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Kelsey Grant from Chattanooga
on 06/23/2019
This experience was better than I could have ever imagined! Madison was amazing and helped me find my perfect dress! She listened to what I wanted and also got me out of my comfort zone to try different styles! Without her help I would have never found my dream dress. Thank you Monica’s for making my bridal dreams come true!
Brooke Tankersley from Cleveland, TN
on 06/02/2019
I went into Monica’s Bridal looking for the wedding dress of my dreams and that is exactly what I found! Allie was so great with knowing exactly what I wanted in a dress and made my whole experience completely stress free! I would recommend anyone looking for a wedding dress to attend Monica’s Bridal!
Kelicia Sellers from Chattanooga, TN
on 05/22/2019
If I could add an extra star, I would! Monica’s Bridal has been a dream to work with. Madison is the BEST!!! She is kind, patient, and genuinely cares about her customers. She takes time to listen and understand to find what dress best suits both your dreams and your budget. I can’t say enough amazing things about this salon!
Grace Dessinger
on 05/19/2019
I absolutely LOVED how inviting she was! I felt very comfortable, and thought the entire place was so cute and cozy! It was adorable and loved the experience! I also look forward to modeling dresses for you! I am very excited!! Thank you :)
Stephanie from Chattanooga
on 05/16/2019
Wonderful experience!
Karen H from Chattanooga
on 05/15/2019
It was a fantastic day! Madison is my stylist, she is so Friendly and so helpful. I can hardly wait until my next appointment.
Tiffany Cherne from North shore Chatt
on 05/10/2019
Being my first time dress shopping, I did not know what to expect and had some anxiety. It was almost immediately relieved from the amazing service level of your staff. The woman who helped me was so friendly and personable, it felt like shopping with a friend more than an awkward situation. Though she was young, Her experience level was very apparent. She knew just what styles would hide my self conscious areas and accentuate my positives. The bar was set pretty high in service and the prices were reasonable. So far I have yet to find another place that matched up. In talking with friends about how my dress shopping has gone, so many have lit up when I’ve mentioned Monica’s. They clearly have an awesome local presence and I certainly can see why. So grateful my first dress shopping experience was so positive!
Helen Jackson from Market street
on 05/06/2019
Absolutely had the best shopping experience. It was extra special to be the only ones in the store, but truly the whole thing was just perfect. Did not expect to find my dress on my first shopping trip! So excited about the dress and my mom and sister had a great time too. Memories we’ll cherish for a long time.
Natalie Rhodes from Chattanooga
on 05/03/2019
Had a great time and Wonderful experience. Madison was fabulous and quickly learned the style I like and what I liked on and was able to pull dresses I didn’t even know I would like that all looked great! We had a great time and would definitely recommend Monica’s and Madison.
Misti Grantham from Chattanooga
on 04/30/2019
Allie made my bridal appointment an amazing experience!! She made my family and me feel so welcome. I ended up choosing a dress that Allie picked out for me. It was one that I did not think my style, but when I walked out and stood on the platform, I knew it was the perfect dress!! Thank you, Allie, for making me feel so special and for stretching my imagination!
Naomi from Chattanooga
on 04/24/2019
My experience was excellent, our stylist was super friendly and helpful, she was very knowledgeable and realistic. She did an excellent job fitting the dresses even though the samples were too large and made it easy for myself to visualize the dresses for my wedding day.
Racy Mahoney from Chattanooga TN
on 04/12/2019
I was very nervous about trying on dresses because it was just my second appointment ever trying one wedding dresses. I wasn’t sure what I wanted. Madison was my consultant and she was fabulous. She was very personable which helped to ease my nerves. I also liked that she asked if I had already tried on dresses and if I had a favorite. I did and I showed her a picture so she was able to see what I liked and she grabbed a couple of options for me when the ones we chose weren’t doing it for me. I did fall in love with a dress and a vail, but was torn between it and the other one from a different store. Madison didn’t make me feel pressured to purchase a dress that day and even told me to sleep on it and come back in a week or two to retry it on. About a week later I received a follow up email from her to see if I found a dress somewhere else or if I wanted to come back and try my favorite on. I appreciated the email and thought and scheduled another appointment with her. Madison made the experience a very pleasant one and I greatly appreciate that!
