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Brianna from Lewisville, TX
on 09/30/2023
I had an amazing experience at BBLewisville!! Vee was my stylist and I couldn’t have asked for better. She was so kind, listened, and encouraged me the whole time. It was the perfect day. I found the perfect dress.
Elizabeth from Dallas
on 09/28/2023
Angie made my experience absolutely amazing. I came into Bridal Boutique with no idea what I wanted in a dress and she immediately went to work trying to find me the dress of my dreams. After going to other stores, I can confidently say nothing compares to my experience at Bridal Boutique. Everyone is so kind and willing to make special accommodations while also having the most beautiful selection of dresses.
Angela Villa from Lewisville
on 09/27/2023
I had the best experience at Bridal Boutique Lewisville! My stylist, V, was amazing and helped me through it all. She was very kind, and amazing!
Liselotte Vanhaecke from Lewisville
on 09/26/2023
I’m so very pleased with Angie’s guidance and expertise. She was able to skillfully narrow down what I wanted and I never once felt rushed or pressured. I did not expect to say yes today and I am so happy I did! Thank Angie for making this experience so effortless and fun
on 09/24/2023
Veronica was great to work with! She was very patient and had good questions for me in order for her to find dresses for me to try on. I could tell she really wanted me to find THE dress. She was friendly and very sweet! The champagne of course was a plus :)
Emily Alexander
on 09/23/2023
I had such a wonderful experience finding a wedding dress at Bridal Boutique of Lewisville! My dress coordinator listened to what I wanted and brought out amazing dresses for me to try. The selection was wonderful and she made the experience really joyful.
Kyra from Lewisville
on 09/22/2023
Amazing customer service experience! Best out of any bridal salon I’ve been to so far. My sales associate is so knowledgeable about the industry which I appreciate
Sarah from Lewisville
on 09/18/2023
Amazing! Really listened to what I was looking for and gave honest feedback. Very easy to work with. Angie was awesome!!!!
Ashley Welch from Oklahoma City, OK
on 09/18/2023
The Bridal Boutique was AMAZING! We drove down from Oklahoma City, OK because my best friend had found her dress here in 2020. Angela was our assistant for the day and she was so incredible during this process. She really listened to my likes and dislikes and at the end of the day was able to find a dress that was the perfect combination of the top 2 dresses I fell in love with! She was so kind and really took interest in my story while she spent time with us! I am truly in awe of how well these women know each and every dress in their store as well!
Caroline Cantu from Dallas, TX
on 09/18/2023
I had the best experience with Wyn! She helped me pick out exactly what I wanted and made me and my family so comfortable during the entire process. We had so much fun and I would recommend this boutique to anyone!
Shannon from Lewisville
on 09/13/2023
Danielle was absolutely fantastic! We came in having no idea whatsoever style of dress was wanted and had never tried on any dresses before. Danielle was very quick to learn my style and help me learn what I like. She is very skilled and we hope to be back soon to make a decision.
Regan from Lewisville
on 09/08/2023
Angie was so amazing, although I didn’t find the one here, I would recommend this salon everytime! So much to choose from here, and Angie was so attentive and knew exactly how to listen to me to find what I was looking for! I did fall in love with a dress here, but ended up going a different route! I feel like there is a dress for everyone here!
Farah Sickman from Bridal Boutique Lewisville
on 09/07/2023
Vee was amazing!!
Angie DeKinder from Prosper
on 09/06/2023
Danielle was the best to work with! She pulled gowns that fit our budget and style choices and provided my daughter with her dream dress. She worked with us long distance after the initial appointments to make sure all our questions were answered as the bride lives out of town.
Amanda Trostel from Lewisville
on 09/03/2023
Danielle was my consultant and she was absolutely amazing! She saw my vision and really helped bring it to life. The BB of Lewisville is incredibly organized and I loved my experience while I was there. I would definitely recommend this boutique to other brides!
Angela McKenzie from Lewisville
on 09/02/2023
Angela was so good at helping me find the perfect dress! She was so encouraging and kind to me. She was a light to my day and I am so grateful for her help!
Allison W from Lewisville
on 09/02/2023
Josie was so amazing and sweet! Everyone had a great time and even my guests who have gone dress shopping for others and didn’t enjoy it loved it. It was a great atmosphere and my dress is perfect. Thank you so so much!
Patty from Abilene
on 09/02/2023
Veronica was amazing! She took the time to get to know me and the different styles I liked. She found the perfect dress that had everything! I’m so excited and cannot wait for the day I get to walk down the aisle.
Abby Stephenson from Dallas
on 09/02/2023
I had the best experience here! Angie was so helpful and personable and made me feel valued and heard. She really knew what she was doing and pulled dresses perfectly according to the feedback I was giving her. I truly felt like a bride here and would recommend this boutique to any bride!
