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Beth from Sacramento
on 01/17/2022
Love this store! I was their first bride that used a wheelchair and the process was so painless and easy. They listened to what I needed and delivered me a gorgeous dress at a reasonable price
Shawna Veach from Sacramento
on 12/01/2021
Amazing experience. Sophie listened to me, my concerns and what felt comfortable. She was also very knowledge of the items in the store and everything was within my budget. She also kept the experience fun and enjoyable. I would recommend this location to anyone shopping for a wedding dress.
Rebecca Gibbs from Pollock Pines, CA
on 11/24/2021
Hands down best experience ever! Taylor was my consultant and she was the absolute sweetest and a joy to work with. What I enjoyed most about this bridal store is that I didn't feel any kind of judgement or out of my element like you can sometimes feel when walking into some higher end bridal stores. I ended up saying YES to the PERFECT boho Lillian West gown! Now I'm just counting down the days until I get to put it on again. Thank you again so much for making my dress experience one of a kind!
Nora from Roseville, CA
on 11/17/2021
I visited 7 bridal shops in my hunt to find ‘the one’. Second Summer was by far the best. Other shops can feel intimidating, like you can’t afford their high-end gowns. Second Summer has those same (and more!) high-end gowns, but their shop is comfortable and welcoming, with a positive vibe. The stylist, Emily, understood my vision immediately. She never tried to push dresses that were out of my budget, and she stayed far away from the few styles I said ‘no’ to. However she still managed to pull dresses I wouldn’t have thought of, and one of them, out of the 70+ dresses I had tried on through 6 other shops, was the one! (Actually she found TWO that could have been ‘the one’ haha) The owner of the shop also took time to look at what I was trying on, and gave some helpful ideas as well. Altogether the experience was wonderful, and I can’t wait to go back when my dress arrives! The fact that the shop gave me a chance to support a local, woman-owned and black-owned business was just another bonus. Thank you Second Summer!
Jaime Sumahit from Trinidad, Ca
on 10/23/2021
I’m loving the amazing service and dresses you have available. I’m so excited for the future. I’m looking forward to coming back in for the dress fitting. Y’all are so awesome. I’m definitely recommending you to my niece who has an upcoming wedding ?????????
Nikki Navarrete from Second Summer Bride Sacramento
on 10/18/2021
From the moment I initially reached out to inquire about a dress to the moment I said, "YES!" to the dress, I had an amazing experience! The wonderful staff at Second Summer Bride Sacramento made my first dress shopping experience so fun and memorable! I had a particular dress in mind and asked if they had it available to try on via email. I received a quick response saying that they did not have the dress available, but their sister store in LA did and that they would have it brought up for my try-on. They updated me on the status of the dress, which arrived a week before my appointment. As soon as I walked in for my appointment, I was greeted with such great energy from my stylist, Sophie. She took the time to listen to my vision and pulled several dresses that looked amazing! I tried on 2 dresses that were nice, and saved the dress I had my eye on for 3rd. As soon as I put on the dress, I didn't want to take it off! Both Sophie and Karla were so helpful in helping me build my vision -- I had not thought of a veil or hair pieces and they brought me pieces that totally matched my vibe. I ended up saying YES to the dress and a perfectly matched veil. The services and communication at Second Summer Bride are amazing and I can't wait to go back to pick up my dress! Thank you Sophie & Karla for such an amazing experience and for helping me find my perfect dress! :)
Beth Jones from Sacramento
on 10/18/2021
You ladies were wonderful!!! Though you admitted to never working with a bride who uses a wheelchair you all hit it out of the park. The biggest perk was having my mom be in the dressing room so I didn’t have to try and push my wheelchair in the dresses and get them dirty. I felt absolutely beautiful in the dresses and have a top choice!
Dana Sofia from Sacramento
on 10/12/2021
Loved my experience. Everyone was great and lots of different styles and sizes.
Rayna Macias
on 10/06/2021
We had a great experience. The employees were quick and efficient.
Tina from Sacramento
on 10/06/2021
Sophia was amazing!! Had great knowledge of the dresses & new exactly what to bring me try on. They have beautiful dresses in the shop. I would have any family & friends go there if they are in need of a dress!!!
Yadi Sanchez from Sacramento
on 09/28/2021
Had such a wonderful experience when I went this past Saturday! Taylor was such and awesome stylist and made me and the girls feel special. Really happy to have found a dress! Had such an uplifting experience??
Jess Grant
on 09/20/2021
I can not say enough about the amazing staff at Second Summer Bridal!! Emily was my associate and she made me feel comfortable right away. Trust your associate because what I thought I wanted and what I ended up getting were two totally different things. She knew what looked good on me and understood the vibe I was going for. If you are on the fence just book the appointment!! I drove over 3 hours one way, and I would do it again in a heartbeat!!
