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Emiko Stinson from Del Mar
on 11/29/2018
This was my first time trying on wedding dresses and it went great. Desiree was very welcoming and helpful. We were able to find a few dresses that I really liked! The champagne was a nice touch.
Kaylee Mikuteit from San Diego
on 11/26/2018
Desiree made my first experience seamless. She was incredible and super sweet. She knew exactly what to pick based on my feedback, and helped me narrow it down to two AMAZING dresses. The overall selection was both beautiful and tasteful. I would highly recommend The Bustle to anyone looking for both a great experience and the perfect dress!
Lexie Paul from Fullerton, CA
on 11/25/2018
I traveled from Fullerton all the way to the Bustle to try on a specific Stella York dress on that I was dying over. Myself, my matron and maid of honor, my mother and mother in law all walked in and were greeted by Mariah. We even walked in and it had my name on a chalk board sign which I loved because it made my appointment so personable. Mariah was so incredibly sweet, kind and patient from the beginning. She asked what style dress I was looking for and went to grab a few dresses she thought I would like including the dress I had been dying to try on. Needless to say, I did NOT like the dress I so badly wanted to try on and I ended up falling in love with the very FIRST dress Mariah had picked out for me. It was so stunning. She answered all of our questions, gave all her recommendations, was so sweet, very professional and honest all at the same time. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to meet Mariah and was able to say “yes” to my dream dress at the Bustle. I can’t wait to get my dress and go in for alterations. You’ll definitely leave the Bustle feeling like an absolute princess. Thank you again Mariah for all your help thus far and can’t wait to see the dress again. You are amazing!!
Anonymous from Del Mar
on 11/19/2018
Robin was amazing! I thought I wanted a particular style and at the end, with Robin's support and patience, I purchased my dream dress that I previously, before coming to the Bustle, ruled out. I love my choice!!!!! Thanks again!
Hannah from Del Mar
on 11/19/2018
Robyn was amazing! It was my first time trying on dresses and she made the experience perfect! She was able to figure out the best options for me without me even really knowing what I was looking for! Such a great experience and GORGEOUS dresses!!!
Sydney Bates from Del Mar
on 11/13/2018
Amazing overall experience. From the moment we stepped in the store, it felt very personal and focused. Desiree immediately poured my guests champagne and started asking about my wedding, details, and what I was looking for. I felt so special having the boutique set up with gowns in my price range and just for me. It was nice being the only appointment at that time, something that didn't happen at my other appointments. Desiree was easily relatable and made my experience so special. She even picked the dress I said yes to - and took me out of my comfort zone!
Haley Woodbury from Lake Elsinore
on 11/06/2018
I had a fantastic experience at the bustle. Desiree strove to find the perfect gown for and she succeed without having me try on a ton of dresses. After her third pick she found my dress. The shop is beautiful and what’s really awesome is you get a room to yourself no one is looking in on you unless you leave the door open. Thank you again for such an amazing time!
on 11/05/2018
Thank u so much to all the team but especially to Mariah. She was super professional and kind, i felt very comfortable <3
Pamela Zucker from Del Mar
on 11/05/2018
Everything was perfect....the personal touches, the environment, the attitude and personality of the bridal consultant, Robyn. It was a wonderful experience and I ended up finding the dress! Thank you for making a bride feel welcome and beautiful!
Hawna from San Diego
on 11/05/2018
Desiree was absolutely amazing! She understood what I was looking for and recommended some other styles based on my initial wants! Couldn’t have had snore perfect and fun visit!
Lauren Carter from Del Mar
on 10/22/2018
Mariah was so sweet and awesome, I had such a great time with her! Would recommend Bustle to all my friends!
Paige Rogers from Del Mar Boutique
on 10/22/2018
First of all, can I just say WOW!! Not only was I blown away by the adorable and chic boutique, they also provide outstanding service from the minute you walk up outside. Mariah listened careful to everything I had in mind and went above and beyond to provide mulitple choices of gowns that made my decision extremely hard to just choose one. From the champagne service to her strapping me up in every gown, I cannot say enough times, THANK YOU!! I will be sure to make sure everyone knows about The Bustle and how you can look and feel as elegant as a princess without breaking your wallet! I love this place and my beautiful gown!!
Giselle Roldan from Del Mar
on 10/21/2018
My experience was nothing but great! I felt so welcomed and Mariah was amazing!
