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on 05/09/2022
Taylor did a fabulous job with helping me find my perfect dress! I had a style in mind and was trying to avoid too many florals as we are planning a fall wedding. After finding a lot of dresses that I liked, one that Taylor found became "the one"! It has all of the aspects that I liked in the other dresses, and I can't wait until it shows up to see my own dress. It has me even more excited about my wedding day now! ??
Kyra Drobny from Knoxville
on 05/02/2022
The whole experience was amazing! Taylor was my sales associate and she was fabulous!
Elizabeth from Knoxville
on 05/01/2022
I was a nervous wreck even thinking about today and not knowing where to even being. Taylor made sure that I was more than comfortable and talked me through every question and helped me find my dream dress. I would 100% recommend White Lace and Promises to anyone who is looking for somewhere that makes you feel like you’re the only one in the room and give you their full attention and respect. So happy with my choice of starting out with you guys!
Morgan Herman from Knoxville
on 04/23/2022
Gracie was so helpful and patient as I was trying to find my dream dress. She also had a lot of ideas such as adding a belt to my dress since I chose a simply dress. She also brought me a lot of dresses she though I would like. The store had many different options to choose from. This was the first place I shopped for a wedding dress at and found the perfect one! Thank you so much WLP
Harly from Maryville
on 04/16/2022
Savannah was wonderful! Thanks for all of your help!
Hannah Grant from Knoxville, TN
on 04/07/2022
I had a great experience today at WLP! Gracie, my store associate, was very attentive! She was able to help me narrow down my likes and dislikes, and she pulled great dress options based on those likes. There were 2 dresses that I liked different parts of and she was able to pull a dress that combined the 2 styles. I immediately fell in love! I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!
Paige Elgin from Knoxville,TN
on 04/07/2022
Amazing experience. Would definitely recommend!!
Caylie from Knoxville, TN
on 04/06/2022
Taylor was absolutely fabulous! This was my first time wedding dress shopping and I was very nervous, she eased my nerves right away. I would recommend them to anyone!
Kenzie Barton
on 04/06/2022
All of the girls who helped me each time were wonderful! Best experience ever and I will always recommend!
Melissa Van Etten from Knoxville
on 04/05/2022
I am beyond happy with my time spent at White Lace & Promises! Very helpful and friendly staff, they knew exactly what i was looking for based on the questionnaire i submitted prior, Kylie was AMAZING, she gave very informative information on each dress and helped me stay within a reasonable budget. Highly recommended
Gabrielle Truitt from Kingston Pike
on 04/03/2022
I had an absolutely wonderful experience. Taylor made me feel really comfortable and I was so excited to say yes to the dress.
Jordan Walker from Knoxville, TN
on 03/27/2022
Today was an absolute breeze. Gracie was so kind and helpful. She was patient and listened to all of my wants for the perfect dress. Immediately after trying on the first one, she took our feedback and grabbed a dress that absolutely took our breathe away when I tried it on - and it was the one! My appointment with WLP was such a dream and I couldn’t be more excited for my wedding day!
Maleah Hipsher from Knoxville
on 03/19/2022
I had no idea what type of dress I wanted. There was such a wide selection of beautiful dresses to choose from. Kylie was a great consultant to work with. She really listened to my likes and dislikes with each dress I tried. In the end, she put everything together and pulled the perfect dress.
Ashleigh Thompson from Knoxville, TN
on 03/19/2022
A perfect experience!!! I came in kind of unprepared and not knowing for sure what I wanted, but Britney helped me find the most perfect dress that I brought home the day of. Highly recommend shopping here
Hannah Blair from Knoxville
on 03/18/2022
I loved loved loved this bridal shop! Gracie was such an amazing stylist to work with and I found my dream dress here!
Whitney from KNOXVILLE
on 03/15/2022
This is the first place I wanted to visit to find my dress. We're eloping so time is not my friend. Taylor was so encouraging and fantastic to work with. She went out of her way to find the perfect dress, veil and other accessories. It was a fabulous day and I said Yes to the Dress! Thank you Taylor and WLP!!
