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Diana Dinsick from Columbia, MD
on 11/27/2021
The young lady who assisted us was absolutely delightful. She was helpful, well-informed, and had many good insights to share.
Catherine from Fairfax, VA
on 11/14/2021
Samantha was so sweet and and my group had such a fun time picking out dresses with her help. She helped me confirm that the dress of my dreams that I had only seen in photos is THE one! I am so excited to come back for my fittings! Also the dress selection here is amazing!
Lindsey McCarthy
on 10/07/2021
Nancy was wonderful! She was very helpful and knowledgeable about all inventory. She really listened and helped me understand what I was looking for while also making great recommendations! She made the experience very pleasant
Rebecca Valchar from Columbia
on 10/02/2021
Samantha did a really good job and knowing what I was looking for, and was patient when I was wanting to retry on dresses that I already had on. She was very helpful and kind and excited for my process and I had a good time! I felt very blessed with how knowledgeable and patient she was and how she would pull dresses she thought I may like.
Kristina M.
on 09/24/2021
My appointment was with Sam T. And it was so fun! Sam listened to everything I wanted for dress styles and made the whole appointment a pleasure. Sam even picked out some great dresses on her end that we ended up loving. We found the dress I will be buying and coming back to order it! Thank you to Sam and the Bridal Boutique team!
Dianna Nguyen
on 09/15/2021
HOLLY YOU ARE A LIFE SAVER! Let me explain why I’d give Holly 6 stars if I could. I was in search for a particular allure romance dress. I was willing to drive within 5 hours or even fly to find this dress. I’ve never been married and so I was undereducated about dress buying and didn’t know how to go about things correctly. I called almost every bridal shop within 250 miles of me and had no luck. I called bridal boutique for a second time (which is when I met Holly’s sweet soul) inquiring about their trunk show and if it were possible for her to check if my dream dress was going to be in the trunk show. I didn’t even know if that was a thing? Do you know what dresses are coming in or do I just show up and look for myself? She was super friendly and helpful, didn’t once make me feel like I was a bother for being undereducated and not knowing what somethings meant. She put me on a brief hold to go ask if the dress was coming in and she got back on the phone so happy and excited saying “hello? Are you there? GUESS WHAT?!” And I almost started crying! She set up an appointment for me right away so I could try on my dream dress. The next day, or the day after, the bridal boutique called me letting me know because of the storm, the trunk show dresses would not be here on time for my appointment. They didn’t pressure me to still come in. They asked if I wanted to wait until the trunk show dresses arrived or still keep my visit scheduled. It was also a holiday weekend, so that made things a bit complicated. When the dress arrived, the girls at bridal boutique called to let me know and to schedule a new appointment. I asked to come 2 days in after they called and they made it happen. When I arrived to my appointment, I was super lucky to have Holly helping me! I was so nervous I fainted earlier that morning. She literally made the process so easy, I probably thanked her a million times. She really is a sweetheart and if it wasn’t for her, I would’ve never gotten my dream dress. A few days after I tried it on, and bought my dress, Samantha called from the store confirming the color I wanted. She was making sure it wasn’t the color dress that I tried on for the trunk show the other day. I was slightly confused on the colors but she explained it and never once sounded annoyed or impatient. I thank everyone at bridal boutique of Columbia for making this the best first dress try on I could’ve asked for! You all are the best!!
Tylice/(Maia Green) from columbia, md
on 09/11/2021
OMG. What a great place. My sister went shopping for her dress today. She told her consultant (Sam) what she had in mind and she came through. Sam was so sweet and professional. Sam had already pictured a dress for my sister and when my sister tried it on it made us all get emotional. She said yes to the Dress!!!!! Thank you all at The Bridal Boutique for a great experience and a special thanks to Sam. You delivered perfectly my sister is so happy and excited. Thank you ?? I know where to go for my vowel dress.
HEATHER from Ellicott City
on 09/11/2021
My wedding isn't until 2022 but, I wanted to get a head start and during my first visit to the Bridal Boutique I found my dress!! I came in with a few ideas and then gave Sam complete control. She picked out this GORGEOUS dress that I wouldn't have ever thought to try on. Long story short IT IS the perfect dress. Thank you Sam!
