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Marissa Chasse from Presque Isle
on 08/11/2019
I had an amazing experience at Blush, Presque Isle. Amber is extremely professional and amazing at what she does. She made this big milestone in my life so much easier and smooth. It was hard to choose one dress since there are so many gorgeous ones available. Thank you again, Blush for allowing me to choose the dress of my dreams that I’ll wear on the biggest day of my life ??
Macie LaPlante from Blush—Presque Isle
on 08/10/2019
With Danielle's help, I was able to find and purchase the most beautiful wedding dress. She was kind and accommodating during both appointments I had. I’m grateful to have Blush as a local option for all kinds of clothing needs!
Matteah Michaud from Blush Presque Isle
on 08/07/2019
Wonderful experience with an amazing consultant, Danielle! So happy I was able to find my perfect dress with blush!!
Maryssa McDonald from Presque Isle
on 07/21/2019
We had sooo much fun with our awesome stylist ?? She was very knowledgeable and easy going which made the whole process a dream come true
Mara harris from Presque Isle
on 07/09/2019
Blush is amazing and was the best experience I had, they really cared and sure made me happy!
Autumn Beaulieu from Presque Isle
on 07/07/2019
Emma was so much fun and super helpful!
Valerie Hickey from Rosedale, New Brunswick
on 06/15/2019
Wonderful experience, the lady that assisted me was very sweet and kind and professional, would recommend this Bridal boutique to everyone, she was not pushy but helpful and understanding and honest,
Julie DeMaere from Houlton
on 04/26/2019
Thank you for helping me find my mother-of-the-bride dress!!!
Kori Malenfant from Presque Isle
on 04/14/2019
I had another great experience at Blush! My dress was perfect-exactly what I was expecting. Danielle was very kind and helpful.
Shannon Dempsey from Presque isle
on 04/07/2019
Amazing experience. Absolutely loved picking ot my dress.
Emily O. from Fort Kent
on 04/01/2019
Awesome service and great selection of dresses!
Natalie Michaud from Presque Isle
on 03/17/2019
My experience at Blush presque isle was absolutely amazing. Amber made me feel so comfortable and really helped me narrow down my choices. The day exceeded my expectations for wedding dress shopping. I can’t wait to wear my dress on our special day!
Kara Gendreau from Madawaska
on 02/21/2019
The staff was so friendly while helping me find my prom dress and making me feel comfortable in whatever I ended up choosing!
Hilary Harvey from Presque Isle
on 02/20/2019
Amber was fantastic!! Blush has a wonderful selection of dresses and the bridal consultant was very helpful, knowledgeable, and patient. I would highly recommend Blush Bridal!
Ashley from Caribou
on 02/17/2019
Shopping was amazing! I went in nervous and afraid I wouldn’t find a dress, but Danielle helped me out! She made me feel so relaxed and made it a fun time for all!!
Chelby Cooper from Presque Isle
on 02/05/2019
I had an amazing experience. My consultant was wonderful, and knew exactly what to pull for me. I couldn’t imagine getting my dress anywhere else!
Nicole T from Presque isle
on 02/05/2019
Very receptive associates, kind, and knew what they were talking about. We had a blast, and I will deffinatly be going back!
Katie Devoe from Presque Isle
on 02/04/2019
We had a wonderful experience! Always very accommodating and top notch customer service!
Sheena Page from Presque Isle
on 02/04/2019
My vision was brought to life in one afternoon at blush bridal, as though the girl staring back at me in the mirror was indeed a Princess! The drama, elegance and perfection of my dress gave me bridal butterflies! Thank you to my consultant and to blush bridal for sharing and understanding my vision and making me feel like a Princess!
Caragan Haney from Presque Ise
on 01/29/2019
Caitlyn,Amber, and Danielle have all been there through the process of me picking my dress they have all done an outstanding job and I couldn’t thank them all enough!
Katherine Williams from Rhode Island
on 01/10/2019
I am very happy with my experience at Blush- Amber is an amazing consultant. She was very kind, patient, and thorough in her questions to help determine the best dress for me. I did not expect to make a purchase the day I went in, but with her help I found the perfect dress for my wedding day. Thank you!
Sarah Beaulieu from CARIBOU
on 01/09/2019
The dress that Sarah chose is gorgeous! She us over the moon about her choice for the 2019 PIHS prom. Thank you for bringing that smile to her face! This is the third dress she's purchased from you and I got the same smile each time.
Savanna Guess from Easton
on 01/07/2019
The staff is very friendly, knowledgable, and will treat you well. The dresses they carry are high quality and we have never had any issues. If you are looking for a prom or wedding dress I highly recommend them.
Kori Malenfant from Presque Isle, ME
on 01/07/2019
Danielle was wonderful! She made me feel very welcome and was extremely helpful. It was a great experience.
Marissa Black from Presque Isle
on 01/06/2019
Very helpful associates and great atmosphere
Kristen Westrack from Presque Isle
on 12/31/2018
I had the best experience at Blush. Saré helped me pick out the wedding dress of my dreams today. She was very energetic and patient throughout all the 14 dresses that I tried! Sarè was supportive and encouraging, which made me feel very comfortable during the whole process. Thank you Sarè and Blush!!!!
Chelsy shell from Presque Isle , Maine
on 12/29/2018
It was really a great experience! I found the perfect dress thanks to the blush staff in Presque Isle Maine . The dress I picked was gorgeous . The staff was really nice and extremly professional.
Jenna Soucy from Presque Isle, ME
on 12/28/2018
Danielle was so nice and very helpful. She helped me find the perfect dress; she took the time to listen to my needs and likes. I must have changed into some of those dresses four times apiece when I couldn’t make up my mind. She made me feel like the thoughts and feeling I had were normal, which is exactly what I needed because I didn’t know what to expect at all. When I said yes to the dress she even got emotional, which just varifyed what I already knew (she really did care). The experince was better than I could have ever hoped for!
