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Britta Grayman from San Francisco, CA
on 04/19/2017
I can't say enough wonderful things about my experience at The Bustle! The boutique is absolutely beautiful, and the shopping experience was so personal. My consultant Sara was absolutely phenomenal! She is truly a gem. Sara took the time to listen to my vision of how I wanted to look at my wedding, and she worked tirelessly to help find me the perfect dress and veil--all the while making the experience so fun and magical. I felt like the only bride in the world while at The Bustle, and the experience was truly one-of-a-kind. I would highly recommend The Bustle to family, friends, and coworkers because the selection and customer service were unlike anything I have experienced before. Thank you Sara and The Bustle for a wonderful experience and for helping me find my perfect dress and veil--I will be forever grateful!!
Nicole Holman
on 04/17/2017
Going to The Bustle was such a wonderful and fun experience! Mariah was extremely helpful and supportive and really helped me find exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much for the amazing experience!
Maddie Flavin from Encinitas, CA
on 04/10/2017
I had an absolutely wonderful experience at The Bustle. I was unsure on what I wanted before coming into the store, but Tiffany was excellent in listening to what I was looking for in a gown. She pulled many styles that I was looking for, and even adjusted the style as the appointment went on based on my thoughts. We were able to pick the PERFECT gown, and I can't wait to wear it in my wedding next year!
Lianne Maly from Del Mar
on 04/04/2017
The Bustle is a lovely shop and really makes you feel special. My stylist was nice and listened to what I wanted to try on. I would recommend The Bustle as one of your stops for finding that perfect dress!
Carolina Martinez from San Diego
on 04/04/2017
I actually posted this in yelp. I loved the store, Sara was the best! I loved the details specially after having a hard time getting there due to traffic. They made me feel like home, she made me feel like a princess with her dress and accessory suggestions. It has been the best experience I have had so far.
Tran Nguyen
on 03/29/2017
I had the best experience here at Bustle. Tiffany made the whole process so easy and smooth. Everyone always stress about finding the perfect bridal dress but we really worked on my vision and did not waste time on any styles I did not like. After trying on about 4 dresses I found the perfect one ! I think we were in and out in 30 minutes.
Juliana Pugliese from San Diego, CA
on 03/27/2017
I have tried on dresses at several places and the private, yet special treatment, at Bustle is unparalleled. I went in with specific styles in mind to try on and the team had already pulled them for my appointment! Sara was great about seeking critical feedback and asking pointed questions in a way that was not pushy at all. Although sometimes it can be an emotional decision, she was prepared fully with financial information, details on alterations, and considerations for me to keep in mind. She really helped me make my decision in a thoughtful way!
Lilla Veto from Hungary
on 03/24/2017
It was a pleasure to work with Sara! She was very nice and choosed me the dress, what i wanted for the first time! Also the boutique is beautiful :)
Britt Knipe from Del Mar
on 03/21/2017
My experience at the Bustle was so amazing! I loved the "two favorites at all times" rule and Mariah was so lovely. She kept my preferences in mind, was kind and caring, and really made my time there memorable! This was my first time trying on wedding dresses, so I kept an open mind but loved two of the dresses. They were both great prices (samples) and I would recommend The Bustle to anyone in San Diego and beyond!
Anonymous from Del Mar
on 03/09/2017
I had a great experience! Thank you so much for your help. Love the place and the way I was treated. My friend and I had so much fun, and I Found my dress.
Ashley from Del Mar
on 03/09/2017
Sara was amazing! She was so personable and made my experience so special! I was super comfortable and she was absolute best person to work with.
Carla Araneda from Rancho Cucamonga, CA
on 03/08/2017
I was VERY impressed with the experience I had at The Bustle in Del Mar. I am terrible with names, but I believe my very helpful sales associate's name was Mariah. She made my experience unforgettable! I did not think I was going to find my dress this early in planning my wedding, and I never thought I would have the feeling that I did when I put the dress on that I purchased. She completely knew what I was looking for and found a dress that was absolutely perfect and immeidately made me feel like I was ready to get married. Thank you so much for everything you did and for being so nice and patient with me and my parents!
Shyler Salovin from San Diego
on 03/07/2017
Great experience at The Bustle. We had an amazing time (my fiancé and I) and our consultant made the process very easy. I would highly recommend this boutique and if I had to do it again, I would use The Bustle to find my perfect dress. Thank you!!