Destiny from Chattanooga.
on 03/23/2019
Had the best experience with Allie today. We felt no pressure into buying a dress today and that was the best feeling. Allie really knew what would fit and look the best. Will go back.
Leah Braddy from Cartersville
on 03/20/2019
Wonderful experience with Madison. I know I was frustrating since I am undecided on a dress style, but she helped me find three dresses I truly love.
on 03/17/2019
Fun and very friendly environment
Sarah Franklin
on 03/16/2019
My stylist was so nice! Made me feel so comfortable and I loved the experience.
Lauren Cline
on 03/16/2019
Madison was so supportive and helpful, and the gown selection was absolutely amazing! A truly wonderful experience all-around!!!
Tiffany Frost from Chattanooga,TN
on 03/10/2019
My experience at Monica’s was amazing! Allie was so helpful, sweet, and by the end felt just like another best friend! She helped me figure out exactly what I was looking for in a wedding dress and did not make me feel rushed or pressured at all. I loved my experience and will definitely be recommending anyone who is getting married to go shop there.
Meagan Seals from Ider, AL
on 02/25/2019
My experience here was perfect! It was the first place I looked, and I had no reason to go anywhere after!
Jacqueline Alexander from Atlanta
on 02/23/2019
Thank you for your patience over the course of a whole year! I appreciate the great and honest feedback during my 2 shopping experiences. I'm excited to come back for the alterations and to get the final product.
Marianna Sims from Chattanooga
on 02/13/2019
Madison was great!! Absolutely loved her! She was so sweet and so helpful! She asked a ton of questions to help narrow down my selection and even put together 2 styles I liked to help me find "The One"! Thanks again Madison!!
Stephanie Hamilton from Chattanooga
on 02/12/2019
I had a amazing experience!!
Ashlee from Charlotte
on 02/11/2019
My experience at Monica’s bridal was wonderful! Stephanie was amazing to work with and she helped my find the perfect wedding dress!!!
Anonymous from Chattanooga, TN
on 02/10/2019
Allie was so helpful and so sweet! She knew what I needed and made it so easy to find a dress in such a short amount of time! Monica’s gets 5 stars from me!
Mikah Tinsley from Chattanooga, TN
on 02/08/2019
Allie is so sweet and helpful! She helped me find the gown of my dreams way more quickly than I ever imagined AND she pulled off getting it here in time for my wedding in MAY.
Hailey Humphreys
on 02/04/2019
Monica’s bridal was by far the best experience I had dress shopping. Madison was very attentive to what I liked and pulled lots of dresses for me to try on. While I ended up not finding the dress, I would still highly recommend this place!
Kat Brown from Ooltewah Tennessee
on 02/03/2019
Monica's is fantastic! I had no idea what i wanted for either my dress or bridesmaid dresses. It was super easy to make both appointments. They were patience, listened and then adjusted the search as we went along. I would send anyone to Monica's for all wedding needs! A favorite as a bridesmaid and now a bride! Great selection, great ladies and great communication!
Chantelle from Chattanooga, Market Street
on 02/03/2019
I had an amazing experience at Monica's and Madison was the perfect assistant!
Kelly from Chattanooga
on 02/01/2019
Great experience! Stephanie was a pleasure and did an amazing job helping me find a gown. Good selection of gowns and never felt rushed or pressured!
Shelby Wade from Chattanooga, TN
on 01/28/2019
I absolutely LOVED my experience at Monica's. I had Madison as my consultant, and I could not have picked a better person! She was so outgoing and totally understanding of exactly what I wanted. She helped me find the perfect dress, while giving advice, but not pushing anything on me. I couldn't say enough wonderful things about her!
Bridget Suarez
on 01/27/2019
Madison was fantastic! She was so helpful and in my corner the entire time. She listened to what I wanted, knew her shop and what was in there, and made my dream dress come true!
Hannah Weitz from Chattanooga
on 01/26/2019
Madison was so helpful and patient with finding me the perfect dress! I loved my experience and would definitely recommend Monica’s to others!
Kris C. from North Carolina
on 01/18/2019
Such an amazing experience! From the moment I walked into the store I felt so comfortable being there. The process of finding my dream dress was smooth and positive. I was able to take my time to think and talk through each dress without having to feel pushed or rushed to make a decision. I couldn’t be happier with my experience at Monica’s!
