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Vanessa Lawrence
on 01/08/2019
You truly get the bridal experience at W! I went to every salon in Saskatoon and nothing compared to the experience you get at W. The staff is very friendly and helpful. I purchased my dress and am looking forward to taking my bridesmaids here to shop for their dresses!
Carrie from Lethbridge
on 04/15/2018
The experience you provided was the BEST! Although I didn’t get the chance to say yes to the dress in your shop, due to my own tight timeline, your shop and experience was by far the best. The owner and lady who worked with us was so thoughtful and extremely helpful. I HIGHLY recommend WBridal to any bride looking for her dress!!
Hailie Nyari from Saskatoon
on 03/28/2018
Amazing service! I was overjoyed to be able to have my first ever wedding dress experience at W Bridal. They were so accommodating for me and my girls and their dress selection is perfect. I am so excited to be returning to narrow down my selection and would highly reccomend to any brides!
Taylor Birkenshaw from Saskatoon
on 03/19/2018
The lady who helped me was amazing! She knew exactly what she was talking about and I felt very well taken care of! She brought a dress for me to try on that I wasn’t sure I would like as it was fitted, but it turns out, I LOVED it. Thanks again!!!
Ceris Thomas from Saskatoon
on 03/12/2018
I was working with Amanda and she was amazing! We had so much fun. She made sure no matter what I felt comfortable, beautiful and that my group was having fun even though she was feeling under the weather. I loved going here. If you are a first time shopping this is where you need to start. If you are skinny person it does not matter they make sure you see what you look like in the dress, so many clips. EVERY BRIDE NEEDS TO GO HERE!!
Jennifer Briere from Saskatoon, SK
on 02/19/2018
Amazing service, personable staff, prices totally within (and outside of course) my budget, and absolutely would recommend! My Aunty who uses a wheelchair was very well accommodated and we all felt comfortable and had a blast!
Paiten Irwin
on 02/11/2018
Absolutely amazing service, really went above and beyond any other shop I've went to in Saskatoon and area. Kayla was quick, efficient, and knowledable about the dresses and products they carried. Supplied great recommendations on what to try on, knew the styles that I really liked, and really had interest in helping me find what I wanted instead of just getting a sale. The shop is wonderfully set up - really easy to find different styles and not overwhelming. No other shop can compare!
Sherese Fehr from Assiniboia
on 01/28/2018
Was a great experience as the first time I have ever dress shopped. Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. Lots of options and sizes of the dresses don’t discourage the bride.
Jacenda Lee from Prince Albert
on 01/22/2018
My experience with W Bridals so far has been perfect! Kimberly was fantastic in helping me pick out my dress. I felt comfortable and not overly rushed when trying on dresses and they had a huge selection of beautiful dresses to try on. I went in believing I would have to spend my max budget to get the dress that i was looking for, but I was able to find one well within!! So happy that I was able to find my dress and cannot wait to wear it on my Big Day! Thank you so much W Bridals for making this such a wonderful experience, definitely will recommend this shop to anyone looking for there wedding dress.
Jessica from Saskatoon
on 01/20/2018
Had an amazing experience at this salon! Highly recommend this salon to go wedding dress shopping to anyone! They have an amazing selection and beautiful open salon and great lighting! The ladies here are absolutely amazing and very helpful!
on 01/10/2018
Amazing service! Kim is truly amazing at what she does. She makes you feel comfortable from the minute you walk in the door. I found my dream dress at W after looking at multiple stores. I would highly recommend W to anyone looking for a dress! Amazing experience!
