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Morgan Chamberlain from Tigard
on 05/01/2024
Kailey was wonderful and made my first wedding dress try on experience positive, fun, and safe!
Emily Scherer from Tigard
on 04/16/2024
Kailey was absolutely amazing and so helpful when I was shopping for my wedding dress. We got to pull a bunch of dresses to try and she included some of her choices as well. She was so friendly and made me feel so comfortable during the process. She helped me find my perfect dress and it was truly an unforgettable experience. The staff even played my favorite song that I had mentioned during the appointment at the end. Overall a wonderful experience!
Anais from Portland
on 04/11/2024
Customer service is pretty amazing, super kind, focused and gentle! Great selection of dresses.
Logan Shook from Tigard
on 04/01/2024
Patty was amazing! She gave the time and attention I needed to choose my wedding gown. I never felt rushed or pressured and she gave me great tips on everything from the easiest way to put the dress on, to different ways I could alter it after my wedding to wear it again. I highly recommend shopping here!
Kirstin Keen from Wilsonville, OR
on 03/17/2024
Thank you for an amazing experience!!!
Sara Blankenship from Tigard
on 02/12/2024
I'm so glad I made my appointment at Bridal Exclusives! Wedding dress shopping can be stressful but Patty made it a wonderful experience and helped me say yes to the dress!
Karma Maxwell from Tigard
on 02/10/2024
I was worried about price and size as i’m a plus size bride and on a budget but there was so much variety and Kailey was so sweet and helpful! I loved the experience
Nicole Nixon from Tigard
on 12/30/2023
I had an amazing experience at Bridal Exclusives! I had someone helping me pick dresses that fit my vision, and they were spot on! My bridal stylist really listened to my wishes, was very kind and considerate, and made it a very personal experience. They also helped me put the dresses on and zip them up, making it super easy and convenient for me. They were able to get me a dress roughly within my budget, and easily applied my coupon, and got me the best price possible. I was easily able to pay my deposit, and they held my dress for 6 months, with no issues. When I went back to pay my balance and pick up my dress they let me put it on again for as long as I wanted, and helped me do so. My bridal stylist even came over to say hello and gave lots of hugs and compliments, and asked how things were going. All of the employees were very kind, and provided a very personal, exciting experience. I highly recommend Bridal Exclusives for any dress that you need for your wedding if you want the best experience! :)
on 12/17/2023
I absolutely loved my stylist. She made me feel comfortable and pretty!!!
Felicia Kilgore from Tigard, OR
on 12/10/2023
I had a great experience shopping for my wedding dress. Kailey was so helpful, sweet and easy to work with. She even found the dress that I ended up buying!
Heidi Smith from Hillsboro
on 12/02/2023
Patty was very helpful and understanding, and brought lots of good options based on what I was looking for. I found my dress, and overall the experience was excellent!
Katherine Harrington from Tigard
on 11/20/2023
This shop is phenomenal. Excellent customer service. Very beautifully organized and displayed. We are excited that the dress my daughter wanted is going to be purchased from this store.
Micayla from Tualatin
on 11/04/2023
Alyssa was absolutely amazing! She provided the best bridal experience and I could not be happier. I highly recommend! :)
Julia Strecker from Tigard/Bridgeport Village
on 10/31/2023
Patty and Kailey were the best! Patty is the most efficient dress stylist I've ever seen. I was running 2 and a half hours late due to traffic and and an accident on I-5 and Patty had me in and out of 10 dresses in less than an hour! As soon as I tried one on, she had a question, then would take off to find the next best dress. I found my dress in that single hour of looking and I don't think I would have without her! Kailey was very kind and helpful with the payments and measuring. They got all of my bridesmaids fitted while they were waiting for me to show up, and I'm so grateful for their flexibility and kindness. I'd give 10 out of 5 stars if I could!
MacKenzie LeBrun from Tigard
on 10/29/2023
Fantastic experience! I was very nervous to try on dresses and the experience was so comforting. Our style assistant understood what I needed from the appointment.
Olivia from Spokane
on 10/28/2023
I had the BEST time looking for wedding dresses here! Patty was delightful to work with. She had answers for everything and even went above and beyond to find little extras that improved the day. I just put my order in for my dress at this shop, after my appointment I didn’t want to go anywhere else :)
Kieva McCullough from Tigard
on 10/10/2023
We had a wonderful experience with Kailey. She was so bubbly and made the experience fun. She also didn’t bat an eye at my aunt who tried to do her job at times. She quickly understood what style I liked but I also loved that she had me try on a bit of everything to make sure that’s what I liked. We loved having the space just for us since I came with my mom, aunt, cousin and her daughters. Kailey quickly found the dress I just so happened to have a picture of. Lucky me! I just want to try on a few more Watters dresses before I commit to THE dress to make sure it’s the one. As well as I’m not sure if I want to purchase the sample since it was a bit snug. I think I would feel better ordering one to fit me. Kailey also was great at suggestion something that could be easily altered to make the deep V not as deep. Anyway, we loved her! And we might be back for that dress!!
