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on 08/20/2019
I had a wonderful experience at the Bridal Boutique. My attendant, Brooke, was the sweetest. Not only did she help me pull dresses, she also spent time getting to know more about myself and my wedding, making the experience all the more personable. The selection was great, though I did notice some of the dresses advertised online are not in the store, which was a bit disappointing. That being said, Brooke did a great job listening to what I was looking for and even offered to pull additional dresses if I was not certain of the one I ultimately chose. She never rushed me to make a decision, nor did she pressure me to pick something. I especially appreciated that she called someone else over to measure parts of my dress so that she could be 100% sure that my dress would come back perfect. I had a fantastic experience, and I would recommend this boutique to everyone.
Chrissy Palmer from Baltimore, MD
on 08/18/2019
I had such a lovely experience shopping for my wedding gown! Whitney was so helpful and friendly and really made the experience so welcoming and enjoyable! I loved how I was able to bring several friends with me and there was plenty of room for them to shop around and watch me try on gowns. I would have liked there to be larger sizes for me to try on since everything runs so small, but in the end, I found my dress and said "yes"! Thank you so much for such an awesome experience finding my wedding gown!
on 08/16/2019
My appointment was with Holly. She was very knowledgeable and listened to what I wanted. I would recommend seeing her! She was so sweet and did not put pressure on you to buy a dress. I didn’t walk out with a dress but I left with a great experience. Thanks Holly!
on 08/15/2019
Nancy was great! I cannot wait to go back in to try on the dresses she pulled based on my budget and style.
Aileen from Columbia, MD
on 08/13/2019
Had a wonderful shopping experience here! Our bridal stylist was Courtney and she was so patient and kind! They have a huge selection of dresses with a great price range!
Marina Oakes from Columbia, MD
on 08/10/2019
I had a wonderful experience yesterday trying on wedding gowns! Whitney was so helpful and made the whole session that much better! I may not have said yes to a dress yet but I will definitely be back!
Pauline Escobar from Columbia md
on 08/09/2019
I was really anxious and nervous about dress shopping. Faith (our stylist) really made me feel comfortable. She made me feel like I knew her for years lol I’m getting married in 2 months and I’m on a very tight budget. I really appreciate that she took the time to listen to my concerns and never tried to up sell me on anything. All the dresses I tried on were exactly my style and I ended saying yes to the dress! :) I had a great experience
Sarah E. from Towson, MD
on 08/08/2019
Loved The Bridal Boutique!! My stylist was AMAZING and did everything she could to make me feel confident and comfortable in every single dress I tried on! She was spot on with what I wanted and envisioned and helped me find the perfect dress for my wedding!! I’m coming back and I am planning to bring my bridesmaids and my mom and mother in law to get all of our dresses!
Dani Loyola from Bridal Boutique in Columbia, MD
on 08/08/2019
I just want to thank you guys for such a phenomenal experience! Ms. Faith was amazing, she helped me choose the PERFECT dress. I would happily recommend this location to my family and friends!
Casie Prodoehl from Bridal Boutique- Columbia
on 08/06/2019
A wonderful experience! Whitney went exactly with the vision I was going for, stayed in my budget, and helped me find my dream dress! Highly recommend.
Chante Haskins from Columbia
on 08/05/2019
Whitney was amazing! She was so patient and helpful. The dresses were beautiful and within my price range. I would definitely recommend.
Christina Curro from Columbia
on 07/29/2019
Lindsey made me feel extremely comfortable. She threw in some options that I appreciated, and also wasn’t phased if I chose not to try on a suggested dress. I will definitely recommend her! The other employees also made me feel right at home.
Kourtney from Columbia, MD
on 07/29/2019
The boutique has a wide variety of dress and knowledgeable staff. They listen to your feedback for every dress and pull others based on what they hear. I intend to visit the shop again to meet with the same consultant to make a final decision on the dream dress they found for me!
Faith from Columbia
on 07/29/2019
It was great. I gave a hard order to find a wedding dress and she found a perfect dress. She was great and she made sure I love the dress.
Irene G from COlumbia
on 07/29/2019
Whitney was wonderful and so patient!
Marissa from Columbia, MD
on 07/28/2019
Best experience ever! Whitney did an amazing job listening to my vision and finding several dresses that were spot on. Very smooth process and a very welcoming environment.
Daniella from Columbia, MD
on 07/27/2019
Whitney was so professional and friendly. I am so excited to purchase my dream dress from the Bridal Boutique??