Tasha Oleksyn from Saskatoon
on 01/07/2018
Amazing staff...patient and would definitely send ladies there for any kind of dress needs..thanks ladies for being you
Kayla Lamerz from Saskatoon
on 11/22/2017
It is tough choosing the dress and at this store it was even more difficult because ALL THE DRESSES ARE BEAUTIFUL!!! but the amazing staff took the time and had the patience to try on dresses and retry haha. It was an amazing experience and would recommend this bridal shop to ANYONE AND EVERYONE!! dresses are beautiful and the staff is excellent !
on 11/20/2017
All around amazing?? Very informative on gowns, listened to what we liked, didn't like and what styles. No complaints at all, it was amazing and Kayla was so friendly and easy going but also professional when it came to opinions on dresses
on 11/20/2017
Amazing support! Very informative on gowns, paid attention too what we liked,didn't like and what style all around amazing experience ?? No complaints at all
Rebecca Boese from Saskatoon
on 11/14/2017
My experience at W was everything shopping for your wedding dress should be. I had gone to two other bridal stores and while the experience was fine at the other shops, W was perfect. Kayla listened to everything I had said I wanted in a dress and what I didn't want, and took our location into consideration. she even offered advice for dresses I loved but maybe would need to alter to make it more of what I wanted. I felt like I had another friend shopping with me rather than a sales person shoving me in dresses that I didn't pick out, in styles I explicitly said I didn't like. She did everything to get me to 100% happy with my dress. I would recommend everyone I know to go to W for any grad or bridal shopping.
Kaylene Parenteau
on 10/30/2017
It was very welcoming soon as I walked in! I didn't have an exact idea of what I quite wanted but Kim did an amazing job at that!! She was so kind and grabbed some dresses that fit my body type and made sure she asked what I didn't like about a dresses and what I did like. I now have 2 dresses in mind. Going to give it a month and try those 2 back on, then pick. ?? Thank you for the wonderful experience!
Elissa Cooper from Saskatoon
on 10/29/2017
We had an amazing experience at W Bridal. From the moment you walk in and see such a beautiful and clean space, you feel this is going to be a great experience. All of the ladies working there were so positive and helpful. They really made me feel special. It meant a lot to me that I felt comfortable trying on dresses and that I felt beautiful when I walked out of that dressing room each time. I am not a petite bride and it is easy when bridal shopping to feel negative about how you look and feel in a dress. I never once felt this way at W Bridal! It is a great place for ever bride!
Kara Helms from Saskatoon
on 10/28/2017
Great service last night! Thank you so much for the care and attention and so much help in really finding what works best. It was a wonderful experience and I would highly recommend to anyone to make an appointment and shop at W Bridals! Thank you for everything!
Desiree McLachlin from Saskatoon
on 10/15/2017
I don’t know where to start! In searching for my dress I had been to a few stores prior to W bridal, & let me tell you that walking into W bridal was a whole other ball game. My mom and I had the opportunity to work with Kimberley on our first visit here. She did not disappoint. A bride with no idea what I was yet looking for in a dress, and a bit of an emotional mess from losing my grandma just a couple weeks before, Kimberley helped me to narrow it down seeing what I loved about one dress and not on others, pulling out suggestions in line with what I was drawn to (whether I knew it or not). I ended up booking a private appointment to go back with my bridesmaids and mom—something I’d definitely recommend. We had the opportunity to work more one on one with Kimberley. In going back for our private appointment it was honestly like being welcomed back by an old friend, and working with Kim was like working with just another one of my girls. She was honest in her opinion, she was patient when I needed the time, and she took the time to go through all the details with me and had remembered things I had mentioned about my grandma in my first appointment. I can say I bought my dress with confidence here knowing it was the one and knowing the individuals who helped here genuinely wanted me to leave with a dress I loved, and they delivered. Without a doubt I will be referring people your way. I cannot thank you enough!!!
Stephanie Serblowski from Saskatoon
on 10/10/2017
W Bridals was AMAZING! I am so grateful for the experience I had. Kayla was so lovely to work with and was so helpful when I tried on every dress. I left the store feeling so beautiful and knowing that I had chose the perfect dress for my wedding day. Highly recommend all future brides to shop there. I even met their mom who was so sweet! <3 this family business is incredible!
