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Sarah sappier from Presque Isle Maine
on 06/07/2018
Great costomer service
Damie Cushman from Presque Isle
on 06/04/2018
Amber was PERFECT. She was on top of every single thing, and pulled out dresses that helped narrow it down to my perfect dress! It was my first time even looking at dresses, let alone trying them on! I honestly wouldn't have found my dress if Amber wasn't there to help me find what I loved in a dress...then picked the perfect one! She really made this experience for me a day I will never forget. I had a blast! I will forever recommend her to anyone!!!
Denise Rooney from Mapleton
on 05/25/2018
Love the great customer service, and I will always have very fond memories of the day that I found my wedding dress!
Evelyn Hubley from Fredericton, New Brunswick
on 05/23/2018
My daughter & I visited Blush to shop for a prom dress. Blush was the first place we went and there was really no need to go anywhere else! My daughter fell in love with quality gowns & found the perfect one! The selection was great and the service was personal and excellent. I highly recommend Blush!
Kayla Neureuther from Presque isle
on 05/22/2018
Had a great time finding my wedding dress! Emma was fantastic in helping me find what I want!
Maddison from Presque Isle
on 04/29/2018
The customer service is always outstanding and they make you feel beautiful inside and out!
Jessica Clark from Florenceville Nb
on 04/24/2018
Awesome help, and very nice!! Found my dress in 10 minutes!!
Ashley Brewer from Presque Isle
on 04/08/2018
I had excellent customer service!! Sare was amazing with finding my perfect wedding dress for the big day. Her personality and empathy really helped the process of finding the dress. She actually found my dress and paid attention to the details that I wanted I'm the dress!
Kailee Clark from Presque Isle, Maine
on 04/06/2018
My experience at Blush was everything I expected and more! Danielle is a wonderful consultant and helped me find my perfect dress. I will definitely recommend Blush Bridal & Formal to friends and family!
Christine Bosse from Saint-Eloi, Quebec, Canada
on 03/29/2018
You girls were very enthousiatic and welcoming. Kay was a perfect fit for me, she was patient and comprehensive with me and my mom. She understood my needs. I was never forced or pushed into buying a dress. Thank you!
Lacey Farley from Presque isle
on 03/10/2018
The girls made me feel like I was getting married that day. They made it all about me and had a smile on their face the whole time.
Stacie Holton from Presque Isle
on 02/25/2018
Thank you to Danielle. She made the experience so easy. I found the perfect dress!!
Lexy Flewelling from Presque Isle
on 02/18/2018
Danielle was amazing will helping me find the perfect dress! She listened to everything I was saying helping me find what I was truly looking for.
Amanda Dionne from Presque Isle
on 02/05/2018
I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Danielle was my consultant and she was spectacular! Danielle was very intune with what I was looking for and pulled the perfect dresses! She made myself and my bridal party feel very welcomed and involved.
Stacey from Presque isle
on 01/22/2018
Excellent service, accommodated 6 guests for me, made my day feel special. Thank you!!
Karina Boucher from Edmundston
on 01/14/2018
Great service!!! Ive found my dress within minutes!! They are really attentive to what you like and look for They served us champagne and took a very good care of us. Totally recommend them. Worth the 2 hours trip.
Ashley from Washburn
on 01/09/2018
Was such a pleasant experience and was so helpful!
Kayla Michaud from Madawaska
on 12/15/2017
The service was great
Stephanie Schofield from Blush Presque Isle
on 11/24/2017
I found the perfect dress today at Blush Presque Isle. Danielle was an amazing consultant. She knew exactly my style and helped make my dress shopping an amazing experience. Thank You!
Holly O’Neil from Presque Isle
on 11/14/2017
I had a great time at my appointment this pass Sunday. My consultant was friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, funny, and made the whole experience a pleasant one.
Anonymous from Presque Isle
on 10/23/2017
Amber was amazing and I don't know if I would of found my dress if it wasn't for her! She was understanding and very patient with me! She knows her stuff and it showed! You have a great employee!
Danielle Dudley from Presque Isle
on 10/16/2017
I had an amazing experience! Megan was so great with my family and I. She made the appointment so much fun. I cannot imagine having a better time. Thank you so much!
Erika Searles from Presque Isle
on 09/28/2017
I had an amazing time at my dress appointment Meagan was amazing and made me confident in everything that I was wearing! Going back for my entire wedding party!!
Janice from Presque Isle
on 09/05/2017
Amber was amazing to work with. Very patient and understanding. We arrived with no appointment but was welcomed with open arms. I didn't say "yes" yet cause I was torn between 2 but I can't thank Amber enough for helping this "older" lady feel comfortable :)
sarah kinney from presqule isle maine
on 08/28/2017
it was a wonderful exprience! I was really really nervous when i first got there but I was really happy with the out come!
Jenna Stephenson from Pancsofar's Presque Isle
on 08/07/2017
I had loads of fun! Such a fun but relaxing atmosphere. I didn't feel rushed or overwhelmed while trying to find my wedding dress!
Misty Steward from Presque isle
on 07/23/2017
I had an awesome experience!!
Denise from Mapleton
on 07/23/2017
Beautiful dresses, wonderful staff! I highly recommend Pancsofars to find your dream dress!
