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Jenna from Dover, PA
on 11/25/2018
The ladies at this shop were nothing but sweet and supportive during the whole process. Unfortunately I did not find my dream dress there, but the service and attention the ladies provided was fabulous. I would definitely recommend them to any future bride!
ashley sager from Elizabethtown pa
on 11/05/2018
Everyone was so helpful and very nice. My girls had a blast going and trying on the dresses and we all cant wait til the dresses are in! :)
Robin Ruark
on 11/03/2018
I am so glad I decided to come to Brides of Today! Bev and Cat were both so helpful and a true pleasure to work with. I can’t wait to see my dress once it comes in ??.
Kat D from Wilmington
on 10/30/2018
I had the most wonderful experience at the salon. It was well worth the drive. I found the dress of my dreams! They were very accommodating - I love that they have sizes that actually fit and you can see what the dress would look like. I HIGHLY recommend this salon to everyone!
Caroline Cuesta
on 10/23/2018
Website was so easy to use to make an appointment. When I called with a few questions the lady I spoke to was so pleasant and sweet I can’t wait for my appointment on the 10th!
Danielle Ness from Brides of Today, Quarryville, PA
on 10/21/2018
We had a wonderful experience here! The selection was fantastic and the staff was amazing! There are so many gorgeous dresses to try and you won’t be disappointed! I would definitely recommend coming here!
Alethea from Elizabethtown
on 10/09/2018
Visiting Brides of Today was the best decision I could have made. All the nervousness of not finding the perfect dress disappeared as soon as I stepped foot in the door. Pam did a wonderful job of picking out dresses for me to try on since I had no clue what style of dress I was looking for. Bev is a sweetheart and I appreciated her input when it came down to two dresses I liked the most. I am happy to say I said yes to the dress!!! I would recommend any curvy women out there to check out Brides of Today you will not be disappointed.
anonymous bride
on 10/06/2018
Amazing staff and great selection/atmosphere! I loved feeling included (size-wise) and it made the wedding dress shopping experience amazing!
Morgan from Chambersburg PA
on 09/24/2018
I had a fabulous experience and Bev gave a wonderful recommendation for dinner after our visit! I found my dream dress at an incredible price!
Shelby Barkley from Coatesville, PA
on 09/22/2018
Best experience I could’ve ever asked for or dreamed of. It was everything I wanted and more.
Mara Alicea from Lebanon, PA
on 09/01/2018
I loved this store!!! All the dresses were amazing, the service spectacular and accomodating on my requests. I said yes to the dress in that shop and it was such a hard devision with all the choices they have out there for curvy brides like me. Awesome!!
Sarah from York
on 08/30/2018
I had such a wonderful experience trying on dresses, and may have even found the one. I apologize because I am horrible with names, but Beth? helped me out and she was wonderful. I will recommend Brides of Today to any of my friends and family looking for a curvy dress shopping experience. Thank you again so much!
Anonymous from Mt Joy, PA
on 08/23/2018
My Fiancé and I would recommend Brides of Today to anyone! The people are very friendly and helpful. They make you feel like family. The prices are comparable to other shops and the items are high quality!
Kaila Dee from Mount Penn
on 08/22/2018
For every time I called, i was able to speak to someone that was able to work with my schedule so I can come in and find a dress and again to purchase it. The service was lovely and each woman made me feel so beautiful and like a princess. Since I went on the weekday I was able to have one on one time and they allowed me to take my time and worked with me to make a choice because there is such a beautiful section. I wanted all of them. On top of that I am a handful and doubt myself a lot but these ladies put all my worries aside and let me live in the moment and that's when I was able to say yes to the dress! They allowed me to come back later to purchase the dress and before that decision both ladies took their time with me and let me into different sizes and accessories and I was able to fall in love with my dress again and my whole look!