Amanda Rusch from Portland Oregon
on 09/30/2023
Alyssa made my first wedding dress experience an amazing one! So professional, such amazing advice, appreciated her so much! Dresses are beautiful, very clean. Would absolutely recommend
Lizzy Faurot from Tigard
on 09/30/2023
Kailey was the best! I could not have asked for a better experience. She was so friendly and encouraging. I loved that I didn’t feel pressured in any way at all and it really felt like she was just there to advocate for me and cheer me on. I would recommend her and the salon to any other bride if I knew any. Thank you Kailey!
Elissa from Tigard
on 09/24/2023
Absolutely loved my experience! Alyssa made it so memorable!! She absolutely guided me throughout the whole process! And I found the perfect dress with her help!!!
Morgan from Tigard
on 09/17/2023
Kailey was amazing! She helped me find my dress and was great about figuring out what worked best with my body type! It was an awesome experience!
Meredith from Tigard
on 09/12/2023
Had a great experience today at Bridal Exclusives. Alyssa was fantastic and made for a relaxing and enjoyable time for us all!
Gwyn Fischer from Oregon
on 08/21/2023
Alyssa was amazing . She made me experience fun and special. I love that she was honest and helpful. Thank you for helping me find my dream dress. I will definitely recommend her and Bridal exclusives!!
on 08/12/2023
Patty was great! Friendly, efficient, and super helpful!
Kerry Peterson from Tigard
on 07/22/2023
Patty was incredible. She was patient and kind and so helpful. With her knowledge and support I was able to find the most perfect dress. I could not be happier. Thank you Patty!! We had a blast with you! :)
Lydia from Tigard
on 05/29/2023
I had an incredible time at Bridal Exclusives. I went into dress shopping with some apprehension, as I hate shopping in general and this is a big day! Alyssa listened every step of the way, brought me dozens of gowns to try on in all styles and talked me through what I liked about different silhouettes and necklines. While I'm on the fence between two gowns, I definitely would recommend Bridal Exclusives and likely will be back for my dream dress!
Emily from Roseburg
on 05/07/2023
I had been to five other bridal shops before I visited this one. None of the other shops really compared to this one. Other shops had nothing in my style (square neckline), the dresses either looked cheap and homemade, or the appointments felt rushed and the salespeople too pushy. This shop was immediately refreshing. It is a beautiful shop in a convenient location. The sales team was friendly and genuine. They stood back and let us look at dresses ourselves, but were always ready to help and seemed to really care about our experience. Their dressing room areas were super spacious and private with plenty of room for guests. Their prices were very reasonable. I was nervous because the shop was so nice, but the prices were comparable to all the other places I had been. I tried on several dresses and they ranged from $900-$2000. They had a large rack of discounted dresses too. Overall, it was the perfect dress shopping experience and our salesperson was the best. I would definitely recommend this shop over others I have been to in the Salem and Portland area. I found my dress and others I liked so fast! I think my salesperson Kailey even picked my favorite dress out for me.
Sascha Gordon from Lake Oswego, OR
on 05/01/2023
Alyssa was WONDERFUL. I found my best dress with her help. I was treated with respect by an experienced lady who was an excellent listener who knew the inventory inside and out. THANK YOU!!!
Tara Abbott from Tigard Oregon
on 04/23/2023
Wonderful experience here today! Was my second appt I was feeling unsure and not really expecting much after my last appt at a different place. But the girl that worked with me Kailey was amazing. She made me feel great and she was so helpful and kind! The dresses where beautiful and I felt amazing in them. I really appreciated all the extra clips and stuff to make it fit better and feel nicer so I could get a good idea of what the dress looked like on me and fit my body type! Overall wonderful experience I said yes to the dress and ended up canceling my last appt at another store! Thank you!
Tiffany from Tigard
on 04/16/2023
Absolutely love everything about this place! It was clean, organized, very well laid out, with plenty of space. The associates were beyond AMAZING, especially Alyssa, truly one of the best bridal ladies I’ve had the pleasure of working with!
Karla Vaides from Tigard/ Bridgeport
on 03/12/2023
Patty was sooo sweet! She definitely made me feel welcomed and comfortable this whole experience. She with no hesitation got me everything I needed, whether it was trying different dresses,veils, etc.
Christie from Dallas
on 03/06/2023
Kailey was fabulous! She made the process of finding a dress easy and fun!!
