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Marisa Cervantes from Lewisville Texas
on 03/25/2023
Angela was amazing!! She made my group and I feel right at home. She catered to my interests and made sure I found the perfect dress!
Melissa Morales from Midland Tx
on 03/25/2023
This boutique was amazing! They really make you feel special there and i will definitely recommend this place to future brides! And they have the best staff there to help you find your dream dress
Hope Jenkins from Bridal Boutique - Lewisville
on 03/22/2023
Our experience at the Bridal Boutique was better than I could have ever imagined. Savannah was kind, passionate, and completely dedicated to putting me into the dress of my dreams. I will never forget the moment she had me & my family close our eyes while she placed the veil on my head and bouquet in my hands. When we opened our eyes, we were all BAWLING with happy tears. It made it all feel real. The first dress I tried on was the one. The remainder of our appointment we had so much fun playing dress up, drinking champagne, and giggling together. It was one of the best days of my life. Thank you Savannah for being the best of the best!
Sydnee G. from Plano, TX
on 03/20/2023
My experience at Bridal Boutique was wonderful! Brea did a fantastic job finding a variety of dresses to try on; so much so, it was a bit difficult at first to choose what I liked best! Fortunately, I found the PERFECT dress and cannot wait for my wedding day!
Alli from Dallas
on 03/20/2023
Completely exceeded my expectations! Had previously been to one other boutique where I was limited on how many dresses I could pull and try on… They have 1,000+ dresses and I was able to put my hands on almost every single one I think!! Wyn was my stylist and I think we pulled 17 dresses together and I was able to try on ALL of them- I even had a final 6 favorites that I got to try on AGAIN! Wyn made sure we were efficient with our time without making ever making me feel rushed. She was thinking about EVERYTHING and gave me her input on things I hadn’t even thought about, but also made absolutely sure I was making decisions for myself and nobody else. I could not have chosen my perfect dress without her. She can multitask like I’ve never seen (looking up prices, pulling dresses, checking timelines for products, helping me in and out of dresses, making me feel beautiful, engaging with my group, etc etc). My experience could not have been better and I am so so happy I found my dress here.
Abigail White from Keller, TX
on 03/20/2023
We had a wonderful experience at Bridal Boutique. We are repeat customers, as we purchased my sister's dress at Bridal Boutique 11 years earlier. Vee spent a lot of time with us and showed us beautiful gowns. I found my dress and said, Yes!
on 03/20/2023
Thank you SO SO much for helping me to find my perfect dress. I’m SO excited to wear it!!
Rebecca Sylestine from Dallas
on 03/20/2023
The staff helped me find exactly what I wanted. She asked excellent questions to lead me to the perfect dress!
Sarah Fogle from Bridal Boutique - Lewisville
on 03/20/2023
I had the greatest experience ever! This was my first and only experience of bridal dress shopping and I can’t believe I found “the one”. I was very nervous going in and had no clue what I wanted. I made a Pinterest page with things I thought I liked. My stylist Vee was awesome!! She was so patient and kind. I showed her kind of what I thought I wanted and she took it from there. She was very respectful of my budget too. Don’t be afraid to try everything on even if you don’t like it on the hanger, you may like it on yourself!
Cynthia Rodriguez from Granbury
on 03/19/2023
I was very pleased from the start, as soon as I walked in I was greeted and offered something to drink since I arrived early for my appointment. Veronica was very patient and new exactly what dresses to pick out for me. I ended up saying YES to the dress ??. I would defiantly recommend BB to everyone and anyone!
Ariana Bustamante from Lewisville Bridal Boutique
on 03/19/2023
Veronica was amazing helping me find my dream dress! I’m so excited!
Cara Alonzo from Lewisville, TX
on 03/18/2023
I absolutely enjoyed my Bridal dress appointment! I was greeted with smiling faces and enthusiastic attitudes. I had a great time working with the stylist and she helped me find the perfect dress!
Kellie from Lewisville
on 03/17/2023
Gianna Gallo was AMAZING! If I could give my experience more than 5 stars, I would. She listened to all of my feedback and pulled options based off of that. Even when I completely switched gears and showed her a screenshot of a dress I had found on the website, that was completely different than what I thought I wanted, she knew exactly what dress it was. It ended up being the dress I said YES to! She was kind, personable, detail-oriented, and even let my daughter be her little assistant during the appointment (her patience level was immaculate). Thank you Gianna for making my experience so incredible!! You're a rockstar!
Katherine from Bridal Boutique Lewisville
on 03/17/2023
My experience at Bridal Boutique was perfect! Danielle was so helpful and made the appointment stress free. Danielle is truly a professional and was so knowledgeable about each dress.