Kari from Lancaster, PA
on 08/21/2018
I feel so incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to shop for my wedding gown at Brides of Today. Not only did I walk into a bridal salon where I was finally a "normal" size, I was also treated just like any other bride. I felt like my feelings and my opinions were heard regarding fabrics and dress shapes rather than be treated like a typical plus size bride and handed an A-line dress and told that was my best option. Needless to say, the experience was positive, uplifting, and fun for me. I cannot wait to take my family back so we can make our final decision.
Rachel from Williamsport PA
on 08/04/2018
Bev was so friendly and so helpful. I found the dress of my dreams at this gem! I’m so happy with everything. I couldn’t asked for a more stress free dress experience. Thank you so much!!!
Emily Reinfried from Mount Joy
on 07/18/2018
Brides of Today went above and beyond my expectations. I came a little bummed that the last place had no dresses in my size and I was a number not a name. The minute I walked in I was greated by name. The entire staff was with me during my appointment and gushed over me and how pretty I looked in my gown. I bought my dress on the same day and love it more every day. I came back to pick up my dress and when I was leaving I got a huge hug and my gown of my dreams. I said to mother as I left “ I am sad to leave because they feel like family.” So thank you for everything.
Gaye Gross from Nottingham PA
on 07/09/2018
I purchased my 2 in 1 wedding dress on Saturday July 7th and was able to bring it home that day. I went in with an idea of what i wanted and with Pam’s suggestion to just try this dress on because she hadn’t seen it on anybody she was curious to see what it looked like. It turned out to be the one that blew me away. I had so much fun with the ladies there that I’ll be inviting them to my Saturday night wedding celebration. Thanks for a great time ladies.
Karen Schwander from Lancaster, PA
on 07/09/2018
Upon walking in at first I was hesitant and when I was told to pick dresses off the rack I was absolutely terrified. It set my anxiety off but with my sister's help it ended up being a lot of fun. The lady who assisted us was very kind and patient even though I felt like I tried on half the store. It was relaxing being the only customer in the store. I didn't feel rushed at all. It was an amazing experience and I'm so happy I found a dress.
on 06/25/2018
I brought my mom with me to search for my wedding dress. We both felt very welcomed and cared for! Bev was so sweet and thoughtful throughout our entire visit. She gave us tips and tricks that were super helpful in searching for my dress. Although we did not find my dream dress at Brides of Today, I would certainly recommend their shop to anyone searching for beautiful, high-quality dresses at a reasonable cost!
Dominique from albrightsville
on 06/03/2018
Wonderful selection of gorgeous bridal gowns. Great helpful, personalized service. I said YES to the dress at your shop. Great experience...THANK YOU!!
ashley sager from Elizabethtown pa
on 05/14/2018
Everyone was so very friendly and willing to help. Me and my bridesmaids will be back in September for there dresses and for mine to be altered.
Anastacia from Montoursville PA
on 05/13/2018
I live near Williamsport PA and traveled a little under three hours to visit your store. I saw that your store was tailored specifically to a plus sized bride and that made the drive worth it. As a bigger girl, I was absolutely dreading having to go dress shopping for myself. I've never much cared for what I looked like, especially in a dress, so there was no excitement. Just something that I had to grin and bear. But, I made the trip anyway. And I was so thankful that I did. Bev was my consultant for the day and absolutely wonderful. She took the time to make me feel beautiful despite my lack of self-confidence. I enjoyed trying on the dresses and she always seemed to know how to make me feel confident about showing off the dress to the guests that I had come with me. And whenever she talked about opening Brides of Today, she talked about us being "her" girls. That really stuck with me. I liked knowing that I belonged. I liked knowing that someone cared enough to make sure I felt beautiful. I left in happy tears that day, knowing I had found the dress that I'll marry the love of my life in, and that I'd always have another "grandma" in Bev.
