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Overall Rating: 5.0/5.0 from 50 reviews
on 03/24/2019
I can not say enough good things about my first experience at Bellevue Bridal! Julia, our consultant, was just the best. From the moment I arrived, I felt important and really heard. She was extremely relatable and kind. I was able to find the dress of my dreams in that appointment - for a great price.
Chloe Reeves from Bellevue
on 03/23/2019
Fantastic! Nikki helped me pick through many offers and then pare down between a couple options so I could ultimately say yes to the dress.
on 03/20/2019
Great experience, great dress selection, and such great prices! I especially loved the touches at the end of the appointment!
Corissa Gutierrez from Bellevue WA
on 03/18/2019
My consultant did an AMAZING job!! She was so attentive and encouraged me to get the dress that I truly wanted, not just go with the one everyone else recommended for me. It was such a whirlwind and I've misplaced her name, but top notch service! Thank you for helping me find my dream dress : )
Jessica Leahy from Bellevue, WA
on 02/24/2019
Thank you so much to Nikki and Bellevue Bridal! I had a wonderful time, was treated with excitement, professionalism, attention, and listening ears. Nikki was fantastic and helped me find the dress of my dreams. I had to come alone and didn’t feel lonely or sad about that at all once I started working with her. She really helped me find what I wanted. The selection was wonderful and the pricing was fair. I also left wanting to be friends with the ladies that work there, the employees are fantastic! Thank you :-)
Anonymous from Bellevue, WA
on 02/19/2019
Stephanie G was just amazing! It was my first time shopping for a dress and she made me feel very comfortable. She showed me different options and different accessories that I could add to make the dresses even better. She helped me find the style of dress I wanted. It was a wonderful experience.
Michele H. from Bellevue
on 02/06/2019
Nikki was great!
Meagan O'Dea from Bellevue
on 01/28/2019
I had such a great first experience trying on dresses. Tori was an amazing help! I didn’t really know what to look for at first until she started pointing out things that she likes about the dresses, how they fit, detailing, etc. which helped me notice more of what I liked or didn’t like. She was so patient with me wanting to try on every dress as well, haha. I am planning on making a follow up apt soon!
Amy from Redmond
on 01/28/2019
Nikki was super awesome in taking my feedback and pulling other dresses accordingly. She made me feel very welcome and comfortable. Although I did not find my dress here, I really enjoyed the experience and was glad I came.
Stasia from Tacoma, Washington
on 01/27/2019
Amazing staff!!! I did not feel rushed or pressured to buy a dress. The staff was honest and very welcoming :)
Tanya Angel from Wenatchee wa
on 01/27/2019
Such a great experience. Great customer services and very sweet staff. I found my dream dress!
Alexandra Robins from Bellevue
on 01/22/2019
I had such a great experience at the shop. It was relaxing and the dressing rooms were so nice. The employees were friendly and helpful.
Stephanie (Bride:Nicole) Stewart from Bellevue Bridal
on 01/22/2019
What an amazing experience! As the Mother of the bride it was all I dreamed the day would be.
Amie Olson
on 01/21/2019
Everyone was so sweet and wonderful! We found my dress right away! Great selection and accessories.
on 12/27/2018
Taylor was amazing. She was very helpful and knowledgeable. All her dress pulls were gorgeous and they all worked with my figure.
Kaylee Inman from Bellevue Bridal
on 12/22/2018
Loved my stylist, she was so helpful and helped me find my dream dress!
Kaylee Inman from Bellevue Bridal
on 12/22/2018
Loved my stylist, she was so helpful and helped me find my dream dress!
Linda Nguyen from Bellevue Bridal
on 12/20/2018
I had such a great experience shopping here for my wedding dress. My bridal consultant was Stephanie and she was so friendly and easy to talk to. She provided the most positive experience a bride can ask for and it was such a special moment for me as I said "yes to the dress"! I highly recommend coming here. Great customer service!
