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Overall Rating: 5.0/5.0 from 12 reviews
on 01/29/2020
Angela was the sweet lady to help me pick out some dresses to try on for the first time! She had such a good eye and picked out a dress that checked ALL of the boxes I had for my dream wedding dress. She was so patient and sweet with my questions and with my families questions and comments. She was so kind and courteous to everyone and I had the best experience, largely due to her efforts! I walked away with a beautiful dress and a lovely memory of buying my wedding dress! Thank you, Angela & Bridal Boutique!
DeAunna from Bridal Boutique Lewisville
on 01/14/2020
Sandy was absolutely incredible! Could not have imagined dress shopping going any better. Her patience with my hectic group was unmatched and she did an extraordinary job helping me figure out what I liked because I had no clue. Can not recommend her enough.
Jaclyn Engel from Fort Worth, Texas
on 01/11/2020
Sandy was absolutely amazing. Everything I needed in a consultant to help me find MY dress. I’d been to probably 7 other bridal shops and tried on ~50 dresses and couldn’t find the one. I honestly was losing the excitement and energy to keep a positive outlook that there was a dress for me out there. Sandy went above and beyond to learn what I liked/didn’t like and brought my vision to life. The very first dress I put on out of I’d say 12-15? Was the one I ultimately chose. I would time after time recommend scheduling an appt with Bridal Boutique and I would seriously be so surprised if you couldn’t find your dress there!
Skylar Southerland from Lewisville bridal boutique
on 12/27/2019
I love this bridal boutique! Veronica was so helpful and made it such an easy and fun process!
Ana Cardona from Lewisville
on 12/14/2019
Sandy was amazing!!! Our experience was top notch and beautiful. We were attended the minute we walked in. I’m so happy I chose this location. I was able to choose my perfect dress and I’m so happy!!!
Allison Vidor from Fort Worth, TX
on 12/09/2019
Just beyond amazing. I came in with a tight budget and Danielle still made me feel like I was getting the luxury experience. She was so kind and helpful, I have never felt so comfortable and excited about something this nerve wracking before. She brought me some amazing options that were all in budget and gave me her honest opinion when I asked (which I loved). I found the perfect dress and just felt so special the entire appointment. The customer service she provided was unparalleled and I will forever recommend BB because of it!!
on 11/18/2019
Sandy was welcoming, supportive of the overall look I wanted to achieve and extremely knowledgeable of the designer and type of alterations that could be done. When I wanted to see what a dress looked like with sleeves, she found material that looked like the dress and fitted it to my arms so I could envision the final product. I was able to change privately and she would come in to zip me up. I didn't have to share the space with any other brides, since it was a Monday, and the whole process felt easy and laid back. It was an experience every bride should have when trying on gowns. I'm very happy I found my dress here.
Paige Taylor from Bridal Boutique - Lewisville
on 11/11/2019
Deborah was amazing! She picked out so many amazing dresses for me and made the process so smooth. She also gave very helpful feedback and was so sweet. She made my day really special! I couldn’t be happier with my dress. Thank you again Deborah!
Marissa from Lewisville
on 11/11/2019
I love my stylist Wyn! She was extremely nice and helpful. There was so many different dresses to look at and pick to try on. It’s crazy if you don’t find your dress there. I would highly recommend this place to anyone I know that is getting married. 10/10 from me!
Erin Shrewsbury from Dallas, Texas
on 10/30/2019
I loved my experience at Bridal Boutique. It was easily the most thoughtful experience I had and I am so happy I found the perfect dress! Thank you for an awesome day.
Ciara from Lewisville
on 10/23/2019
I had the most amazing experience here. My sales associate was Sandy. She was so amazing. She made me and my mom feel completely welcome. She began by asking my if I had a photo of my dream dress and of course I did. I showed it to her and she found pretty much the exact dress! Even though I knew deep down it was my dress I did not feel pressure to buy it right on the spot. She was very understanding that I wanted to take some time and sleep on it. The very next day I said yes to my dress! I had an amazing experience here and with Sandy. Thank you so much!
Jordan Scott from Ardmore, Ok
on 10/16/2019
I loved everything about this store. They were on friendly, on time, and really listened to what you were wanting. Thanks Bridal Boutique!