samantha and Debbie and Signature Bridal.
on 10/19/2015
Signature Bridal was the first shop I visited, and it was a great experience. Debbie was simultaneously very warm but still quite professional. She maneuvered me seamlessly from one dress to another, listening to my reactions and providing accessories and suggestions where possible. I'm leaning towards a particular dress, and Debbie told me right away that she's having a trunk show next month where I can purchase the dress at a discount! It really felt like she had my interests at heart, not just her bottom line. I haven't purchased my dress yet, but I have a gut feeling that this is where I'll ultimately return!
Katie from St. Louis
on 10/07/2015
As a gal who wasn't super excited about this aspect of the wedding, the ladies at Signature Bridal made this a smooth and easy process. They were friendly, helpful, and not at all pushy.
Becky Ledbetter from Chesterfield
on 09/28/2015
They were very friendly and professional! Debbie really listened to what I wanted and helped me eliminate the style of dresses that didn't fit the way I picture my wedding! I would definitely recommend them to ny bride looking for a fun experience and professional help picking a dress!
Melissa Esunis from Chesterfield, MO
on 09/27/2015
This was my first appointment to try on dresses. The store owner offered to come in before they opened to help me. It was really nice having that opportunity to make sure I was getting a lot of help, which I was. Very cute boutique, and kind owner. I had a great first experience trying on dresses at Signature Bridal.
Erin from Chesterfield
on 03/23/2015
I had a wonderful experience from this store starting when you walk in and meet the puppy Winston! I found the store because I loved the designer Stella York. They were so helpful and knowledgeable. They were very accommodating too, being that my wedding is soon approaching. It was a wonderful experience and my first time wedding dress shopping. They helped me find my dress with ease! I would highly recommend Signature Bridal.