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Stephanie from Bridgeport
on 05/15/2022
Absolutely loved this experience. Patty was phenomenal and she is the one who picked out THE dress! It was everything I imagined and more! Thank you for helping me make my dream come true!
Alli Studnick from Scio OR
on 05/15/2022
Kaylie was amazing. She was so helpful and kind… very easy to talk to. I was so nervous going into the day, and she calmed my nerves immediately. She’s amazing!
Shelly Loynes from Tigard Oregon
on 05/09/2022
Alyssa was great ! She really was a calming person who helped so much to remind me that this day was about me and what I felt comfortable in. Thank you for being the perfect person to work with me.
Annie Vail
on 05/06/2022
Thanks so much for your help! All of you were Amazing!
Lexie McCafferty from Tigard
on 04/23/2022
You all were so amazing and welcoming! I went through a rough time during the wedding planning and got pregnant unexpectedly, was so worried about my dress fitting. You all made it better and made me feel so much relief. The seamstress that altered my dress calmed me down and made it such a relaxing experience. She is so talented and I would recommend her to anyone. Kaylee that helped me the first day to pick my dress out before I knew I was pregnant, made it so fun for me and my family, and she was so sweet and helpful!
Sarah Braun from Bridgeport
on 04/16/2022
Ariana was so helpful and knowledgeable as I was trying on dresses. I liked the process of trying the four different silhouettes before looking at different design elements like beading, lace, and neckline.
Janet Kinoshita from Tigard
on 04/14/2022
It was a wonderful experience! The staff was knowledgeable, and made me feel like a beautiful bride to be. I would recommend working with bridal exclusives to others. Ariana was amazing and very helpful.
Jenna from Bridgeport
on 04/08/2022
WOW! I had so much fun and Mckenzie really made me feel comfortable and confident. With a big group like I had, it was nice to have someone that could focus on what I was wanting! <3
Heather from Tigard
on 04/04/2022
Mckenzie was absolutely lovely. She went above and beyond to help me find the style that I would like. I will be booking another appointment! Everyone in my group absolutely loved her. She does an amazing job!
Kaitlyn Traynor from Tigard
on 04/04/2022
Best experience and best dresses! I went to 4 other bridal dress stores and this place was by far superior. Not only were the dresses all gorgeous and my taste (lots of bling), Kailey and Patty were extremely helpful and kind. I said yes to my dress today!
Gina Stark from Bridgeport
on 03/29/2022
While we were late originally, our next scheduled time was then delayed quite a bit. However, despite the timing issues, we had a great experience and the dress options were amazing. I loved that my stylist Mckenzie, asked questions and paid attention to what I was going for. I am pretty sure I found "the" dress here!! Which is pretty awesome since it was my 4th and last stop of the day and I tried on MANY beautiful dresses. Just want a couple important people to see the results. I'm very happy with my whole experience!
Martha from Tigard
on 03/28/2022
Mckenzie was amazing!
Katey Whiteman from Tigard, OR
on 03/27/2022
I wouldn’t have found a dress today if it weren’t for Patty. I didn’t have great experiences early in the day and once we made it to Bridal Exclusives everything changed. She made me feel comfortable, pretty, and I didn’t even have to look at the sizes (which are brutal in the wedding dress industry). Forever grateful.
Emilie from Happy Valley, OR
on 03/16/2022
So grateful for my experience with you. Special thanks to Alyssa for your encouragement and professional guidance. You created a magical environment and unforgettable memories. My family and I couldn't be happier. Cheers!
Kiara Luna from Tigard
on 03/16/2022
Patty was AMAZING!! She new exactly what she was doing and did an outstanding job! Would highly recommend her! Thank you patty for helping me find my dress!!
Keasha Mccanna from Tigard
on 03/07/2022
LOVED!!!! Natazia made my experience the best I've ever had!
