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Abigail Terrell from Seymour
on 02/04/2023
The best experience I could have ever asked for! Kylie did a wonderful job, and I felt heard and supported the whole time. Will absolutely recommend to anyone looking for a dress!
Charlezleigh Bush from Knoxville
on 02/04/2023
Taylor was absolutely amazing and made me feel so beautiful! I highly recommend her for any bridal needs!
Elizabeth Human from Knoxville
on 01/30/2023
I absolutely loved my experience here! Kylie was so supportive and uplighting and helped me find my perfect dress! She was so excited to help and the absolute sweetest person ever!!
Rachael from Knoxville
on 01/30/2023
Savannah was so helpful today and made my dress shopping experience easy and amazing!
Macy Booker from Knoxville
on 01/29/2023
Absolutely loved Taylor! She did such a great job making me feel comfortable and helped me picked the perfect dress! Would definitely recommend this place to future brides! The one on one time with the employees is a step above! Thank you guys for helping me find the perfect dress!
Cassidy Peters from Knoxville
on 01/29/2023
Gracie was amazing she knew her stuff and helped me feel so comfortable and relaxed. One of the best nicest places around!! She took my style and ran with it and helped me find THE DRESS!!!!!
Katie Justice from Knoxville, TN
on 01/23/2023
My stylist, Taylor, was phenomenal. I was very nervous coming in and she immediately made me feel less nervous and intimidated by the process of finding THE dress. I came in with some screen shots of dresses from the website and she immediately went to work grabbing dresses that fit the image I was going for. She was so polite and gave me great advice & feedback on each dress. She asked questions about how I felt in the dress, how the fabrics felt, my personal thoughts before I revealed each dress to my party. She truly made it a special experience. I didn’t even originally plan to wear a veil but she encouraged me to try it before I made a final decision & im so glad she got me to! The veil matched my dress beautifully and really brought my look together! Even her reaction to the dress & veil together only further verified that it was THE one! I cannot thank you all and especially Taylor enough for today’s experience. She thoroughly explained the process moving forward after today and it was such a huge stress relief! To whomever is reading this please let her know how special today was and that it meant so much to me! This lady genuinely needs a raise or the equivalent! Also, random side note- the restrooms were SO clean and I’m so awful about using public restrooms!
Taylor Jones from Knoxville
on 01/22/2023
Gracie was amazing! She focused on the styles I liked and was pulling more dresses as I was trying on the next one. She asked me on every dress what I liked and disliked about each one to help me find the perfect dress for my wedding! I would recommend this place to anyone and ask for Gracie!
on 01/20/2023
Loved it! They were so sweet and helpful. We didn’t feel crowded by them but they were always there to help and get our dresses for us.
Denise Cole/Bethany Amber Cole
on 01/16/2023
Gracie was such a wonderful person. We truly enjoyed our expierence. She even brought some play toys out to entertain my granddaughter while we shopped and tried on dresses. Again thank you so much see ya'll around June when we pick up her wedding dress.
Shelby Phillips from Knoxville
on 01/14/2023
I’m getting married this October and I’ve never tried on a wedding dress, so I was really nervous going into my appointment! Gracie was so kind and made me feel so comfortable in my own skin. They also had so many different types of dresses to choose from. I would highly recommend, 10/10 all around.
Chandler Sparks from Knoxville
on 01/08/2023
Gracie was awesome. Really listened to me and found the perfect dress I never even dreamed I would find. I’m so happy and thankful for you all!
Sydney Ritter from Knoxville, TN
on 01/08/2023
Savannah was very welcoming and helpful as soon as we entered the shop. She got to know me and my family which made for a great experience. She followed and pulled the perfect dresses that represented my style. She was the perfect person to help me find the perfect dress. I highly recommend her to anyone who shops at White Lace and Promises. Thank you Savannah!
Alex from Knoxville, TN
on 01/08/2023
My experience at White Lace and Promises was wonderful and a day I will never forget. They were so accommodating to me and my guests. My bridal consultant, Kylie, was AMAZING! She was so attentive, patient, and encouraging. She made my dress shopping experience so much more relaxed and enjoyable. She very quickly figured out what style dress I liked and felt the most comfortable in. She brought me a dress back to the fitting room that she thought I would love and she nailed it. I said YES to that dress! I am absolutely in love with my dress and I can’t wait to show it off on my wedding day! Thanks Kylie for a great experience! ??
on 01/07/2023
I had such an amazing experience today! My stylist was so helpful and kind. She eased my nerves and had all the answers to my many questions. I truly could not have asked for a better bridal appointment!
