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on 03/17/2020
The patience and kindness everyone had was exceptional, especially given it was towards the end of the day. Thank you so much!
Breianna from Middle river Maryland
on 03/16/2020
So my first time dress shopping was slightly overwhelming however Ariel helped me turn everything around. Every dress she and my mother picked out gave me confidence and every plus size bride to be needs that extra love. Ariel and I had a blast especially considering that I wasn’t suppose to be trying on dresses that day but a customer cancelled and from there Ariel brought me dresses that made me feel good about myself. We bonded over our wedding themes and styles and I over all had a ball. I can’t wait for my April Appointment because I definitely will be saying yes to the dress
Chelsi from Columbia
on 03/12/2020
What an amazing experience. I’ve been everywhere down to Kleinfelds in NYC in search of a gown that just FIT. Not even that I loved. But luckily I found something I loved and it will fit me too! Darcy made sure I had an enjoyable experience. I honestly didn’t think I would find anything before I didn’t even know I’d be going in or not. But my long day of moving and busting my butt ended with tears when I finally realized I was done with this but not only done-happy too! Thank you for your time and patience!!
Alexis from Washington, DC
on 03/12/2020
Nancy was great! Very understanding of what I was aiming for and gave great advice.
Eileen Gillette from Columbia
on 03/09/2020
Awesome! My consultant (Brooke?) was fabulous! I did not find my perfect dress, but she was so helpful in every way!
Chasity Swope from Columbia, MD
on 03/08/2020
I had the absolute BEST experience shopping for my wedding dress at the Bridal Boutique! Lindsay was awesome! She was very knowledgeable & super easy to work with! She made this experience super memorable & I’m glad I found my dress for my big day!
Jael Kagai from Columbia,MD
on 03/05/2020
Y'know, when you're busy planning your wedding sometimes you get caught up in the grind and forget to be fully presently engaged in the planning. Dress shopping is one of the most crucial and important moments in planning your wedding , and Saying yes to the dress is one event you wont ever forget!! I couldnt have had any better experience during my dress shopping! Mrs. Lindsay Pons from the bridal boutique of Columbia offered me exceptional customer service! She took the time to find out what I wanted and what my preferences were, and was EXTREMELY patient throughout my shopping! She is the one that picked out the dress I said yes to!She was awesome and cant even say all about her.
Jessi from Columbia
on 03/02/2020
The experience at the bridal boutique was absolutely amazing!!! Nancy was incredible! I tried on every dress I liked, she gave me her honest opinion and she made sure I was completely happy. They have so many options to choose from. Nancy was extremely attentive and even found more dresses that she thought fit my style! I would recommend this bridal boutique to anyone looking to say “yes to their dress!” ;)
on 02/27/2020
My gown consultant was professional, patient and knowledgeable. I appreciate the guidance she gave me. I found the perfect dress.
Tareka Tyson from Columbia
on 02/24/2020
I enjoyed my experience at The Bridal Boutique. Whitney was great to work with. She listened to all of my likes and dislikes and was very attentive. In the end I chose a gown that I didn’t even know I would love and it was one that she selected after I tried on several.
Jessica from Columbia
on 02/24/2020
Great! Everyone was so friendly. I found my dress!
Ange from Columbia
on 02/24/2020
I loved working with Brooke. she make the whole process very nice and pleasant. For my first time ever traying wedding dresses, it was nice
Ashley from Columbia, MD
on 02/18/2020
Ariel was amazing! It was my first appointment trying bridal gowns on and I feel like she listened to me, but also challenged me to try dresses unlike what I thought I wanted. As a plus size bride, I was super anxious about whether or not there would be dresses for me to try on, and I didn't feel limited at all!
Sarah from Catonsville, MD
on 02/17/2020
Whitney was extremely helpful in helping me find the perfect dress. She found something that I wouldn't have imagined picking out, but it's perfect. She made me feel comfortable in the fitting room and my two friends had fun, too!