Tina Thao from Fulton
on 09/15/2021
Just let me say they were AMAZING! Taylor was my stylist and she made the whole process easy, positive and FUN! They didn’t make me feel pressured to purchase a dress and just made it about making me comfortable and truly wanting to help me find the one! Would definitely recommend this bridal shop to any brides!
Emily Rold from Sacramento
on 09/14/2021
Best bridal shop!!!! Second summer has so many different options and they make an effort to listen to exactly what you're looking for in order to find your perfect dress. I had a great experience and felt very comfortable there. They take great covid precautions as well and all the employees are so sweet and caring. I have been here now 3 times, once for me and also went here to dress shop with both my sisters! Can't recommend this place enough!
Anna-Linh Tran from Sacramento
on 08/30/2021
I had an amazing experience! My stylist was knowledgeable and personable and was able to help me narrow down the type of dress I would like. I found one that I loved and is a high contender to buy but I’m putting that decision on hold since I still have time to look around. Thank you for making my experience there a special one! I will definitely come back later in the year if nowhere else proves fruitful!
Morgan McBride from Sacramento
on 08/29/2021
Amanda was great I was very sad to hear she is leaving. Good luck on whatever is next for her! Also I can not remember the other you g ladies name. She is the cute blonde lady! She is amazing. Her opinions and helping us out was appreciated. Also they both just had so much fun with us. Joking around with us. I love this place! We will definitely be back for the groomsmen suits! No charro suit for my fiancé no matter what his mother says! Lol! Thank you everyone who puts up with my wacking crazy wedding party!
Sierra Urnberg from Sacramento, CA
on 08/24/2021
I came here not thinking I was going to find my dress. I wanted to just try a few on and see how they felt and what I liked. I wasn’t very knowledgeable on it, so I told my stylist kind of what I was looking for and she knew the exact dresses I’d like. I tried on a few and didn’t like them, and then she brought another one out. As soon as I put it on I knew it was my dress. I was so excited! I’m sorry I’m terrible with names, but my stylist was amazing. They all made me feel welcomed and excited. It truly helped me get even more excited for my wedding! Thank you ladies!! I will for sure reference my friends to you in the future!
Andrea A from Sacramento California
on 08/24/2021
My experience at Second Summer Bride was remarkable! Amanda my consultant was amazing! She asked great questions and was very enthusiastic and had great energy!! She was so amazing I had to request her for my second visit to say yes to the dress!! The store had a variety of dresses, some I had never seen in other bridal boutiques and stores I had visited. The staff was very nice and felt like a supportive bridal community. The brides in addition to the staff would comment on the dress choices it was such a wonderful community feeling. The dresses were beautiful, and inexpensive. I would definitely refer Second Summer Bridal of Sacramento to all brides!!
Taylor Riedley from Sacramento, CA
on 08/23/2021
I had an excellent experience (and ended up coming back to the store to buy my dream dress)! My stylist was Amanda, and she was amazing! After listing a few dress features I was looking for and my budget, she found some amazing dresses for me to try on. Would totally recommend SSB to any bride in the Sac area.
Rhiannon Ripley from Sacramento, CA
on 08/16/2021
After an underwhelming experience at a well known salon downtown, I absolutely loved the gals at SSB. Amanda was very friendly and encouraging, while also understanding my every comment. Whether it was about the shape of gown, the straps, the fabric, or the lace pattern, she heard me and was able to find me a BEAUTIFUL gown. I was not expecting to find a gown that I believe to be "the one," like what you see on the TV shows. But I did, and that was thanks to Amanda (and Taylor!). Coming to SSB, I became excited about getting married to my fiance. I had biases due to the location of the salon, but I was proven wrong once I stepped inside and met the folks inside. I highly recommend this salon to anyone searching for their gown, and I cannot wait to return here with my mom to finally say yes to my dress!
Samantha Sekelick from Sacramento
on 08/16/2021
Wonderful staff! Great experience!
Taylor Myers from Sacramento
on 08/10/2021
They were so helpful and nice in helping me find a dress!
Katie Warner from Fulton Avenue
on 08/09/2021
All of the people that we chatted with were friendly and kind. We could not have had a better experience! Thank you for your help and support through this exciting process!
Krista Schmidt from Second Summer Bridal
on 07/27/2021
First of all, Taylor was an absolute dream to work with. Being a bit curvier myself I was so incredibly nervous to try on dresses. Working it up so much in my head wondering if anything would look good or even fit, Taylor completely put me at ease. I feel like she understood my concerns and the look I was trying to achieve and just completely knocked it out of the park and found me my literal dream dress. The entire crew as Second Summer Bridal made my dress buying experience so wonderful. I know from the first initial phone call before I even walked in the door that this was the place for me. I can’t wait to go back for my fitting. Thank you again ladies!
