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on 11/26/2022
We loved our time at Bridal Boutique. Our stylist was amazing and was really helpful in narrowing down to the type of dress I liked. The selection was incredible, and I had plenty of options.
Claudia Areyzaga from Dallas
on 11/26/2022
Veronica was the best bridal stylist. She not only pulled the dress styles I was interested in but she also gave her input on recommendations she had and I ended up choosing a dress she picked! It was perfect and I appreciate her support throughout the whole process. I had such a lovely experience and am so grateful to have found my dress at Lewisville bridal boutique.
on 11/20/2022
Found a wonderful dress and the employee who helped me was fantastic!
Aly Hancock from Lewisville
on 11/20/2022
Veronica was amazing! She found me the absolute perfect dress. Everyone cried tears of joy! She was incredibly kind and thorough and made my very nervous self feel comfortable the entire time. I would recommend bridal boutique to all of my friends!
Laura Carrizales from Lewisville
on 11/19/2022
I had such a wonderful time at Bridal Boutique in Lewisville. Truly felt like my associate heard and understood what best suited me. The gowns were beautiful and fairly priced! Definitely recommend to other brides.
on 11/18/2022
Savannah was so helpful and patient ! Thank you for helping me select the bridal gown of my dreams
Gisela Méndez from Lewisville
on 11/18/2022
This bridal shop is so beautiful with endless options for brides of all shapes and sizes. Everyone was so sweet and helpful! Veronica was incredibly helpful and helped me find the perfect dress to fit my body type and style. She was so sweet and he recommendations never missed! I would 100% recommend her to every bride looking for a dress
Karsyn Jackson from Lewisville
on 11/18/2022
This was one of the best bridal experiences I had throughout this journey! Prior to this, I had been to three different places, countless dresses, you know the drill. I felt like no one was listening to me or just couldn't get it quite "right". As soon as I walked in, I had a good feeling. They listened, took my favorite variations of different dresses, and within 30 minutes, I knew I had my dream dress.
Katherine from Lewisville
on 11/15/2022
I had a wonderful experience visiting your boutique and found my dress today!! It was a wonderful selection and my stylist was excellent.
Latonya B from Lewisville, Texas
on 11/15/2022
I started my search at this location and had the pleasure of working with Vee. Let me just say she is beyond amazing! I wasn’t sure on my type of dress plus I was with friends and all the opinions of others was overwhelming. I made an appointment to come back the following week, and wanted to see if Vee could find me other options. Every and I mean every dress she picked out for me was perfect, but there was absolutely one that I knew was THE ONE! Vee knew it too :) The experience at this location has been absolutely amazing, attention to detail, professionalism, and they don’t pressure you to make a purchase. I am super excited about my wedding and even more excited about the experience at BB. Definitely recommend location.
Laura Michele from Lewisville
on 11/14/2022
I had the best time! Gianna was wonderful and was brought in so many amazing styles that fit my taste. The shop has so many dress choices along with beautiful jewelry too. 10/10 recommend!
Jeyna from Dallas
on 11/14/2022
Savannah was amazing! She knew her stuff and was awesome. She stuck in my budget and started me out in a silhouette I never thought to try, and I ended up buying a dress that day with her! She was sweet and shut down any negative self-talk, and really helped me narrow down things I liked, while also pushing me out of my comfort zone, and I'm so glad she did! Beautiful boutique with high ceilings, big dressing rooms, and my family was able to look around at the dresses. It was a great experience!
Stacy from Austin
on 11/11/2022
Best experience dress shopping. The selection was amazing and Wyn is incredible. I was very nervous and she made the whole process relaxed and comfortable. She let me choose the dresses that spoke to me while offering her expertise at the perfect moments. She's wonderful!
Maggie McDonald from Lewisville
on 11/10/2022
My experience at Bridal Boutique was awesome! It was my first time trying on dresses so didn’t have a super strong idea of what I was looking for. My stylist was AWESOME! Super friendly and picked up super quick on my style and we walked out of there with THE dress!!
Anna Anderson from Roanoke
on 11/10/2022
I had a great experience with Angie! It was my first time at Bridal Boutique, I was welcomed and offered beverages as soon as I walked in. I had commented when I booked my appointment that I wanted to try on a specific dress even if it was out of budget, Angie made sure it was ready when I got there. She sat down with me before I tried on any dresses and asked what I was looking for in my dress and nailed it. Everything she pulled was absolutely stunning and almost exactly what I would've liked to a T. She was kind and worked with me to give me ideas and I said yes to my dress!