Marcia from Columbia
on 02/17/2020
Xiomara from Adelphi, Maryland
on 02/16/2020
It went well, even though ultimately I was not ready to make my dress decision that same day. Whitney was the best dress consultant and was extremely patient and caring with my concerns. She was very helpful in what dress I was envisioning. I would definitely go back just to be with Whitney to make my dress decision. Whitney went above and beyond to help me!
Samantha Cook from Hanover, PA
on 02/09/2020
I had a really great experience. Whitney was great and all the employees made me feel welcomed. I got lucky and found my dress!
Kiely from Columbia
on 02/09/2020
I had my first wedding dress try-on yesterday (Ariel) was my stylist. I was a little nervous/self conscious and I really appreciated her time and recommendations. She was great to work with and I found a few dresses that I really liked. Thanks again, Ariel!
Jessica P from Columbia , MD
on 02/05/2020
Great selection and wonderful sales team! Jamie was absolutely wonderful! She listened to what I was looking for and found several dresses for me to choose from , all of them I liked but one I said “yes” to! Great experience
Natasha Sharma from Columbia, MD
on 02/02/2020
I had the pleasure of working with Nancy at my appointment. She was wonderful and thoughtful. She really helped show the vision and worked with me within my budget and needs for the wedding. I could not have been happier with the whole experience!
Laura from Columbia
on 01/27/2020
I loved my visit and the attention that Lindsey provided. I loved walking in the dresses to get a feel for what it was like. The dressing room was great, the bathroom was clean, and I loved all the mirrors, even the rear few mirror. I have just started my wedding dress search and right now the price point is a bit high for my budget, so I will continue to look, but I may return.
Lylah Jan from Columbia
on 01/27/2020
I would highly recommend this place to anyone I know!!! In regards to the overall experience out of 5 different dress stores, this one takes the cake by far. Lindsay was the stylist paired with helping me and I can't speak highly enough of her! By the time I found this place and got to her, I was ready to give up. I don't love to shop and with this being the 5th store I was getting burnt out. Lindsay was so bubbly and made the whole experience fun and exciting again. I wish I would've found this place to start. Not to mention how insanely reasonable their prices were, and they had such a big variety of dresses to choose from. Come here and it will be so easy for you to say yes to your dress!!!
Claire DelFavero from Pasadena
on 01/26/2020
Fantastic experience! We arrived 1 hour early for our appointment due to coming straight from the airport and they willingly accommodated. Darcy was our stylist and she knew exactly the right steps to find what I wanted. It was a stress free and all around good experience. This was my first stop for shopping for a wedding dress and I canceled all of my other appointments elsewhere because I found a BEAUTIFUL dress here!
Roni Garland from Columbia, MD
on 01/25/2020
My experience at the Bridal Boutique was beyond my expectations. Nancy was absolutely amazing. She worked to find the dress that made me feel awesome. Thank you so much!