Anna Knapp from Portland
on 12/16/2018
The employees are super nice and helpful.
Tia Perley from Canada Nb
on 12/10/2018
Very awesome experience the lady was very helpful and nice!! Had a great time!! Beautiful place and beautiful dresses!!
Samantha Murchison from Caribou
on 12/02/2018
I am so thankful for everything you've done for me so far! You've made this whole process very easy and stress free! I look forward to getting my wedding party attire as well! Can't wait!
Chelsea st.Peter from Presque Isle
on 12/02/2018
We all had a blast dress shopping today! I have not been able to stop thinking about my dress since leaving the store! Danielle was extremely helpful today and made finding my perfect dress so easy!
Jenna Kitchen from Presque Isle
on 12/02/2018
Such an easy going and laid back experience! I was extremely nervous when I first got there, but they made me feel right at home!
Lauren McElwain from Presque Isle
on 11/27/2018
I found the perfect dress and it was within my budget! Danielle made the process fun and painless!
Laura from Presque Isle
on 11/25/2018
My whole experience was amazing!! From the dresses to the consultant! It was a fun experience!
Michele johnson from Presque isle
on 11/24/2018
I was very nervous for my appointment but within the first 5-10 minutes I was feeling relaxed and very welcome. My stylist and I got along extremely well and she made me feel very important! She’s helped me find THE dress and they all helped me in ways that went above and behind! 11/10
Samantha Murchison from Caribou
on 11/18/2018
Rebecca was amazing! She listened to my guests and myself wonderfully to help find me the perfect dress! Unfortunately I became stuck between two very different dresses but I did not feel at any point, any pressure to make a hasty decision. Encouragement was given from all parties that I could take my time so that my final decision would be the right one for me! I know for sure that I will be back after some time to think and that we will be purchasing my dress as well as my wedding party's tuxes and bridesmaid dresses! Thank you again and see you soon!
Anonymous from Presque Isle
on 11/05/2018
My experience at blush was amazing, my consultant never made me feel rushed and always looked for my opinion when choosing dresses. I went into my appointment thinking I would never be able to decide but she was patient and supportive and I made my decision on the first try! She was also very helpful with my bridal part and looking at bridesmaids dresses. Would definitely recommend blush for any bride to be to help you feel at ease when making one of the biggest decisions about your wedding.
Anonymous from Presque Isle
on 11/05/2018
My experience at blush was amazing, my consultant never made me feel rushed and always looked for my opinion when choosing dresses. I went into my appointment thinking I would never be able to decide but she was patient and supportive and I made my decision on the first try! She was also very helpful with my bridal part and looking at bridesmaids dresses. Would definitely recommend blush for any bride to be to help you feel at ease when making one of the biggest decisions about your wedding.
Wendy from Presque Isle
on 11/04/2018
Exceptionally helpful. And so nice. Great place to shop for prom dresses!!!
Jade Tilley from Presque Isle
on 10/23/2018
Absolutely 5 stars! My consultant, Saré, at the Presque Isle store was Amazing! I purchased my wedding dress on Sunday and Saré made me feel like I was royalty! She was very supportive and listen to like and dislike I had. We even cried together when I said Yes to my Dress! It was a Wonderful Experience!
Stephanie Schofield from Presque Isle
on 09/27/2018
Danielle is always so helpful!! She had a few options of dresses for my rehearsal dinner waiting when I arrived and had me in and out quickly on my short lunch break. I really appreciated the service! I love all the new casual wear.
Misty Carmichael
on 09/12/2018
Thank you so much for the wonderful experience! Danielle in Presque Isle was amazing! I could tell how much she loves her job. There i a HUGE visible difference between people who are at a place of employment for a paycheck and those who enjoy what they do, and Danielle clearly loves what she does! This made for a great experience. She read my preferences email and had several gowns in mind and ready for me to try on when i arrived. Also she gave her honest opinion when it came to how certain styles i was trying on fit my body and personality. I would definitely recommend her to others and request her personally in the future. The only thing slightly disappointing is that i didn't get my sparkling cider party before leaving :-( but i think this was due to being the close of the day and everyone being so excited about the dress! Thank you for such a fun day:-)
Anonymous from Presque Isle
on 08/27/2018
Amazing customer service! They listened to what I was looking for (dark gown for a Gala) and chose a few options that were exactly what I wanted to see. I was in and out in no time and I am fully in love with my gown (which I really wasn’t expecting)! Thanks Ladies!
Lindsay Burlock from PI
on 08/27/2018
Danielle was wonderful and made my bridal shopping experience absolutely perfect!
Kayla Pelletier from Fort Kent
on 08/26/2018
Unbelievable service & making me feel totally comfortable in my choices and truly going above & beyond
on 07/29/2018
Very nice experience, Emma rocks!
on 07/24/2018
excellent service making experience fun and comfortable
Tammy from Presque Isle Maine
on 07/23/2018
Blush is a great place to buy your wedding dress at. They are friendly and they have the Brides best interest in mind, they are very helpful and encouraging from start to finish, they listen and to what the Bride wants and is looking for. They are are great place.
Ashley Crandall from Presque Isle
on 07/22/2018
My experience at blush was phenomenal! I felt extremely comfortable, and the women that helped me really went above and beyond to make sure my experience was everything I imagined it would be! They are so accommodating, and will really do anything to make sure you are getting the best experience! I felt like they really tried to get to know me, and really listened to what it was I was looking for, while also keeping in mind what flattered me and felt like me. I couldn’t be happier with my experience or my choice!