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Rachel Plugge from Lewisville
on 09/15/2021
Angela was a huge blessing to my dress buying process! She was patient, attentive, and intuitive in her suggestions. She made our experience fun and comfortable! I would highly recommend her!
Annalisa Delao from Lewisville
on 09/12/2021
I am truly blown away by my experience at the Bridal Boutique. The private appointment was phenomenal in so many ways. Wyn went above and beyond for me and my guests. She was able to bring my vision to life and I left with the dress of my dreams! Thanks to Wyn, I had the experience of a lifetime. I will ALWAYS recommend BB Lewisville to any bride-to-be I meet.
Taryn Villarreal from Fort Worth
on 09/12/2021
I got the pleasure of working with Amy and she made the process a breeze! She listening to what I did and didn’t like and knew exactly what to pull for me. She stayed within my budget and even pulled dresses well under and was very honest when something was slightly above our price point. I had the best experience and found my dress in less than 2 hours.
Ami from Weatherford TX
on 09/10/2021
I had the best experience here! There was so many dresses to choose from, Angela helped me find the perfect dress and she was so genuine and sweet!
ROSALYN from Lewisville,TX
on 09/10/2021
I truly enjoyed my experience. Madeline was so attentive and kind. She made my experience so smooth and seamless. I showed her a few pictures and she came back with options that were very similar to the pictures. I didn’t feel overwhelmed, or rushed. I was able to find my dress within a hour which I was very surprised by lol. The store also has so many dresses to choose from lol I’m sure any bride will be able to find their dream dress! I thoroughly enjoyed my entire experience. Thank you for making this part of my wedding planning super easy!
Nazirah Mayes from Lewisville
on 09/09/2021
Vee was the best consultant I’ve ever had. She made me feel comfortable and helped me pick the beautiful dress. I had the best experience with bridal boutique and refer everyone there.
Callie Hill from Bridal Boutique Lewisville
on 09/07/2021
Angela was absolutely incredible! Not only did she have a calm, patient spirit that made me feel comfortable and heard, but she helped me find my dream dress amongst many different opinions from myself and my family. She has a heart of gold, and she truly cared to help me not only as a bride and customer but also as a person. She asked me questions to get to know me and made the whole day feel fun and exciting. I am SO happy to not only have found my dream dress but to have had Angela as my consultant. She made it an experience I will never forget.
Carolina A. from Dallas
on 09/05/2021
This was the second boutique I visited and by far it’s been the best experience. It was bigger than I expected and had a variety of dresses and styles. A very cute ambience and great customer service. My stylist, Vee, was amazing! She made me feel so comfortable and was very attentive to my requests. I’m a girl that’s all over the place with my dress style and she followed me in all directions. Patience is her middle name! One thing that really stood out to me was her honesty. She mentioned an option of a dress but stated it was over my budget. I asked if I could still try on and she truthfully explained why not to go that route. It would exceed my budget and worse case if I fell in love with it, I would be stuck going over my budget. I honestly felt a genuine sense of her trying to take care of me and not focus on selling another dress. Great work ethic! Budget is key ladies and if you don’t need someone pushing you to exceed that, this is the place to go! Even though I didn’t walk out with a dress, Vee taught me a lot of the terminology in this industry and I feel confident in my journey for finding that perfect dress! Thank you Bridal Boutique Lewisville for this experience!
Natalie S from Lewisville
on 09/05/2021
As soon as I got engaged I knew I wanted to go to BB Lewisville to look for my dress. I had heard from several former brides that I would have the warmest customer service and without a doubt find THE dress (this was my first and only apt looking for a wedding dress). V was my bridal consultant (WOW!!), she could tell right away I was nervous as this is a big moment everyone dreams of! I had no idea what I would like so we started with a wide range of dresses and quickly narrowed it down to a certain style. An hour in, I started struggling as I was focusing on my insecurities in every dress and began to doubt that I would find the dress in this appointment. V was very observant and knew a pep talk was needed! I toured the show room with V as we discussed what was holding me back and how to overcome it. I snapped right out of it and picked a few dresses that made me say wow. The second one I tried on, I experienced the wedding dress “magic” and knew this was my dress. V was by far the MVP of the day, without her I would have left empty handed. Thank you for your patience and for being as talented as you are at what you do! Future brides: Go see V at BB Lewisville! Don’t be close minded on dress styles, I never would have picked what I ended up loving. Lastly, believe in the “magic” your wedding dress will give you!