Jaime Ferguson from Phx, AZ
on 03/07/2017
Sara was wonderful hostess! This was a great first time fitting for our bride to be. Thank you very much.
Elizabeth Taylor from Del Mar
on 03/04/2017
Felt very special and pampered from the moment I arrived. The dress selection was terrific, as was the service. I brought my mom and friends and we had a fabulous time!
Tiffany Swanson from Del Mar
on 03/01/2017
Mariah was my consultant and she was absolutely amazing! Prior to coming to The Bustle I thought I had already found "The Dress" at another store, but I thought it be wise to try on a few more at a different shop, just to make sure. Mariah was a ball of energy as soon as I walked in! She took the time to really listen to my "likes" and "dislikes" and what my vision for my dress was. She took me out of me comfort zone, but did a great job of checking in with me before hand and making sure I felt comfortable saying if I didn't like something. She made my mom and I feel like family and she made me feel special. I can't sing Mariah's praises or recommend her enough.
Tiffany John from Del mar
on 02/25/2017
Everything was perfect!
Melissa Evans-Cobo from Del Mar
on 02/22/2017
I absolutely love the bustle! I went there 3 times for friends' wedding dresses and they all found their dress there on the 1st visit. They have a variety of styles and prices. Anywhere from $300 for samples all the way up to $1500+. The experience is amazing, because you get the whole place to yourself, which makes it much more personal. The women that work there are amazing. They are always positive while being realistic and help you stay within budget and comfort zone. I will always recommend this place!
on 02/14/2017
Leilani was so incredibly helpful! Friendly and helpful staff. Great place, they offer a military discount and have wonderful bridal gown designs.
Arielle Shelby from San Diego
on 02/10/2017
Mariah was absolutely amazing! Everything from the moment I walked in was perfect. I was downstairs and the suite Was gorgeous. My family and friend had plenty of room to sit and relax. I ended up getting the very first dress I tried on! I'm coming back in a few weeks with a gf of mine who is also looking for a wedding dress :) I recommend this place to everybody I know searching for a wedding dress!
Richelle Molina from Vista, Ca
on 02/09/2017
I had been here previously with my friend as she was shopping for her own wedding dress, and when we went that day had such a good experience at the shop and with Leilani, that when it was time for me to shop for a dress I decided to schedule an appointment myself. I highly recommend coming here! All the girls were very friendly, and Leilani was able to select a variety of dresses for me to choose from, as I really did not know what I wanted. I felt like I was able to choose a one of a kind dress, different from any that I had even looked at online. Thank you all for such a great experience!!
Jo Valdez from San Diego
on 02/08/2017
The experience was amazing. The rooms are super cute and they offer you complimentary little goodies and bubbly. They picked out great dresses for me to try on and best of all they listened to my budget!
Tris Thorp from Del Mar
on 02/07/2017
Mariah was wonderful - knowledgeable, creative, supportive and FUN! I'm coming back again tomorrow to try on my top 2 favorites and I know that between the two, I have found my gown. I absolutely LOVE the vibe of your little boutique and felt so tended to while there. Thank you!
Robin Monfredini from San Diego
on 02/06/2017
The Bustle was the first and only store that I went to to look for my wedding dress. Sara was extremely helpful. I wasn't quite sure what I wanted but I had a bit of an idea. Sara picked a wide variety of options so I could see everything, so I really felt like I tried on a variety of styles. I liked the bottom of one dress and the top of another and she found the perfect combination of the two. Not to mention she stayed well within my budget! I would definitely recommend The Bustle to other brides!! Great experience!
on 02/03/2017
I went to The Bustle last weekend with all my girlfriends and had a BLAST! I was helped by Mariah and she made the experience of finding a dress exceptional. They carried many different styles and I was even able to say "Yes to the dress". I highly recommend it!
Mary Simpson from San Diego
on 02/01/2017
Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mariah was so patient and picked out the most beautiful gowns, she knew what I wanted just based off of what I told her. I fell in love with multiple gowns and she helped me eliminate the ones I was not in love with, which was tough! They were even so patient with me because I couldnt make my decision without my mom. I came back the next day and had the same level of service. They have so many gowns to choose from with a great price range for any budget.
Kasi Klapakis from San Diego
on 01/26/2017
You guys were so incrediblu helpful especially for it being my first time shopping for a dress. I did pick one at another location but I would definitely recommend you to any new bride!!!