Emilee Commeree
on 12/18/2018
Nikki was my bridal consultant and she was so welcoming! It was my first experience as I had not been anywhere else and she made it so fun and easy! She listened to what I hoped for and was so helpful. The family loved her too! It was an overall great experience!
Joy from Bellevue
on 12/15/2018
Nikki was very helpful. I love my dress, ordered it from Essence of Australia and they ordered the exact color for the style I wanted. This helps cuz I am a visual person. I did not even have to look at another one.I can’t wait for my fitting in Mar 2019.
Krizia Ramos from Tukwila, WA
on 12/11/2018
The lady I worked with was really nice. She chose some really beautiful dresses, prettier than the ones I thought I would love. She was very informative and helpful.
Megan from Bellevue
on 12/04/2018
Wonderful experience and so appreciated Stephanie! She was very accommodating and helpful! The champagne and ambience made a very nice touch as well!
Anonymous from Seattle
on 12/03/2018
Lots of dresses to choose from and helpful staff.
Megan Schaan from Auburn
on 11/20/2018
Bellevue Bridal was wonderful! I had called prior to my appointment looking for a specific dress. They didn’t have the style in store to try on but verified that it could be ordered. Holly was very helpful and accommodating. Bellevue Bridal is very transparent with their transactions and what they can or cannot do for brides. I had four specific requests/customizations for my dress and they granted every one! I was never told no. I can’t wait to work with them when the dress arrives in a few months.
Rachel O'Neill from Bellevue Bridal
on 11/12/2018
Everyone at Bellevue Bridal was super sweet and very comforting during my visit there! This was my first time ever trying on dresses and I felt like they were really there to help my find MY dress, and not something that they thought I should wear that didn't fit my style. My consultant was super sweet, and very supportive in taking the comments everyone was saying into account but also focusing on what I wanted and needed. They were also very efficient with time and made sure I tried on a variety of styles, but also focused on trying to zero in on the right dress. I also loved how they didn't pressure me into buying a certain dress, and provided me with tips on the next steps I should take in order to find the right dress. I highly recommend this store!!
Lauren from Bellevue
on 11/11/2018
Nikki was great and super helpful. She made me feel at ease and was very professional and easy to talk with. Thank you Nikki!
Mishal from Bellevue
on 11/11/2018
My bridal stylist was so great very positive and encouraging definitely loved the whole process ! I couldn’t ask for a better experience
Judy from Seattle
on 11/06/2018
My experience was amazing! Good customer care and very helpful! Highly recommended!!
on 11/04/2018
Taylor was welcoming and gave great advice! I appreciated being able to pick out my own dresses but she also gave recommendations based on my reactions which was great! We all had a lot of fun.
on 10/31/2018
Nicki was absolutely wonderful. I especially liked how much attention she paid to the information I sent beforehand. She had the perfect amount of professional "let's get to work" and friendly "let's have some fun". We would definitely recommend her to anybody looking for a dress!
Taylor Hoover from Bellevue
on 10/08/2018
Not only did I find the designer of my dreams but I found TWO dresses that I’m having the toughest time choosing between. Holly was super patient and gave me a very private experience - from privacy while changing, to an intimate setting for my family to wait for me. Unlike my experience at other stores/boutiques, I was able to see myself in the dress before going to show my family. While I had dress on, they were even able to have the seamstress, Julie, come out to speak with me about an alteration question I had. When I wasn’t sure which of the two dresses I wanted to purchase, there was no pressure to buy on the spot - and that is so important with a big decision like your wedding gown for your wedding day! Overall it was the best experience I’ve had thus far as a bride. Thank you, Holly and team!
Serena Carlson
on 09/24/2018
Stephanie was very helpful
Michelle from Kirkland
on 09/09/2018
Jen was fantastic. She was very patient with me and very understanding. I'm not comfortable shopping and know absolutely nothing about wedding dresses. She took the time to explain everything and I ended up with the first dress I tried on!