Shaylee Lessler from San Diego
on 10/15/2018
I absolutely love this bridal shop. I arrived 30 minutes before my appointment time and they allowed me to start my appointment early. Desiree listened to my wants in a dress and pulled ones that were in my budget yet fit my description perfectly. I felt no pressure to purchase a dress, yet of course I said yes to the dress and got 10% off when I bought it during my appointment.
Joy Hafer from Portland, OR
on 10/13/2018
My experience at the Bustle was amazing! Although I did not end up finding "the" dress there, I would recommend any bride to go there. The Bustle provided me and my guests with the full bridal shop experience, champagne, chocolate cookies and all! Of course the salon was beautiful but my consultant robin was soo helpful and nice as well. She went back for multiple rounds making sure to grab everything that I was throwing at her. The Bustle was one of the first shops that I went to so at that point I was still in the phase of sorting through what I liked and wanted for my wedding dress. I knew I needed to see all my options before I was going to be able to make a decision, so I was just still a little too early in the process to make a decision while there. However, I would not have changed a thing about my experience there! It helped me sort out exactly what I needed to sort out and eventually led me on to find my dress. Big thank you to The Bustle for having me and making my experience soo amazing!
Jen from El Cajon
on 10/12/2018
Awesome second appt-tried on dress, got measurements and ordered the dress. All questions were answered and received champagne and got to peek at the bridesmaids dresses too!
Krissie Van De Casteele from Del Mar
on 10/08/2018
I had a great experience at The Bustle. Mariah was an incredible stylist who made me feel comfortable and made the whole experience so fun. When I walked in we went over what I was looking for and the first dress she had me try on ended up being my favorite. She definitely has an eye for selecting dresses. My mom and sister were also very impressed with how lovely she was to all of us during the appointment. I can't compliment her enough!
Shelly Vandevelde from Del Mar
on 10/07/2018
Mariah was absolutely awesome!!! She helped me find my dream dress and the experience was so perfect. :)
Jennifer Schuff from El Cajon
on 10/06/2018
I had a great experience here. We were offered champagne while waiting for the appointment before us to finish. The consultant was professional and knew exactly what dresses I should try-and the first one that caught my eye was put on immediately and nothing compared. I plan to say yes to the Stella York dress!
on 10/02/2018
My entire experience at Bustle was amazing! Mariah was so kind and patient and exceptionally thoughtful. Thank you so much!
Jill from Del Mar
on 09/30/2018
Loved the Bustle Bridal Boutique and loved our consultant Mariah
Madeline from Del Mar
on 09/23/2018
Leilani helped me and after just showing her three or four photos, she brought up 6 dresses, all of which were extremely flattering. I was coming from another bridal shop where I was feeling really discouraged (because I didnt like anything they had) but right off the bat, I loved everything Leilani picked out for me. The second dress I put on ended up being the dress I bought! She was so sweet and did an amazing job at picking out exactly what I was looking for. I could not be happier! My best girlfriend who was with me also got her dress there along with three other people I know. AMAZING bridal shop. So so happy.
Melina Izabella Panagiotou from San Diego
on 09/18/2018
I Loved how personal the appointment was! Great selection of dresses. Serving champagne was a nice touch as well !!
Halee Roman from Del Mar
on 09/16/2018
Ever since I was a little girl I dreamed of coming to The Bustle to find my perfect wedding dress. I grew up passing the store on my way to the beach and always wanted to go inside. Yesterday my dream came true when I walked up to the store front and saw my name on the chalk board! I felt so special because they had personalized the appointment to make me feel like a princess. I was greeted by Mariah (who is amazing) and she and I discussed exactly what I wanted on my wedding day. I’m not exaggerating when I say that Mariah pulled at least 5-10 dresses that matched exactly what I told her. It was a fun experience trying on different beautiful dresses! I ended up trying on a dress that had a little of everything I wanted and when I saw myself standing in the mirror I instantly began to cry! When you know you know! Overall the experience, and having my friends and family there with me was all I could have hoped for! The staff was so nice and helpful and I am so happy to say “I SAID YES TO THE DRESS AT THE BUSTLE”
Anonymous from Sandiego CA
on 09/16/2018
Mariah deserves a raise and whatever else you have to offer. I made this appointment for my best friend Kelsey and our experience was just what we needed. Not only did we have fun, we also found 3 amazing dresses that are in “mother review” as we speak. We will be back! Thank you again!
Samantha from Del Mar
on 09/07/2018
LOVED our experience at Bustle! Highly communicative and professional before our appointment which set the tone for our appointment day. They were willing to accomodate a last minute guest, greeted us with champagne and treats and made the whole experience so comfortable. Robyn not only listened to what I was looking for but was able to pick up on styles and features that were unsaid but clear I wanted. Robyn ended up picking out our winner AND was able to keep within our budget for a designer that normally would have been out of our price range - score!
