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Sara Chavez from Lakewood location
on 05/16/2022
Meghan was so nice and very helpful! She was the one that picked the dress for me to try as another suggestion and I just fell in love with it. It was a great experience overall.
on 05/03/2022
My daughter and I came in to look at bridesmaid dresses. Meghan helped us and she was amazing! She helped with colors and put together styles for us. And then emailed us pictures of the dresses my daughter liked from the website! She was amazing and very personable!
Keana Roath from Denver
on 05/01/2022
I could not wait to get on and post about my experience. I could not praise Meghan more. I loved my experience and it was everything I could have asked for. She was kind, patient and very supportive. Run, don’t walk and make your appointment! If I could give more than 5 stars, I would!
Alexis molik from Denver
on 04/30/2022
Casey was absolutely amazing! She picked out the dress that I fell in love with. Very personable and pays attention to what details I liked on my dresses
Sarah from Belmar, Lakewood
on 04/19/2022
We had Leanne assisting us and she was absolutely fantastic! So helpful, insightful, she really went above and beyond.
Kyleigh Shaw from Lakewood
on 04/18/2022
It was amazing! You had so many options and styles and being someone who really has no idea what she wants, it was perfect. Our rep was great as well. She listened and truly cared about what I thought and how I felt in each dress and gave some amazing recommendations! The choose is so hard!!
Christina from Lakewood
on 04/06/2022
I had a great experience! My bridal consultant Moira was genuine and patient, and she listened to what I liked or disliked about each dress. She also didn't hesitate to show me lots of different accessories to help me visualize my bridal look. It was also great that I had the whole salon to myself and never felt rushed or any pressure to decide on the spot.
Maggie Adams from Lakewood
on 03/31/2022
I said yes to the dress! Moira, was the absolute best and it was a pleasure working with her. The whole experience from trying on dresses with my family to ordering was made very easy by the friendly staff.
on 03/30/2022
Great experience! They were so friendly and so helpful. Really listened to what I was looking for and offered several options for me. Awesome folks!
Emily Rutherford from Lakewood
on 03/19/2022
Athena was so helpful and kind during my appointment. She made me feel heard and curated a comfortable and fun environment to try on dresses and find the perfect match. I would highly recommend d'Anelli for bridal shopping.
Lauren Schnur from Lakewood, CO
on 03/14/2022
I had such a wonderful experience shopping for my wedding dress at D'Anelli Bridal! Meghan was so amazing to work with, she listened to me carefully as I described what I was looking for, she had really great suggestions, and helped me find the dress I was searching for! Meghan also did an excellent job at explaining the ordering and shipping processes, and made me feel very comfortable with the entire process. Definitely would rate a 10 out of 10! :)
Hannah from Lakewood
on 03/13/2022
Moirah (I hope I spelled that right) was sooooo amazing. she made me feel so comfortable and she was so attentive with me! Seriously I cant say enough great things about her!!
Keshia Tan from d’Anelli Bridal Lakewood
on 03/07/2022
I booked the VIB appointment and my ladies and I loved that we had the whole store to ourselves. We got to look at dresses in each aisle and were not rushed. Casey and her colleagues were so hospitable, bringing snacks, champagne, water, and checked in every so often on my friends while I was getting into dresses. My friends absolutely loved the experience. Casey was my consultant and was so helpful and thorough; she listened to my preferences and made recommendations to tailor the experience for me to finally say Yes to the dress! I didn’t think I was going to find it today but with the wide variety and selection, and with the help of an intuitive consultant, I was able to. Thank you so much for a wonderful time and for honoring nurses/healthcare workers—we appreciate it!
Kari from Colorado
on 03/07/2022
Lovely shop and I had an amazing experience with Meghan !
on 03/06/2022
Athena was great! She picked a couple lovely dresses and was fully supportive of me trying on a huge variety! 10/10 experience for my first time trying on dresses!
Maggie from Littleton
on 03/02/2022
My sales associate was super kind and helpful. Your store had a great selection of gowns
Jessica from Lakewood
on 02/25/2022
I had a wonderful experience shopping for me wedding gown! There were many different dresses to choose from. My stylist Meghan was very helpful to my mom and I as I tried on dresses and helping us through the process afterwards.
Sydnie O'Connell from Lakewood
on 02/18/2022
My consultant (and I feel SO bad I can't remember her name) was absolutely amazing. She made me feel so special as the bride and was so accommodating. She went above and beyond just helping me try on dresses and really walked me through what the dress would really look and feel like on me. Although I didn't end up purchasing a dress with you all (the cost of my favorite dress plus the alterations I was going to have done just were too much for me, I opted on a different dress and a honeymoon instead), I am so grateful that I had an appointment at your shop!
