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Daisy Poblano
on 03/26/2023
It was such an amazing experience and everyone working there was so lovely and nice! Especially the ladies Christina and Leslie! They made my time here so admirable! Will definitely be coming back for the next quince.
Natalie from Monterey, CA
on 03/25/2023
Friendly staff. Very helpful and informative. Little bit of a waiting period, but overall great experience. Would definitely come back.
on 03/19/2023
Amazing friendly helpful staff.
on 03/04/2023
My daughter had the best experience ever and so did I her mother everything is beautiful and also every one was very nice and happy to answer questions we had thank you soo much my daughter said yess to a dress
Lydia Abramson from Garden. Grove
on 02/12/2023
Moda 2000 and their staff were amazing. Everyone was so friendly and profesional. They made my daughter feel like a Princess and made it a special day for her. And she said Yes to the dress! Loved the experience.
Aryam Estrada Garcia from Bakersfield, California
on 02/06/2023
The service was excellent and very attentive. The staff were very sweet and helpful. I enjoyed the attention to detail like the large mirrors and the small dance with a family member.
Marla Tabilin from San Diego
on 02/05/2023
This was the most beautiful Experience we could have dreamed of for our daughter. Since the minute we walked in the door, we were greeted with smiles and such a warm welcome. The service was stellar. They say us down in our reserved area and walked us step by step. The entire process was seamless, as they never had us waiting around. It was flowing and efficient. The cherry on top is the lovely and lively environment they provide with music and show!!! Such a special experience every girl should have!!!
Michelle Torres from Nampa Idaho
on 01/25/2023
Loved this place! You guys know how to make the dress shopping experience a very beautiful experience! Thank you so much!
on 01/15/2023
Great service.
Yesenia from Kansas
on 01/15/2023
Really great experience, the staff was super friendly and professional.
leticia from 845 Euclid St, Anaheim, CA 92801
on 01/11/2023
Everyone was super sweet. Very nice people. They helped me throughout the whole process of finding the perfect dress.
Maritza N Garcia from 845 N Euclid Anaheim, CA
on 01/11/2023
My daughter Sammy and I had a great experience at Moda 2000! She loves her Quinceañera dress, the sage color, her butterflies goes with her eyes and hair color she looks like a Princess Everyone at Moda 2000 is so friendly from you walk at the door. I want to thank Claudia she helps us all the way. I recommend Moda 2000 to any Quinceañera is the best experience and they have the most beautiful dresses. Thank you Moda Maritza and Sammy Garcia
Arely Acosta from Moda 2000 Anaheim ca.
on 01/11/2023
5 star - I love the service people are really nice and helpful on everything. And found a gorgeous drees made my decision rigth away love it thank you so much Moda 2000.
Daisy Cossio from Coachella ca
on 01/10/2023
When I first entered the store I was like WOW! had the best experience in my life I will always remember this day a wide selection of beautiful dresses. Thank you for making this day special
Aaliyah from Clovis California
on 01/10/2023
This was my princess dream since she was little to step foot into your store she has followed you since she was a little girl you guys absolutely made her feel like a total princess both visit were awesome from the the time you walk in you get greeted everyone is sooooo nice everyone goes over and beyond to help you out definitely an amazing experience one to always remember thank you alllllllllll for everything you guys did you guys completely rock it
Liana Vargas from Salinas, Ca
on 01/09/2023
Was an incredible adventure for my daughter , loved every moment of it, thank you Moda 2000
Luis Suarez from Anaheim
on 12/28/2022
Hi there it was a great experience shopping with you guys, thanks for having of what my daughter was looking for
Ximena Gonzalez from 10215 Tudor Ave. Montclair Ca
on 12/17/2022
I had an amazing experience, everyone was wonderful and the energy was the best and the people helping me out were amazing and kind.
Raquel Juarez
on 12/11/2022
Excelente servicio y muy bonitos vestidos
Marisela from Ventura county
on 12/04/2022
Very awesome people. They take their time to really help the quincenera.
on 11/21/2022
It was an unforgettable experience for our daughter and for us as parents it was seeing her make her dream come true and we can imagine her on her sweet sixteen party she will feel like a queen. Everyone is very kind and it doesn't matter that my daughter wanted to try on the dress again, to make that was the dress she really want it they took the time to do tha for her. I recommend this store for your quinceañera, everyone is very friendly, even the cashiers. thank you fashion 2000
Joelle Brown from Santa Cruz, CA
on 11/12/2022
Everyone was so nice! They made sure my daughter had the best experience with finding her dress. I would definitely recommend Moda 2000 to anyone wanting to get a dress.
Ariana Yanka from Sacramento
on 11/12/2022
Thanks to Moda 2000, the experience was a once in a lifetime and I’m grateful to all the workers there who made me feel comfortable and helped to pick the dress I wanted. Everyone was kind and welcoming and the company was amazing. Thank you!
Olga villela from Pasadena
on 11/07/2022
We loved moda 2000. Since the very begging starting with checking in, the girl we’re so friendly we felt very welcomed, they had everything ready , assigned us the sweet girl who helped us, time was very well manage. Dj was so cool! And everyone was very nice form start to end. We highly recommend this place.
Fatima Vidales from Madera ca
on 10/31/2022
beautiful, cheerful, caring, profesional, fun team. Thank you for all. You guys are awesome.
Sophia Clark from Las Vegas NV
on 10/31/2022
Jessica was our Stylist and she was amazing! My Daughter is Traveling to London for her event and we needed the Dress to be fit for a Queen like the British Royal Family. The Dress did just that! So Royal and fine Luxury material. Thank you So Much Moda 2000 my Daughter is so Happy
Norma Mendez
on 10/29/2022
Fernanda was very helpful in helping our daughter find her dream dress. Thanks for the prompt and outstanding customer service.
