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Alli McDaniel from Bridal Boutique Lewisville
on 01/15/2022
The Bridal Boutique was an absolute dream, they had an enormous number of dresses to choose from & they even gave us champagne while we were there! Great place, Great people! Angela was absolutely wonderful! She was so helpful as I was picking out my dress & made my experience so much fun!
on 01/15/2022
Amazing staff! Friendly & amazing service !! I was able to find my dream dress!!
Brianna Walton
on 01/15/2022
V was AMAZING. She helped us so much! We loved how she was easy going and willing to do whatever! Thanks so much V!!!!
Leila Salera from Lewisville
on 01/15/2022
Vee was so kind and amazing to work with!
Christine Michael
on 01/14/2022
Vee was great with us. She helped us a lot in trying to find the right dresses for me.
kelsey odom from Lewisville
on 01/14/2022
Best experience!!!!
Claire from Lewisville
on 01/12/2022
Amazing experience! Very professional, fun for the entire party! The bridal consultants always put the bride’s interest first. Will recommend this boutique to all my friends.
Summer Baker from Bridal Boutique - Lewisville
on 01/11/2022
Angie was fantastic! She made us feel comfortable the whole time and had so much great advise and expertise. I would recommended Bridal Boutique to anyone!
Chelsey Nemec from Bridal Boutique Lewisville
on 01/10/2022
We booked a private appointment and Wyn made our day extra special! Everyone had an awesome time and it was awesome having time to try on a good chunk of dresses. We found the perfect one and I’m so excited.
Raegan from Lewisville
on 01/09/2022
V was phenomenal!! She listened to every little detail and truly outdid herself helping me find my dream dress!! She was so kind and very engaging. I definitely recommend Bridal Boutique and V!!
Lisa Barson from Lewisville
on 01/07/2022
I absolutely loved my experience and found the right dress for me!
Emily Unger
on 01/04/2022
The whole store was to die for! Veronica did an amazing job of listening to my wants and provided me with my dream dress!
Carmen from Iowa Park
on 01/04/2022
I had a great time at my BB appointment! The environment was calm and clean and I loved the privacy we had. Angela was a wonderful stylist to work with. She was relaxed and easy going while still being efficient and maximizing my appointment. I always felt comfortable and she always made sure I was ready before entering the dressing room with me. She knows the inventory and made sure that I was always within my price range.
Madison Anderson from Lewisville
on 12/31/2021
What a great experience!! Found the dress within an hour and a half! Veronica was amazing and super helpful through the whole process!
Allysa Mayo from Lewisville
on 12/31/2021
Velia was amazing and helped me to find my dream dress! She let us stay way after they had already closed to make sure everything was perfect!! Highly recommend her!!!! The whole experience was amazing and Velia made it even more amazing!
on 12/30/2021
Angela was very helpful and was able to show me a number of dresses that were in line with what I am wanting. This was my first ever appointment and she really helped to make it productive and informative without being too overwhelming.
Meghan Thompson from Lewisville
on 12/29/2021
I had an amazing experience ! My designer that helped me was sooooo sweet and supportive ! I let her pick a dress just for fun to try on and that ended up being the dress I wanted ! I will recommend them to anyone !
Hannah Salas from Bridal Boutique
on 12/29/2021
We had an amazing experience! Veronica was our stylist and she helped make the process so smooth and comfortable for everyone. My mom got her dress here as well and it was the first place that we went to look. Still great customer service and dresses after 23 years.
Janelle from Lewisville
on 12/29/2021
Our stylist was awesome! She definitely understood the assignment. She helped me find the dress!
Rachel Burns from Bridal Boutique Lewisville
on 12/28/2021
The dreamiest day!!!!! From the moment I walked in, I felt like a princess. Seeing my name and wedding date on the wall was such a sweet welcome. My stylist, Jill was fantastic and made the whole experience really meaningful. Each dress I tried on felt luxurious and I enjoyed the amount of space and mirrors. Thank you for making the day incredibly special, BBLEWISVILLE!