Emily from Dallas, TX
on 09/01/2023
Vee was excellent! I highly recommend her to any bride. She’s supportive, non-judgemental, and genuine. She does a great job of listening to your needs and has great insight regarding potential dresses. One of the dresses she pulled is something I never would have and I actually ended up purchasing it. She asked just the right amount of questions and still gave us enough space to discuss. She didn’t make me feel bad for disliking any of the dresses and remained professional yet approachable. The rest of the staff was also very warm and inviting. The overall experience was excellent and very memorable.
Rachel Shrode from Dallas
on 08/31/2023
I had the MOST magical experience finding my dream dress! My mom and two best friends accompanied me and we were so lucky to have been paired up with WYN! She truly made our experience unforgettable! We couldn't have asked for a better stylist to help us out. She was patient, informative, very sweet and truly had our best interest at heart. I will recommend Wyn at Bridal Boutique to anyone and everyone! She even took the time to write me a hand written thank you note that was mailed to my home just days after. Wyn, I can’t thank you enough for EVERYTHING! You. Are. Awesome!!!!
Dhulini Paranavitane from Bridal Boutique Lewisville
on 08/28/2023
Veronica was so helpful and kind. I found EXACTLY what i was looking for and could not be happier with the service here.
Belinda Barker from Bridal Boutique Lewisville
on 08/27/2023
We had such a wonderful experience for such a special day shopping for my daughter’s dress. Veronica’s knowledge, expertise, and personality made the day extra special. Thank you for giving us this memory.
Bridal Boutique from Lewisville, TX
on 08/27/2023
I had an amazing time at BB. My time there is one I will never forget with my mom and sisters. Josey was our bridal stylist, and she was AMAZING. She was patient and so kind to my family and I. The champagne vending machine was the cherry on top at the end!
on 08/27/2023
There was a great selection of dresses and my consultant was amazing. She listened to every want and need I had for my dream dress. This experience was incredible.
Morgan Smith from Lewisville Bridal Boutique
on 08/27/2023
Danielle was AMAZING. I’ve had some negative experiences dress shopping, so I know what a big impact the stylist can have on something like this. Danielle was so kind and attentive, she instantly made me feel comfortable. She was also so quick to swap out dresses as she saw what I liked and didn’t like. Because of her, I finally have my dream dress!
Sydney Boyer from Lewisville
on 08/24/2023
V was amazing! Loved the experience and the attention to detail!
Jamie Ebnit
on 08/24/2023
Amazing! Absolutely had a blast the whole time. I worked with Danielle and she was great. As soon as you walk in the door the attention is on you from every associate. The gowns are gorgeous. The space is private.
Josline Alex from Bridal Boutique Lewisville
on 08/22/2023
I've been to BB with my sister in the past to help her find a wedding dress and was so impressed with Vee that I booked her for my consultation, as well. She was very patient with me, as I had no idea what bridal style I was looking for. I would recommend her to any bride out there! She made me feel heard and directed the appointment appropriately so I could find my dream dress!
on 08/21/2023
My wedding dress shopping was great overall as I was able to try on different gowns and find the styles I liked. I was presented quite a few options based on what I liked before narrowing down my choice. I had a private appointment so I could bring more guests as all of their opinions mattered to me and was also hoping that in the case I needed a bit more time to decide I could have it as it was a paid private appointment. I was conflicted between two of my favorite dresses and when the time came to decide, I had to hurry because another bride was coming which I totally understand, but I was just hoping to have a bit more time to be in the gown and have a moment before deciding. I got overwhelmed and knowing I had to leave did not help. I picked out my gown and I love it but when I look back at the pictures and the moment when I said yes, I look more stressed than happy. I hope I will get the happy tears and the excitement when the dress arrives in store and am looking forward to trying it on, or maybe I’ll schedule an appointment to come in the store again just to be put in my dress again so I can savor the moment and take it all in! I loved the small details like champagne being served and the little tote bag I was given as well as the smooth payment process. My stylist listened and provided dresses based on what I liked so that was really amazing! There was no dress that I tried on and didn’t like which made the choice at the end very difficult because I loved the dresses!
Bailey Ldoen
on 08/21/2023
BB Lewisville is amazing! Josey was so helpful and patient. She helped me find the perfect dress!
Brooklyn Jones from Lewisville, TX
on 08/21/2023
Wyn was fantastic. From the moment we walked in until the moment we left, she made us feel so welcome and she was FUN! She was amazing about listening to what I wanted, my budget and helping me pick my dress. I am so excited to get my dress and to wear it on my big day! Thank you, Wyn! You made the experience truly magical and I am so glad you were the one to help me
Haley Vasilko from Fort Worth
on 08/21/2023
First of all, the website and lookbook are amazingly set up! So many photos and options to look through before the appointment. Then, the shop is so well set up and feels like I am on Say Yes to the Dress. Wyn was the best! She led me to areas and then let me look through and choose the dresses to try on. And of course, the first dress I tried on was the dress I ultimately chose!