Olivia Street from Fort Worth
on 11/08/2022
I had the most amazing experience shopping with y’all! I was extremely nervous coming into the appointment but Savannah was very warm and friendly and immediately made me feel very comfortable. She listened to my thoughts on what I liked and she picked amazing dresses for me to try on. I only have wonderful things to say about her! The amount of inventory and different options y’all have in the store is so great, especially coming from someone who wasn’t entirely sure what I would end up in. I am still newish to the area but I will forever be recommending Lewisville Bridal as the best place to get your wedding dress!
Ana Velasquez from Lewisville
on 11/07/2022
The whole experience was amazing. I have no complaints at all.
Brittany Hensley from Midland, Texas
on 11/06/2022
I absolutely adored my specialist Angie. Angie was kind, supportive, and truly listened to what I did and did not like. My experience at BBridal was very sweet and joyous. The rooms allowed my experience to be very personable with my girls. I would not
Rosemary Rodriguez from Lewisville
on 11/04/2022
I had a really good experience. I got the help that I needed and Veronica took really good care of me and was very patient with me and helped me get the dress of my dreams
Emma Beard from lewisville
on 11/04/2022
I absolutely loved everything! My stylist was Savannah she was the best! I felt totally comfortable with her! She found my dream dress!!
Candice Mohapp from Dallas
on 10/31/2022
Danielle was wonderful! She really listened to my vision for my wedding gown and offered great and honest feedback. She was such a delight to work with.
Madeline Ford from Lewisville
on 10/30/2022
Angela was amazing! Her energy was so wonderful, she made my friends/family and I so comfortable. Overall, this was the perfect dress shopping experience, I can’t wait to pick up my dream dress!
Caitlin M. from Lewisville
on 10/30/2022
Giana was fabulous! She zeroed in on my vision and was able to find me a better dress than I ever pictured! The entire experience was so comfortable and homey. I felt so special!
Lisette Sanchez from Bridal Boutique Lewisville
on 10/30/2022
My consultant Danielle was amazing and and so sweet! She was open to everything I said and made sure I felt my best in everything I tried on. I’m so glad I found my dress here!
Sarah Kuhl from Lewisville
on 10/29/2022
I had such a great experience here and so happy I found my dress here! No complaints from me :)
Jenna-Wade Fowler from Lewisville
on 10/28/2022
I had the most amazing experience today with my stylist Angie. First I was blown away by the beautiful store, the extra touches of the future Mrs. names on the wall - where I saw mine right as I walked in! The champagne and the private room experience to try on dresses. I also loved that the stylist pulled dresses for me to view and try on based off my style vs me browsing through a store and being overwhelmed. I was definitely late in the game to be buying my dress, but Angie helped me to find options that would get here just in time. It was so fabulous and I found my perfect dress! I will definitely recommend this beautiful shop to my engaged friends!!! Thank you so much for making this experience so special!
Brooke Joyner from Bridal Boutique- Lewisville
on 10/28/2022
Angie was absolutely wonderful to work with! I wasn't really sure what I wanted as I looked for my dress, but she was so patient with me and had an efficient way of narrowing down the options and helping me find my dream dress. She made me feel so comfortable and the process was so easy!
Kaylen from Lewisville
on 10/27/2022
If I ever have to get married again I will come back, I had the best service and so many beautiful options. I felt loved by the staff!!
Brooke from Dallas
on 10/24/2022
I had a wonderful time at my appointment. Angie was fantastic and very knowledgeable, and she helped everything go so smoothly!
Jackie Rapp from Lewisville
on 10/24/2022
Angela was amazing! She made this day so special for all of us!
Angelli Cano from Lewisville
on 10/23/2022
Danielle was THE BEST! Her customer service couldn’t have made me feel more special on an important day for a bride!
Mikaela Davies from Bridal Boutique Lewisville
on 10/20/2022
My experience was amazing at Bridal Boutique, Veronica was great to work with. I showed her a few examples of what I had in mind and she pulled amazing options for me, she made the process easy and fun.
Mylinda Aphayarath from Lewisville
on 10/20/2022
Danielle was so great to work with. She listened to me and didn’t push me to make a decision at the end, which I appreciated as I worked through making my thought out decisions. The dress she sold me on ended up being my dream dress that I didn’t even show her a picture of until after she added the sleeve piece on it. She was awesome and got me out of there in less than two hours. A successful trip.
Marlene hernandez from Lewisville
on 10/19/2022
Loved the patience and options provided
Hannah Smith from Lewisville
on 10/18/2022
I had a fantastic experience! My stylist was knowledgeable, helpful, and kind. I was doubtful that I would walk out with my dress that day but she helped me find the perfect one!