Natalie Mariscal from Del mar
on 01/26/2017
It was my first time wedding dress shopping and it was really a great experienced. I love the fact that we had our own private room/dressing room and such helpful staff. I can't wait to go back and hopefully say yes to the dress!
Niki Saad from San Diego
on 01/20/2017
Absolutely loved The Bustle! I went to so many bridal boutiques and The Bustle was the only one that I felt like a true bride-to-be! It was extremely personable from the moment I walked in! My name was on the welcome chalk board, pretty champagne flutes were served, and I was helped to put on the beautiful dresses. I found my dress elsewhere but their collections are elegant and unique. I wish I could go back just for the great experience. Please keep it up for future brides :) The staff is very nice, down to earth and stylish. What a great fun time! Thank you!
Jennelle Smaby from Irvine
on 01/18/2017
I bought m dress and Leilani was amazing! She handled all of our questions and double checked to reassure us on everything. I decided to change the entire bottom of my dress and talked to Alison and she was beyond understanding and nice about me wanting to do a lot of alterations to my dress. They really make you feel relaxed and comfortable knowing your dress from the big day is okay and in good hands.
Alexis Blumhagen from Del Mar
on 01/18/2017
I absolutely loved my experience at The Bustle. Everyone who came with me had a blast. I said yes to the second dress I tried on. We had a champaign toast and got a shout out on Facebook. The Bustle helped me complete my entire wedding look and made me feel comfortable and happy through the whole process. I would recommend The Bustle to any bride looking to say yes to the dress and for a fun experience with excellent customer service.
Ashly Worthley
on 01/18/2017
Finding my dress couldn't have been easier! Sara was great and really listened to my likes and dislikes. First dress I tried on turned out to be my dress! i will recommend the bustle to all future brides I know! Thanks ladies for the help
Ashley Merritt from San Diego
on 01/17/2017
I couldn't have asked for a better experience! I have a large family and brought a group of 8. Having worked in bridal before I knew large groups can sometimes be overwhelming but they accommodated us with open arms. Mariah was our consultant and did a wonderful job picking out gowns for me while also allowing my family to pick out some that they wanted me to try on. Four gowns in we found the one and I couldn't be happier! We had one other appointment and Mariah was sweet and encouraged me to go just see other gowns for my own piece of mind but I knew my Anne Barge gown was it! We went to our next appointment and I was comparing every other dress to mine. So to say the least I knew it was the one! We made our way back to the bustle and Alison took my measurements and poured us champagne for a celebratory toast. Over all the perfect bridal experience. Thank you for making my day so special!
Gabrielle Murillo
on 01/17/2017
Mariah was a delight to work with! She made the vibes in the boutique very comfortable and made me feel like I was a long lost friend. She listened to my likes and dislikes, picked out the most beautiful dresses that made me feel like the perfect bride! I would absolutely recommend The Bustle to all brides to be! It was a wonderful experience and I'm so happy to say that I said yes to the dress at the end of my appointment!!
Hanh Nguyen from Carlsbad
on 01/10/2017
Mariah was great. She listened to what I wanted and pulled out all the dresses for me to try on.
Jenna Campbell from Del Mar
on 01/10/2017
Mariah Williams was amazing. She is so sweet, and did a fantastic job listening to what I was looking for in a perfect dress. Every dress was more beautiful than the last! Thank you again to Mariah and The Bustle for everything, I have the perfect wedding gown!
Alix Deming from Del Mar
on 01/09/2017
I had Mariah as my consultant and she was amazing! I love her. She made the experience fun and stress free. I loved how the room is reserved just for you and your consultant; it was a really nice touch! It made me feel important as well as receiving the one on one attention. Great job!
Kirsten Dorr from San Diego
on 01/05/2017
I've heard it happens more often than one find THE dress at your first appointment. As I sit here writing this note, I realize it's taking longer than it should because my thoughts keep going back to that wonderful day as I tried on 12 dresses while my 90 year old grandmother, mom, and sister looked on and provided feedback. My consultant, Mariah, was absolutely wonderful. I went into this appointment hoping to try on a ton of different dresses in different styles. She listened to what I liked and didn't like from start to finish. It was the 12th and final dress of my appointment that did the trick. It was the dress that made all of the other dresses seem ridiculous. It was the dress that combined the best parts of the other dresses I tried on and put it all into one beautiful dress that made my family exclaim, "It's the ONE! It's perfect!" before I even saw myself in the mirror. I went into this appointment telling myself that there was a 0% chance of buying a dress. I came out of the appointment having bought a dress and a veil! I can't wait to go back in 6 months (ugh! does it have to be that long?!?!) for my first dress fitting! Mariah - you better be there. I couldn't have done this without you. Thank you a million times over for your support and help. What a wonderful experience!
