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Overall Rating: 4.9/5.0 from 19 reviews
Stephanie Elliott from Brentwood
on 05/01/2017
I had a wonderful experience! My Consultant was very patient, kind, and answer all of my questions, she even read my body language and was quick to offer suggestions or different options!!! I came in overwhelmed but she made me feel at ease. I left happy & excited about trying on my first 4 wedding dresses ever. Thank you so much.
on 12/18/2016
Arrived to the salon before the stylist did, but my mom and I got personalized service at our appointment time. I fell in love with a dress I wasn't expecting to get that day, so excited to wear it for my big day!
Nina from Fremont
on 06/23/2016
Large selection of dresses and up-to-date styles. Megan was also very accommodating to me and my two bridesmaid and very knowledgeable. She made it as easy for me even though I tried a lot of dresses. Same to my bridesmaids who tried a few dresses. I bought my wedding dress and I'm so happy that I decided to go to Weddings and Dreams!
Sachiko from Santa Clara
on 05/24/2016
Had a great time trying one wedding dresses. It was my first time trying on dresses. Felt welcomed and not rushed or pressured. Found a style I liked. The customer service was excellent
on 05/15/2016
Megan was very helpful and I gave her a 5 star mostly because she was patient with me. I tried on many dresses and some of them I had to try on again to be sure I found "the dress"
Therese from Fremont
on 03/14/2016
I tried on dresses for the first time at this shop. The staff was very friendly and helpful. I found very nice options. Very nice experience.
Mary Flanagan from Sunnyvale
on 01/11/2016
I had a great experience and knew I was going to buy a dress before I left. The consultant, Virginia, was knowledgeable and fabulous. Thanks!!!
Erika Balallo from San Jose, CA
on 11/04/2015
I came in for the Stella York trunk show. It being my first time ever in a bridal store, I was a little nervous at first because I really had no idea what I was looking for in a wedding gown. Megan was my associate and she was sweet and it was easy for me to feel comfortable with her. I showed her a picture of a random Stella York dress I saw online and without knowing, she picked up the same exact dress from the picture. I browsed and picked a few other dresses to try on and started on my way to the fitting room. One of the dresses I didn't pick out was in there but it did catch my eye and I was eager to try that one. I tried two dresses that were okay, but the third dress, the YES dress, she told me was the dress that I had showed her a picture of. I couldn't believe how perfect of a dress it was for me. I'm so glad Megan had such a good eye and found that dress and picked it out for me. I even tried on a few others after, but the YES dress was the one. Again, Megan was so easy to work with, she listened to my concerns and it was like she understood exactly what I wanted without me even knowing what I wanted. The whole experience was delightful and pleasant. The place is a little bit small but not overwhelming. Seeing the other associates and the owners in the store also made me feel comfortable being in there. Thank you, again, Weddings and Dreams!
Danielle from Stockton, Ca
on 07/17/2015
I had a wonderful experience! my consultant was awesome, and we even went with her pick!
Raffinee Espejo from San Jose, CA
on 05/14/2015
Arnold was very attentive to my needs and what I like. He is very pleasant and knows what exactly what I was interested in.
Izabela from Fremont
on 04/19/2015
Amazing experience! Meagan is the best, so helpful and good energy person! The store has so many pretty dresses... Hard to choose only 1! I will definitely go back to order my dress for my wedding!!!
Julia Durling from Fremont
on 03/13/2015
Megan was very attentive to my needs gave me the best service I have experienced! I love the dress that I am getting!
jennifer lee from san francisco
on 02/01/2015
From beginning to end, the customer service at Weddings and Dreams was spectacular. I was frantically searching the Bay Area for two specific gowns, and they were able to bring the gowns in for me. Talk about stellar service! They are kind and helpful. By far the most attentive bridal salon I have visited (and I have been to a lot!). A+ for exceptional service, great quality of gowns, a spacious location with lots of parking, and speedy responses to phone and email inquiries.
kellean beyelia from castro valley/ Georgia
on 12/28/2014
Megan was incredible. So kind and patient and made me so comfortable. Thank you!
Anne Marie from Fremont
on 10/21/2014
Great experience, Virginia was very patient, and after trying on about 20 dresses, we found the right dress for my niece. Thank you so much
Alicia Moreci from Redwood City
on 09/17/2014
Megan was great. She was patient and helpful and attentive. She was able to make suggestions and understand what parts of a dress I liked or disliked better than I was able to. She was able to explain what kinds of things I could add or change to make a dress fit my needs as well answer all of my questions. I was nervous about this day and she was calm and helpful and helped to make a relaxing experience. Definitely worth the drive and the trip, especially since I found the right dress.
Carmen Poole from Fremont CA
on 10/12/2013
The staff was amazing, made me feel super comfortable and was not pushy at all. Would recommend to anyone lookig for a weddig dress or bridesmaids dress.
Christine from Fremont
on 02/27/2013
Pricelle helped me find a great dress! I am very picky but she was so patient and easy going. I had so much fun. I would recommend weddings and dreams anytime! The only thing missing was a glass of wine. :-)
Kristine Jose from Union City/Fremont
on 12/20/2012
Arnold was incredibly helpful and accommodating. He was patient in letting me try on as many dresses as I (and my mom/sister) wanted to see me wear. He whispered his tips, the most important being that I could hear as many opinions as I wanted, but in the end it's what I feel most comfortable in and what I love. I ended up with a dress I didn't think I would love, as I had a bias against taffeta. BUT IT WAS BEAUTIFUL! It was simple and very "me" ... Arnold was patient, not pushy, as I narrowed down my options and finally decided on the dress I wanted. I came in "just to browse", but ended up leaving with a dress! It was such a successful shopping trip, one thing to cross off the wedding checklist. I'm sure coming in on a Monday helped because we ended up being the only customers there, but overall, it was a wonderful experience :)