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Roisin Fennessey
on 16/02/2018
SO lovely I'm coming back for a second appointment! I really believe it is the representative that sets the tone for an appointment. Having been to a couple of other stores now it can make or break a relationship and therefore sway a brides decision in favour or against purchasing a dress. Caroline was wonderful and was beyond helpful narrowing down what suited me without being pushy, but still was constructive in helping guide my decision making. I had no clue what I was looking for when I walked in so I was in need of some guidance!
Susie from london
on 14/02/2018
Caroline was exceptional. She listened, gave good advice, and understood what I wanted. I have been to a fair few bridal stores and have to say that the service I have had with you is the best I have received. The shop itself is also very pretty.
Michelle from London
on 12/02/2018
Caroline was so lovely, patient and helpful! I went on my own after work but it was like having a friend with me she was very welcoming and made me feel really relaxed and not rushed - thank you!
Giulia from Hackney, London
on 04/02/2018
Hi, I was up to send you an email about my appointment, because I had such a lovely experience with you that I wanted to say thank you. I felt like I was at home. The atmosphere was calm and relaxing and together we had a look at the dresses, had a chat and laugh a lot (no pressure at all). For these reasons, I don't think there are many places like this in London. I truly believe that my wedding dress is I'll be back for sure :) If you are looking for your wedding dress, I'd highly recommend you this Boutique.
JULIE from Herts
on 04/02/2018
An amazing experience. We absolutely loved this shop. The dresses are so unusual and beautiful and the staff just fab! We found ‘the dress’ within an hour and were spoilt for choice. The only missing addition was a glass of champers! Absolutely brilliant experience, couldn’t recommend enough.
on 28/01/2018
I had such a great experience with the ladies at Heart Aflutter! They are so accommodating & listened to all that I was looking for in a dress. I found the dress of my dreams & would recommend Heart Aflutter to anyone shopping for a wedding dress!
Deborah Davies from Essex
on 27/01/2018
The loveliest studio with the nicest staff! I really enjoyed my dress shopping experience and never felt pressured or uncomfortable, it was just all so natural. Caroline was brilliant and I always felt like she was supporting my choices as well as encouraging me to try other stuff even if it’s just to rule it out! Thank you so much for stocking my gorgeous dress and for such a lovely experience.
Hayley from London
on 27/01/2018
Thank you for making my first appointment so easy and enjoyable. I was so nervous walking in there, but I was put at ease immediately. The selection of dresses is amazing and they’ve set the bar very high, hopefully I’ll be back.
Anna Redman from London
on 25/01/2018
Thank you so much to Caroline and Cecilia for being absolute stars - it was the absolute best experience that I had in hunting for a wedding dress. I'd struggled a little with feeling comfortable looking previously, but the studio and their warmth just made me feel super-relaxed. Not only that, but they seemed to know exactly what would suit me and pulled out a dress I never would have tried, which turned out to be *the* dress. So a huge, heart-felt thank you!
Katie Anderson from Leighton Buzzard
on 25/01/2018
I had a wonderful time at Heart Aflutter - it was everything a bridal appointment should be. I wasn't rushed or pressured, all the dresses were beautiful and I finally found my dress! By far the best bridal shopping experience I've had.
Sophie from London
on 18/01/2018
Beautiful showroom and an excellent range of dresses to try on! Caroline made my experience easy, comfortable and very enjoyable and helped me find 'The One'! I highly recommend this wonderful boutique!
on 13/01/2018
I really enjoyed the appointment and you have some beautiful dresses.
Elianna Starr from London
on 11/01/2018
I had a really nice experience at the Heart Aflutter bridal boutique. The staff were so friendly and really took their time to discuss what I am looking for. I didn't feel rushed and it was very relaxed.
Hannah Jackson
on 22/12/2017
My service was excellent! Jemma made me feel very comfortable and really got what i wanted for a dress. Thank you!
Harriet Powell from London
on 27/11/2017
Lovely selection of unique dresses!
on 25/11/2017
I really enjoyed my bridal appointment with Caroline at Heart Aflutter: she was very professional, super helpful and friendly throughout. It was lovely to try on the beautiful dresses in your showroom in such a nice and comfortable atmosphere.
Sofia from London
on 19/11/2017
Caroline was absolutely AMAZING. The best experience I have had in a bridal shop. She suggested the right dress for me.
Sian Mason from Edinburgh
on 18/11/2017
I had a wonderful appointment with the lovely Caroline. She put me at ease and made my first experience wedding dress shopping really fun and stress-free. The dresses were beautiful and there is a great selection. I’d recommend to all brides-to-be!