Evelyn Zilberman from Denver
on 02/18/2022
Excellent and beautiful selection of the designer I was looking for- essence of Australia. Casey was awesome and i loved having the store all to ourselves and complimentary glass of champagne. I have found my dress, more than one actually. Prices also the best.
Sabrina from Lakewood
on 02/17/2022
I had the best experience here! Sarah was my stylist and she treated me like a princess. They had a huge selection of dresses. I’m a plus sized girl and they had tons of dresses in my size too. Sarah helped me in and out of my dresses and gave me all the time I wanted to stand in front of the mirror. I cannot recommend this place more. I found my dream dress there!!
Holly from Denver
on 02/15/2022
I loved everything about my experience at d'Anelli! Athena is fantastic! She was helpful and supportive without ever making me feel pressured or coming across as "salesy." She had me start by going through the dresses with my friends and clipping any one that I wanted to try on. At other stores I wasn't able to do that, or include my friends, and I left with a feeling of wondering like maybe there was "the dress" on the rack that I didn't get to see. The way she ordered the dresses was so perfect to let me compare/contrast my favorites and the things I liked. She was respectful and helpful in the dressing room, and I never felt uncomfortable. When I had each dress on she gave my friends and I space to talk about it and would offer helpful advice without ever being too influential. Once I had narrowed it down she had me try on my favorites again and when I found the one she gave me the time to be in the dress, call my family, and have my bridal moment. I felt like she genuinely wanted me to find the perfect dress for me. I would recommend Athena and d'Anelli to anyone I know. Thank you so much for your help!
Lindy Halliday
on 02/12/2022
Leanne was amazing and I am so pleased to have found my dress! As a plus size bride I had a lot of anxiety, but everyone here was super professional and I had an excellent experience.
Yessi monroy
on 02/07/2022
Me encanto el estar aquí. Fueron súper amables. Y nos dieron nuestro tiempo. Y nos ayudaron a encontrar los vestidos al estilo q pedimos. Es un lugar muy comodo. Totalmente recomendable
Dulce Najera from Lakewood, CO
on 02/05/2022
I finally found my dress! Everyone was so nice. I will definitely recommend future brides!
Rachael tury from Lakewood, CO
on 02/01/2022
Meaghan was exceptionally helpful. She made the experience great and was very knowledgeable
Mercedi Carpenter from Denver, CO
on 01/29/2022
I had a great experience at d'Anelli. They were prompt, prepared, helpful, and cultivated a positive relationship the whole time I was there. Moira was an amazing stylist! She was so friendly and knowledgeable about d'Anelli's dresses and helped me explore all different types of dresses based on what I liked until I found "the dress". I love that Moira and the other staff members made the whole experience personal and easy. I visited d'Anelli on a recommendation and I would highly recommend them to every bride to be!
Amy Watson from Denver
on 01/28/2022
d'Anelli Bridal created a wonderful experience for me and my guests, including accommodating my slightly larger group. Meghan made my day fun and stress free. She listened to what I wanted and helped me find styles while still letting me drive the appointment. The cherry on top was when she and coworker stayed a little late and allowed me to come back and try on the dress one more time before making my final decision.
Tiffany from Denver
on 01/26/2022
Had an amazing experience here! I had the pleasure of working with Casey, she did an excellent job helping me find what i was looking for. They have a variety of selection and everyone working there was super helpful.
Courtney from Lakewood
on 01/23/2022
My stylist Leanne was so knowledgeable, helpful and very sweet!
Kaelyn Murray from Lakewood
on 01/21/2022
Mo, was amazing! She knew how to read me, and found me the dress of my dress! Hands down amazing!
Kimberly Cherry from Lakewood
on 01/20/2022
I had such a great experience today with Athena. I feel like I gained a lot of clarity on what I am looking for in a dress and hope to find the right one at d'Anelli in the future!
Lauren kuntz from Lakewood
on 01/18/2022
Loved our experience.. good selection and attention??
Ashley Tomzik from Lakewood
on 01/12/2022
I had a great experience at d'Anelli Bridal. It is a very pretty bridal studio with tons of selection and lots of variety. I was able to pick out which dresses I wanted to try on, but also had the expertise of Moira, who knew what they had in stock and could help pick something based on my feedback. Overall a wonderful experience!
Marilyn Wood from Lakewood
on 01/02/2022
Best experience! Showed a picture of what I was looking for and they were able to find the dress I wanted. I bought the first dress I saw/tried on, and it was the first store I went to. I even cancelled my other dress appointment at another store because I loved this dress so much! They even gave me a discount because I’m a teacher. So sweet! Casey, the lady who helped me was so nice, encouraging, smart, and helpful. I would highly recommend this place.
