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Keari from Casper
on 08/26/2019
It was such a wonderful experience finding my wedding dress. The ladies were so helpful in finding the perfect dress within my budget. They even went above and beyond helping with bridesmaid dresses.
Taylor C from Casper Wy
on 05/20/2019
Amber helped me. She was amazing! Was able to answer all my questions, and was super friendly. I hope to continue to work with her! She helped me find my dream dress. I was nervous that my dress would be discontinued before we ordered my dress. She was able to ease my mind. I would suggest this place to any bride to be. Thank you guys!
Kristen from Casper
on 05/19/2019
All the ladies there were awsome and answered all the questions I had. They understood what I wanted and didn't Puch me into getting Anything I didn't want. I ended up finding my dress and enjoyed my experience! Thank you ladies!
Krishana Greene from Casper
on 03/29/2019
So welcoming and friendly. I did not plan on buying a dress, but I found my dress!! It was an amazing experience! And they had the perfect tux for my fiance!
Julie Collins from Billings MT
on 03/20/2019
Such a great experience! I visited a bridal boutique in Billings, MT and was more than disappointed. I went back to my hometown and my mom talked me into going to Hart's before going to lunch!! The ladies working were so kind and helpful! We tried on several, and picked 2 dresses we liked. My sister and her family came to visit later that day. We went back to try the best 2 dresses back on, and to see if we could find my nieces dresses. We found my dress, and also found a dress for my youngest niece. They never hesitated if either of us wanted to try the same dress on multiple times! You made my experience so fantastic! I will forever be grateful for your kindness and ability to find a dress I would've never tried on, but one I LOVE!! Thank you for everything!
Kristen from Wyoming
on 03/04/2019
I felt very welcome when I came in on a Sunday for my appointment. I felt like my bridesmaids, mom and myself were in no rush. Even though I went in there to just get an idea for a dress, and not to purchase one that day, she had no difference in how she treated myself, or my crew. I'm very happy with the selection of plus size dresses because Im a plus size bride. My expectations were meant and they went above and beyond what I expected. Thank you.
Cody Ann Coppock from Casper Wyoming.
on 03/03/2019
I had the best experience shopping here. The staff made me so comfortable and I was able to find and purchase the most perfect dress. I couldn’t be happier that I went to Laneige bridal in Casper Wyoming.
Sarah from CASPER
on 02/15/2019
I had an amazing time and cried when we found the perfect dress!
Jennifer Magee from Casper, WY
on 02/11/2019
I had a wonderful experience picking out my wedding dress and everyone was really great and helpful. Only disappointment was there was not any flower girl dresses available to look at.
Ciara Jordan
on 01/12/2019
Lovely and fun experience! Great service too.
on 01/04/2019
Amazing staff!! I found the dress I love and never would’ve though it could be so effortless. My family and I felt like it was an amazing attmostpher. Did not feel rushed or talked into spending over my budget.
Suzanna Nachbar from Casper,WY
on 01/01/2019
Kaylene was so helpful in helping me find my dress, I didn’t need to go anywhere else. I found the dress of my dreams! I ordered my dress in July for my December 29, 2018 wedding. I was told my dress would be in at the end of October and it didn’t come in until the middle to end of November. This wouldn’t have been a problem, but I was unable to use my preferred seamstress for alterations because she needed a two month timetable. Overall, I had a pleasant experience and would recommend Laneige Bridal to my bride to be friends.
Kristen Atkinson from Casper, WY
on 11/30/2018
Amber was a tremendous help finding a simple yet beautiful bridal gown for my beach wedding in February. My friends & family had fun helping me decide and thoroughly enjoyed the mimosas!!
Cassidy Provo from Casper Wyoming
on 11/19/2018
Had a wonderful time
Ashley Cope from Riverton Wyoming
on 11/12/2018
I love the place. The lady’s there are nice and helped me out a lot.
Tiffany Lancaster from Casper, WY
on 10/08/2018
I absolutely loved my experience wedding dress shopping at Laneige in Casper! Being a plus size bride, I had some serious anxiety going into the dress shopping process. The ladies at Laneige made me feel so at ease and had such a great selection of dresses for me to choose from. I found my perfect dress and the whole experience was everything I had hoped for and dreamed of!
Tori Pike from Casper Wy
on 09/09/2018
Loved everything! The dresses, staff and the store. I will definitely recommend you guys! ??
Callie Fredenberg from Casper, WY
on 09/09/2018
Amber and Kaylene were excellent help during our trip to the store! Both ladies were so funny, and were able to answer all of the questions about the dresses that I had. We bought the first dress I tried on and I couldn't be more excited!
Brittany Rose from Casper Store
on 09/05/2018
Amber was very easy going, gave us some details on the dresses and the stores set up. I didn't feel pushed or rushed. This may have been because it was 10am on a Tuesday, but the store had a light vibe. Which I liked. The viewing area for the dressing room was nice and private from the actual store. I liked that there was only one dressing room, so my appointment was the only 1 for that time slot. I didn't have to share the dressing room with other brides like other bridal stores I've been to. After trying on dresses, Amber gave us details on the timeline for ordering / alterations so everything was done for the big day. I will be back there to complete the rest of my dress ordering within the next year. :)
Kiera lane from Casper Wyoming.
on 09/02/2018
This place was amazing. I felt so comfortable and really special. I was listened to about what I liked and hated and instead of feeling pressure to buy a dress I felt like the employee understood that I was a little nervse to say yes to a dress. I did buy a dress from this store and I did cry when I tried it on and I never thought I would do that. Thank you so much for helping me find my dress that made me feel so special.
