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Renée McCollum from Cleveland, Tennessee
on 04/16/2021
I had already gone wedding dress shopping a couple times before making an appointment at White Lace & Promises. I couldn’t quite imagine what I was wanting in a dress, and I never felt like I could find “the one” at any of the other shops I’d visited. At White Lace, they gave me a tour around the shop to see how the dresses were displayed and then gave me five or six clips to pick my favorite dresses. This is something that I hadn’t experienced at any of my other appointments. I then got to try on the dresses I picked out. Lucky for me, my dress ended up being one that I had originally picked out! They were very patient with me as I was deciding between two dresses and were not pushy at all about me saying “yes to the dress”. I was very happy with the service at every step of the appointment. I would definitely recommend White Lace & Promises to anyone looking to find unique dresses without a pushy sale environment. I am absolutely thrilled to have found my dress at WLP!!
Gabriella Norris from KNOXVILLE
on 04/09/2021
I could not have asked for better service! Gracie was absolutely amazing. She helped me find my dream dress. The entire experience was just wonderful. Having went to another bridal shop just before my appt here, I can tell you the difference was night and day. We were not rushed at all which was so amazing. We were not made to feel like we had x amount of time and had to be out after that. Gracie offered for us to keep looking at dresses if we wanted, which was so nice. Thankfully the first one was the best one! I cannot brag on Gracie enough. She made the whole experience so so much better. I really appreciated her time, patience, and kindness during my appt. The experience, dress selection, and location was 5 stars, but honestly I give Gracie 10 stars because she was just that great! Thank you Gracie!!
Zuly Arreola from Knoxville, Tn
on 04/08/2021
The dresses are all so beautiful. The girls were so sweet with helping me out and the actually experience was amazing! They do so great with giving you the full picture of what the dress will look like in your size
Kenzie Mullins from Knoxville
on 04/06/2021
I have never enjoyed trying on dresses until my experience at White Lace and Promises! I had so much fun. Abby was GREAT, and I am so in love with my dress! Thank you guys for everything!
KImberly from Knoxville, TN
on 04/04/2021
Great Experience, Gracie was extremely helpful and was courteous. She gave great feedback and interacted well with everyone. Would definitely recommend her.
Erin Parker from Kingston Pike across from West Town
on 04/04/2021
My consultant Maggie was helpful, funny, and made the process easy and fun. In the end I had my heart set on a couple dresses, then she picked one out and after I tried it on I knew it was the one. I felt she was very accommodating to me and my family, and made me feel very special.
Autumn Jackson from Knoxville
on 04/03/2021
Ricci was amazing!!! She was organized and proficient in understanding my vision in what dress I wanted. She was great in pulling dresses and communicating her knowledge of the designer and the styles. She really maximized the appointment and was so encouraging and kind. She helped develop a plan for a gown viewing since my bridesmaids and other family could not see my dress. She was proactive in going through the contract and check out process. She has such a positive attitude and works hard. I really appreciate her so much!!!
Courtney Collins from Knoxville
on 04/02/2021
I said yes to the perfect dress yesterday and let me tell you how AMAZING Gracie was. She wasn’t fake she didn’t try to force me into anything just for a sale. I loved her so much and she made my experience absolutely perfect and I wouldn’t have changed any of it in anyway. Thank you guys so much!
on 03/29/2021
Abby was so nice and helpful! I had the best experience finding my perfect dress!
Savannah Bradburn from Knoxville, TN
on 03/29/2021
Ann Grace gave us such a wonderful experience! I didn’t expect my first bridal appointment to go so well, especially to buy my dress that day. There was such a great variety of styles. She helped me narrow down what I was most comfortable with and felt like me! Extremely thankful.
Audra from Knoxville
on 03/28/2021
My experience was absolutely amazing! I’m so glad I chose WLP to purchase my gown!!
GraceElla from Corbin Ky
on 03/27/2021
My experience was absolutely amazing. Gracie was my consultant and she was perfect! She was so nice and didn’t rush us. She helped pull dresses that I loved and wanted to try but also helped choose some I wasn’t sure about. Ended up my dress was one I didn’t think I’d like and one she helped pick out to try and rule out! She was polite and she remembered little details from previous times that I thought was amazing! Really showed she cared and paid attention!
Madalyn Mccroskey from Kingston pike
on 03/25/2021
Stacey was so hopeful! I could not have imagined a more perfect experience!
Kendra from Knoxville
on 03/25/2021
Everything was great! Awesome Selection on wedding gowns.
