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Laura Beth Hatcher from Morgantown, WV
on 10/21/2019
Kristen was amazing! She stayed after hours, because my Mom and Grandmother had driven from Alabama. She help me find the perfect dress
Nicole Hamrick from Sutton
on 10/18/2019
I had an amazing experience at the Vow. Not only did I find MY dress, but Kristen was so amazing in helping me through that process! She was so sweet and so kind! I would refer anyone to the Vow.
Zoe from Tucker County, WV
on 10/12/2019
The Vow is truly the best place to buy your wedding dress. From beginning to end, Kristen made the appointment SO much fun. She has put her heart and soul in to this place and it shows!! The Vow has a beautiful selection of dresses for any size and budget! I said YES to the dress and can’t thank Kristen enough for the wonderful experience!!!
Brittnee Mathess from Morgantown
on 09/21/2019
I looked 2 different places before going to the Vow, and every time I was just not finding my dress. I walked into The Vow, and Kristen instantly made me excited to be there. She was so welcoming, helpful, and so sweet! She made me feel so comfortable, and instead of rushing through the appointment like other places she actually took the time to get to know you personally, and showed that she wasn’t there to just sell dresses. I had an AMAZING experience! I did find my dress at The Vow! I highly highly recommend this bridal shop!! Ask for Kristen! I love her!!
Michelle Wilson from Fairmont, WV
on 09/18/2019
The Vow has made my wedding dress shopping super easy! I loved the atmosphere along with the dress selection in this boutique. Rachel is an amazing, friendly, and helpful stylist! She made my visit an amazing one! I left there 100% satisfied with my “I said YES to the dress” decision.????????
Olivia Hare from Kingwood WV
on 09/18/2019
Rachel was fantastic!! She made it all about me and what I wanted! Rachel knew which dress I was going to say yes to before I even announced it ?? She was so patient and kind!! My girls and I had a fantastic time, and I obviously said YES TO THE DRESS ??
Jaclyn Foley from Morgantown
on 08/17/2019
Super sweet staff! They are helpful and make you feel comfortable in the dresses!
Janine Gesso from Uniontown, Pa
on 08/05/2019
"The Vow" What a wonderful experience! We were welcomed and taken care of with the most wonderful, kind, caring service! I would highly recommend to anyone!
Alana Fiano
on 08/04/2019
I had a fabulous experience at The Vow! We felt so welcome there from the moment we walked through the doors. There were so many beautiful gowns to choose from. Rachael was committed to finding the perfect dress for me and was so patient when I was feeling a little indecisive. I am happy to say that I found my dress on my first day of shopping!
Kayla McLaughlin from Morgantown
on 07/18/2019
Owner was amazing, and made the experience so pleasant and stress-free! Would definitely recommend :)
Virginia Elliott from Fairmont
on 07/15/2019
Even with a small mishap in getting my appointment scheduled, I have nothing negative to say about my experience at The Vow. Kristen and Rachael went above and beyond, and I can’t thank them enough. Kristen owns and runs the business efficiently and with poise. The store has a large selection of beautiful dresses that can fit any bride’s style and budget. Rachael was so attentive and kind. She made sure that not only I, but also my guests, had a fun and relaxed experience. I said yes to my dream dress, and I owe it all to The Vow!
Amy Hall from Morgantown, WV
on 07/13/2019
I was SO happy with my experience at The Vow! Kristen was an amazing help and was so accommodating to my every need and more! The environment was relaxed, comfortable, and inviting. They made me feel like a bride for the first time and I couldn’t be happier!
Jordan Rowe from Fairmont,WV
on 06/29/2019
Thank you so much to Rachael from The Vow for making my first wedding dress experience so smooth and stress free! She is the BEST! Would recommend her and this place to anyone who is searching for a perfect wedding dress! I said YES to the dress the first day!
Emily from Morgantown
on 06/21/2019
The Vow is such a great place to find your wedding dress! I tried on so many dresses I loved, and ended up saying yes to the dress here! My consultant was very professional, and did a wonderful job picking dresses for me based on what I described as my dream dress. My mom and I were the only ones in the store during my appointment, so all the focus was on me. I definitely recommend going to The Vow!
Kaleigh Alkire from Morgantown
on 06/09/2019
I had the pleasure of working with Kristen at my appointment and she was the greatest! I had a larger bridal party and she handled it amazingly! She was the only one working the store that day and got things done like a boss. She was so kind and made me feel so comfortable. She gave great advice and always knew what to say and when to say it. I had a great time and found the dress of my dreams. :) There were so many wonderful dresses to choose from, I loved them all! I will always recommend The Vow to brides looking for their dress.
