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Natalie G. from Toronto
on 10/31/2019
I was pretty nervous heading into my appointment and Jasmine made me feel so comfortable right from the start! There was such a great selection of dresses with such beautiful fabrics and fits that were comfortably in my price range. I had a really great time and am so happy with my experience!
Michaella from Montreal
on 10/29/2019
Meghan was such an incredible consultant. It was my first appointment and I was a bit nervous. She was encouraging, listened, and made suggestions that I liked. You could tell she was hearing what I was telling her. I also loved thte selection of dresses that I tried on. Thank you for creating an amazing experience,
Jessica Marie Loucks from Queen
on 10/28/2019
Best experience I’ve had yet! From the front door welcome to dress and veil picking to working with my indecisiveness with picking a dress, and then being supportive and assisting with my decisions. I refuse to go anywhere else. They are sweet as sugar pie. (Assisted by manager and supervisor)
Maggie Maloney from Toronto
on 10/28/2019
Such a great experience finding "the dress" at Sash & Bustle! The dress I ended up choosing was a pick from the consultant - she knew exactly what I was looking for after trying on a couple other dresses and hearing my feedback. I would highly recommend any future bride come to this boutique.
Brittany from Rochester, New York
on 10/28/2019
I had an absolutely wonderful experience at Sash & Bustle! Jasmine and Vanessa were amazing and helped me find the perfect dress. From the peach & ginger tea to the slippers and autonomy they give their brides. Everything about this place was perfect :)
Emma from Toronto
on 10/27/2019
I had a great time with my bride tribe at Sash & Bustle. They made each dress fit me perfectly and had the best customer service I have ever experienced. Even one of the owners can by to help me envision what the dress could look like. Overall I would highly recommend to come to Sash & Bustle for your wedding dress!! Thank you to my wonderful stylist for all your help!
Madison from Bermuda
on 10/22/2019
I knew this was the place I would find my dress in before I even walked in. The selection was amazing, the staff was so friendly and so relaxed which made the experience so comfortable for me. I cannot wait to return to pick my dress up! Thanks again!
Kayla Loshaw from Muskoka
on 10/22/2019
If I could give more than 5 stars I would! I came to Sash and Bustle after a very defeating bridal appointment at another salon. The staff at Sash and Bustle were exactly the pick me up I needed. Everyone was welcoming, warm, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable. My friends and family were made comfortable in this quaint location. I found my dream dress and it was a magical moment. I would recommend Sash and Bustle to any bride.
Melanie from Hamilton
on 10/10/2019
Sash & Bustle was a very welcoming first experience for me! Caitlin was helpful, attentive, and made the experience looking for a dress as stress free as possible. Not to mention patient! I tried 10 dresses on and ended up trying on dress #1 again to feel that certainty for the dress was THE one. Sash & Bustle was a huge success and I couldn't be happier with the dress I found!
J from Toronto
on 10/09/2019
Had an amazing first wedding dress shopping experience at S&B! Jasmine was lovely and was really thoughtful when pulling dresses. The store was gorgeous and the dresses... Outstanding selection for the not-so-traditional bride. I never felt any pressure during my visit.... And at this point, looks like I will be returning to say "Yes!". Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
Le-Tien Duong from Toronto
on 10/06/2019
Jasmine was so great and helpful! She made my first wedding dress experience feel very special and important. Really looking forward to coming back
on 09/30/2019
Great shop! The quaint size and limited appointments at a time make it feel more personal and less rushed. The staff were very attentive and genuinely wanted to find you the best dress. The plush carpet and comfy couches were a really good touch. Would highly recommend for the whole experience.
on 09/30/2019
Lovely place with a great selection. Our consultant was amazing and the whole experience wonderful. Definitely the best dress store of all the (5+) ones we’ve been to in Toronto, highly recommend!
Christina from Innisfil, Ontario
on 09/30/2019
As a curvier bride I had so many anxieties about wedding dress shopping. From the get-go all of my nerves were settled. The consultants were incredible, the environment was so warm and friendly, and the selection of dresses was plentiful! It's been an amazing experience so far, and the best part is still yet to come. I am so excited to be a Sash & Bustle bride!
Laura Aiken from Toronto
on 09/24/2019
I had such a great experience at your store! Megan was so friendly and helpful, she made the whole process so easy. I also really liked how you have brides choose a few dresses themselves to start, I think it saved a lot of time. Also really loved having the bridesmaid area to ourselves, it was so spacious and relaxed Would definitely recommend your store to my friends!