Alyssa Taylor from San Diego
on 09/06/2018
Robyn was great! An overall wonderful experience, down to every detail.
Katie Tiemeyer from Del Mar
on 09/04/2018
Hands down, The Bustle was the best dress shopping experience I had. I went to several shops and tried on many dresses that I just "liked." I was frustrated to say the least, and my consultant Robyn picked up on that immediately. She was patient and listened to what I was looking for. The boutique is so adorable and I was instantly optimistic about my appointment. The first dress I tried on I burst into tears when I saw myself in the mirror partly out of relief that I had come to the right place to find my dress and because I absolutely loved how I felt in that dress. After trying on a few more, we circled back to my two favorites. I put the first dress on again and started crying again. I had found my dress at The Bustle! It was such a magical moment to share with my mom and dad and Robyn made it happen! The quality of the dresses and customer service surpassed any bridal boutique or store I had been to, and there was a lot! Thank you Robyn and The Bustle!
Amber Elliott from El Cajon
on 09/02/2018
I absolutely loved my experience today with Mariah. I was SO close to saying yes to the Lauren dress, but I ended up saying yes to another gown at the appointment I had right afterward. Mariah was a delight and let me see the dress outside, with bridesmaids colors, etc. We also truly appreciated the hospitality of the rest of the staff. Thank you for a lovely experience!
Elizabeth from Del Mar, CA
on 08/26/2018
Robyn was my consultant twice and she did an amazing job. She found an amazing dress on my first visit, and when I came back for a second try on, she remembered me and had all my prior information pulled and ready to go. She is patient and honest, and I immediately felt at ease with her. She is knowledgeable about the dresses and has great suggestions as to what might look good on your body type or for some additional accessories to compliment your dress. Highly recommend Robyn as a consultant and the boutique in general.
Carissa from Del Mar
on 08/20/2018
Leilani was nothing but amazing ! Super helpful and knew exactly how to pull the ones I wanted. Very sweet girl. Amazing experience thanks again!
Dena Nelson from Del Mar
on 08/18/2018
Mariah was great! The whole experience was great. Very comfortable, stress free and sooo helpful. I was referred by a friend who had a great experience and suggested I come to you as well. I have already thanked her. Thank you.
Chloe Moreno from Del Mar
on 08/10/2018
Great experience! First time dress shopping and I loved every bit of it. Robyn did a great job picking dresses for my style! There are a couple that I really liked and looking back at pictures is making me like them even more! I am one of those people that will have to try on a few to know, but one of these could end up being the one. <3
Carrie Johnson from Del Mar
on 08/06/2018
From start to finish, I had a great experience at The Bustle! I loved being welcomed with the sign outside and a glass of champagne. Leilani was so sweet and helpful. She did a great job picking up on what I liked and pulling beautiful dresses. I will definitely be back when my mom comes to town!
Sara Hall from San Diego
on 08/06/2018
My experience at The Bustle should not be limited to only 5 stars! Robyn was an amazing bridal consultant and knew exactly what dresses to pull based on photos I showed her. She was even able to have me try on dresses I brought in photos of. Needless to say, I found THE DRESS and could not be happier. My entourage and I loved getting to celebrate with the complimentary champagne as well. I would recommend The Bustle to any bride looking for a great experience and fantastic selection of dresses!
Camille from Del Mar
on 07/31/2018
Mariah was so helpful and pleasant to work with. The boutique itself was nice and dainty. Over all, great experience.
on 07/26/2018
Leilani was a wonderful consultant. I will most likely come back to try on my favorite dress again!
on 07/24/2018
Thank you for such an amazing experience Mariah!!
Natalie Balzert from San Diego
on 07/23/2018
This was the BEST bridal shopping experience ever! And I said yes to the dress! From the first moment I walked up to the store and saw my name on the sign, stepped into the private boutique and was greeted by Mariah, it was very personal and classy all the way! She offered Champagne and asked a few questions about my preferences which made me feel I felt like a VIP! Mariah was an amazing consultant - very friendly, patient, and accommodating. She pulled out many dresses and listened to what I wanted. She also let me pick out dresses if there was anything I had an eye on. She was not "pushy" at all and I didn't feel rushed to buy. Mariah really helped me until I ultimately found the one! I was extremely pleased with her and the atmosphere overall. I am so happy with my choice! Thank you!!