Ashley Seltzer from Knoxville, TN
on 03/14/2022
Brittney Thurman was so sweet and helpful while I was trying to find my perfect dress. Thankful I was able to have such a positive experience and find my dress.
Haley Ortner from Knoxville, TN
on 03/12/2022
The dresses were wonderful and the staff was great. Kiley was super sweet and helpful.
Caden Turner from Knoxville, TN
on 03/07/2022
My experience was quick and easy and I felt super special!
Anna Moore from Rockwood TN
on 03/07/2022
Gracie was amazing, funny and so sweet! I found the dress so fast but I very much enjoyed every minute of the appointment. :) Thank you WLP ?
Kourtni from Knoxville, TN
on 03/07/2022
Savanna was amazing! She was so helpful and made the experience so memorable! I was so excited that she helped me find my dress!!!
Paola Guillermety from Knoxville, TN
on 03/04/2022
As a plus sized bride, i was very nervous and anxious about trying on wedding dresses. Gracie was an absolute sweetheart with me and my family and she encouraged me and helped me find the dress of my dreams. She also agreed with all of my specific requests and was very creative in suggesting ideas and reassuring me throughout the process. I can’t believe I found my dress the very first day i started looking. I’m so excited and happy with my decision to visit WLP first!!!
on 02/28/2022
Savanna was absolutely amazing! I had an amazing experience here!!
Melissa Bell from Kingston pike
on 02/26/2022
Great experience! Very relaxed atmosphere
Amanda Criscione from Knoxville
on 02/20/2022
Gracie provided wonderful service and great insight to help me narrow down my options and find my dress. I love all the options from several popular designers at different price points to fit everyone’s style. I would definitely recommend another bride!
Kelly Montross from Knoxville
on 02/19/2022
Love you guys so so so much I had such an awesome experience and I’m so grateful for all the help and expertise Gracie gave us today! She was amazing and such a blessing to have with our group today. Thanks so much!
Alaina Hoskins
on 02/12/2022
Loved the atmosphere and my girl Gracie!! She was the best fit for me and she was so patient.
on 02/11/2022
great place. loved it. beautiful dresses
Chloe Branton from Knoxville TN
on 02/06/2022
We had Taylor i believe and she absolutely made the best of our experience. She made sure the process was as smooth and stress free as possible (which is was!) and she made me feel confident with every dress I tried on. Literally the best associate i’ve seen!!
Heather Sullivan from Knoxville
on 02/06/2022
Kylie was the one helping us and she was absolutely amazing. She was so helpful and made it such a great experience. This bridal shop has such an amazing selection and we ended up having to choose between several amazing dresses. With their large selection and helpful staff, this is the best place to find a dress!
Amellia from Knoxville, TN
on 02/06/2022
Gracie helped me today & she pulled the most beautiful dress, that was not the style I was picturing, but it ended up being the one! She was very helpful & made this experience so wonderful for us!
Jordan Giveans from Knoxville
on 02/04/2022
Gracie was amazing, she was so helpful and knew exactly what would fit me perfectly. She even helped me with my mother of the bride dress and bridesmaids dress. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a relaxed appointment and great people to help you.
Katherine Burns from Knoxville
on 02/01/2022
I had a wonderful experience at the White Lace and Promises salon. Erica, my consultant was excellent. She made the process relaxed and enjoyable. She was knowledgeable and helped me pick styles to try that fit with my vision for the wedding and she was patient and never made me feel rushed. The styles and quality or dresses offered here are spectacular. I would highly recommend them to a friend.
Katie Dunwoody from Knoxville
on 01/30/2022
Maggie was great and very professional. We all love our experience we had there today. Highly recommend!
Kristen France
on 01/30/2022
I couldn’t be happier with my experience today! Savannah was literally the BEST consultant I could’ve asked for!