Ellery Peterson from Corvallis
on 02/27/2023
I had the BEST experience ever. I was looking forward to my appointment because my sister, cousin, future sister in law, and multiple friends have all gotten their dresses from you and also had wonderful experiences! I loved the variety of dress and price options. And Alyssa was THE BEST!!! Super fun, sweet, and knowledgeable. She made my experience such a wonderful and special memory.
Kaylee Reinhardt from Tigard OR
on 02/20/2023
Great experience at bridal exclusives! The lady helping was very kind and listened to my wants. She took her time getting to know me and genuinely cared and wanted me to find the dress of my dreams. I found a dress I liked and wanted to make some alterations to make it the perfect dress. She called the seamstress to make sure they could be done. I’m very excited for my dress to arrive in July to start the alterations! Thank you
Jenae from Lake oswego
on 02/15/2023
Kaylie was absolutely amazing to work with! Her high energy and professionalism were absolutely great. And she helped me pick the best dress in my budget!
Katie from Tigard
on 02/12/2023
I had the most amazing experience! Kailey was so helpful and patient. She was able to answer all my questions. She did a fantastic job
Ellen E. from Tigard, OR
on 01/23/2023
Alyssa was so wonderful. The way she guided me through narrowing down silhouettes and staying within my tight budget. She pulled one last dress that was absolutely everything I was looking for AND right in budget (which was only about 1k). She made me feel valued, important and celebrated. The entire ambiance of the store was welcoming and felt high end.
Anna M from Tigard
on 01/08/2023
Hi, I had the absolute best experience shopping for my wedding gown today. Patty was so helpful, sweet, knowledgeable, and amazing! Loved working with her so much! She made everything pleasant, enjoyable and I would highly recommend her to anyone. And I said yes to my dress!
Brittany Swanson from Tigard
on 01/06/2023
I couldn’t ask for a better experience! Kailey made my whole appointment personalized. She listed to what I wanted and delivered exactly what I was looking for. She was so personable and excited for me which made my whole day. Thank you so much, Kailey!
Mason Springer from Tigard, OR
on 12/30/2022
Honestly an amazing experience! Kaylee (if that is how you spell her name:)) was INCREDIBLE! Bubbly, willing, patient, helpful, and truly just wanted to help me find THE dress. 10/10 recommend them and they have so many dresses to choose from:)
Sydney Pike from Beaverton
on 12/12/2022
I had such a great experience with Kailey! I came in on 12/10/22 at 10am and she was ready to go. Such great energy and encouraging. I loved how she had me try on dresses that weren’t exactly my style but complimented my body type. She listened to my wants down to the final detail. Then she pulled my dream dress! I’m definitely going to be recommending Bridal Exclusives to all of my friends!
Emi from Portland, OR
on 11/22/2022
I feel bad that I cannot for the life of me remember the name of the person who worked with us, but I hope you have it in your own records - she was amazing! I had gone to another store the day before and thought the experience was just fine, but this was much better - help getting in and out of the dresses was a bit more hands on and they gave more general guidance and helped steer me in the right direction at Bridal Exclusives, which I really appreciated.
on 11/08/2022
I had such an amazing experience! Alyssa was so kind and made sure I had a great experience even though I was not feeling well. I came with a vision of what I wanted and left with something completely different. I love the idea of trying on a dress from every fit because I realized I did not like the fit that I had in mind. Thank you so much for making me comfortable and helping me find such as beautiful dress for my wedding.
Dianne from Tigard, OR
on 11/08/2022
Alyssa was phenomenal. She knows dresses, styles, and potential for something I would have never tried on. Wouldn't you know it, the one I would have avoided was the dress. She was kind and encouraging and made the shopping experience a celebration rather than an anxious time.
on 11/07/2022
Patty was very helpful and I didn't feel rushed to make a decision which I appreciated. Thank you for helping me find my dress. I cannot wait to wear it at my wedding.
Tonya Rainey from Tigard
on 10/31/2022
AMAZING!! I can not say enough good things. The customer service was hands down the best. They were so enthusiastic, helpful, and genuinely want the best for their customers.
on 10/30/2022
Loved the 2 hour appointment window. Most stores it feels like you're just getting started and the time runs out. I found my dress elsewhere but loved my experience in your shop. I'll be recommending you to friends.
Erica Toombs from Tigard
on 10/30/2022
My experience was amazing and Alyssa, the person helping me, was so sweet and knowledgeable. She helped me find my dream wedding dress!
Hanna menzel from Lake Oswego
on 10/16/2022
Patty was excellent and very patient. She worked efficiently and understood what I was looking for.
Jessica Marshall from Tigard
on 10/16/2022
Kailey was fantastic! She was so sweet and positive and helped me pick a dress that I didn’t pick for myself! She made me feel comfortable in my own skin and just made the whole experience a positive one!