Hayley Stone from Bridal Boutique
on 09/04/2021
My associate was super nice and helpful! I changed courses several times with my dress vision and she rolled with the punches and kept pulling dresses until I found the perfect one. Would highly recommend this location in the future!
Elle from Hartsdale, NY
on 09/02/2021
I was honestly very nervous about shopping for dresses, but Bridal Boutique and my assistant Maddie were a total dream. I’m right outside of standard sample sizes and was worried I would be made to feel badly or that there would not be good dresses for me. Instead I absolutely found my dream dress!!! Maddie was so helpful without being too pushy. She really listened to what I wanted and brought some great things to try. I’m not a local bride and I’m so happy I decided to come by while I was in town.
Mary K from Carrollton
on 08/31/2021
I went to 4 other stores and tried dozens of dresses before coming to The Bridal Boutique. The sales people were nice but they just were not fully listening or getting what I was looking for. Angela really took the time to listen and engage and brought me dresses accordingly. She helped me realize further what I liked and didn’t like and make a beautiful, practical and money conscious decision. I couldn’t have had a better, more fun and beautiful experience. Thanks Angela!!
Tara Graham from McKinney
on 08/30/2021
We had the best time today at Bridal Boutique Lewisville. You have an AMAZING selection and inventory of dresses. Angela was fantastic and listened to everything. Definitely recommend!
Ellyse from Lewisville
on 08/27/2021
Had such a great experience! Thank you so much for helping me find THE dress for my wedding day!!!
Tamy James from Lewisville Tx
on 08/26/2021
Thank you for your help and I got to pick out my beautiful dress for my special day! Everything was elaborate and just a wonderful experience I won't forget. I can't wait until my friends or family needs to shop for there wedding dress , I will definitely refer them to y'all. :)
Meghan McMinn from Rowlett, TX
on 08/24/2021
I had the absolute best experience wedding dress shopping at Bridal Boutique. My bridal stylist, Danielle, was so helpful and nothing short of amazing. I got to try on all my favorite dresses and styles until I found the one!
Paige McDonald from Dallas
on 08/22/2021
Angela was an amazing consultant. She was so bright, bubbly, and a great listener. She found my perfect dress in the first 5 dresses I put on. She blew every other consultant I had at other salons out of the water. BB Lewisville was a great environment that was clean, had delicious refreshments and great lighting. All of my guests had plenty of room to lounge. I will recommend this to every future bride I know.
Ailina Plemmons from Bridal Boutique Lewisville
on 08/22/2021
Our bridal specialist was AMAZING! Truly the kindest and most sincere lady. Thank you for making me feel special throughout the entire experience!
Monica Krueger from Lewisville
on 08/21/2021
I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Bridal Boutique! Vee was absolutely amazing and helped me find my dream dress. The selection was fantastic; everyone was so kind, welcoming and warm; my appointment couldn’t have been better. Thank you so much for everything!
Lauren Painter from Bridal Boutique Old Town Lewisville
on 08/21/2021
My family, friends and I had the most wonderful experience at Bridal Boutique! They knew exactly what I was looking for and how to guide me to the dress. The service and experience was phenomenal and the dresses are gorgeous for any price range. I could not ask for a more perfect dress for my wedding or a better time finding one. Thank you for making this memorable!