Cat from Bethnal Green
on 18/11/2017
Warm, personal, friendly, professional, beautiful collection
Roz from London
on 17/11/2017
I had a great time trying on the gorgeous dresses at Heart Aflutter! Jemma was so lovely - she put us at ease instantly and it was a really relaxing experience compared to some of the other appointments I had. I was quite picky about where I went - this store has a great selection of gorgeous, slightly bohemian dresses and a good range of Australian designers (which I was drawn to), all of which suited what I was looking for straight away - a rare find in London. My bridesmaids, Mum and I all had a great time and I was so happy to have found my dress at this boutique! Would definitely recommend.
Claire Michie from Kent
on 13/11/2017
Heart Aflutter was the first bridal shop I visited in my quest to find the right dress, I had a vision in mind but wanted to try a variety of styles, Caroline took the time to get to know me, my style, what I wanted out of my wedding dress and the style of wedding. Mum and I had a really nice time, and felt at ease with Caroline, who had a great knowledge of the dresses and provided great feedback for what would and wouldn't suit. We also didn't feel pressured at all and loved the selection of dresses at Heart Aflutter. The dress I went for was part of a trunk show, Caroline was very honest in giving me the timescales the show was on and the process of ordering. I can't wait to pick up my dress in May.
Holly Spence from London
on 11/11/2017
Caroline was really friendly and warm, she made me feel very relaxed and seemed genuinely interested in helping to find the perfect dress.
Natalie Sloan from Doncaster
on 07/11/2017
I really enjoyed my appointment at Hearts A flutter. Jemma was lovely and welcoming and grasped instantly that I was interested in something slightly different. There was no hard sell just an honest opinion if she felt a particular dress didn't suit me. I can't wait to come back and try my dress on again!
chloe markham from north london
on 06/11/2017
I had such a wonderful experience at Heart a flutter and even had a chat and sit down with the owner previous who was so welcoming and down to earth as were her colleagues. I regrettably cannot remember the girl who I was with but she was so sweet, patient and helpful. I have my eye on one dress but as it was first day trying dresses I will have a think about it. I would highly recommend any bride to go here and try on the amazing dresses and for the amazing customer service that is provided. it was more like a friendly visit than a shopping experience. Thank you ladies xx
Rachel Brown from London
on 30/10/2017
Hi, I loved visiting Heart A Flutter - such a calming environment; its nice not to feel watched! You were very very helpful, and helped me better understand what I might want from a wedding dress. Think I have some thinking to do still, but I would really recommend Heart A Flutter to other brides!
Martina from SW75JN
on 29/10/2017
Caroline was excellent, she listened to me and I thought she was able to identify what dress style would suite my body shape which is something important for me, I need guidance as I have no idea where to start with wedding dresses. The dress range is dreamy, so beautiful! I'll definitely arrange a follow up visit in the next few weeks!
Kate Brennan from Colchester
on 24/10/2017
We had a wonderful experience on Saturday morning. The girl (her name escapes me just now!) working with us was so friendly and made us feel very comfortable and welcome there. I found it the most relaxing of the appointments I have had and I would put that down partly to the layout of the shop and the privacy it affords, but mainly to the person who was assisting us as she was warm, encouraging and genuine.
Danielle Richardson from London
on 18/10/2017
Hi Cecilia and Caroline I just want to start by saying a huge thank you for yesterday. You were both so helpful, informative and lovely – and made me feel completely at ease considering the awful experience I had previously. Caroline you were so wonderful with me in the changing rooms, especially being a “bigger bride” haha and being so far away from sample size – you didn’t make me feel conscious at all, in fact I felt super at ease. My mum also really enjoyed chatting with Cecilia. I am absolutely in love with the dress I found with you, but also found a contender at The Wedding Club – albeit £2k more than the Ti Adora which may itself help me make the decision! I am just going through the process in my own mind as to which one to go for but my heart is absolutely with yours – my friends and family also favour your dress as a majority! I just need to spend a couple of days processing it and will come back to you asap. Thank you so much again, I will be sure to leave a review and share your boutique with everyone at ASOS. Danielle xxxx
Louise from Brighton
on 06/10/2017
Thanks for a lovely time. The dresses were great and you were so helpful and attentive.
Roshni from Hackney
on 05/10/2017
Really friendly! Understood the style I liked very quickly - was so helpful!
Isabella from London
on 04/10/2017
Really enjoyed coming to Heart Aflutter. I loved the laid back environment and Jemma was the best! I didn't feel rushed at all and was able to try on as many dresses as I wanted. Plus the dresses were gorgeous!