Ashley from Toronto
on 09/24/2019
Had a wonderful experience at Sash & Bustle. The staff was very helpful, friendly and the dresses gorgeous! Amazing experience and would recommend all brides check out this beautiful boutique.
Mara from Toronto, On
on 09/23/2019
I cannot say enough positive things about my experience at Sash & Bustle. Brooke was great understanding the overall feel of my wedding and helping make recommendations on dresses, then double and triple checking measurements and making recommendations on accesories styling. Ultimately I fell in love with the second dress I tried on, I was of course excited since it was my future wedding dress, but what really made the moment exceptional was how excited everyone in the store was when they saw what dress I had picked. You could literally feel how much everyone working there loves what they do and it made an event I was dreading something I ended up really enjoying. Thanks to Brooke, Andrea and the team for such an unforgettable experience picking my dress, I can't wait to be a Sash & Bustle bride!
Lauren Aubry from Toronto
on 09/23/2019
My appointment at Sash and Bustle was such an incredible experience. The boutique is absolutely stunning, and the service myself and my friends/family received was so warm. My stylist was honest and open about everything, and made me feel so comfortable (regardless of my budget). It was the boutique I was most excited about, and it did not disappoint. I made memories that will last a life time. Thank you Sash and Bustle (and to Caitlin, my stylist).
Megan Bowman from Queen St. E
on 09/23/2019
I had almost given up finding a dress when I decided to give Sash and Bustle a go. I was feeling pretty defeated, but in a desperate final attempt to keep an open mind, I let the stylists pull anything and everything. I won't lie, given previous shopping experiences, I'd become skeptical of just how capable the girls were of synthesizing the feedback I'd give after every dress, and use it to inform the next idea they'd pull. But it turns out, at Sash and Bustle, they were very capable. I cannot imagine the character it must take to deal with confused and indecisive and emotional brides with the grace that they did. I had begun working solely with Rebekka and I'm so happy I did. I'm not sure if she simply has this ability to morph into who her client needs her to be in the moment, or if her approach was just very well suited to mine. She was patient and attentive and realistic and unrelenting. Not once did I feel as though she was giving up on me. I needed someone to absorb the minutia of my ramblings and continue to produce gowns that fit more closely than the last. Eventually, Veronica joined, and together they pulled a dress so perfect I couldn't have designed it better myself. In terms of my experience as a whole, they made me feel welcome to shape it how I wanted. I was assured there was no wrong way to dress shop. So I brought my best friend along the next time, my fiance. The only other opinion I cared about. He confirmed what I had suspected - I had found the dress. I am so pleased with my experience and hope that both Rebekka and Veronica are given due praise. I cannot speak highly enough of their professionalism and expertise. Thank you both for your thoughtful approach. I will not be able to wear my gown without reflecting on where I found it. Best, Megan
Lauren Hough from Sash & Bustle
on 09/18/2019
The salon is absolutely beautiful and inviting - we felt welcome when we came in the door. Paddy was an awesome consultant - he gave us time to look on our own, watched and listened to what we had to say and in the end he found my dress! He’s basically a mind reader because he knew my dress was my dress before I did! Thanks Paddy Olé!
Vanessa Zagordo from Queen St
on 09/16/2019
My experience at Sash and Bustle was something I can not even put into words. As being a bustier and a little heavier bride I was very nervous as to how the sample dresses were going to sit on me and if I was really going to be able to get the true look. They had a wide range of sizes and every dress I tried on was a good fit. Rebekka was absolutely amazing, she listened to what I thought I wanted. She let me try on some dresses that I liked without saying anything than she slowly would give me some suggestions to help show my figure. She is truly such a kind and very sweet person! I am so happy Sash and Bustle was able to find me help the dress of my dreams. Everyone at that store is fantastic!
Madeleine Mar
on 09/14/2019
This was my second visit at Sash and Bustle to try on more bridal dresses. Everyone who works there is so lovely and helpful, and greets you warmly. I ended up going with a dress a tried on during my first appointment! Paddy was super helpful with suggesting perfect accessories to go with the gown, and he made my second experience wonderful and welcoming. I highly recommend visiting Sash and Bustle, the service here is by far one of the best, and their gown selection is amazing for a more intimate bridal boutique.
Jordie McTavish from Toronto
on 09/14/2019
We had an absolutely wonderful time with Rebecca and Jasmine! It was our favourite experience out of the places that we went. The dresses were in perfect condition and the whole staff was welcoming. I can’t wait to come in for my styling appointment and to officially say yes to the dress!!!