Sam from Laurel
on 09/11/2021
Samantha was such an amazing consultant. She helped me narrow down what I want, was super nice and easy to work with, and nonjudgmental. This is such a great shop, can’t wait to come back and try on more dresses
on 09/10/2021
Holly was great and worked hard to find me all the dresses I liked!
Delores from Columbia
on 09/09/2021
I had the most wonderful experience this Tuesday. I was able to make a reservation online a few weeks ahead of time and brought my mom and sister with me. Holly was absolutely amazing and helped me find the one in an hour! Every comment I made she listen to and adjusted accordingly. What’s the most amazing is that she picked my dress! I loved being able to mimic walking down the isle and seeing my dress in the evening spotlight. It really made me fall in love with the dress so quickly. I had such an awesome experience I wish I could give more stars. Thank you!
Dionne from Columbia, MD
on 09/01/2021
Holly was great. She made me feel very comfortable and got me one step closer to making a final decision. She is truly as asset to your boutique!
on 09/01/2021
The team at The Bridal Boutique is awesome! Not only did they do a fantastic job with my bridesmaids dress for a friend’s wedding, they did a great job helping me look at wedding dresses!
Elena from Glen Burnie
on 08/30/2021
Before I came to Bridal Boutique I went to a different bridal shop and it was a completely different experience. You felt free to walk around and look at the gowns while they pull dresses for you to try on. The set up and the atmosphere itself was welcoming and it was very easy to work with staff. I said yes to the dress and they found a matching veil to my dress which was awesome. I left happy ??
Andrea from Columbia, MD
on 08/30/2021
I had an incredible experience at The Bridal Boutique in Columbia. Not only was there a large inventory of dresses in a variety of sizes, but the experience was made so special but my incredible stylists! They were so helpful and patient with me (an indecisive bride) and helped me find my perfect dress. I couldn't be more thankful.
Brittany from Bel Air
on 08/28/2021
Had a great and fun experience with Holly. She was a lot of fun to work with. Made a dress I was torn on, the one by showing me all the things I could add to make it my own.
Paige Hawkins from Columbia, MD
on 08/27/2021
When searching for the perfect wedding dress, I went to five dress places and The Bridal Boutique in Columbia was by far the best experience! Not only do they have a huge selection to choose from, but the customer service there is like nothing you will find anywhere else. Samantha was amazing; she listened, she was neutral and didn't try to persuade me one way or another, she picked out dresses that I loved, she respected my budget, and she made me laugh and smile the entire time! Not to mention the free bottle of rosé because I found my perfect dress there! If I could give them 10 out of 5 stars, I would.
Burnitta from Glen Burnie, MD
on 08/24/2021
I am so excited to wear my wedding dress. The moment I tried on my dress I cried and I just knew it was made for me. Thank you all so much for a great experience, the woman who helped me was so sweet from the beginning to end. I wish I could remember her name. It blows my mind that I found my dress the first day coming. Thank you again! Be on the lookout for my wedding pics soon on IG @b_nitty, I promise to tag you all.
Angela Adames
on 08/05/2021
Nancy was amazing!!! She helped me found my perfect dress! Thank you!!!
on 07/24/2021
It was a great experience bring my mom and Kelly was so helpful and patient with us during this process, found my dress so very excited about that
Holly from Columbia
on 07/15/2021
Kelly was wonderful! She made me feel beautiful and that I deserved the best experience! She was very attentive and allowed for the best possible experience!
Megan Robey from Columbia, MD
on 07/14/2021
This was my first wedding dress shop I visited since getting engaged. We had a fantastic visit with Holly as our stylist! She was amazing and made the entire experience feel even more incredible. She was efficient but also never once felt pushy. She listened to what I wanted, and helped me to find some amazing dresses to try on. The boutique was also clean, organized, and had an amazing selection of wedding gowns! I would recommend the Bridal Boutique to anyone!
on 07/13/2021
I had such a great experience at The Bridal Boutique with Holly! This was the first place I visited to shop for my wedding dress and Holly was able to put my mind at ease and find beautiful dresses for me while making me feel so special. I ended up choosing a dress from another store but I already recommended The Bridal Boutique to my other engaged friends in the area!