Brittany from PresqueIsle
on 07/16/2017
Our consultant was amazing! We had the most amazing experience saying yes to the dress!!!
Stephanie Hammond from Presque Isle
on 07/16/2017
I had the best time today finding the dress of my dream for my wedding day! Emma was such a huge help to me and was very patient and fun to work with! I will be back soon looking for dresses for my bridesmaids!
on 07/10/2017
Megan at the Presque isle location made the experience fun and easy. I really enjoyed it.
Jacqueline Lambert from Presque Isle
on 07/09/2017
Great experience! Amber kept the appointment focused and on track without it feeling rushed. Very happy with my experience so far!
Samantha Fuller from Presque isle
on 06/26/2017
Amazing!! My dress is gorgeous, couldn't be happier!!
Cheryl Toner from Grand Falls NB
on 06/23/2017
Great service! I Really enjoyed my bridal shopping experience. Amber was fantastic help and I couldn't be happier with the dress I chose:) can't wait for the big day!!
Denise Adams from Presque Isle
on 05/28/2017
What an Amazing team you have! I was so nervous, but your staff took wonderful care of me! I found the dress of my dreams! Thank you very very much! I will definitely recommend Pancsofars to anyone looking for a beautiful dress for their wedding!
Rebecca Bouchard from PI
on 03/19/2017
Great experience! My consultant made the appointment stress free & comfortable. I absolutely love my wedding dress! I can't wait to show it off.
Stephanie Gallant from Presque Isle
on 03/15/2017
I felt very beautiful in every dress I tried on thanks to the professionalism of the staff! I didnt feel pressured in any way to pick a certain dress despite the price and I never felt like I was being an inconvenience after trying on over a dozen dresses. Definitely recommend to others!!
Caitlin Ellis from Presque Isle
on 02/03/2017
I went in for a bridal appointment to try on wedding dresses. My consultant, Amber Hews, was amazing. She was personable, patient and just helpful with this whole process. I left that appointment with my dress picked out! Great service at Pancsofars!
Heather Salisbury from Grand Isle, Maine
on 02/02/2017
I'm so happy I decided to book an appointment at your salon! Megan was very attentive and gave me out of this world service! I would recommend your salon to any of my friends or relatives who are getting ready to tie the knot. I LOVE the dress! Thank you so much for making my experience the least stressful and most enjoyable!
Julia Lunn from Presque Isle
on 01/15/2017
Even though I did not choose my dress here (still haven't found "The One" yet), it was a FANTASTIC place to start! I was able to try on many different styles that I was interested in (and even not so interested in), which helped me narrow down what I will definitely look for in other places. The service was so great, and I felt so free and open to talk to my consultant-helper-person, when it was hard getting words out with my own family and friends! It was nice getting to go back into the dressing room, just her and I, and sharing how I truly felt - MY opinion - not the opinion of who I had brought. :) Thanks to all who helped out! Amber, you were awesome! And I still look forward to receiving some updates via email on new incoming dresses that may be my "style" I'm looking for.
April Belyea from Caribou, Maine
on 12/30/2016
We were very happy with the one on one service Amber provided us. We never felt rushed and she did a wonderful job helping us to find the perfect dress!
on 12/30/2016
The staff were so helpful and I felt like they truly wanted to help me find that perfect dress. Pancsofar's in Presque Isle are amazing and I would recommend them to anybody.
Jessica from Mars Hill
on 12/26/2016
I found my dress in less than a half hour, Megan was awesome to work with! All of the staff was very friendly.
Makala Folsom from Houlton
on 09/25/2016
Found my perfect dress! Was an amazing experience!
Julie Gagne from New Brunswick
on 08/26/2016
Great service! My consultant was so sweet and respectful, she made me feel like a million bucks! My first experience will be hard to beat with Pancsofar's!
on 07/31/2016
Dione was wonderful!! She was helpful, knew her stuff, and assisted in every way possible! It was a fun and exciting day! I ended up finding the most beautiful and amazing wedding dress! The experience I had with Dione and Pancsofar's made for a great, non-stressful, and happy day! Thank you so much!
Amber Gabriel from Madawaska
on 06/05/2016
I worked with Megan she was very patient and very friendly! I was extremely pleased with her service!
Desiree Shannon from Houlton
on 05/09/2016
The staff is super friendly and do not rush you. I enjoyed picking Pancsofar's so I could find the perfect wedding dress!
Sylvie Parent from Grand Falls New Brunswick
on 05/03/2016
On a beautiful sunny day my fiancee and I decided to go for a drive. Out of nowhere we stopped at Pancsofar's in Presque Isle to look at the wedding dress so we had an idea of the cost, About 20 mins later, I tried my FIRST dress (I told my fiancee that I didn't wanna try some dresses because the wedding is in a year and half from now) and it was the PERFECT dress. Just so you know, Dione was my consultant and she was great ! I didn't have a bridal appoitment and she was happy to help me find THE dress. The staff at Pancsofar's are so nice and helpful. Dione was not pushy and she was helping me the best she could to find the perfect dress for me. It will be a great wedding in Vegas. I highly recommended Pancsofar's Bridal to the future brides.
Mallory Malone from Lincoln
on 07/27/2015
Thank you for such a great experience! Megan was wonderful and helped make the decision so easy! I knew that my visit to Pancsofars would be well worth it!