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Samantha from Plano
on 09/30/2020
The store is beautiful, and there is a wide variety of dresses. Angela was lovely. She is so patient and knowledgeable. She took the time to explain how modifications and alterations work and pulled beautiful dresses for me to try based on what I like and what looks good on my body type. I really enjoyed my appointment with her.
Sara from Bridal Boutique Lewisville
on 09/28/2020
Angela was my consultant and she was amazing. I had a bad consultant before coming to BB Lewisville. Here are the things she did that made this experience amazing: • She wore her mask properly! As did every employee I saw. (I had to ask a previous consoltant at a different store who was in the dressing room with me to please pull her mask over her nose. It ruined my first impression of her and stunted my ability to trust that consoltant.) • She was genuine, and balanced a little "get to know you" talk with dress and wedding talk. That's a tough balance! Too chatty and I would have felt anxious and like we were wasting time. No general greeting and I would have felt less special. For example, she greeted each of my virtual guests on the iPad as well as my in person ones, which I really appreciated. I felt seen as a person while also having my time and the limited appointment time respected. • Angela did not bombard me with her own opinions. She gave me valuable information instead. To drive in this point, I'll contrast the amazing Angela to a previous consoltant at a different store. That previous consoltant was bashing dresses, necklines, and materials before I had even been able to voice my own opinion and I hated that. Previous consoltant had even told me I would hate off-shoulder dresses and didn't put me in one. Well, guess what type of dress I loved and ultimately bought at BB Lewisville? Supprise, it was an off-shoulder dress! • If I didn't like a dress, she had the next dress ready for me to try on. A previous consultant at a different store spent 10 minutes talking about a dress that I hated and wanted to change out of. I could have tried on another dress in that time and was frustrated. Angela was wonderful and did not waste my time like that. • Speaking of having dresses ready, after briefly looking through my Pinterest and picking out the initial 4 or 5 dresses together, Angela picked out more amazing dresses for me to try on while I was speaking with my guests about a dress I was wearing. She really understood my style and was so fast at getting the dresses that I barely noticed she had stepped away! • She was knowledgeable about realistic alterations and different ways a dress could be ordered. Also: • The store itself is beautiful and really helped set the mood for a good appointment. I also loved seeing my name on the chalkboard! • I really appreciated the offers for water and/or bubbly. It is one of those things that I wanted for the bridal gown shopping experience, and it gave us a good little break during the busy appointment. • The free glass of wine with the tote bag was a great excuse to sit down and catch up with my MoH. I really appreciated that. I don't know if you have a say in whether that offer sticks around or not, but I wanted to mention it. • The t-shirt made me smile, too!
Kimberly from Asheville North Carolina
on 09/28/2020
Candace was the kindest most helpful bridal consultant! She listened to all my requests and brought out wonderful dresses. The boutique has a great selection!
ashley bechner from Midland, TX
on 09/28/2020
loved the shop, loved my stylist! It was stress free and my stylist knew everything that needed to be done to be able to try on lots of dresses during my appointment to be able to narrow down my taste. Even though I didn't end up getting my dress here, the experience was unforgettable!
Lacy Ullman from Lewisville
on 09/28/2020
Danielle was my stylist and I absolutely LOVED working with her!! She was able to pull dresses that were exactly what I was envisioning for myself. I felt like she could read my mind! Danielle was also super easy and comfortable to work with. I was a bit nervous going into such an important shopping trip, but working with Danielle made my experience perfect. She pulled dresses that I loved and fit my body perfectly, and was able to offer a lot of great advice. My guests and I had a blast with her! We can't sing her praises enough. Thanks to Danielle, I found my dress and I can't wait to wear it on my bid day! As for BB, I loved the atmosphere and all of the friendly staff we worked with. Being there makes being a bride so fun! They had an amazing selection!
Jessica Allen from dallas
on 09/26/2020
Angela did an AMAZING job! She was supportive and understanding and helped me fine THE dress! I can't wait to walk down the aisle to my future husband!
Melanie Stringer from Bridal Boutique Lewisville
on 09/26/2020
V was incredible! She was super personable, really encouraging, a great listener, and overall just an amazing stylist! She helped me feel like I had a voice and made sure that I was confident in the dress I chose. It was such an easy, fun experience!