Meredith Wimbrow from Columbia
on 07/07/2021
Holly was so accommodating and patient for my first dress shopping experience. Beautiful gowns and great energy the moment you walk into the shop!
Julie Z from The Bridal Boutique
on 07/02/2021
I had the most wonderful experience at The Bridal Boutique! This was my first time shopping for my dress and I was so nervous, but all of the staff, especially Holly who was with me the entire time, made me feel SO comfortable.’I never felt pushed into liking a dress and felt like I got such honest feedback from Holly. She was patient, energetic, and truly made the experience one I’ll never forget! They had a great selection of dresses also and at very affordable prices! Love this place and would definitely recommend to a friend!
Rebecca Grundy from Columbia, Maryland
on 06/30/2021
My visit was great! Nancy was super attentive and extremely helpful! The Bridal Boutique had an amazing selection of dresses, making my first trip super easy! Overall it was an amazing experience!
Adelina Consoli from The Bridal Boutique in Columbia
on 06/25/2021
I had a great experience at the Bridal Boutique. The boutique is so cozy and cute. It was my very first appointment shopping for dresses and they had a beautiful selection, but I came mainly looking for a specific dress. I showed Samantha who immediately pulled it for me among other dresses. She was so professional, made me feel so comfortable, and helped me have fun in the process. Although I had another appointment afterwards, I came back to the Bridal Boutique right after to buy my dress. Everybody was so kind, Samantha was amazing, and I am still so amazed I bought my dress on day 1 of looking! THANK YOU!
Joy from Columbia
on 06/18/2021
The Bridal Boutique was such a special place to find my dress. We walked in just wanting to get an idea and we ended up finding one, thanks to Nancy! Great independent boutique helping brides!
Britney from Middle River, Maryland
on 06/10/2021
The service there was phenomenal! I would definitely recommend this salon to any bride!!!
Olga from Columbia, MD
on 05/17/2021
My sales associate (Holly) was so kind and took time to help me pick the right dress. I never felt rushed. Her suggestions on dresses were perfect.
Nakita from Columbia
on 05/01/2021
I went in hoping it would be my last stop, and it definitely was. Sam was so patient; and what I asked for, she delivered. This experience was everything I hoped for. Can’t wait till my big day!
on 04/27/2021
I went to the Bridal Boutique for my first (and only) wedding dress appointment. My consultant (Samantha) was great. She tried to really understand what I liked and didn't like about a dress. I ended up finding my dress after the 12th? dress I tried on. They have a great selection that isn't too overwhelming. I would shop here a 1000 times if I could. Everyone in the shop was very nice and provided their insight when I was having a hard time deciding on a dress. Thank you Bridal Boutique. You'll always have a special place in my heart. Oh, also their robes are super soft and have pockets. Amazing!
Sydni Lyon from Columbia
on 04/22/2021
I said yes to the dress! Everyone there was super nice and amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a better visit, especially since I live out of town. I wanted to make sure my mom was able to come with me. They were so accommodating even during a pandemic. I would definitely recommend this place!
Elise L. from Columbia, MD
on 04/22/2021
Shopping at The Bridal Boutique was such an amazing experience! With my wedding being only a few months away, other bridal shops made it seem like it was going to be a really difficult process to get a dress in time. However, Whitney made me feel reassured that I would find something amazing for my big day! Speaking of Whitney, I cannot thank her enough for her patience and positivity throughout my appointment. Not only did she highlight something specific about each dress, but she quickly learned my style (which I didn’t even know I had!) and provided me with amazing suggestions. This was the very first bridal shop I visited, and thanks to her I was able to say “yes to the dress” on my very first dress appointment! Thank you, Whitney!
on 04/20/2021
A really great personal happy experience
Sophy B. from Columbia, MD
on 04/13/2021
Nancy my consultant was super sweet and knowledgeable. Although I don’t end up leaving with a dress, I really appreciated her professionalism and honesty. I loved that for a first time bridal appointment she didn’t push me to buy something and instinctively knew when I did not like the dress I tried on. My only complaint is that the shop didn’t have a lot of options for size 12-14.