Jessica Sebastian from Saskatoon
on 10/02/2017
Loved it!!! They accommodated my group and let us take our time with the dresses. All the ladies that work there are all professional, fun and make you feel important. Went for the dress I thought I liked but left with the dress I LOVE!! Thanks so much
Sheree Hemm from Regina
on 10/02/2017
We have been to the store twice now and Kim had been absolutely amazing each time! She helped me to find exactly what I wanted and went above and beyond to tailor the dress to my liking. From pining in bits of bling to the bust line, more crinoline under the skirt, straps no straps, she made it happen. Not only that her knowledge about dress fitting was incredible! She could tell me exactly how the dress was going to fit once we ordered it, even with the sample being too big. If I had questions she knew the answer! She has amazing attention to detail, and her work shows that she is truly there to make sure you find the perfect dress! By far the best dress shopping experience I have had thus far! Worth the drive to see them in Saskatoon!
Courtney Ady from Coleville, SK
on 09/24/2017
Of the 4 appointments I had scheduled around the city, you guys were the best by far!! Amazing selection, personable staff, and so accommodating when everything went awry the morning of my appointment. I can’t say enough good things about these ladies!! I will be back with my bridesmaids!
on 09/24/2017
My experience here was wonderful! Very comfortable trying on dresses, nice big rooms to move around and get help getting in and out of the dress, the consultants were a lot of help. The store had lots of space to move around and get a good look at the dress. The dresses to try on were good sizes so I wasn't stuffed into them and uncomfortable. The girls here were able to help guide me into a style that worked for my body even though I didn't think I wanted that when I went into the store to begin with. Very knowledgeable and very professional feeling, I felt confident that I could trust what was being said to me. Went to a different store after this one and it was cramped, I felt very uncomfortable when trying the dresses, didn't get much help with what I should be tying on and all the dresses they brought for me to try were way way too small and I too concerned with not being able to breath rather than look at the dress. I'm coming back to your store next month to try one particular dress again and compare it to others and hopefully make a final decision. Can't wait!
Brittany Turnbull from Kelvington
on 09/17/2017
You ladies were amazing to my mom, friends, and myself. When we came in the first time you ladies went out of your way to find me my dream dress and went above and beyond to make the dress exactly what I had in mind. The second time we came in you ladies were so patient as some of the girls were late and we went over our time for the appointment. However not once did we feel we were in the way, or felt like we had to leave. I thank you so much for making dress shopping so easy and a great experience. I will be recommending your shop to all the future brides I know. I can't wait until my dress comes in. My mom and I can not thank you enough!
Mercedes Wudrick from Saskatoon
on 09/16/2017
I went in originally to look and see if they had a dress I was going to buy on the weekend. While there they found me a dress that I absolutely loved even more. Fantastic service and wonderful selection and just awesome.
on 09/12/2017
Kim was awesome. Had great information and knew what she was talking about at all times. Made my first day looking at dresses a breeze and fun!
Amanda Walyluk from Saskatoon
on 09/10/2017
I enjoyed my experience at W Bridal. My consultant was very professional. She kept the appointment moving. And had no problem working wiyh 4 very opinionated women. I would highy recommend W Bridal.
Allison Scott from Meadow lake
on 09/04/2017
This was the first and only place I'd go. The consultant was amazing!! So friendly and helpful. Also very patient with me since I turned out loving two dresses and have to think about it. I felt welcomed and like a valued customer. It was by far the best shopping experience I've ever had anywhere in my entire life. I would highly recommend.
Anonymous from Fairview, AB
on 08/31/2017
Beyond Amazing! Great selection and amazing staff! I went there by myself to browse and get ideas, and I for sure will be back to purchase my dress! Staff is awesome, give honest opinions and make you feel great your entire appointment. Would recommend to anyone!
Reem Matlak from W Biridals Saskatoon 23rd Street
on 08/28/2017
The consultant that helped me, I believe her name was Kim, was so great and very attentive! She paid attention to the things that I liked and was always listening to my comments and accommodating me. If she had a dress in mind she would bring it and show me how it could be modified to add in the things that I wanted. She was very lovely and super helpful - I went to three other bridal shops that day and by far she was the best consultant.