Haley Kennedy from Dallas
on 03/17/2023
Veronica was excellent in helping me find the perfect wedding dress for my elopement. Every dress she picked for me was my style and in my budget. She was so supportive and gave her honest opinions which I very much appreciated.
Catherine from Lewisville
on 03/17/2023
Bri was so awesome and got me exactly what I wanted!
Brett Permann from Lewisville
on 03/15/2023
Angie was great and very helpful!! This was our third place to try on dresses and it should have been our first! Great experience and mission accomplished!!
Micaela Walter from Lewisville BB
on 03/14/2023
We had the absolute best experience!
Sarah Foster from Lewisville
on 03/14/2023
Gianna is amazing! She was very helpful, and made the process go as smoothly as possible!
Gwendolen Noble from Waco, TX
on 03/14/2023
Great Experience! The staff were welcoming, knowledgeable, transparent and wonderful to work with! The dress selection seem endless in every budget level!
Amanda Jacobs from Denton, TX
on 03/13/2023
The visit to Bridal Boutique was wonderful. Everyone was incredibly friendly and the selections of dresses were amazing. My consultant was very sweet and did an AMAZING job finding dresses I loved. I am so grateful for the size selection as a larger plus sized woman, and any fears I had of being able to actually try something on were quickly set aside. I felt truly beautiful in the gowns I tried on. Thank you for your expertise, for being so inclusive, and for being so lovely.
Jamie Hancock from Lewisville
on 03/11/2023
Bre was AWESOME! Once we told her what I wanted she nailed it! She was so positive and made me feel so special! She made the experience amazing.
Yris from Lewisville
on 03/10/2023
Bridal Boutique is a hidden gem! It’s so close to home and so beautiful. Savannah was so helpful and did a great job following up with me even after I didn’t say yes to the dress right away. I definitely recommend BB Lewisville I enjoyed the overall experience.
Haley from Dallas
on 03/07/2023
Danielle was AMAZING she was quick and so incredibly knowledgeable and was able to pull things so quickly based on my likes dislikes and what information I initially offered her. She didn’t pressure me at all and was extremely professional. Definitely the best bridal consultants I’ve dealt with!
Lindzey Kobiske from Lewisville
on 03/06/2023
We had an amazing time for my first dress shopping experience. Veronica was incredible, she was so good at understanding what my likes/dislikes were and pulling new dresses that fit my vision, I can't recommend her enough!
Schae from Lewisville
on 03/06/2023
Veronica was amazing and picked out some amazing options!!
Maria gomez from Lewisville
on 03/05/2023
This place is so beautiful and they really treat the bride special. Vee was very helpful and made me feel special. She took the time to get to know me and we have an awesome time with her.
Rachel Herron from Anna, Texas
on 03/03/2023
I went here for my very first wedding dress try on and enjoyed my experience so much with Angie! I didn’t end up buying a dress at first and then months later I came back as I was having second thoughts about the dress I did buy. That dress just wasn’t “really me” . I luckily got Angie again and she reallllllly listened to what I wanted. Within an hour she had found me MY DREAM DRESS!!! I am SO happy I returned and got Angie. I now feel like the bride I truly wanted to be and I am SO excited to wear this dress she picked out for me on my wedding day. If I could give 10 stars I would!
Lauren Johnson from Austin, Texas
on 03/01/2023
Veronica was awesome! She did a great job of pulling dresses the style I wanted and within my budget. She made me feel really comfortable and made changing between dresses very quick. She also handled my loud family with ease. I would recommend her and the store to any bride.
Emily Vines from Rockwall TX
on 02/27/2023
Wyn was absolutely AMAZING!!!!
Devyn Hagan from Lewisville, Texas
on 02/27/2023
I really enjoyed my experience! Gianna was so helpful and even came in on her day off to help me find the perfect dress. I will definitely be recommending you in the future, thank you so much!
Ali Farver from Dallas, TX
on 02/26/2023
Angela was a great stylist, personable, and made me feel so comfortable. We never felt rushed with Angela and she offered a wide variety of dresses for me to try on based on my style. From all her help, we were able to find the perfect dress and couldn’t be more excited! Would highly recommend Angela and Bridal Boutique!
Shelby Blankenship from Lewisville
on 02/20/2023
Savannah was the best! She led me towards what my heart wanted all along. I'm so thankful for her patience and listening ears. I felt like a "bride" in the dress I chose and could not be happier! Thank-you Lewisville Bridal for making all my dreams come true!
Linda Dinh from Lewisville
on 02/19/2023
Vee was absolutely amazing. The whole experience was beyond great! She was so attentive, knowledgeable and patient with me and my future MIL. I would recommend this place. They definitely know how to make you feel beautiful and comfortable.