Meg P. from Lewisville
on 08/20/2021
I wish every experience I had shopping for my wedding dress was as perfect as it was with Danielle. I briefly told her what dress style I liked but what I didn’t like about a dress from a particular location the day before. She found the perfect dress for me and it was maybe the 4th or 5th dress I tried on. She was incredible, she showed me different parts of the dresses and she found all of the dresses for me to try on based on what I described. I had multiple options based on what I liked and I hadn’t experienced that anywhere else and they were also in my price range. It was an amazing experience and Danielle was so kind, patient, and found perfect accessories to go with the dress which surprised me and I ended up loving them! I owe finding my dress to Danielle and I appreciate her help so much in making this a wonderful experience for me and for finding my dream wedding dress!
Meg M from Lewisville, TX
on 08/19/2021
Vee is AMAZING! My mom and I had the best time looking at dresses, she is so tactful, helpful and reads exactly what the bride has in mind (even if I didn't know exactly what I wanted). The selection cannot be beat here and Vee's knowledge is incredibly impressive. I'm so thankful we visited and were able to find my dress!
Benita from Lewisville
on 08/19/2021
Vee was so nice and patient with me! She understood what I was looking for and found me the perfect dress!
Savanna from Lewisville
on 08/18/2021
I had such a great experience and found the perfect dress! My stylist, Wyn, was so helpful in making the experience so great for me and my guests. BB Lewisville had such a great selection of dresses, it was hard to chose just one!
Lindsay Akers from Dallas, tx
on 08/17/2021
My appointment with Danielle was amazing! She was super helpful at finding dresses that were the style and mood that I wanted, even though before I went in I had several different ideas of what I liked. She hyped me up with each dress and at the end did not pressure to to make a decision before I was ready. I am so excited to come back and try on some more with her!
Jenah Hall from Lewsiville
on 08/16/2021
Amazing! It was the best day ever thanks to our person. Thank you!
Sarah Sullivan from Bridal Boutique Lewisville, TX
on 08/16/2021
V was amazing! I had the perfect day and got the perfect dress.
Kayla P from Lewisville
on 08/15/2021
Painless and easy to find the dress! Danielle did an outstanding job. Her honesty and ability to curate a dress for me was extremely beneficial and helpful. Will recommend her/Bridal Boutique to everyone!!
on 08/14/2021
My consultant was amazing and did a fantastic job at picking dresses based on my style and my figure. She was so sweet and kind to my family and friends that came with me as well. She worked with me very well to find me an amazing dress and made me feel beautiful in all of them. She was also able to answer all of the logistical questions as well. Overall it was a great experience.
Lauren Bueter from Bridal Boutique Lewisville
on 08/14/2021
Wyn was incredible!! She helped us every step of the way to find my perfect dress. She truly made this experience incredible! I was so happy with everything about my visit here.
Seresa Oshowole from Bridal Boutique- Lewisville
on 08/14/2021
Vee was the best bridal dress consultant you could ask for. She was so helpful and had a bubbly personality! We found the perfect dress because of her. I will definitely recommend other future brides to this wonderful shop!!! It was such a great experience!!!
Sofia Cosio from Mansfield, TX
on 08/14/2021
Veronica was AMAZING!!! she knew exactly what i wanted, was so so courteous to both me and my entourage, and was just an awesome consultant all around. 10/10!!!
Vanessa from Bridal Boutique Lewisville, TX
on 08/13/2021
Vee was absolutely amazing! She put up with my family and I so well, and we found THE perfect dress in one visit! She really helped me personalize it and make it my own… I’m obsessed! I couldn’t have wished for a better experience. Thank you Vee, and thank you Bridal Boutique!