Chelsea Bowlen from Morgantown
on 06/08/2019
Kristen was an absolute delight to work with. She made the entire process a breeze and ensured that I found the perfect dress! The Vow Boutique was my first choice and I'm so happy to say I found my gown.
Lisa Hayhurst from Jane Lew, WV
on 05/28/2019
Thanks to The Vow I found my dream dress! Such an amazing experience and great selection of dresses.
Anonymous from Morgantown
on 05/27/2019
I had a wonderful time the girls at your shop were amazing and so sweet to me and my mom! They made my dressing shopping experience unforgettable!!
Jessi Tyo from Gassaway, WV
on 05/14/2019
Amazing! The owner was so sweet and made the experience super fun. Would recommend to anyone!
Anonymous from Pittsburgh
on 05/04/2019
Super friendly and helpful ladies! Great selection of dresses, too.
Kelly from Uniontown, Pa
on 04/28/2019
The Vow was by far my favorite place for the bridal shopping experience. The lady who helped me was amazing. She took the time to get to know me and exactly what I was looking for. It was such an easy going, helpful, exciting experience for my guests & I. One of my favorite parts was that each person who came with me got to pick a dress out for me to try on. I highly recommend The Vow!
Katherine Cyphers from Morgantown
on 04/13/2019
So glad I found my dream wedding dress!
Addison Gray from Morgantown, WV
on 03/30/2019
Absolutely amazing experience! They made my dreams come to life! #GettingWricked
Lauren Knight from Fairmont, WV
on 03/25/2019
My consultant did everything she could to provide the BEST bridal experience for me and did an amazing job! I was able to say YES to my dream dress after having my heart set on one at another salon!! Thank you so much for the experience
on 03/24/2019
Lovely experience here! Glad I chose The Vow for such an important day in my life!
Chelsea Guiseppi from Morgantown
on 02/19/2019
With a unique situation wanting a gown that we could not try on in time before the wedding, everyone went beyond and above to mimic the fit of the gown I wanted. They got me in right away, and were nothing but positive in every interaction. I highly recommend all area brides to be, work with the Vow!
Kristin Cessna from Cumberland, MD
on 02/06/2019
I went to the Vow on February 2, 2019 for my very first bridal appointment. Kristen was BEYOND incredible the entire time, from the time we walked in until I bought my dress. I went in wanting an A-line gown but when I tried some on I immediately started feeling discouraged. She could tell and started pulling different style dresses until I found my style which I never thought I would like on myself. I ended up leaving without saying “yes.” I went to two other bridal salons and kept thinking of a dress at the Vow. I called Monday and left a voicemail, Kristen called me herself within 15 minutes of opening on Tuesday and agreed to stay late in order for me to come in and purchase that dress. She didn’t rush me, she let me try it on again with different veils, and took a picture with the “I said yes” sign. I would recommend The Vow to EVERYONE! Best experience ever, so glad I chose to make an appointment with them.
Shakana Heard from MORGANTOWN wv
on 02/05/2019
I had my appointment Feb2 2019. It was an Amazing experience the atmosphere was so bright and cheerful and inviting. My consultant was Rachel and she did a phenomenal job! She was so attentive to every dress design I was considering and I am a very indecisive and extremely picky person lol she literally gave me a chance to try on every option I was considering plus dresses I hadn’t considered and in the end I chose a dress I never thought I’d like but absolutely loved and adored!! I’m so grateful she suggested I try other styles as well! I can’t say enough good things about her and my overall experience! I found the wedding gown that was even better than what I’ve always dreamed of! It was such a magical experience I recommend that everyone “says yes to the vow!”
Laura Bonasso from The Vow in Morgantown, WV
on 01/26/2019
Beautiful selection, wonderful staff. This was my first time trying on dresses and I had the best experience! So much fun and found THE dress for a great price.
Katie Anderson from Buckhannon, WV
on 12/10/2018
The quality of the dresses at The Vow is truly second to none. The Vow was my very first foray into the dress selection process.....and I didn't truly appreciate the superior quality of their selection until I tried dresses on elsewhere. I knew very quickly that I would be returning to The Vow for my dream dress. The staff was so kind, friendly, patient, and helpful. The entire day was just magical for me! I'm a 48 year old first-time (and last-time!) bride....I had my mom, my four best friends, and a bottle of Prosecco with me....I found the dress that was absolutely made to be mine, and I felt like a true princess. I will definitely recommend this lovely boutique.
Lauren w from Morgantown
on 12/06/2018
Absolute wonderful experience!! The shop was the cutest and most quaint store I had been in. It was a very calm and relaxing experience. Rachel was so helpful and kind. She took her time with me and never rushed me. I am so happy I chose the vow and their prices are so good. Highly recommend.