Ashley from Houston
on 08/19/2023
I’m a self conscious person and was nervous to try on dresses but this was the easiest try-on experience I’ve ever had. I felt more than comfortable and left feeling confident! Came back 2 weeks, today, tried on the THE dress again and placed the order! I didn’t know I would be choosing the dress at the first and only shop, but BB had it all and made me feel confident so there was no need to look further!
Kendra from Lewisville
on 08/15/2023
Angie was AMAZING! she helped me find the perfect dress. It was not a dress I would have just picked by myself but after putting it on, it was everything I wanted and more! She was kind and personable and I highly recommend getting your dress here.
Haley Smith from Bridal Boutique Lewisville
on 08/14/2023
I had such a great appointment with Wyn! She was so kind, responsive, and respectful. She made sure that I felt comfortable, was treated like royalty, and was genuinely happy to see me select my wedding dress! She helped me select beautiful gowns to try on, made me feel comfortable in my own skin and moser importantly helped make me feel beautiful.
Ashley Sacks from Bridal Boutique- Lewisville
on 08/12/2023
I had the absolute BEST experience at Bridal Boutique. Veronica was attentive, truly listened to what I was envisioning for my bridal look, was respectful of my budget and didn't show me things outside of my price point, and EVERY SINGLE DRESS was STUNNING. I will recommend Bridal Boutique to every bride I know because of the amazing experience I had. Thank you Veronica for helping me find my dream dress!
Ariel Cochran from Lewisville, TX
on 08/10/2023
Bridal Boutique of Lewisville was my first ever experience in shopping for a wedding gown. And this store has by far exceeded all of my expectations. My appointment was set with Ms. Wyn and in my opinion has to be one of the best in the business. She is so knowledgeable, kind-hearted, patient, understanding, and professional. She created a very special moment and memory for myself and guests to remember and for that I cannot thank her enough. Ms. Wyn was also able to help me find THE DRESS within the 2nd one I ever tried on.
Tyra E from Lewisville
on 08/06/2023
Danielle was an absolutely amazing stylist. I would recommend her to anyone I know looking for a dress at your boutique! She was extremely knowledgable and was immediately able to pull dresses that matched my eclectic vision!
Lauren Ramos from Bridal Boutique Lewisville
on 08/05/2023
I truly had the best day at Bridal Boutique with my incredible stylist. She made the day so fun, easy, and filled with all great choices. My family and I enjoyed her so much! Thank you all for making such a special day amazing.
Krysten Whaling from Bridal boutique
on 08/04/2023
Wynn was amazing and so very helpful! She helped me pick out the most beautiful gown that I will cherish for years to come!
Atousa from Lewisville, Tx
on 08/04/2023
Veronica was wonderful! She listened to what I was looking for, and brought a variety of options to try on. She stayed within my budget, and explained additional fees for rush orders/ alterations etc clearly. I really enjoyed my experience with Bridal Boutique, and would def recommend them.
Allison Hemphill from Lewisville
on 08/02/2023
WOWOWOW! I had the BEST experience at Bridal Boutique Lewisville. From the moment we walked in and were greeted with champagne, to the moment I swiped my card. Veronica was amazing, she caught my style immediately. The first dress she brought to me ended up bringing me to tears and was the one I chose for my big day. Plus size brides- COME HERE! They have so many options and make you feel comfortable and BEAUTIFUL. I will relive the day in my head for the rest of my life, thank you for making my memories so special!
Jordynn from Lewisville TX
on 08/01/2023
What a wonderful day. I was nervous for most of my 3 hour drive to BB Lewisville and the moment I walked in and was greeted by Danielle I knew I was going to find my dress. She was patient and detailed and she picked the most perfect dresses and we found my dream dress. She made me so comfortable, she listened to every word of what I liked and didn’t like, and I found my dress within an hour. Such a good experience. I am so so thankful I stopped here first. Thank you Danielle!! You are so good at your job!
Emma Amick from Midlothian, TX
on 07/31/2023
Hello! I first want to say thank you for your congratulations and for an amazing shopping experience! I am so grateful that I was able to find the dress that makes me feel like the most beautiful bride!! Second, my stylist, Angela, was absolutely FABULOUS! She supported me every step of the way and pulled a gown that she knew I would love! I was blessed to work with her on such a special day!
Anna laura Irias Mercadal from Dallas
on 07/30/2023
The attention was EXCELLENTE
Carly Campbell from Lewisville, TX
on 07/30/2023
Bridal Boutique was our first shop when looking for a wedding dress. It is where my best friend found her dress and she highly recommended visiting here. The experience could not have been more perfect!
Grace Steele from Lewisville
on 07/29/2023
Such an amazing experience with specialists who actually listened!! Loved the location and the people
Sarah Abel from Lewisville
on 07/29/2023
It was a wonderful experience and I really appreciated my stylists support and patience during my wedding dress shopping experience!!!
Chainey Minter from Lewisville
on 07/29/2023
My associate was Angela and she made the experience so much fun!! I loved everything about my experience and so thankful to get my dress from here!
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