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Jessica Ciamarra
on 05/21/2018
LOVE Sash & Bustle! The staff are the sweetest and most helpful and the environment is super positive and comfortable. Truly appreciate how accommodating and supportive the staff is. Especially Veronica and Belinda for helping me track down my dream dress. Thank you to both of you for making my dress shopping experience so easy and enjoyable.
Stefanie Chin-Yick from Toronto
on 05/20/2018
My first appointment was with Haille and she was absolutely lovely and made the entire experience lovely! She pulled different styles and decided to pull the Bruna by Theia which I fell in love with. Today I was greeted by Tara and she was super warm and friendly, keeping me company until my appointment started - she's super sweet. Then was the wonderful and super personable Veronica (and Belinda also sat in and helped, which was even more fantastic). Everyone I have met with at the boutique has made my experience beyond memorable and special. I've been to five different bridal boutiques and without a doubt Sash & Bustle has been my favourite experience (both times). I really look forward to finally purchasing my dress at your shop in a few weeks when the Robert Bullock trunk show is on! Thank you so much, ladies! You are all so lovely :)
Meaghan from Toronto
on 05/17/2018
I had the best experience at Sash and Bustle - the consultants were extremely knowledgeable and helpful, the space is beautiful and the selection of dresses is amazing. I would recommend Sash and Bustle to any and everyone I know who is getting married!
Leah Bottner from Toronto
on 05/16/2018
I had a really great experience! I loved working with Veronica! She clearly loves her job and has great opinions and suggestions. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE my gown! It's perfect :) Thank you so much for all your help!!
Laura from Toronto
on 05/14/2018
I had such a great experience at Sash & Bustle shopping for my wedding dress! I had been to a few other bridal shops before and couldn't find anything that was me (I didn't want anything too traditional and didn't want lace). I came in wanting to try a specific designer who was having a trunk show and after trying a few dresses, my consultant found my PERFECT dress from another designer. Had she not been listening to me to see what I was liking along the way, I would have never known this dress existed. I wasn't ready to decide on the spot and I didn't feel any pressure to buy that day. When I came back a second time I had an equally lovely appointment and purchased the dress from the first appointment. The consultants were friendly & professional throughout, but also gave the group space to enjoy the experience together. I would definitely recommend S&B!
Jenna Ducas from Markham
on 05/13/2018
I came to the shop twice and was helped by Tara and Valerie, they were both lovely! I ended up finding my dress at the Hayley Paige trunk show and am in love with it. S&B is the cutest shop I’ve visited!!
Emily Vallevand from Queen East
on 05/13/2018
Loved my entire experience with Sash & Bustle. Veronica was an amazing consultant who listened to what I was looking for and helped me find the perfect dress. She was personable and made it fun and exciting. The whole staff has a way of making every bride feel like the most important person in the world and they all seem to love their jobs so much. The studio is fresh and warm and so inviting. It does not feel like you are in just some other dress shop. The selection was beautiful and there were lots of dresses in my budget. I loved seeing the owners pulling new designs and getting excited and engaging with their customers. I am so happy to have my dress and can't wait to wear it. Its too bad wedding are until death do us part, because I would love to come back and have this experience with the Sash & Bustle team again. Thanks to everyone.
Alexandra Macdonald from Toronto
on 05/13/2018
I had the most amazing experience picking out my dress with Veronica. The boutique is beautiful and offers a really personal experience when compared with Department store. When it came down to my second appointment and saying 'yes' to the dress - several members of the staff popped by with positive comments that really made me feel confident! I couldn't have been more happy with my experience and would absolutely recommend Sash & Bustle to any bride looking for a non-traditional gown!
Maricruz Rodriguez from Queen and Broadview
on 05/10/2018
Veronica was great! Amazing! She wanted to hear my input and felt comfortable in allowing me to pick dresses and give me input. I love her! You have a good one! :)
Yvonne Madsen from Queen Street East
on 05/09/2018
5********************* I ordered my dress yesterday - Had Tara the first 2 times, then Haillie - Best customer Service ever!
on 05/08/2018
Great experience at Sash & Bustle. I had Tara as my consultant and she was lovely. The dress I had on my vision board was there; I tried it on and loved it. Dress selection is perfect. And well priced items
Julie from Toronto
on 05/07/2018
We had an absolutely amazing visit. I felt very supported and cared for, and not at all pressured. I would highly recommend S&B to others. What a great experience.