Grace Terrell from Columbia, MD
on 04/09/2021
Holly made my experience absolutely amazing! I said yes to the dress! I am looking forward to my final alterations and my BIG DAY!
S.Williams from MD
on 04/05/2021
I was given a plethora of options to try on. My stylist was phenomenal. After visiting the store twice and searching around at other stores, I said YES to the dress. Highly recommend this shop if you are looking for different kinds of dresses. Prices are reasonable.
Melissa L from Columbia-Oakland Mills
on 04/04/2021
Holly was amazing! I had such an amazing experience. I have no doubt that she knows the dresses/inventory and she was quickly able to assist me in deciding on my dress style. I am such an indecisive person and within 30 minutes I narrowed it down to 2 dresses and said yes to my dream dress that day! The boutique was also beautiful and so clean on the inside. I was made to feel so special and beautiful! I would 100% recommend her and The Bridal Boutique!
Carrie Sopp from Columbia, MD
on 04/04/2021
My experience at The Bridal Boutique was amazing! I almost didn’t try on the dress I ended up getting but Samantha encouraged me and it wound up being the one! Everyone was so kind and helpful, it was an awesome experience.
Kristen Klessig
on 04/04/2021
Whitney was amazing and wonderful and deserves all the praise in the world. She is fantastic at her job too - found the dress first try!
Love from Th me Bridal Boutique Columbia
on 04/04/2021
SAMANTHA!!!!! I am sooo happy that you were my bridal consultant. You listened to want I thought I wanted and then you picked 2 amazing dresses that I never would have chosen. Thank you for picking my dress, i’m very excited for my wedding day. I also appreciate management working with me& my budget.
Gabrielle from Columbia
on 04/03/2021
Samantha was awesome and so helpful. It was an awesome experience.
Catherine from Hanover PA.
on 04/02/2021
My visit at The Bridal Boutique was amazing. From the moment I walked in to when I left. Customer service was Perfect. My stylist Whitney was very patient and made sure I was well taken care of. I would recommend this store to all brides. They have a variety of dresses and good prices.
Krista Mizell from Columbia, MD
on 03/31/2021
Whitney Turner was lovely and made the entire dress shopping experience so wonderful. She listened, brought her own professional suggestions on dresses, and gave honest opinions which was SO appreciated. I left with so much excitement to have bought my dress!
Colleen from Baltimore
on 03/29/2021
Kelly did a wonderful job listening to my vision (or lack there of) and struck a great balance between pulling/suggesting dresses and letting me shop around on my own. She was patient and knew just which accessories would look best to help seal the deal on the dress I loved. The shop itself had a great selection of dresses and the sample dresses seemed to be a great deal as well! I had a lovely experience, I didn’t feel rushed or pressured, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend The Bridal Boutique to anyone!
on 03/29/2021
Our experience was awesome! We had the chance to try on so many different dresses. Everything was comfortable and it was hard to make a decision! We’ll be back
Emma from burtonsville
on 03/22/2021
I had such a wonderful experience here! My stylist was the most attentive person I had help me out of the 3 shops we went to that day and was so kind and helpful. She was very focused on making sure I felt like myself in the dress, and even she cried when I found the one. I really felt like the people here cared about me and my experience even though I was so super nervous about dress shopping as a whole, especially during a pandemic.
Bronte Southworth from Columbia, MD
on 03/22/2021
I was blown away by the level of care, service, and attention. Holly made me feel so comfortable and she was incredibly personal. I was pretty open to suggestion and so she also was a great consultant during the process and her insight was helpful. I will be telling everyone about this boutique!! I had an incredible experience and what could have been a painful process was made so easy! Thank you!! Holly, you were absolutely wonderful and I appreciate your time with me to help me find my dress!
Carolyn Allen from Columbia
on 03/21/2021
I went to the Bridal Boutique with my mom for my first time wedding dress shopping and we had a wonderful experience. Our consultant Samantha was very sweet and helpful. She really helped me hone in on my style and what I wanted in a dress. They had a great selection of dresses as well. Although I didn’t find my dress during this first trip, we will be going back because we had such a great experience the first time and there were so many more dresses to try!