Rachel Galasso from Phoenix, AZ
on 09/04/2018
Stephanie was amazing! Not only did we find my perfect dress, but she also found the bridesmaid dress that fit everything in my vision. It was an overall very fun and exciting experience!
Rita from Redmond
on 09/03/2018
My consultant was so nice and helpful! I just wish I had more time because I feel like there were more dresses I wanted to try that maybe would have looked better. But I made an appointment for next weekend already to look more :)
Robyn van der merwe from Bellevue
on 09/01/2018
Holly was wonderful to work with. Would highly recommend her! She asked a lot of questions to find out what I liked and made me feel really comfortable.
on 08/28/2018
I loved how comfortable Stephanie made me feel and was open about providing me with feedback.
Meaghan from Bellevue
on 08/25/2018
I had the best time looking for dresses! I came in with a picture in my mind of what I wanted and was blown away by something completely different. Thanks to Holly and the rest of the team at Bellevue Bridal I have found a gorgeous dress that is sure to make my day perfect!
Danielle from Bellevue
on 08/20/2018
Holly was awesome! She asked questions, gathered info from dresses I tried on and pulled a dress that I would have never chose myself- it looked amazing! We have been to 5 salons so far and it is our favorite dress so far. She blew everyone away with her selections. She is very sweet, funny and an awesome consultant.
on 08/19/2018
I had a wonderful time. Beautiful selection of dresses and helpful staff.
Chelsy Hancock from Bothell, WA
on 08/07/2018
Holly was amazing. She really made the day special. Loved the selection of dresses and how well my HUGE group of 15 was taken care of. Can't wait for my big day in the dress of my dreams!
Erin Wang from Bellevue
on 07/25/2018
Bethany helped me a lot and picked the dream dress for me! Thank you!
Erin Wang from Bellevue
on 07/25/2018
Bethany helped me a lot and picked the dream dress for me! Thank you!
Stephanie Jarvis from Bellevue
on 07/19/2018
Thank you for everything! The ladies they greeted me and helped me were extremely nice and very helpful. Not overly pushy or salesman like. I saw the same pair of shoes online for a cheaper price and the honor that price! This was awesome and save me extra steps of having to get those shoes. They gave me an extra garment bag And gave me resources for alterations. I will recommend you guys for anyone I know who is getting married! Thank you so much.
on 07/18/2018
I had a great experience here. They had a lot of the gowns that I wanted to try on. I should have gone here first before any other bridal shop.
Eleanor Li from Bellevue
on 07/16/2018
I had to get a wedding dress on a tight timeline and Holly was the best and most sweetest stylist. She was insightful, patient, and knew exactly how to clamp the dresses to show me how they would fit me. She made the whole experience and I went home with a dress!
Rachel Donohoe from Bellevue
on 07/14/2018
I loved the laid back vibe of this bridal salon. All of the dresses were organized by style so it was easy to pick out dresses. They had a ton of really beautiful gowns and the consultants were extremely helpful and professional.
Maria King from Fall City
on 07/10/2018
I was a bit discouraged when I first came in as this is my second marriage and I had a specific look I wanted in mind. All I saw was dresses that I didn't want to be in. Once I showed Bethany a picture of the style of dress I wanted, she immediately went to work on pulling out several dresses of that specific style to choose from. She was very patient and kind and really made me feel comfortable. She gave me valuable suggestions and I was able to find the perfect dress for my special occasion. Thank you Bethany! I love my dress!!
Alyson Roay from Issaquah
on 07/02/2018
I finally found my dress! This was my third time trying on dresses and by far the best experience. The boutique itself is charmingly decorated and the selection is wonderful. Holly was so sweet and helpful- and her first pick for me turned out to be "the one!" Would highly recommend.
Laura R. from Seattle
on 06/30/2018
Amazing experience and said yes to the dress! Loved how the dresses were organized and so many in my price point. Guest and preview area with mirrors was beautiful and comfortable. Would highly recommend.