Candace Green from Queen E
on 05/07/2018
When I got engaged, I knew I would be visiting Sash & Bustle for my gown. I had been there previously with a friend choosing her own wedding dress, and was so impressed by the experience. Hallie was a dream to work with, she let me explore, made great suggestions, and ultimately I chose a dress she had pulled for me! I would recommend Sash & Bustle to any bride looking for a chill, fun experience with truly stunning bridal choices.
Natassia Flanjak from Mississauga
on 05/07/2018
I had a great experience all around, from my first appointment to my pick up. The associates helping me were never pushy or trying to "make a sale", and always gave their honest opinion, and took my vision into account always. It was such an easy and amazing experience, would definitely recommend to anyone looking for their special dress!
Heather Isaac from Sash & Bustle Queen St Toronto
on 05/06/2018
I had an amazing experience at Sash & Bustle. The staff were extremely kind, patient and knowledgable. I never felt rushed or pressured and was able to find my dream dress. Beautiful store and selection. Thank you!
Robin Redshaw from Toronto
on 05/03/2018
LOVE the entire process of picking out my dress! From my first appointment with Hallie to my pick up, everything went so smoothly and it was amazing! Incredible dress selection and amazing customer service!
on 05/03/2018
Always a great experience at Sash! The staff are so friendly and helpful, and the store has a great selection of beautiful unique dresses. Would absolutely recommend to anyone looking for bridal or even fancy occasion dresses!
Katherine Green from Queen St. East, Toronto
on 04/29/2018
The staff was extremely polite and accommodating. Provided such a great experience and helped find exactly what I was looking for.
on 04/29/2018
Wonderful experience!! My consultant was so sweet and enthusiastic. As a bride who lives out of province and who is getting married in 2 short months, my consultant was able to make wonderful suggestions, and picked out the most amazing dress. Couldn't have been happier to say "yes" to the dress!
Maria Christina Ferraro from Vaughan
on 04/24/2018
Thank you for taking us with such short notice. Thanks for all your consulting help and experience. Will definitely refer you to my friends.
Noelle from Toronto
on 04/19/2018
I was at Sash and Bustle two weekends in a row, and I wish I could come back to try on even more dresses - I really enjoyed my time in the space! I had a much better idea of what I liked and disliked during the second appointment, and Veronica was so patient and enthusiastic. I am going to be purchasing the Laudae Abronia dress shortly and I can't wait. I'm so happy to be supporting a Queen East boutique and buying my dress from a Canadian designer who is focused on sustainable practices!
Sadie from 779 Queen street east
on 04/16/2018
Staff were amazing and could pull dresses based on a brief conversation that we had a the beginning of the appointment. I really enjoyed the whole process from start to finish. They made the day a dream!
Hannah from Burlington ON
on 04/16/2018
I had a lovely experience at Sash and Bustle. My shopping consultant was fun and friendly. She provided helpful information on pricing without being asked, was patient and positive and make nice comments without making me feel like she was showering me with unnecessary praise. The shop had a few people in it but wasn't too crowded and felt warm and inviting the whole time. I ended up purchasing my dress at S&B and have already recommended it to friends. Thank you!
Dani from Toronto
on 04/16/2018
Second visit to S&B and again it did not disappoint. Great selection of beautiful dresses, varying price range, staff always very friendly and very helpful. Would absolutely recommend to others looking for a great bridal boutique!
Bailie Paplinskie from Oshawa, ON
on 04/16/2018
My bridesmaid appointment was such a lovely experience! The staff was so friendly, helpful, and lovely to deal with!
Adrienne Lee from Toronto
on 04/15/2018
I loved shopping with the S&B team. Right away, you feel like the experience will be something special and tailored for you. Everyone was friendly and helpful, and no one tried to ever up-sell me or push me beyond the budget I felt comfortable with. The breadth of styles and designs are beautiful. For a "non-bridey" bride, thank you for making me feel like a princess for one day.