Calli Baker from Chattanooga
on 01/14/2019
I had never been wedding dress shopping before, so I was not sure what to expect. It ended up being great. Allie was AWESOME! She listened to all I had to say and then directed me to the section of dresses that fit my budget and style. It was great to have someone so patient and who knew all the right questions to ask as we sifted through the dresses I had pulled. I ended up finding a dress and I LOVE it!
Ashley Cole from Auburn, Al
on 01/12/2019
I needed a last minute fitting for a bridesmaid dress & they accommodated perfectly. Had a great selection and service.
Allison Born from Chattanooga
on 01/03/2019
My mom and I were blown away by the professionalism, organization, and kindness we experienced at Monica's Bridal. Stephanie is absolutely amazing. She's not pushy and listens to all of your concerns/thoughts/comments. She could not have made my first "trying on dresses" experience go any smoother. I highly recommend you try on dresses at Monica's Bridal. My mom even made the comment, "even if you decide not to wear any of those dresses for your wedding, we should just buy a dress from them!" Thank you so much.
Katie McNamara from Chattanooga, TN
on 12/30/2018
I loved the feel of this shop. My bridal consultant Allie was highly knowledgeable and never pushy which was exactly what I needed. She found my perfect dress and I could not have been more thankful for her help. I know that I wouldn’t have found the perfect dress without her.
Maggie H. from Chattanooga
on 12/28/2018
Friendly and helpful with no pressure to buy I appreciated them being laid back and honest with me. Tons of dress options too!
Dacey from Chattanooga
on 12/28/2018
Allie was so helpful! She answered all my questions, picked great dresses, and was patient when I had to try on my top two dresses multiple times.
Sara Farmer
on 12/27/2018
Madison is the one who worked with me and she did an excellent job! She was friendly and helpful and really knew how to figure out what I was looking for! I came in thinking I wanted a princess dress, but she slowly figured out that I really wanted a fitted dress. She was very professional and I would highly recommend her and this store to everyone!
Noor Jarrah Elqadi from Chattanooga, TN
on 12/18/2018
It was my first time meeting Ashley Stephens, the design fit specialist and we built a relationship right away. She was able to work around a range of personality types but stressed, and demonstrated that she was my advocate during the process, and managed to create a positive and memorable experience for me as the bride and my family. Thank you so much!
Renee Harless from Monicas
on 12/13/2018
Katie was so helpful and so patient.Good experience.
Miranda Nash from Chattanooga
on 12/03/2018
They were so warm and knew exactly how to make my dream dress come to life! Fantastic service and very flexible.
Amber Pellman from Chattanooga
on 12/02/2018
What a wonderful afternoon! Madison was so incredibly helpful. All the dresses were so beautiful, but we were able to narrow it down to the perfect one! I appreciated the individualized assistance with the whole process. Thabk you again!!!
Breonna Williams from Chattanooga
on 12/02/2018
Maddison Takersley was Amazing, she was alway there to help me try on my dresses and not just put them in there and walk out. She listen to what I wanted and was my support. She is the bomb !!!! I’ll recommend her to anybody.
Kassi Ellis from Chattanooga
on 11/06/2018
Absolutely amazing!! Found the one!!!
Stephanie Hockett from Chattanooga
on 11/06/2018
Such a wonderful experience and personal help! I would recommend Monica’s to anyone!
Agnes Gretarsdottir from Chattanooga
on 11/02/2018
I love Monica’s! The people who work there are angels. I didn’t feel like a bother and they helped me find out what I was looking for! Highly recommend :)
on 10/29/2018
Allie was amazing to work with - she knew the inventory and was able to make great recommendations on gowns she knew I would love. I put my full trust in her and she did not disappoint. Thank you!!
on 10/16/2018
Madison was excellent in helping me find a dress. I had my bridal party with me, she allowed all of to look through all the gowns and pick our favorites. After trying a few of those on, Madison helped me determine what style dress I liked, and then she picked out dresses herself for me. When she brought back three dresses with the body style I liked, I immediately did not like any of them. But she insisted I atleast pick one to try one. So I picked one and as soon as I saw myself in that dress, I knew it was the one for me! Thank you Monica's Bridal for helping me find the dress of my dreams!