Alexanjreah Seremetis from Morgantown, WV
on 12/01/2018
The service was outstanding! I couldn’t be more pleased with the ladies I worked with. They helped me find the dress of my dreams and we very very patient with all my needs! I highly recommend going to them before going anywhere else to find a dress!
Emily Messenger from Morgantown Wv
on 11/26/2018
Fabulous, highly recommend this place
Jenna Wood
on 11/21/2018
I had a wonderful experience. The staff was so nice and not pushy at all. Their main concern was that I found the perfect dress for me!!
Taylor Bailey from Morgantown
on 11/17/2018
Excellent customer service! I will definitely recommend the vow
Tara Martin from Morgantown WV
on 11/05/2018
Our experience at The Vow was exceptional! Rachel was a great stylist who listened to everything my daughter wanted in a dress. She could not have been more helpful. It was such a pleasant time. I can not say enough about Rachel and her help. I will definitely recommend The Vow to anyone that is getting married. There was also a great selection of dresses for my daughter to try on and she purchased the perfect dress. Thanks so much for making this important purchase so easy
Hannah Thompson
on 11/03/2018
Had the best experience here of any bridal boutique I had been to yet! Customer service was superb and they really listened to what I wanted. Best selection of dresses as well. Can’t wait to wear my dress on my big day!!!
Tiffany Hope from West Virginia
on 10/27/2018
I had a wonderful experience! Rachael was patient, kind, accommodating and honest. I was please with the dress selection offered. My hour and a half appointment was wrapped up in less than an hour, with a dress chosen! The experience was everything I had hoped it would be.
Brittany Wilson from Pennsylvania
on 10/19/2018
The dresses are absolutely stunning! The workers work hard to help you find your dress, they’re sweet and funny! And they’re a huge help! Very supportive! I would recommend The Vow to anyone who is getting married! They also have a large variety! I said yes to the dress 10/19/18! I couldn’t thank Rachael enough. HUGE, HUGE thanks to The Vow!
Sabrina Lampasona from Morgantown
on 10/18/2018
I had a great initial appointment at the Vow. Rachael seems genuinely committed to helping me find the perfect dress for my destination wedding next summer. I look forward to working with her.
Lyndsey Nestor from West Virginia
on 10/07/2018
I really enjoyed my time at The Vow!! The experience was very personalized and Rachael was wonderful! I would recommend her and this boutique to every bride! Thank you for all your help!!
Nicole Stark from Charleston, WV
on 10/07/2018
Rachel and The Vow made this special day a dream come true for me! I had little to no experience with wedding dresses and unsure of what I wanted or what to expect. Rachel made me feel comfortable immediately and listened to my likes and dislikes in order to find the wedding dress of my dreams. THANK YOU!
Sarah Swiger from Morgantown, WV
on 09/26/2018
I had the best time trying on dresses here. Rachael did everything she could to find the perfect fit for me & I ended up buying my dream dress! I would HIGHLY reccomend finding all of your bridal needs here.
Zoe Antoniou from Chicago, IL
on 09/16/2018
I had such a good time at the Vow! I got to pick and try on as many dresses as I wanted. I didn’t even get to all the dresses I had in my room before I found “the dress”! They can alter dresses too and have a selection of belts, veils, and add-one to choose from. I love my dress and can’t wait to put it on again after alterations!
Jade Messick from Morgantown
on 08/30/2018
I had a great time trying on wedding dresses and loved that my family and I were the only ones in the store! I am not the best at making decisions, but Rachael was very helpful and asked all of the right questions so that I picked the perfect dress for me! It was such a memorable experience!
Melissa Winiecki from Morgantown
on 08/26/2018
Rachel was incredibly helpful in helping me during my appointment. She made finding "the dress" a memorable experience for both me and my family. I'm so happy I chose the Vow to help me find my wedding dress!
Amy Klug from New Martinsville, WV
on 08/26/2018
I love the ladies at The Vow! They have always been so kind and personable every time I’ve come into the boutique. They are so easy to work with. Today, I got to come in and find my wedding gown! Had an amazing time and found the most beautiful gown!
Kari Sims from Morgantown
on 08/25/2018
My bridal consultant was so sweet and so helpful! She helped me find the perfect dress and helped me customize it with stunning straps! She was very supportive and helped me figure out what I really wanted. So happy that I came to The Vow!
Josie Patton from Waynesburg
on 07/30/2018
I had an amazing experience and couldn't be happier while visiting The Vow this past Saturday! Being my first time trying on gowns for my Sept wedding next year, I didn't feel pressured at all to purchase right away and fell in love with a dress in the store. I will definitely be back and will highly recommend The Vow.
Markita Prieto from Philippi
on 07/21/2018
I absolutely loved my experience at The Vow! The staff was super friendly and extremely helpful. They made me feel special and made sure I found the dress that I was looking for to make my special day perfect!