Liv from Toronto
on 04/15/2018
I had the best time picking out my dress at Sash & Bustle! The atmosphere was relaxed and beautiful. Val was fantastic and knew what I’d like better than I did. Can’t recommend Sash & Bustle enough!
Michelle Pilon from Toronto
on 04/10/2018
I am so glad I shopped for my gown at Sash and Bustle. It is easily the best shop in the city. Tara was a great help and knew exactly what would suit my style and figure. They have amazing designers and brands. After tears of joy I said yes to the most amazing Hayley Paige dress and I cannot wait to wear it!
Kiera Toole from Toronto
on 04/10/2018
Hi there, First off, I love the aesthetic of your boutique. It really did meet my 'expectations' of trying on dresses and making it an experience (all that was missing was Prosecco!). Secondly, I thought the service was great. Tara was very nice and helpful - totally got my vibe. Your dress selection felt unique and curated. Out of all of the places I've been I really enjoyed my experience and am coming back to hopefully buy my dress!
on 04/10/2018
Thank you guys for being such a warm and relaxed atmosphere. The boutique is stunning & our stylist made us feel so comfortable, like we were shopping with a friend! We were quite the talkative and silly pair of bride and bridesmaid and she did not seem phased by our antics ha ha. Genuinely the best bridal experience and as the bride I was so beyond grateful to have someone who could help make one of my bridesmaids feel amazing. So many different dresses for every body type and style! Truly a gem in the city for bridal needs. Everything is pretty and dreamy and beautiful & really takes away that old stigma associated with so many outdated bridal shops. Thank you guys x a million!!
Caitlin M. from Toronto
on 04/05/2018
I absolutely loved the relaxed atmosphere in the store. My bridesmaids, mom and I were allowed to look at all of the dresses and select the ones that most suited my style. Veronica was fantastic. She was helpful and honest and made great suggestions for customizing the dress. Shopping at Sash & Bustle was a dream!
on 03/29/2018
The most wonderful, kind, and helpful ladies. Fantastic selection of dresses, accessories, and other add-ons for your wedding day. A top-notch experience for anyone starting their dress search, or looking for a great pair of shoes to go with it!
Ashleigh from Toronto
on 03/26/2018
I fell in love with this place when I was dress shopping for my friend's wedding. I found that the collection of dresses available were absolutely gorgeous and unique. The atmosphere, people, and dresses (!) make it an incredible and truly unforgettable experience. I would highly recommend any newly engaged bride-to-be to visit this boutique for her special day!
Amy H from Toronto
on 03/22/2018
I had a wonderful experience at Sash & Bustle and will be recommending it to absolutely all of my friends. It is amazing to be able to walk among the dresses, touch them and pick individual ones to try on - compare this to so many bridal shops where they are tucked into alcoves or stock rooms at the back, where the stylists pick your dresses and you may not get to see the out-of-the-box wildcards or the dress that doesn't match your description but matches exactly what you see in your mind's eye! It's also so evident that these dresses are impeccably curated - they don't carry 15 versions of the same dress, they carry the SINGLE BEST VERSION of each beautiful dress you can imagine. I love that they clearly advertise their price range so you can know going in whether or not your budget is a good fit. The stylists were incredibly helpful and friendly, my maid of honour and I had a really fun time. To top it off, the space is impossibly beautiful. It feels like a wonderland, and you step off the street into a haven meant just for you, the bride to be. Thank you for making this special experience even more special <3
Molly from Nova Scotia
on 03/15/2018
Buying my gown at Sash & Bustle was an incredible experience. Their product expertise and knowledge is truly an asset, and the hand picked gowns are simply stunning. You can tell the passion they have for their work from the time you enter their lovely store front. My mother and I came from Nova Scotia to purchase "the dress" and we came home with so much more, a great feeling and wonderful memories. After we purchased the gown we were even recommended a wonderful place to go for a celebratory tea. I cannot say enough good things about Sash & Bustle, and the only disappointment being that I will only (hopefully) be buying one wedding gown in my life.
Corrie from Toronto
on 03/12/2018
Really lovely and enjoyable experience, I've already recommended to another bride-to-be! Your selection is great, the vibe of the boutique is perfect and I loved the variety of accessories.