Jessica Cheadle from London
on 03/10/2017
Jemma was such a fantastic bridal consultant, she really made a difference. The boutique was relaxed, not stuffy like other stores I've been to. I'll definitely be recommending it to my other friends
Melissa from London
on 02/10/2017
Had a lovely experience at Heart A Flutter Bridal. My only negative comment was that the stylist was late and didn't collect me from the reception until 15 minutes after my appointment was due to start. But apart from that she was friendly and welcoming and I loved how she seemed genuinely interested in me as a bride from what dress I wanted to how I got engaged which made me feel really relaxed. Although I didn't find my dress here, I had a very good experience and have already recommended you to some of my friends who are getting married soon. Thanks so much! Best wishes Melissa
Natalie Joyce from Newcastle upon Tyne
on 27/09/2017
I had a lovely appointment at Heart Aflutter. I liked that my guests and I could browse the dresses in our own time and never felt rushed. The studio is very pretty with a wide range of dresses to chose from.
Vivienne Martin
on 23/09/2017
I had a fantastic experience at Heart Aflutter, Cecilia was lovely and so helpful, she made the experience much easier as I had no idea what I wanted and was quite daunted! The dresses are stunning, it was hard to choose! The shop is small but beautiful and we had it all to ourselves with my two bridesmaids. We were offered drinks and felt looked after from start to finish. I'd highly recommend it.
Karen Kelly from London
on 08/09/2017
I really enjoyed my time at Heart Afflutter with Cecilia. I thought the service was excellent, any nerves I had dissipated as Cecilia helped me Choose a great selection of dresses. She provided great advice and quickly honed in on what I liked - making some really beautiful suggestions. Thank you!
Louise mayne from London
on 24/08/2017
My experience with hearts a flutter was wonderful. From the survey that you fill out before you go to the fact that when I arrived the dresses I had emailed to ask about had been hung up for me to see straight away. The experience was really personal and the dress collection was stunning. Thank you!!!
Anonymous from London
on 22/08/2017
There is really unique selection of dresses that I went there purposely to see. There were lots of dresses that I wanted to try on which made it a bit of a rush so I'll need to go back to try some of them on again!!
Rachel from London
on 08/08/2017
Thanks so much! Fabulous appointment, helpful owner.
Jo from London
on 18/06/2017
I had a great experience at Heart Aflutter - Elie was lovely and really helpful. She was also very skilled in helping me to clarify what I was looking for. My only criticism would be the cost of the appointment - £35 is the most expensive wedding consultation price (for a weekend) I've come across. That said, the range of dresses was really lovely and interesting.
Adriana from Greenwich
on 08/06/2017
Lovely boutique! Ellie is super and dresses are just gorgeous!
Virginie from London
on 01/06/2017
Very nice welcome and lovely dress selection. The atmosphere feels very personal. Also I didn't feel rushed which was very pleasant and made me feel at ease.
Jane Bailes from Chingford
on 15/04/2017
Elie was amazing! She helped me find the styles and colours that suited me. She was patient, extremely knowledgeable and helpful in determining the best options for me. I may still choose the Natalie dress she found for me... Elie is a true asset to you at Heart a Flutter x
Natasha Pawade from Heart A Flutter, Netil House
on 10/04/2017
Although we were twenty mins late for the appt Elie helped me get through lots of gowns and styles and I'll be going back to try on some more in a couple of weeks! The collection is great.
Emma from Manchester
on 06/04/2017
I had a lovely experience when I visited Heart Aflutter. It was the first dress shop I had been to and I was made to feel really comfortable! The dresses are beautiful and it is useful to know that they can be changed slightly to suit you and your taste.
Claire Oliver from London
on 04/04/2017
We had a lovely appointment at Heart AFlutter - Elie was really kind and helpful and very welcoming for my guests too.
Karla from Wimbledon
on 15/03/2017
We had the most wonderful experience at Heart Aflutter!! Elie was super laid back and helpful and listened to my musings before brandishing a stunning, unique selection of gowns that took into account my preferences while also surprising and delighting in equal measure. I really couldn't have asked for more. One thing to note is that the front door to Netil House is a little tricky to identify as 'the door' so we had to ask a few bemused passersby but other than that, it was bliss and I'm still smiling about it today.
Rebecca James from Leicester
on 26/02/2017
Brilliant experience! Such lovely way to choose a wedding dress! Couldn't have been better!
Hannah from London
on 08/02/2017
Great service. Friendly with answers too all my questions and lovely dresses too. Would definitely recommend!
Rosalind Lee
on 23/01/2017
A brilliant selection of unique dresses. They understood my brief immediately and built on it - I shortlisted a dress that was everything i imagined and more!