Rikki Duncombe from Carnduff SK
on 08/27/2017
Everyone at W Bridals were absolutely amazing to me when I was looking for my dress! They were so accommodating and made you feel like such a queen. I traveled 5 hours there and back, twice, to give them my business as they were well deservingly of it! I also loved that they are a "curvy" store and I never felt out of place or embarrassed by my size! I will rave about this place for years to come! Thank you! xoxox
Rebecca Huck from Rosetown
on 08/27/2017
This experience was the best! I enjoyed every moment. Did not feel uncomfortable and she helped me out so much and explained so many options!
Anonymous from Saskatoon
on 08/14/2017
W Bridals was an amazing experience to shop at. I immediately was welcomed into the store, showed around and pointed in the direction of where I would find dresses in my style and price range. The staff were very helpful and made me feel very comfortable and confident in the dresses I was trying on. I went with a dress from W Bridal and would highly recommend every bride come here first. My other experiences at bridal shops were no where near as good as the experience I had here.
Megan Alberts from Saskatoon
on 07/02/2017
From accommodating me on a day that the store was closed to pulling the dress out for me to try that I ultimately ended up choosing, Kayla was easy to work with, knowledgable and professional. W Bridals was by far the best experience that I had at a bridal boutique in Saskatoon and I would recommend them to any bride looking for a dress!
Amber Bornhorst from Dundurn
on 06/26/2017
I had the most wonderful experience shopping at W Bridals. The girls make you feel like home and help find dresses that make you feel and look beautiful. I would 100% recommend this place for any bride looking for a dress. Thank you!
Vivian Fan from Saskatoon
on 06/19/2017
thank you! i have been to a few different stores in town, and you were the most helpful - very good customer service and good dress selection!
Melanie Hawrysh
on 06/14/2017
I went to W Bridals for my on my first time looking for my wedding dress, and I had a great time! Kayla helped me out during my appointment and she was extremely efficient in getting me in and out of dresses! We tried on so many dresses! She was also very helpful in explaining the different features of the dresses, and was patient with me as I was quite overwhelmed with all of the options. W Bridals carries a very nice line of dresses that will suit any body type. The high quality of dresses they have will make everyone feel comfortable and help create a smooth silhouette. I will be back to try on my favourites again!
on 04/21/2017
Kayla and the girls at W Bridal were amazing! I cannot say enough good things about the service I experienced!! I ran into major issues with a dress I ordered from another store, and after not hearing back from this other terrible store, I called W Bridal to see what my options were. Immediately after hearing my situation, Kayla jumped in to help out contact the designer - which blew me away! She was so helpful and made the stressful situation so much better. Once the dress situation was resolved and the dress arrive (in the wrong size) Kayla made an appointment for me to come in and their in house staff would look at the dress to see what they could do. She worked wonders with the dress, considering it was the wrong size and too short. At the end of the day I was blown away by the staff, especially Kayla! I can't thank these girls enough for saving my dress! I will definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a dress in Saskatoon. - from Facebook
on 04/21/2017
Wedding dress shopping can be a mix of emotions. I truly believe that W Bridal is what Saskatoon and even the world is missing. A place where women of ALL shapes and sizes can go and feel beautiful. To be able to go into a store where a large portion of the dresses fit is a feeling like none other. I had heard horror stories of friends of mine who would go into a Bridal stores and maybe have 3 dresses to try on, and if not you just had to guess which one would look great and order it from the factory. I feel lucky that I was able to have the experience I did. It is the small touches that W Bridal do to make you feel special. I went in thinking I had a vision as to what I wanted and Kayla helped me find the perfect dress that wasn’t at all what I had in mind! I was under a shorter time limit and they made sure the dress was here in plenty of time! I would recommend this store to anyone and everyone getting married. I can see why people travel from all over to visit the store. Thank you W Bridal!!! -from Facebook