Erika from Ellicott City, MD
on 01/21/2020
First off the associate Brooke that helped me was amazing! My sis in law called on a Saturday to see if they could squeeze me in for a bridal appointment the same day. I was able to get a 4pm appointment even though they closed at 5pm. They did not rush me at all and were very patient with me. I was torn between two dresses and they helped me to make a decision. I ended up saying yes to the dress! They gave me a bottle of wine when I left and told me all about what to expect as far as alterations and when the dress should arrive. I'm so happy my sis in law found this bridal salon for me and I want to thank the entire team for being so kind and helpful. :-)
Anna Joy Thompson from Laurel
on 01/21/2020
I went to 4 bridal stores over the course of the weekend and the Bridal Boutique in Columbia was BY FAR the best experience. I was so disheartened by my other experiences and was convinced that I was not going to find a dress that I liked for a price that I could afford. And then I went to the Bridal Boutique. Darcy was so quick to catch on to what styles I liked and what details were a must-have and a must-not-have for me. She pulled so many beautiful gowns for me (which made me nervous because I thought I couldn't afford them, but they were all under my budget!). I went over my 90 min allotted time period but she didn't even mention it, and then when I was torn between 2 dresses she encouraged me to take time to think about it instead of pressuring me into a decision. I ended up leaving for about 2 hours and then coming back (no appointment) and asking if I could try on the two dresses again. Without hesitation she grabbed them for me and set me up with a changing room and a pedestal. When I tried on the second dress again I knew I loved it but I was so scared to commit. That's when Darcy had me close my eyes and she put a bouquet of flowers in my hands. When I opened my eyes I started balling. Even after that it took me another 30 minutes of standing in the dress to finally commit - and she was so patient with me! It was overall a great experience and the most affordable place I went for the quality of the dress they provide. Everyone was so friendly and seemed excited to be a part of my experience - even fellow brides who were there to find their own dress! I'm glad I went to the other three stores because they allowed me to truly appreciate how wonderful the Bridal Boutique is!
Marissa from Columbia
on 01/21/2020
Whitney did an awesome job finding gowns that fit my description and helping me look through different gowns. She was excited and listened to my thoughts about different dresses. She picked the gown I chose and I couldn't be happier! The atmosphere was welcoming and we all had a great time!
Aleah from Silver Spring
on 01/21/2020
The ladies here were incredibly friendly and supportive. I had a wonderful experience and I ended up finding my dress on the first visit.
Laurie Rowe from Columbia, MD
on 01/19/2020
Thoroughly enjoyed my visit. Lindsey was a great consultant-friendly, attentive, focused. The other staff were great as well. Beautiful salon with variety of dresses.
Sofia Velasquez from Columbia, MD
on 01/17/2020
I had a wonderful time shopping for my wedding dress! The staff is so friendly and helpful! I recommend anyone to come and shop at The Bridal Boutique! :-)
Beth N from Columbia, MD
on 01/16/2020
Whitney was very patient and kind. She was upbeat and kept my spirits up (shopping isn’t my favorite and I was pretty tired)! They had a great selection. Better than the others places I’ve gone. I think I found my dress there and I’m excited to go back with my family and friends to make the final decision!
on 01/14/2020
I’m so happy I can to the bridal boutique to look for a dress. I went to 6 different bridal shops and the bridal boutique definitely had the best and widest selection. They also pair you with one of their wonderful staff members for your appointment who gets to know you and understands your vision. I was lucky enough to get paired with Lindsay who made me feel comfortable right away and was genuinely interested in learning about me and my fiancé. Lindsay was absolutely wonderful helping me through the process of finding a dress. She was patient and encouraging and helped me feel confident when I had found the one! I’m so grateful for her!!! I can’t say enough good things about my experience or about Lindsay :)
Lauren from Columbia, MD
on 01/11/2020
My consultant was amazing! She pointed me in the direction of 10 dresses in my price range/style preferences and they were all amazing. She was super knowledgeable and so helpful, she really made me feel beautiful. I ended up buying the first dress she put me in :)
Hannah Dardzinski from Columbia
on 01/09/2020
Best experience ever. Darcy knew exactly what I wanted and found me the perfect dress. She had patience with me, trying on 5 at first then going to pick out other dresses that had what I wanted with me. She made sure to listen to me, hear what I had to say about the dresses I didn't like so she could put me in the perfect dress, was very kind and sweet! She found me my dress and I am so excited to say that I said yes to that dress.
Katy from Columbia, MD
on 01/09/2020
Even though we came in without an initial appointment we were able to get an appointment quickly. We did not have to wait long before we were helped. The service was great!
Brittany H from Columbia
on 01/05/2020
Holly made the whole experience amazing from beginning to end. She answered all of our thousands of questions, and she made me feel so comfortable! She made the whole experience exactly what I have dreamed of since I was a little girl. The boutique is beautiful as well!