Taylor Martin from Barrie, Ontario
on 03/12/2018
Sash and Bustle is the most magical boutique I have ever been to. Veronica was nothing short of amazing and made my experience beyond pleasant. She knew exactly what I was looking for and was able to point me in the direction when it came to finding my dream dress. I would 100% recommend Sash and Bustle to everyone and I look forward to going back in the near future to pick up my beautiful dress! Thank you for the amazing service Veronica! Xo
Cynthia from Queen East
on 03/06/2018
Great experience, and very helpful sales associate. I would definitely recommend this shop to future brides for both wedding and bridesmaid dresses.
Catherine C. from New York, NY
on 03/05/2018
I had a really lovely experience at Sash & Bustle! The staff were all wonderful and the store is darling. It was so much more of a personal and intimate shopping experience compared to other, bigger stores - especially Kleinfeld. Can't wait for my big day thanks to S&B!
Sonia from Toronto
on 03/05/2018
Out of all the boutiques I visited, Sash & Bustle was my favorite. I felt at home in the shop and my consultants (Veronica and Sadie) made me feel comfortable as I tried on (several) dresses. So glad I was able to find my dress here!
Sarah Vermeer from Beamsville, Ontario
on 03/05/2018
I had the best experience here, all the stylists look like they really love their jobs, and the gowns are all to die for. If you are looking for a more upscale gown, without completely blowing your budget come here! Everything in the store is so beautiful you wont leave disappointed!
Kerry from Innisfil
on 03/04/2018
I had a wonderful experience with Sash and Bustle. I found my dress in my first consultation. I felt as though the ladies at S&B really wanted to ensure I got exactly what I needed. Thank you for your help and advice.
Sara from Ottawa
on 02/16/2018
My experience at the lovely Sash and Bustle bridal boutique was one of a kind! I came all the way from Ottawa to visit their boutique, and upon entering their boutique, I was struck by how beautifully decorated the boutique was, and more importantly how incredible the selection of dresses was! I was looking for a one of a kind dress, and that’s what I found! It was such a special and memorable experience, one I will never forget! Thank you Sash and Bustle!
Agustina from Queen west
on 02/13/2018
I had been to the store a year ago with my sister in law, when she was looking for her dress. I Knew I would come back when I would get married, and so I did... Both times I had a great experience! I Absolutely loved the selection of dresses. So different from the rest of the stores I visited in Toronto, so unique and fresh. Also the selection of shoes and accessories is amazing. The decoration of the store is lovely. I really liked that they give you the pins to look around and mark all the dresses you like, the girls are great, they listen to you and give great suggestion. I finally said yes to the dress in Sash and Bustle :)
on 02/12/2018
Thank you for making our dress shopping experience easy and fun. I am so thankful to Veronica, from start to finish the appointment went smoothly, quickly and seamlessly.
Victoria Raimundo from Queen st E
on 02/11/2018
This is my favourite salon out of five I visited- your consultants were amazing- they didn't pressure me to buy right then and there (all other places did)- they asked me about my fiancée , joked with me and we're both good at being serious when needed, and being a friend when needed. I truly believed that they cared about what was best for me both financially and appearance wise-(other places ignored my requests and brought me items out of my price range, and that I said I didn't want). There down to earth attitude and helpful nature had me coming back twice. I'm especially greatful for the youth and kindness of my two consultants (can't remember their names but please feel free to look at my profile and thank them for me! Tara & Sadie ;)) So glad I found my dream dress here, Victoria
Caroline from Toronto
on 02/11/2018
Tara was absolutely amazing!!! LOVED my experience and Sash & Bustle and ended up finding THE dress!!! :) So thrilled!
Vanessa Dejean from Toronto
on 02/11/2018
Sash and Bustle is the best bridal gown store I know, including Toronto and even Paris. The store is lovely, the dresses and accessories are beautiful and the staff amazingly professional and kind. I would recommend it 100% to my friends.
Michelle from Toronto
on 02/06/2018
Delightful experience! Great atmosphere! I am in love with Sash and Bustle!
Grace O'Connell from Toronto
on 02/04/2018
Thank you so much, Andrea! I cannot wait to pick up my dress, and I can't thank you enough for your kind and patient help in finding it. Also, your store is just gorgeous!