Jessica Borden from Knoxville Tennessee
on 01/28/2022
Taylor was extremely helpful and so sweet! Once we narrowed down what I really liked she picked styles that were similar to see how I felt about them. After having a bad experience right before visiting your store, this was the pick me up I needed. I no longer felt discouraged and I could tell she wanted to help me on my big day.
Isabelle (Izzy) from Knox
on 01/27/2022
Gracie was awesome! She let me have complete control of the appointment and offered help when I needed it. She was laid back and very uplifting. Would recommend her to anyone!
Sara Freuler from 8025 Kingston Pike Suite 4 Knoxville, TN 37919
on 01/24/2022
Amazing Experience! My associate Brittany took the time to listen to all the little details of what I liked until I found the one. She made the experience so much fun for my family and me! I would recommend her to any new bride!
Amy from Knoxville
on 01/23/2022
Isabel was so nice and helpful! It was such a lovely experience. She wasn’t pushy on any of the dresses and also helped find dresses that I really loved!
Megan from Knoxville, TN, USA
on 01/23/2022
Savannah was great! She was very knowledgeable and made my first dress shopping experience wonderful!
Megan from Knoxville
on 01/23/2022
I had a perfect experience and Gracie was AMAZING. She was so knowledgeable and made the appointment so easy and fun. I was nervous and overwhelmed before I walked in. My nerves went away as soon as I walked in the store. She made me feel beautiful, unique, and shared the excitement I was feeling about the wedding. She pulled dresses that were exactly what I wanted. However, she watched my family look at a dress on the rack that they loved but didn’t think I would like. Without telling me what she saw (as to not influence my decision) she asked if I would be open to trying on something different. I ended up buying that dress! I had paid for an appointment at another boutique that day and I canceled it right away. I knew no other store could give me the experience that White Lace and Promises had provided. I’ll never forget that day or Gracie!
Nicole Sutton from Knoxville
on 01/23/2022
I had such an amazing time coming in to White Lace & Promises! From the moment we arrived, Gracie made me and my party comfortable and helped us get familiar with the store. While trying on dresses, Gracie was very attentive and supportive! She helped make finding the dress such a stress free and special experience!
Stephanie Rossberger from Knoxville
on 01/20/2022
Taylor was great! I was very nervous about shopping for a dress, but she was so helpful and put me at ease. I ended up buying a dress that she picked out for me! I so appreciate her kind, encouraging words!
Madison from Knoxville
on 01/18/2022
the ladies at Whites Lace and Promises were so kind and helpful! I had an amazing experience that ended with the perfect wedding gown!!
Amanda from Knoxville
on 01/14/2022
The woman who assisted me today was very professional and friendly she was able to fit my want and my dream
Nancy Proffit from Knoxville Tennessee
on 01/13/2022
Most excellent experience!!!! I love my dress!!!!
Amye Edwards from Kingston Pike
on 01/09/2022
The store is gorgeous and has such beautiful dresses with so many choices!!! Maggie was so helpful and really helped me have a fun and exciting experience with my loved ones!
Taylor Chittum from Knoxville
on 01/08/2022
I had such an amazing experience here! Everyone was so wonderful, and honest! I felt like I was heard about what I did and didn’t like. I am so happy I came here and found the most amazing dress!
Robyn Dempsey from Knoxville
on 01/06/2022
I had no idea I would pick my dress when I walked in . Erica was so helpful and hilarious we hit it off from the start and I never felt stressed or pressured . 6 dresses in I was crying and in love . Thank you so much for making this as easy as possible and for keeping me laughing through the whole process . I can not wait to say I Do
Allayna Martin from Knoxville, Tn
on 01/06/2022
Kylie was the most amazing addition to our shopping experience! She was so kind and really ready to do anything to make me feel beautiful. It truly was the best experience I’ve had looking for a dress. Thank you Kylie and White Lace and Promises!!!