Kristen from Millerstown
on 05/04/2018
I had been to the other chain stores and boutiques and smashed into everything they had and usually walked out frustrated and without any sort of self esteem what-so-ever. I found Brides of Today online and liked that they catered to plus size women, I don't know of another bridal store in central Pa that can claim that. I walked into the shop with my expectations low, dreading trying on dresses that were too small or ugly. I was very very wrong, the shop may look small you will find acceptance and appreciation and hopefully your dream dress here. Robin was awesome helping me try on dress after dress, never losing patience (thanks Robin). She suggested a dress that I might like, and guess what?? It was my dress. Bev and the whole staff are amazing. I can't recommend Brides of Today enough. Thank you so much for helping me find my dream dress!
Anonymous from Brides of Today
on 04/26/2018
I was very pleased with the ladies at Brides of Today. They were very helpful and did not push you. They were accommodating and gave you their advice. It was a very comfortable experience.
Shannon from Fleetwood
on 03/20/2018
Wonderful experience! Beverly and her staff were top notch and made me feel so comfortable. If I could give more then 5 stars, I'd give a 10 star rating. This is the place to go for your special day.
on 03/03/2018
Great experience!
Amanda Bublitz from Lancaster Pa
on 02/19/2018
Thank you for giving my daughter the once in a lifetime experience every girl wants her prom to be. You and your team were attentive, patient, and helpful as she tried dresses and made her decision. A positive experience I would recommend to anyone!
Amy Conlin from Mountville
on 02/17/2018
Great experience! Found several dresses that I like just not ready to make my decision yet! Bev was very helpful and cares a lot about “Her Girls”!
Floriana Webb
on 02/04/2018
I had such an amazing time and I am SO thankful for all the help in finding my special dress!
Tonya from Facebook
on 02/01/2018
I've been to countless bridal shops all over lancaster was able to try on maybe 2 or 3 dresses at each shop in my size. Nothing ever fit, and i always felt self conscious. My friend told me about brides of today and from the moment i walked in i felt important and beautiful. Most importantly I felt like a bride for the first time. I was between 2 dresses came in 2 separate occasions and finally ordered my dress today. Thank you for everyone who helped, and I'm so excited!! Highly recommend!
Ashley from Facebook
on 02/01/2018
Great experience! I heard about this bridal shop from a friend and made an appointment while visiting Lancaster and I am so glad I did. I went into the appointment with no idea what I wanted and after trying on a few different styles I was able to pin point THE perfect dress for my Vow Renewal. The availability of bigger sizes made me feel completely comfortable with my size.When I found my dress, I was able to wear the dress outside and take pictures next to a beautiful tree! I also received a hand written letter thanking me for my appointment and complimenting me again on how great I looked in my dress. I can guarantee you that David's Bridal and all the other big dress stores wouldn't even take the time to do such a thoughtful thing. Bev & Pam were SO attentive to me and my family during the appointment and I can't wait to go back for my alterations. Five Stars
Cassie from Facebook
on 02/01/2018
On March 26th, 5 ladies of my Bridal Party went to try and purchase bridesmaid dresses, and the staff was phenomenal. Having bridesmaids of different sizes can be tough when you desire a universal dress for all, but Brides of Today handled it all effortlessly. They have a huge selection of gowns, and even met with us on a Sunday to accommodate everyone's schedule. If you want a intimate setting with a wide selection of gowns and dresses, Brides of Today is for you. Highly recommend! THANK YOU!
Lindsay from Mountville
on 01/28/2018
From the time I walked into Brides of Today, I felt like it was a different experience than the other bridal salons I’d visited. Not only was there a large selection of wedding gowns, they were absolutely gorgeous. There were plenty of dresses in the size I needed, where other salons I had to squeeze into dresses and think what it may look like in my size, here they had gowns several sizes larger they could clip to make it look almost altered to my body. I had a pretty good idea of the dress. I found not one, but two dresses that were a great fit and looked good on me. Bev and the other lady helping me were giving their opinion here and there (just the right amount of feedback). They made me feel comfortable, beautiful, and made the experience one I’ll always remember. I love this bridal boutique. I’d recommend it to anyone that is more curvy. I cannot say enough positives about Brides of Today.