Jessica Shirk from Knoxville, TN
on 01/07/2023
I had the best experience. Gracie was awesome and really knew what she was doing. She listened to everything I was saying and helped me pick out my #1 dress. This was my first shop and I was not expecting to actually buy my dress today but I did! They had a wide selection and just dresses galore. It was clean and very organized. We had plenty of space for dress try ons and for everyone to sit plus it was private.
Kaylin Shipley from Knoxville, TN
on 01/07/2023
Taylor was just absolutely amazing! I felt so at home and just so taken care of with her. I loved the dress selection and thankfully found the one! It was just such an overall and amazing experience and I cannot wait to work with you all further for the rest of my wedding needs!
Brooklinn Hoffman from Knoxville, TN
on 12/20/2022
Gracie was fabulous! We loved getting her opinion on every dress and she even got styles out that I loved! I got the most perfect dress for my wedding day including the veil!
Kristin Ponsonby from Knoxville
on 12/20/2022
Absolutely loved the experience here. I had a couple bridal appts at other salons and I didn’t quite feel like the person helping me really understand what I was looking for. But at WL&P I had the opposite experience. Maggie did an amazing job! I wanted to cover my tattoo on my shoulder and she helped me find the perfect dress. I also appreciated that they had a pretty big selection of dresses and it was easy to find a few options within my budget. She went out of her way to help me make my wedding dress dreams come to life. Truly my dream dress and I couldn’t be happier.
Jayden Schiestel from Knoxville TN
on 12/03/2022
Gracie was wonderful! I had the best experience and she made it so easy! I’m so glad I chose WLP!!
Anonymous from Knoxville,TN
on 11/27/2022
Everyone was so kind and patient with me!! I definitely recommend going to White Lace and Promises! Kylie was so kind!!
Mary McCallen from Knoxville
on 11/22/2022
I had an amazing time looking at dresses at White Lace and Promises. I found a dress at my very first appointment with the help of Kylie. She was so sweet and helpful because I was unsure of what I wanted going into the appointment.
zofia topor from knoxville tennessee
on 11/21/2022
helena was incredible. she made me feel so incredibly welcome. so glad that i was able to find the one at white lace and promises!
Kalli Knight from Knoxville, TN
on 11/21/2022
Gracie was absolutely amazing! She saw the first few dresses I looked at, and she instantly went and pulled more dresses she knew I would love. Everyone made me feel so special. The selections were absolutely gorgeous. WLAP is the best!!
Cassidy Bryant from Knoxville
on 11/16/2022
I found my dress at WLP this past weekend while doing some pre-shopping by myself and get a sense of what I was liking. I didn’t expect to fall in love with a dress, let alone buy one! Once I put it on, I couldn’t stop smiling. My stylist, Kylie, was amazing! She was so helpful, patient, and kind, from the moment I stepped in the shop to the moment I left. I only tried on 4 dresses before finding my dress, which I pulled on a whim. WLP has so many styles to choose from, there’s really something for everyone! My only note would be that most sample sizes only go up to a bridal size 14, which could be very discouraging for some brides. While they do have a section of plus-size sample available, it does not give brides quite as many options to choose from.
Sarah from Knoxville, Tn
on 11/15/2022
The stylist was SO nice and helpful and truly just wanted me to feel beautiful and find my perfect dress! She was so joyful and encouraging to work and made it such a great experience for buying my wedding dress!
Katie from Knoxville
on 11/14/2022
Kylie was the absolute best! I was a little nervous, but she immediately made me feel so comfortable. She was very encouraging and patient. 10/10 recommend!
Anna Spears from Knoxville tn
on 11/13/2022
Taylor was absolutely amazing and helped me find the dress of my dreams she listened and made sure that the dresses I tried on and the one I bought had every little detail I wanted
Amanda Reese from Knoxville, TN - near mall
on 11/09/2022
I loved Hannah and the setup of my appointment. She made me feel comfortable trying on dozens of dresses and gave me and my family space to consider different shapes and styles - as this was my first time trying on wedding dresses. I enjoyed being able to make a few of my own picks which were complimented by what Hannah pulled. I found 3 dresses I liked and I am sure I will be back for one of them.
Sharon Payne from Knoxville
on 11/07/2022
Taylor was WONDERFUL!!! It was hot in the salon and she brought us cold water and found a fan for me. She helped me into the dresses and was so sweet and kind. She was very knowledgeable about each one.
Lindsey from Knoxville, TN
on 11/07/2022
Gracie was wonderful and listened to everything I wanted and found me the perfect dress! I highly recommend this place for your wedding needs!
Maddison Rutledge from Knoxville
on 10/22/2022
We had Gracie help us today while looking for a wedding dress and she made the experience super easy and exciting. The building was gorgeous and everyone was super nice and helpful.