Kristen Stewart from Ellicott City, Maryland
on 07/25/2019
I had such a wonderful experience getting the dress of my dreams. Holly was so patient with my family and very professional
Joy Felix from Sault Ste. Marie, MI
on 07/22/2019
Brooke assisted me on my first wedding dress shopping experience during the national bridal sale. Brooke was amazing and made my experience very memorable. The service provided at the Bridal Boutique was outstanding. The rest of the staff was welcoming and friendly. I highly recommend the Bridal Boutique!!!
Crystal Lee from Baltimore, MD
on 07/22/2019
My associate was Morgan and she was the nicest and most patient person to work with. I showed her a picture of what I was looking for and that this was my second trip dress shopping. The first dress I tried on hit it on the nail. She showed me different options with the dress and was very attentive. My experience was wonderful and I am glad I came here. Next up is the bridesmaids!!!!
Morgana K. from Columbia, MD
on 07/12/2019
Wonderful experience! Holly and Faith were perfect! They helped me choose dresses and kept me from falling all over myself while trying them on, lol. In the end, the dress I chose was one that Holly picked out. She knows her stuff!
Carlena Zayac from Columbia
on 07/07/2019
Such a great experience. I really like how the sales people weren’t too talkative or pushy, it really allowed us to have our experience and find the perfect dress without influence!
Anonymous from Columbia
on 07/02/2019
Went in just to look and ended up purchasing a dress. Whitney was absolutely great! She was so patient with me my group. She kept to my budget as much as possible and told was very transparent with the pricing of the alterations. This was a great experience and would definitely recommend going there!
Amanda from Columbia
on 06/23/2019
Brooke did such a good job. She ended up taking everything I liked about each dress I tried on and picked the one I eventually decided on! She was patient with me and my group and it was really appreciated. Thank you!
Tina from San Diego, CA
on 06/23/2019
Whitney was absolutely amazing! She took her time to listen to the bits and pieces that I knew I wanted and then went with me to pick out the dresses that fit what I had envisioned. She took her time and made sure everything looked right from the trains being pulled out to showing me what the dress would look like under evening lights. I had the best first wedding dress shopping experience. Thanks, Whitney!
Stephanie Depew from Columbia Bridal Boutique
on 06/22/2019
My appointment with Mary was even more amazing then I could have imagined! I knew somewhat what kind of dress I wanted, but was unsure of shape and style. Mary was extremely patient, kind, and personable. I couldn't decide between two dresses because I liked certain things from both, but Mary pulled a dress that was the perfect mixture of the two and I couldn't be happier! I wasn't sure I was even going to purchase a dress since it was my first appointment and I have over a year until my wedding, but she hit it out of the park and I knew I would find nothing better. I will definitely be back with my bridesmaids for bridesmaids dresses. Will highly recommend to all of my friends. :)
Shannon from Columbia, MD
on 06/20/2019
I had a great experience here. Morgan was fantastic! She stayed 45 minutes past closing to help me look at dresses since I had limited time based on when I was able to come in that day. She gave me her honest opinions and was visibly invested with helping me find a dress and a style that best fit me. Super appreciative of the extra time she spent with me and how kind and helpful she was!
KMP from Laurel
on 06/19/2019
Great customer service
Christie from Columbia
on 06/16/2019
Holly was amazing!
Kendra from Washington, DC
on 06/15/2019
I had Holly as my consultant when I visited the boutique. She really listened to what I wanted and respected my budget that I have for my dress. Holly allowed me to pic dresses to try but she was the one that found the actual dress that I plan to purchase! If you do visit this boutique, I recommend asking for her to assist you! The boutique itself had a nice selection of brands and dresses within those brands!
Stephanie from Linthicum, Maryland
on 06/13/2019
We liked that we were encouraged to pick out dresses to try on but the prices were on the dresses so she didn’t try on a dress that was well outside price range. We went in with one specific dress in mind and wound up with an even better dress. Holly was spectacular and we didn’t feel pressured to say yes to the dress but since we found the perfect dress she said yes!
on 06/11/2019
Whitney was amazing! Very patient and helpful. She offered her opinion but didn't overstep. She made the process seamless and painless.
on 06/01/2019
Wonderful experience. Whitney was thorough and extremely helpful.
Claire Brooks from Los Angeles
on 05/31/2019
Nancy was amazing! I know I was an exhausting client, but she was patient and kind and willing to try anything to help me find the right dress. She gave me the time to refine what I thought I wanted, and encouraged me to experiment outside my box. In short, Nancy was the perfect consultant for a first time dress shopper.