Josie Roark
on 03/18/2021
I had the best experience trying on and finding my wedding dress here! Abby was AMAZING! I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.
grace from knoxville
on 03/14/2021
It was amazing and i found my dress there and they made me feel so special
Tiffany Stewart from Knoxville
on 03/13/2021
WL&P was the ultimate bridal experience! The staff was so friendly and ensured my party and I had the best time while we were there. Also, Gracie acted as my own personal hype girl! I could not have been more thankful for her! So happy to be apart of WL&P!
Emily Walker from Knoxville Tn
on 03/12/2021
WLP was an amazing place to shop for my dress! The people were so sweet and so accommodating to what I wanted! Maggie and Helena helped me choose the perfect dress! They were so nice and so kind! They made my bridal experience so much fun! I would highly recommend WLP!
Emily Walker from Knoxville Tn
on 03/12/2021
WLP has some of the sweetest people I have ever met! They made my dress shopping experience so fun and so amazing! They really helped me choose the perfect dress! Helena and Maggie did an amazing job helping me! They were so accommodating to what I liked and I absolutely would recommend WLP!!
Natalie from Knoxville, TN
on 03/12/2021
Amazing experience. One stop shop.
Emily Walker from Knoxville Tn
on 03/11/2021
This place was amazing!! The girls were so helpful and so sweet! Gracie really helped me find the perfect dress! I highly recommend this store!
Neila Powers from Knoxville
on 03/08/2021
I had the best time and felt so good. The staff was super helpful.
Tahni G from Omaha
on 03/08/2021
I came from out of town, looking for a specific color of dress to match the bridesmaids in my hometown. We were told which dresses came in the color I wanted. The staff was very helpful and made the process quick and professional. Thank you for helping me find what I needed for my upcoming wedding so that I didn't have to change colors!!
Ashten from Knoxville
on 03/07/2021
I couldn't have asked for a better experience! I was struggling to find a dress within my budget. However, I looked into the large selection of beautiful bridesmaid dresses and found the one (ordered in ivory). Stacey was so sweet and patient. She was a blessing to work with! Overall, I couldn't have asked for more. Loved it!
Madison from Knoxville
on 03/01/2021
Maggie was great to work with. She really made me feel comfortable and helped me find what I was looking for. I dreaded dress shopping but she made it enjoyable!
Jenna Hurst from Knoxville
on 02/28/2021
Maggie was absolutely amazing and so very kind!!
Megan Cutshaw from Knoxville, TN
on 02/27/2021
So excited to be a #WLPBride!! Shopping for my wedding dress at White Lace and Promises was an amazing experience. Everyone was super helpful and knowledgeable, plus with the seamstress in the building, I was able to perfectly picture what my dress will look like with some slight modifications—that made ALL the difference in looking for the perfect dress. Ricci was such a joy to work with and she made me feel super excited about my experience and finding my dress!!
Margaret Cook from knoxville
on 02/21/2021
I had a lovely experience, everyone was so kind and encouraging.
Rachael from Knoxville, TN
on 02/21/2021
Gracie was AMAZING to work with!! She had looked at my Pinterest ahead of time and knew what styles I liked - the dress I bought is one that she picked out! Everyone was so kind and helpful. There was a ton of gorgeous dresses and they had an incredible selection.
Amy from Knoxville tn
on 02/18/2021
Had the best time and found the most perfect dress for my wedding. We had undivided attention. We were able to browse around the store and pick out many dresses to try on. My stylist gracie was absolutely amazing she learned what things I liked quickly brought many dresses and I found the perfect dress for me. She really went above and beyond to make this a special experience.
Emily S from Johnson City TN
on 02/17/2021
Anna Grace was absolutely wonderful to work with. I was very anxious about trying on dresses because I’m very self conscious. She made it fun and the second dress pulled was absolutely perfect!
Kimberly Schroeder from Knoxville, TN
on 02/11/2021
Oh my goodness! This was the best experience! I had been to (dare I say it?) David's Bridal with a friend recently, and it was no where near this! It felt rushed and like it was cattle being prodded into and out of the dressing room with absolutely no help whatsoever from those working there. It was a "Here. Good luck. NEXT. Y'all are done." kind of experience... it felt rushed without the assistance required to rush someone. Anyway... I had a completely different experience here. Gracie (I believe was her name... I'm terrible with names.) was super helpful with everything from picking other dresses based on what I was liking and not liking about certain dresses. She was so bubbly and friendly. She didn't pressure me into purchasing, which I love! She worked with the fact that I came in with a completely open mind about what kind of dress I wanted. She made it fun and put up with my crazy, loud, fun little group while we were in there. It was such a wonderful experience all around. I could not have asked for anything better! Thank you all so much! I will be pointing all brides your way!