Maria Clara Lins from West Linn
on 02/27/2022
I felt so welcomed and most importantly so HEARD at bridal exclusives. Corina let me and my sister walk through each aisle and pick dresses I liked and she also picked dresses in my size, which was so important to me as a plus size bride. She chose dresses that had elements that I wanted while also flattering my body type instead of hiding it. There were a couple of alterations that I thought of making to the dress and our bridal assistant (for lack of a better name) went through each alteration with me and how it would be done, the cost, and what they would need. My experience at bridal exclusives was amazing and I would recommend any bride to go here as they have a large selection of dresses, designers, and I felt so amazing throughout and after my appointment!
Joan Escalera from Tigard
on 02/27/2022
It was such a great experience. Mackenzie was spectacular and had me try on dresses I didn’t think I would like. I am still deciding, but i definitely made the second appointment to come back next month. I had the most welcoming and I really connected with my wedding stylist. I can’t wait to come back and order my dress to have my daughter and sister help me w my final decision
Makayla bangs from Tigard
on 02/26/2022
Patty was wonderful even with the scheduling mix up by us. Found me dresses I didn’t find. very sweet lady!!
Anonymous from Tigard
on 02/21/2022
Very helpful staff, professional & knows how to assist their customers to meet their needs. Patty made me feel comfortable. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find a dress, but that was on me. Absolutely recommend this dress place to others. Thank you for you help.
Lilith Smith from Tigard, OR
on 02/13/2022
McKenzie was perfect! She was very personable and helpful. She was able to help narrow down my preferred style while getting to know me as a person. In the end, the last dress I tried on was perfect! It was such a positive experience and I have McKenzie to thank!
Kailey Fischer from Bridgeport
on 02/06/2022
Between all the wedding dress shops I have visited this was by far the best! Natazia was my stylist, I had the best experience -Amazing staff, friendly environment, time to talk amongst ourselves about different dresses. I ended up finding THE DRESS!! Most importantly there was so much variety!! Definitely would recommend 10/10!
April W. from Tigard, Oregon
on 01/23/2022
I had a WONDERFUL experience today! I wasn’t at all expecting to find my dress TODAY! But I DID!!!! and I’m SO thankful!! I had a delightful, kind-hearted, down-to-earth woman (Alyssa) helping me find the PERFECT Wedding dress! I can’t say enough about her and I think I tried on 9 or 10??? Lol! But we came to the conclusion that we all REALLY LOVED the very first dress I tried on! So thank you again Alyssa for sharing in my special day!
on 01/23/2022
Really amazing experience. Love how it was tailored and how attentive Kailey was.
Mallory Wilson from Tigard
on 01/22/2022
Patty was amazing! She was so efficient and professional and really saw my vision. My family just adored her and I would recommend her to any bride. She was positive and patient as my group outweighed things we liked and didn’t like about each gown. My family was raving about her on our ride home. She definitely made it an enjoyable experience. :)
Tiana Sherman from Tigard Oregon
on 01/21/2022
Kailey was amazing at helping me try on dresses. Her guidance was instrumental in narrowing the styles and fit of dresses to my liking. Needless to say, I said "Yes" at Bridal Exclusives
on 01/17/2022
She was honestly so great, I believe her name was McKenzie! The best consultant and she was so specific on everything and really pointed out the details of each dress, so I could appreciate it. I love that she went out of her way and told me that you guys had different colors of the dress. It was such a hard pick and she really helped not only me but my whole group of girls. I really appreciate her, I definitely recommend her and she needs a raise! I definitely recommend her.
Annika from Tigard
on 01/16/2022
My stylist Kailey was so kind and helpful! I love my dress and I can’t wait to keep going though the bridal process here. Some other salons felt very high pressure and very stressful; this felt fun and encouraging.
Cara Balske from Tigard
on 01/11/2022
Patti was awesome. She had great suggestions! In fact I'm pretty sure she picked the dress I bought. I would highly recommend your store.
Donna from Tigard, Or
on 01/09/2022
I was thinking a 70 year old bride probably wouldn’t wear a traditional wedding dress. However, with support from my daughter and granddaughter, I found my wedding dress at Bridal Exclusives. The staff was wonderful and Ariana is awesome. Very good inventory. I was lucky and found a dress that didn’t need to be ordered. My wedding is in 2 months. I am very pleased and would highly recommend Bridal Exclusives.