Allessia Imbrogno from Toronto
on 09/12/2019
Wonderful and lovely! Lindsey was super knowledgable about all the dresses, designers and what customizations were possible. She ran a really awesome appointment!
Bobby Schimmel from Toronto
on 09/10/2019
I have always had an amazing experience at Sash & Bustle. It is relatively easy to get a same-week appointment there and the people working there make me feel like I am the only bride important to them at the time. They are always attentive and helpful, offering solutions, customizations, advice and support. I reccommend Sash & Bustle to everyone looking for wedding dresses and accessories. They have such an amazing selection of dresses and price ranges. There is really something for everyone.
Josie C. from Toronto
on 09/09/2019
This was by far the best experience I’ve had at a bridal boutique yet! The selection of gowns was absolutely stunning and really reflected so many different styles, and working with Lindsay and the other girls in the boutique was so great - I was there alone and they made my experience a super positive one! Will be going back in the next couple of weeks to hopefully say yes!!
Andrea from Toronto
on 09/09/2019
Rebekka was fantastic! This was my first appointment and she made me feel totally comfortable, was able to quickly pick out what my style was leaning towards, brought great recommendations and helped me enjoy the appointment! I really appreciated the atmosphere of the store - no pressure and cool vibes.
Alexandra Tower from Toronto
on 09/09/2019
Megan was amazing to work with. She was sweet, patient and addressed any questions or concerns I had with the utmost professionalism. I had a great time picking out my dress and couldn't ask for a better consultant. Thanks Sash & Bustle!
Kyra from Toronto
on 09/03/2019
The staff at the boutique are always so lovely and very helpful. They made the experience very easy and fun! I’m happy to say I found the dress of my dreams here! Much appreciated and would highly recommend <3
Kerra Seay from Cambridge
on 09/02/2019
I had an amazing experience. After a bad David’s Bridal appointment I had low expectations. And as a plus size girl I didn’t think I’d have many options. But with the exception of one, I got into all dresses I tried on and found one that I really love. Rebecca showed me around the store and pointed out the one I ended up loving.
Amanda Forbes from Sash & Bustle Queen St. W
on 08/31/2019
My experiences have all been wonderful at Sash & Bustle. From my first bridal appointemtn when I put on a wedding dress for the first time, to choosing the perfect dress, and I just picked up my dress and it's perfect! Everyone is so wonderful and lovely. The environment is comfortable and welcoming. I had a styling appointment and they stylist was very helpful with lots of great advice on how I should style my jewlery and what veil would be best for my dress, what options for my hair. It was so fun!
Donna from Toronto
on 08/29/2019
Lovely shopping experience! I had a dress in mind and it was my first time every trying on anything bridal - truly the first stop! I was able to ease in so comfortably and felt very cared for. I really appreciated the careful touches of double checking measurements, describing the different possibilities and all the help getting in and out of the dresses. I'm so happy that my first and only time shopping for a wedding dress led me to THE dress. What a wonderful place. Thanks ladies!
Carolyn Ortega from Ottawa, ON
on 08/27/2019
Absolutely loved my experience here! There such a great selection of dresses all which were so reflective of my style, I wanted to pick them all!! Brooke was also so amazing and super knowledge in everything, from dresses to everything in between! She made the experience really comfortable and fun!
Madeleine Mar
on 08/26/2019
Super helpful service and didn't feel rushed or pressured. Loved the individualized appointment, and since this was my first experience dress shopping, it certainly set a high standard for me. The ladies who worked at Sash and Bustle were so kind and welcoming, and Lindsay was amazing! She let me choose some dresses to try on, and additionally picked a few out for me to try out that fit my style and budget. She was extremely helpful!
Chloe from Buffalo, NY
on 08/26/2019
The store was cute with lovely gowns. I will say my experience of 5 stars was directly attributed to Paddy. He was able to understand and react to my vibe (not over-the-top excited for dress shopping, but understand I need to buy one and want to look good!), work with my indecisiveness and manage my group of friends and their input.
Simona De Cicco from Toronto
on 08/26/2019
Rebekka was excellent!! This is our second time shopping with her (first time was for a wedding dress, this time was for bridesmaids) and it was an awesome experience! On both occassions we were able to find exactly what we wanted and left happy with our purchases!
Sarah from Queen St
on 08/25/2019
Loved my experience getting me wedding dress from Sash and Bustle. Rebekka was great for both finding my dress and the pick up appointment!