Rachel from Bridal Boutique Lewisville
on 12/26/2021
There’s something magical about this boutique - everyone that I know, including me, somehow I ends up finding their perfect dress there! They have such a great selection of dresses and offer Champaign if you want it, which makes for a special and fun experience. Danielle was amazing at understanding exactly my style - she was able to run all through the store and grab things that she knew I’d like. It really felt like she cared about helping me find what I wanted, and she was so good at it!! She helped me find the most beautiful dress, and I’m am just so happy with my experience!
Kayla from Lewisville
on 12/25/2021
Maddie was very helpful in pulling dresses that fit what we were looking for, even as the vision shifted throughout the appointment. She was very understanding about my feelings about a wedding and was this not pushy at all. Thank you!!
Julia Black from Lewisville
on 12/23/2021
I loved it there!! So many options and I got so much done in my appointment. I feel good moving forward
Abby Hendrick from Lewisville
on 12/21/2021
I loved visiting Bridal Boutique. Danielle was my stylist and absolutely amazing!! She took what I was wanting and went above and beyond to make sure I got exactly what I needed. She truly has a gift for helping brides.
Margaret Dillion from Dallas, TX
on 12/20/2021
Danielle was incredible, she really took the time to understand the kind of dress I was looking for and brought me so many wonderful options. I felt like a princess in every single one, but when I tried on the dress I chose I knew instantly it was the one. This process can be so overwhelming, having Danielle take care of the details for me made it so wonderful.
Cassie from Dallas
on 12/20/2021
The vide I got as soon as I walked in was amazing! Every single dress I tried on was beautiful. This place is top notch! Wyn was awesome and honest and helped me focus on my vision.
Anna from Dallas
on 12/20/2021
I had a great experience, Danielle made me feel very comfortable and took the time to find dresses set for my style and vibe!
Morgan Hood from Lewisville
on 12/20/2021
Veronica was absolutely perfect. She listened to exactly what I was looking for in my wedding dress and quickly found out what style and fit I was most comfortable in and knocked it out of the park. She helped me to try on things I normally wouldn’t have picked out and by doing so- I felt 100% confident in what I liked vs. what I didn’t like because we tried a little of everything on. She was caring, positive and helpful from start to finish. She helped make my bridal appointment a day I will forever remember.
Baylee W. from Lewisville
on 12/20/2021
Amazing experience!! Everything went smoothly. My stylist listened to what I wanted and answered all my questions. She made sure we stayed on track and on time without rushing me. Truly amazing experience!
Shivani from Dallas
on 12/18/2021
Veronica was particularly amazing: so patient and easy to work with. She was really encouraging for my last minute shopping needs just 3.5 months before the big day! She listened attentively to what I wanted, took one look at my Pinterest board, and the first suggestion she made ended up being THE one. I had tried on dozens of dresses beforehand, at several other boutiques. Wish I had started here at Lewisville first! So grateful I came here.
Noelle Sarte from Bridal Boutique in Lewisville
on 12/18/2021
Angie Halydier was amazing! She pulled a bunch of great dresses and the dresses kept getting better and better. She made me feel very comfortable
Jennifer Banat from Lewisville
on 12/16/2021
Danielle was incredible. Seriously she went above and beyond my expectations. I am so grateful for her.
Jenny Mary Abraham from Lewisville
on 12/14/2021
Jill was amazing and so patient. I will be recommending her to everyone. Bridal Boutique has so much selection and it was so easy to find a dress. The ladies there know what they're doing.
on 12/14/2021
Danielle was amazing from start to finish. She stayed within my budget (which she was very discrete about) and really listened to my feedback and thoughts about each dress I tried on. She also managed the competing opinions between me and my guests with ease. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience.
Brenna Demerson
on 12/13/2021
Vee was absolutely AMAZING! I was so stressed and nervous as this was my first (and only) bridal appointment and she helped me out so much by finding my perfect dress and really listening to me and what I wanted. I can't thank her enough! I love the Bridal Boutique, the dresses and overall experience. Although I found my dress, I wish I could go back and re-do it all over again because it was such a great day!