Tristan Snyder from Lakewood
on 12/29/2021
I found my dream dress here! My consultant was Moyra (I might have spelled that incorrectly). She was amazing. She was able to take what I was liking about other dresses I was trying on and found the perfect one. It fit my vision, body type, and even my venue! I can tell she puts a lot of care into anyone that comes into the store :)
Kristyn Peters from Lakewood
on 12/28/2021
Moira was awesome!!
Olivia from Denver
on 12/08/2021
D’Anelli was an AMAZING place to buy my wedding dress. And yes, I did buy! Leanne was my consultant and she was PHENOMENAL. First, we got to actually sort through the dresses and pick exactly what I wanted to try on which was a different experience to all the other salons we’d been too. Everything was so beautiful, which was a huge relief because your girl here is definitely plus sized. Not only did I feel like I had a HUGE selection to choose from in my size range, but I was never made to feel like my size was a problem. To that, I’m so grateful. We chose some amazing dresses, but like I said Leanne came in clutch at the end! She knew my dream to look like a sparkly human snowflake and after a few dresses, she pulled one of those “I have an idea...” gowns out and she knocked it out of the park! I ended up with the dress she picked! I was also never made to feel like my budget ($2500) was a hindrance and no one tried to sell me stuff I don’t need or want, like a belt and shoes and veil etc etc. I needed a night to sleep on the dress and make sure it was everything I wanted and they totally understood. Everyone we came across was SO SWEET. I would 100% recommend this to anyone shopping for a wedding dress. Love love love love it!!
Jayme from Lakewood
on 12/06/2021
We had such a great experience! Meghan was our consultant and she was fabulous! She was attentive to our needs but also gave us space when needed. I felt like such a princess, thanks d’Anelli!
Anonymous from Lakewood
on 12/06/2021
Leanne was wonderful! She understood my style almost immediately and made the whole experience stress free. I really enjoyed the entire experience.
Alexandra Marcotty from Lakewood, CO
on 11/27/2021
Had such a great experience with Moira today and said yes to my lovely Essence of Australia dress! I loved the selection, and Moira was supportive and efficient. Thank you!
Annessa Kohlhardt from Lakewood
on 11/16/2021
Amazing!!! Words cannot express what an perfect experience I had at d'Anelli Bridal. I had so much fun, found the perfect dress in my budget, and left in absolute bliss. Leanne was wonderful and such a talented stylist! She had great recommendations, was honest, and worked well with not only me, but my whole dress trying on crew. I highly recommend her to anyone in this process. Thank you all so much!
Vivianne Rodriguez from Denver, CO
on 11/15/2021
Loved my wedding dress shopping experience at d'Anelli! I chose this shop because I had a specific dress in mind that they carry but found myself liking other styles that I had never even considered before based on their selection of gowns. Meghan was so knowledgeable and I appreciate her receptiveness to my feedback in order to help me find the perfect dress. I never once felt overwhelmed by the number of dresses I tried on or pressured to pick one on my first appointment. Meghan also had great tips and suggestions for alterations to match my exact vision. Easy, fun, and seamless shopping experience! So glad I went with them for my dress!
MacKenzie Lane from d'Anelli Bridal
on 11/15/2021
We really enjoyed working with Athena. Great service!
Kelsey Truong from lakewood
on 11/08/2021
always a great time when I visit. the staff is amazing and they make you feel so welcome
Mykayla from Denver
on 11/06/2021
Athena was wonderful! She had great taste and was very accommodating to my budget and style. Beautiful shop and great experience all around.
Angela from Lakewood
on 11/04/2021
Leanne was AMAZING & made my experience wonderful! Each bridal shop I’d visited they were rude and seemed put off. Leanne was welcoming and inviting and although I didn’t have an appointment she made one for me later the same day!
on 11/02/2021
Moira was very patient and kind throughout our appointment, I felt very comfortable. She didn't pressure me at all and I enjoyed our consultation!
Christina from Arvada, CO
on 10/24/2021
I had such a wonderful experience. I really loved being able to walk around and pick out dresses. We had been to two other bridal boutiques the day prior so at this point, I knew what kind of style and silhouette I was looking for. Meghan was my bridal consultant and she was so friendly and kind. She made the "stress" of wedding dress shopping nonexistent. I am so happy that I was able to say yes to dress! I can't wait to get it. Thank you for the wonderful selection and for offering such a fun experience. We also loved sipping on champagne to help with the ease of dress shopping too!
Kiley Ridgway from Parker, CO
on 10/20/2021
Meghan did an amazing job helping me find me dress! She offered real and insightful answers to my questions and really helped me visualize what I can do with my dress with a seamstress to make it absolutely perfect for me!
Christa Fichter from Littleton Colorado
on 10/09/2021
I had the best time at D’Anelli!! They had so many beautiful dresses! Moira helped me find my perfect dress!! She took into consideration what I was looking for and brought me the dress I said yes to!!