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Overall Rating: 4.9/5.0 from 27 reviews
Krista from Bridal Chateau
on 08/29/2018
Cathy was so helpful and made the appointment easy and fun!
on 07/24/2018
Didnt have the dress I was looking for, but was great in working to find what I liked as I tried things on for the first time. I was appreciative of the fact that I didn't feel pressured into buying a dress.
Christina Sciandra from Cheektwaga, NY
on 07/14/2018
My experience was great! I worked with Molly. She was very knowledgeable and helped me pick out the perfect dress. I can’t wait to go back for the bridesmaids dresses.
Laura from Bridal Chateau Williamsville
on 06/29/2018
It was a wonderful experience and would recommend every bride check out the Chateau for their perfect dress!
Nicolle M. Stewart from Williamsville, NY
on 06/27/2018
Molly was wonderful, She made the experience easy & fun! Would highly recommend Bridal Chateau.
Allyson Lindell from Wehrle
on 04/12/2018
Kristen was my consultant and she was absolutely amazing! Every dress she showed me I thought were gorgeous and she didn't make me feel like a pain in the butt for liking them! I do believe my appointment went over time a little bit as well and although she was going out with all the staff afterwards, she was not rushing me in anyway. I loved the fitting rooms as well because of how large they were! Another bridal shop I went to, the fitting rooms were so small and trying to try on ballgowns in their fitting rooms were hard! I absolutely loved my visit to Bridal Chateau and I cannot wait to come in again to try on my dress again!
Brina from Salamanca
on 03/19/2018
I had the best experience at Bridal Chateau! I got my prom dress here back in 2012 and came back for my wedding gown. They were excellent back then and even better now! So helpful in my search for my dress. Very kind. I had a great time and found my perfect dress! :)
Lindsay Zarambo from Wehrle
on 01/14/2018
The girls at bridal chateau were amazing! They made me feel so comfortable and actually listened to what i wanted. They pulled so many amazing dress and the first one i put on i said YES! I had a Not so good experience at another bridal shop and i am so happy i came to bridal chateau! Their knowledge and patience made finding my dress a fantastic experience! Thank you so much. I love my dress and Krystina and Molly for helping me find her!
Erica from Youngstown
on 01/09/2018
Molly was my consultant and she was AMAZING! She was so attentive and she helped me find the perfect dress!
Jenna Secchiaroli from Elma, NY
on 11/16/2017
Molly was wonderful! Very honest and helpful and she did a great job of empowering me throughout the appointment. She also was very patient with my indecisiveness! She pulled dresses that were exactly what I had envisioned, and the owner Beth came out to personally greet me and assisted with pulling dresses and accessories she thought I may like. I was given the royal treatment at Bridal Chateau, and it was most definitely the best overall experience I've had at any bridal shop I have visited!
Tiffany Mendez
on 09/18/2017
Everyone was so friendly and helpful. Picking a wedding dress was my biggest anxiety and your staff was just amazing at helping me find my dream gown!
Kristen Villalobos from Farmington, MI
on 09/17/2017
I went to 4 different bridal salons, and Bridal Chateau was by far the best experience. Taylor was extremely helpful when it came to finding my dress. She was very attuned to what I was looking for, and helped me find my perfect dress. Overall, it was a great experience and I would highly recommend to anyone looking for their wedding dress!
Tara Rindfleisch from Williamsville
on 07/30/2017
Everyone was so helpful and wonderful! I will recommend to everyone I know! The staff was so caring and they picked dresses for me that fit my taste to a tee! Top notch!
Kimberly Crist from Williamsville Wherle Dr.
on 07/23/2017
Taylor was my consultant that helped me, she was hands down amazing. I had initially just called to look around the store with no intentions of trying anything on without my family with me. Taylor was very accommodating, patient, and knowledgeable. She knew a lot about the stock on hand and options available. I would try a dress on and give my likes and dislikes-- she knew exactly what to pull next and eventually found my ultimate dream dress. I never would have picked it off the rack but loved it on. She was also very understanding that I could not purchase the dress without my mom, mother in law to be, and aunt being there to see it. In response she set up an appointment for me the very next day and everyone gave the dress their stamp of approval. I had only tried on dresses one other time and it wasn't the greatest experience (at another store) therefore I was very happy when this experience was stress/ frustration free and ended in SUCCESS!