Meagan Ashcraft from Casper, WY
on 08/14/2018
My experience was mostly great. I had the manger of the store help me when I came in and she was amazing. The only thing that I didn’t like was my measurements for length were a little too long so I had to have it shortened by about 4 inches on the bottom by someone else. Other than that, the dress came in on time and was beautiful and perfect. Highly recommend this store!
Khristyan Fischer from Casper WY
on 07/29/2018
I could NOT have asked for a better experience. I spent HOURS trying on dresses, having great conversation and even a drink. It was the first time in a long time I was truly happy and even felt beautiful. I never once felt rushed or anything. I’d recommend to all my friends and family in a heartbeat.
on 07/22/2018
Great bridal shop in Casper Wy. I was surprised by all the choices they have and what great people the staff are. They have been great and helped me find my dress, I couldn’t be more happy
Meghan Worthington
on 07/03/2018
Amber was AMAZING and very accommodating.
Miranda from Casper, Wyoming
on 06/24/2018
Friendly staff, very knowledgeable and helpful! The store is organized and clean. Would recommend to friends and family!
Summer from Casper
on 06/15/2018
I absolutely hate shopping, trying on clothes, and looking at myself in the mirror...but the ladies who helped me were amazing and actually made me feel beautiful! I’m a corporate floral director, so I work in this business myself-I know how hard it can be to keep smiling and make every bride feel special! These ladies were on point! And never once did Amber correct me when I kept wanting to call her that’s grace!!! Thanks for the great customer service!!! P.s sorry Amber ??
Mariah from Casper WY
on 06/12/2018
I walked into the store not even looking for my dress yet. It turned into a wedding dress shopping experience even though unplanned. I was impressed by the staffs willingness to jump right into it as if I had an appointment. I was from out of town (Dallas) and when I went for a fitting at a local seamstress she was very impressed by how close the measurements were.
Amanda from Douglas
on 04/23/2018
We had a wonderful time! We all felt very welcomed & comfortable! Was a great experience!
Tiffany Lancaster from Casper, Wyoming
on 04/16/2018
I could not have asked for a better experience wedding dress shopping. I had so much anxiety being a plus size bride, but Sydney and the other 2 ladies working there made me feel so comfortable and went out of their way to help me find my perfect dress!
Connie Loughan from Casper WY
on 01/28/2018
We love being able to walk in the store and have the manager know our name and to be able to answer all questions we have!! Very nice selection very friendly service!!
Keri from Casper
on 01/24/2018
I looked online and found a dress I wanted. It said it was available there at the store. When I got there they said they didn't have one for me to try on bit would order one in. The ladies helped me find similar styles and allowed me to try those on in the meantime. Now instead of 1 dress I love I have 4!
on 01/08/2018
Very helpful and welcoming.
Kim Sabus from Casper, Wyoming
on 10/15/2017
The owner was very friendly and professional! I loved how we had our own separate area to try dresses on that was away from everyone else. I also really appreciated how I was helped into the dresses and pinned up before coming out to show my friends. I recently visited another bridal store and my experience there was the exact opposite. I will be back to purchase my dress here!
Cynthia Rogers from Casper
on 09/25/2017
Sydnie was amazing to work with!! She was extreme busy and still took great care of me. I thought I knew exactly what I wanted and Sydnie pulled dresses that went with my ideas, but she also got to know me and had me try on some dresses she thought matched my personality. Her picks were absolutely incredible!!
Cynthia Rogers from Casper
on 09/25/2017
Sydnie was amazing to work with!! She was extreme busy and still took great care of me. I thought I knew exactly what I wanted and Sydnie pulled dresses that went with my ideas, but she also got to know me and had me try on some dresses she thought matched my personality. Her picks were absolutely incredible!!
Kaylene from Casper
on 07/28/2017
It was very welcoming and fun! We all had a blast and were very pleased with the service. Kaylene was extremely helpful in finding a dress and sure knows their inventory! Thank you again!
Katelynn colk from Casper wy
on 06/25/2017
I was extremely pleased with the level of care and kindness shown. The young lady who helped me was very helpful and kind. She was just as excited for me when I found THE dress as I was. She was very honest when I asked questions and gave lots of complements! Will definitely be recommending this company to friends in the future!
Anonymous from Casper Wyoming
on 06/13/2017
It was a really good experience. the people at Laneige were very helpful and try really hard to help find what I was looking for!!!
Anika Greenhalgh from River ton, WY
on 05/06/2017
Brittany was amazing to work with and extremely helpful. Thank you!
Brooke LaBore from Casper, WY
on 03/19/2017
Honestly the best experience! Every sales associate was beyond helpful, friendly and professional. I couldn't have had a better time. Thank you to everyone in helping me find my dress. Truly impressed with the wide selection of gowns, beautiful atmosphere and helpful staff. I HIGHLY recommend Laneige to all brides.
Kami from Casper
on 03/10/2017
Great Experience!
on 03/05/2017
Had great time and experience. I was really nervous and anxious about the appointment but the consultant was extremely helpful and made it a great day.
Ashley Hartford from Casper, WY
on 02/13/2017
We had a wonderful experience with you and I said yes to the dress at your store. We had gone to Christina's in the morning, which was underwhelming to say the least. It was nice to come into a clean beautiful store, where the dresses were all on display to make it easy to see them. I also loved that we only picked 5 to start and the girl who helped me paid attention to what I liked and didn't like right off the bat, so I found my dress on the 6th one. It was nice to come from California to a beautiful store in Casper and be able to have a special and memorable experience with my mother. Thank you!!!