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Lila from Lafayette
on 09/10/2019
Leanna helped me out in the selection process. She proposed models that I hadn't thought of and in the end, the dress I liked the best was one that she picked out for me. She was incredibly kind and patient. Great service and wonderful selection of dresses.
Mallory from Lakewood, CO
on 09/08/2019
My visit was amazing! Leanne and the team were eager to help me customize my dream dress. I am so excited to see how it comes together for my wedding in June!
Cristina from Lakewood, CO
on 08/31/2019
Amazing experience here! Customer service was too notch and the recommendations by my stylist were even better than I would’ve picked for myself
Darcie Thompson from d'Anelli Bridal
on 08/31/2019
d’Anelli Bridal made my whole experience perfect. I was nervous trying on dresses because of my size. Everyone at the shop made me feel so beautiful. Thank you!
Amparo Ramos from Denver
on 08/27/2019
I had a great experience. My concerns were heard and i felt very comfortable. I was able to find the perfect gown and I feel beautiful in it. Loranne* was amazing! *Leanne
Alyssa Cheever from Lakewood
on 08/26/2019
I had a fantastic experience! Athena is the best!!! After she figured out what style I wanted, she pulled THE Dress. I couldn't be happier with the experience and the outcome. I will always recommend this store!
Stephanie Smith from Lakewood
on 08/25/2019
Leanne was fabulous. My mother sister and I had a great time with her. She was kind and listened to what I had to say about what I liked and didn’t like about the dresses I tried on. I fully intend to go back and get bridesmaid dresses there too.
Brianna from Lakewood
on 08/19/2019
carol was awesome!!!!! Beautiful selection of dresses.
Ashley Kramer
on 08/18/2019
Loved the staff and experience. Great inventory. Great prices. Athena was fantastic and very helpful!
Kelly from Westminster
on 08/13/2019
I didn't have an appointment but I was welcomed into the store with open arms. A consultant who was free at the time I stepped into the store and happily helped me try on dresses. She had no obligation to assist me which spoke volumes about the customer service at this beautiful boutique.
Kayla Edwards
on 08/07/2019
Amazing staff with a beautiful selection of dresses. I did my alterations with them as well and they were fantastic. Would highly recommend!
Jillian Hall
on 07/22/2019
I absolutely loved my stylist. She was absolutely amazing!
Taylor Kandt from Denver
on 07/19/2019
I have never been dress shopping without crying sad tears in my whole life until I went to d'Anelli Bridal to get my wedding dress. I loved that you had plus size dresses so that I could actually see what they would look like on me instead of trying on a size 4 and trying to picture what it might look like on me if it were the right size.
Traci Johnson from Lakewood
on 07/14/2019
Awesome experience with Athena!!! She listened and totally accommodated my needs. Great to all my entourage as well!! Thank you!
Jessica Mason from Lakewood
on 07/14/2019
Great selection and Athena was very helpful and fun to work with!
Lillian from Aurora Co
on 07/11/2019
Leanne was phenomenal at listening and understanding what I was looking for in a wedding gown.
Amber Robillard from Lakewood CO
on 06/29/2019
You guys were amazing from start to finish. The attendant I had understood how much I dislike shopping in general and helped me breeze through so many options. I also enjoyed her honesty which I asked for and wanted which also made my final decision a for sure YES. Thank you for all you have done from beginning to end!!! 5 stars all around
on 06/27/2019
I really enjoyed my time here trying on dresses! They had such a wide variety of styles and prices. Definitely a great place to find your wedding dress!
on 06/18/2019
I loved the experience of finding my wedding dress here. It was a clean, well organized shop, and the staff was very friendly. That made it easy to look around and pick out dresses I wanted to try on. They give you clips to hook on the hangers of dresses you like so that you don't have to try to haul heavy dresses around before you try them on. And the staff was very professional with helping putting the dresses on and making it quick! I found the PERFECT dress here and I couldn't be more happy! Definitely recommend this dress shop!!
on 06/18/2019
Great consultant! Very knowledgeable and patient. Loved the atmosphere. Would recommend
Janice Adams from Lakewood, CO
on 06/02/2019
My daughter and I had a wonderful experience at d' Anelli Bridal with Leanne. She helped my daughter find her dream dress and was so supportive and helpful. Thank you Leanne!
Ashley Sharp from Lakewood
on 05/29/2019
Amazing and fun experience. Leanne was amazing and so helpful. She helped me find the right dress.
Jennifer P from Lakewood
on 05/11/2019
This experience was hands down the best I have had while shopping for wedding dresses. Athena was not pushy and very attentive. I loved the energy and the fact that we were offered beverages including champagne to celebrate. This experience was very beautiful, intimate and unforgettable!!!
Caitlin from Belmar, Lakewood
on 04/17/2019
I didn't find my dress but my experience was GREAT! Leanne was awesome - I can't say enough good things about her - and the shop and inventory were beautiful.
Claudia Bernal from Westminster
on 04/16/2019
Great place for special occasion dresses. My daughter and I set an appt and was seen a week later. We did find "The dress".
Aya from Lakewood
on 04/06/2019
My mom and I had a great time trying on dresses and imagining the big day. I can't wait to put my dress back on!
Emily from Denver
on 03/25/2019
Carol helped out so much! She was amazing! Entire staff was so nice. Great selection of dresses! I found THE PERFECT ONE!!! I had the 9:00am fitting and had the entire space to myself. Thanks again for everything!
Rachael Ross from Centennial
on 03/11/2019
Wonderful customer service! At d'Anelli you feel like a princess. Thanks for the great experience.