Caitlin Pirkle from Lewisville
on 09/25/2020
I worked with Wyn to find my dress and she did a fantastic job! She was extremely knowledgeable about the dresses and she nailed my style pretty much right away. I felt comfortable and was made a priority throughout my experience.
Jordan Glover from Lewisville
on 09/21/2020
Vee made this experience so, so sweet and fun. So many gorgeous dresses, a private room for my family and the sweetest stylist that helped me pick a beautiful dress! The best experience.
Dani Pickens from Prosper
on 09/21/2020
Candice was so wonderful to work with. She was always so cheerful, knowledgeable, and extremely responsive when we communicated via email. I would recommend BB and the entire team to anyone I know.
Holley from Lewisville, TX
on 09/21/2020
Stylist was amazing - so kind to me and my family and listened to my feedback. Ended up finding a dress I loved. Only comment is that I found several dresses on the website I hoped to try on that weren’t in the store.
Shannon B. from Denver CO
on 09/20/2020
Not only is bridal boutique so cute and charming inside and out, their dress selection is huge and the quality is outstanding! This was my first stop I liked so many I couldn’t choose “the one”.... I thought to get the full experience I needed to make multiple appointments with a few places this being my first. Nothing could compare to Wyn, she made my experience magical and made me feel so special! I told her what I was wanting and she made it happen. The other shops didn’t compare, I knew my dress was at bridal boutique... I Called them after my other appointments and Wyn stayed after closing hours to see me again and pick my perfect dress! I can’t thank her enough. I’m so excited for my big day and beautiful dress! If you are looking for your perfect dress go see Wyn and save some time shopping around!
Taylor Stout from Lewisville
on 09/20/2020
Maddie was very comforting and friendly. She helped keep my anxiety at bay and was very reassuring! She also picked out dresses that were very much in my style.
Chelsea from Lewis I
on 09/19/2020
Great experience! Very conscious of my budget and very nice! So polite and friendly.
Rachel from Texas
on 09/19/2020
I had a GREAT experience at BB Lewisville. Candace was extremely accommodating and friendly. I am a street size 14 so I was a little concerned about what dresses I would be trying on in sample sizes. Candace made anything from a 10 to a 22 look just right on me! I would 100% recommend this place to any bride!
Mary Whitaker from Dallas
on 09/18/2020
Candice was an AMAZING consultant. Finding my wedding dress was so much fun and I owe it all to her! Not only was she so friendly, she made me feel really comfortable. And based on how I described what I wanted, she found the PERFECT dresses. I truly loved every single dress she selected for me. Thank you!
Savannah Reddy
on 09/18/2020
Candace was amazing. I’m so thankful I had the most perfect person help me find my wedding dress.
Gracie Taylor from Sherman
on 09/17/2020
Great customer service!! Extremely patient and kind.
Kate Stanke from Lewisville
on 09/17/2020
I could not have asked for a better bridal shopping experience! My bridal attendant, Danielle, was great at listening to everything I wanted and delivered by finding me my dream dress. I will definitely recommend to all of my friends!
Faith Nailes from Castor La
on 09/17/2020
We drove 4 hours from my hometown to shop and I loved my appointment time and I found the dress I wanted!! Everyone was so sweet and welcoming, I highly recommend shopping with them! It was so worth the drive!!!
Shelby Scoggins from Lewisville
on 09/16/2020
What a fantastic experience! We had Danielle Craig as our stylist and found the dress after trying on only 6 or so. She listened to what I did not like about the previous dresses and pulled new ones accordingly. She has a great personality and we got along very well.I am so happy with the dress I chose. It was right within my budget and I am very happy with my overall experience! Thank you so much!
Sarah Derenbecker from Bridal Boutique Lewisville
on 09/14/2020
As a plus size bride I was very hesitant and nervous to begin the bridal dress shopping experience. I was IMMEDIATELY comforted upon my arrival to the Bridal Boutique in Lewisville. My stylist (Angela) did an absolute amazing job making sure that my party and I made the most of this experience. Angela took the time to really listen to what I wanted. She worked hard puling tons of possible dresses to learn what I liked and what looked best on me. Much to my surprise, she found the perfect dress for me! The selection at Bridal Boutique is immense and she was so familiar with the store, dress selection, and dressing for a particular body type. The manager was present throughout and was so helpful as well - re-racking dresses and ensuring we were having a great time. I would definitely recommend Bridal Boutique to every bride!