Kennedee Franklin from Bridal Boutique Lewisville
on 10/17/2022
I had the best experience at bridal boutique!! Every dress I tried on was gorgeous and I was so impressed with the selection. My consultant Angela made my experience perfect! She was kind, patient, personable, and made the process so fun and stress free. She listened to everything that I said and each group of gown she brought was better than the last. I loved my experience and wish I could do it again, but I found my perfect dress!
Hattee Taylor from Lewisville
on 10/13/2022
I had the best time finding my ceremony dress with your team at BBL! They found me the most gorgeous options. 10/10!!!
Brianna from Lewisville
on 10/13/2022
I ended up loving and choosing a dress from another showroom, but I have nothing but good things to say about the stylist I had at bridal boutique, Vee! She was so sweet and is excellent at her job! She really listened to feedback about likes and dislikes of each dress and brought more dresses that pertained to the feedback. My mother-in-law and I both could tell she was a hard worker and appreciated her genuine care about having the best experience and finding the perfect dress. We also grately appreciated that she really listened to budgeting and didn't just bring out upper limit priced dresses. Im unsure if people can request specific stylists, but if so I highly recommend Vee!! She is amazing! I have told many friends as well. The shop itself was very warming and charming and had hundreds of dresses to work with!
Molly from Lewisville
on 10/12/2022
I had my first bridal shopping appointment here and Angie was wonderful.
Jessica Van Amburgh from Lewisville
on 10/11/2022
I had a great experience trying on wedding dresses here. My stylist Angela was professional, polished, listened to me, and was overall super helpful. I got to try on a LOT of dresses which I appreciated and never saw a price tag over my budget. Even though I didn't end up getting my dress here, I would have regretted not booking an appointment! Highly recommend making Bridal Boutique one of your stops!
Nicole W from Dallas
on 10/10/2022
Danielle was the absolute best consultant!! She knew exactly what I was looking for and was so helpful. She was also so sweet and objective in giving her opinions. I could tell she really cares about her brides and wants to do right by them. She has such a good vision and could easily articulate general ideas of what I liked into selecting gowns for me.
Sarah Gaton from Bridal Boutique Lewisville,TX
on 10/10/2022
I can’t say enough good things about the bridal boutique, I had Angela as my stylist and she was INCREDIBLE. She made me feel very comfortable, beautiful, was extremely patient and supportive. I am so glad I got her and had a great experience!
Rachel Gleason from Lewisville
on 10/09/2022
Can I see the dresses the were our favorites? I was told I could see my profile online but I do not see where to like login or access this? Thanks. Danielle was great!
Kathryn L from Addison
on 10/09/2022
Angie was AMAZING! She listened to my wants and brought out beautiful dresses. She helped me find my dream dress and I couldn't be happier! Bridal Boutique was a great experience overall
Hannah Hofmeister from Flower Mound
on 10/08/2022
Making an appointment was super easy, and the stylist assigned to me, Angie, was very friendly and helpful as I was picking out my dress. She brought out dresses that fit my style and comfort needs, and looked amazing on me. My mom and best friend who came with me felt special as guests too, and the calm, elegant environment made it a memorable moment for all of us.
Stephanie Garza from Dallas
on 10/08/2022
The selection of dresses in terms of quality and variety is unmatched! I had the absolute pleasure of working with Veronica and she was amazing in every single way! She was extremely patient and helpful. She listened to me throughout our whole appointment and brought so many dresses that matched exactly what I was asking for. I had so many great options to choose from! I went to five other dress shops and nothing matched the service and selection at this store. Definitely the best place to buy your dress from. 10/10!!!!
Gabrielle Morlet from Lewisville
on 10/07/2022
Veronica was amazing and had such a warm and inviting personality. She nailed it on the first dress!
on 10/05/2022
I worked with Savannah and she was wonderful! She understood what I was looking for right off the bat and pulled some great gowns. We had a great time too -- lots of laughing and fun conversation.
Brooke Foerstel from Lewisville TX
on 09/29/2022
Great experience. My personal stylist that helped us for the appointment, Gianna Gallo, did a great job picking out the style and dress I wanted and she was so nice to work with. I would recommend her to any one going there.
Emily Leitnick from Downstairs
on 09/28/2022
Angela was ABSOLUTELY amazing. What an angel. She has a very kind heart and is extremely relatable. Angela made my visit extremely special and was very helpful in helping me narrow down dresses. She never seemed annoyed or frustrated. Angela is an absolute gem!