Bonnie Fisher from Columbia, MD
on 01/03/2020
I wish I could give The Bridal Boutique 10 stars, I had such a magnificent experience shopping for my wedding dress here! I was paired with Darcy to be my bridal consultant during the appointment and, even though I brought very strong, opinionated and important women in my life, (who definitely had lots to say), Darcy was able to help hear my heart and streamline my thoughts on how I wanted to look on my wedding day. She was SO thoughtful, compassionate, kind and understanding with my requests, and her attention to detail was absolutely stellar! It was almost like we had a mind meld! She, and the other consultants/employees, made me feel so comfortable, and relaxed that I was able to be matched with my dream dress! Thank you, Darcy and everyone at the Bridal Boutique, for making my dream dress come true!
on 01/02/2020
Holly worked really well with my family and MOH! She made sure that everything was exactly as we wanted it and made the experience fun!
Kaitlin Potter from Columbia, MD
on 12/31/2019
I had an amazing experience at the Bridal Boutique in Columbia! When I arrived, the staff made sure that there was enough room for all of the friends and family that I brought with me. I had Nancy helping me and she was the best! I told her what type of features I was looking for and she helped me pick out some great dresses. The first one I tried on ended up being the one! Nancy and the rest of the staff made the whole experience very fun and stress free. I was also impressed by the large selection they had!
Valarie Timms from Columbia, MD
on 12/28/2019
I had the best experience at the Bridal Boutique! My consultant Ariel was absolutely amazing. I said two words to her and she went and pulled the perfect dress! I tried it on and it was my dream dress! She even pulled the perfect vail to go with it. Ariel was so delightful to work with, it was like shopping with a lifelong friend! Nothing but positive things to say about my experience there!
Emma from Columbia
on 12/23/2019
Holly was so helpful and fun! She really understood my style so quickly and made me feel at ease. She’s great at what she does!
on 12/17/2019
I had a really positive experience with Whitney. She was very patient and calm.
Nadia Pickett from Columbia
on 12/16/2019
My experience was very pleasant and helpful my consultant was very professional I was able to find a dress I loved. The only complaint I have is when I ordered the dress, one of the ladies at the desk said that I would be emailed my receipt which still has not happened.
Reeja from Maryland
on 12/16/2019
This was the first boutique I went to where the stylist was extremely patient with me and really took the time to not only help me pick the dress of my dreams, but also took the time to learn about me as a person. Towards the end I felt like I wasn’t going to find my dress, but Whitney was reassuring and willing to have me try on a million more dresses. She was just who I needed to help me say Yes to the dress. I can’t thank Whitney enough for helping me find THE dress.
Tanisha H. from Gywnn Oak
on 12/08/2019
Ariel is phenomenal! She was so pleasant and great with picking out beautiful gowns. Also, the staff is very friendly. I would recommend this place to everyone!
Lavion Oglesby from Columbia
on 12/05/2019
Jamie was amazing. She understood my vision and gave me alot of great options to choose from. Will be returning and will be sure to ask for her
Katie from Columbia
on 12/03/2019
Love my dress! The associate, Holly, was very patient and helpful. She spent a lot of time with me making sure the dress and accessories were exactly what I wanted. Thank you!
Hayley from Columbia
on 12/01/2019
I was SO skeptical that I would find my dress the first time out shopping. And I certainly didn't think I'd have that "feeling" that brides say they get when they find THE dress. I was wrong- picked my dress with help from Jamie, and ended up picking a dress I wouldn't have even tried on if it wasn't for her!
Joyce Swartz from columbia
on 11/22/2019
Everything was perfect. I loved the individual attention given to me.
Amanda from Columbia, MD
on 11/19/2019
Was so happy with my appointment. Nancy was so kind & picked out my perfect dress. I would have never picked it off the rack but once I put it on I fell completely inlove with it. I had been to other shops but none of them even come close to the experience I had here.