Allison Ryan from Fort Worth
on 09/13/2020
Velia could not have been nicer, more friendly, inviting, and comforting during the whole 2 hour appointment! I am sending my friends her way!
Gabie Szukala
on 09/13/2020
Absolutely LOVED my experience here. Wyn was so sweet, patient, interactive, and engaged with my friends even on the zoom call that couldn’t be there. She had amazing insight for what I was wanting and what I didn’t even know I wanted. Couldn’t have asked for a better day. The place is incredibly cute as well which helped.
Carah from Lewisville
on 09/12/2020
We had the best experience at the Bridal Boutique! Our stylist, Veronica, really listened to what I liked and did an amazing job picking out dresses that matched my style! We did not expect to walk out with a dress that day, but Veronica found me my dream dress and I could not be happier!
Chandler from Lewisville
on 09/12/2020
Best experienced I have had! Candice was THE BEST she listened and knew what I wanted. I can’t believe I found my dress today thanks to her!
Carmeshia Motes from Bridal Boutique Lewisville
on 09/11/2020
I absolutely loved my consultation Veronica she was so helpful and patient with me. Completely understood what I wanted and made sure I found my dream dress!
Hayley from Lewisville
on 09/09/2020
We had the best experience imaginable! Wyn was a blessing! She made the process so easy and comfortable for myself and my guests. Having the whole store available to us was the best thing in the world. BB was my first and last stop on my hunt for the perfect dress. I want to buy another just to have the experience with Wyn at our side again! lol
Kathleen Kinder from Dallas
on 09/08/2020
My friends and I enjoyed Wyn SO, SO much! She thought of things while trying on dresses that I had never even considered, and she helped me find a dress I can truly say that I LOVE. We had a truly great experience at Bridal Boutique and I will be recommending it to any future brides I come into contact with!
Hilary from Bedford
on 09/06/2020
I had a wonderful experience finding my wedding dress! Win was helpful and kind. I would recommend coming to the Bridal Boutique of Lewisville to any soon-to-be bride!!
Gabriela Ruiz from Wichita Falls
on 09/05/2020
Angela was amazing. She is such a sweet person who loves what she does. I couldn't have asked for a better person to help me pick my dream dress.
Jessica from Lewisville
on 09/02/2020
Although I'm not sure if I found my dream dress, the service was amazing! My stylist, V, was attentive and really got a feel for what I want. She is definitely one of the best, if not the best, stylists that I've had while dress shopping!
Heather Wilkinson from Lewisville
on 08/31/2020
Danielle was amazing!! She was very kind and listened to everything I wanted! She nailed it the first time.
Lesley Merritt from Lewisville
on 08/27/2020
I had the BEST experience at BB Lewisville! From the front desk associate who was so friendly and welcoming to Angela who didn’t rush through the nearly three hours we were there. She was so patient and I’m so glad I got to have her and her guidance help through my first wedding dress shopping experience. I’m proud to be a BB Lewisville bride!
Brooklynn from Lewisville!
on 08/25/2020
I had the absolute best time! The lady that help me Vee, was amazing! Loved her!!! She made me feel beautiful and really listen to what I like! I found the perfect dress! Thank you so much!
Whitney Ground from Lewisville
on 08/24/2020
Vee was so helpful and welcoming throughout the entire process! She did an amazing job at helping me to keep my focus and not get too overwhelmed by all of the beautiful dresses. We had such a perfect day finding the most perfect dresses!!