Heather Wiley from Avon, CO
on 01/01/2017
The Bustle was a wonderful experience! Sara greeted us with champagne and got to know me and what I was looking for. She was really knowledgable and picked five dresses in my price range. She made the experience much more fun with some sweet tunes and far less stressful with her positive, friendly attitude. I ended up finding my dress and veil and still came in under budget. I would definitely recommend The Bustle. Thank you so much for your help, and I can't wait to wear my dress!
Kathleen Sliter from Carlsbad
on 12/14/2016
Bustle was wonderful! Alison was amazing at understanding what I was looking for, pulling options and helping make decisions about each one. I really appreciated everything! I ultimately just found THE dress at another boutique, but I definitely would recommend Bustle!
Emily Baughman from Del Mar, CA
on 12/13/2016
Mariah was fantastic. Not only did she make me feel special, she listened to what I was looking for and hit a home run on the first dress. Thank you so much for helping me find "The Dress", I can't wait to get married in it.
Mayra Acosta from The Bustle - Del Mar
on 12/13/2016
Everything from the Christmas music playing to Leilani helping me pick out the perfect dress made my experience perfect. This was definitely an experience I'll never forget. Thank you so much!
Christina Winterhalter from San Diego
on 12/09/2016
I had a wonderful time shopping and purchasing my dress here.
Alexis Peppard from Del Mar
on 12/04/2016
Amazing service and experience!
Kristine Bermudez from The Bustle Del Mar
on 11/30/2016
The Bustle was my first experience wedding dress shopping! And it was my last! I'm so excited to have found my dress on the first try! I chose the Bustle because I loved Stella Yorks designs and although the dress I fell in love with was not what I expected, it's the perfect dress! My consultant, Leilani was awesome! She was attentive and patient and was very easy to work with! She was not pushy, which I appreciated! She seemed to care for what I was looking for and it worked out in the end !
Emily Kreutter from Del Mar
on 11/29/2016
I had such a great experience! Sara was the BEST and I cannot thank her enough for helping put together the most beautiful dress for my big day! My family and I had such a great time. I will definitely be telling more brides about your amazing boutique! :)
Lauren Utt
on 11/28/2016
Sara made the whole experience so great! She was the whole reason we loved the experience. She pulled a ton of dresses in the styles I liked and then when I finally found the dress, she pulled the PERFECT veil. She was so receptive to my entourage but made sure that her attention was toward me and my desires. We had a great time and cant wait for the dress to come in!
Jessica Kissel from The Bustle Boutique Del Mar (bottom floor)
on 11/19/2016
My experience at the Bustle was nothing but a dream! I loved walking into the store, and automatically being blown away by the cute little sign in the front welcoming me. Mariah made me feel like I was the only person who mattered, and it was her mission to find my dress! I felt no pressure from her which was a tremendous relief as it was my first time (and last) trying no dresses. I was a little hesistant at first because the dresses which I had picked originally (Stella York designer) were not looking as I imagined once they were on me. Mariah; however, reassured me and worked her magic. I couldn't believe I found THE ONE (and it still ended up being a Stella York)! I loved it from the moment it went on me, it was it! Thank you, Mariah, for everything. You not only exceeded my expectations but my family and friend's as well. I will definitely brag about my experience at The Bustle, truly the best in town! Went in thinking I would be another client, but was treated as a friend! Can't wait to wear my dress!
Allie Brown from Carlsbad
on 11/16/2016
This was my very first time trying on wedding dresses and Leilani couldn't have been better. She picked dresses that were AMAZING and gorgeous and was very respectful of my budget. She also put me at ease and made it a very fun time. I also loved that the appointments were private and it was just me and my girls in the store with no distractions.
Bri Buffinton from Del Mar
on 11/15/2016
Mariah was seriously the best! I was really nervous for the appointment and she did a great job making me feel comfortable!