T.Price from Williamsville
on 04/10/2017
Taylor was just amazing and kept in mind the look I was going for!! The store had such a large selection and I was very pleased and happy I found my dress!!
Ann Zornick from Wehrle Drive
on 03/01/2017
I had a wonderful time at Bridal Chateau. I loved how easy it was to browse through the dresses and then pick the ones I want to try on. I also appreciated how large the changing rooms were and that there was a place to put your clothes while trying on! Taylor was so helpful and fun. I never felt rushed or pressured and I found the perfect dress!
Samantha Ogrodnik from Depew
on 02/13/2017
Jen was amazing! I came in and was super overwhelmed by all the options and styles but she made me feel completely comfortable. I actually called today to book another appointment because I KNOW found my dress and am SO EXCITED to try it on again! Jen made it so easy for me to pick and chose what was best for my body and budget and, she even made my mom cry happy tears when she put on my veil. Unbelievable moment thanks to her!
Maggie Rozell from Buffalo
on 01/23/2017
I loved Taylor and am so grateful to come in when I did!!! What a great girl and helping me with my wedding dress the what she did was amazing. I shopped around and not 1 store could even compare to the service she gave me!
Taylor C from Medina, NY
on 01/08/2017
Kristen and the rest of the ladies at Bridal Chateau are awesome to work with. They are the most understanding, patient, and no-pressure salespeople I have ever met, both in my bridal gown shopping experience and overall. I am so glad to have bought my dress at Bridal Chateau!
Julia from Lockport
on 11/22/2016
My experience at Bridal Chateau was wonderful! I felt like all my needs were met and had a blast! We had the back room for a more intimate feel and I had lots of dresses to chose from.
Christina Hoffman from Amherst, New York
on 10/26/2016
I worked with Taylor and she was just great. I found the perfect dress and had so much fun trying on all of the others. It was a great experience, and I am so happy I said "yes to the dress" at Bridal Chateau.
Ashley Walgate from Wherle drive. Williamsville NY
on 07/15/2016
Olivia was AMAZING!!! I explained to her what I thought I was looking for and she definitely delivered! One of my 2 favorite dresses was actually choose not by her!
Stephanie Johnson from Bridal Chateau
on 06/08/2016
What a great experience! The dress Taylor grabbed on a whim was just perfect! I had little time and patience after two other less than great experiences at other shops and this was amazing. I couldn't be happier. Thank you!
Mercedes Peeples
on 04/20/2016
Bravo Sam, you helped me find the perfect wedding gown. Thank you.
Jen Kissel from Bergen, NY
on 04/11/2016
I was very pleased with my experience. From the unexpected little gift and the large organized space It was pleasant from the beginning. My consultant Taylor was very nice and helpful even though I'm super picky! She listened to what I was looking for and seemed invested in helping me have a great experience. I had an opposite experience elsewhere so this was really a breath of fresh air. Even though I didn't purchase a dress that day, if I choose a morilee gown in the end I will most definitely purchase my gown from this shop (even though they are 50 min from home)!
Erin Schrett from Williamsville
on 03/31/2016
I had such a good time at Bridal Chateau! Angela was my consultant and she did and amazing job! I went to davids bridal before going to bridal chateau and what a difference! I was able to choose what I wanted to try on with suggestions from angela, unlike davids. I said Maggie Soterro and that is what I tried on. I ended up choosing the first dress I tried on! I fell in love. I am a size 14 and it didnt matter, I was able to try a size 6 on to get an idea of how something looked on me. At davids that was the opposite, I was only trying on 18 and up and the consultant there was not listening to what I was saying. I highly recommend Bridal Chateau!!
Amie from wehrle drive
on 03/27/2016
Taylor, I believe was my consultant and she was amazing. So incredibly patient with me as I was torn between 2 totally diff dresses that were the complete opposite than what I had come in for originally! She helped me find a tiara and a veil which I had no intention of wrong either. She really helped me put together the perfect combo and patiently! Thanks to the whole staff and the other girl who assisted me when I walked in w/o and appt even!