Brooklyn Fatheree
on 08/19/2020
My bridal appointment was everything I expected and more. I had an open mind going into the appointment because I was not sure exactly what I wanted. I had Danielle as my stylist, and from the very start, she was extremely helpful and it was like she could read my mind. I was a bit overwhelmed going into dress shopping just because of the amount of inventory that you offer. She allowed me to try on different styles so that I didn’t feel as though I was missing out on trying multiple styles. I was hopeful I would find “the one,” and I did! It was actually the very first dress that she picked for me to try on! Also, I was extremely appreciative that she was willing to go a little past my appointment time to make sure I had the best experience. It made me feel as though I was not rushed and that I had made the right choice for my special day. I am very grateful. Thank you Danielle!!!
on 08/17/2020
We had a great experience at the Bridal Boutique! Vee was so kind and patient with me and my pickiness. She and the entire staff were incredibly helpful. Everyone was respectful of COVID-19 safety guidelines which made us feel safe.
Tina from Dallas
on 08/15/2020
Vee was super helpful in helping me find my dream dress! She was very knowledgeable with styles and designers and really knew what I was looking for! I’m sooo happy I found the dress and appreciate her patience and friendliness! If you’re looking for your dress this place has it all! Thank you Vee & Bridal Boutique Staff for all your help!!
Brooke Siler from Lewisville
on 08/10/2020
BB is the best!! They have so many dress options and Wyn was amazing picking out different dresses for me! They were very nice and answered all the questions I had! Very good experience at the Bridal Boutique!
Cassidy Nicks from Lewisville
on 08/09/2020
Veronica was truly amazing! Matched our energy for the appointment and was willing to show me everything I was interested in. Made the day extremely special and allowed us to make the perfect decision. Put things over the top with a beautiful veil! Can’t thank her enough :)
Stephanie Boisvert from Lewisville
on 08/09/2020
My experience at bridal boutique was amazing! Me and my guests were treated so kindly, and the dress selection was very expansive. Veronica did a great job of listening to what I wanted and finding dresses that fit the style I was looking for, then fine tuning based on my feedback. She was very patient as I wanted to try on several dresses again to be sure of what I wanted. I would definitely recommend bridal boutique!
Tiffany B from McKinney
on 08/09/2020
I had the most amazing experience at BB Lewisville. My stylist Wyn was so patient and kind. She took the time to listen to what I envisioned and guided me through the process of selecting gowns within my price range. I said yes to my dress and I am so excited! With such an amazing selection, it would be difficult NOT to find your dream dress here! I would recommend BB and Wyn to any Texas bride looking for a magical experience and a beautiful selection of gowns.
Jessica from Josephine, TX
on 08/09/2020
I had the best time shopping for my dress at Bridal Boutique. Vee was my stylist and she really listened and helped me find my perfect dress. I had a vague idea of what I wanted and she helped steer the appointment in an amazing direction because I found a stunning dress in a style that I never imagined myself in. The store was beautiful, to boot!
Kendall from Lewisville
on 08/08/2020
We had such a great time, and we appreciated our stylist who was so helpful and fun to work with!
on 08/06/2020
Love your service !
Mary from Lewisville
on 08/06/2020
Danielle was beyond wonderful!!! I’ve been dress shopping at multiple places and my experience at BB Lewisville was drastically better than any others, and that has everything to do with our stylist Danielle. She made me feel comfortable and confident and asked all the right questions to figure out exactly what I like. She then was able to pull beautiful dresses that fit my style perfectly!! She really just made the entire day perfect and so enjoyable!
on 08/05/2020
Vee was awesome! She understood what I wanted. And all the dresses are so pretty it was so hard to choose!
Karen Wilson
on 08/05/2020
Ok so this boutique is absolutely stunning!! SO many gorgeous gowns to choose from! Very large private super cute dressing areas! Don't miss this boutique! However the star of the show was our stylist Danielle Craig! She knows everything about dresses, fabrics, different designers. She really gets to know the bride & is really good at determining her likes & dislikes. She's so good at her job! She's sweet & caring. We loved her! Get ready to be totally spoiled!
Emily Maier from Gaithersburg, MD
on 08/04/2020
Loved everything about my visit at Bridal Boutique! Angela couldn't have been more helpful in finding the perfect dress for me even when I didn't give her much direction. She picked out so many different dress styles that complimented my body type, but also gave me good insight that was helpful in choosing the perfect dress. She also made it a point to stay within my budget which was so important to me. Living on the east coast isn't an issue either since they can ship the dress directly to me. I can't recommend this boutique enough!