Patty Walcott from Columbia
on 05/31/2019
I just walked in today not expecting anything. I looked up the store online and liked 10 dresses they had on the website. I was greeted and taken to see a stylist immediately without an appointment . Mary Patricia was the best! She made it fun and explained all the styles and helped me so much. She had me pick 6 dresses, just for fun and then she worked her magic making them all fit me. She listened to what I wanted and didn’t push anything that was too expensive or not my style. After helping me try on the dresses she asked if I wanted to see one she had in my size she thought I might like just for fun. It fit perfectly and I loved it! I ended up getting the dress she suggested, she’s really very good at styling! I cannot express how happy I am with this store and the people there. Mary Patricia is the best and I hope this review helps other Brides navigate this process! They even gave me a bottle of pink champagne!
on 05/26/2019
I had a great experience!
Caitlyn jackson from Pasadena
on 05/26/2019
Best experience ever. Very friendly, and eager to please. They are 100% focused on you and your needs. 10/10 would recommend!
Lizzy from Columbia, MD
on 05/22/2019
I had an amazing experience at The Bridal Boutique! Holly was my stylist for the day, and she provided such personal service the whole time and gave her honest opinion when I asked! She made me feel great in every dress I tried on and gave me great suggestions for how I could make my dress exactly what I envisioned. I found my dream dress the same day and everyone there shared my excitement. They even gave me a bottle of champagne to take home! My sister and I both got our wedding dresses here and both had amazing experiences.
on 05/22/2019
Holly was Amazing!!!!!
Karina from Columbia
on 05/20/2019
Sabina went out of her way to help me find the right dress. She even came on her day off to work with me. She was very patient, courteous, and helpful.
Meaghan Maloney from Gaithersburg, MD
on 05/08/2019
Whitney was incredible!! She took her time and really made sure that I was comfortable. We had a blast trying on different styles and shapes and I really appreciated her listening to my vision. Ask for Whitney if you go to the Bridal Boutique!!
Shayna Richardson
on 05/08/2019
My experience was fabulous! Whitney was awesome and every dress she picked was beautiful! I had a prior experience the day I meet with Whitney that was absolutely horrible but Whitney more than made up for it. I would highly recommend The Bridal Boutique!
Angela Cockrell
on 04/29/2019
Whitney (I hope I spelled it correctly) was amazing! She had the patience of a Saint . Super sweet,knowledgeable,and I can tell she absolutely loves what she does.
Chrissy from Columbia
on 04/28/2019
Whitney was the sweetest! Even though I didn’t say “yes to the dress” she was so accommodating, sweet, patient, and professional! It was so much fun and I really felt like a bride. They go out of their way to make you feel special!
Devon Malone from Columbia, MD
on 04/27/2019
Kelsie was an amazing person to be with while trying on dresses. She made my family and I feel so welcome and relaxed. She never pushed me try anything on over my budget. I really appreciated everything she did for me and I would use her again in a second! The rest of the staff also would chime in with great feedback and different ways to alter the dress to fit my body. It was definitely a team effort and you could see that each person working there truly enjoyed what they did. Thank you again Bridal Boutique for an amazing experience!
Erin Toman from Poolesville
on 04/21/2019
Nancy and her colleagues were incredible. I could have asked for a better experience. She was so patient and listened to what I wanted and made recommendations, all the while being considerate of my budget. She found me my dream dress and I cannot wait to go back for my retry appointment and say yes to my dress!! Thank you, Nancy!!!
Jen from Rockville
on 04/18/2019
Nancy was stellar and was all about tailoring every dress and making a moment. My family and I really appreciated her immediate friendliness and ideas on veil options.
on 04/15/2019
My appointment with Mary was very pleasant. She was encouraging, without being pushy, and found some dresses that I really liked, but wouldn't have normally picked out for myself. I have made a follow-up appointment to continue my search in a few weeks, and I'm looking forward to it.
on 03/31/2019
Nancy at the Bridal Boutique was amazing! I had already looked at dresses elsewhere, but my best experience was here, hands down. Friends had recommended the Bridal Boutique to me and I was not disappointed. Nancy was upbeat, encouraging, friendly, efficient, not pushy, and kept things within my budget. My bridal party and my mom had a great experience as well. Got a great deal on a wonderful dress, with a discount for paying by check! Would definitely recommend, hands down!
Kierra Bell from Columbia, MD
on 03/28/2019
Place was wonderful. I had Holly who helped me look for dresses. I had no idea what I would look great in even though I had some what of an idea for type of silhouette. Grant it i didn't choose a dress yet, she was still very patient with me and will be back if I still have any troubles. All the staff was welcoming and warm.