Ashley Morgan from Sacramento
on 07/20/2021
I had a wonderful time finding my dress with Bethany and the rest of the team at Second Summer Bride! They all made this a comfortable, supportive and exciting experience!
Alanna Eaton from Boston
on 07/19/2021
Thank you so much to Taylor and Second Summer Bride for your help in finding a dress for my wedding. Everyone was helpful, kind, upbeat, professional and made the experience comfortable. Taylor took the time to select dresses that fit my style as well as try something new. I am so excited for my Ruth Marilyn Designs dress; the dress is exquisite and made me feel beautiful. Extremely appreciative of the COVID precautions and impressed by the cleanliness of the store. Incredibly grateful for their time and effort in assisting me. I am looking forward to when my dress arrives, and being able to bring some of the magic and joy of Second Summer Bride to my wedding in Maine.
Melanie Larson from Second Summer Bride -Sacramento
on 07/14/2021
What an amazing experience at Second Summer Bride (SSB)!! Amanda and the whole team at SSB were helpful, welcoming, and professional. They sought out my hopes and dreams for a wedding dress and they picked the perfect selection for me to try. I honestly loved almost all of the dresses I tried on, they were high quality designer dresses. Thank you SSB for making it a memorable experience with both my mom and my Fiancé’s mom. I also can’t get over how reasonable the dress prices are while also being high quality. Highly recommend to friends and family!
Jasmina from Sacramento
on 07/13/2021
Second Summer Bride made my wedding dress shopping experience unforgettable. Even before I walked through the door, I felt like they took the time to understand my wants, needs and fears surrounding the dress selection process. I brought my mom and 2 bridesmaids to the appointment, and from the very beginning Amanda and her team made us feel so welcome. Amanda carefully explained the fitting process and chose some wonderful dresses for me to try on. I was beyond thrilled when I found THE ONE after only tying on 4 dresses. There were tears all around and the dress was perfect. I would absolutely recommend Second Summer Bride to all future brides!
on 07/05/2021
I had a fantastic experience at Second Summer Bridal. The staff were helpful, fun, got a good feel for my style, and respectful of my budget. Highly recommend!
Erin MacDonald from Sacramento
on 06/29/2021
My experience was absolutely AMAZING. My stylist took one look at my Pinterest board and listened to what I wanted and absolutely nailed every single suggestion. She was so kind and really eased my nerves going into the appointment! While trying on gowns, all the other stylists chimed in and helped out, and the environment was incredibly fun, comfortable, and relaxed. I found my dress after only trying on 5 gowns and I am absolutely in love and cannot wait to get married in it! I cannot recommend this store enough for anyone getting married!
Brittany Long from Mountain View, CA
on 06/28/2021
I had a wonderful experience and so happy to have found my wedding dress after the first visit! Everyone was super helpful and informative.
Shania Trout from Fulton Ave
on 06/28/2021
Bethany was beyond amazing at finding the exact styles that I had always dreamed about for my wedding day. I wasn't very excited until she literally found the 2 most perfect dresses for me within the first and second try ons. I had a hard time choosing between the two with multiple of my family in my ear and she just kept assuring me that its my day, my choice which I appreciate more than she will know. Her amazing attitude made the whole experience as fun as Id always hoped to try on dresses for the first time. This was the first place I went to even try on dresses and even though I was sold on the first 2 she assured me we can try on as many as I like to find the absolute perfect one for me. I felt incredibly beautiful in the one I chose and I am so happy she got to be a huge part of my big day in only a couple hours. I never thought I would find something within my price range that checked all the boxes as well and they never even showed me something they knew wasn't within the limits and that made me incredibly happy to not have that extra pressure of pricing too. All in all they did amazing and I will definitely be returning if this is the service that will always be waiting. Thank you Bethany and thank you Second Summer Bride!
Carolynn Thoreson from Fulton Ave
on 06/26/2021
Amazing experience, found the dress and was treated with respect. Have been looking for a while and was feeling down but they totally got my style and really helped me find the dress! Thank u so much.
on 06/22/2021
Had a great experience at Second Summer. Will certainly recommend to friends. Everyone was very friendly and I feel like I was listened to when I gave likes/dislikes unlike at another shop I visited. I'm super happy with the dress I decided on.
Katlyn R from from Austin, Texas
on 06/15/2021
AMAZING experience. Everyone was extremely kind. They listened to what I wanted and brought the perfect dress out on the first try. I would recommend this to any bride.