Tayler Moon from Knoxville
on 10/09/2022
I could not have asked for a better experience. Kylee was so kind, encouraging, and helpful throughout the entire experience. She was also so patient with me. My entire experience made buying my wedding dress exactly what I envisioned it to be, fun and exciting!
Nikki Johnson from Knoxville
on 10/08/2022
I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! Gracie was the absolute best! She took the information I gave her and helped me find the perfect dress!
Mika Bradbury from Knoxville
on 09/28/2022
I had an amazing experience at this bridal boutique. Gracie had helped us and she made the entire experience perfect. She was kind and patient with us throughout our appointment. I would recommend requesting her if possible. Thank you Gracie for everything!
Sara Cox from Knoxville
on 09/17/2022
I love that the consultant picked some based on my preferences but also let me walk around and pick some or my favorites! I felt freedom without pressure to try several on without feeling hurry to commit. Terry Lynn was so sweet and helpful !
Jennifer Ewing from Knoxville
on 09/11/2022
Taylor helped me find my absolute dream dress! She was so kind and helpful and the whole team there was amazing. I would recommend to anyone looking for their dress and I am so happy they were able to get me one step closer to walking down the aisle!
Linsey Hearn from Knoxville
on 09/10/2022
Taylor was incredible! White Lace and Promises is the absolute best! Thank you for making me feel so special!
Meghan Lyon from Knoxville
on 08/29/2022
I thoroughly enjoyed my experience. Hannah was an amazing consultant. The salon has a great selection of dresses. I’m so thankful I chose White Lace and Promises. I’m obsessed with my dress!
Ashlyn Jackson from Knoxville, TN
on 08/25/2022
I loved my visit to WLP! I felt so special, having my own employee helping me. She helped me find exactly what I wanted and helped me decide on my wedding dress! It was a great experience!
Catherine Schaack from Knoxville, TN
on 08/15/2022
Had a great experience at WLP! Hannah was fantastic. Not pushy, had great ideas and feedback! Found a one of a kind dress that felt like it was made just for me! Liked the process of browsing dresses with the clips and then trying on. Loved the way the back area was set up for showing the different dresses from all the angles. Also loved the little touches like robes in the changing room, cupcake wish at the end and the 15% off was awesome!! WLP and Hannah made this such an easy decision me and I’m happy I found the one!
McKenna Madrigal from Maryville
on 08/11/2022
Hannah was very very nice and professional and was very accommodating. Even when I kept changing my mind, she was very kind about it and wanted to help me find my dress. I’m so happy that I found the dress for me and I can’t recommend this place enough!
Que McKenzie from Kingston Pike
on 08/09/2022
This was a great first time experience! Kylie was so patient with me.I felt a sense of comfort and joy.Thank you WLP for making this day memorable.
Michelle Reilly from Knoxville
on 08/08/2022
I had the best experience at White Lace and Promises over the weekend. I had struck out at 2 places prior to coming there, but had a gut feeling the moment I walked in. I found my absolute dream dress, but it was out of budget. When I told our sales consultant, she immediately knew what to grab and said she had something with my budget that would be better. Sure enough, I tried it on and it was perfect and I said yes to the dress! Can't thank you all enough for your help!!!
Nancy Tarr from Knoxville
on 08/06/2022
Gracie was amazing!! She knew how to make my vision come to life!
Keely Elledge from White Lace and Promises Knoxville
on 07/29/2022
Gracie was absolutely wonderful. She tended to my every need and was so kind. She made wedding dress shopping stress free and I will be forever grateful!
Lydia from Knoxville, TN
on 07/23/2022
Kylie was absolutely perfect. She explained everything so well, and helped me find the perfect dress. She helped us out greatly!
Aurora Massengill from Kingston Pike
on 07/11/2022
I absolutely LOVED my experience at White Lace & Promises! My consultant Anna Grace was so kind and very knowledgeable about the dresses and knew exactly what my vision was for my dream dress. And as they say, third time’s the charm. The third dress I tried on was THE one. The other employees were all so sweet and made me feel beautiful. I honestly felt beautiful in every dress I tried on. My consultant was also very good about staying within my budget. Best experience ever!
Madeleine Kreiss from Knoxville
on 07/09/2022
I had the best experience with you guys! Kylie was really relaxed and fun to work with and she helped me find the dress of my dreams! <3 Thank you so much!!!
Patricia Damm from Knoxville
on 06/21/2022
Grace was wonderful, so patient and helpful. She made the day so pleasant! I found my gown and I love it! Thank you so much! I appreciated her insight and opinion!