Courtney from Del Mar
on 07/23/2018
Mariah was so great to work with and made looking at wedding dresses for the first time such a memorable experience!
Idelle Delapena from Del Mar
on 07/20/2018
Leah was absolutely lovely during our appointment! I can tell that she is well-versed in fashion and helping brides for a living. She was able to tailor the fitting to exactly what I was looking for. I literally cried right when I saw my dress (it wasn't even on), Leah got my style exactly right and I was able to find my dream wedding dress. Thank you Leah! I appreciate you making my special day even more special with this beautiful dress! I can't wait until the accessory day!
Mary Windisch
on 07/19/2018
I loved my experience here. There were a lot of options and the owner was so friendly and helpful in planning a meeting time. I loved that I could make an appointment online. The cookies served were AMAZING. The woman I worked with was also so kind!
on 07/16/2018
I worked with Mariah to search for my wedding dress and she was wonderful! Very sweet and patient :)
Lauren from Boston
on 07/11/2018
WOW. My visit to The Bustle absolutely exceeded expectations. My group is still talking about how impressed they were. Mariah was perfection in every way. She was so friendly and warm, and made us feel special. She had a natural way about her and nothing felt "salesy" or fake about her. She was able to whip up a selection of dresses that let me see a lot of styles that I wasn't aware of. Everything was beautiful and fit me well. She didn't stick me in anything that made me feel uncomfortable, but still pushed my vision to new limits. When I described a vision of adding sleeves to a dress, she even had the seamstress come over to discuss potential work. On top of everything, the store was impeccably clean and so cute. It was 90+ degrees and I kept cool in the fitting area with a fan. They had every base covered and then some. Beyond perfect experience!!
Elli Dolfo from San Diego
on 06/06/2018
All I can say is -- WOW! This is the EXACT experience I was looking for in wedding dress shopping! The Bustle went above and beyond my expectations and I ended up purchasing the ONE at the end of my appointment. I loved the intimate and private setting they create for each bride by providing individual "suites", where you wont bump into other brides and you can just enjoy your time finding your dress with your family/friends/bridal consultant. They provided champagne, cupcakes, chocolates and mints and even had a cute sign welcoming us! I was wow'd by the quality and huge range of dresses within my price range; there were probably 4-5 racks of dresses and all were beautiful. I'm sure most brides could find their dream dress here without breaking the bank! My bridal consultant, Leilani, was amazing; she listened to what I liked, what my price range was, and what designers I was looking at and instantly pulled dresses that fit what I was looking for. Actually, the first dress she picked and put on me was the dress I ended up purchasing. Thank you Leilani and the Bustle for helping me find my dream dress and for providing the best wedding dress shopping experience!
Lily Chiang from San Diego
on 05/06/2018
I had a fabulous experience here. Mariah was so sweet and positive and made me feel comfortable right away despite my concerns I might not have enough time to order a dress I really liked in time for our wedding in a few months. I felt like she really listened to my preferences and I actually loved every single dress she pulled for me to try, which made the decision difficult! The kicker was she pulled a dress that I never would have thought to try and I ended up saying yes to that dress! I could not have asked for a better experience. I also loved all the extra things that made me feel extra special, including the welcome sign with my name on it, the champagne, etc. Thank you! Wedding planning can seem overwhelming, so it was a treat to so easily check the wedding dress off the to do list.
Tia Bray from San Diego
on 05/06/2018
I had a wonderful experience! Leah made the entire appointment feel special and listened to exactly what I was asking for.
Allyson Gonzales from San Diego
on 05/03/2018
Robyn was great to work with! She really listened to what I was looking for and paid attention to the styles I like and felt comfortable in. We had been shopping all day, but she was able to make the experience great and end the day on a high note!
on 04/30/2018
I had a great experience! I walked into my appointment terrified as this was my first time even trying on dresses. I even forgot my consultants name, I was that scared. I absolutely hate dress shopping and always get discouraged and down on myself when I have to try clothes on. My consultant made this an easy experience for me. Not once did I feel discouraged or disappointed. I even left with my dress on my FIRST appointment. She Picked amazing dresses for me even though I didn’t give her much to work with in terms of what I wanted. I was very pleased with my experience here.
Erin Kennedy from Del Mar
on 04/29/2018
I had such an amazing experience here at the Bustle! My consultant, Mariah was absolutely amazing!! Very knowledgeable about the store and what you had to offer based off my budget and preferences! She was incredibly accommodating as well!!! Absolutely loved her and can’t wait to get my dress in 6 months!!