Kasey from Lewisville
on 02/19/2023
Angie was a god send! All the ladies in the shop are so warm and welcoming. Angie helped pick the most beautiful dresses for me based on what I told her I liked and even some she knew would look gorgeous that I wouldn’t have originally picked - one that I said yes to! She was so knowledgable and professional. My guests even pointed out how awesome she was. I’m sure anybody at this store is amazing as well! Such a great experience with no stress other than having to choose from so many beautiful dresses!!
Ally from Lewisville
on 02/19/2023
I wish I would have come to the Bridal Boutique sooner - very welcoming when I arrived. I went to two other bridal stores, and felt very rushed and pushed out to make a decision with only 1.5 hour appointments. At Bridal Boutique, you get 2 hours. Hour and a half is plenty for narrowing down what you want, worse case you find your tops and come back for a second appointment if you’re not sure. I would have scheduled a second appointment, if I had not already gone dress shopping at other places and narrowed down what I liked. Before you go, I suggest browsing their Instagram or designers to get a baseline because they have a lot of dresses. For example, the dress I picked was just posted on their Instagram account in early February (said yes to the dress mid-February). Extra shout out to V…you were amazing, and so personable. You made this experience extra special for me and I cannot thank you enough!
Jennifer Dillon
on 02/18/2023
Angie is amazing, she worked with me help me see my vision and was so patient with me. It is a big decision and I felt she was so supportive as I went through the process. Even my party felt it was the best experience compared to other shops.
Megan Dierks from Dallas
on 02/17/2023
I had a wonderful time shopping at Bridal Boutique! Angie was very helpful, and patient through out the whole experience. I highly recommend to all brides looking for a wedding dress within any budget!
Ann from Lewisville
on 02/17/2023
Great service! Veronica was so sweet and made the process less overwhelming! She brought me what I asked for but also knew what would look good on me and brought gowns that I didn't know that I wanted! Thank you for helping me find my dream dress!
Nicole Mimms from Lewisville
on 02/17/2023
The experience was amazing and my stylist made me feel so good and was above and beyond
Karsyn Kemp from Lewisville, Tx
on 02/13/2023
It was an absolute dream getting my dress here. No stress and my stylist got it perfect!!
Dana Henry
on 02/12/2023
Danielle is a true professional, it was magic watching her work. Her method is detailed, personal, and honestly the best service I've had. I highly recommend a private appointment, it's worth it!
Brooke Dickenson from Fort Worth
on 02/12/2023
Absolutely loved my experience! I thought I had an idea of what I wanted but turned out I wanted something a little more extra! Thanks to the help from my consultant and the Maggie Sorento trunk show team! My family also felt extremely welcomed which was a huge thing for me! The one and only bridal salon that I booked an appointment at! I knew the dress selection was the largest, and budget was taken into consideration. It’s a stressful and emotional time wedding dress shopping. I felt very comfortable and at ease! I also want to mention I appreciate the modesty of the dressing rooms. I liked how my consultant would wait for me to have the dress on before she came into the room. Very considerate and it made swapping out dresses extremely fast and easy! Cannot thank y’all enough for everything! My time at Bridal Boutique was what I always dreamed of it to be shopping for my wedding dress!
Sandra Carlton from Dallas , Texas
on 02/09/2023
This was hands down the best experience beyond our expectations! Danielle was amazing and wonderful with my daughter ! Made a somewhat dreaded event , an extremely fun and memorable positive one !
on 02/08/2023
Great place and lovely staff
Cindy Mitchell from Lewisville
on 02/08/2023
Savannah was an amazing partner in my search for my ideal dress. She helped me find just what I wanted but she also stretched my ideas about what was possible. The most important part was that she saw a vision to enhance my dream dress in a way that I would have not thought. She was helpful, responsive and a great listener. My experience at Bridal Boutique of Lewisville was exactly what I hoped it would be - efficient and fun.
Kassidy from Lewisville
on 02/07/2023
The best experience! So easy and quick and when I didn’t know what I wanted she was so helpful!
Catlin Golding from Lewisville, TX
on 02/06/2023
Had the best appointment today! Wyn was so kind and honest and really made the day about me. She knew exactly what I wanted and helped me find the perfect dress. HIGHLY recommend this boutique!!
Sandra Reyes from Bridal Boutique Lewisville
on 02/06/2023
Win was amazing!!!! She truly made the experience so easy for me.
Briana Garza from Lewisville
on 02/05/2023
I had a great time! So many pretty dresses and my stylist was so sweet!