Kamille Amorim from Queen St
on 08/22/2019
I had a great time dress shopping with my mom at Sash and Bustle. Lindsay, my stylist was an absolute pleasure to work with. She was very understanding of my requests and concerns, and made the process so relaxing and easy. The quaint and “small” atmosphere of S&B makes it a perfect place to visit when dress shopping, relieving some of the overwhelming feeling that comes with shopping for a dress for your big day. I am so happy that S&B was my first (and last!) stop for dress shopping because now I have my dream dress! Thank you to all the S&B staff that were there and made the experience so enjoyable.
Kyla from Sash & Bustle
on 08/13/2019
I went to my first ever bridal appointment at Sash & Bustle on Sunday and had the best experience ever. Lindsay was the one helping me. She was knowledgable, friendly and sweet. She made me feel at ease and comfortable trying on different dresses. She had amazing suggestions and did the research beforehand to understand what kind of dress I was looking for and what I liked. She was also able to respect my budget and let me know ahead of time if something was slightly over, which was much appreciated. Throughout the entire experience I also did not feel pressured to buy something. I can’t rave enough about Lindsay and the experience she created! I was beyond happy!! I had such a positive and comfortable experience and would recommend this place to any bride who’s looking for more of an intimate experience with a curated collection and the feeling of a smaller boutique! :)
Chelsea Slater from Ottawa
on 08/12/2019
I had a lovely experience at your store. I came in super deflated after a previous appointment and it completely turned around for me after being in your store. I found it was the perfect size space to make me feel special and not like just another number. My consultant was very considerate and kind and asked all the right questions. I found it especially nice when one of the owners/sisters stepped in and said hi and asked if we wanted any help. This added a special touch to the appointment and made it feel even more special. The atmosphere of the store was light, airy, beautiful, magical, I could go on all day. It was wonderful. The space for my guests to sit was comfortable and relaxing. The selection of dresses available was a perfect variety. I liked when the consultant described each designer by section to give us each a good idea. Overall I would definitely recommend your store to anyone I know going dress shopping. It was definitely worth the drive from Ottawa. And I will be back in October for the big purchase!!
Irina Pintea from Toronto
on 08/11/2019
I was so impressed with the selection of bridal gowns Sash & Bustle has to offer! The variety, uniqueness, and quality is unparalleled. Lindsay was hands down the best bridal stylist I encountered on my wedding dress journey. She was warm, genuine, attentive, and made me feel completely at ease throughout the entire process. I will be recommending this boutique to every bride I know!
on 08/07/2019
Amazing staff. Beautiful dresses. Great prices. Highly recommend!
Anonymous from Simona
on 08/02/2019
Rebekka was awesome and her help was greatly appreciated when picking the perfect wedding dress. I wasn’t sure what style of dress I wanted and she was able to take all the things I liked and find the perfect dress for me. There is a beautiful selection of dresses and it was an amazing experience!
Janeta from Toronto
on 07/31/2019
Excellent service and excellent selection of gowns! Would recommend to all brides, but especially brides looking for non-traditional dresses since the selection is incredible!
on 07/29/2019
The experience was great! It's a good sized boutique that I did not feel overwhelmed. The staff helped point me to the right direction to make a selection based on what i described was my style and price range. She then brought out other options based on what I pointed out. The place is cute, they welcomed my family and good price ranges! I'd recommend to anyone!
Emily from Toronto
on 07/29/2019
Staff members helping me seemed genuinely excited for me and my group. They were extremely professional and helpful throughout the appointment.
Maggie Brennand from Leslieville
on 07/28/2019
Brooke was the absolute best. She not only made amazing gown choices, but she was just lovely and kind and thoughtful and made my experience amazing. I’m so glad I got to work with her!
Georgia Carter from Caledon
on 07/26/2019
I absolutely adored my time at Sash & Bustle! Rebekka was so kind and helpful! I felt totally supported throughout the process - Rebekka understood my style and vision, and has an excellent knowledge of the gowns. The entire experience from start to finish was outstanding!
Denise Whitcomb from Toronto
on 07/26/2019
Belinda and the whole team that I've worked with over the last few months have been terrific. I love my dress and can't wait to wear it.
Leah Gale from Milton, ON
on 07/24/2019
I had such an amazing experience! This was my first dress store and I'm excited to say that I have found the dress of my dreams. The associates were so kind and extremely knowledgeable. I will forever recommend Sash and Bustle.