Shea from Fort Worth, TX
on 12/13/2021
Danielle is wonderful! During the appointment, she pulled dresses that I would’ve never thought to try on and she truly understood what I liked/didn’t like and why. She is very great at what she does! Plus, the boutique is beautiful and has tons of dresses options for every budget.
Courtney Mccartney from Lewisville
on 12/13/2021
I had a great experience at Bridal Boutique. My stylist was great at listening to my likes/dislikes and was quick to grab gowns that had similar aspects of what I desired. My guests and I were very happy with our experience.
Breanne Avedikian from Irving
on 12/13/2021
Danielle was amazing!! She helped me find my dream dress! She listened to what styles I liked and what I was looking for, and pulled some really beautiful options. The very first dress she pulled I was in love with on the hanger and that was the one I ended up picking! I would recommend Bridal Boutique to anyone looking for a smooth, easy, and fun wedding dress shopping experience!
Shelby Knutson from Lewisville
on 12/13/2021
Veronica was amazing!!!! Going into my bridal appointment, I was excited but also prepared to feel uncomfortable because I didn’t know if everything would look good or fit right. But Veronica made me feel beautiful and so comfortable! Everything she picked out was amazing and she helped me find my absolute dream dress. I would 100% recommend BB and especially Veronica to any bride!!
Melissa from Aubrey
on 12/12/2021
Loved this place! Lovell was awesome and listened to Exactly what I wanted! They have a great selection of so many beautiful dresses! Great Experience!!
Michelle Pitoniak from Bridal Boutique
on 12/11/2021
Very on top of it and helpful! Gave me the full feel of what my wedding day would look and feel like!
Rachel Lueckemeyer from Dallas
on 12/09/2021
I had an amazing experience at Bridal Boutique Lewisville! Loved the options and the woman helping us was very knowledgeable. Absolutely love my dress!
Taylor Niznik
on 12/06/2021
I had such a good experience at the Bridal Boutique! I went into the experience nervous as I typically do not enjoy shopping. I didn't think I would be able to find a dress, but I had to decide between two at the end! The staff was patient and encouraging and helped me narrow down choices and find the right dress. Thank you!
Jordan Griffith from Lewisville
on 11/30/2021
Angela was absolutely wonderful helping me find my dream dress! She was so sweet & listened to exactly what I was wanting and went and found the most beautiful dress that I fell in love with. So thankful for her help and guidance!
Caspian Green
on 11/29/2021
This boutique is absolutely beautiful and the private areas for you to be able to try on dresses away from others and with your party was such a plus. My Bridal Consultant, Danielle, was amazing. It was my first time trying on dresses and while it was a little nerve racking, she was so kind, patient, and helpful. Listened every step of the way and totally understood the vibe I was going for. Interacted beautifully with all others in my party and let them be involved. The boutique's offers of champagne at the very beginning and throughout was also a huge perk. Made the event really something fun and to be celebrated.
Lanae Klabunde from Lewisville
on 11/29/2021
Angie was absolutely amazing. She helped me narrow down the style and look I wanted efficiently and was very engaging. I couldn’t have imagined a better appointment. I definitely did not think I would find the one as this was the first time trying on dresses but I can’t envision myself getting married in anything else!
Taylor Widdel from Bridal Boutique Lewisville
on 11/28/2021
I had a wonderful time! Our stylist Wyn was wonderful! Attentive, giving great suggestions & made sure we were having a successful trip! I cannot suggest her enough! Her experience doesn’t go unnoticed!
Sarah from Chicago
on 11/27/2021
Veronica was wonderful at Bridal Boutique! She understood my vision and was very patient, thoughtful, and fun through the process. Beautiful shop and dress selection. Could not have had a better experience!
Natalie Kleinhammer from Bridal Boutique Lewisville
on 11/27/2021
My stylist was amazing! I cannot say enough nice things about her. She made the whole experience amazing.
Samantha Morrow
on 11/26/2021
Veronica was amazing! She did a fabulous job pulling dresses and going through my vision with me to make it a reality. She made me feel special and I could take all the time in the world. I would highly recommend y’all to everyone!