Brittany from Lakewood, CO
on 03/04/2019
Before coming to D’Anelli bridal, I had gone to two other bridal boutique and the difference in selection of dresses and customer service is incomparable. My dress consultant Leanne took the time to understand my vision and helped me pick out thee most beautiful dress for my big day. Any woman looking for a wedding dress in Denver, CO needs to go to D’Anelli!
on 02/19/2019
I loved the service nothing much i can give feedback on.
Erinn McCully from Lakewood, CO
on 02/19/2019
I had gone dress shopping for my wedding one time prior to my appointment at d'Anelli and despised every second of it, so going into this appointment I was super apprehensive. Carol, my consultant, was super helpful, friendly, and set my mind at ease immediately. It was a lovely experience and I ended up finding my dream dress. Thank you, d'Anelli!
Megan from Denver
on 02/15/2019
This was an easy and great experience and I think I found my dress in less than an hour!
Polly Abernathy from Denver
on 02/13/2019
My experience was wonderful. Athena was patient with me and listened to what I wanted in a dress. She was able to see who I was and my style and found me the perfect dress. She was attentive and helpful. I have two friends who got their bridal dresses here and would definitely recommend it to others. Without Athena I wouldn’t have found my dream dress. She was exceptional!
Amanda Roybal from Lakewood
on 02/12/2019
Celeste was who worked with me. She took the time to listen to what i wanted and paid attention to what i liked and didn't like about each dress. It was actually her choice that i picked as my wedding dress.
Bailey from Belmar
on 02/11/2019
Great experience, very helpful and patient!
Marie Van Der Kar
on 02/05/2019
I had a wonderful experience today. First time ever trying on dresses and I couldn’t have dreamed it any better. Thank you for helping me find my dress!
Jennah from Denver
on 02/04/2019
I absolutely had an amazing experience at d’Anelli Bridal!! We had a 9:00am appointment (I was worried because it felt early) but it WAS THE BEST TIME TO DO IT! We basically had the whole shop to ourselves, and Carol, the associate helping me was great! Her calm tone, and knowledge of the inventory and what looks good on me (being a plus size girl) made everything run smoothly. I never once felt uncomfortable, which is so important when dress shopping. I got the PERFECT dress for me, and had such a great time!
Jordan Hornback from Parker
on 01/27/2019
My entire experience at d'Anelli was better than I could have pictured. Athena was AWESOME! I absolutely loved having her to guide me through the dress shopping experience and she helped so much with recommendations and options. And we had champagne to make the appointment even more fun for my friends and family. Thank you!
Miarra Jackson from Lakewood CO
on 01/27/2019
Athens was amazing!! I can't wait to come back and try on more dresses! Thanks D'Anellin:)
Elizabeth from Lakewood
on 01/26/2019
Great service and beautiful dresses! Most of them were a little overpriced but I found a gorgeous sample dress for a good price. Their staff is so helpful and direct, I would come here again if I could.
Sarah Welter from Denver, CO.
on 01/14/2019
d'Anelli Bridal was above and beyond what I expected! Beautiful salon, a plethora of choices. I was fortunate to find my dress this past weekend there! My consultant was Leanne, she was AMAZING! Very supportive, attentive, and knowledgable about the dresses. She was very respectful of my budget, the friends I brought with me shop and she made my overall experience amazing. I would highly recommend d'Anelli and Leanne to anyone searching for their dress! Thank you to everyone there!
Kourtney from Belmar
on 01/07/2019
Shopping at d'Anelli was so much fun! Everyone in the store was friendly and helpful. I had a large group with me and they did everything to accommodate all of us. We had champagne and lots of laughs! I found THE dress and they helped us to celebrate! I would recommend this place to anyone!
Nicole Frazzini from Bellmar
on 01/06/2019
Best experience ever ! Leanne was amazing She made me feel special and helped with so much !
Reanna Hodgin from Lakewood, CO
on 12/23/2018
Amazing! The moment I walked in my guests and I were treated amazing. The staff was great and picked amazing straps and viels to pair with the dresses. It was an amazing experience.
Tia. Bakke from Kremmling CO
on 12/23/2018
Carol was great!! I found the perfect dress for my day! Went back and was measured by two stylists and they were all so professional. I want to do some customization and the seamstress was so nice and helpful. Im excited for my gown to come in.
Sydne Ainsworth from Cleveland, TX
on 12/22/2018
Leanne was so good! Super sweet and really listened to what I wanted! And gave her feedback when I asked for it! This was the first place I tried on dresses and I said yes to my dress! I would recommend them for any of my Colorado friends!
Lauren Johnson from Lakewood
on 12/22/2018
I really enjoyed working with Athena. Trying on millions of dresses can be a lot of work and she made the experience wonderful. She didn't seem annoyed when I wanted to try on more dresses. She respected my privacy and was right there when I needed my dress zipped all the way up. I will be coming back to buy my dress from there, mainly because of my experience with her.
Maddie janssen from Belmar
on 12/22/2018
Superb experience. Great options and customer care. Thankful!
Alyssa Zimmerman from D’anelli’s in Lakewood
on 12/14/2018
Leanne was amazing! The experience was so personal and intimate. The whole process was so smooth and easy. Everything Leanne picked out was perfect for my dress and I’m so glad I went to this shop. I highly recommend it.
Janelle from Lakewood
on 12/04/2018
Celeste was wonderful and made me feel very welcome at d’Anelli bridal. She was patient and kind and took my feedback into account to help me find my dress. There are a wide variety of gowns to choose from. I would highly recommend d’Anelli bridal!