Rebecca Rodriguez from Sacramento, CA
on 06/14/2021
Great Customer service, I loved my consultant. She was super bubbly and great to work with
on 06/13/2021
Truly loved my experience with Second Summer Bride. I came in for a Lillian West by Justin Alexander trunk show and the bridal consultants were such a pleasure to work with. My dress came in about a month later than anticipated. Second Summer Bride kept me updated on the delivery date and delivered the dress to my home. Would highly recommend this bridal salon for a wedding dress purchase.
Krista from Second Summer Sacramento
on 06/11/2021
I came here last weekend with my mom and MOH and really enjoyed myself. The staff there was so friendly, knowledgeable, and hyped me up the whole time. They answered questions and listened intently to feedback. I never felt rushed or pressured. I haven’t decided on a dress yet but one of my favorites is at this store. Thank you so much to Bethany and all the staff who were so sweet and helpful.
Abbie from Sacramento
on 06/08/2021
Thank you so much for helping me find my wedding dress. I was actually dreading shopping for my dress, and the whole SSB team made it such a pleasant experience. Amanda did such a great job narrowing it down to the style I wanted! I’m glad that SSB helped me find the one at my first bridal appointment!
Janelle Robb from Tracy, CA
on 06/06/2021
Visited SSB today to shop for dresses for my sisters and mom. As always, everyone in the store was helpful, friendly and enjoyed working with us. We found some gorgeous dresses and they also helped me try on my gown again so I could try it with a petticoat. Thank you so much again Second Summer Bride!!!
Kendra from Sacramento
on 05/28/2021
I had an amazing experience at Second Summer Bride in Sacramento! The entire staff is very friendly and helpful. I was especially impressed with Brittany, who did a fantastic job finding the perfect dress for me within my budget and made me feel right at home in the store! I also felt welcomed and accepted as an queer bride, which was extremely important to me. I would recommend Second Summer Bride to anyone looking for a great wedding dress shopping experience!
Maggie from Sacramento, CA
on 05/24/2021
Wonderful experience, and the friendliest staff I worked with! The ladies were knowledgeable, great listeners, and showed a ton of patience with me! I'm so thankful I found my dress at Second Summer Bridal.
Mandi from Reno, NV
on 05/17/2021
I worked with Taylor for my appointment. She was great. And while I didn’t end up finding my perfect dress during my visit, it was a great experience. And I would definitely recommend anyone looking to give them a try.
Jamie (Jayla & Bailey) from Sacramento
on 05/10/2021
We only had two bridesmaids and it was a perfect Stop. We were able to find the dress for them. I loved all the styles and color selection. Super friendly and nice staff. We have our 3rd appointment in two weeks for the groom and groomsmen! I will be so happy if I’m able to get it all done in one place.
Rebecca Hammond from Sacramento
on 05/03/2021
I had such a perfect day and was so happy to find my dress!!
Kris Robb from Sacramento
on 04/19/2021
I visited Second Summer Bride for a custom suit for myself and my son. My wife and I are doing a vow renewal this fall and I wanted to purchase and wear a nice suit. She purchased her gown at SSB and had a great experience and wanted to give me the opportunity to shop there as well. I was crazy nervous to visit because I had never shopped at a bridal store prior. I was put at ease immediately by Taylor’s cool and calm demeanor. She was a pleasure to work with and was able to answer all my questions. The ladies in the store really had a way of making me feel comfortable and treated me as if we were already friends. I highly recommend Second Summer Bride!
McKenna Dalton from Sacramento, CA
on 04/18/2021
Absolutely the best wedding dress shopping experience I could have hoped for!! My stylist Amanda was SO sweet and helpful, and we got lots of positive input from a lot of the other workers as well! Every time I stepped out of the dressing room I felt so beautiful and they really helped me pick a dress that I felt beautiful and confident and comfortable in. Their selection of dresses was AMAZING and they even helped my fianceé come up with some great ideas for the suit that she wants to wear. I really cannot say enough good things about this team and location!
Payton Welsh from Sacramento
on 04/12/2021
My experience at Second Summer was fantastic. I truly felt prioritized and important. I felt like my consultant listened to what I wanted and she definitely delivered. I recommend SSB to any bride looking for a high quality wedding dress at a decent price!
Mariela from Woodland
on 04/05/2021
Great customer service!!!! Staff is extremely helpful, attentive and social :) I had a wonderful experience in selecting my perfect wedding dress and felt comfortable with staff. I would highly recommend Second Summer Bride.
Ariana Angelo from Sacramento, CA
on 03/30/2021
Great experience! Bethany did an amazing job listening to me and really brought what my wedding day could look like, to life.