Sabrina from Tigard
on 01/08/2022
With less than 15 days till the wedding and having to get a complete new dress, Patty is amazing. I was in complete disbelief with how awesome she handled everything we threw her way, and how kind she was. She reassured me, gave me confidence, and made me feel beautiful. Ariana was amazing as well, and also very kind.
Kallie from Eugene
on 12/29/2021
Very kind customer service! Ariana did a great job listening to what I was looking for and finding the perfect dress! Can't wait to get married in this dress!
Bethany Barbieri from Tigard
on 12/21/2021
Kailey was AMAZING! She took the photos I showed her and my budget and pointed me in the right direction. She really honed in on my style and pulled all the right things. Kailey's energy was perfect! She was positive, kind, funny, and helpful. I'm so glad she was there to help me find my perfect dress! Thank you so much!!
Jenna Christenson from Dayton Oregon
on 12/21/2021
Alyssa was amazing to work with and really helped me find the perfect dress even when I didn't know what I was looking for. She made me feel really special. She is amazing at her job.
on 12/21/2021
My group had a great time working with Patti. Wish there were more dresses under $1000 since you say the range starts at $900.
Marisa from Tigard
on 12/13/2021
Great experience. Kayleigh was amazing!
Emily Olson from Tigard
on 12/12/2021
Ariana was great! I enjoyed our conversations. She was very polite and kind!
Mackenzie from Tigard
on 12/12/2021
Mackenzie was amazing. Her energy fit right in with our party. She was accommodating and made me feel comfortable. Her customer service was excellent.
Matty from Tigard
on 12/11/2021
Ariana was so helpful and nice! She helped me find my dream dress for the big day, and I couldn't be more happier!
Ariana from Bridgeport
on 12/10/2021
What a beautiful shop-Ariana was so amazing! She made our experience so wonderful- thank you !!:)
stephanie atchley from Bridgeport
on 12/06/2021
patty was amazing! we had a great experience!
Shelby Bellacosa
on 12/05/2021
Patty was so wonderful to work with! Had so much fun!
Lisa Casey from Tigard
on 12/04/2021
Alyssa was very helpful. She was sensitive to what we wanted and trying to keep within our budget. The two hour appointment window you allow us to schedule was helpful by giving us more time to ponder and decide.
Alexa Klein from Bellevue, WA
on 12/03/2021
My experience at Bridal Exclusives was incredible! My consultant Ariana was helpful, encouraging and very on top of it. She helped me find the perfect dress when I had no idea where to begin. Her established process worked great in helping me narrow down my choices. There was a very large selection and all within a reasonable price range as well.
Hannah from Tigard, OR
on 12/03/2021
It was a delight working with Ariana. She provided outstanding customer service, attention to detail, and made the entire experience very enjoyable. I was able to say yes to the dress due to this experience!
Jennifer Vidal from Tigard
on 12/02/2021
Ariana was very patient and helpful with my fitting, I appreciated her professionalism and honesty. Thank you!
Morgan Nuss from Tigard Oregon
on 11/29/2021
Patty helped us out and she made the process so easy and stress free! She said she has worked here for 11 years. She listened to what I was looking for a provided everything and more! She helped me decide on the dress and was so pleasant to work with. Bridal exclusives has the dresses in store that they have online. The prices are very reasonable and they have a wide range. I’m very happy with my decision and will be coming back for the bridesmaids dresses soon! :)
on 11/28/2021
I had the greatest experience shopping at Bridal Exclusive. Alyssa, who helped me find my dress, was awesome and taught me about silhouettes to figure out what style I wanted. The whole experience with Alyssa was fun and easy going. I found my dress and I couldn’t be more excited!
Isabel from Beaverton
on 11/28/2021
My experience at Bridal Exclusives was amazing!! Arianna was my stylist and she was fantastic to work with. She had a good eye on what I was looking for and helped make my experience wonderful. And I even said YES to my dream dress!
Paula Roberts from Tigard
on 11/28/2021
Patty was great! She helped me try on 20 or so dresses while I found my style. Then went and picked the perfect dress off the rack for me. It’s exactly what I envisioned when I walked in. Thank you Patty!