Anna Smith
on 02/07/2021
This was my first time trying on wedding dresses and the experience was beyond my expectations! Anjali was amazing with helping me find different styles and colors that I had in mind. I’m so happy with my experience here!
Kristin Morgan from Knoxville
on 02/07/2021
I had a absolutely wonderful experience! My consultant Anna Grace really learned my style quickly and pulled me the perfect dress. She picked a neckline and color that I wasn’t even thinking about an it was a perfect combination of my style. She just knew. I was so pleased she was the sweetest thing! And was really willing to spend time with and make sure I had a great experience! I loved the long appointment times and vail try ones, it was amazing. I was recommended to this place by one of my bridesmaids who got her dress here a few years ago and I will be recommending them to every new bride!
Mahalah Bundy from Knoxville TN
on 02/06/2021
Best experience, so nice and helpful! Definitely recommend!
Heidi from Knoxville
on 02/02/2021
Wonderful experience! I’ve helped several friends with their wedding dress shopping and I’ve never had such a wonderful experience! The staff was fun, kind, encouraging and helpful in every way with out being overly clingy. Can’t wait to go back and put my down payment down and shop for bridesmaids dresses! Thank you for everything!
Marisa from West Hills
on 01/30/2021
Abby was absolutely wonderful, and I found a dress without any expectation that I would be able to do so on my first visit! The dresses are high quality and can accommodate a smaller budget. The salon was bustling, but Abby made me feel like I could take my time in each dress. She respected my budget and pulled the dress I ended up with by listening carefully to my thoughts and opinions on styles I had picked out to try initially. She even rolled with talking to me somewhat anxious family member to show them my top two dresses. Highly, highly recommend!
Baylie Brunsma from Knoxville
on 01/25/2021
I loved this place! Stacey is the best!
Kelly Weaver from Knoxville
on 01/25/2021
We had an amazing time. Abby was fantastic and sweet. I believe we will be back to purchase. This was a fitting I'll never forget!
Anonymous from Knoxville, TN
on 01/25/2021
White Lace and Promises had a beautiful selection of dresses. Anna Grace was amazing. She helped me narrow down the dresses that I loved, and she was patient and sweet throughout the entire process.
Kenzie Holbrook from White lace and promises
on 01/24/2021
Gracie was amazing. This experience was great!
Catherine from Knoxville, TN
on 01/23/2021
I had such a great experience at White Lace and Promises. The staff was so friendly and helped me find the perfect dress. I would recommend them to anyone.
Jordan Blake from Knoxville, Tn
on 01/23/2021
We had an amazing time today!!! Savannah was great! She helped me find the perfect dress after 5 APPOINTMENTS at other shops! We appreciated her help and patience so much! Alena was also great! She Was super helpful in making sure the dress was exactly where I needed it to be price wise and made sure I was super comfortable pulling the trigger on this dress. Overall these two ladies were a great team and will definitely recommend this shop to others!
Kinsley Yarbrough from Knoxville, TN
on 01/19/2021
Gracie was phenomenal to work with. She was so patient and kind. Once describing what I was looking for she pulled several dresses that was perfect to try on.
Brittney from 8025 Kingston pike suite 4 Knoxville, tn 37919
on 01/18/2021
I absolutely loved my experience at WLP!! Anjali was amazing and helped me find my dream dress! All of the dresses are so beautiful!
Santana Manuel from Virginia
on 01/17/2021
We had a great experience and Abbey was the best. She was patient, prepared, organized and a joy to work with.
Nicole Szafranski from Knoxville, TN
on 01/14/2021
White Lace and Promises went above and beyond to help me find my dream dress. The selection of dresses and ambience of the store were fantastic. Abby was a rockstar! She was incredibly welcoming, had great suggestions and stylistic choices, and helped me envision the completed look for each dress I tried on. COVID precautions were well-addressed and followed, so I felt safe during the appointment. Overall, I can't say enough nice things. Thank you!
on 12/29/2020
Gracie was FANTASTIC, personable, and extremely helpful in helping me look for and figure out what kind of dress I wanted for my big day!
Chloé B.
on 12/27/2020
Stacey was a fantastic consultant! She knows her designers and knew exactly which dresses to show me after a short conversation about my vision. Our interactions with other consultants and the manager were wonderful as well and made this day perfect for me!
Ashley Elmore from Strawberry Plains
on 12/18/2020
Gracie was absolutely amazing! She was so super helpful with picking out dresses she thought I would like, and she made me feel so special. I really appreciated all of her help that I received today. I would definitely recommend White Lace and Promises as well as Gracie. I really enjoyed my experience here today.