Jane Alex from Lewisville
on 08/09/2021
This was my first time experience wedding dress shopping and it was so magical. On entering the boutique, the receptionist was extremely friendly and offered us beverages while we waited. Vee my bridal assistant was so friendly and extremely helpful. Her demeanor, attitude, and conversation with my family and me was amazing. I loved how she wanted to be introduced with everyone in my bridal entourage. Vee also selected dresses that I loved and I said yes to the first dress I tried on! So glad that I came to BB!! Definately recommending BB to all my future brides <3
Amy from Lewisville
on 08/08/2021
Wyn was an incredible help in selecting and making a decision on the perfect dress! She was an excellent listener, patient, and thoughtful with her recommendations and overall approach. She made me feel less stressed about the process and made it all seem easy and fun! Anyone would be lucky to get to work with Wyn!!
Amanda Culley from Bridal Boutique Lewisville - Main Street
on 08/04/2021
The store was organized and clean. Staff from beginning to the end of my visit were extremely nice and accommodating. Vee took the time to get to know me, my vision, my wants, dislikes and of course budget. Every dress she suggested was kept within my budget. She made the entire visit enjoyable! And I felt extremely comfortable the whole time. She listened to me about things I liked about the dresses I put on, and the things I hated and made other suggestions accordingly. From the beginning of walking in the door, to leaving we were treated with respect & understanding. I 100000000% will always recommend this boutique and their entire staff. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to help me find the dress of my dreams!
Madison from BB Lewisville
on 08/03/2021
Veronica was so amazing & helpful. This was my first time trying on dresses and she made the entire process so smooth. She said all the right things and asked all the right questions.
Addisyn Patty from Lewisville
on 08/02/2021
I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!! They made trying on wedding dresses on fun and took the stress and pressure off of it. I will be telling all of my friends to come visit!
Theresa D from Grapevine TX
on 08/02/2021
I had an amazing shopping experience at Bridal Boutique! Wyn made the process stress free and fun for my guests and I. I could tell she was very experienced and knew what she was doing to help me right the right dress. I’m so glad I booked a Sunday private appointment to give my guests and I that VIP treatment. We truly enjoyed our time there and I would highly recommend Bridal Boutique to any bride-to-be!
Anonymous from Lewisville
on 08/01/2021
Amy was absolutely incredible in understanding my likes and dislikes and recommending dresses. This was our second stop and fell in love with a few dresses. Amy helped make the decision super easy.
Karlie White from Lewisville
on 07/31/2021
I had the BEST experience! Maddie was absolutely amazing & answered every question I had! Definitely recommend them as your bridal store! You will not be disappointed.
Loren Wells from Lewisville Bridal Boutique
on 07/31/2021
My experience was amazing!
on 07/28/2021
Made my experience very personal and exciting! I definitely recommend going to Bridal Boutique of Lewisville! Danielle was awesome!
Margaret Zettler from Plano
on 07/27/2021
I loved working with Angela. She was so sweet, hard working and really knew her stuff. She made me feel like I was her only appointment and I really appreciated her making such an effort!
Sydney Ruff from Lewisville
on 07/26/2021
Wyn was fantastic! She really knew what she was talking about. She picked my dream dress and knew it was the one before I did!
Aryana khanzadeh from Lewisville
on 07/20/2021
Had a great experience with Angela! She was not pushy. She pulled great dresses. I’m currently trying to decide which of my top 2 I’m going to pick. I was actually referred to the boutique by a coworker who raved about her experience with Angela.
Bailey Breaux from Lewisville
on 07/20/2021
Jill was so helpful and I finally found my dress after searching at many shops. Thank you so much for all your help!
Natasha Phillipowsky from BB bridal
on 07/19/2021
Veronica was amazing! She brought me a ton of options and was very patient while I made a tough decision between the beautiful options I was given! I highly recommend Veronica!!
Alex from Arlington, TX
on 07/19/2021
I had a fantastic time at BB Lewisville. Between the champagne and thousands of dresses to choose from, the experience was so fun!
JFoster from Bridal Boutique Lewisville
on 07/19/2021
V was very professional and helpful. She listened to my vision for my wedding day and was able to pick several dresses (within my budget!!) that fit the bill. She was very knowledgeable and kind. Definitely a great experience!