Alexia Cuellar-Ramirez from Anaheim
on 10/15/2022
Moda 2000 and ALL the staff were amazing, I had the best experience any girl having a quince could ever have. My parents drove us all the way from San Jose, CA .The girl that helped me with the dresses I tried on was very sweet, very knowledgeable and on point with everything. This has been the best experience of my life and it was worth coming here.
Hellen from Wichita ks
on 10/14/2022
Rossi did an amazing job. She made me feel comfortable in my order. I appreciate all her help. I was afraid to order from out of town, but she made this an easy process. I can’t wait to see her dress
Victoria Jacobo from San Jose
on 10/09/2022
Breanna had an amazing experience, she truly felt like a princess in all the dresses she tried on. Drea was an amazing help, so patient with everything.
Symantha from California
on 10/08/2022
Great experience, great customer service. Beautiful memories made with my daughter.
Jenny Jimenez from San Fernando
on 09/18/2022
Yesterday was in fact our first time there… It was a wonderful experience. The staff as a whole is awesome! They are quick to assist you, with a smile and professionalism. Andrea was so helpful, patient, and made us feel very welcoming. The ambience itself is very genuine and we felt so very comfortable there. My daughter enjoyed trying on various dresses. We will definitely be saying YES to the dress. Thank you MODA 2000!
Araceli from Yuma az
on 09/15/2022
Excellent Customer service , We found our dream dress.
Angelina Hernandez from Bakersfield CA
on 09/04/2022
Love the whole experience!! Since the moment you arrive you feel so welcome. They make it super special for the 15 while trying on dresses and the ambiance is overall top of the line. I recommend all future quinceañeras to book their visit for a lifetime experience!!!
Yesenia from Bakersfield
on 09/03/2022
Increíble experiencia con mi niña.... diseños y colores exclusivos
Julie Lopez from San Bernardino
on 09/03/2022
Had a great time! We received lots of help everything was well organized and we were met with great customer service. Definitely eventful and celebratory. Enjoyed every moment ??
Silvia M from Anaheim, Ca
on 08/21/2022
Want to commend Diamon for helping us with my daughter and nieces experience. She was very patient and nice despite our girls indecisiveness. She was not rushing our girls and helped them ease their anxiety about picking their dress. Diamon is very professional and her customer service skills are exceptional.
Julie Franquez
on 08/18/2022
Todos fueron muy amables y encontré el vestido de mis sueños . Que me hace sentir como una bella quince anera .
Stephanie Venegas from CA
on 08/15/2022
Coming all the way from Colorado, I would have to say it was an amazing experience! They are a bit patient however they don't let you try on so many dress due to COVID but they did grant us the opportunity to do 4 and guess what?? She said YES to the last dress!! Yay! We are so happy she found her dress. It will take 7 months to get but we're are good with that.
Esmeralda Mercado from Chino Hills, CA
on 08/12/2022
The entire staff at Moda 2000 was on point with everything they did in ensuring we had the most memorable dress shopping experience ever. From the moment we walked in our Quinceñera was made to feel special and that they were there to help her find the dress of her dreams..., and they did! Thank you for the entire experience of the runway, the music, dances and the attention to every detail Truly an experience she will never forget.
on 08/11/2022
on 08/11/2022
everybody was so nice and so positive I loved it! Moda was the first store I decided to go to for my dress and I found the perfect dress!
Andrea from Utah
on 08/09/2022
Diamon was so nice! Amazing experience it was truly the best with Diamon’s kindness. Helped us a lot. Thank you!!
Samantha from Fontana
on 08/06/2022
Everyone was very courteous and helpful.
Madaline from Fresno
on 08/01/2022
best experience ever big shout out to Emily for helping me out and the lady I can’t remember her name but everyone was so sweet def recommend coming here!!
Katrina McCown from Anaheim California
on 07/30/2022
Absolutely the best experience ever, Jessica my assistant was so patient with the choosing of my dress. The atmosphere was energetic and fun, I’m happy that I said yes to the dress here at Moda 2000.
Anai santana from Anaheim
on 07/24/2022
Okay, let me just say WOWWW!!! Just wow from the moment we walked in I knew it was going to be an amazing experience. I was really nervous because my girl is a bit on the heavy side and we have had such bad experiences Dress shopping in many of the places we have gone they do not cater at all to anyone plus size, they don’t have anything to try on and don’t bother to make anything work we were told in those other places we could not take any photos because they did not want any one steeling their designs. When we were seated they said take videos and pictures because this is we’re the experience starts. We came in and the vibe was amazing friendly and kind, the young man that attended us was by far the best and so sweet he read my note were I voiced my concern and he affirmed my girl that this would not be a problem there he said sweetie you don’t even think about that anything you like here we will make work for you the only task you have is finding something you love. And they did everything she picked they found a way to have her try on and made it work to the best of their ability. It was an incredible experience and worth every single penny!!! I would do it again in a heartbeat!!! Cudos to the owner of this establishment because they will forever have my continual business I plan to bring my daughter rand my nieces here and will be telling anyone and everyone where the go to place is. Thank you moda. 2000!!!!
Darlene Cornell from Castaic
on 07/24/2022
Amazing customer service! Thank you to your wonderful team!
Marcia Soto from Moda 2000/Anaheim
on 07/21/2022
The girl that was with me was super nice and overall my experience went well
Maria from Anaheim
on 07/09/2022
Our salesperson was very patient and helpful in assisting us find the perfect Quincenera dress. It was a fun exprience to see our daughter turn into a princess and say Yes to the Dress! Fun experience!